The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 29, 1927 · Page 2
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 29, 1927
Page 2
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_§|fc;Jf ^BBi!-i» *b love iB llte'8. youDg f^AUiJir^ H OiQU canst,' the ' ' ; <|rtaina tli4t the* . in^ened't ^r that-sweet lay. • 4 air i a .iiSi;^>t^er:ft# Irtkrl and brow ifT^ <$H ^-.-8M<^ without Its •' ; pain— '• •/ .! • i • • •. -iit Say'where, *here is It now? ,.But itlay-me tAe jtrell knbifn air <" ' once Bfpre,] ' : i # fyr t&oochU'pf tonth sUll haunt r . iUitrain,, , 't ^ke dreams of jaJome fpr, faery Af'V/; •-•'shoM • •• •• • I • ; ^:ttre never shall si^ again. <J." ,1 i . . 1 Sweei air, how^very note brings tadt •; i , ^yaajr slope, some clay. di¥ain bright, , s^Ing o'er life's early, track, iUedcyen/its tears with ilight; ftifr iww'foand life that |came. - - f With love's first , echoed I;, . v»w— •' , ; ! 'Thefear, the bliss, the pibameT- ^ji Ah—wherc^ where are thCy • - '|<? • now?' • • ' iBiiC, still the'same loved notes pr6- --; - '-long, ; .. Vor sweet 'twere thus, to that : oId-'Iay» "; ID djreams of youth and love and • song, , ' r To breathe life's hour away. •I • - - Tom-Mop^ qirl kwerrea Q^ve riw. j - 1 jgroup'.ioC^ Junior.! high schoi^I Qirl Rt ^i^rvMi'gave a it^act-play Robhjieriir aniti the Outcdme;" thl morulnfi; at{ the JefiersoD school chapeli; The: play wis underitUe direction oF the aiitljors, .Lorene Sordsis' club annual i piusic >hiKr«iB meeting irhich was; celebnOM: yesterday Jji the home of llftatP. B. Waugh, was' precisded by - i :;n>b«JO'clock luslcheon in' the &dM of Mrs. R^y Tayloril with XFai-'h. If. Wished and Mrs. A. '.R-jnurence hostesses.; The luncheon/i was at quartette [tables centered *itb; bud v'asfe hbuquetsl Aft- et-the.inncheoa Uye. b. P.iNorth- rap /'jeoCMtalned with a reading and JtnJ ^orence LoijgsbOre igave a talk^ both of whiqh were g^ettlj W^nMciated. In .honor ol waog^'s birthday,: she- was ^ventM vfith- s basket of roses and s'weet.peas, Mrs. :0J M. ikmor Iniak- l&g 'the presentation speech] I Mrn. [IWaogh Islin associate member and liaa tlveti much time, to the \ club PirpmBais dn a mudical way during ih« year, [and the ^Ifl was juu aii- predatl^n from the club hiemberH. Tbirjtfp ^am was under the direc- iiot Itfra. Waugh and, was as niti D ^Flal _„•-..: Chopin Gkirfltte ^.iU Gluck-Biiabms BoMO iCaerlccioBO „ Mendfiltisolin ..[I Mrs. P.iE. Waugh vWcdlWK Music — Jensen tbuix, Pride'a-Sons, Nocturne. 'Mrh..^auKb, Mrs, Ed Danfbrth Threh JDveations _^ Johnson ;1*ena _i _^L „„1 Ra^bacb Vntif- :—. Sanderson * • • • -' -f-- -7 airs.' Charles Pry - - • Jtigoietto -L-- Verdl-Llsit ':. I ^ Mrs. p. E.;Waugh Son^lMy Mother"Taughl Me—)•• -.Jlll-2 : U-JJ - Dvorak ;! Itiss Jeanette KJalis' ! Seqaldllia (CaatUiah. Dance) — ^.I:-,:,: . _ Albenix Coasting Burleiph Trubolo (request)' .---Gbttschalk I Mrs. p; E.?WauBh •A <pcompaui8t: Miss Florence ' i; Hobart. Tb<nK\t)resent were: .Mealnmes IT: si. Lyons, D. B. ^McCarty.i Ira D. i&eUey. K. W. Hagldnd,: W. E. Run- dcOL D. Shields, S). P. Northr'up. Sr -'Jfifecy Pull, iR. t. Koehlj;, R.i Y.. Bji^rriadn. Florence Longshore.! F.f ^^K^^ifetwood, Chdrles Pry, Ed Dan-j forth] C. B, Russell, J. B. Kirk, P.j M. I*aul,,W. H. Anderson, B. E.; Thontsson, ,G.' B; Pees, Clyde -Thdiiipaon, 01 L. Garlinghmkse, G. M. Uiier. T. E. Jlordkren. C. M. Cortner, C. C. •fhomas, W. W, Nel- «(tt,|>K G. Mathls. A. R. Sleeper, W. J.^ tevans, B. M.' Coutant.; Elizabeth iBieck, T. B. iShannon, F. H. Ojllds, C, A. Swiraett a^d T. Wl J C» JPe^Bey; Store Party llie iunplbyees of the J. C. Penney store, held a party last night 4a tta4 store at which the manager aiidl|lfteen employes of the Fort ^oUi'Store were giiests. It]was a C«t-^gether party consisting of ihlr &/»M )ple. ' : Afv»s program ;ot music end 'BStedhet was the; entertainment kod/# ibnch was served. Several of <tha fviaitors entertained with solos.' ' , ,.Hi) W. W^Foote..manager of the Sn .'^tt-store, gave an acldress mitb response by Mr: C. J./Carl- Bod. manager of the local/ store. Mc-f^Hrisr and Mrs. Nbske. were othar IfC-Scott speakersi/and, Mr. Gilbert ReeviM^ Mr. N4i Carrdll land Mrs. Jim fHamato;i fat the lola inorcj gave short Ulki. SMAy Dlueir Clnnk<i • lae Rev.: and Mrs. C.~ I. Cold- <«ttith and children and Mr. Cold- anitb'a mother, Mrs. Hahle Cold- amlth. were Sunday dinner guests la the home otMr.tand Mrs. c. M. Btatrord, SM South; Buckeye St. i\ Claldea LfiDk aab Veets \ ). Member^ of thei Gblden Link chib ^ -J Jnet jtesterday afternoon with Mrs. W.l BJ Crutn, 84o jjo^th Jefferson Robinson and June Tljiompson, an was written-In Mrsl Fjleming's pei- donaiitf claia. , th'e.rcharacters >irere: Shlrjer £(tovel-laa Betty; Catherine Gilbeit as 8ue| Deloi^es FryaMane: Katb - ryn 'Cox .ak' Peggy; ijblen Kerr a i Tom, Jikne^s brother; Alma Hudsoi i as ^lac; Tom's friend; Arlene:Fisb er •«« Kitty, the girls' maid, an( Mayme;'nioinas iu Dolly, the male in a n^ghbdrlng-fiat. Maripiriet 0ones,.president of the Girl Reserves; led "the devotioi|al! dnd also I gave a talk on the wort of the ^organization. The offlcla song, "Follow, the- Gleam," was siing. Belores Fry played] a pi^no solo between the first and second acts. Mary Louise Marsh gave a reading and i .RQ6e Frantz blayed a '^olin, number between thejlast two acts. Iflettieoiive Hawthorne'was ths accompanist. . , - ! Snn»ri»i ftaiij fw^ Krs. L«;wlii 6ladd While Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Gladd were icklling | south of Gas *Cit]i Sundays evening a number of theii friends ^gathered in -their home with everything for Ja bouptifu!: spread in honor of th^ birthday oi Mrs. Giadd. *rhe~ g^oiip conslstec of; Mr.-and Mrs. A.'iZ. Grove, Mr an.d Mrs. ;W. W. Bai^ks. Mr. am Mrs. Giorge' Stewart, Mr. Franl Vollrath, of Lawrence, Mr. an( Mrs. Gtadd and Delols GUdd. Current Events* Cl'nb Dinner] for Husbands ' 1 "The members of the Current Events: club entertained their hus^ bands }aBt'ilight at seven o'clock; diitter^in the Kelley grill room' Dinnerj was served jBt small tabled with decorations of white aweetl peas ^nd ferns, tbk club colors. Mrs, n. G. Ridgew|iy, presideht, 'Welc<]>med the gue8t8 |and Mr. W. H. King i^sponded for the men.,After dinner^ they Went t<)l the home of lor Miss Baul^HajUJji |uM»mpwiyf tog: n H6ar Ton CaillnrMe."-by Marshall jras sung by Mrs. Martin Browa -with'&^r ahiter at .the plaao. Musl<<at~readlnKa..''Take:Me Back to Babylaad," aUd fPal_of,My'CSra- dle Days," were gtve^'H^ Mrs.: J Chronic Meases Treated For tllii land Trea proven a humanity! rty years the Cope ;ment.s for lingering and 'ChMriic Disease have booh to suffering JRoli ^eall responses were current events., Mrs.,Bruce'Armobost talkie; on farm iproblems and the round table discission was on the lola Pel MQk :C!pnden«?ry. Mrs; Fred tenzie read^a paper on "Mental Ctmaedeanlng." Kfs. Mark Runer Re a-reaftin«. "Jhe Other Side." >Mn..W. M. Williams read a noem. ; ftitUe lliings." : and Mrs.-L. B. Jteel, gave a, readipg,»"Love." lilted lAd discouraged people hive fJQund the relief they were lool^ing ifor. The reasojn for our g«at success is that our treatments are differen from; tjie I ordinary remedies carried in! stock by all drug •stores and dispensed by the medifcal profession. Our medicine^ a^d treatments are manjufactiired in our own laboratory under, our owii special processes \ and J formulas and cannot be j duplicated byj any other dc^r, druggist, hospital or institute. In order td give every sufferer an opportunity to i-eceiye this wonderful service we are sending specially edupted physicians to diagnose your troubl^ and demonsctrate our' treatinents. Diaibetes andlPostetic We now tonside^ them cur- abl^. troubles. Chlorine Gas The.woiJier treatmen)^ for Catarrh, Asthma, Deafness and Lung Trouble. \ Co &BUltation, cxaralnatloi and trial treatment i . ';#]|IEfi If yon suffer from any i^hroplc disease, .'deformity, hidt^enor doubtful ailments, be sure, to receive this examination. W'e will tell you your trouble without asking a questlon- . We' liaVe treatments for ; you. Rheumatism, Nervousness, \ Gall StoneiB, Female Trouble, ! Goitre Spins], Stomach. Liver.. Kidney Spleen., Blood and special disease of men and: women. I>Hes, Constipation and Rectal DiseaJBes cured under a Guarantee. M Cure—No Pay . ^ expert Diagnostic an will be Our at the 1 Portland Hotel \ One Day- Only sel^i^ed ^Tefr^sriments. > '^«r«. A. L.,Cqnias Ena'tbe following 1 me nbers |(.vM^.CIoQe.;Mrs. fWm. GH- e rs. B : Steele were guests Mrs. Fred Uiama. JHra. V April 1st tm K .^«UI, KaiURR CHy, MB. . - f . \ —Ad¥.. W. Hudson, with Mjrs: A. A. Sehell actompanying. A pantomime. "OM Fhshioned Photbgraph Album." in costume, Was,enacted by Mrs. J. W. Hudson, Mrs. J. B. IPowell, Mrs. George Vosse. Mrs. I^. G. Ridge- ipray, Mrs. Q. O. Minesihgei-, Mrs. Walter Arndt. Mrs. A. H. Hecox. Mrs. W. T. Thayer. Mrs. Joe Mc- Ktnley., Mrs. 'QJ J. Trombold. Mrs. John 8co^. Mrs.' G. M. Orover. .Miss Nellie Wtci^ and Miss Alma Hpdson. Jbese members and guests were present: J Messrs. and i esdames J. E. Powell. W. T. Thay T, H. Q. RIdgeway, D. G. .MInesinger. Joe ..McKinley, George'Vos,sfi, A. H. Hecox, Walter ArD^. W. H. King. R. B. Stevenson. G. M. Grover: Me'sdames John C. Scott, GeorgeJGroyer. W; O. Lenhart. Martin Brown. Etta Martin. G. J. fTrombold. Phiia Trout; C. A. Swiggett, J.; P. Skterstrom, O. TL .Veal. jE. W.: Mylar, J. E. Cornish; Misses Hertiia Cornish, Bfess Martin. .Nellie Walters- Alma Hudson and Master Edward Unity rinb Meets The Unity club I ^^LTjjIj ^ejp^S Mr& X Ltod. Mrs. Bpfleia.'fi! VI TSorseia; M. O. Dodge.- Mrs. Kred Oen- toB, Mrsj P. H. AnraM. and Mrs. .George C. Dalganio.! jr. | Brown. • day afternoon was home of Miss Elizabeth South Oak street. The program TOII view of "H. D." by 1 meeting yester- held in Apt, the 222 sisted of a re- Hilda OoolltUe jCominander De ^^'pinedo. the- .blaring -Italian aviator, s shown jfn the cockpit'of bis'giant monoplane Just after he reached Biozili In a n-ans- Atla 'ntlc flight from luly. This is the first picture to-r web the Inited States showing De PInedo aftpr his daring landing at R io ille Jineiro. His israft is a monoplane, and the motors can be seen apove! De Rlnedo. given by Mrs. W. El'Ralston and, at Emporia. readings from three English imag-j Mr6. Fi Ci. Apt yc^a the asi^lsting ists, JRichanl Aldington, P.. S. Flint !ho^ iand refr|shni|ents and- David Herbert p^awrence," Mrs. Qeorge Talbert Mi^4 Apt was chbden as delegate tb .the state meeting next month served. ; y The nest nieetin g will Mrn. G. B. Stodgh 11. .Members prese^itl weite: Milp. iwere "Jim" Penney, a young man from M i s so a r^, opened a small dry goods, clothing, furnishings and shoe store in Kemmerer, -then a small mining camp in iWyoming. It was known as the "Golden Rule Store." 1907 Five years later, the high ideals! of storekeeping which ijjr. Pennby introduced and faithfully maintained, had won such sig-! nal success that two more stores were opened, operating with the same high princifries. 1912 Ten years j later, these business idpals had so faithfiMIy served the pub- > lie that 34 storie's had been opened and were in successful operation,, all known as the "Golden . Rule Stores." Service was beii^g rewarded. Fifteen years iater, the greatest expansion of the business up to that took place — -50 nev'i' 'stores were opened,|nako ing a total of 1 77 storesl In • 191-3, the businesi name was changed to thi' J. C. Penney Company, j 19^2 Twenty years later, the' number had been molrtj than doubled in live yeaf s, giving] a total of: 371 ; stores operated, frbiti coast to coast and serving more than a million homes [Nation-wide Institu- of Departments tion Stoi es. 1927 Tweiity-fiive years, at the . .conclusion of quarter,of a dcntury of public service, the business is comprised df 773 store* with enough mote planned to open in the Fall to well pass 800. f And'expansion.goes Onl i This phenomenal expan- fiidn and growth is; due primarily to'^ the kefen a'p-. preciation the public haS;' shown of the ^flofts the Company always has^ made to serve well and' faithfully. Continued n • .1: • -1 Mrs: OB Mrs, J. 2.i:Oliver. Mrs. Ray- Oliver and son. Oscar and Mr. 'aitd Mn. A. C. Oliver! arid daughter Mabel motored Stinday to'Earl- ton, Kansas, to spend the] day (with Mr. and M^s. J. R Ogdei^ whd had fir^psM a dinner in bonor of the Uraday of ber mother, iitn. ll. E. Oliver; .Mr. and Mrs; Lee Oliver and Mr.' and Mrs. Raymond Hayes vr%re aCtemoen guestsL ' . ^ <. <• W«rld WM^««IM lodintrJbK IfMfng | ' The members ot thje W()rld Wide Guild Wj the Fty-st Baptist church held < n indwtrlal^' meeting last night in the home Of MIssI Marjorie Mathet. 8S« Nopth Jeffetkon ave- nne. and pieced a qiiltii lifter the meeting tlw hostess sei|ref| refresh- menta. Those pret enti w«re: Miss Ella Ball, M^. Grajce Brad- Atpyer, Miss larj McKarnin. naia. ! «> •arfly I ,. oi 604 .North ven Jtt sur- n ponor of and music J.™,-.., F^kl^ ^Sflthif Ned- Lbng; >fohMTSowiflle«t'Winiam BIsbdp and ae'Misses Marlp ^J)*le.-*«- vona^Snuth apdt F^jBenlamlne. Shaw. iMiss fanlim Dora Davis. Bliss^ and Mibs Viola Le Sarprffte Birthday Mr3 .|J. B. Olive. Oh»stn«V. street, wa^ . prise pjarty last night her birthday. . Games . furnished the entertaihtnebt and a lunch was served. Thos|» at tho party, yere: ? sul^edr thelil to tfisW b whi^ihej not eiiliisi and iheir pfMrfer of and Hibl^ until po^iful aiid i%pien^y^'i become heciessary, jlii*en by tatditg: Itrom^i tion yl[ki|cah cbrl«bt fhe,defect inlybiftr yisioi^ perhaps at irshiatt outlay iand avoid ibe nec^sit^ of wiearing glassies totitinually. • ^ ^ Let us examihte ydUr eyes andmeasurethett^ shortco/ming-s. I where SOUTH SIDE SQUARE ^avtn2Syare greatest] lOLA, KANSAS ^^Big Oafa from little Acorns Gnyw'^ 1-90 A SMALL dry goods, .ishoe and clothing store was opened in a small town in the West, serving a few hundred homes. THE one small store has grown into a Nation-wide Institution of 773 tiepartment Stored, millions of horned. Ac[uaTterofa • • • BEGINNING April Ist, We wiU celebrate iand thankfulness, our Twenty-fifth or. Silver Ajnnivi OKlCtHAL STORE AT HEHSItRtR, JFYO. —with pride ioji the pivilege tt serving the Amerl- ican piblic—with thankfulness for the geiLcrpus n4 sponse that hz\^ vi^sS.' — sfc- ' • t II *° ourefFori •v...-=55!^ SINCE thespHfiij day in i ^pril, 19021 -When Mr. Penney inaugurated, in a small and i ntionkpicu^ oils maimer, a Retaif, Shopping Service whic i! was des^ tined to become one of Nation-wide Hel] ifulness, a quarter of a century has passed. IT has been a period of notable growth^and ei (iansion, of winnaig millions of friends, of serving, them faithfuUy, , of basing achievement upon the good will of mutual satisfaction. ^ , • • • i • . DURING all these eventful^riars, we have b(en mindftd of our responsibilities to the legion of patron: who have cpntributed'. and are today contributing, so cc atinuously and so generously, u) helping making our Serv Ice One not of profit alone but of the confidence that res s on good wilh * NEVER for a moment have we knowingly wa «red from the responsibility of this'^lat|onkhip. It has a ways been to us an inspiration to reach kiut'^or greater't lings, that .we might be the better pris-' • pared to render a Service which ' should prove to be more at|d more beneficial to the increasing numbers who come to yii. NOT'only is that one little .doldeh Rule Store.of 1902— ' now i^elf. grown td far larger propo^on»-«till serving tbe.^ a period m people ill and about Kemmerer, i Wyoming, but thete hai ; spnmg from its applied prrin- ciples and polities, others tb a present total of 773 Department Stores, scattered ovet 46 States. nntjai. c. nnxtr co. STOVt or TpDAf these are ichilidren ol now affectionately Iff iMr ALL what we ^ term The Mother Store; all happily operate in' the Service o( the public under the naiae of the J. 0. Penney Company. THE Founder of this Organization—Mr. Jaines C. Pen- nor—builded in picjne^^ng days more enduring and •ttbftantially than he kn^L His ideals' and practiceft-i^quare treatmietit alike to ill alway»-f<nd the extend to which he pack^ Vahte into •vciy Db^ar of '{turcbase—^these constittite the pattern according to which tl^s enormous business has been shaped and which has ^used it to grow tmtU it has now become a Natibn-widc Institution, serving more thai 3.000,000 homes. : THE dynainic selective and buying poyver of the Com- V pany creitted iy its trexhehdoua volmne pf cash aaiw, , which in 192^ amounted, to $115,682,737;86, gives a M 0- ing power to.the public^ which means mttch to the Arifl ' and to the cconot^c life of the ptople^of ^ery cdintttif^ nity where it operates |a Store. A 1" this milepost hi ourjhistoiy, wf; pause only long ei^iigh to express oiir thanks to the grea:t Asnerican ^people for their continued confidence and apprecia- tibn; of biit efforts in thar; behalf kad to offer tm- ascur-' ance that in the fiittire als in the! past wb shall strive tld serve ' ?.ot only wc^bnt,better am^ better #ith eaah Isiicteeding bufiness diqr. I . The sales of the "Goldeh Rule Store" <pf Mf. ^' Penney, the first year . ainoimted to $28,898.11 >f -r-a fine appreciation c^*^" thefe^ hundred people who then comjprised this" little mining camp: .at Kemmerer, Wyomingi Pive three 1907 years later, stores, the witK salek amounted to $166,313.82 -substantial evidfencei of the continued appreciation of the principles and policies under which. Mf. Penney's storekeeping^' was directed. i ' 1912 Ten years latfer, with \ f stores, the business p4 !*iM two million ' dollars [ in r sales—^ttracting'to it the ' fact that its bpjferattV* ^ plan was^'a grea^ boo&ito".: •pfeoi)le desiring td pfac4- tice thrift in their-pur4-£' chases.' H-1917 Fifteen years later, W |tii.^| l77,Stdres the puolit^x^t so generously /pprjoa-: live 6f the elfdrt *i business is to faVp^. with purchases totallnwjt^ $t4 ,880 ,g'65 .2i. In itlbecikfne the J. G..r^!^^ ney Company. , ,«\ tWerity. years later, 371 stores.salesamstitinti^^ to $49 ,D ^S,729.06.^^^c^ ing a fiveryeat which had been nd for having goccess weathered the World Wl and wi^essed cu-^^^-growth and expansipil;^? several new states. i. Twenty-five ye^xs with 773 6t6f«s in;fS tion anid nibfie ito opened jn the Ffttt; are expected to .'i $t5o,o6d.6of. paired the pn6 Millbn.thark in luc. iHad the J, C .Company hiia/l gent in Styl^, Va! ;t«rtirest. Po ^S &l lahdservin jp. iam<i >«.va ^s, tfii»?s 1 7 1 i:

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