The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1953 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 11, 1953
Page 13
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER It, 1958 BLYTJTEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THIRTEEN OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major HoopU OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williami HE AINTTHINKIN' ABOUT A MEW WAV-- HE'S STUCK AND IS TRYIW TD FIND OUT THE OLD WAY.' THEY USE TACT NOW, ANP OLD TIMERS ARE LEARNIW _ TCO 16 YCHJ COCKftJRe YOU HAD* THE GALL \ OF 'EM I WAMTIN' YOU TO DRAW IT ALL OUT /WOOLA, MISTAH < /MAJOR? ••"/•lOBQDY HSR6 N6VSR PERFORHAeo <SKAsSC LARC6MV AS I Og/-—DID VOU LOOK IN THAT MO0S£HSAD ,-£: WERE SOME-TIMES;^ y<3U STASHES A ^ ^ OB SOY LOTIOM ESAO - - .wmoCtE so /MMiNent NO CLU610 THE MOMEY t 6ECR6TSD WHILE-, INDIS- « 1 WVS JUST THINKIN' OF A HBH WAY THAT JOB W A)V MACHINE MI6HT BE DOME.' THEY WONT EVEM HAVETO THINKA--B.LL: WSRE A LESS TRUSTIES S0UL. I MI6HT £06- P£CT A FILCHES/ HOVJ MUCH DID VOL) THE COLIJEGE YELL FOB HSLP LET?? TAKE VWHA THI-5 RAPI6K- AMCHE BAP iS&KE^ WIMEM *HEt)MATic nmsmc HCTIMS Wf«r«d fasto Relief Fron Paim A n.«i»l EMerio Co«l«a T»bl«. 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His hair was thinning in a kind of receding widow's peak, adding to a normally high brr*w. His nose was slightly hooked, and the nostrils were pinched. His mouth was thin, but smiled easily. "What was the caliber of the bullet you dug out of the wall?" he asked. He was looking at the hole over my bed, the hole the police had enlarged Friday night and which I hadn't got around to plastering up again. ! .said: "That's not subtle." "Neither is that hole." He sat down, choosing one of the wooden chairs instead of the more comfortable armchair. "I'm not investigating murder. All I'm looking for are the records." "You mean the ones in the briefcase?" "Uh-huh." "Well, that's something," I said. "You're the first one to mention even vaguely what's in it. 1 had an idea they had to be papers of some kind, What are they, documents stolen from Larkin's office?" He studied me. "Who's trying to be subtle now?" "I'm not. I'm fed up with denying that I haven't got the briefcase and never saw it and -lon't know where it is." Helm took a long narrow lighter from his pocket and snapped it on . and applied the name to the bowl of his pipe. He frowned. "My wife sent me this from California. She claims I smoke more matches than tobacco, and this lighter Is supposed tc direct the flame dowa- fay. Bruno Fischer ward. It works sometimes when the bowl is full, but after you've smoked it down a bit , . ." I tossed him a book of matches. » * * T.TE caught it and said, "Thanks," and lit his pipe. Then he said: "You're not hold- ng out for blackmail. A blackmailer is about the lowest form of animal fife, and from all I've picked up about you you don't fit And if you were out for money, Willie Shad offered j f ou 57000. That's a good price. If you considered the records worth more, you would have said so to the parties concerned. What else is there?" "That I haven't got it." "It could be that you're afraid the possession of the records will be proof of murder. Maudson didn't say so, but I can't imagine him not ottering ^o make a deal with you—the records for immunity. Did he?" "Yes." "But it might be that murder is too much even for him to fix," Helm said. "But what have you got to lose by taking the chance? The briefcase does you no good and it's dangerous to hang onto. I've acted as intermediary in this kir* of thing. You leave the brfcicase somewhere, and an hour later I pick it up. There'll be no way Of proving you'd left it. It you prefer, there'll be money waiting for you when you leave the briefcase." 4 "1 thought I'm not the blackmail type." "I'm trying this for si?.e. Let's say that instead of money Maudson gives his word to continue to defend you as your lawyer," "Thnt's another form of blackmail," 1 said. He looked around the room "Small and crowded," he observed. "Larkin couldn't have stood more than a few fetl from whoever shot him. You were an army officer and learned how to shoot. I doubt if you would have completely missed the first time you shot at him." So I didn't shoot him and he wasn't shot here," I said. On the other hand," he went on, "the bullet that did the job got him between the eyes. One couldn't be more accurate." He snapped the lighter. "Larkin owned a gun. A .32 automatic. It can't be found in his home or in his office." The lighter flickered over the pipe bowl. He scowled at it and doused it and picked up the matchboo.k, and as I watched him 1 tried to recall the size of the battered slug in the wall. I remembered telling Martha when I'd got it out that it seemed fairly small, "You said you weren't interested in the murder." * * • T AM to the extent that it will get, me closer to the records." He pointed his pipe at me. "You see what I'm getting at If shots were fired by two different guns, self-defense can be established." 'That offer has been made." 1 said. "I see no reason to buy H." "There's another angle," he said. "That both shots came out of the same gun. I mentioned it would be hard for you to miss a man completely in these, close quarters, but not for a woman unused to a revolver. The one between the eyes could have been an accident; the wildest shooting sometimes hits the right spot. Now what ft Mrs. Larkin shol him? Still self-defense. • After all, he followed her here, and I'm told he was in a rage when he left his office. All she'd have to say was that he was strangling her when she shot him. That's more than enough to free any woman in this state." My mind clung to what he had said about Barnct Larkin having owned a gun thnt wasn't the murder weapon, five or 10 minutes after the shots Mrs. Jones had seen Dina drive off with a man. The pattern Helm was trying to fit me into fitted this other man, (To Be Continued) Television- Ton ite, Tomorrow WMCT, Memphis, FRIDAY XIGHT, DECEMBER 11 j 6:00 Football This Week 6:15 News Reporter I 6:30 Eddie Fisher i 6:45 News Caravan ! 7:00 Dennis Day ; 1:30 Life of Riley 8:00 Big Story 8:30 Hopalong Cassidy 9:00 Cavalcade of Sports 9:45 Geratest Fights • '0:00 Letter to Lorelta ! 10:30 News j 10:40 Weather 10:45 Hit Parade ! 11:15 Hollywood Movie Theatre !l2:45 Sign Off | SATURDAY. DECVrTBER 12 8:30 News & Meditation 8:45 Jon Gr.afiy 9:00 Toolsie Hippodrome 0:30 Ed McConnell 10:00 Captain Midnight 10:30 Pride of the Southland 11:00 Big Top 12:00 Cowboy G-Mcn 12:30 Football 4:00 Super Circus 5:00 Soundstage 5:30 My Little Margie 6:00 Ramar of the Jungle 6:30 Lone Ranger 7:00 Bonino 7:30 Amateur Hour 8:00 Show of Shows 9:30 Pride of the Family 10:00 Wrestling 11:00 News 11:10 Amateur Night at the Handy 12:05 Sign Off WILL YOUR BE HOT AND COLD THIS WINTER? 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"I won't tell bike till you THAT'S srevt JAMESON WHO JUST LEFT VOO...I THINK HE'S A S1N6ULABLV ATTRACTIVE WN6 MAN, DON'T VDU, PAM? STEVE SAVED ME FROM A CAMPUS WOLF WOT/STEVE HAS BUILT A WALL AROUND HIMSELf- WM LONG ASQ AND I HAVEN'T BEEN THE SAME US THINKS PEOPLE PITY HIM BECAUSE OF HIS SINCE.' WHAT fttTRYIN6TD SAY IS SOUB JOB TO TEAR DOWN THAT WALL FALLEN FOR THE ON... BUT UPS JUST CUIN NOT INTERESTED/ — AND RESTORE HIS R1TH IN THERE'S NO use IN iNGTOHX MRS. WAYNE YOU MIGHT "5AY THEY'VE GOT A CERTAIN WHEN IT GETS COLD AND ICY HERE, THEY KNOW IT'S TIME TO MOVE WHERE IT'S WARM AND SUNNY! HOW COME DONT WAVE THAT BUT, POP: HOW DO, THE BIROS KNOW WHEM TO GO SOUTH STILL CAN'T SET ) NO ANSWER 1 YOUR PARTY? / ...NO NOTHIN&illL HAVE ANOTHER! /MEANWHILE. AT A NEPRBy TRAIN STATION.., YOU'RE NOT ll IT'S THf JEALOUS, -f PENALTY ARE YOU?A SO* FOR WE NICER OF YOU TO HAVE THE TICKETS! BUT HOW COME BENCH WARMER OUT OR HE SAVE ME THE WHONS NUMBER. MI6HT AS WELL GO TAKE WE TO THE GAME, ) VIC GOTCALLEP IN WERE I CAN WAIT COMFORTABLY WAYBE BIS A.NP ICWI PEIAY THE REPS LOM5IMS TH& MSSILE OH THE WKTER HOIST \ THEY'LL WORKVEK.Y BE &.BQUT 7O FEET IFA5.T. W6 MUSTN'T DEEP WH6R6 IT I LD5E MUCH TIMS |M LKHPEP, EtsSY... /IPCATIN6 'EW OW THe ACCORPIWQ TO /---; BOTTONil CUE CHKK.T. THE JET PLANE THAT TRKCKED THIS WISSILE'5 FlISHT SHOULD Flit OVER. ANV MWAEMTi TR.V TO ATTRACT ITS MTENTIOM! J DUNMO..PYA/COULD BE... THINK THIS / WE'LL KNOW GET, ANYTHING / COULD BE THE CHAP WE'VE BEEN JOLDTOLOOK Jl OUT FOR? -Yr: ,\ &0\ Me fc Mi' V\ f\vv "xW CF;WC.« Installed

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