Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 11, 1963 · Page 11
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 11

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 11, 1963
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY, ^DECEMBER n, 1963 rHE REG'STER.NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS sheer seamless nylons in a glittering gift box day and dress sheers in fashion colors $ 1 50 up THE MAMMOTH DEPT. STORE U.S. Plans TV Closeup Moon Photos By RAI.I'II IHGIITOV Associiitecl l'n->s Science Writer PASADKNA. Calif. (API - A funny thing about the numii: ii looks bright nt night, bill that's only because Iho sky around it is 80 dark. j Actually, the barren moon is | much loss nfli'ctivn earth [ with all its lush vegetation,; because cnrlh has vast arras of j water and sand which throw offj the sun's rays almost as well as I a mirror. j Tills is why Ihr United Slates'! first close - up pictures of the' moon will have to he taken in | black and while, as were those snapped by the Soviet Lunik. There isn't enough natural il-j luminntion. oven in bright sun- \ light, for color pictures. The moon's low reflectivity is one reason the Hanger fi space-1 craft, scheduled for launching | early next year, will carry nothins but television Rear. All once - planned scientific experiments, Inlnling more than .'100 pounds, liave bene stripped off so Kanger 6 can have belter television cameras and more power to operate them. "Taking television close - tins of the mo-m's surface is tin 1 primary experiment fur Hinder and always has been." piojcci manager Harris Schurmcier said in a preview of Hanger 6 as it underwent last-minute tests at the U.S. space agency's ,I"t Propulsion laboratory before shipment to Cape Kennedy, Kla. "I'anger r. our first hope of getting the information we need about the moon's surface before men try to land there. All we really know now is that the lunar surface is ligbt-altsorlxiil. "Kill is it suitable for a spacecraft to land on? Is the surface a thick layer of dust, into which men would sink and suffocate? Or is it rough - textured like a 1 lava bed. so jagg< d that a j spaeerrall would topple over? i "Manger fi will tell us at least ( some of this. Its six camera will l>egin sending back pictures of the moon (mm a height of t.ftN) miles, and continue for 10 minutes until the space era ft crashes on the lunar surface." | The first two lunger shots' were lest latin 'iun/.s. not aimed at the moon. Two more nnssul the moon. Hanger 5 hit it but failed to send hack signals, Schlimieier said there will lie The NIGHT, The WOAUN Bf Stephen Ransom «opyrt«M® *•«* *y 8tei*a I ftf.itrfl>at«< V **—Hp*r EaictfrlM XXXI Hlakc put his hand* ,lat on the desk lop and leaned toward her. "Jean, do you? Do >' ou suspect mc?" Their future together would stand or collapse on her answer. "Suspect you? I low could I help it? You've broken dates with mc and spent that time Retting yourself into serious trouble involving another woman. You didn't tell me the truth about that bruise on your forehead. Then Todd — Todd asking me to give y" u * false alibi. Besides, even before Val was found dead you began acting as if you had a pain in your conscience." "Jean —" He wa» going around the desk toward her. "No, wait. Ask me another question. Do I think you're guilty?" "Do you think I'm guilty?" "Of course I don't!" He circled her in his arms and squeezed her until she squealed. In the adjoining office Vcra's staccato »M»ne abruptly stopped. After a tart- fttl lapse it resumed, faster than before. Jean rested hrr head on Blake'* (shoulder, laughing silently. "Mess you," he jain". "I'm still the prime suspect In a murder case—in fad, I'm the only one. As a husband, rnv prospects could hardly bo worse." "I'll risk it. I think it's my duly to be in the same trouble you're in." Shellam shook hand* *ith Blake. Uarccllo did not offer; he nodded. This gesture of .Shcllam's, Blake knc*. mranf no more than the prrllmiMrv no equipment to scn'l '"'^ reel picture-* of what flaneur * « cameras scan. Its siCt**'* *"*' lie recorded <,n tape nn-l converted into picture* "We'll have to ,|,-\<-!"l* alialy/e them.'* he said. ' •»«• I IO|H - to hav.< publish •''l'" !»»<••• tuies within "I in IS J K***"* If everything; work', H -^'-f •>s pictuns should )r ix *' meshing of boxing gloves at the start of a prize fight- Shcllam's eyes were a brilliant blue; they could be friendly and warm, or terrifyingly , piercing. He wore a polish jovr.r his hardness. I The judge had heard them ,and had come to the door. He j greeted them with dignified | warmth and conducted them into the living room. Barcello iwas even quieter than usual, Blake noticed; evidently he would leave the talking to his chief. Shellam looked around with a smile and spoke the expected pleasantries—charming home; beautiful setting. When they had taken chairs, Judge Car den suggested a drink; they both declined. The two callers were seated on one side of the room, the judge and Blake facing them on the other. "This Is kind of you, Judge Carden; I know how heavy your docket is," Shellam be- !gan. "I'll take no more of your tine than necessary. But in a case as serious as this I must be thorough." "I should expect that of you," the judge said. • • a "Two days ago Lcc was in P.lakc's waiting room when Mrs. Hay ward was closeted with you. He says she was furiously angry. He overheard her use the word 'swindle' and the threatening phrase 'I'll pull the roof down.* Lee's presence at that moment was a coincidence, but as a concidcnce it's negligible because Mrs. Hayward had said much the same thing to her housekeeper — vaguely, without naming names or stating her grievance. Was she referring to something Involving her husband's estate?" "Not In any way." "I see. The day before yester- Iday you drew $3,000 in cash from your bank. At that time Mrs. Hayward was waiting in your office. Waiting for the money? Did you give it to her then, Mr. Carden?" "No." "But you had intended to pay It over to her." "If I had, why didn't I?" "You'd held off. hadn't you, Mr. Carden? You'd hoped to get out of paying her, but that outburst of hers must have made you think. It made you realize she was becoming so dangerous to you that you'd have to shut her up." "Like Lcc. you're guessing— and you're wide of the mark, whatever you suspect." "I think it's a little better than guesswork. Mr. Carden. We'll come back to it later." Shellam was effectively using an opportunity to keep Blake on edge. He staled abruptly, "You own a small boat." "As Lee told you." "Mr. Carden. when asked you if you had taken your [boat out on the bay night he- fore last, your answer was no" To the county prosecutor this was plainly a telling point. "Do lyou know a man named Elton Thomas?" "I've known him well for years. He's the commodore of the vacht club." "Yes. I might say that Mr. Thomas did not bring us this 'information personally. Lee heard of it indirectly, then verified it. Mr. Thomas passed V». ilec at anchor—at a time coinciding with that of Mrs Hayward's death — and nearly collided with a smaller boat close alongside. This small boat heeled away at top speed, but not so fast as to get out of range of the CTUlscr's spotlight. Mr. Thomas recognized it — the runabout marked with your initials — and vou drivine it" "No comment. Mr. Shellam." (To Be Continued! 11 Kennedy Likeness On 50* Piece WASHINGTON' (AP> - President Johnson asked Congress today to authorize the Treasury Department to mint a new 'ii- cellt piece bearing the likeness of the late President John Y. Kennedj. Johnson >:.:id that with the adoption of the proposal ca<-h of th? five denominations now- being produced by the mint, one- cent (Uncolni, five-cent Meffrr- soni. would have the likeness of a president on the face of the coin. Kennedy would replace Ben- j.iimin Franklin on the ,V)-cent piece. Legislative aulhoiily to make the change is necessary since the Franklin half dollar has been in circulation less than 2a years. If the design of a coin has (yen in effect longer than 2Ti years the Treasury ran. on its own, mange tlv design. The Treasury plans to use on the half dollar the likeness of Kennedy now used on a "presidential series medal" b» inj pn> ihiLrd at ttir Philadelphia mint. The il. sign of Ih'' medal was approved IHP-OO illy h> Krn- | lied' I A Wliiie Itoa-e s'nirrnciv said •that since Ihr a«a««i'}atien of i Kennedv Nov. /,». many Americans have An'ien asking that his likeness Vie plarr-fi on H min. K R'lthon/ed. th" n<w half dollar will ha\p K<nrv»i, « picture on the f.inr of t;ie f,,in and ! an -.daptati 'in of «^,| ,,f i|, r j president on the reverse ,«>dc I The White H 'Ulse Mid !)v ne* i ruin could be exprcfcl to b" in ictnulalton within several i*erks | of authori/Ation by Cen$rre^«. T.EOAMTIKS PhVS LOVB physicnlly, but love offers the L'aHfin J -n R ? *l ~~ A eSeK .'u' Relhcr *Pl«'ltually. snys u.» ives ^ ', ' ,, , eak , d0wn I™ ? Dr - Mnrtln Luther Kln R In ,,ce- hn »- w «" the his book of sermons, "Strength '••ces and bring men together I to Love" (Hnrpcr A Row). SLEDGE'S TREE PLANTATION One or ii Thmisnnd Rcatitihil Scotch Tine-Sprayed J ft-to^p^ 5 - 4 Foof To 7 Foot LoenHon: East on 4B0 To Cabin Rd. (Ham's (trove Church Sign) Un 3 Miles So. 'jT Of Chiireh Trees — Also Greenery. Bring Family-Pick live Tree ~—L price $2.00 to $3.00 COLOR TELEVISION GAUNTS 32nd and Bdwy. Dial 244-0860 >rt Mkrn of \hp moon. TJw» Shortage Crow* v.ins photographed th* moon in t '«V). but their vehicle curie no cinvcr than 6.000 mile*. ( have, m recent ye*r*. been r«*«.|xin *ililc (or Riving a certain amount of wnploymfni to {u -Hitet* The link* of Edinburgh. NEWCHEVELLEI BY CHEVROLET The kind of go-* Vt—y 0U »a ttptct from ont of Ch»vy*» v—t hlfhway performers. Gome on down and drive it. The kind of comfort you'd expect In • large Interior. Come en down and tit In It. The kind of freih styling-Inside and out -that makes It the year's smartest surprise. Coma down and star* at It. A * O«ol» afottta 89m* Ce«f» Wow-Chevy spirit in a new kind of car! We built this one to do a lot more than JuKt stand around looking beautiful. Held its weight down in the 3,000'pound range. Then built four lusty engines for it—two sixes and two V8 '6 —with output all the way up to 220 horses"! And if that combination of modest weight and potent power makes you think this is one frisky car, you've got the right idea. You've also got a car with lots of room for legs, hips, Bhoulders, hate and luggage. Yet its 115-inch wheelbase keeps it highly maneuverable in traffic and very easy to park. With its Full Coil suspension and snug insulation, it's got a ride that reminds you of the Jet-smooth kind the Tfljt tii 1 See five entirely different kinds of cars at your Chevrolet Showroom-CHEVROLET, CHEVELLE, CHEVY II, CORVAIR & CORVETTE BREHM-HANNA CHEVROLET way it muffles noise and cushions you from bumps. And the tine hand of Body by Fisher craftsman shows rjp beneath this one's suave good looks, too. Just listen to the solid tkunk td a < closing or look at the smooth metalwric YouH BOB what wo Sound good so far? There's more. like the fact that ChoveQa < iu three series with eleven mcnlek—convertibles, sport coupes, sedans, wagons, even Super Sport models with from bucket seats. like U» faefc that (and see if this isn 't one of the nicest surprises csf all) the new Chevelle comes at an easy -to-take price! Like to hear more? The listening's wonderful at your Chevrolet dealer's—and to 's tbe driving. Mint Works Overtime To Make Coins n> AIWKV UHU 't .H Attra-lalrri Vrr+% Slatf Wrtlrf WASinvt;m\ 1 \p« - •(•>*• 'A I I I I h I IM l »rtf «n^ *lr.n|ils wtirsr I I IIIIIIJ ll -.r Otf »iiitd« In jvi»* (<•'.» nv.»'.h». c .r Tr ^»»tin - hi* iiir<l i>,^ in tt»> : . rnl!>' "« !'*• Htrory ''«.»* {K«»':irl- Bui tiw 1holiili;«• «.u oJn ;.nt Ut\t brfftrr jh^ »ian at t)»f Chriitma* »eAvon. Ttwt»* ar» now shortag*-* in tvtty A-mm- mrtUcm eki-i-pl l\ivrv diill<ie«. Tlif »'J|>{>ly to ngiii m aintuti e\?ry sr*-« of the na'^^ Aiin^ l»ai*k» have i*rn a».'njm» ti>^ !v» k>rp llxlr if* ctrttjltiiKifl. Sfunw* fomjianif* ahu-h n«ly h»\t\i!y on r.jim in llvflr bitiUkM* have b*+n pmj; Ur«* *n*m\i* from en* arm to afioiiw-r tn sonrf txiaiiv-*.* in tviait JtfVj ll*'nra&«*<i uw of \rft -iini nucn.r.t-*, {Mulutg mtuj* u>d o>h*r such dwkt*. Demand tar (tins u» ja!l> met** a {v-ak auxi! r><* \b. tjtjl TffafcUO oifViaU dpjMtrltl ly are bcHhwMi more atvxji the prospect til umiifRirtl •fwrta^^» than abou'. ihe currt-n! tiririh of change. A Treasury «f.»Kf >.'i'.an rs- pres?«J the coiWrnj in a tiaie- nuni. The Ptula^ljthia and IVn>*r minu, tomuig on vimia'ly a H~ hour day. »e\eiwlay ham will prod-Kir i 1 biiik>n pieeei ot rhange in ihe y«ar »hx*h «*d» next June 30 but ii haa beea «*- nma!fd !ha« rhe aaJksvs CQJS= mere* ecu id ut« S btllion. 1318 SALEM RD. MT. VERNON, ILL. 244.3120 LEGAL NOTICE KOTICK Bvb will he taken tooo 00 m- teriar pairoing at the Jettercan county court haus«. Painim tntejrested shouM report u the ihehff 's office at I p.m. Thursday, December 12. to faispeff the proposed work pnor to bidding. < DEWEY BARTON, Swrift. 13-1} rustic .Nonet: OF UGBW AY INTERSTATE HIGHWAY Si STATK OF UXLNObt DEPAKTME.NT OF PI HUC WOKfcS AAD BllLDLNbS DIVISION" OF HIGHWAYS EPFTXGHAM. IUJXOIS In accordance with Srctian US <el of th? Federal HighA^y Act oi 1S66 noiice is heieby given to any and all interested persons that a public hearing will be held beginning at 10 00 a m. Central Standard Time, Thursday, December 12. 19ip3, m the Ciroaii Court Room oi the JeHeisoc County Court House in Ml. Vernon, lllirioii. relative to t:4e io- cation. atfess control, structures and right oi way requiremen'.s ol the East-West Jut erst a' 1 Route 61 in Jefferson Count> : '.«n the Washingifn-Jefferson Cwnt.v line eaueriy to Ihe JeiJerson-Wayne County linp. MajK and de>criptioii6 be presented siwwuig the pix>po6fd location of Interstate Highway M, and location of the points of access, grade separation structures, the road crossings proposed to he closed and fnmiage roads to he culistl 'Ui 'tid to provide ivutiiiui- ty for the existing ivad sssit-ni. 1. C. BUSS D.strici K«j;ini'et tffiryhain Iliinoi> i Noverabw U 1« li'-U WESTINGHOUSE 4 -SPEED RECORD PLAYER With Seianode Doll That SinQi, TelU Stories, «tc. Both For % Only SO GENERAL ELECTRIC SWIVEL TOP VACUUM CLEANER Only $ CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTS 7 LIGHT INDOOR 96' 15 LIGHT INDOOR *1" 15 LIGHT OUTDOOR *2 77 25 UGHT OUTDOOR HP BULBS 5< Up 7-CUP PERCUUTOR ONLY 99. Thurs .-fri .-Sl. Only BUFFET ELECTRIC SKILLET Mfg by (MivMMl- Cm* ONLY $|Q87 Thur»-Fri-Sat Only COLOR WHEEL Ljl Ap^t9v«d Metw and Up Only ^3^^ CHRISTMAS PLASTIC TABLE CLOTH 54"x72' Each CRYSTAL CAKE STAND Only 9^ DOBBS B tSw A N N 1600 S. 10th ST. FREE PARKING

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