Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 29, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 29, 1927
Page 3
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I/! Gas caty ^l of 705 iSXarici ifergrove, visited '.eharjie Snt! ' East Ma4I8dTf artoueaiuuii^^ Mrs. WHlttiir ArlKxtr^'^olt lone Ehn, wasa feuest of Mrd. E. F. Fuf- neaur SatnTday. ,. —Dr. A. B. :TwadeU|/teteop«th. New Otebe Bldij. Plfonfe 191. 414 South -Mrs. L. T. .Vrolfe, of First street, h,m returhe4 from; a] Weldi'where she \f«6 calletf by, tM illnfe of her little gra^ddan|rti<«r, Philir Anna Ar- -4sde '•JiiBt- Out cjl College/ Mr. and .Mrs. W. D. V les. of Knii- sas City. Mo.. iir«> vfsltW Iji the home of Mr. and Mrs. J A. Gregory ni»d fninlly. of 604 NorlH Elm iitreel, Till* Viles family are (moving ia Clinji 'nte, KunMos. i ' Key. Noah W. A. ai^ert oridatf-, «as.' iCity. ^btf nsed- ,tcr mrSacM itti {ots and- Giw City will. preaeW nd'rtlt of <5a» City oS .Tmn alghtl^'af !firch 31, tft 7:3*. », ^ Everyone is welcome to coiae »n'ff jwar the fine message Rev. Gilp<<rt is sure to brjng. : —Don't miss '"Just OutI of Cot- rege," March 31. %Mr9. I>ee LHsiter, of BartD^8vil1|0 dklahoma, .visitod over the WiW 6nd" With friends and relativwi In ilola; ... ! "• ] • > • - * Walter Lane, iof• 508 Bast Llj( oln •nntrsday, SeiWir Highi .March 31; etretat, is carrying his . arw il» )'•• • 'i^iinff as ;a resirlt bf ait ac Mr. .und Mrs, ' nayiirH,'Kttim Mr. and Mrs. . Xorili Rim mri v: V. [ Oregory of 1. spent Hinxhiy with . A. Orfgory of fifX , im'^tt CoHegO." Thuisduy. Hen|rir IMgh. March 31. 1 —i : Mr. nml .Mrs:. J**s|i Fulmer and noi>, JOM Rat^h, iiiiSMrHl to Walnut. Kansas, Bhnda;^ u|id spent thi> (lay wlih relatives; • Ous Howard, who' lia^.been working' ill tht- nil ileitis iiuar Uarirett. vlsltAI his fam(ily hfritf over the W^eK eitVl, ; • ^ Tfp«#^Wifrrd.*?Mrtii!<fffly. rhtn-iS.'.. OfQige M. ReynoWs drove Gridley yesterday brt to Miss Tola EnjgllBh, dffughterj^jf . Mr. ind .Mrs'. Ho1>^i\ En^isli "ot Sbrtth Kentucky street road, fs - honws from St. John's hospft'fll where slie underwent an joperatioii' about i four wgefcs agd. dnd is ahld t6 frf;irp;iia'rt.(rf tlie im'^I —Gi^rmatj Millet, ideal chick and chlckeir feed. FCrupp Coal & Junk Comijjiny. Phoiie 331, If—' James ZilltoX' an* son. Marlon, and igraMchiidMir, flplen and Glen of Garfaiid, Kinsas.^visiteir rtv^r'jhe W*^lc erid.with .Mr,Mnd Mrs. J. 3. Thomas and Mr. aiii Mij.s. Arthur Ziliioxrtf 201 Nortli jsecojid street. 6' a ait accl((ent while borKebacK riding .Stiuduy. Xorln Is Hoia"br The wrillilmtt , The boys of the Junior high nii jrenterday mortiln^ In the iiudi of. liml to dlaetisk plans for ihju In cIrtsH tracH m<fot 16 be lield BuekxD8it <R', of: Bses af few day*- WltJi Garrelf, of Cha- : Biejrle IM6o;!« of 723 South Walnut street has recovered from a sieg^ of the nreOsles. —fry It onccf^yott \jriU have no <>tWen • Van Hoc ierfs B^^ad. Pearl Weaso i. who has be^n 111 piof tiie measles, .'was afa|Ie to. return to school'toOayf Mr. aiidMrs. Winitm Krause Jiave returned home from a visit in Nevada, Mo. , ' . T —For Puller Brushes aho. 1«24J. . ...... ij^^^^ C. ^.,Co^, 421 S. tValnut. loin. Mr. ahd! Mrti. Russell Borilvg spent Suhtlay afternoon wiUi Mrs Be>ring*(i parents, Mr. and Mrs.'jE. B. Stalford and family. - •'• Mr. and Mrs. firan Huntji Hubboldt. visited jflrs. ;nosa Of JI !I' of Hijtnt 407 North • Chestnut" street Ibst = \ir; and .Mrs.,Ernesl 9n)lth \\nA son, Adelma, of Joplln. .M»;. vere gueidts Sunday tit Mr. untf Mrs T. I. Christy and fdmll.v: of lit! lj:ns( Ulirdnin street. • ^ Furnlliiril S|ierldli4 —Let ui show you side va ii) Living Room, Dining; Ffoom ovijning. •~0. U C«)X. M. D., SpecialiBlj Eye. Ear. Nose and Tlrfoit. j O. C. <lorr(»ll and J. Wilson, er- I'huriule, were callers 11 fhe home his Pt Mr. nnd Mrs. B. fS. Correll df JM4 South Third street yesterday." Bedrbom Suites., niture Store. lies Heunihger's Fur- h'&a returnetf home'. Lorenzo 1? <;6verlng nlce^iy from lil.s recent ious illnes!). -.—German .Millet, Meat chJeJcjand cfiickeii/eett Knipp Coal A JVinK Cf>nrpanf. Phoife 351. Mrs. Annie Blood, of MS' S<j S lilrd street, is ^-i.siting friand umboldt. • .in- Iwns • I^rralne WU^y (k 704 itant coin' street, whto htis beeii ill, ...... i^Ie to return to scfaqol yeMerJay. iJifrs. Jeds Arlitekle! ! of i \Vilda Who hati been at lh6 home o^ ht-r p^ents. Mr. and Mrs. L. T. W ilfe oi 414 South' First street., hel )irg core foif her 86ji, Voreitio Xrbui kle -"^^ • • - - - ,.p. aer- u<h fn 1! Light Spring G Spring Goats will being thoroughl IfresJl AbleHon ('leineci Phoiie 1 othen and I, , Basil JonCT. Franjf W «l ' VMHI! n - ,\ll«.>i tiiirt f'l J.' Il .ViiUidn Allen ajid CL F., af I'lpasant Hill. Mf. s( en by aned. d.-t.sTielner. jlrJrannock lopped for a visit with the G. ^. family of the loja Greenlib^HC. I^nroute to Wieblta to attend tlije glCjls basketball tournament. Lloyd Hinson, son of fil9 East Spruce. Who i biinied in a gusojine expl era I weeks ago. Is r-covtring ntce- —Your choice of about of Wf^m^ii's. .Misses Strap .flippers anjd a pair tonight, 7:00 omy Annex. and iof Dflu Hinson. yiM badly ision KKV- 400 pairs children's Oxfqrds, IliOO Ito 9:!00. Econ- Jliss H^zel Weari, wl o teaches schbdl at! Edna. Kafhsa*. wa?s a guest over the week end ^f Mr. and Mr."!. Vernon Vdi Cijnp. • Miss • Weare and Mrs. Van Ca^p are su.- tera. i "What lola really OIIW Sniherland W.1S a visitor In Humboldt yesterday. ,—Don't miss "Just Oiit of College," .March 31i i i Miss Lnclle .OHborn. .spent the [week end with her cousin, Morgu ret Wright, of Ons. - —Get tickets Tuesday «t Mer «-hant'H for "Jifst Out of College/' Mr. and .Mrs. Charlie Fine of Ca spent Sunday in lola with relative and friends. ' Mr. and Mrs. Chtfrlle Rogers and son, Chartft*, Jr., of 730 South Ken tucky street,' visited'ijfl .-tfieVa ^Jhe' Russell home near SaWm dlsllfici Sunday. ^ ''V.VNt —Dr.' .Montgomery,, Chlrdptaclor| lola Laundry Bldg. Phone ItJS. i \r. anrf Mrs. Boh Smith, of fol ony, were visitor's iti Tola yfsfer day. k Mrs. Viola Brown and heif daugh ter,' Miss, Corda Brown, went Xi Chanirte toaa>' to spend a few dayt with Mr. BroNHT. who is enrploj-eil there with the Santa Fe. Miss Corda graduated from the Wlieatley Provident hospital In Kansas Ci'y Mo., a few weeks ago and Is home for a short vacation. Mrs. J .- E. Barker an<l daugl t,or. Mirguertti Barker, and Nellie lin- initer. dl-ove to Klncald Sui day anil spei i the da^^wlth relatives. Mrs. J ihn Saunders, who has been visiting Wkh Mrs. H. P. Sann lers in,Chan ite,. returned home ye4ier- dny afternoon. -^-Tonight 7:00 to 9:00. Slices, f 1.(^0 a I air in Economy Annex. Mr. a» d Mrs. Robert B. Warner Weill to Kansas City yesterday afternoon to vlsil"^wlth the E. W. .\n- accson, liamily. IJirrafaie Northrup of Chicago ;whb hafej beeij here on buslnesfi. returned-home today. -;-XoT^a for cleaning , iyjtk on tyifevrrnlrs hns no e<inaf. Harryj. Heath, of, Tulsa, bkla. spent .Sunday here with his family at 71f ^uth .Sycaihore streetl He is &riJi>lCjyed,TJ'Hh lh6 Sinclair Company ati'Tulsii. I jjlrs. iawr^ni:6, Rutledfee bpent Sunday "with Wr bnsbaiid in ' 'uTsa. H^is Workini^ with the Sli^clair needs more than ; anything el»e so far as its appedrahce. is eoheerned.' remarked a jfriendiy visitor this morniflg, "i.s a!universal.cbit of paint. With all the houses paiiated | it would look'lilce a dlffereni town." F. L. B. LEAVELIW Special attentl«\t« given Diseases of colon a »a Rectum. I Electro-Ther tpy ind Physldthe-apyj Office Tola State Bank Bldg. ! Phoues—147 andi.!705. 3r. i». Ray .L. iRemsbergj son , Rtuily Remsberg, (o( Lallfarpe, who Is (it |ten(ling the Ku> sasj^tate Agrl- cuttiirdf College', iis th*;Wlgtnator , of ilje Ilrst dairy i/llting [and showing «|on lest to be coi ducif'd In «an- uas. The sliow wnt qrinducted so well that n received favorable irien- • lion in many of ifie leildlng /arm Jourials of the-mlMlel w«'t. Mr. . lletniiberg h« u Junior in jihe nnlmbl liiisl andfy'departrnint <)T 'he WviK- lon nt Agrlcultttte nttdl when tt ' Hophumore placeiihigh In both the , dairy cattle judging continst mid the ! anin al husbandry rontust. Uemk- lierjii Is earning his Way t'l rough colji gc. He Is a jmeraher • of t 'he ' Fan 1 Hoifse social fraternity. >oT]icB to ©JRAii mpiIVBia^ ; , CATIXfi OlfcS A>U OIIEASES. ' —ts'otlte" Is 'here jy ^Iven that ? sealed "bids for th( fuitnlshlng of the r|)lloWing oils aid gp -eases will be f'eceived at the'dft^* of the cftifnty Engfneer a; lo^ kansas, uriti! Ten o 'clock i. ih.i ^Prll 7,\ 192i. and then publiclyj opened: a ^Bbls^ Motor oil for For)ls^* cotiipanj 4-Last ton;ight, for; any; EI A. there. sale, in Economy Annex 7:00 to 9:00. $1.00 ai pair •pair Shoes on the tables. Soiith Fjirst street afterndor Tweedy] *i 4 * 4 qf Mrs. iTweedy an(| fdmily olr 418 spent Sdnday n wjtii his. brother, [John and famil.f |of Hnmboidt. Jlrs. Bertha Lewis and Albert W; Bufns, jwho were guests oyer the week jBpd of- their hrother,! Ira Burns' and fainlly of 807 North Wi^hington avenue, returfiejl to their home In Kansas City;: oil tb^ Oilj Flyer yesterday afterncion. -^Lisi *r-pll or Lt Mur Permanent Waving North Side Barber iShop, Phbne d.'!7. Jjtrs. BrnmaCoweli, who tmder- weiitfjjii operation al St. John fl hospital iW Mnesday, is reported jtrt getting iaitjni Very nicely. Panri Mrs. CI thar« from ail - 4 8 2 1 1 To MM. Mr. and w Ball, dunghter of Mr. and nt Ball of;7ug Soutli^ reel • is recovering attack of the measlrjs. 4r-?f6 fa t<tr rlean^nff tjiie An fjr^^wnlffK IniN no r<|nifl. A. J. McCr«ady. of Brntn- ton, KanHOs, whp has been vlKitfhg Mrs. IL.'U. Johnston BifHsettj retnrheff liortje 8nn«! ,|oil|for jBbls. Heavy m<^tor ,,trucks. Bbls. "Tractor.oil for Holts.- ftbls. Tfansmlsi ion jgrease. Btfl, Cup grease. f i Bbl. Alemlte cip grease. b6. dettvered r In quantities whfin arid as orderel to Iplabea jdes- ipnated by the Couity; Engfti^. T> ^ .paid .for n qnttfly, as ,naig. f ; ]^ tfrder ot thteJBoard nt ! Syco- nlcWy —Just like Angel Food Cak*: Van Hooj^er's Bread, 2 for l.'Jc. •Mr. >afld Mrs. Clarence Hogeland and son, Raymonds of 4'J3 South Kentucky* street.visited Mrs. Homeland's parents. >Mr. and Mrs. John Trubey of Gas, yesterday. Mrs. F. B. Murdock left on'tlie hobn tralp today for Tuis.T to. join .Mr. .Murdock who i Is In Oklahoma on a business i|tlp. —Get tickets.-Tnes*iy at' 'Merchant's for"Juit Out of College. .Mr. and .Mrs'. Everett Reynolds of Kansas City have been ylsftirig in the home of Mr. a!nd Mrs. John Paulctic, west of,the rlvdr for th<.' past week. , , Miss Grace Mewhlnney of 21R South TcnnesBeo street Is, ill and ynable to attend school thiit week Mr. -and Mrs. H. L. Mace and family of Westphalia, spliit j?nnday vt-ith Mr. and .Airs. D. B. Pa.vne. of 315 North; Buckeye street. Mr. J. :p.'BeII, the East Tola reporter foi- the Register, is confined to the house this week by order of his physidlan ^ho finds him anffer- ingVrom ja slight nervous disorder, which it is hoped v^-ill be healed by a few days of rest. W. H. Storm, of Kansa.s Cit.v. drove down this morning ind he and his riiece,.^ Miss Kathleen Laif- yon went to Pittsburg to attend the funeral of PHce Cllne which was held there this afternoon. Mrs. Storm went to Wchlta,Fulls, Tc-.x^ as, when she received word of hit- brotfteY's^Illness. CdlTianyoii, wlio alsq'^eiijt fo Texas, dntf ^Ks. Storm accpmpiJnied: thfe bdlff %^1li1r. riin^" bacK to iPIttsburg fof brtrlal. .Mrs; Laiiyon was: unable to attend the funeral df her brother on accclunt of iUnesB. ytlfKtt^ \tnii r •ima Sir. and ilrs.| near Hi^gpldi. Mr. and Mi-s.-F. ri; Chil their guesU brer . the w] Prof. Ciple jand Ijl >ward menfbers of the B^ker If GJeejDhrt?: had'as ik end, foAtteft Iverslty Mr.%. C. yft. [Barbdr of 4|67 North Third.street [who ecenfiar midler- wrat in opera fon- a t ^t. J ^hhs hospital', as repoi ted I etter. Mrdl W. R: H'illla ns of SfiJa North ^ytaXydjre street hai receirbd wdVd' ol tVei ttutldei^ deat: i of hf r grand- faffi«v W. J.- Hqpiort dt Hope, .Arghi^s.' MHoilsou wks eighty •ycatjs ipt age a: th|B tlm^ of his 4eatlL I M SB dlady: C^er ield. d^teacher Inj tl e Fort S< ott ac lobls, iiid' Mfts^ Enn I Millen a iea'c ler at ToroEJto, w.^n *ceK en^^j^ties s of M ssiDbris Ghil Is of SiO j N( rth 3>-camore .streit. Si -cielary of the Ti'castfry And' lew .Mellon, when lie shlled from .\Vw Vork (in hw .S. S. Olympic to visit his (l:iUKhtfr. .MrK. Dirvid K. llriK e. rct'ovcriiig in a I'uris lids- plta! fruiii a lei-cnt operuiion. It wa.s e.\|M'<l<'U that the secretary would accuiupauy Mrs. Bruce back to Koine whore her hu.sband. occupies ;i diplomatic po.<<t. Ji/>trs. I). Uaruett, who has been v'isKinp her fiarenTS, .Mr. aiid .Mrs. FpiJ Helijz !<>f tieneva, rcnn?ne<t yfls ;ifit-rn6oli to li»^r home iii Lawrence. • : .Mr.-!. 0. II..'Wifilenmann of Kan­ sa.s Cit.v. .Mo..' wart «allt-il .here ye.-?-: ror'(lay;oii aeeolintol tli«?lillnes!: of her nvjither. .Mrs. M. A. Allen, who .s at, presHiit vvitli her daughter,Mrs. ('.rant Hillbe. east of the city. Clfem' PisTc, FliiM of Skvo'n on an mitth homh, havo r( f hom^, fiif Boy StJmlta fiiked iioith of towi last evenliijc aid cookefl suppef: -Tests fbij acbui Work and fetfirt^itWpwei'e'glv.ii. eiFUsk arjJ Frank Jrg, who hiive' been >nei trib ov^r Okla- Mk nUA .M^rt*. Chuflute spent folk^. I Roral (leery of ^u^lay with home ICmbioria.4penl the , Lloyd ScoU od Weel^ end herei With his brci wife, Mr. and .Vrs. John tog South AValiiui .•Jtreet. Mr. and .Mr^J. Freil East street hliv'e r< turnet business trip toj Wii hita. ^Mlss .MaVy Wilson went to Hum- noldt todiiy foil a few diiys visit with Miijs LueilW Rcss.f ' .Mrs . C:..H. Viilcei Ither und ScoU of bentcin of 71G from ni and grandson. .^Irs. J. F. Knock of .31.', West Madison avenue has veielvi'd word from the Muyo Clinic al Iloches'ter, .Vltnn.. that lier sftn.''.Milow H. .Mille ,r. who ha.s becji a palioJit at tlie Clinic for the laH three weeks, had to liave his left leg amputated above (he Ivnee. The operation was per- forni^ff Mpnda.V and (he last ipeport was he wajj doing as well as icould 1)0 exiioctod at this time. Mrs. .Tifiiler iH Kt present here with Sir. anil .'tfrs. Knock. Mrs. Dewey Eiliff r»Murneil today on {lie iiodii train to her homo'in ChaiMlIer. Ok la., after a visit here with her motljer, Mrs. A. J. Her- rlck. m VJ". jT .rlfcve of Colony,, whp wasi op )?r4ted lipon at; St. Johns hospila;! nine day& ago, was able to rettiln - home today. Mrs. jRpy Hurley of Moran un- licrwent ft tonsillectomy operation this niotnlng at.St. John's hospital Richard.Vincent, ori Omalili who have been vis^jug Vincent's sister Mr and; fatinlly."^ lefi toq, to spend a few day; Lesley Vincent am; there they will go a visit before gbhig D. C, to join JMr. Vincent. Guy ik in the interest of the| paritment of the! Vn orfii;e at Omaha, Nebr., be there aboiit fivi «h Mrs. hi .J. m Lamer y fo -JTopeka with her .son. wit^J , From * O j'afia for W^hiigton,- nd MTU. Ouy kVashfigton in Valiiation de- bn PsU:Iflc Ry. fie expects to weekh longer. Obttnarj' of Georgt^ 'Herr. ^.,GeorgeiHej-r was hbf&'in CUntoii Coii)ity> Indiana, ;Feb. 22. 1S44^ and died in lbla.;Kaiisas. aifeh 23, 1927, aged 83 years, l mouthy inll 1 day. Kfe wak one of a mmilyof 12 j^h'ildi^ln. all ot whom he survived except one brbther, W n. Heir, ot Pdrtlarid., Oreg .on. j , fn iCn^fisti 1862, at tl ^e hge of IS. I'be" vdlirttedred-' and was • enA )lled with C<Jijipahy K, 72nd Indiana Voluhteelf Infantry, aim continued in service with that jirganiziition until rauistered out at Indianapolis Ind.. Jitly 6, 1865. He was united in marriage. Nov 28. 1866, to Mrs. Rebedca Hess.iTo this union were born fdur children Elmer. E: Herr. ot Burlihgton, Ks.. W. Frank A. Herr, deceased, Edwin E. Herr, :Of Elgin, OkVa., and JJ A. Heri^, of • lola. Kani Besides tiiese SOUS; one; step-duughter; Mrs. J. D. Kirkkd.rai of Burlington, and a large niiinber of grand fchlldreii and several great grand cluidri'ii. also numerolis neighjiors ilhd frlelitfs ihontn Ills loss; i He-united with the M. E. church of Rostfvllle, Ind., at un early age and' led (i quiet ChristUtn life until the end. ; H«?, with his fbmllyi canie tq Kansas iti covered wagons us plon-i eers in llie eorly sevent^ies and settled on llong Creek ci st of JJur- llngton'. Kansas. In . X83. he fe move<l to SI farm In the Strlngtown n .eightiorhood which' cnitlnued lo be his home until rifleli' the death of Ills wife ill 1906, when he went to* his son's home iii lola, Kansas where he spent the last days of hl;i life in growing llowers for>tlie lovi; a^dJieapty of them. Hev., Eugene Kramer, of liurliiig- fon, Kaniias; M. E. church conducted the .funeral service.) Burial was fn the Strlngtown ceinttery. Sen. Fred Hammond. Con Green John Redmond and Wra. Scotf and Mrs. T. T. Kelley klndliy furnished appropriate music. j 'Those out of the cojinty attending*, the funeral were:! ilrs/Dora Luttlng and .Mr. and 7>Vrs. l5ob Gin- lier, of Bellvue, Kans is, .Mr. and .Mr.s. Prahk Laivj -er. ilrs. . H. R Olover, J*. W. Benedick ami family " ~ *" •"• • " •ain and Guy 6tllo/^Atexand^,'a salesman for fhe .irlHickle Garage, went to' Kan«- ,sas City this morning to deliver "two Chryslers to customers thercr He wiir drive down a new Chrysler "601" Johnny" Fdust, the Httle son of .Mr. an& Mrs. Kentteth' Fbast, 4()2 Sntith .Washington avenue, &a3 been qtrite ill anrf unable to attend school for the past week. Mr.s. R. B. McDii/lie of Paola. Kans.,, speiit the week end witfr "Mr. McDuffle and looking for a desirable house ot^ apartmient. preparatory tfj her joining -her husband here 'and making, her home. Mr. McDuffle is a represientatlve of'the Franklin Life Insurance company.of SjJrliigficld,' 111. '/ • Tfe^ piWs »sIbha¥ h^ebaH:>«. getffnWfeV/Wairf.tbdojr- WWFJ openingi gomes of thH PaciBc- teague Inr the fatr west.^ Mr. B. V. 'Ed vlor&y,) State (1 Kseeretary, H. W.;C<rtvin\ Statje^.H f.mge secretanp.^Mr. H. WvV» . Associate State' Secretary.," aiff* Topeka. arid on the staff of' t^ Stalte Y. M. C. A., are in Tola <q to visit tbe ^lOQal or |:anizatioB9; to sblicll figjds fori the suppoi the state work.- [ i - TREJITEIiai Anrfbnnof POnatdilnK KbA-I Hi»htliV««HW»t««tiiio« yMuadcd ftfaiis'tocnre. lat pUf pipe. TSc: orii tlh' box. Oe. C. O. Bollinger. Ira S* Copk. of lola, and Eugene Tarman FRIEND. and famil.d of Par.soii.' Mrs. Belle Fnltz and brother, Charles HackleK of »oylh of lola rlvp.d home Snnday e trip (o .MissonjrI. TlU'V left here S.aturd!i|y tor ExcelsioV Springs lo ake Miji*. Fultr.'.H son. Ernest Fultz o enter tlie lioBpitai tluire. From xcelsior Spring.* they w-.^n» lo :oIrien City. .'\Io.. lo get Mr.i Fnliz's granddaughter, .\lta Fullz tlio livo-year-old daughter of Ern est Fnliz. who will make her home here with Mrs. Fullz and .Mr. Hackler. Mr.t. Ernest Fultz' dltd about LJwo wedks iago. —Telephone your Classified Ads to IS. Repaid By aiRnpIc Impi^Tement . —F. .M. Platte, pec'y.,j Switchman's Union, Peoria, IllL talks; •Two bottles, of Foley Bills diuretic removed ill sjtmptoms of my kidnejy troubleJ stepping i .'backache and pains; |dlEzitt<|8i; and floati ig specks,! corj ectin^j! Irregju- lar k dney action at il cleairlrig se- cretkns. Foley Pnls Hli've my Heart est recommenc ation.ElMonthB qf cGld and damp ||reathj|r put a hfeavjf strain on' tho kldnejj i. - Help them to^ay with Fj ley f )ls diuretic.: ^ quick imi roveitjqnt will ampl;' prepay | yoi ! Saitsfaction gnan nteed. Ask your liruggist for j-oley Pills dlriretIt|-i-H. A. Brdwji & Son. I ' ! I i icoATS We have a hrge lelMioft .of smfrtly styl^ rafn- cbats, ^eluding jt ^eversi- bfe modefs, oiledf silks,, etc., ^1 ]kiipi]la:r1y priced ^ •] : : I .. Riplidrds6ns nf HE dirt ai!d"g<»3t 1 ofv^t^x'Weleft their smudge oh drstpes and cuff dins. Afid ? no W with Spfirig cfe^oraMfig time at hand, you wfll vs ^arit your draperitisi t6 hAtmdti^t witfi tiie newness of th* rest of your feotnte. itather than spend a considerable at^- \ mount of mondy " a!nd iime In bu jmig new drapes, ha .y^^ your present ones • cleaned. Charges moderate. Call for bnir oaf td^pfcfc ^ then^ UO ..I • ABLESOK CLEANERS Sdur fbod clauses: pid Bi'eatli int ptxK r« tyitfm ta inii >rD«& MMiat SSBQ- ItlB Ivua dicnitlon ami bo»i«I Una bf UMnt OKUnbcrUli Tatoliit* (T ona . Tin snitac licalihy.cllce«ti(in. • mmaqiiiStr; liOi: or a.'.c p If. m ly. iStrengtn-^ Tome Rich ThB bett faomdEeepen dukne A* O.B aeaner bjecanse le cloe« a dionMi^ deao* lng;job ti^dtaltKaatpduSUewKr. Ihef dKXMettbecauelcaiMioeiklow. >UMlila«r #ffl'lake lio oiftler bec^DR tftey Icl^ dte' An General Elec^de giianiitee is their •» •oancc! of die Itett pMiible Mrrioew 'Sold On Easy Tet|ns. lerFunuttire^o.

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