Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 13, 1961 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1961
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

JHUR8&AY, APfttL II, 1901 ALTWN CVKMNG TELDQRAPH TO THOTf BR .Wallace Trotter (right), truck sales manager at wllley Bros,, receives handshake Thursday from wvey Kettle*, head of automobile agencyT at coffee bjcak for employes. Trotter Is retiring after 28 years of service—-Staff Photo. %,. ' America Trails Is Wwrfcd. by Space Travel Bows Out Today At Aurora North Alton News RUMMAGE SALE APRIL Ht The Military Order of Lady Birthday Of Bonds Observed ! , Representatives of Alton and Wood River industries met Wednesday as guests of Owens Illinois Glass Co. to commemorate the 20th anniversary of U. S. Savings Bonds. Series E, which were is : sued in May of 1941. Robert S. Minsker, chairman of the campaign for the past 10 years, was host to the group and ... revealed the new slogan for this Ju n iot< and Senior United | sort of coasting, year's promotion would be; Presbyterian Women will go to| Egan was elected Dy a mtt rgin •Twenty Years of Bonds — Not« Bloommgton Sunday to see the| of 2 ,800 votes in 1953 when he ran Bugs will have a rummage sale April 22. at 519 Belle St.. beginning at 9 a.m. Anyone having articles for rummage may call Mrs. Karl Hamilton Jr., or Mrs. Hamilton Sr. The women will have installation of officers Sunday. CHURCH YOUTH TO SBE PASSION PLAY Junior and Senior 9f mom S. AURORA, HI. <AP) -A tumultuous spM tn dtjr pORDGB ends Friday for Paul Bgatl, who left the ranki of the. unemployed to become Aurora's mayor tn 1953. The stormy mayor, whose feuds with tie City Council gained htm national attention, said today he won't attend inauguration ceremonies for his successor, Jay L Hunter, 70. "I think my opponents hoodwinked and swindled the public,' he said. He described the incoming administration as "purely c Chamber of Commerce and spe cial interest operation." Voters in this northern Illinois city of 63,715 population turned back Egan's bid for a third term. They gave the post to Hunter, a former high school principal, by a vote of 15,373 to 7,012. The retiring mayor said he has no employment plans. His first order of business, he said, will be taking a rest to help throw off a bad cold. "It's been quite a fight," he admitted. Egan said he probably wouldn't make another appearance at his City Hall office before Hunter moves in Saturday morning. "I've got everything out of there," he said. "Now I'm just By TUB AMOCtAYRD PRfUS Joe Smith, average American, • both worfleo and ouiiMfcra about the Soviet aHHOUBOBhH that they orbited a man anptnd the earth. Thin was (he reaction repotted in a nationwide poll by 11 news papers to find oat what the man n the street thinks of the Soviet space achievement. In each city reporters called Joe Smiths, picked at random from the telephone directory. The poll was conducted in Mi ami. Detroit, Akron, Charlotte Denver, Dallas. Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Oklahoma City and Washington, D.C. Joe Smith, 72, retired tool am die maker in Detroit, said, "They can put all the Russians Into space as far as I'm concerned We can still take care of our selves, don't worry." Joe J. Smith. 23, of Charlotte N.C., said, "I just wish we had done it first. Maybe we're no spending enough money to per feet it, right," Ranch of Lien Miamian Joe W. Smith, 68, Bondage." : Passion Play. They will leave __ ., ... .. , ' the church at 7 a.m. The theme of the promotion for; 1961 is not just another drive buti Monday evening, 7:30, Naomi an educational program along the| Circlp *'<" meel. lines ot a sound and efficient I Tuesday, 7 p.m. thrift program in industry. Minsker said. Explorer Present were Peter Damon, La- elede Steel; Charles Clark, American Oil Co.; Minsker; Charles Armstrong, Millers Mutual; Alma Roady, Owens Illinois; J. E. Juttemeyer, Duncan's: Ed Palen, WOKZ; Richard Jud- ton, American Oil Co.; Carl Stanton, Olin Mathieson; Harry Wood, U. S. Treasury; John Quigley, Sears Roebuck & Co.; William Lashley, Sinclair; Leo Bethards, Shell Oil Co.; William Wagner, Owens Illinois; Lonnie Garner, Owens Illinois. Promotions will Jbe ^conducted during May? ; the anniversary month for Savings Bonds. It was explained that older Series E bonds that will start maturing in May will earn a flat 3% per cent interest each year on a continuing extension ol their maturity. New Justices Confer With County Auditor EDWARDSVILLE — Madison County's five new district justices of the peace met here Wednesday afternoon to discuss, their office operating budgets before assuming their ditties April 24. After conferring with County Auditor John L. Kraynak and Chairman Harry Briggs of the Board of Supervisors County Officers Committee, the five justices of the peace-elect held a separate meeting to discuss uniformity of forms to be used in their courts and agreed to hold periodic meetings to work out mutual problems. The new justices, elected April 4—one in each of the county's five districts—are to inform Kraynak of the location of their courts. The justices' salaries are to be paid by the county. $6,000 annually each, and all revenue they receive from fines, costs or other emoluments such a» fees from issuing hunting-fishing permits or similar services, is to be turned into the county treasury. Kraynak said today it was "very possible" that Madison County may realize a "profit from such collections over the salaries and other expense* of the justices under the new state-wide program inaugurated thii year. Cuban* Aligned to Children 9 * Home Eight Cuban children are tCheduled to arrive in Alton tWs afternoon, and will be token to Catholic Children'* Home on State street. They are children of Cub- aju in Miami, Fla., who are residing there because of con- djuoas in the island republic HUder the Castro regime. Temporary alignment 9! th» children to Alton wan by Mfgr. William * ___ of SprtagfieM, #«fit*a* diwtor of Catholic Chart- fUa4 ftlegraph Waoi Ads Post; 7:30 p.m. Nursery. Wednesday 9 a.m. cancer on an independent ticket with the slogan: "Give Aurora back to the people." He \vas an unemployed advertising salesman at the time. In the zany doings that followed he became involved in several fist dressing making group; 2 p.m. Ruth Cirnle; 7 p.m. CE subcommittee; 7 p.m. scouts; 8 p. m. CE board. Thursday 3:30 Brownies; 7:15 p.m. choir rehearsal. Friday, 3:30 p.m. Brownies. The pastor, Rev. A. Ralph Lynn, will assist at the dedicatory services Sunday at Jerseyville First Presbyterian Church, at 2 o'clock. $38,662 in Pension Furid at East Alton EAST ALTON - Balances in the East Alton police pension fund totaled $38,662.10 on March 31, it was revealed in a treasurer's report given Tuesday night at a police pension board meeting. Balances invested are: Germania Savings and Loan, $9,552.01; East Alton savings and Loan, $9,100; Citizens Savings land Loan, $10,000; Savings and Loan, and Alton $10,000. A cash deposit of $10.09 was listed at the Illinois State Bank. Contributios made to the police by employes totaled Virgil Overmeyer is president of the police pensionboard. Other members of the board are Captain E. Grimes. Patrolman Ross Riley and James Barnard. Two English surveyors, Charles VTason and Jeremiah Dixon, worked from 1763 to 1767 to set up the Mason-Dixon Line, a dozen police chiefs and named a woman wrestler City Council sergeant-at-arms. At one point he appointed a parrot as police chief. Hunter played up Egan's unpredictable antics in his drive to unseat him. After his election, the mayor-elect said the voters made it clear they wanted an end to "the turmoil and has characterized clowning Aurora's that gov- HURRICANE LAMPS uttorattdt 14 InctMf Hlffi MIR '3.49 IUIECIE OMLU M 95 <- PERCOLATOR COFFEE POTS GODFREY Mantteetto Plata Shopping Center HOwanl fl-S4fl» EAST ALTON JERSEYVIUE 11 X. State WOOD RIVER 14 E. Ferguson CLInton 4-4214 402 St. Louis and Smith Ave. PL 4-imi 9'CUP $ 2.19 ernment for eight agonizing years." The outgoing mayor insists his feuds with the council stemmed from its refusal to recognize the powers of his office, "I was hogtied frotti the start*! 1 he declared. "My opponents flgr ured giving me bum publicity would get me out but it boomeranged." Egan said he looked with pride on some of his accomplishments, such as setting up a mosquito spraying program and getting a highway bypass around the city. "I also think my efforts have brought some new industry to Aurora," he said. The irrepressible Egan expressed doubts about the future of Aurora under the new administration but wished his successor "all the luck in the world." As to the voters, he said, "I gave them an administration like they'd never seen before." retired World War I veteran called it "a bunch of Russia lies." He said "I think it's propa ganda to break us down, but the won't break down -(President Kennedy. Flying in space i against God's wishes." "If it is true that Russi brought the man back and he' well, then it's a great achieve ment." said Joe C. Smith, 55. rub ber plant worker in Akron, Ohio "But it's hard to believe what th Russians say." "I doubt that they did it," sai Joe Smith. 61, draftsman for th U.S. Bureau of Reclamation i Denver. "T think it's a pretty great fea myself." said Joe Smith, 47, Da las electrician. "The flight show a lot of skill on the part of th Russians and I believe it is th first step toward interplanetary transportation if we are going to; have it." I Joe Smith, 85, an attorney in Pasadena, Calif., said "I think it's a lot of damned foolishness. I don't see that any good can come of it." ' "To be fair about it, it's a great thing." said Joe P. Smith, 75, milling company worker in Minneapolis. "They were there ahead of everybody else. They were first, and if they had the ability to do it first, then they're entitled to all the credit." Very Impressed "I'm certainly very impressed by the accomplishment," said Joe Max Smith, 22, Washington, D.C.. law student. "The United States is going to have to speed up its efforts to keep on top of the race." Joe W. Smith, a retired worker in Oklahoma City, said "I think JIGSAW PUZZLES 59 C *98 C WHIFFLE BALLS and BATS 29° 39 C 59 C it's a great accomplishment, but I wish our nation had been first." In Seattle. Wash., Joseph B. Smith, an attorney for 36 years, said, "I don't think it makes any difference whether are a little ahead Spitsberger, an island group 400 miles north of Norway, is believed to have been discovered by Vikings in 1193. Few Europeans knew it existed until it was rediscovered in 1596 by Dutch explorer Willem Barents. the Russians of us. We'll have a man up there, but we want to be more careful, more sure. We think more of a human being than the Russians do." Newspapers cooperating in the poll were the Miami Herald, Detroit Free Press, Charlotte Observer, Akron Beacon Journal, Dallas Times Herald, Denver Post, Los Angeles Examiner, Minneapolis Tribune, Washington Post, Oklahoma City Oklahoman and Seattle Post Intelligencer. John M. Palmer, Illinos governor, 1869-1873, was from Macoupin jcounty. O RitffittsfSv wtlk Mrtvy profOMIO IMM fotturo known «0 ttfl NOW) UDMID OfftM 95 HI THI WIMOt UOINT COBONIT TODAY AT GOULD MUSIC CO. •it I. ifo«rwty Mai HO f-MI3 tr HO **4tl "Watch me roll my eyes" It's Jiminy Cricket and Clown 39' GIANT SIZE WICKER CLOTHES BASKETS $ 1.98 MARK IX ASH TRAYS Safe - Snuff Out Cigarettes Unbreakable (In Normal Use) ALL COLORS 49* •-<<"&. > £« for Yoor Pr»*cription- OrMy th. BEST I. 6ood Enouflh! $ •HI OH OUR DtKNOABlt DESCRIPTION StRVICl BREC \/ren K REESE DRUG STORES FREE WITH PURCHASE OF BRECK BANISH DANDRUFF TREATMENT SHAMPOO Receive a free bottle of Breck Creme Rinse with each purchase of Breck Banish. 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