Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 29, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 29, 1927
Page 5
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A RAT GASMG, DEMONSIMTION Farm Biireaii ishoW How To itid Plreiiiisek of ThislPestM - An iiiVo'rcatIng rht gassjlng ik-ni- onstruUon w :tiH conduclud laKi Wffk jat I'lic fiirnjl ot S. O, Jubiiiiuh ia«ar Mj>i'un.\ While the uondltious wcrt-hot.ravorabJo for H I I H method of control, nt ItuBt ii li «if doziii rats weiu ULTomiU 'd for. Tho i)ar; ly ihcnjwenl down tin.' road lo ilie furm lit Krniik Marilu ^yl^c•ro ih«» KUM wati It-led aRalii wHh \u>lu,r, n.- «ulUi.. At .IlilH iducf. tlio rati* WL-n- found iindi-r ii e<!iiiciit, Tioof «ind W I KMI Iho gax witH lilownj Into tlio hok'M. lliey IxRun lo k -ayu. liiglit l)lK T «llow.s wtio killfd caiuc out, .and ( olllllll !^vs |iori»hfd within,ihO holesi, tiasHlng is only oiii; n; rat control, and ««n onlj^ OTTER SPRINGS i.-r> 1 )1 lu-y k'j-s tit 01 ctfioi 1)0 used KuctT 'ssfuIIy under <'er(am Condi' tions. I'oisoninB. with Hariuin Carboiiatto' is usuiiHy efttctive if "Bed judiciously and wise ly. Siift; the aj-erage rat cats or destroys at'lwn dollar,s worth (if property annually, more effort niighl Well be taken to gel rid it theiu. )iu.vl SAPIRO rmLs: T THE TOIAPAItYREGlfeTEl^. TUESDAY EVENIKa \ RCH 29.19^. (.Mrs. SVri 'Mon Osl.ran Mar. 28.---Jlr. an<l ..Mr.- Youns and • .\llen Wayi Tuesday evcniijs at the I.(lwi.: rfio- guill home. ' | j ;>ir. and .Mi;; Ckni .lac i;so)i and ...-I.ois spent 'itn,; ilay eveniti:; at tijo John Windoil houie.n<".Tr Buffalo. .Mr. and .%!rs. .lohn Kllil^on and .loan Hp :.>nt Sunday eveniliK \Tjfli •Mr. .and-.Mrs. Kluier KievJL-rs and Kiiherta l.ouise. I .^lae lliiys >s|i<«nt Wetiue.-^ilay with J'ai.linc Kint. : j . -Mr. anil .Mr.s. (tren llaiifili spent Friday evenuii; wiiliMr. iinilMrs. Vernon-O.slrunder .iiKl .'Marv KK<:- lyn. ' i " .Mr. and .Mrs. tliarlcsj .Miller., t'harjes and-.Mary .lane sijeut last Wedne.sday with. .^Ir. and! .Mrs. S. (.'. -Mann of Iliinilioldt. • MrH. Kay Hay.': .•••peni 'Tuesday (Hy nrue.c Cation.^ afternoon Willi .Mr.-'. Wallur King. I NKA Service Writer. -Mr. and .Mrs. Vernon (')s»rander Detroit.' .\larrh 2.').—"The .and Mary Kvelyn <:ilU<l; Sunday lioiin.' Ofj tho American farmer i evcnInK on .Mr. and .Mi.s. Wallace nfaiion-vyide co-operative orpaniza Zlegler and family ti.on. The JUrXary-llauKen hil t'a,iilint.i and .lunior KiufT spent j Would never have relieved thij Sund;iy iil'teruoon with .•\ atid' fjirnifr: organization on a strlc J.eo .Hii.vs. |- j commodity basis will. And it wjl Mr, and .Mrs. Homer j Curwell 1 b^i-eed real, indijpendent Ainericanif .•ind .Mr. and'.Mrs. Cluster King — not jieasante." FORD on^ look Sunday diini'-r with .Mr. and -Mrs. Walt.r Kini; and family. That is the creed of Aaron Sa Ifiro, the energel-ie, black-eyed maii .Mr. .ind Mrs. I'owill and; I)iiri)lhy j of C! who has bearded Henry For< and Hays called Sunday ev-! here in )iis own bark yard and ,de eninK ill ihp Itay Hayslmliie. ! inanded of hini. $l,|ihu.tHin for lihcll .Mr. jrtid .Mrs. l.i-wis i'hoi;jiill and j .Sapiro otiKllneil iiis creed ito me Miss Lydia call'.t .Sunday after-'''' '' ' noon at the .\lberi VVjtod'lnune. Kreildie Chureliill kpeni Sunday afternoon .wtib Itoyr • Hay.*. Mr. and .Mrs. Cleve .laeksm aii>l Lois s))eni Sunday wit4i .Mr. and .Mrs .1. I!, lletidelspn. In an interview between coiiK se« s'ons. \ ScheiiK'r or I'nlrlnl I ,1 'ord's l;iwyer.s, headed by Sena liir .lames A. Heed, paint Sapiro aji a grasping, cunning Hclienier, on nrlrii himself at the former'lt rs .1. ii. Iietideison. I fu ,.; ,Ml,s. I,e\vjs Chof.-julll sjieul' Wed- j ekpense. .Saplro's iiiunsol piclur Ira him a man of vision.'an unsel larnier. wh"<) n a»?riculturi-" nesfkiy alteruo(ui ivith Mrs. .Jacks<m. .1 fish .friend "f th« V l.e.slie Heed eiill^d Sundiiv i v-n-' inuglil, 1» put Aiuerlc; in;.' on Waller King. ! o'l a p.iying basis. Ira Hays, look Fiiday ' dinner j jjwhichever Willi .\<l-.Mrs.-Alberi U'oiid. .Mrs. WaPei- King si)eiit Wedni-s- (iay afternoon with .Mrs, .1.; 15. llen- ilerson. portrait yob• accep^. yfln cannot fail to t)c^ impressed )• the persoimlity qf fhis inucli- s'scussed individual, .Sapiro. Sapiro is intense..'Ho seems to burn with a nervous energy. "When he talks his' voice often trembles' with emotion. Keseiits WciiHh C'bargp. His resentmenti at the charge that he made oyer a •million dol- lalr.s in fee-s ironi farmers' to -aper- a ^ves) Is boundloBS. "Never In- my life have I been worth as' njuch a» %Hti}S)<)i)." he said. "Ulght now. every cent I jiave In the world Is tied up in this suit." [ He paused for a moment and looked out of,the window of his hotel irooni. . "I knowjioverty; but ,In my wor .Ht (lays, wJjen as a lo-ypar-old orphan I sold papers on the (Streets of Hah Kranclsco, I^wns better off than Home of the children I have| Keen on oolfon and tobacco jrfan- tatlon.s. . 'itie Kjiriiicrs' W« Xppd.; "The people least organized .and who need orgitnlwitlon the most are Iho farmers. From the ilay that I realized that, I have been In this work. "Fees? The fees one gets In this work can 't compare with .the fees one gets in .straight corporation work —and anyonej who can dcj wliat I have (h)ne in-this work could make a success as a corporation lawyer. r . "In agriculture, as ittwoothej" industry,- every man produces for himself. .He produces what, when and' iis be plcaues. ^ He sells the same way. ' •There : are 1,800,000 cotton growers ill the L'nited States. In 'the fall they dump their cotton on the market at once.' You can't^ keep a prjce up when you flood tli|.' market that way. You not only break tbp market—you set a low market for the entire year, "Prices—all prices—depend oii thp, relationship of supply and de- mjtnd. Now in this rclatiqnship tliiifc and .place are the movable tattors. If you can control the. supply as to time and place you can set your o.wn price. ."Growers caUnot do ilils' individually. They, must organize; to control the (low Of supply and adjust it to the demanil at any given tlnjc arid place." r Several years ago i3ai>iro organized the Canadian AVheat iTroduc- ers, Ltd. This Included about 7« per cent of the Canadian' wheat grower*. Each member contracts to deliver all of his -rfheat to this organization, which sells .throiigh a,central office at the price it wants, holding grain off the -market—which the individual farmer cannot do—when, the price level is low. As a result, Canadian wheat growers last year: go 20 their jgrow- cents more per bushel fo^ wheat than did the Kansas! ers. i I .>on.sei>.se! "They say the American or gets a poor pricje for his because he has to I sell in a market." saia Sapiro. "That's sense. He; gets a l()w price I i^cause he. isn't organized, and tloiicls the market every year.; "The Cimadiun wheat tro j ages' 400,1)00.000 bushels a j gi which only about 100.000,00 »* els are consumed in Canad^.' about 300.000.000 busheis riilst be exported-^sold in the worlU ket.i % • "The United Slates p about .SOii.OOO.OOi) bushels, Ot this fully 6i;,ooo» are consumed intlje lJnite<l' leaving nnly 1.50.0(10.000 bui{ sell In the world inarkc Anmrican wh^at farmer se aliout half as mu<?h wheat world market as the CanaiJ "Yet the Canadian gets tlje| ei' price' Why'.' i Becaju.scl organized. Sapiro c -ontends' the-15 Independent att ^ic -ked him he Lsj a Jew, and lie is 6itte it- . "I'm in this business' bec^ my heart, and no^ because hose," he said. niar- i (jjjuces •>1early. iQshels tates. hbls to .! The Iji Just it"'' high- bc^ is rborn Iji^caiise about iisc of bf my PRAIRIE FLOWER .Mr. and Mrs. Charley Doniitz auA family and Miss Clara Domitz spent , Tucsd.iy and Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. Domitz' .and family. _ Callers at the Chprley Tollman home Thursday were: .Mrs. Minnie HtiffmiisteT. Emma. Charley, arid Hud; .Mrs. Tom Keedy. Kathryn, Cencvicve. .Margaret, V'irginia, and Doris I.ce and Marjf Totman. .Mr. and Mr.s. Hoyi Singleton and family of EI Dorado'spent Satiir- day night and Sunday; at the'' Charley Poolman hphie. Mrs. Charley I>omitz and'; Doris and .Miss Clara Domitz spent AVed- nesday With Mrs. Oreu Totman. and .Afar'y. - f_ - .Charley Leonard called on Oren; Totman Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Baum and Xeva spent Sunday in Earlton. " i ^Irs., Lena Smith iis working for Mrs. Kimble near Yates Center. .Mr. Hecantion and Harold called on Dren Totman Saturday morning. .Mrs. .Mary Frederick sjwnt several days with Hay Frederick this week. . _ . Tlielma and Helen Domitz spent Sunday, afternoon 'with tfitf Reedy- girls. • , • • •Mrs. Stauffer brought her mother up to 'spend a few days with her daught^'.r. Mr^. (hiy Becannon. Mr. and -Mrs. C. E. Baum and .Neva spent Friday evening with .Mr. and .Mrs. Will Bosley. i.Mr.'Becannon f.-alled on Charley Cfetertiier Sunday afternoon. ' Mri and" Mrs. Fritz Domitz spent Satui'diiy evening with , Mr. and .Mrs. (irc>n Totman. ('. Mike Crahan called oh Charley HaT|wig Sundav aftemoain'. MJ-p., Oren Totman balled okj her Glarkj n Huniboldt sistcjr. Uosa Saiiirday afternoon.' aii-. and! Mrs. -Will Baaley called on Mr. and .Mrs.-.Mike Crahan Wednesday evening. j . Thelma called on Alary Tolman Saturday atternopn. Charley Leonard and Tom Reedy saWed wood this week. Mr. and .Mrs. ^Charley I'oUman and family spent Thursday evening at the Totmah home. .Mr. and -Mrs. Fritz Domitz and DoroHiy ,Mae called on Mrs.! Robert works Thursday. Mrs. Etta Domitz, Thelma and Helen spent the week eiW at tlie Fritz Domitz home. ' Mrs. Ray Frederick and children spent the past: week in Piqua with heir mothtjr who Is very sick. Mrs. Oren Totman spent Sunday afternoon' with Mrs. Guy Becannon. Cha'tejalnes. are' returning to style. Many of the newest dance frocks show gold or sliver ornamental chains harigilng down the front of the skirt, exactly, like those wiorn by the good housewife of ^50 years ago. , Contains ten! times the I active ingredient of any LOther known rat poison. sTas^ bait and power. poison. 60e4t retailer. Don!t Let A ChUd Cough A Coughmg child needs help. IJ For 64 nreara^ Mothers hava relief on Ctuunbcrlain 'sCridgh Remedy.! ;removes choking phlegm snd stoi (| the cough. jAsk your druggist to-Ipy. Mothers— writ4 for. free b«k on "Care of the Sick." Chamb< MedJein6Co.,603Park.Des He iContalns rto atco\ }. orhnarcotics] HIMBERUI COUGH OOSENS THE COUGH farm- Whea.t jwo.rlii non- aver- iar. of (i ^ush- ' 'Thus '^MCKII'.ITI Freedom Mr.s. Ruth Snyder sl.ughi by her alleged co<npUcity wiEli He^ry J. Gray to slay her husbaiid." Albert Snyder, turnell out to be a' e.ell in the county jail at Ungilslancl'.iCil.v. This picture, one of the best taken since her arresf. wap| she rea^rhcd the jail following lijsr arraignment with gr:J>- pn jhargcs of homicidV.'/' These accusati] took the rorm.ot llrat digre^ manler JndlfbnenlB." pns 1 t- After the "Flu" is over [ you need 4 Tonic Hftip U Needed to RestbrtI Yeiur Wasted Strensth' and Energy-' •'Fln'i leaves the body weakened and rundown. lo sttch case, a tonic is- cl<Barl>f indicated. Bestore tUa appetile and rid tourielf of tliat let-down feeling. f'flu" is a very enervating disi Ci ^.l It leaves Its vlcUms so weak ziia dcblllUted that, there is as much danger from the after-elTects as; from the disease itbeU- 'n other wordi; prter an atlack of/the r'fla.*'' >nu lie* d » selective tonlo to rebuild tiia tfXr ^teu N (bat ^QHJOW. liava your old-timei strength and energy restored. S.S.S. Is nnequalled for restoring strength and vitality. . You owe It to yourself and family to give S.S.S. a trial. 11 helps Nature build up red blood corpuscles. It iniproves the processes by' which; the body U nourished. It is' tlme-ti-ied and reliable. S.S.S. is jmade ;from the rootsipf fresh herbs and Dlants. atod Is Iprepared In a |eienuac wayi la. a ^odem labora- 8.S.S. is 'sold at all good dni< stores (n two 9lze«. Tbe larger size ii more ttci^^euL'^ NEWEST kniES m Best QUALITY iPAPERS at the Price You Wislt to Pay The Evans Store PAGEPIVPJ^ ^ MAKE RECORD Mrs. Harry Myni^tt of Sal lem Township Hatches 97 Per Cent^ Do you save 97 per cci|t of the chlqkens you batclj? This is the record of Mrs. H^rry Aiynatt of Salem township, w^o liati:bed 375 chicks on March 9i and alit^farch 2.1^ she had lost jUst a dozen of tiicm. Back of • tlfla. .reci^rd Is a story, of course. • Deciding to enlai^e an*} improve the poultry side ofjUhcir farm pror gram, tb4 Myoatttii wisely) decided to get tho best lnfprmatl0n possible before starting:. Accordingly they attended at least t^^o meetings at which J. H. McAdams. Kx- tension Poultryman from 'K. S. A. week. During the second week a growing mash was gradually introduced; and after two weeks both feeds will be fed liberally. Results to date have l^en very satisfactort- •. • ]•. —For prompt resulta, use the Classified Columns. By heating tools to whitenessf^ and. then plunging them rapidly.:'-;^ Into sealing wax until they will iioi-'^ longer pierce the latter, it i9',C^ claiipcd^: that a hard and lasting; edge' Is piit on'tbem. In the prOr - J6 cess,, the steel becomes almost as~ hard' as a dia;pondi ''^ ^''^ C. discussed metbods of and raising baby chicks. Following his advice a ibrooding • 600 egg incubator of it reliable n^ake was le brood- a good iii readl- purcbased, a 10x12 portab er house erected and brooder stove secured, ness for the chicks wj^en they hatched. The directions'^or feeding the chicks as outline^ by Mr. McAdams were strictly jfollowed, with the above results.' fn feeding the chicks, they were allojived only ge 211 North Jefrersoh • ' dPEN ALL NIGHT r NICrHTiMECHANKVSEItVlCE ANY CAR • PLENTY OF STORAGE PHONE 720 NASH MOTOR SALES CO. first two (I for 50 sour milk to drink for the weeks. No food was fe 1 hours, and then the chicks were j fpd' only scratch grain v try spar- ! ingly five times daily for the first | That Baby YoiiVe Loiiged For .Mrs. Burinn Advises Women on ^atVtrbood and l'em |Hini »n.>>fei|>. -"•/•"<ir ."icvcnil .v<-:irs I w.-i.x U-id-il tlic{ l }»l*>H.*«liii; cif iimlhfrh «MNl.*' uril«-s >Ii-s. .IarB!\r«>t Burton, of Kuns:ui City. "I ] jv :is Ifrriljl.v n<Ti-'iii.-< .-iicl '.•iil<j.-.J !• •on>i<N of, t"rrilil<> siifft.rins' unci m.-l- .IIC- I KI II U. -N OW I am tlic pn ii<I iiii>tli>-r f a iM-aiitifid Iitil>- <IaiiKld«T and (i ruf comiMinixn ailil iiisiiiniiiion to my lUSlKimJ.; I Ih-lifvc hutidr*-<lf^ "f ntlirr -i-omPn wiiiiUI Ilk.- In I<iii>w ilhc .•M -c-n-t >f my )iH|i|)in>^s.-<. and I wUI-cladl.v- r'-- icjil it lo an.v m-iri-ii-d wniniin . wli< ^-ill write tni:" .Mrs. Itnrt'oii | i«-r advii-p <Milir<-l.v withotil ^ vtiam- phc IiH -t nothing: m .s-cll. l.i-tt>'n' .wlioiitd M" a<ldr <!.*<sfMl to Mrs. Marjrirjf-t Ilurton. "JX:; Massiu-husetts. Kan'sasj City. Mo. ,'orrpspondeuce willlje strictiv t-onti-( ticntlul. I i 5fat<^of Kahsae LiiRt week we .^^aw how .the i rv-o-.slarery force.s won the I ( election of territorial del, cjiate to Conpres.s by mean.s ' of fraud. Mis.'^ouri- voters fro .sR |in£: the river and stuffing the ballot Naturally, t i. were! highly Krcat' mass .i ic Frce-St).iler.s indicnant; and meetings were The bent kind of f/rotrth /.s-, .slow f/roicth. The aoft wood trcffi that (jroic to matunti/ ill a far years .do - not Inat Ion;/ Hun ex/joscd to the ircathvr. The hardwooda, .stoiv to' (iroiv and mature, last indef- initdii. ^ We have clio.fen the '/'low and sure .method of {fron-th. ^ MOiRTUART 106'I08 N.WASHIN6rON V lOLA - II held fin protest at Lawrence and bther iwints where the anti-islavery faction was in power. mill iltlll iiiiit The Best- TENDER MEMORIES You will want the monumenb you erect to'commemorate the memory of j?our loved ones-, through "the coming generations. May we have the privilege of showing you thru our .show yards?— WILLIAMS MONUMENTAL WORKS Phones 676 and 200 301 South Washington Ave.!

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