Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 26, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1896
Page 6
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BLACKWELL'S AND NO OTHER. SEE? GOSSIP OF DAME FASHION Yon will )lnd ouc coupon Innltle cuvh two ounce nn<l two coupon* liiHtdu cncli four ounce bog °f Ulack- well'* Durham. Italy of tliU cclcbnU=ct toluicco and rtnd tlio coupon— given.11 Hat u* vuliiul>l<- !»'•<•*mi Jiow to £vl Uit-m. How to Saoure the Benefit ol Rain's Cosmetics. A-Wliool on Blversldn Urlvo—The Siian- Isb Flounco and Its Ilcudlnci— Home New C«p«» und Collctt, 1SM.1 .. Between two hills the river gleams. Here and there upon its quiet bosom a shadow sSently moves, with green und red and white lighf.s sparkling about. On tho fur hill, movable lights Of trolley ears dart in tuul out among the foliage, while just at one's feet nre myrind.5 of lights which nppear nroiind tJie corner ond ily to some point, not far to the "WHERE DIRT GATHERS, WASTE RULES.' GREAT SAVING RESULTS FROM 7K.~. J'. L' C.r ' in BrioT 07 'dti'.jii'jlia Various I J o;.ilii'.i'J3. fro'JJ Aiv A TV fill I'all. Indianapolis. Inil.. Aiij'. "a.— While the patients r.t i li-t- insane tuKuital near tills i-ity were -at IwoakTast Juries'fail- ley (eft the table and rushing- to the window pulled the bars apart and stepped out upon the v.-iudo* 1 .-sill. An attendant started toward him. when Ihc was seen to Ivap out into splice. 1'an.ley fell a distance uf '5 feet. When up lie w«.s thought'to'have been badly injured, but an examination nothing 1 more serious than a fractured ankle. Tnulc3' is from Bcn- .toji covinty and was received at the institution in March, 1SO-I. He is :: large, muscular man, and broke one of the iron bars and bent others ns if they liac! been mere reeds. Sirlndlal Farmer*. WmaiiKic, Ind., Aug. 2~>. — A new ; game has come to light at Lakeside. George Lawrence, a farmer living near that place, purchased from c man calling himself Henry K, Crown a g-nllon of medicine warranted to cure any nnd all diseases which might attack domestic animals. Brown claimed • the medicine was sold with a govern- j xaent guarantee, and said the postmas- I ter would, in case the stuff faiii-ri to j •work, refund the money Lawrence hail paid, nnd interest nt 2i5 per cent. Brown thought this was a fair proposition, and ccly changed his mind when the medicine proved worthless and he applied to the postmaster for the return of his money. I Cyclone Victim Identified. Mtmcie, Ind., Aug. 23.—Another ol ,the- unknown victims of- the St. Louis cyclone has been identified. He is Clark Fiedler, aged 34 and unmarried, of Sclma, a railroader by occupation and of n roving disposition. His mother nnd relatives sent letters to all pnrts of the country, but could hear nothing until his description was sent to the mayor cl St. Louis. Tattoo marks made Identification easy, with one of the long lists o£ unknown victims. Trouble Over tlie^ "Kxtrns." Rochester, Ind., Aug. 25.—Eighteen months ago the commissioners contracted with J. E. Gibson & Co., of Iiog-onsport, to bujld-'n courthouse for •this county to cost $70,000. The build. ing- is completed and the commissioners met to settle with the contractors. Jiills for ovti-as 1 amounting" to $-13,00,0 tu-re iii-.-il. Of this amount $l.'),000'was lejcetrcl by ilie cornnii.-:Shi!ii'rs, The ••oittr-i -Inrs i-i-fus:- to surrender the keys r.r.'J ihreaten suit. Kdltlnff with an Arseuivl. Anderson, 'Ind., Aug. 25.— Edward Wcstlnke, editor of-the SwayzeeNews, who was egged out of town because he championed tinionism, has re turned ami is doing business at the old stand. He has posted, notices that he is back to TUri his paper and to demand protection and the rig-lit of free speech. He has served notice on the public at large that "he is at home and editing with the use of a good-sized arsenal. \Vestlake is a young man. • . at uif iinmc.' 01 i!i|ii. Willinni I'liiniii- pan. l-'ort.v-niiH' years HITO Mr. McKin- luy enu-ivd tho \:\'.\ Nil 1 ;. 1 :)!' ll:v Mi-tho- dist I'rott-sU'.ni i'iv::\-!i and nuivcrl .to Xi-w Corner, lu-ar Muneic. in IS54. Ilia wifu died n fowyo.'irs aii'o. and since then ho has lived witli relative." in and about ihis eiry. Folsoncd hy Itu^r. Miiiiuie, Ind., Ang'. 2.J.—About 4') persons \\-ci-e poi.soiK'fl with ice ci-t-ani inado in n rusty can at tho home of .Vr.« Edward (."lark: \Villii.' IJiooiii, Anna Halli- r'rrv, .Vatfie T.(ii:{fdon, T.innie Umvers, KMxa .Miller, I'eiirl 11:11. 'Maiidi- Clark nnd ^fr. an'd Jlrs. Mni'sh.-iil Conmv suf- fei-L-il Ihe most, but are now out of dan- •rer. A NEW TRIMMED SKfcRT. PURELY VEGETABLE. The Cheapest; Purest' and Best l-iiir.ilyMcu-" icinc in the \Vork',! AN EFFECTUAL SPECIFIC/ for all diseases oE tile Liver, Stom.-KM mid Sp'.-.-cn. Rejjulfttc the Liver and prevent CIIII.LS AND FEVER, MiM. IKI- ous I'"EV;EKS, !}• HVEL COMPLAINTS, IIEST- LESSNESS, JAUNDICE •"• J^ A AND NAUSEA. ' BAD BREATH I Nothing is so unpleasant, nothing; so common as b.id'bru.tt.'t, find in nearly every case it comes from tlic stoin.icli. and can be so easily corrected If you will uiUc SIMMONS LIVER RKCCLATOR. Du'not UC^-'.V-CL 10 secure A remedy tor this repulsive disoider. H will also improve your appetite, complexion and gene*"* 1 health. PILES 1 . How mnny nuflor tor'.uro (Jay after day, maV- ItiK Wfe a burden and robbing existence of all SMITH'S SUCCESSOR David R. Francis Appointed Secretary of Interior. _Will Assume the Duties of Office September I—Short Sketch of the New Cabinet Officer. pleasure, owing" to tlte secret suffering 1 from Piles, Vet relict is ready to (lie hand of almost any one who will use systematically the remedy that lin-i permanently cured thousands, SIMMONS I.IVEK REGULATOR is no drastic, violent purge, but a gentle assistant to nature. CONSTIPATION SHOULD not bo regarded us • trifling ailment—In fact, nature demands tile utmost rep"V»nty of tho bowels, and any deviation from this demand paves the way often to serious danger. It" is quite as necessary to rcium-e impure accumulations from the bowels as it is to eat or sleep, and no licalth cart be expected where a costive habit o£ body prevails SICK HEADACHE! This distressing affliction occurs most frequently. The disturbance o£ the stomach, aris* ing from the imperfectly digested contents, causes ti severe pain in the head, accompanied with disagreeable nausea, and this constitutes what is popularly known us Sick Headache; for the rohcf of which TAKE SIMMON* REGULATOR. .MANUFACTURED ON'LV BV J. H. ZEILIN & CO.. Philadelphia, Pa. Buzzards Bay, Mass., Aug. 23.—President Cleveland announced Monday night that David If. Francis, ex-governor of Missouri, had been nppoiniod secretory of the interior, vice I-lo)<e Smith, resigned, and that he will assume the duties of his office September 1. The New b'ocrfctary. [Dnvld Rowland Francis, tlio successor of Hon. Hokc Smith as secretary of the Interior, was born of Scotch-Irish parents In Richmond, Ky., October 1,1S50. Supplementing Ms common school education in Kentucky, he Rraduatcd from Washington university. In St. Louis, Mo., in jSTO with the dojrroe of bachelor of arts. After three years' apprenticeship In commercial life, he -organized tho D. R. Francis '& Brother Commission company, which Is still one of the leading firms operating at the St.Louis Merchants' exchange. In 3SS3 he was elect- ed'vice president of the exchange and tlia LADIES Know the' Certain Remedy for diseases of the Liver, Kidneys and Urinary Org-ans is Or, J. H. MCLEAN'S LIVER AND KIDNEY BALM It Cures Female Troubles At Druggists. Price, $1.00 Per Bottle TMt DR.J, H. MCLEAN McDicincCe. •T. IOUII, MO. rolvel, I'mhroidereil in frm:i. with ffo!.-i find brilliants. Tin 1 vi-lvrt is a-rranyV'' in ]:oinl* Hill! thns: 1 j-o r.i^ :ire cuUilieil u-ii.li a. deep phi.llir.i; 1 of i]:ou«-;elinei cl;- soiu. Kibbon bo'.vs iiilorr. i.he .sliou!de.;>-. njid riijbou is tr;H:ttl from l>he bud. Lo i.io in a long bnw ut lh« wdist, i:i Honn<l» to Track DciKlhcudM. Crown Point, Ind., -An?. 23.— Sheriff Hayes' bloodhounds. Buck and Jim, will take n prominent part nt the Lake tounty i'air. They will acl. as official police for the association. Heretofore men have tictcd, but this year the dog-s •n-ill do the guarding- for the entire •week. On ,an average 200 men and boys climb the fence daily, and the dogs will be tised to track them down in the ?rowds. Union Steel Company rulls. Anderson, Ind., Aug. 25.— Thomas K. Aiken has been appointed receiver and placed in charge of the affairs and prop- srty of .the Union Steel company of Alexandria, capitalwe.d at $1,500,000. The replication for h receiver was made to 'the Missouri Steel company, acting 1 Jor' aH creditors, whose claims, it 'is t, will make the liabilities nearly assets, which are. about $1,000,000. Deattt of an Affed Minister. Mnncic, Ind., Aug. S3.—Rev. John Mc- JCinTcy, aged 78, nn -tiriclc of the repn'b- fican nominee for president, died here Heroic Decil of n Mother, Jliirion, Intl., Aug. 23.—MI-H. 1'Vank Ilig'don. wife of n prominent druggist o:' this city, .served her little soil \\';.lter from drowning in Hear hike. The ehild foil into the lake nnd v as sinking, when his mother jumped in after him and hro.iight him to shore. • Tin flute Scrlki.' EuilK. Elwood, .Ind., Aug. 2Z. —Tim tin-plate strJUe was ended by the company sign- jug the scale. The strike. loaders; are jubilant over the success and ascribe their victory to the care taken to avoid t nuv infraction of the'law a'r.d order. ^Nuval CitcletH Appointed. Washington, Aug. 25.—Appointments to the United tSntes naval neademy are II. It. Hanna, of Terrc Haute; M. H. Nelson, of Coving-ton, ns alternate.- nig Milii Kosmiio. Anderson, Ind.,. Aug. 25.—Tho big American nail .mills, which have been closed for weeks, have been put b full Operation, employing SOO hands. , nix Chlnuware Firm Fulls. ; Philadelphia, Aug 25.—The firm of'E, 1 J. Allen, Son & Co., wholesale dealers in glass and cliinaware, has made an' as- Elgnmen ffor the benefit of its creditoi'3, : The failure was due to an execution, be- ,ing" issued on juclgmentnotes aggregating $50,000. The 'liabilities will probably reach $250,000, Stringency in the monej- market is given as the cause of the failure. Killed V* lillo on a Kuutlne Trip. Denver, Col., Aug. 25.—J. F. H. Mc- Kibb«n, auditor of the. Atchison; To- ipelca & Sri n t a Te system, was killed near 'New Castle, Col., Tuesday. Mr. Me-'. Kibbeu was on a hunting trip, and iwhile changing saddles a pack horse fell [on him. He lived long enough, t<} be 'broiight to New Castle, dying shortly nfter his arrival there. PUBLIC SEffYRiE IN CHINA. I 1 ,TW —•- *5- w JtJ Two Merit* of the C'ompetltlre Educational System. Ex-Secretary John W. Foster, who was the confytgrttoj Adviser of the emperor oi China id tho peace negotiations with Japan, contributes a. pa.per on] "Th'e Viceroy Li Hung Chang" to the. August Century. Mr. Foster says of. the viceroy: { "He does not regard the competitive^ educational system of admission to the public service as,a perfect method, and] more than once- ho has recommended to his emperor material modifications in,| the existing system. But it must be. confessed that it has stood tho test of centuries with much benefit to China, and its practical operation has demon-' Bira-ted that it possesses two merits of inestimable value to any nation; first, it brings all the offices of tie empire within the reach of the lowest subject; Dnd secondly, it diminishes the/ jn,cen-| lives to, and opportunities of, corrup-; tlon and favoritism in securing entrance into. official Jife. But in, China, the competitive examination ends with;- tho admission.; beyond that step promo-| tion must come through otLcr methods.j III Hung Chang secured the- right of admission to office through his assiduous, application to study, and every sue-. ceeding step in his upward career bW b«en -attained by his own genius and capacity." " Two Women. Mrs. Minks (with an ill-concealod air of triumph)—Mrs. Winks, I feel it my duty to tell you that your husband tried to flirt with me to day. Mrs. Winks'(with a. well-si'miilasted air of truth, although' she vrfas lying)— Yes, my dear, I tofcl him to do it, so your iusband would take warning and treat you better.-^-N. Y. Weekly. north. Nothing-but the liphls'ai-eseen. No I.!: i u,cr is lu;;ii'<] biil-ai) oeens.niifi! murmur of voi'ce-s anrl silvery laiighler. Sue!i is Jiivei-side drive;;i)',: i- jiiyh; lins fnlleu. But -.1 short while i:efore, when the twilight v.-us dijopenir.^, each li.eht revcaJed « fig-ure—a-huniar. ant—sealed upon a wheel tind riding- swiftly, it almost seemed to tin.- hro-.v of the hill, there todisappea-ras though lie liad gone down. One alter anotho-r, all Keeniing'ly bent on his own destruction, weint the same way. Still earlier, when the sun was rosy in the wesf, the figures appearcil distinctly. Then .the gnrments of the ndi'rs ^•,•ere discernible, nnd one inig-ht admire what the Knickerbocker girl a-wheel is Linen suits there are a plenty. In fnct, little else is won:. The suits have skirts of ankle length, with, knickerbockers of the skirt material bene.ith, and a bolero, or skirted basque, over, a shirtwaist. This shirt wai.st is pink for the most-part, although a wise girl, who knows how her face flushes from rid' :ig, will wear a Scotch plaid with considerable blue or -green. The plaid waists ere being- worn more lind more as the season uOvnnees. Few stiff collars are. worn on the wheel. They soon lose their stiffness, and are not to be compared to the ribbon stock. But it is not so much what you wear as how 3-011 wear it. Let every girl who rides a wheel loolc well to her' tikirt.^ Let it be short in the back ra.ther -than long. There is nothing more ungainly than a female rider whose skirt is short in frottt, and dragging almost to the 1 ground in the back. She doesn't need length in the. back. Another important point for a fair cyclist to remember is that she must stand and sit gracefully. Cycling, unfortunately, does make women, mannish. ' : I hate, as a lover of^tbe wheel, to say BO, but the tendency to stand nnd act / / Another <Mi:mning collet is entia-ciy Of plaiting of Ijlar.'i :;.i!«i iv-fiite chlfi'o-i:. with stoli!-lilfe I'nils of blank Katin ftill- iup 1 2<nio.M ui thu fed. One liws clnboraiu is of jilaited bhieU ftoiis-si-liiiL 1 i!e soiu, partly concealed by tubs of white satin. These tabs are embroidered in je(.s and brilliiUits. A heavy ruche of the mou&sclinc finishes the neck in a mast entrancing manner. , Trimmed skirts have reiuUnduccc the Spanish flounce, that most g-racefuJ, ol all trimmings. It is now on a rather scant skirt, and easily solves the difficulty of how to secure width at the bottom with little fullness at the top. The Spanish flounce should begin at. 1 the back about four inches from tin- belt, and. from thence gradually nar-' row until it does not extend above the knee in front. It may be finished with a plain band of embroidery, but the, newest thing is a ruche, vary fully plaited. A slight variation from Hie- Spanish flounce leaves the front width entirely plain. Tho / flounce is started at the side seams, gradually increasing in width toward the back, but not 10 any great extent, llosettes of ribbon, at regular intervals, finish the top. Worn with (his skirt is a tighit-iittinj; bodice of lace, finished about the decol- letagc neck with similar rosettes. English mists nre credited wit.h^ the fine complexions of the girls of that country. There Is nothing 1 ' like rain and mists to beautify Ihc complexion, and our girls are devising- all sorts of eeilicmcs by which they can take loaig walks in rainy weather. Yet they want to keep the hair in curl and their garments dry. . One bright girl has hit upon the following; She wears knickerbockers of waterproof material, willh. leggings of the sonic; a short skirt, and over nil a long cloak of lioavy cloth. This is made like the old-fashioned ulster, with strapped scums. . It huso. full cape full- ing to the hips, with two perpendicular sloshes in front iihrough .which the hands may be put, to give them the benefit of the ram. 'Otherwise this cape The COAST LINE to MACKINAC TAKE THE-«-•{-— TO DAVID R. FRANCIS. followlns year was ohosr-n president. He lias beer, a life-lone democrat, and In 1SS4 was a delegate to' the convention that nominated Mr. Cleveland for president. The following year he was elected mayor of St. Louis by 1,400 majority, overcoming a former republican majority of 14,000. In 1SS8 he was elected Rovcrnor ol Missouri by ore of the heaviest majorities ever achieved by his part3- In Missouri. Prior to the Chicago convention of this year he was prominent in the ranks of the "sound money "faction, and took o. lead- Ing part in the effort to beat back tho rising tide of silver agitation. In 1S73 Mr. Francis was wedded to Miss Jenny Perry, of St. Louis, daughter of John D.- Perry, president of the Laclede national banlt. Six toys were born of this union.] MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO 1 New Steel Passenger Steamers ThcOre«<crt Perfection yet attained In Boat Construction-- Luxurious Equipment, Artistic Hnrnishinjr, Decoration and Elficlcnt Service, insuring the highest dcjfree of COriFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. tarn TBIPS PCB WEEK BETWECN Toledo, Detroit ^Mackinac PETOSKi^.v, ''THE soo," MARQUETTE, AND DULUTH. LOW RATES to Picturesque Maritime *nd Return. Including Heal5 and Bert hi. prom Cleveland, JiS;from Tolcd*, $15; from Detroit, Gat* KxploKioii In a Mine. Princeton, Ind., AUJJ. 25.—A gas explosion occurred at the Maul coal jnint at six- o'clock Tuesday morning- just as the men were chnuglng tricks. All had reached the top but two when the explosion took phice. It was nine o'clock before the bottom of the shaft could be reached by the rescuers. Frank Curbie, oi Belleville, 111., wns finally reached and brought to the top. He is badly burned and otherwise injured, diaries Gasimcr has not yet been found, and it is nlinost certain that he is dead. Roller Mill and Warehouse Bnrntd." T Woseca, Minn., Aug. 25.—The roller mill and warehouse dwned by Everett, Aughenbaugh & Co., burned Tuesday morning 1 at four o'clock; loss, $75,000; insured for one-half. The mill will be rebuilt soon. This is the third fire within a week, and it is supposed to be the work of tramps. EVERY EVENING Between Detroit sad Cleveland Connecting at Cleveland with Earliest Train» for all poiuts E3:;t, South and Southwest and at Detroit for 1 11 points North and Northwest. Sundiy Tripe Junt, July, August «nd September Onlf. EVERY DAY BETWEEN Cleveland, Put-in-Bay & Toledo Send for Illustrated Pamphlet. Address A. A. SCHANTZ, a. r. »., DITKOIT, MICH. Be Detroit and Cleveland Steam lav. Co. Oi:e-H*LF SIZE OF BOX. POZZONl'S 'COMPLEXION POWDER! I has been tho fttandard for forty J-o.irs and ' . Is more porulM- to-da^ than ever before. POZZOJVI'S J Is lite Ideal complexion powder—bonutifyl, rcftcsLlns, clcnnly, b:nlthfnl acd hormless. . I A a«:ioat«, Invfelblo protection to ibo lace. | , Wt;b erory- box of 11>ZZO> rS umnft I atttevnt SoovIlT/* COI.D PL'VF I . BOX in Kin-en tree of ctaurgf. 1 AT BEUGGISTS *HD FANCY-STOKES.' RAIM COAT. as a maa would only be resisted, a woman need lose none of her grace. Here is a picture. A young girli with linen suit, stanxls at the curb. Sho •vvitih. arms akimbo, \vitli her head and shoulders thrown badvhcr feet opart, her skirt several Inches too short in front,, several too toug in tli'c back. ' ' , Let every cyclist beware of fulling into the same error. It is a pretty idea to have a '.very smart mantle or cape to wear oecasion- aJly, Such a wrap brightens up th'o plajnest of costumes and by its use, one's appearance may be made very elc- gniit indeed. • . The ne\v capes are largely of mousse- line de soie, falling iixflounces about the ca.pe material, or used in 'some other equally effective manner. too, add' to t.heir appearance, them '"sparkle in the most approved" fashion. ' ' -.," A. very fetcliing design is of. ruby THE MARKETS. Grain, ProTi»lons, Ktc. Chicago, Aug. 55. FLOUR—Quiet and steady. Quotations ranged as follows: Winter-Patents. $3.-10(3 360; strolffths,. $2.SO@3.20; Clears,. J2.OOffK.GO; seconds, W.805?2.00: low grades, 51.7S@2.00. .73; straifrhts, $2." Manhood Restored. ---- A SMAET MANTEL.; is tig-htly closed—closely buttoned down the fron.t, and high upstanding around the n/eck, that no dampness may creep in. The prettiest part of all is the pointed hood. It stands above the head in a peak, entirely covering, but not crushing her tresses, and is gathered a.bout the f.-ice in p. becoming ruche. No prettier rainy day costume could be devised. She need fear no wind, for she carries no umbrella-; und the rain falls but on her face and hands, making them white as snow a.nd rosy red.. THE LATEST. —. .. 553 Mi'bakers 1 , S2.10fi):.25; low gr.v'es, SI. 60® 175- R.>d Dop. $1.20@1.40: Hyc, J2.00lff2.20. . WHKAT— Unsettled with prood trarilnpr. SeptomlJer, MJiW"*?: December, . COK2 Cl'ic. . . . . COR^— -Werik ami demomlizeil. No. 2, 2iy 4 (fi>!2')4c: Xo. 2 Yellow, SlViirafcc : September, -21 ',4@22VLc: Dooember, 2;;v 4 (f!;2,"5i,c: May, SGffjVrftic. • OATS— Fair ' IMfllns- and lower. Xo. J cash, I0y-W<17c: ScpU-mber. 3C:?10';sc; May, 19@U%C. "Samples lower. Xo Grade, S@13o; Xo 3, IL'ifflSc; No. 3 V/hite, ICJJIOc; Xo. 2, I7@17'/ic; Xo. 2 White, JS',4<fi>20VjC. RYE— Very steady a:id In fair dc-niand. No. 2 casl). 'siVjc. Rojeoted, 2SSi:2S%c: September delivery, 3!c, ru-.d December 33c. BARLEY— Thoro was an .easy market with old JJarlcy, 205J23C for thin, to 25©33c for malting- liplit wclyht to choice. Xew Barley -easy, 17ffi2ie for poor\damaged to f.-dr goods. ^ \ MESS PORK— Market fali-Ij- active and prices easier. Quotations ranged at !3.C5(3 675 for cash; $o,G54i>;i.S2Vi for September; $5.72yj@5.SO for October, and ?S.Sr«@5.97'/j for January. LARD— Trading moderate, and prices uteady. \ Quotations ransed at $3.-10®3.42'.-5 for cash; }3,37%fi3.-!0 for September: J3.45Q 2,4754 for October, and J3.77!4@3.SO . for January. BUTTER— Market llrm at niSlOVic for creameries and lK5>Hc for dairies. LIVE POULTRY— Quiet. .. Turkeys. SS 30c; Chickens, 7^8!^; Ducks, 8@0%c per pound;. Geese, per dozen, JS.OOtrrc.W. WHISKEY— Steady on the basis of $1.2! for " XKRVITAX, the Roman t*e to cure ail Nctr- OUfl DlRCnJ-"-. *-UCh BM WcakJaoni»rj*,LossoI Brain. Pov'cr, H«ad- »cliC t TiVjikcfuineM, Lout Manhood, NerT- f>unncx*, A tj-ophy, Kmitwions, VnrleoccI*. the OcncrMtvo Organs, ->«B3e<l hy oTcr-c.Ncrtioi, Touttral.inJiacrcUonii.or woexcesslTeuscot lobiu<- 50. opium, or BtlmulanM, wlilch «ltlm«t.-ly )<jad to Inhrroll .......... -~'-~ ..... --- piiln inwloru. Afldresi. K«V«.;. CIIKM1CAl>Ctf, ritkOBrororfc. S. *., KSDHrton Su. CHIU(iO,ILI. B. 1 ; . K—ilinc, LOGANSPORT. INJJ. to Aid Cretans. Leghorn, Aug. 25.—A party of 12p Italians sailed from this port Tuesday .to assist the Christiana in the island ol Crete, against the Turks. Smaller contingents of Cretan sympathizers axe also leaving other Italian ports to Join the insurgents. ' Scltun Reported Dead. Washington, Aug. 25.—The state department has received the following cablegram from Consul Mohun at Zanzibar, dated August 25: ' •• • • "Sultan died 11 o'clock Tuesday morning. Said Alld holds palace. Sailors and marines landed. Rioting, to-night, feared" New York, Aug. 25. FLOUK-Quiet, steady. WHEAT— No. 2 steady; moderately active. September, 04 g-lCifMS'ic : October, November; C7(f()C7%c; December, c; May. 71%@71%e. ' CORN— Xo. 2 more active, M&^a louver, September, 27%@27%c: October, 2S%@29Viic; No. 2, 2S%@299ic; December, 29 J3-lG@30c; May, 32@32%c.-, OATS— No. 2. dull, easier. State, 21S30C; Western, 2l<iJ30c; September, 21Uc asked. BEEF— Firm: Extra • Mess, t«.M@7.00; Family. JS.OOfijiS.OO. PORK— Steady, quiet. Mess Xew, $7.75® £.25. ' • LARD— Quiet. Steam Rendered, J3.SO. BUTTER-rCholce, firm. Western Dairy, 9®12c;' Western Creamery, 13@lG'.Ac: do. Factory, "ViCMlc; Elglns, IG&c; Imitation Creamery, 10i|iil2Hc. CHEESE— Quiet. Part Skim, 2@Cc. EGGS— Moderate' demand. Western, 12Jj ' A COOP IN VESTMENT. CERTIFICATES. iodtn denominations of ••. 950., $100., $250., $500., $1,000. The intcrtst is guaranteed for S years. They net the purchaser Spcrct. per annum. . Tlie interest >s from earnings. The coupons aro payable semi-annnttlly. They are similai to Collateral Trust Bonds. Tho principal is rapidly enhancing in valuo. Theyarea safeiavesttneat. Vor particulars address: OSBOltXi: WPK-tlXE SYSTEM, _ • Manhattan Building, Chicago, I1UF CHICAGO MUSICAL COLLEGE Central MutioHall, Chlctjo, Or. F. Zlsjleld, P«». JIlrtTenr beiln. Sppt.7,18»«. Ackniiwlcdatd the PnrcmoM. IntKHttion o' Amtnca. Cuexcellcd 1 aclliucs lor a iborougl) course la MUSIC and DRAMATIC ART, Co«plrl« UUlog ronUiliilMt Jla»l«l Jffaf* Fomi ml-A-M Applicallons for the free and partial scHOlmhlpr will be received to Aueust ll)ib. After Thirty Years'Experience ' Live Stock. ' ' . Chicapo. Au^. 25. CATTLE— Market steady. Fair to Best Beeves; $3.JO(£-f.<i5;. Stockers and Feeders, IJ 4003. 75; Mixed Cow.-; 'and Bulls, $1.30® " • . 3.S5;. Texas," J2:-iOSl3.35. HOGS— Market --------- higher; 52.65® 6S.60. Brainand Nerve Tonic ou earth for all woalcouod. conditions TOpraMlcss or cause. Medicines scut tor fall mootb's treatment for one dollar postpaid, or undress for particular* AS. JOHNSON, M. D., BATTLE CKEBK, 3UCU. L. Kittinjjer, a leauici; physician of \v ilmington, Del., asked the proprietor of JBrazUian Balm to send him a dollar bottle. A few weeks afterwards the doctor said: "I had a couple of cases of old Cough on hand' that completely baffled me. I hid (jot to the end of my •tring. But the Balm made a pronjit cure in both cases. It is a .remarkable remedy." •••'•'' Typhoid and Scarlet Fever. Taken in time Braiilian Balm pr tivphoid or scsriet fever. Also makw these diseases very'light and aJvayi prevents deaf ness: and. throat trouble*, which scarlet fever and measles »o ofta, leave behind. Always keep on band.

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