Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 28, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 28, 1927
Page 6
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Plant Are Majdfe at ing Here Sunday; Direc- toTs,to Meejt Aiiril ~ I To Coni])lete Plankl j EVENING;! •WHERE AMi^Bii:;ANS WERE KiiLED BY RIOTINIG CAOTONESE. base- Dfrectors or the (d'ur'team, ball league organize! bere y^ster- (flay will nieel next Sunday to| elect 'ja president, adopt a schedut« and -.'adopt I)y-laws. jv ' ! ' J-the board ot'dirnctors wi|l be comjpOsed of eight iiien, two from each town; They i nust be men who do riot maoage, play, or jhold any interest in a: finanrial ^-^y. In the baseball le^giiei ' _ "j Present plans Is to startjth? season Sunday; May 1,. plalying each Sunday until September, making u total twenty-pne games in all. Xone but strictly hpme boys jwiJl be .used and no salaries will be' paid playef.s. i ; Paul Fegely, inaniager o£ ; thef Modern Bag Compnnir at Hiim^; lioldl will miinage the local teaim (ifid will have for |a neucleiis: Gardner, catcher; P^itterson, first blisR; Ah Brannumi 1 1 short' abp; "Slioriy" Fielder, center fielder; -HoiXman. catcher. il i.>» the conSiensuh of most of th^ fans that this w^Il prove Just as attractive as salaried' baseball such as we have haidUn the past and will also be an inoentiv^ to the young player .who likes to play for tI)e;lo\^ of the game. ..This 'league will aijsWer a twofold pijrpose; it wi^l provide a recreation for the :| fellow who works every day but Sunday and it should aid in -the development of young; players into future greats. ManiagerK for tl\.e t >ams will be: John ^lall, Humboldt: Alciody, rial-- ston, .Moran; Paul Fegely, idla; "Ole" pisori,| ChanutJe.X. J •;^ attending the^--iU^eting yesterday we're: George Moon and B. Shepard. Humboldt; Moody Ralston aiid Chet Brouillard, Moran;. Paul Fegely and Jack Griffin, lola; "Die" Olson and Charles Rhinehart,' Chanute. i • ALPHAJBET rs. barker,, of Bn^nson, was saint i callCT .""on Mrp.. Clracje :er ftl 211. North Sycamo strejet, this morning..' .Sirs. Gtace Decker went to Huni- bol<l t-< today to JBpend a few dayja wltl her daughter, Mrs. Fred Fre«|- maji knci family. '•ui. Ihi^lPotter Left yesterday- for] klountiainburg, Arkansas, fo an jiidefintte stay with her chil >]reii and with her piirents. Tl; e' Seneker store has hit upoij a novel wsty, to give to charity. Al this week ithejStore is-allowing certain aniount on the customer's old }hat, di^essvor coat on any new one I in the store. The used hat dress or coat taken In on the trade! will be given to the-Welfare Asso ciatipn for: charitable distribution. Mrs.- Marguerite Wellborn, ol'i Moran. Walter Bibens. of Kincaid., Royi Ai'd,- of ^loran.; and Dorothy Gordon; of lolt^, who underwent; tonsillectomy operations at St Johik's hospital Saturday, returned to their respective homes yesterday.' ' *f-Pbone Tour Want Ada la i* = IS IFOR J .SPEAkSPjWHO HAS QUIT MAHAGIHGl CLEVELAND TC^ 9EC0ME A PRIVATE iri THE. j PANK5 RWAStrllNGTOH Mrs. Roy Christ, of Westphalia, who! underwent a major operation at. St. John's hospital seventeen days ago was able to return home yeoterday. . j Mr and Mrs. Grant Low ;0f Brdnson -were guests fif -Mr. and MrS.i W .T S." rx >w of 1022 North Syciimore Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Terrilt Honn and son pf i'litsburg and Mr. and Mrs. B. F- Gordon visited iii the home of Clyde (iprdon Sunday evening. Mrs, K. B. kraus o^ 807 North Sycamore "is confined to her bed with a- severe attack 'of pleurisy. Mr. and Mrs. James Smith and son iDel^ner ,of Joplin, .Mo., spent the night with his mother. Mrs. E. L.. Smith pf 812 North Buckeye. .Mrs.| E. U Smith: returned homo with them today for-a two wetks visit). . • Mr, and Mrs. Geo. Slack. Robert and Jnuior Slack apd Mrs. E. 1... Smith visited 'Byron Smith 's of Yates Center yesterday afternoon ilrs. O. W. Witt and Mrs. Edith Clark and son were visitors .ot Mrs. Witt's brother, .Mr. S. E. Russell, and family- of Carlyle Sunday. J.' E. Childress spent Sunday and today with his son, V. V. Childress and family of Joplin, Mo. George Hamm and Earl Dilllhg of Hiawatha were visItliiR Mrs. Coppoik and family Sunday. Dr.i-W. A. McKeever, who Is to speakiat the Current Topics clnb tonight, came in from Topeka 6n the noon train. The meeting wjll he h^d at the Portland Hotel and the largest; attendance of the clitb season is expected, a nunlber pf men from out of town having re- Herved plates. Dr. McKeever 's Huliject will he "RxjllorlnK the Subconscious Mipd." ;; REMeDELING OF KELLEY STARTED Structure to| Steaim Hea And Phones in Annex. Work was si comiplete remodeling of the front of the Kelley. hoi manager, structure will front, similar to! annotinced Jiave the Kelley Annek. and will closely resembled that when completed Spanish design present porch. The structure clad stucco with At the Kelley of steam heat every room hajs Plans are unde announced for of the lobby of One hundrH and .sixty-fire separate puraRraphs of local fiows in Inst Saturdayfs Register, not counting any of tliV headed articles. Did you notice .l|'? With that sort of local news cpverage is il any won^ der that ^he {local subscription list of the; Rt ^gisfer remains ht h'lgh water mark?i Touring Training Cantps fkmerican Leagujs i Debut p U'BE MARQUARD, ;f a> ni P U S southpaw- of National League tame, is to perform in the American League. At least Rube has high hopes: of doing to. I bumped, into Marquard at Tampa, Fla., recently. -He had |] u| s t' finished pilching to the WishiDgton bajtters for j about 20 min- I utes. Some of the very go<>d left-handed bait-'j Iters on the dub werei having trou- ible solving Rube's assortment. I. As a matter ot fact, bejlooked to good to Clarjc Griffith an<d Manager Sunley Harris j that iit was f leflhitely decided to| add him. io he sUS of twlriers, i provided'he fcojitinued jiis fine showing over the training season. I j The day; I; saw Mailauard in action Walter Johnsoii i suffered a broken bone in his left ankle. No doubt that' helped Via him extra consideration. . • ' • • • Original High-Pricod Beaiity "jUrARQUARD has been pitchinjg y big league baseball almost as long as Waiter Johnson. He came to the National Leagiie about th^ same time Johnson made, his debut in the American.: For a couple of years Marquard has been toiling in';the minors. ';' Last season he' managed anjd pltched'for Providence in the Eastern'Le«g{ie.' : It- will jbiB recalled that he M 'Bs one of the original 'high- i>riced. niinbr league: stars.: The N'ew- York', club paid somet6in^ ike $11,000^ to the Indianapolis :lub for' Marquard, 'tossing in a cw extra players for good meaif •ire.- 'T • ' i That was a. lot ofi mone/ in hose days and "Rube"' was much iress^gented. He ' made ' a bad : Urt and some of the critics w^re ncliaed to refer to ;him as th^ ^ll.OOb lemon instead of t>eautyi In 1916 he was the bigisensa: ion ot the National/League, rwinj 'ling 19 straJif&t gaihes. Under ; il'cGraw he[became onp of the best euti>iww» bjbi,C»nb.' - ^ I Believes He Can Ddiver- lyrARQUARD fieels: that he has enough-stuff itOj win for the AVashingion club. Possibly he has. Howevdr, it is a biibit of the veteran pitcheirs to sttlj .believe, in themselves, remenibering only the days of their glory. I umpired back of Marquard around, dleveland before he went to the minors and later to the majors. Naturally I was surprised when ,1 dropped In at the Washington' €amp and saw "Rube" curving jthem over. , "ifye been a'round to several ot the camps,*' explained Marquard. "and. after watching a number of the. ypuhg southpaws In action, concluded I ^tili .have enough stuff to win. ' "Why, I hav;e as much' speed left as some of these husky youngsters; a better! curve ball right n&w and I always could get 'em over." Marquard will| come ^ in- mighty handy for the ; rather' uncertain staff of the Nattpnals. if be Is as good as he believes he Is. • \ ' ' Frank Baker Upsets Strategy T>ACK in 1911 Christy Mathew^ son land Rube Marquard figured In ian unusual epltode that for a time nearly caused a batx on player-writing. At that time the two were outstanding stars on the New York Giants' pitching statr. A big newspaper sj'ndlcate had signed thim to write about the ^ames. Ill one game Marquard thrjew a fast one In Frank Baker's groove." which he hit for a borne run. deciding the* ball game. The next day Mathewton. under bis name, told why- Marquard had pitched wroiig to Baker. That same day pitcl^Ing against the Athletics, Mathewson, with two out.- was leading. 1-0. Then, he somehow got one In Baker's j groove." IThere was another i home run and the game was tied 'up.; Later New York was beaten in extra innings. That incident caused much comment, nearly ' disrupted the. morale bf the Giants., and for a,' time almost I icaused, a banto be tmt pa BlMret-wriUiMu RECORD PRICES FOR INDUSTRIAL •• J Stocks Soar to High Mark Oh \^^1I Street ijoday. .\ew York. Mar. 28. (AP)—Es- faljlishnient pf new record high prices by the common, stocks of some of the premier railroad and industrial coriu(rations of thi? coun- Irjv overshadowed all oih»'r developments in today's stock niarkoi. The long list of new hiphs included I!. S. Steel. American Tolophone. Oimcral .Motors. Dul 'oiit, ."^utfunal iiisciiit, Ualtimuro & Uliio and the liL -iawart- and Hudson, hlfcrly Rains vaicli ran from I to S points wen? nirrspersed with a fi -w weak spots klueovered by the afigressive tac- ics of bear traders. .This rpniark|ible photo of .Vanking, China, shows where ijiotin J Can- .tonbse tr'ooirtj ki led and woiindtd iiiany American and British civilians, according to cable report:i. • .VI th»- right is S^tony hill, ton which a plaiit, of the Standard Oil ("<i.. i.s located. -Many of thi> Ameficani and Itritisli in .N'ankiini; took refuge on this hill, when the Cantupese troops tiushed with rcCS 'nt vlctorI<'.s, Htnrtcd to attack foieiigners. The Cantonese chargi'd tlirougli the native city sliown in tlie foregroundj and stormed (hi* hill. Driti .sli anil .Aiiicric.-in warships Sii (he Yangtse (-iver, aI )oiit a iiitie froiii the hill, opi'-ncd up. vhclliiii; tlitj baK«. of tlie liil'f?and cliecki Kii|lie charge of the IIKMI Cantonese. Landing parties froiii^the allied :ihipN rcsi-iied most of liie rei'tiKces on the liiii. but other for«4gn- ers. caiigl^l in the city proper, wj-re killed or wounded. In the background an <l just at the of tlie hill can be seen the great wall, 30 iniies in ijircuinference. wliieli surrounds Nanking. 10..S0: p!a|n Okiahonias |7 .T.i :itKl practical veal top jflo. Sheep .'i.oou: Ian|j)s 1 M- IO .•;.^C liiglier: lop •$l.'>.."iO: fed lots mostly |l .'i .2.'i'rrlf >.riii: oiid lots ofsli.-ep steady; shorn arrivals moslly $14: weiKlity sprinK laiiilis $I2.5ii'ii 17. Kansas City Hay. Kansas Cit.v, .Man 28. (AP)—Hay iteady; 1C9 car.s. ITiniothy .\o. 1. ;i5Ci,15.50: standard |H(f; 14.50; \'o. 2. $1.3C(l:i.50; .No. ll^.^Offji 2 .50; Prairie .\o. 1. |14i?il5; .\o. 2 12 .5ei &l:J..S0: .No. :!. $'(.50«12. Alfalfa, choice, $21(fi24: .Noi, 1, 19«i 20.50; standard $lC..'iOTi IS.-iO; \ia. 2; $12..50<fi Ifi: .No. .!. $10'ri 12. Clover, mixed liplit. .No. 1. |L4«T iSMT No. 2, |12..5off» 14..-.0. linnsns (ity Li«es(ork. Kansas City. Mar. 2.s. {V. S. Dep. f Agriculture)—Hogs 17.0U0; mar- S 'et slow, untiveti: deslrahle 2:!0 IS. do^yn to shipiiers ZTtv to; 50c Ibwer tlian Friday's avoiaKe; IIKIU ipRlitH off iiioRl: no strong weight ulch-rs, sold : slwk itigs steady inSi»€inXM: top tW.lTt on ^40 lo lf>0 pMiiids: hulk deslrnl)le 17o to 190 His.':|11.25(f/Il.f.O: 200 to 2 :!0 lbs. $10.90 'fi ,11.20; 140. to Ifio lbs. Jjll.50ifill .7ri: packing soiws $».00<f/. <! 75. • . . Cattle 14.000; calves J.S^DO; most trilling classes steady: finality of sit'eer run niediimi to gooil; finish- eirt offerings scarce: vealers at nOr l|)wer: weighty calives steady: the rfockers and feedel-s steady with week's close; good weighty eers averaging 1.300 lbs. lililk desiraiilo grain fed $9.00ff ?i Kansas City Gniin. Kansas City. .Mar. -'S. (.\IM Wheat: lleeeipls IS.S ears: nmrket unchanged to Ic lower. .No. 2 dark hard *I.27tf». I.:{4 >:..: NVi. :: :it $1.24«tl.:M: .No. 2 hard ?1.27'J/l.:!4; .No, 3 |1.2G«/1.:54: .No. 2 red *1.2.^.li; (}/1.26',v; -No. .! ,*I.24'....f/ 1 .2.-.>-... i\oTn un^•h.^n^ed. No. 2 white at l$.s.Oftfj$y.on. mostly; light veiilers^ t 10 big paclieis SS.IMkoJlD .OO;! outsiders %\,i%yA.Mu sheep 13.0U0;- early bulk d<jsira- l)le offerings $1.'>.7.'>'''« $10.25; hiavy. lambs upward 'to $1 piUil 10 choice uiedium - weight I cliiipeil lambs $14.50'; choice tiundy weight belli above $14.8.-.;' ' " $l::.ooiii$l;{.()i): sheep strong; III ihoiie fat ewes $10.00;' <'l cli[ipeil ewes upward to f9 .lH); ing and shearing lambs 'scajrce; deck of good to medium wejghtj tin- Isheis $14.5 (1. jgood ri.75; nils ^uod oice feed- Lawrence, Kans., Mar. 2S. (AP)— All necessary moves to a.s sure the j'Sippearantc of the Tarahumara Indian runners from Mexicjo -for a run from Kansas City, Moj., to the University of Kansas ^lemoriul Stadiinn here the afternoon of April 23 in connection wfith the fifth, annual Kansas rela.vs were started this morning by Dr. F. C. Chicago Grain. Chicago. .Mar. 28. (AP)^CI6se: Oats unchangf'd lo lo,wer. .No. , .May July 44c; Sept. 4 :!e. Miiy $1 .0iH,«; .luly OS^c; S.|.t. !».'.',4c| I 2 white 4ri ':.f »48 >i;c: .No. ?, 47<i '• .Milo maize $l.l.!,i/1.21. Kafir l\MSt Hyp 93ft 94'.jc. Uarley 75c. . j .•Surprise I'arly in Cuiintry.; Close: Wheat', .May old TI.2(;ai:l -Mp -M- W. ."'-•oithi.iill. of 3 'i: miles May new $1.2fi: .Iiily il.2l'i. torn: inorilM:isi of loin, was |;iven a ifar- .May 71%c; .July 74^4c: .Sept em tier 'y Saturda>i nisht iu honor ofjhis VSc. I liirrliilay. Tliose at the party w«re: Sir, ;iii,| .Mrs. Charles H^dli-y and INDIANRUNNERS TO STATE SOON Dn F. C. Alien Is Trying To Engage Theni for Kansas Relay^., An entire new will be placed ii^ with all office B. P; Churchi contract for stii has the contract Winfiel^ to South Chicago, Mar. Be Stuccoed; ;, New Lobby arted today for el. Ira D. Kelley. that the a Spanish the new front of fracture's front A new porch of will replace the ,*' ' - ' will be in color .steel screen base. Annex installation ihd telephones in been started, way Mr. Kelley Entire remodeling the annex. The lobby, wailis and floor wHl be tiled. Junior College Teaim \ \ Has Battle Coining -Ross ArbiiGfcie announces today that the challenge of Charlje.New^ ^ man and his rifle shooters f rom tb^ iunior College has been ijc^epted / and that .the contest will bp helil.aj^- week froni tomorrow, The{ oppldii ^^-p Ing team will probably be iUie M Trapshooter^ unless that (earn is defeated tbnjorrow nightr by the Doctors. The second Trapshdot- ers team M\\ meet the}" Solith Street Alleyj Rats Thursdajr, evisn- Ing of this week. The schedule has been moved up to inciude , t!wo shoots a week instead of one! ta, order to accommodate the number teams that i|ant to take par The cricklt and the grasijhopper set pf fixtures the Annex lobby, Ifurnishings hew. 1 of Parsons, the have their knees. ears Just below their man who designed and hadi the [ccoing the annex for the hotel.. *laythe . Dakota Five 28. (AP) —Pairings for the opening round of the National High School basketball toumamenti starting at the University of Chicago, tomorrow, inciude: 4 p. m.-r-^Durant. Okla. vs. IS^or- ton High, Cicerol III. 5 p. m,-4Winfieild, Kan. vs. Aberdeen, S. Dl' 7 p. m.—Northeast High,,Kansas City, Mo. v.s. Dover, Ohio. of Sharpening an'd . Lawnmower I Repairing \ We call for and deliver »>LO^ WORK, WO^b WORK, AUTOMOBILE i'AINTING, GENERAL BLACKSMITHINd C.C. McGarty& Son .301 Soiith St. Phone 21G Allen, director of athletics jat Kansas. Doctor Allen reached here from Texas early today and declared that the Indian Irunners themselves are willing to come liere for the run if permission can hp had from the United States and .Alexlcan governments. In a|ll prob- abillty only the men runners will be brought here, he saici, .although the plan to. bring the women runners had not been entirely abandoned, i Chiciigo I.itesdiclt. son. Klmo lladley: Mr. iind Nlrs. Chicago. .March 2 .S. IT n 11 e d <'arl .McFann and daughtj'r, Aleeh States Department of AKriculiure iM<Faiin: Mr. and .Mrs. W^s Parker Hugs fi.'i.iMiO; to|i $12,110 p:il(| f.,i- i-jo jiiiid children; .Mr. and Mrs. Frank to • ICO pound weight: p.i< king i Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Balccr, sows mostly $9.8-1'!/$10,ml;-few se- -Miv iiiid .'Vlrs. J,ly Sinclair, Vfilda lecied sliiiighti'r pigs upward lo nd (ipal Sinclair. .Mrs. John Cox, $12.00; bulk $ll ..-.0f;$11.7:.: hci-.. H- A. Jones. Hilly. Clarltiol jittd weight hogs $10.50'5) $11.10; Mi 'iii-'-nnie Krdwint*. .Mrs. Jolm Post, uni $10 .r .5f /$Jl.C.'>: light $n.l.'.fi j'leorgie Pitt .s. all of South Ohio $12.00; light light $ll ,rr .'f/ $12:00: J-freet. and Mr. and' Mrs, Henry,' packing sows $9.C5(?; $10.1'.-,; slaiigh-i-ra'-kson, of Gas City, ' • ter pigs $11.2 $1^.00. lola Girl to Be Hearii Over Radio Thursday Miss LyUdlth Geery of lola, plan- i ist. and a student in the,School of Fine Arts at the Univer.'jity of Kansas, will appear on the noon program of statioff KFKU,.'ThurK- day. .March 31. The musical part of the program will beglA at about 12:4.'.. . ' i Ca 4 r Washing PROMPT SERVICE We Call For and Deliver; FIRESTONE TIRES AUTHORIZED DEALERS EXPERT TIRE REPAIRING i • V "MORE CARE—LESS REPAIR" BoUiilger Service Station 112-114 East Jackson Phone ISO Cattle 20.000; iHilk , fed Meers and yearlings $9 .r .0fi $12.00;' be^t yearling.s $12.00; strictly choice heavier around $13..')0; stockers and feeders again .very scarce; tirin at Mrs. >;dith . Clark and .son, George Leo. who were called here l)y the death of her father, Mr, O. Witt, reiurnwl to her homejln Wichita thi.s morning. .1 I to i.. See Us Neptumte Varrush Stain ] Lowe Brothers Neptunite Vamish Stain makes old futniture look like new. It stains and yamiahes «^tli one stroke oif the brush— brings out the natural beauty oftbe wood. It is easy to apply and dries quickly to a beautiful lasting finish. Screen Enamel! Lowe Brothers^ Screen Enamel will make your screens' rust-proof and weather-resisting for a long time tb i^me. And it will add a lotjto tbe appearance of your windows. Good fot frames too—both wood and metaL. t Par-O'Keet Ycur furniture and wood- Wojrk, the'Children's toys, metal work, glass, etc., can be made bright and new with ;Pat-0-Keet—a brushing lacouer in striking colors. And in less than one hour aft^applicatiao the finished surface can be u«c<i. Floor Enamel Lowe Brothers Floor Enam-' el forms |«n ideal finish for{ all interior floors— especially good for the kitchen. It provides a hard surface of , tile -like smoothness that is easQy desoied and always attractiTe. Quiteioften there's a let more to sucfeeigsfiil ji>aint- ing than simply^ipjpiyihg a coat' or two erf paint Perhaps the'surface requires special preparation^ —perhaps different pair, rs shoiild be used for ^.u first and second coats. When you haves sonic- thing to paint, talk it over with us. We'll tell you what kind of paint to use and how to apply it for, best results. We have everything-yoQ need for any kind of painting and can supplV you with the proper I*owe Brothers Paint or Varnish for any surface in or around your home, (pome in and get a color card. am-Harrison Hdwe. Co. EASTSrOE SQUARE PHONE 1064 OFFICIAL STATEMENT OF THE BANK IOLA; KANSAS ' ' . • 'I • • • '! At theU'Iose oif busihe.s.s ]Vfarch 2.?; 1927. RESOURCES . Loans and <Jis?c6unts L _____$429, Overdrafts J_ . 82.74 Bank Bldg. & Fi.xtures ____ '29 ,000.00 . Gov't. & Munic. Bonds 59,150.60 CASH AND SIGHT - f EXCHANGE ___. _J 125,ai2 .11 Total l -_,.^_..?643,14i;56 LIABILITIES Capital Stock _^_ ____$ 50,000.00 Surplus and Undividied Profits ___:____________ 44,073.70 DEPOSITS _____.____:_^_L 549,067.86 Total -___ 1 __$643,141.56 The above .statemerit is correct. : ; ; L~ E. HORVILLE, President. OFFICIAL STATEMENT Of the Financial.Condition of the lOLA. KANSAS i At:the of businl'ss March 23, 1927. RESOURCES J^ana and Di.scojnts J L. Overdrafts > L. Municip: 1 Bonds '.^ 1. United States Bond.s 1 _. CASH AND'SIGHT EXCHANGE _„.__,_. _.$l,107,079.ig .__ 1,244.6$ 2,000.00 25,00O.0Q .__ 381,6ib.57 Total _^___j . .._.$1,516,934.40 Capital Stock (paid in) Capital Stock (earned) __. Surplus Fund (Earned) Undividied Profits (net) DEPOSITS .__J_-______. LIABILITIES ._ i $10,000.00 . -_- —- 20,000.00 .30,000.00 ._______!! _——_.-il ioo,ooo.oor __!_________-. ^---.M 65,034.25 ._-_ -j_.— —-—'1 ,321,900.15 Total — J ^ _-—$1,516,934.40 T$OS. H.BOWLUS, President.

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