Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 16, 1950 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 16, 1950
Page 7
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MONDAY, JANUARY 16, l*So ALTON BVENINO TELEGRAPH MOI Mrs* Anna Trump Dies at Age 75 Mil. Anna Mowell Trump, 75, wlf* of Charles Trump, died Sunday it 3:15 p. m. at her home, 162 Pence, East Alton, following a prolonged Illness. A daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. William Veatch, Mrs. Trump was born June 7, 1874, at Cur by, Ind. She had resided In the Alton and East Alton areas for the past 28 yean, since shortly before the death of her first husband, Samuel Dilifnan, In 1923. Mrs. Trump was a member of Church of God, East Alton. Surviving In addition to her husband, are four sons, Artie Dlllman, English, Ind., Elvis and Earl Dlll- man, East Alton; Elgte txilman, Amarillo, Tex., and four daughters, Mrs. Floyd Harvey, Long Beach, Calif., Mrs. Mae Malloy, East Alton; Mrs. Bernard Smith, New Orleans/ La., and Mrs. Raymond Scott, Paoll, Ind., thret sisters, Mrs. Gilbert Young, Miami, Fla., Mrs. Bell Satlerfleld, MarenRo, ind., and Mrs. Nancy Atkins, Vallejo, Calif., nine grandchildren and seven great grandchildren, The body is at Streeper funeral home where friends may call after 6 p. m. today. Funeral rites will be conducted Wednesday at 3 p. m. In the funeral home. Burial .will be In Alton cemetery. A simple way to keep gold and silver evening slippers from tar- nlshlng Is to keep them well wrapped In your old nylons between wearing*. MAD TELEGRAPH WANT AM JACOBY'S JMMIY FUTHE! THE AMAZING NEW AUTOMATIC VACUUM CLEANER <l«ans FASTIR cUent BITTER cleans EASIER Hospital Notes Memorial Hospital NIW MOML 0-340 Y*i! 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Route 1. Mn. Betty Parlih, Cottaie HUH. Mrt. Eula DeStlvey, 1010 Belle. Mn. Desule Keller. 1009 Pearl. Brenda Ledtord, *Ji Kail Seventh, Hartford. Snrilfit Trutmm* MM Muby Scrog«ln«, 1218 Main. Mn. Evelyn Northcutt, Godfrey, °Mr«. Lucy Ament, 407 State Aid RoSrt. East Alton. Prank Sumner. Hartford. Mr*. Mabel Jones, Kant Alton, Route *' MN. Dorothy Whelchel. Cott««e HUH. Mlaa Ruby Scrociins, 1113 Main. Dlimlual* Mrs. Edna Johnston and Infant »en. Mn.*Hazel Roark and infant daughter, Welt Alton, Mo. Mn. Juanlta Hamilton and Infant ""Sin. Opal Cantrell and infant »on, 901 Eait Lorena, Wood River. Mrs. Rosalie Johnson and Infant daughter. 609 Mother. Purcell Leroy, 3345 Belle. Mln Virginia Thuerkoff, Route II, Edwardsville. Jolly Metller. 17ZS Rogeri. Mrs. Lollle Wills, 420 Job. East Alton. Mrs. Marjorie Schueler, Dorsey. Mrs. Laura Vandegrlff, 589 Highland. Mn. Eleanor Roettgeri, Hullerton. Steven Fiedler, Godfrey. Miss Mildred SUnich, SOI Tlpton, Wood River. Mrs. Mary Logan. 2304 Birch. Mrs. Thclmn Klrby. 1229 Clawion. Charles Smith, 2720 Walnut. Ga.vle Aulabaugh. MO Fullerton. Donald Graham, Cottage Hllli. Miss Mary Henderson, 808 Alton. Judith Brumfleld, Patoka. Diana Brumfleld, P«toka. Rose Marie Greenwell. 2310 Suniet. Claudia Manning, 3510 Blicayne. Dorothy Lock, Dow. Mri. Anna Schlansker. 1203 Garden. Mrs. Margaret Mawhee and Infant ion, 510 Porter. Mrs. Margaret Pile and Infant daughter, 308 Maple. Roxana. Mrs. Mary Iienberg and Infant eon. Mr' y ' Arlene Wiseman and Infant daughter. 2816 Vlewland. Mrs. Ruth Schroeder and infant ion. Godfrey. Si. Joseph's Hospital Mcdlcil Treatment Mn. Ella Gray, 109 Glddlngi, Jersey V Mn. Martha Bell,' 229 Eait Penning, Wood River. William Johnson. 1920 Plasa. Mri. Battle Travis, 1927 Sanford. Louii Duitman, Worden, Route 1. William McKee, 837 Madlion, Edwardsville. ,, . Mrs. Narcia Marie Norman, wife of Lloyd Norman. 21X1 Brown. Mri. May Hall, Wood River. Mrs. Emma Pruett, 207 Klngshighway East Alton. Surflcal Treatment Mrs. Gladys Comley, 2312 Elizabeth. George Ferguson, Jeneyville. Otis Coble. .1508 Oscar George Holmes, 1928 Alby. Armando Tovo. 382 McClure. Mrs. Wanda Harrii, 2833 Watalee. Mn. Freda Graham. 642 Fifth, Eait Mn. Grett Elliott, 476 Hamilton, Wood River. Dlimliiali Ralph Wallace, 2004 State. Robert Joseph Leady, 233 Flora. Albert Edward Roie, 2101 State, Anthony Swift, Godfrey. Pamela Carter, Eait Alton. Philip Taylor, MS Union. Sam Melitello, 27 South Main. Wood Acts AT ONCE to relieve (CAUSED IV COLOS) for years thousands of Doctors prescribed potTUssnt. 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Wood River Township Hospital MetUcal Treatment Peter J. Pauloi, 457 Wood River, Wood River. Joseph Butkoich. 302 South Main, Wood River. Herschcl Cannon, 40 Welt Acton, Wood River. Linbeth Bowman. 318 Mill, Bethalto. Mri. Anna Marie Grems, 149 Shamrock, East Alton. Mrs. Elmer Row*, 114 Weft Sixth Roxana. Mri. Maud* Not, 135 Illinois, East Alton. Surgical Treatment Robert Ruskin, 124 West Third, Roxana. Mri. Etta Kemmery, 10T" School, East Alton. David Allen Martin, 151 Madison, Wood Rlv*r. Mrs. Daisy Ballard, 181 Madison, Wood River. Mrs. Ollie Allen, 127 West Second, Roxana. John Dwyer, 139 Second, Roxana. Mri. Elizabeth Meyers, 834 Halloran, Wood River. Mri. Vivian Meadows. Bethalto. Dismissals Mrs. Alice Draper, Route 1, Edwardsville. Mrs. Elsie Pursier. 56A West Ferguson, Wood River. Robert Ruskin, 124 West Third, Roxana. John Sturgill. Route 1, East Alton. Mrs. Irene Biggs and infant daughter, 712 St. Louis, East Alton. Mrs. Marcella Halbach and infant ion, 513 Bait Filth, Alton. Mri. Elain* Tedrick, Rout* 1, Id- wardavlll*. Mrs. Alberta V*i**l, 701 fait Ferguson, Wood River. William F. Thompson Jr., 4M North Ninth, Wood River. Charlie Trail, Cottage Hills. Steven McMonlgle, Lincoln, Cottage Hills. Loyce Varner, 968 Acton, Wood River, Mri. Wilma Magulre, 278 Seventh, Wood River. Ronald Autery, 614, Sheppard. Alton. Mri. Virginia Cooper, 219 Indiana, South Roxana. Mrs. Betty Stormer and infant ion, 209 Elbe. Wood River. Mrs. Eileen lUnser and infant ion. 314 Chaffer, Roftana. Mri. Rose Mary Totora and infant daughter, 781 Condlt, Wood Rrver. Mn. Arllne Hertz and infant ion, U4 Oik, East Alton. Injured In CollUion Charles F. Desper, 27, of Decatur, received emergency treatment In St. Joseph's Hospital Saturday evening following minor Injury In an automobile collision of Missouri Route 99 in St. Louis county. Police learned that he had been riding as a passenger In a car of Edwin Roller of 715 Brown whose car was disabled In the accident and towed back 10 Alton by the Haper service. Resper returned with the towing outfit, it was said, then went by cab to the hospital for attention. EURAU3IA, Hothlng li mwe quickly affeetlv* for the relief of neuralgia and "isdaehe than Liquid Capudlne. !•« soothea upiet ntrvei due to - p*ta. U»e only M directed. achi.Stroni Cloudy U Bladdir, itroIKo MU | ruie,"pr««suri ever UM i, or rhiumatlc Mini, • jirjUtlon^ndjin. Good Morning Frock 4592 SIZES li-W: «oU -n>H4. Start the day beautifully in this! Just "as practical as it is pretty, just as gay in a printed fabric as in those figure-flattering stripes. Sew-easy too! Pattern 4592 comes in sizes 12, 14, 16, 18, 20; 40. Size 16 takes 4H yds. 35-in.; ?» yd. contrast. This pattern, easy to use, simple to sew, is tested for fit. Has complete illustrated instructions. Sent! 29 cent* in coins for this pattern to ANNE ADAMS, care of Alton Telegraph, 177, pattern Dept., 243 Went 17th St., New York 11, N. V. Print plainly NAME, ADDRESS, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. Our new Anne Adams Pattern Book for Spring is ready! Send 15 cents now and let Anne Adams show you how to sew to be well- dressed! Magic one-yard patterns, smart new fashions for everybody. Plus a free pattern printed right in the book — a stunning ens-yard blouse! Shurtlcft Debaters Win 3 and Lose 2 Shurtleff College debaters won three and lost two events at the annual tournament at Illinois State Normal University, Friday and Saturday. Shurtleff's team was composed of Robert Vancil and Everett Clark, with Dr. Frederic Fadner faculty sponsor. When the Shurtleff group arrived in Normal, they were placed in the "direct clash division" of the tournament, a type of debate in which they lacked experience. To the surprise ot both Dr. Fadner nnd other schools participating, the Shurtleff men defeated Augustana, St. Ambrose and Wheaton, and lost to Northern Illinois State Teachers College and Bradley University. The Shurtleff team debated, upon request, on either the affirmative of negative side of the question, "Resolved that all basic nonagricultural industries should be nationalized." Other tournaments are scheduled for the second semester of the present school year. Mali* quartet at Colllnsvllln The Shurtleff male quartet composed of Kenneth VVikowsky, BUI Reed, John Rowers and Glen Thomas presented a concert In Collinsville Sunday night. The event was sponsored by the Collinsville High School Choral Parents Association. Delores Zimmerman was accompanist for the singers. Fathers to Re Hosts , WOOD RIVER. — A symposium panel and music by the Shell quartet will highlight the January meeting of the Lorena Avenue Parent-Teacher Association at the Wood River School, Tuesdny, when the fathers will be hosts. Thome Cor the meeting is "A Father Looks Toward Better Homes," and N. T. Robey of the Illlnl Toast masters Is in charge of the panel discussion. Hi WMtA funeral rites for William M, Wtitte, 71, of 2338 Browtt, who died Thursday, were conducted Sunday at 2:30 p. m. In First Baptist ihurch, Stonlngton, 111. The ReV. J. F. Glock of Orlana, 111., assisted by the ftev. A. E. Reeh, officiated at the rites, and Mr*. Darleno Kline, with Mrs. J. A. Armstrong as accompanist, sang. Burial was in Mall cemetery, Blue Mound. 2 Vehicle Thefts Within a period of four minutes, Sunday forenoon, the police re* :elved reports of two vehicle thefts —one an automobile, the other a sled. Eldon E. Lowery of 1621 Boz/a said his coach, parked to the rear of his residence, had disappeared during the night. Stan- Indonesian Envoy to U. S. JAKARTA, (Batayia),USI, Jan. 16. UPt—Unofficial sources today said the new United States of Indonesia's first ambassador to Washington will be All Sastroam- idjojo, onetime representative of the republic of Indonesia before the United Nations. Diaper Service Delivery service every Wednesday and- Saturday. We can furnish the diapers—or launder yours. SO IM»P«rs a Week 11.80 Vours Laundered too • «•«"* *i.eo WRITE OR PHONE LEITER Diaper Service Phone Jefferson M25 4186 Olive St. • St. Louis (» Serving Alton, Bast Alton, Wood River and Roiana. ' ^^•»a«»^s» lm*lways 50 Get prompt relief If you're worn out. and without that good old zippy feeling, remember S.S.S., family favorite for over 70 yean. It goes Rtraight to work where then* trouble! often begin; energizea your body with rich, red blood to relieve limple, non-organic anemia. Prompt, effective. 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Grade A SIRLOIN STEAKS UNT JEMIMA IN PERSON Comt In and TASTE h«r DELICIOUS PANCAKES I SATURDAY, JAN. 2ls! 14 Ox. BoHla YO LO TOMATO CATSUP . . . TOM BOY COFFEE 61c JOYFUL—Halved or Sliced PEACHES ... , 25c YELLOW SURE POP POPCORN . . .2-19c DELRICHOLEO . . 29c LUXURY TUNA FLAKES . . 25c .^_ FSESH FRUITS MO VEOETMLES _• SUNKIST ORANGES ->•• 49c No. 1's JONATHAN APPLES 4 ">• 29c LARGE TANGERINES 19c OALIFOKNIA < CARROTS . . . 1 •"»"•• iSc GREEN BEANS or PEAS - 19c LUER'S LARD . . - 13c Comptoto Lino of Froitn Foodt SNOWCROP FROZEN . PEAS or GREEN BEANS . -Me VERY SPECIALI ALUMINUM FOOT TUif Siie A 69c SPECIAL Mi OiiNralf My ssi win, i em HiiMi Pork ••! BMN ALL FOR ONLY SO IICH IT WHIfS MILNOT . . . .3'-27e SALERNO MCGOWEN _ FIG BARS . . Vlt 2Se COMPLETE ... PAPEH PffOOUCTf OEr>T. DIABETIC FOODS MINT OUR ELECTRIC FLOOR

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