Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 29, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 29, 1927
Page 6
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i-jV Clay Curtis-vQluatariljr lUsin- herits hlmsj^if' and gives ip' a life of ease land- I )llovr tbe iexampl&S^f his'father, r. Q. .Curtis,la s^lf-ma^e man i^h^m Tie admires itcemendously. Clay has jbeen ah ard mt student/ of music ^1 liis life 1 and hft ! mbl- tlo'n is to become a great composer. \Vheii he leaves home! he . takes witlf him only hand luf- « g'age and music. '; > Clay find^ a room in. the p<iorer section of town, in the hon e of a Mr.s. Wells. Slio has a daughter^ Billy, who is head of > the giovf department' in the miam-. jnoth department store owiidu by' C'lay'si, JIather. Blily is alHo a violinist of unusual ability. : ::iay if InHtuntancOuijIy uitxacted to b«r, ihoUKh Ollly'.s first reaition to his iireHeiice in her honuilK otio (if unmz(>mei)t iliut iho son. of hiT cniphjyfr should wlitl to 11..^ I— I. I L .J "LI Oust. live In Urn. Huch humble nurrou nil- ili<; ifiisti iiicir|iln|{. IllHy h<'ar[*!a BbutKrlri); iif fflasH. WIIIMI iie ~ (h'niii'lw. hhc liirrU 'H to HM - k iliit Imi! bc'cn l)i*o)ren,'Therf>ho fl ill« , u;HplUititr(<it I'maifl uiidkit pirt frc tMrn In llii<'»! liaiiH. lillllhiK bo ports logoiiicr. Bli<- bi'liolilx iciv/'Iy wnuKiii -llie ,!ictre(4M v bo . has thrown Clay liyvr. Rllly. Ji u r'.i.ib (4 anRi-r sb*} drioa not • i 0- derstund. «'anis ih<; fraBmunls tin the ftte. • : -Vow <;<) On Wl(h Iho Stan • 1'. i_ ^HAPTKR V. j "But I icH you'I never linvp woi n St six and a Iralf." A lioaTily powderf'd and rouged woman, who hoi)ght |i«''r dros.ies in the 'siylish Stout" di'iJart«i»-ni, glared at H lly Wells; "I alv .byH tak«'|a .six o:--:i ^ix aiid a (|uaritr. ami when 1 a girl r.\vor<? a five and a lildlf glove —": "Oil. .Mrs. Dunlop,'" Billy inl rupted with her can-fnlly lultlvtil- ed eagerni 'SH and flattery. "I (an give yon a si .K, but the latest wi rd •from Paris Is that loos»'ly-fitting gloves aro the ballfiiark o(" the gt n- tlewoman. How nicely you keep 3M»ir liands!" she added artfully, as she worked, with pra<ticed f n- ^^ttrs, to get Oie tiglit kid over ijlie jlnffed hands of her customer. ;'':f was just noUcing your hands, iirs. Dunlop admitted, mollifi d. "ITow dc you keep them so wh te and fioft?"' ., • , I "Oh. I make a prepiration of niy own^-equal parts of ipeforlde ajid glycerin, faintly seonfed with rofee water, but in o>ir cosmetics depam- ment—what is it, Gus?" She turned to th.i bpy >yho had been trying to get her htt^tion.j "Old |P, (}. wapLs: to snei you kn the boy whis- his prlVat*;. offlciti pered gnslily. "'All dighf, Gu.s, when I'am fr<i Now; Ali-s. Dunlop, I'm sure you want twa pair.s of these fawn-c( ored pl6ve.s~'* "Three," ilrs. Dunlop said gran .ly. "1 woijder,'- she lowered h voice, !'lf .vOu can tell me If there aiiy iriifh 'at al| in the rumor just a minor, of] course-rtliat th it charming hoy, flay: ^urtls. h been diclnhorited by,his fnther hi IK workliiK In it factory and livli : vIMi Homi! .Ircadfnlly low class pcbr pie airoKK thf li'acks?" Color fianuitl In Billy'.s'^ace, b^t fiUue it "was 'bent oyer her sale Dairymen Provide Bdm b<>()\. ?.Tr.s. Dn'niop could not soij anil; l>e offended. I ihadilt h('urd that rumor, ^rs DuiUdp,-" Billy answered, "f'veiiini glo'^es. Vfr.s. Diinloi)? f.have Kpnie riiiitg here I'vi- boen saving just to show you—a Taria import—" WJhen at she bad' sent Mrs. DunJop away feeling that she was (lie ^store's most valued customer. Bill.v called to her assistant ^n the glove doparlnient (o (iike charge while she was away, and hurried, defiant, reseiitfut and a little frightened, to "old T. Q.'s" private office. •'Yuii wanted tojsee me, Mr. Curtis?' I'tii Eiljy Wells." She poked her -bead around tln^ edg6 of the dooi^ marked "Private." and smijed. T..:Q. Curtis whirled about in his swiiSel chair SndJ frowned at her fronJ under ';ushy brows. Then his jamiliar wry femile twitched at the- lorners of hi^ stem mouth. • "ijm n.uite" well aware of the fact that; you're. Miss Wells," he told her jtruffly.' "You've been wprking here-. tWo years ,and three months, and lyouYe getting twenty-two dol- Inrs Ja iveek." If "Sbunds like an ad for the Roth fiini. yuii're vlfe!** Billy bfa^nl n< him. other two years and throe months and tlien come to h-«-e iiK- about a buyer'J! job. .No. .UL-is Wells. 1 think 'Viiu've got a beti^r idea lliap. that :is to why I mni for j'oii. Thai fool boy- of mine i.s living at your hou."e, fsu 't he'.' lie gave your bom.' address w.hon ho a.sVed'l-i\- ing.-iton.' tbe insurance man, for job." ' "I mid him nol I.) tryl insurain e. He hasn't ;bra .s .-ienoUgn~ to bully people into buying sonieibing^ (hey oupht to have'luid-don 't want." Hilly shook head with cobiical gravity. • i "Dili you.knoiv my.-siin before he —er—dL-^inheritcd ;he old inaii? < suppose 'he's told you his nielo- diamatic story by this time, :ind. I'catt^.lUBar toju^e^aiiyone y'se'a," nin^ foldSer tuhiy, ^ccai|j6 she was- In a hifrryi to get a-wajk froni Nyda 'Lomax's tjoo observing! black "Wall, for drying out lloud!' Xyda cjaculiited I..ady Clare Verit -Just lia)en to I -f de Vere! « Bet old T. Q". ;b|iWTW yoti out. Yoifi' eyes as 'e. r^d: Julie'{said you'd been canei on the carpet." , ] V'He wanted' t» ask me t* push )those elbo^ white' gloves we 'r-S »tuck ';wJth.'! antjr fold h ^r ahprtly. "SSy, Billy, tljal ybto?" a tTleepy little .Yof^e callcfji.IaDsnidly rom a neai'bjr cptich. JJDid ,old. T. Q. spill any^dop** jti) ymi aT)put tbatunieet- ing of wqnien'MnpIoyes he 's called for five foply-l5|-e? A ner.>«, hes got—niakiiigj nsj |itay after hfurs io ilsn>n to Koms rob ^-ar'd am ufi- ward' bunk, sljppoiic." "1 didn 't Jcnow ahout.the meeting. Winnie," acknow edged. "And I'll promised —mother— I'd be homo early tijnfght." '- B\i her promise had no£ been made ki her mother. . She tiai promisei CliM* that Hhb would*! P'^^' "'"^ "f sohgii with h6n that night, and she was aqiilvcr with eagerness (o get home to her vipiin; Ipr a. piY'cloiis half hour's practice. ' ' • I (To Be ( pnllniiKd) T.'ii. VwrtUm^fiitji a Xlrfjiifw |rra {iO)*Hl in,fbp jjn^^fohniiffry and filckerson.f; Incidentally, that he'.s owing yo'! a board bill that he htis no prospect's, of p;»ying." ! "Mother and , I areii'l worried about hik boarjl bill," 1 Billy told liini calmly, but her blue eyes hardened. I "Pretty sure old T. Q. will ante over, ain't you'.'" he I demanded, leaning close and peering sharply into her eyes. i ''i ' "Xo. sir, and T don't think you nienwry course." Billy grinned' at ,,^,-0 :a right to suggcsli a ili'ing hihi.j ns she 'Stepped' more" coivfi- dintJy into the ropm and clo.sed ihe <!»or; Old T.. Q. was in a good jiu- mor-(-he always frot^ned and rum-j bUdiwhen he felt njost kindly. "I know tliat miii-h and nion r labou).'every cmidoycf in the store,"| boasted frowninsly. but his eyes, twinkled beneath hiH overbangingi brows. "Now, young lady, know wVyif sent for yoirr "Th reward ino for my faithful nu! a liuyer for ry departments. si-rvi;-).^ by tnal>;ing th^ glove and liosi I hnfic." "Well, not this time. Walt till you'\\o been in Iho Curtis Store dn- Slip-piroof Floors for Their Cows By W> G. KAISER -Agrlcultufali Eriolnear Because of their permanence arid the ease with which they can cleaned, concrete dairy barn tipurs have bet?ji lidupted as standard by modern itlairy farmers. The non- ebsurbeut character of this mateWUl .niake.s a hiigh degree of sanitati(in possible, and thereby;protects mi|k from coutamiuntloti. | ' Farmers are nlways anxious iiave a •slip-proof Surface on th^rj dairy ham floors, so that there will 6e no danger of the cows falUiig- :witl» possible liijury. By the proper. nest, vary, in length; Jerseys and (Juefnseys require biK four feet elSlit Inches, while Ilulstehis neeil live feet or slightly more. " Thei last rart to be concreted Is the gutter bf I ween the Utter alley and :'tlie staff platform. Cdncrete Used for dairy barn floors is made of one part Portland cemtot, two;parts sand, and three parts crushed rock or gravel. The Aze' of the sand ranges from fine particles to pieces which will pass thrqugh a 'quarter-Inch screen. The crushed rock or gravel! vhrles In slze^ from one-quarter, to one-half ScctiON THRU. flnKshlng of concrejttC yon can ha^ e a floor .in which .vour cattle will si- ways !have a Arm footing... First pf all. plan your ^flioor with reference to the design of yoi r barn. Tlien level off the ground, f the land Is well drained, you can place tlie concrete directly on It; Iwwerer, If dralbage Is po<ir use a PIX Inch fill of either cinders rr gravel. In all cases flioronghly compact both the ground and tic fill. , . . ! Forms are generally built of one Inch lumber, braced In line with 2 by 4's. .gtanchlons are placed a cording to directions; wlilch can le secured from their manufactnrert. Usually the first part o^the flo< r to be concreted Is.the manger cur!». Then come tlie litter; alley and tlie manger. Templates fcjr sectiring tJ e proper manger i cufvatures aie usnally obtained fi-pm stanchlojn ^m'^^J^ma. wftcfi are bfijt STANDAffD Cow STALL. 4,,'ri. Inch In diameter. . I^otki- are clean antl hard. Water tlat Is pnre enough fo '.drink Is i uitable for mixing." ( • I • Mix tH& cement, sand and the pebbles trotll the comiilnatlon has a itnlfcrtri color. Thm Imlx In enotigh wkter to secure a workable <on<h-ete. ibut be carefu not to add too anuchias a sloppy imterlal has redtlced. strength and h porous. ) Til secnrc an evpn, dense concrete, qiade or tii^p It) rell when It 16 deposlteid. ^After It lias- been placed and leveled off finish the surCuce. Vvlth a wood floakJ TWa operation will give a gr tty tinrface on khich the cows wHi ilot slip. W'hiere a smoo 'th snrfac f Is needed, as fo the manner, a n etal trowef Is tiied. Fftr the parts o i which the ro\f actually walks,-<]^o nrever, this type of finldi -will give tob smooth n surface :^nhd 'so n woi d trgwel Is in prd^r,tt> s ^ieta gritty, '.sUp^rooC Sills]]. IK'j'J'<» like that," she flashed out at' him angrily. "He's working, and lie paid'the fjrst week 's board in ad- vaiuo^ten dollar.s. Hi.s weekj isn 't lip tiil Friday, and if lie can't jray IIKII .'that's mine aiiil inotbcr 's inok- oin. liot yours. We're \villiii(:, to take a chaiR -e— on him, hot on hi.) faihcr." "Ilmml Working, is hi-'! .'.11 liic reports I'vit had of him'was that li • was tiirncl down. The lioys at till! lJusiiK'Ss .Men'.s Club liaxfibiuil KIVIIIJ ; till' biilleiiiKi on i!io jirodl- Kiil '••iiu's progrcKS "Anil I Huiiposu ^von'vp let jihpni seel how iiiiicli .it iiloases you for him to hi- tiirne'il down'.'".she trleil angrily, entirely forgetful for th< nionu 'ii! of the fact tbat'.sbe'owed iK'r liviuK and her mothe'r 's to the man oppo .^ite l :er. "If you think that's playing fair—" .• ^ "ll <;!d your horse, you little spit- fiin!" Obi T. (}. chlickKd. "Von can't hiame nic for wanting liim to come homo and take his place in lltei store. And my friends luriipd down bis applicaiaion .for jolis be- eaiVse he wasn 't tiaiiii-d for the woi;k lie wanleil to do. .What's lu- ibiing now ? ", "1 don 't think I'm ai liberty to s;r\;" B:liy Wells sN .od up. her stnlrdy. boyish lillle body tense with anger. | "Then be mij.'ct bo working In a factory." T. Q. si.nhed. "'Now lnoka here, litib' Iridy. I doil 't >v;:ni the boy ti! .bf really U |i against it., I'd like to slip ymi a. little money to. mak.'i lilt any deficit in bis board' bill, •mil enough to have bis Clothes i-leaned and Kept in order.' Ten dollais a iwei-k Is a ridiculous sum for room and board. Your nioiher can'l bi- inuking a p'-Uiiy cij 'f hliii-" nilly^coiild bold back lu -r words no longer. "1 think you I must In.' t'oTgetting bow poor folks live.- Mr. Curtis. We should have cliargf-d any other.-boarder ten dollar.-) a. week, ajid molbcr doesn't take in a boaider for the fim of the thing. And Clav—young .\ir. Cnrtis--can pay for having his clothes cleani'd and pre.-'sed or do them himself, lil^e olhi-r youdg invii who have, to mdke their o \i-n living. fl «''s all right. .\Iri Curtis." she relented su Idinly. as her tnnployer 's face went suddenly bleak and old: "don't you wovr^ about lilm. It 's ^po.l for him. really It is. He 's trying to I do something fine, i something yoji should be proud of. He'll make the gradcj If you keep bands off. He's Head set nn^makiiig' a man .of himself. .Vo. I didn't; "I'm sorry, but'-^.T can't take any- thinghack. Julie Barker will make a I good head of the deiiarinient—" "Put your brake.-j. on, young lady!" Old T. : Q. icart'd at her. "Wiin si't you up to dd the firing and inomoting around here? This was 'a private conference, between Clay's father and—1 think I'm right in ii .^ing tbe title—his friend. The st "rp4 has nothing to do with it. Go on back and sell gloves, little .^piilire. and see if yoU can get rlJ of some of lli'-ni elbow-length white kids that that fool buyer 1 fired last month got iia slnek with." "Thank you, .Mr. Curtis," Billy choked, and dashdd like a spanked child at the tear.s oh. her cheeks. "I-^I guess I used',a pretty strong word a minute ago. and I'm—I'm sorry." ^ Before returning to her department. Billy slopped off on the fifth iloor at the women employes' rest rooms. The outer of. the two rooms was tfuirnlshcd with book cifses holding hundreds of books, tables with writing materials dnd softly shaded reading ^ainps. half a dozen well cushicneil couches, • and rugs almost as thick and soft as those that muted the footsteps; of weary wompn shoppers. ^ .\ volnptuons, black-eyed beauty ifon from iier couch and stretched lixiiriously uA Billy Wells enU-reiK "Jlello. dearie, i .My fiflcen mini|te rest period'H up, darn the luck. Wish oil T. Q.'il make it half an brmr. Slaves -that 's what we {ire. Lend ma your lipstick, Billy'/ .Mine 's Worn clcfar down." •Sorry. Xyda. I Just <ian't bear to Irl iinycnv use my Ilp.'itick, and Wm. IleevcH wlis calling liii the Kchoul board Tuehda-y evimln j. Koht. Hhapel ground corn ;Wed- ncsday for Dicketson brothers; and Simpson's. I ; ! Miss OorotheW . DIckerson | Went to Colony Weduiesday to [iipend several days wlthj.Mrs. Chas .Martin. I • Miss Lola I..0CK>irl Is In, Lone Elm for a shorti ."Jtay ' with- her grandparents, .Mr.' and .Mr-s. p. C. Banks. \ . C. C. C. was eii^tertaiiied if the charming honiie iof ..Mrs. . Jioshu Thursday, and large cro d of memberp and One guest, I.Mrs. Smith, were there ta help \v th a (|ullt .Mrs. Goshaj was makine. Because of the prevalence or the measles epidemic the club party was postponed. At the close dlf tbe uflernnon .Mrs. Li M. CtlriU helped -Mrs. I Cosba serve dainty 'jtats" and the elub adjourned till March 31. when it vJill'meet with If .Mrs. AHan Jones. . Roil call will be "funiiy stoMea," l! . I) Mrs. S. .M. DIcker.son atlcfhded Golden Link clab at .Msg. Chas. .Martin's Friday |iifte'rnoon. |} Mr-s. Ray TiddJ and .Mr.s. I^ank C. Dix.and.chlli|reu of .N 'flosho ,Ealls__v^sIted Thursday with | Mr's.i R. A. Nichols aiJd family. |/ i .Mr. and Mrs. and s<in. Dale,. Lockart home W .Misses Dorolji 'ea and Your "Tommv nni^hiri above, b-d by twA colonial viihi) were fhi- llijt forejgn Cnntoirtnie. The)| are p|cl (liintomsii Altackl ('. C. Beard atteijded I. C. I lie home of .lef| afternoon. .Mr. and .Mrs. dinner at the i=< home Sunday. of goosft eggs of day. .Mrs. Will Varier attifnded For-get-me-n^nt ilnb at Palm's Friday af erhoon.l ie Vetet Tolnitiy that" liiis uome int'. his own at Shanghai. The British, troops shown: ft bearing the insignia of British powi r. are -the (jWouceHters and; the Diirbams, troops to see real action In the rioting which followed capture of Shanghai by the lied as tln»y marcb"<l along .Vankiiig road in Shanghai a HIKH i time lufore the P. C. at Friday I * * * *> + + + + + f<^|.; '4 of XI-:. Vi. rj:;-2<i-2i. iii .921,- RKiiT. RSTATF rttX^YRUS * f. K. Boiine toolt i ^ iMu 'ed Dafly from Office of* .M. Dicktrson ]*'• lola Abntract Co. -Z' • • + * + •^ +* + + + + + .Afr<;. Will Vartler gola .setting; Kirj, siiBpiel Sun- • the .Mrs. .Mrs. W. M'.'Sibnp.son biear L.i- Harpe. Was getti Miy. Anna Simp;^ ening. .Mrs. Anna Sii^pson day^ last week w|lli Chesebro of Colony R. A. .N'icholas Ryon to work on this summer. K eggs Ion Thu s -Mr.' pickerson went aiid -Mrs. Chas. Owen HarbisonI Islted at tK^'EI jednesday eye|iing.! io lola jMartin afternoon. LIttlfe- France's Martin spent Saturday ii|ight and Sniiday with the Dickersjon girls. .Mi-. 4ind .Mrs. Waiter Pereai^ ifnd daughters .visited: Sunday at the Gregg home: ' Mr. and .Mrs. Clem Kivett esSt'er- tained with a dayiclng jiariyHSat' ijrday evening. Clifton DIckerson bought ai/ car from .Mr J. C. Wilson of XiWjsIin. Falls and drove | U home TJiliirs- day. . - , i .Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Dick^t-son visited at the Roy .N'icholas jipine Sunday afternoon'. •.Mrs. Frank B.-vggness and|^Ir.s. Loosen Up to. set of sday ev- lent - one . D. f. FT. D. Smock. Sheriff, to The ...„ Bank;Sayings Life fnsnrance Co., f $1,250.00. 'Andrew F. Wilson and wif6 \May. to John Ilenniug. jiart of W. •/• Of SK. 14. :n-2l-l'.>, 4 .s.::.'J airres.more or less, $l.i>i). I William Haskin and-wife A^df'e N., to H. II. Myer lot 1. block 7, Highland Place Addition to iola.- a's engalged Jack he farni for him Tliat &M WiA RNisrerdle Ha've Mustepole handy when a cold staffs. It has all of the ad^-dntages bf • grandmother's mustard plaster without thp bum^ -You feel a warm tingle as the •healing ointment penetrates ihe ports, ithen a soothing, cooling sensation and qtiick relief. j Made of |pure oi <4 mustard and' father simple jngred ents, Miisterote is tecommended by Jpsnyr nurses and doctors. Try Miistercle for bfonchitis, Isorc throat, stiff ne :k, pleuqsy,. rheu- matisra, lumbago, apup, astlima, nea- ralgia, cor .ijeiiion, fciin3 >nd aches of lilt backer joi.^ ts, soi;e muscle^, sprains, bruises. Ciulbi:u;i3, fipstcd Lit, colds of the chest. It may prevuit piieumoaia and "llu." ' I Jars & T'jabes Daily MATTXEES 2-M p. m. ."^atmday 1 to 11 .afJHTS; 7:0q.9:0O jp. nr. THE IXrtf.E fifOtJSE wrtH THE RKiiSHO\V;S. liMcrfkan a maBtard pftnter "THE BLACK PIRATE" Douy was never so fine—a sweepbtfj^: figure fhrouf/h this true pirate story—ivrealcing his vengeance on the boisterous buccaneers of the seren seas. There's villanij—buckets of it— and a lore storr/ as beautiful an-.the girl her- . sdf. The most u-onderful color film ever made. - Ao.<op's Fables—-yopics of the Day—Fox Comedy 'Th^ .Motor Bpat Demon" I .Matinees I0c-25c; Nights 10c-4«c kno'v h before, except by sighl, and cliose our place entirely by ai deJit:;bad never beard o ' me befd or noticed riie In the stote. if that's what VOU, inonnt. Oil. -Itt him aionti, .Mr Curtis! If he'.s worthy of his father.- le'II make goqd. and it; ho \»%\. he'l come try- iwh .vin^ hojne to you." ' .".Maybe I 'd better w^arn you. .Miss WcII.s^ that' Clay has "iiust been thro|u<Ri a pretty bad time with a .\eni Yorjjj, and ?he 's dowp on women for the time being. Better not count ;tob tnnch : oh thi.s proplnqiiSty business—" : I th nlc yoti're vil .e:." .;BIIIy fjlaicdsaj him, and whirled toward the door. Then realization of lhat slHJ had doae sw\ept over her. But n Was nit In. her to eat [her ijroijdB jnst to save her iKiaitiAi, -"I jup^ae this lets me out^''sbe said,, WHITE BUCK mm Aftei] all, wlifeh ydu vamfehes, what you ex results that show up yi cfp thd j6b. 'f hat^^ the i^on we dii Pont plaint poducts; you ca sure of satisfaction Wor6 ybU^sj Ciome in and let as show yoa hoto easiljf and eodnonically yoa. dm do your paint- ingUUsyeat. Seethirkwrnhg^d/coloht SHANN^IN'S LAST TIMES—TONIGHT f if # Lost His Hedtd— | i t# tills Suloiiie wHH at soul! i In perfumed bazaars of the Orient—-she dancofl for the de.'^ert .sheik.s,-^But Kor • heailtdaneed only for the fnystenoii.s white ~ mill with a .sear on his soul—and hate of won en in his eyes I ' 6lCK?S M6ST ROl^ANTIC R(btE! ALSO COMEDY ANDREWS. WEI»>fESI>,lV A .\D TnrRSDAY Buddy RogersM Olathey^^d Ti^isiGray of You have fkeni here—briddingr artists—I each one on the thrdshold of f(mie—-in a zipjnV.up- to-the-minute comedy-romance7-~-.Bewitehing maidens in gorgeou^costumes^skiin^ tohog- gariinfj an^ a nirve-tingting ice-boat race\ Thf «r.i(lnafes of Paranioifnrs famdBH .SehooI of Acting In a spefd. story I by Byrqn.Xoraan. '

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