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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Tuesday, March 29, 1927
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No. 133. [4 'Dr.;.Mi!KeeverrTold of Interesting Work.With VjDeyelopnijent of tlhe • ^ ^-Snb-Conscious ' -Mind.' "v-^e largest audience of the Cur- .reat Topics season listened with ^<^l«e,r. attenUon last night to the '^'atbof.of a dozen -lxxikB. thej speakj- cr ot- Jf thousand lecture plj^tforms jiind Oie teachelr of classes-. Ihrniigh 'man; =year* in twti of thej Si ate's greit'educaUonal InstituUoiis. Dr. •WTlliath A. iTSJckeevcr- ot • Topeka ' was the BiJGaker and he followed u' l^ne^ifrikty: different from any previous guest of the Guj-renf Topics C{ub In discussing f'Thd SubrConseiou? Mind." Dr. MiKeev- cr does aVt' claim by any means to have made |ai new discovery, or to 'tie ^thei founder of a new relijgiqn, 'or th6 exponent of a new cult or anything at all out of the ordinary: He'sliiipiy reports results aiboni- iPlUhed through rcaclilng the suM- ;(^iiseloU8| mind which he biillevcs is: tlip rfeally crcativo niindi liy .;in #aris ol a proper Approach tliroiiKh tbe conpcioiiK ^inil, iind' he KRVU 'ndmet-ous! Intcr^stinR 'illuHtraUnim. Jrtiim sills actual' cxperlouce of. ih'^e Results Ahat iban be- thus uccom- pllshed. - i I v "Dr. McKeevef Is-certain tliat :i .'gi-eatvioany >,of the ^leranBcniciUs (Whicb^ appear In later life, either .morai,' mehta) or physical, nrci dub to ImpnessionB made upon the plasr tic slili-cpnscibus miiid of cihlld?- bood.: He totd the story of one o'f .'his' patients, b woman who at teu years of iage had seen her a'slet* mtrrdered by .her brother-inHaw-t At'-thlrty-six'years ' of age this j woman was in the insaue hoHpital pursued by the hallucination that her relative were' always on her trail .seeking to take her life. It •w;^ tlje deep gash made'upon the limpr&sioiuibic sub-conscious mind of a. young child by the'sight of a fiorrible deed that twenty-fivo' •iiears later upset her mental j balance.' By means of mental suKgeK- iJon ;.and appropriate ' emotional treatments this patient wai com- 'pletely restored to normal nental health. 'Dr. ^cKeever related a i umhor ^pf similar instances.! reported I suc- to'ciirilOg!cigarette an( ^co- liol. habits^ through mental thura- _ peutlcs" and • eVen the , sue r^ssful ' treattient^of moral delinqminjcy,— all ^ynmeani of redphinig tn rough the, active mind the 8UIH:OI scions ; inteliigenbe. ; The degree of interest aw lUcned ^xy Dr. McKerfver's address w is evi- den^ed'by tlje numerous qucftions tl{it were addressed: to him. ulion his Invitation at its tilose, aridf by iHe way lb which atteif; the mcieting was\BdJo4rned little groups of men leathered' ltd discuss amonji theni- selveff soroei-phasp of' th? subject "Wtich had been undfcr disltussion. ' . It was announced ^batthespcak- tr next Monday cveRinj; Would be tlr. p. E. yarncll of Sey York who would talklahout his cxt>cricnccK and oljB'crvallons in-the Orient, and that this wotjld probably bt' the laiit meeting of the season. The Weekly BefelJitt^.: Bi«Ubll TJie tol^ .DitHy ^teg<»t<g^. KgUibjIuhr - Upn. 8mprdley D.i Bntleri of the IJnJted SlatcH iibirineK lias Mrrhed in Shaiighiil to {tiike cnmraand of the imrrlrnn iorces In Chlnii. Here Iw Is plrtarrd us he Niopped ul liottolalu <*n mule and was deronit.ed with Iris a .Ilai^ni- Ian lukfn of re>j»p«-». ' REPORT AHACK I «HO.S. PLANE 1!fie Liberals in Nicaragu^ • Oi>enFireButNo J Qhc Was ftiirt. Washington, Mar. 29. (AP)—An attack-by Liberals on an American mkrlne corps, airplane, was reported; to the navy department. today by I Rear Admiral. Latimer, com- mandiag forces In Nicaragua. .' Jbe .admiral: said a force estimated at-200 men opened fire yesterday with'rifles and machine guns 'i&n ! an airplane piloted by Captain H. D. Campbell, who.: with Lientenaiit F. H. Lamson-Scribner, as ofaserver,-Vas making an air TeconQaissance about nine miles east of. Leon. Pari of the tail oL the plane was! shot away but; neitttenotfitiei: was injured. At the! time of the attack tlic plane >ras frying at an altitude, of .ab;o>nt 11,500 ! feet. It was struck^ it«eJTO>Hlme9 by'bullets". Lieut^n- .;aatLunson>Scrlbner} returned the flrd^vithiihisTi machine gt^n. ,N'o estimate as tcj the casualties suffered on the ground was cohtaijied In the .report V / 1 Ca]»tain Campbell was appointed to tfaei;;m|arinelcorp0 in 1917 from 'Vermont Li^utensiit Lam'son- 9^-ibner, wat ^m,in Washington, "Y"MENTALK TO_STUDENTS Representatives of State YM.C. A! Spoke to ;Hi-Y Mteting. Mawld Colvin, It. V.; iMlworlliy, and if Vf. Boltz. all «r the stale Y. 51. ^C. .A., are in Ibia today. Meetings; have l)ei'ii licUl lor the different; "Y" groups in tlio schools. . . I ' Mr. Coivin is slate student secretary for the ••Y" and deals es- j/.^cally ftith college boy.s.. .Mr. •kdworthy' is state Hi-Y secretary and deals; almost entirely IOLA.KAN., TUESDAY EVEN^d,NMARCH 26, COAL STRIiCE COMPROillSE Ohip Miners! Prepare fIB- General Shntdo^n of AH Coal JMihes ion •[ ! Thursday H Night. ,' Chtrapo, Man 2». (AP)—KIre Miller, president of the nfl- uolx Coal Operators* Ixsocbi' lion announced today that every ianre coal mine in- DM- nuis will be closed at mfdnlglit Thursday with orders not to ojten nnlll 7S^VM) nnlon miopr.1 n^-ept .the term$ of. the operators nellairc. Ohio. .March 29. (AIM — Ohio iiiinersi prepared today for a general shuH down pf ail coal 'inlne.siu the stale ut tlie expiration of the Jacksortviile. wage agreement Thursday' night. ^ • In this section .the richest coal mining region in Oikio. approxic nialely l.MOO cutters expected to be out of work today. Gftfli having left llicir jolis yesterday when operators ;issi 'hed no iunre coat need be cui ill llje' aljsenco of a wage agreement, j AlHuit in,n (K» miners "th the eastern Oliio district, which produces t wo-tliir (Is .(ii:f pliio's'cual.'. have two liays lefi in wjilcli to dear the minis and prepare them ifor abari- dciiiiiieiii until a new .wage scale Is agreeil u|)on. Tiioy will follow the' ciitieis Thursday. No indication of a «'itinpf <>:iiiKe js apparent. Pauien Sigifs Bill Six Days After Adjournment boys in the highj lor highs.; 'Mr. Willi achools_ and "jun- JBpltz has charge [ Toi>eka. March 29. (AP)—Another -bill passed by the 1927 ICaii- $a!< legislature iwas signed today by fjdvernor Paulen. six days after the session adjourned sine die. l?HsSeil during the rush of the closing (layA of the.session, the bill was "pigeonholed", only to be found aft- •••f linai adjournment. Since it is neces.sary fbr the gov- pf the work fol- ybuhgeS" boys, which wotk includes both Pioneer ami Frietuliy Indian groups As todfty was the day for the regular I^i-Y meeting at the senior high si;liool, Mr. Kdwortliy gavd a ta,lk t6 the boys after Irwin; Christy Iiad sung a soio. Mr. Ed wort ly's talk dealt with what Hi^Y sliou d m^tan to the boys who arc in it. Hj> told of what it hati meaiit toyother Iniys and how it had effected ^tlieir. entire lives and cited; casGb o'f hnyslwho hud been in lola sjsvcral yt^rs ago. He told |of tl\e way it should effect a Iwy's grajle.s. One of tho main ^oiniis which ho stressed in his ^Ik was J whether the boys were ryihg lo:lead n "purposeful" life;le aske'C how many of the Iw>ys irosent' were seniors ' and ' how inany of jthcni Intended to go on to college after leaving lilgl Hcliool. Tlie percentageH' of hoys respondiuK in ,»lie affirniativo in IMUJI . instSnces was very higll. Me showed ;lii)w if was necessary nol only, to clioose your college but also-to i^i'eparo for that colleg* and for your life woric by taiting the riglit-courses. Ho mentioned the sessions to be held at Camp Wood this summer and suggested that l>oyS| who found it possible should eojno because it was one of t4 )e beift places to anflle pr^b Jems on jjittendln'g eollege qnc • choosing k life work because then will be 4o many men there jus for that inirpose this year i -rnor to acl on a adjournment, tli will lie asked 1< ily ol' the liica»il The l)ill by Set rations in giviil |II bills bpforc final e supreme court rule on the valid- ator Van De Mark. of Concordia, win id permit corpo- g . mortgages, to .waive ;ilic 18. nvontliK redemption now, gTiarniileed. I )y statute on all real estate iiiortgagcs ' issued in Kan.s<is. . • h loia Orchestra Will I Give a Free Concert 4 V. Roberts makes I the = an- .nui ncemenl that the lola Sym- 1 phi tiy Orchestra will give a municipal concert next i^iinday afCfer- ncKiii at :! o'clock in .Mepibrial hall. Oilier concerts will follow and ihey are given as a preliminary to Lhe'band concerts In tne parR which Direcjtor Roberts and'his I'band haw made so popular. There will bo no admission to these concerts. The piogram is to bo a; mixed one and wlU be published later. ^1 ^^iNew Series !^:^Parties at;C. Club A: new isf ries of Country club • parQnjlo pxtend throtigh the next , ten :tiionthB: at least was announced tod«)i(->Kiqeorge Stadler, c^»alrmi n of the social committee of t le Cotil^try qjiib. The parties will o:- cvmboauince-a moathland will be ot-thefsame |B«neyal character ts tbosel^hicn-have made the selas m ;.^igMbe &{iEd1< which Just came to a X«»i5iuto &-*ard8. dancing aid, deserter. all in the! 6aiJie parties will le April .1, and, tho le. should call-Ml si THE WEATHER ^ ^'OUKt-AST FOK K.\NSAS Troliably !>li«wrrs loiiight and >^ed nesday; i^'oderale tem|teni(nrp. Teiujieriilai^e—Highest yestenlay ,")9 at 3 p< in.; lowest last night 4i at 7 a. ni.; nprinal for today. .50; 'ex cess yesterday 2; excess since Jan uary 1st. ^0 degrees; this dAte las year—highest 40; lowest 26. I'recipitinioh for the" 24 hoii en forf this yi'ar-to date 5.15.; dcficidn iling at; 7.a. I in. toii'ay .47; to sin< e January 1st, .42 inch, ^{clai iv^fliuhiidity at 12 nobit ;tercuy'42 per cent; 7^ a. ni. i ^• 91 per cent; bai-onieter icdui: t(j isea level 30.1.1 inches. •Sun ri^fes 6:;12 a. m.; sets fi: p. m; •-,']• I Arkansif,s Ctty. heavy rain, roadi muddy; doudy over state; Wiclii- ta. Satinai Pittsburg. ! Coffeyville roids Jnuddy;*Topeka. Ottawa. Efn-j porta, pqoii. . TRAINS CRASH AT STERLING Two Enginemen Injured i But No Passengers Hiirt BadlyL Hutchinson. Kans., Mar. 29. (AP) Two Santa. Fo enginemen were seriously injured and several passengers brui.sed and cut by flying' glaKs whc4i a westbound Santa Fe passenger train ran,into a West- liound Missouri Pacific passenger train Just east of Sterling 22 niiles of here today. N'one of the pafesengers was injured sufficiently to be. taken to t|' liospital. tibth the Santa Fe ongineincn are i in . the Sterling lidspitai. The Santa Fe has the right of way at this crossing, according to a statement by Itical officials. Two Missouri Pacific coaches were knocked off the track by the impact and a Santa Fe coach left the rails. '. G. A' Walker, Santa Fe fireman from Newton was tht only person -seriously hurt in the collision. His back is injured and he may be hurt internally. R. W. Borthick, also of jXewton. engineer, juinped and escaped with severe cuts and bruises: j Tho .Missouri- Palcific train was a special, carrying members of a theatrical troupe bound for -Sa- iina. Deserter With tjrtistialRecord Sojourns ht Bdssett Jail But WinallylsG A rathOr unusual army record was disclAsed yesterday wh< n Mar shal Frederickson of Bass^tt re ceived anlwers to telegrams he had sent ttie. War Department cijucern- Ing the -persoa of Char es Ray Steel whom he was hojdiig as a It seems that tijts iinubual in-{ dividual toliHlted 1 State; MlHtia in 1*04: w^s discharged, then) enlisted In 1917 in tie Medical Corps at Poii'tland Thurada:!^ nocm :i |Orcg«|n. npder the name of Fred R ven His Freedom Roberts, was discharged, enlisted in 1918 in the U. jS. Infantry at Boston pnder the name ot. Frank Polesk. was discharged and then enlisted again in 1920 in thrU. S. Marines at Springfield. III., under the name of Georg^ A, Myer. He deserted the Marines June 13, 19221 A statute of Ilmititions,;however, operates to make It impnctlpable for a deserter to be'tri^il hy court martial after a given {length of time: so Frederickson w^s instmct- ed to release him. He did so yesterday evening. 1927. Fear of Mistreatment by! Kidnapers Caiises 1 i Ageiits hin Okiahomi to Speed the S^rch For the 20-YeiBr-Ol<f Creek Girl :' Muskogee, Okla.. Mar. 29. (AP)— Fears o^ mistreatment by Kidnapers' today caused Oklahoma Indian agents to speed a search of isolated places fop Millie- Naharkey, 20 year old Crfiek heiress, wlio 'flis- appeared from her home, here home h>!re Saturday. i >. Although authorities I hati but I.ttle information on Which tOi base their search, they oeiieved h.>r abduction may be linked with an attempt t^ gain control of her fortune five years ago. when she wai taken from her home at Red Fork to the Roaring River country of Mlssohri. T. \.'Roach and bis wife, with whom she lived since her abduction in 1922, told officers she left with a young man driving an automobile bearing a • Kansas li- dense. The girl introduced the youth as a friend site met while visiting-Mrs,'Roach's sister at Oswego, Kansas. Sh(> said they were going to a motion picture show. here. Tho pair was traced to a farm house near Tulsa where they stop^ed a short time Sunday. The trail ended there .and ofhcers through* out northern'Oklahoma and south- t rn Kansas and; Missouri joined in the hunt - When she was d ^^over^d ing dishes in a Kiisas (Ity cafe in 1922. «he told of a tetnp k\ot her abductors to obtaii ja par;^ot her inberiUnce valued i WiQ OOO. She laid her kidnapers -iinled idice to determine who woq d strikp her or otherwise .mistreat her. f v. On her return lere st^rifonnd her estate Involve | in '1 itigation which her friends i liege i rew out of concessions she [made while a prisoner on Roarin ]. Wver. Federal anthoriti b also expended an investigation of her connection with two case ^' chars ins two Tulsa men with-giv ng llqu jr to an Indian and of vio ation of the Mann act. The me i were convicted on the liquor c large ai a trial at which she aipptared a: a star fitness.' ' • • T ; • ! ' An appeal Is pen ling on tho liquor verdict, while be seco id^case, in which she is listed isichief prosecution, witnes i bad i ot; been called. • V. !" . . During litigatl0( to ; ix; the .status of her estal e, she i left virttially without f inds as her income was derivot entirely <rom property left by hir[parertls Her government headri tht failed to pro<luce sufficient 'eVenue to siip- port her. • ^ T AMERICANS ARE BEINGREMOm BEINDEn Americans Lieft in Han^ kow Last Sunday Only Numbered 139. Shanghai. China. -Mar.. 29. (AP) — Removal ot American citizens from that section of central China held by the Nationalists now has been extended to the.districts threatened by the Nationalist advance. Refugees arc mi^ving out of south Shantung. Anhwei, and southern Ilonan provinces. The steamer Suiwo, withi a" Bor- m:ilt capacity of only 23 first class piiHScngcrs, arrived from Hankow today with 285 refugees; all but one of' whom are Americans. " The Atnericahs remaining in Hankow on Sunday, the refugees report, numbered 139. Of these 46 were missionaries and members of their families. Of the entire 139, tliere^erc 30 women and 17 chil-. dren. j Between Thursday aii/lr Sunday 350 Ajbericans left Hankow, most of them coming from the interior. Those ^remaining will bo evacuated ^s sodn as possible, ^hc sltua- iion there is described as disturb- ng. with communist labor elements n controh / . ' Consul .lohn. K. Davis and Vice Cons'tl J. Ilall Paxton are the only Americans remaining at Nanking. They are safe aboard Rear Admiral Hough's fl3g ship, .the Isabel. U. S. FORC [ndian is ro Will NotlMer^e With the Forces of tlie Other Great Ptf^vep. Washington. Mar< h 29. Aniuricun fdrccs In (|:iilria be merged with thfj forces er great poWers President Coolldd9 |consi(i United. States has its owii mander in the field iishment under j \ that independence (f action] part . ot ,the Am Tican groups can be niaii itiiined. theless. the preside ijl feels American forccli with the troops of: especially «lnce retorts hate ;indi- ie«^ are foreign arly at ises the Lathrom Js Discharged In School Theft C^se (I^conard Lathron, janitor and night watchman af the high school building, who was brought before Justice Lamer last Saturday on the charge cit having been implicated in' the recent robbery. of the safe ih the Superintendent's office, was discharged, the Ju.^tice being of the opinion that there was no evidence to warrant belief that he' was in any way connected with the crime. The robbery still remains a mystery, tlierefore, the officer^ having been unable to pick up a clue they thought worth following. .. SUES tOR LARGE SUM . • ___ i $1190,000' Asked Aiy Hofman Who tells of the AttemiMt on His Life. Bartlcsyllie, Okld., Mar. 29. (AP) —The slory of ai^ alleged attempt on the life'of John'Hofman, Washington county.tarraer^ by a mob of, about thirty Kahiias and Oklahoma peace officers eirly in Februsfry was told for :the first tima today in a suit for,1100 ,01 )0 damages filed in district coUrt on behalf of Mr. ilofman, by'diis attorney, W. B. Allen. The defendants named in the suit are all of the officers whose names are known at this time. The names of others will be added, it said,, in an amended petition to be tiled later. j The petition !says that more than a set re of bullets pierced the shack in 'Which Hofman live'^.and that be was wounded. He S&. not return the fire and the officers hroke into his home withotit a search -warrant and searched the place, the petition relates. . An excuse given iaten by some officers who participated was that Bill Armstrong had told .them that Matthew Klmes, Oklahoma outlaw, -was hiding in the house. Hof- m»n, who is a bachelor llying alone, »lso says.that after he walked out ot the house with his hands in the air serettil shoU were fi^ at him. cated that American jrefug scattered ,throughoi ;t[ the concessionary area particuj Shanghai. Inl case an emeriieiicy ari president uuderst ntis thkt the French concession, in particular. Is compact enough t i /lend it-seif Ic the best defensp, b it the American ocer in chief coinii and woujid have iiscrction to act I pon ' hii independent Judgment pfiwhat the rc quirements. were. Japs Won't U^e Fbrie In Chinele Situation Tokyo, Mar. 29. AP)— T|IC Japanese cabinet at a mcetin,; today is understood to hnvc.bcen ordered to refrain from using f >rce in China but to cndea ror to si ci^rc a peaceful solution by dip oiiiatic means. The Japanese Peking will be instructed hccord- ingly. (AP)- jvill not of oth- Icrs the com- wilh a)i estab- sl direc ion. so on the ^lilitary Never- hal thfe will cojoperate other Su<x«>!wor to The lola Dan: BY THE U. S. Needed, HejSayfe, ii^ Order To Prevent R^urrence Of Naiikin|| Oikt- rages Ower AP) — . Nah- mem- Peking, Mar. 29. ' f Alarmed by the events a king, all the American hers ot the staff olT the ^eklng Union medical coli^e have decided, to leave for home im' filed lately. were .at first and Union Meeting of the liocomotivt! Engineers A meeting of thejL<ocomottvc Engineers Union, which will interest some lola people, i: to be hel i Apri' 5 and 6 at'the Hotel President in Kansas City. All engineei s and firemen are eligible to attend and ate requested to b ring thel • families. A program 6f cntcrttjinment has been provided. Washington, .Marclij 29. UAP>— Rccdiumendations fori stroiig action to' prevent- recurrence of be Nan­ king outrages at other twints in Nationalist controliled territory were! contained in a | mes: age' forwarded to the state department today by Minister MacMurraly at Peking! 1. Wliile the message whjcij reached, .Mac.Murray from .Nankingt' did n<rt bear tlie signature of Jlhe seiuler as received here. departmcnt| ofllciais believed it probably was signed by Consul J. K. Davis, who T-is still aboard a warship at,Nanking. The cablegram, dared Marcli 27 was accompanied liy a rettort from Rear Admiral Hniigh. con niandinf} the VimgtRO river patrol, wliicli said the situation at Wiihi , up the river from .Nanking, was growing more critical. "Hp reports that trouble is beJng stirred up and may he expected at any moment." the <lepartnu'nl'.s an- nonn|:einent sai<l. i j Minister MacMurray sai^i that a iiiesis^ge to him from, .Vanjking reported that -outrages; Ihcrp "^•<^rc even more riotous ihan wa reaHzed." Examination of depositir verba'l statements by Aniericans iiad broduced evidence of two knowii cases of atteinptedf attacks on American women and there were other! cases ."only slightly jess! serious in character," it was aidded. "Tlie messagestates that' the campaign of terrorism and insult to foreigners is not only loflicially, countenanced and direct^ed, but even \ pre-arranged,"* the state department .annbuucement sjiid. "Tile incident at Nanking could hardly have been more outrageous. The worst incidents j would have been greatly multiplied but for the kjo^Q,^ I timely bombardment. | j '"Suggestion is made in this message 'of the immedi^tfe -withdrawal of all Americans in Natioalist territory and the u'ndertaking uf some action sufRcIentiy strong ito defer the perpetration of similar incidents, elsewhere." ] Agitation in the native city of Shanghai and Chapei/conllniied today, tiut quiet prevailed within the international settlement and tho French concession area, the navy depai^tment was advised in a brief reporb from Admiral iWilliams. Several attempts (o enter the concessions were made by Chinese individuals and small mobs, tho admiral said, but these were repulsed without difficulty: by the 1/border sentries and patrols. . -.t The destroyer Wm/ B. Presto^ h^s l)Mn'ordered to leave Shanghai toAorrow for Chefob in response to a request received from , the Ameriqan consul at Cliefoo. [.The destroyer PlHsliury wa.4 reported to be on, its way today up the Yangtse rivcri under orders to evacuate missionaries'at Naiitung- chowland neighboring places. SPklAL TRAINS GARRY COULDN'T BEAR INVAU)'SLIFE Lola Burdick, Woman, Takes Of n Life. Chanute,,Kans., Mar. 29. "To have to live chair is not pleasant couldn't, bear to I 33, Chanute in an ,ve aioncl" This combient was, cqnltained Ii notes pinned to the body of Lol i Burdick. 33, when it Was found in her home here t^is morning ly her sister and a .neigh >or. Mis s Burdick -had mafie! a pallet >n the floor, disconniected a rnbb«r tube from a,' ^s stove, c ivered he r head and inhaled tlie ga^ nntiL sb e died- She hiiif been confined to a wheeled chair since she was fiy< years old when her ^pihe was ii^i red by a fall. £he contrii ed to b< alone last night by urgln g her si iter to go to the home if a ne ghbor, Lola- saying she inl ended U go to a to visit 6, ireek. Predict a Surplus Of About ^00,000,000 1 : (AP)— ii ralid's ind I Washington. Ma*. ,-29. I[AP»- Choirman Mills of touse wars and means committee s ddj today March Income tax retnrnt failed- to come up to expectaflon I, but p redicts a snrp^us of |500.( 00,000 ai d that a new tax rednctl rai bill i rill be' drafted for consideration i t new congfttw. , I.,; _^Jj jifWng. 1,500 to California Where They Will Embark For China. .. Walshington, ; .Mar.' 29. (API- Nine special trains will carry the 1,500 jmarines to California, where they tare to embark for ,China to reinf(|rce American i contingents. The movement j started today with departure from Quantico ot two trains traveling via New Orleans and. the southern route. , Of four trains ; of thei .soldiers leaving Philadelphia toinorrowjif- ternojbn, two will go viajthe central western route, from iSt. Louis via the Burlington Kansas City; Missouri Pueb|p, thence via T^e D. and R^ G. The other will transfer to the St. iLouis and San [Francisco' at St. liouls, for Wichita, and the SanU Fe to' San DIegb. Other trains of the nine will ;travel via the southern route. The Itinerary calls for arrival of the troops In. San Diego April 5. . EIGHT'if^i I Is Safe jQhn K. DavLs^JnUed Sta^s cominl at Nanking, Chhia, was one {of the. score;; of Americans who were rescued by Amer can sallorH when the city wasv Hacked by Cantonese. liUTJs llnd his family were re- - IKirtet safe. BIG UBEL SUIT Sapiro Shows How Pres- •ti^c Has peclined Last Two Years Detroit, Mac. 29. CAP)-Aaron Sapiro's witness stand narrative today reached ithe. po^nt where he wished to show finaiicial damage attributed to alleg^'d articles printed in Henry F'6rd]s weeldy, the Dearliorn Independent, but a long argument by attorneys and adjournment of court) for the lunclieoh recess preve^ilted anything on it going'into the record. Sapiro admitted that Ihis fiscal records for 1916 and 1917 had been lost, but said he could (give definite figures as to gros^ and net incomo of. himself and his firm for tho years, since then, and approximate figures for the first two years. j The defense moved lb subpoena all of Sapiro's records and cor-, resplendence pertaining to them, a step to be argued later. Sapiro in testimony continued today froin yesterday, led through a life story of success In organizing coopeifativo agencies for farmers. . The aliegied decline of bii, per- j?onal prestige , and limitation of his activities because of the Dearborn Independent, articles was next iii his stoty. Mayor Joyce Is Low In Coffeyville Race ColTeyvi.lle Kuri., March 29. CAP) ;—.Mayor Joyce was eliitiinated .in the primaries yesterday'^ drawing lowest in a four-cornered race. All "four of liie present cityj commissioners placed for the run-off election loi be iieid a week from today. JJue to there being quite a "flcid" of candidates, no . one secured a majority in _:yestcrday's primaries. Harry I>ang, for 25 years a druggist in Coffeyville and an ex-captain of troop B, Coffeyville's' cavalry unit, led the iield of four can- diilates for mayor. Contending; i^ith him for election a week from today is D. I^.nritton, an accountant in a local oil operator's office. The linpopularity <?f his .police forcp and tlieir inability to.;. preserve order the night of the riot contributed to -Mayor Joyce's defeat, many think. PoIIW a Record Vote In Pittsburg Primary Pittsburg, Kaiis., Mat;. 29. (AP)— Tabulation of .-the votes cast in yestprdajr's record breaking city primary, in Pittsburg today show^ed M L.iCowdqh and IJ . M. Atkln- 'son as the opposing' nominees for mayor. Out of ja total vote of almost .5,000. Co^'den received 1.314 and Atkinson j-eceived 1,239. Six other candidates divided the rest of the votes. | V. E.'Summef.< and H. W. Pres- seur were nominated for finance commissioner; Bert Mead and C. W. Stroup, for street commissioner; J. A. Nichols and V. E. Irwin, for wafer commissioner and L. .F. Crysler and E. P. Sherman for park commissifjners. : Furniture Is\ Being Moved Nop) Into Honie Beautiful—^O^em Scheduled for Next Saturday Thci actual work of moving in the furnieblngs for the Register's Home Beautiful preparatory to llhe opening next Saturday started in eam- enf '.oday when Roy Sleepi r started hauling furniture trom hid store to the residence on Easi Ja|:kson. Alreaidy the- house -is beginning to give Just ialhint of the beailtlful appearance ^! will present -when everything is finished. The windows j have all been t washed,' the woodwork has been ! waxed, the floors have received their i last pol- the shades.haye^he^a hang:. .the curtain rods are in place to receive the di^apes,-the'linoleum is on tho kitchen floor—everything is set. I I •, • Tomorro\v* ^hc real change^ will take place when Mr. Sleeper puts down all the rugs and moves in the rest of h£s! furniture. The other cooperators Iwill begin installing their different furnisliings and by Saturday everything wilt be in readine.s^ for the grand opening. Make your i plans now to attend because another similar treat may not come for ;a Ipng .time! ad.y5,M ^Dollar a Day to Be To Service Men 1 Failed to Mak^|. Application iii.^'i^-s i,Time. -'V>"^F Topeka, Kans.i Mar. 29-- ,^ .^^ Plans were mat^ei today i ^yT^tl :state soldier^' compensa tppay the state ^1, for World; War ! veteran^ ^vice men who failed to- mak'epa^ plication in sufficient tltae^vtiDS*^*'^ ceive'compensation. E^enslbl the application 'deadline to Jw^ 132$, was authorized bjrlthe " legislature. Previously, I the line was July 1. 1925. ' No compensatioa money wt^i available until after July'-l;^^^ ernor P&ulen, chairman [ot^' board, anndnnced followingfi day's conference. / ' ' Claims for bonuses wilt hav be apted on by ;the local' i compensation boards. Ai no filed already with tbe stat»: will be returned for thisj iat.^. ^Although no definite acttbnlilnt taken, it was decided to 1 18—"^*^ proximately, $1,000,000 In; 1 pay the expected claJms..;: A .total of |29.00(J.00(K^ In:^^ 1 is outstanding. -i Two hundred claims hard r filed land are ready for. th^lTH rant!^ to be. issued. Three famii'' have been filed since July l/'^l The board- announced that; 4,500; veterans are eligible tbiYffl and receiye ^lo state bdnus^i ~* ject to the hoard's approvaL ^'4 The maximum bonus is appr ' mutely |900. - ^ | Army Radio Stationk On 24-Hour Schc Kansas City. Kans., Sfar^ (AP)-^The army radio static Fort Leavenworth. Kansas,^;^';. established a 24-honr ach 'edotf handle the increased fotuBU^ " Jicial messages from the " garding the; Chinese. Brigadier General E.-L. mandant there, sai^ herefr lip to a week ago the was operated 'on a half Official messages'froni ]t &0^ by way of Honolulu andl Cisco, are received afc | Leavenworth station and ^j to Washlngtbn. ; Brigadier General Kini^ ed the Rotary CJIub here " John Wilson to Talk At Portl&nd Toi The speaker at the noo^Mn: eon of the Chamber of " tomorrow will be John Chanute whose subject"^ ^rffiv "Why a Chamber oT Gon Mr. Wilson is a rapid Hire who never fails to lntere8l<i^^^ audience and what he -wIH 'batci^' say tomorrow will tinaoabte^ of importance. He will proF be accompanied' George- rick, secretary' of the; Cbaatil Chamber ot -Commerce. • •' todabtte: I of iCnt-i GREER TRIAL TC| ACliOSETbr Jury Asked to AcquitI Greer of Charge ofc' -^1 Killing Husbands r ^l^ Pryor, Okla., March 29^^^"^^*'^'^^^-^ Anita Greer, her husband, and John Barleycorn comprised three points 'of a triangle thai to become a cross for Anit^'j clared J. Howard Langley tod"' his plea for the- acquittal of Greer, oh trial for the mnrdafi' her husband. The case probe will go to the jury today. ! "Already. Leonard ' had, between them." Langley ;con( "He loved John Barleycorn than Anita. But"she did noti from her. husband for this Inffil^ S^e, clung to him,' and to him in the illness w]^ch e sive drink brought uponhim: "This kind' of woman,r^i' Langley, pointing to the "is not the kind who beats her ^ band's brains ou^wit^ a'lnunmer. . Langley arguetl that ; test' had shown that Greer wa?^ only a short time before hii^ was found I on a burning bed . not as tbe state had held^ hoars: fore, to be concealed ~ throng the day of October 16, 192«^'" devotion wjiich Mrs.; ^rcer; manifested for her hnshand, he was incompa.tible with 'tlie mony of Jess Miller of <'Siw that he saw h^r and B^n kissing in an'autombbile-~at at a public amusement .'pafbf year. Schuh was murder about ten!: days^ sentenced to life impri» the state .penitentiary. - The contends tbatjl^e conspired^ the woman to slay he^ hnsbaa^ they might marryi i . '• Uninasked;Men Hold- Bank at Jasper;-'AI Harrison,-Ark., March 29;: Five unmasked men heldi-' robbed the Bjmk ot N< '' ' at Jasper today, ateor.. convicted: of '-.Or

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