The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on August 20, 1892 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 20, 1892
Page 3
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LUHMAN & SANDERS. SHOES! We have just finished our Yearly Invoice, and find that we have a good many odd makes of Shoes cn hand The Postville Weekly Review. Which W© Will eii at mm urn PRICES Until all are cleared up. ! Ladies' Fine Shoes, 2.50 to 2.75; reduced to 1.7 o. Child's Grain Button, cap toe shoe, sizes 9 to 12, at 75c. Hen's Carpenter Shoes, in congress, worth 2.50; sold to close out at 1.75. Come and look us over if you wish anything in the Shoe line. We have the largest stock of Shoes in town. Richardson & Norcross line of Ladies' Fine Shoes, in all styles and sizes. RESPECTFULLY, LUHMANr&SANDERsT" ©lB!li!Jffil§ PUBLISHED EVERY SATURDAY BY W. N.BURDICK. TEEMS: Sl.bO A YEAR IN ADVANCE. LOCAL REVIEW. fresco fnir next week. -Kailroad,, Lansing. Cio! Gut your dresses for full, at J.vo. Citosuy's. — Six Loaves of Bread for '-'On, at tlio Bakery, tf — Now is tlic time to get Dross Goods at JNO. CKOSBT'S. • Cale Bishop is thinkinp of moving to Kansas. --The basement of Carl Mcy«r'n new residence i? in. —Independence races noxl week and tho week after. —Harvest liomo dance at Tumor hall Saturday evening. -The t»nt muotnu's have closed. —Cast your optics on the other page, and observe the "Additional Local." —Our August sale is » big one. Don't buy ANY goods till you get our prices. JNO. CKOSBY. For Sale. My residence on the north side. Mns. II. li. HAZLETON. Miss Anna £nston, Instructor on the piano and organ, Postville, Iowa. Miss Nollio H. Abbott, i'enclier of Vocal ami Instrumental Music, Postville, Iowa. Horse-Shooing. No hit and miss, but a good job every clutter and prices very reasonable. TIKIS. SHOUTUEF.H. Miss Grace McNeil is instituting at Wnnkon this week. —Ed. Clough dandles his fifth boy on his knee these days. —Hire's Root Beer, only 5 emits a glass, at John Thoma's. — ("red Thoma, Jr., is book ksoperat the Postville State Bank. — John Moir's new soda fountain is daisy. Trv it this hot weather. —Work has commenced on tho vault of the Pojtviilo Slat* Bank. • P. J. Bencher attended tho democratic state convention from Post. —Parties are here looking up walnut timber along Yellow river. the — Fi.ur weeks more of favorable weather will mature most of the corn. — Cook stoves nnd ranges are tho subjects of II little excitement just now. Small House to Kent. On Williams street, enst of Lawlor. Apply to Mrs. II. Mitchell, north of Milwaukee dopot. —Ed Prior sold $800 worth of work to Jos. Mutt, of National, last Tuesday. This will In the finest job in Clajton county. —Judgo IUndriek was over this week, mixing a littlo legal and fair business together. We aro indebted for a call and for coniplimentaries to tho fair. —Mrs. E. F. Medaty and children returned from nn extended visit to Watikon last Monday. Miss Stella Medary, a sister to Ed, returned with them. — Wm. Warner reports his crops fully equal to last year except one piece of corn, and his hay crop was enough bettor than last year to make tip this delicioner. AT REST TOGETHER. RURAL VICTIMS. The farmers of this comniuuiiv may prepare to have their gullibility ' tested \ Burton Shroyer and. Florence Morri- again. Lightning Rod fakes, Russian Oat schemes, Patent Medical Quacks and schemers have reaped ofl the farmer, but it Right frauds, various other a rich harvest remains for a Buried Side by Side, at CnB- talia, Aug. 13, 1802. —A giove meeting will bo held on the Hanksfarm, east of the house, on Saturday evening and all day Sunday, Sept. 3rd and 1th. conducted by ROT'S Lockwood and Berrv. on every — You can sa\e J.S cents dollar by buying Dress Goods, at JNO. CUOSJV —Rev. Mu Robert, from tho southwestern part of the state, will preach ( at the Congregational church next Sunday, we presume as a candidate for the vacant pulpit. —Four drunk and disordcily's were deposited in tho oven on Monday evening. —Tho supervisors wero to contract for the voting booths for the county this week. — Edward Sehroedor, on the Conrson farm, is vory sick and his recovery is doubtful. - J. Moulthrop has built a new barn on his residence, lots. Tho residence will go up soon. — Miss Lois Tuttle goes lo Decorah to accept a position in the office of tho Dbcursh Wind Mill Co. —John R. Bayless, of tho firm of B-iyicss Bros., Waukon, and Miss Gussio Van Pelt were married on Wednesday evening. Wo .nisli the happy couple unbounded success and happiness. —Lute Stone came over from Waukon last Saturday night to assist in the installation of tho A. O. U. W. ollicors. His wife came with him as far as her folk's, where she slopped oil' to have a short yisit. —U«v. Uurtou and family left on the early morning train on Monday. They went by river from McGregor lo Hannibal, Mo., and thence to their new homo at (ifiggsyillo. Wo wish them prosperity and happiness in their new home. — Road tho advertisement and testimonials of tho Wrought Iron Kaugo Co. on ;ho other page. - Mrs. C. I. liishop has sold her farm southwest of town to liort Marslon for .*40 per acre we believe. — Our job department has beeu vory busy for tho past weok. Bert turned out live jobs last Saturday. —A sister of Mrs. G. W. Pearson, Hardin, camo down from St. Paul Thursday evening for R visit. —HOY. Burton was greotod with a lino congregation to hear his farewell sermon last Sunday morning. — Stacking is now nsaiiy completed and wo noed sufficient rain now to enable farmers to start the plows. - Roy. Norton, of West Union, ha delivered some line sermons at tho tont this weak. He is an able minuter. ALL SUMMER othing Marked WAY DOWH. —An oxtr.iordiiiary and ttnlooked for demand for extra copies of this week's Ricvir.w will compel us to send half shoots to all exchanges. Our rog* ular list Is constantly increasing, for which wo extend thanks to all tho friends. —Col. San ford's lecture, 'Walks in Homo," til Monona, ou Tuesday evening, was very entertaining but drew out a small amlieneo. Perhaps a xniu- strel show would liavo dono bettor. Pcoplo in small towns are not educated up to tho lootuvo piano. —Thn Northeastern Iowa Universal- ist Association will hold its next session at West Union, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of noxt week. All liboral poople are invited to attend and tho good people of West Union will entertain all who attend. stove dealer to break the record. To-day (Aug. 1G) six or seven teams loaded with sheet iron stoves arrived at Postville. I'hcse peddlers propose to sell these, stoves to the farmers for tho enormous price of $6X00. We have personally examined these stoves, and twenty years experience in handling stoves and working sheet metal warrants us in saying lo the best of our knowledge they will not withstand one year's hard service. The history of theso stoves boa's us out in this statement; for on the streets of Spencer, Iowa, one of these sluyes may be seen stundir.g in front of a hardware store placarded thusly: "This is a Home Comfort Range, has been in use nine months am! is completely burned out." We heard a traveling man, who travels through southern Iowa, state that every scrap iron pile in the southern part of the state contains from one to a dozen of these stoves. We have a curiosity lo know how many farmers in this neighborhood are going to exchange their dollars for experience, and we predict that many a farmer who to-day boasts of his ability to avoid schemes and confidence men will have occasion before a year has pussed to mourn over his experience. Some who feel they are possessed of strong will power and keen judgment will bo tempted to examine these stoves, and may lie to vindicate their judgment they will buy one. To these we would say, examine the stove where the inside parts are rivetod to the outside: notice those little depressions around tho rivets—this indicates light material. Examine a steam boiler which is made of wrought iron, you will not find them there. If we made a sheet iron stove in our tinshop of common light iron it would present the same appearance. Wrought iron nor Steel will not stand lire without warping, and it is doing no violence to truth to stUiClhula stove ma lo entirely of wrought iron or steel is absolutely worthless. The water rasurvoir of these stoves is heated by running it through a hollrw lire-back. Six months uso with hard water will eompletoly till up this hollow fire-back with lime and render tho reservoir useless. Steel Ranges hare,been a failure when made entirely of steel, so much so that all reputable firms have g>ven up their manufacture. And tho steel stoyo of to-day contains more cast and malleable iron than it does steel, the si eel being used in thoss parts further from the liro. Any objections that can be urgod against steel for uso in stoves, holds equally good against wrought iron. We hnvo aarefully watched the wrought iron and stoel stove ever since it tirst came out and never had confidence onongh in them to recommend them, but to meet this special competition we have bought some of the latest improved, the same size as theso peddlers are selling, which wo will sell at $30.00. This is $38.00 below the peddlers', and a stoyo that will last live times longer than theirs. So, if you must be humbugged lot it be dono by homo talent ami yon can have at least tho satisfaction of cussing us every timo you como to town. HOY & Mc>:EIL. Possibly never before were the sympathies of Custalia and neighboring communities so deeply and so generally stirred as by the untimely death, by drowning, at Clermont, ou the ltlh, of liurton Shroyer ami Florence Morrison. These promising young people were universally respected and commended. Their funeral was held together from the U. li. church, ulCastalia, and side by side they were laid to rest in the cemetery near by, on the afternoon of Saturday, the Kith. The largo offering of beautiful flowers served to remind us of the words of James Russet Iluily: '•J'Uo. v. rr .uh'-s CJ! I ; veil re tini; !!e-,';i'i \ en ten,!,,, And ilrck with r.iiiitii; 1 M ,unit . fin ill', tli.n fide." The scripture reference Used on the occasion was Rom. 1! :S3. The I. O. G. T., Castalia Lodge, No. G'.lO, held appropriate memorial services on Montlay night at which sketches of their lives anil letters of condolence were read, remarks made and resolutions adopted. Tho following is their memorial together with resolutions adopted by Castalia Sunday School: Burton Shroyer was born in Winne- sheik Co., near CastalK, May ."0, 1875, and diet! Aug II, 1H!I2, aged 17 years, •_' months anil VI days. Willi his father'.'! family he moved to Nebraska in 187!), returning with them in \Hm, to the home of his birth, whero ho resided during the remainder of his life. His short but useful life was spent in school and at work on his father's farm. He was a general favorite with his frieti'ds and schoolmates, always prompt in his recitations, ranking high in examinations and the pride and delight of both parents and teachers, lie received a gootl musical education at home and during the past two years attended the postville High School. He was a member of the Y. P. C. V. and a willing worker, always faithfully and cheerfully performing any task imposed upon lie was also organist of the same at the timo of his death. He became a member of the 1. (). G. T. shortly after its organization, whero lie occupied the office of lodge organist up to the quarter ending July 30th, when he was elected V. S.; was duly installed Aug. Gth anil occupied his chair during the remainder of the evening. This was the last time he met with his lodge. Hurt hail the elements of true manhood and gave promise of becoming a very Every Day. Every Hour. Six days in the week. Honorably seeking your patronage. Our Croats a Is still going or Now is the tirrv going fast. The will •:o;ttr. 'trough August. 1 'roods. They are rv timo- Look for tho price marked in RED. Former price marked in BLACK. WASH .DRESS GOODS. Persian Mulls, fast colors, price 20c; will he 14.1 c per yard Canton Cloths, figured, fast colors, pretty, price 15c; will he 1 lie per yard. Light Colored Lawns, open stripe, very fine, price 15c: will he 10ic per yard Fast Black Lawn, open stripe, price 15c; will ho 11 J c per yard, Fast Black Lawn, stripe, price 124c; will he 9c per yard. Fast Black Bedford, light figure and stripe, price 15c; will he 11c per yard. The Finest French Black Figured Sateen, price 35c; will ho 26'c per yard. Look for RED price on our Black and White India Linens- Our line of White Goods. Black and White Emhroidered Patterns and every piece of embroidery we haye. WOOL I>BESS GOODS, the U'.'.n piico on it, look for il. A goon Kvery piece in the store will have time to gel your dresses for fall. finest all wool, silk linish Henriet'a, lu in. wid gray, medium blue, light blue, price 70c; will be Fine Henrietta, black and all colors, price !",•: Bedfords, Chevrons, all novelties in dress gootl-. tin have Hie P,i:i> price: look for il: it will lit: low. You never liou so cheap, nor will yon again, it matters rot what others tell you black, brown, : pei yard •d price will be - |c per iieitp nii'l the good, wi ardiual, light I hi "I.- LADIES' VESTS, 10 cent ones i!0 " Had he lived any position ed upon to fill. won't! migh t dear. —Tho taking of evidouce in tho Sheridan estate has kept Ksci. Swonaon and the attorneys busy most of tho woofc. — Ramomber, every piece of Dress OOOIIH in our store is in this great salo through August only., JNO. CKOSBIT. -Tom Updegrnft, our noxt congressman (If he is nominated next weok) was in town yesterday on legal business and called briofly. --Louisiana Dimenson, Cypross Shingles and Arkansas Yellow Pino Finishing, for sale at SA-NUEUS & KAPI.EU'U. - Tho following friend* aro entitled to credit and thanks for cash on subscription this weok, tv:o of thorn boing now subs«rlbors: Lucy C. ttoll, W. F. Warner, Bat Conner, W. W. Shroyer, S. A. Harris, F. Wolliuaa & Son, Kov. B. F. Berry. —Harry Clark, sou of Dr. Clark, of McGregor, was hurt by a pitchfork on Tuesday, at Lustna. He was helping on a straw slack and by sonio means n pit.diferk struck him in the breast whilo sliding oft' the stack. It was not thought to be dangerous though it was a close call. — Madam Mitchell can tell you the. Past, Present and Future. If you are in trouble over marriage, love or business affairs, or if you have been afilic- led for yours and think Ihete is no remedy for you. call and givo her a trial, as Iter powers are wonderful. The Madam has saved thousands from ruin anil made countless homes happy, and will show ye*l the. likeness of your future partner. Call and be convinced of hot - wonderful powers, at her residence, north of tho Milwaukee depot, Postville, Iowa. :io .10 (iu 75 Lisle ill fancy, at Willi sleeves, fancy, very line th'vead, white, nilh .sleeves, " extra fine, with sleeve- Hc. lot: 2lt; '27c Kilo Jo — E. F. Medary is chairman of the democratic county central committee. It would look as if Postville was to bo democratic headquarters. —Think of it! Those lino, all wool, silk linish, Henriettas, blaek and colors, only 52 cents per yd., at JNO. Citosur's. --The Misses Bessio Roberts and Birdio Gray wero dologatas from the Postville Y. P. S. C. B. to th« convention at Mason City this week. —Wo seo that Clayton oounty is putting in a stone aroh bridge down at tho Union creamery. If they get a good foundation it will bo permanent. —It begins to look as if everybody would go out on a strike. If our WIVOB should catch tho inspiration and like tho other strikers should not allow any otto to tako their places, we should be la a bad boat indeed. As a rule they doubtless htwo tuoro ronson for striking than tho workmen have. GOOD FARM FOB SALE. My farm of 200 acres for sale. Situ, ated iu Madison township, Winnesheik Co., Iowa, threo and a half miles wes of Decorah, in sections 11 and 11. Well improved and timber enough for farm use. fu good state of cultivation. Well watered and good buildings. School within .six rods of house. Long timo will bo given ou part payment. Impure on farm for particulars. Address, WM. MUINTOSII, (Box. 238) Decorah, Iowa. FOB SALE! Buggies of All Descriptions. Guarantee: After two wook'8 trial if the Uico Coil Spring proves not to bo theoaBlost rldorou turth, will exchange and gW» any sptlug desired—with the "Handy Top," tho most convonlont buggy, W. 8. WBIISTKU. Dr. WiU Oole'a Dental Booms Will horenftor bo open overy weok day, as I havo lusocialed with mo Dr M. A. Humphrny. a gradnato of tho --The Tonnesseeans, mentioned last , , , . r « , week, will not appear at the M. K. gonial school at Iowa city, and a good ohuvoh iuthe ooncert alluiUd to until operatoi'. ,1 shall continue to visitPost- ... ... ., , . "Mlo * Sent. 'JCltli Take Notice, That tho Fojtvllln Steam It oiler Mills will grind Feed, Corn Meal and Graham Monday and Saturday of each week horoaftor. Having added a lino of wood-working machinery wo are proparod to do PlMting, Maiuhing, and all kinds of sawing, on shoi't notice. Briug in your logs and havo them sawed. Respectfully, K, D. S'nt.Es. Standard! Standard! If you aro in nood of a Sewing Mnohinu it will pay you to buy the Standard Rotary Shutllo Sewing Ma- ehino, tho host machine on tho market. Dtoauso it is tho only Rotary Shuttle maiiufactnied. It sows faster, runs lighter and docs belter work than any machine on tho road. Call ou or „.i.i..— o > ii useful man. have graced have been call "l-'.Tte time well our Ijintll Sit'Uy will \vt; iiie^ Itctc, Miss thy cliceiful hotpful ways; N'oii'j knuvv tticc. Ittit I'J love Uioe, None named tliuu, but tti prttise.' Florence Morrison was bjrn in Ohio, April (ith, 187S, where she spent the lirst live years of her life. She came to Castalia with her parents iu whore she has ever since lived. She has always been a favorite with her associates. She was an earnest worker in the Sunday School and almost always found in her place. At school and at the sessions of tho Juvenile Temple the same may bo said of her. She is and will be sadly niiss n d by all who knew her. lltir life work has been a noble one anil her influence has boon apparent to all. "My Lord lias need of tlieso floweret-; (My, Tiie reaper said and smiled, Dear tokens of lite earth are they, Where he was ence a child. They .shall bloom in fields of li|;ht, Ttattsplantad by my care, And saints in ^artnerils while These sacred blossoms wear. O, nt l in einelty, not in wrath, The reaper c.tme that day, 'Tivas an an^el visifd the Kreen eat lb And look the (lowers away." KKSOIXTION'S OF ilKSI-KCT. Castalia Sunday School, Aug. 11. 1802. Whereas, Our Heavenly Father, who guiueth and rulelh in his infinite wisdom, has so suddenly taken from among our number two of our lovott ones from one class, Florence Morrison and Burton Shroyer, who wero so full of life and hope and so deai'ly loved and fondly cherished by all who knew them. Therefore bo it resolved, That we hereby extend our heartfelt sympathy to the grief-stricken parents, brothers and sisters, to the heart broken teacher and to all who so deeply mourn their loss. Wo can only commend' them to look lo (lud, in this tho darkest houv we havo over soon, as the only true sourco of comfort and consolation, knowing that he alone can give them strength to endure. Bo il further resolved, That wo return devout thanks to Hod for the strength and courage given the noble hero, Jacob Kighllingor, who came to their timoly roscuo nnd saved four others from perishing with their companions. Bo it further retolyed, That n, copy of those resolutions bo presented to tho parents and teacher, and sent lo the local papers for publication. MART UIII.KV, i A. W. KKA'MRK, ;• Com. K. O, Itiaas, ) LADIES' WALKING SHOES. Sfvles tho latest. These will be in '.ho 1!.KI> piic< 1.00 Walking Shot's, good sty I AH.desirable. W'll be 1.35 1.50 1.50 2.0(5 2 50 Ail goods in: t ?y ONE (.Picnic) every pair warranted, '• patent lip, overy pair warranted, (Popular) turned, warranted; an easy shoe anil a seller, will be pnleiil leather trimmed and tip. hand tinned, every pair wnrriinled, will be clolh lop and plain top, iu the new toe, every pair warranted, wil: In. pati'iil leather >amp, i;.' 11'_> pair warranted, will bo 85c . 1.15 1.25 1.25 . t '<> '.tiC c. •M. ec. will be Sini<*11. • ALL, NO DEVIATION JOHN CROSBY, Postville. ked iv,th the PRICE Kin pi TO P. S. Ucinember! We do the I'oot and Shoe Businc.ii> in Postville! Sid* POSTVILLE, IOWA . UOI'OI.ASS, Pints. JAS. McUV.T.N, ). I-'. SM 1TH, (ItlF.i',. PAID UP CAPITAL, $25,000. Do a Cenernl Hanking Business, liny and sell Foreigt. and Domestic K \t :hatige. Accounts ol Farmers, Merchants and others received and carefully protee'.ed. paid on Time Deposits, rhveitinenls made for oul.iidc par- tics on favorable term.'. ZJfayProlocleir by fire proof vault and screw safe. Safety deposit steel drawers for rent. dour, time lock, bttrgt.u: proof C EL^A RS ! DRAW Y QU P. TILE WORKS. —Wo givo considerable spueo this wook lo tho great calamity that has overshadowed our neighbors at Castalia. Wo know the fooling of tho cotumuuity iu general and wo know th»t wo cannot say too nnioh in recognition of tlm bli.u< ll>»> I---'.'-' • FURNISH ALL KINDS OP DRAIN TILE AND BRICK, In Wholesale and Retail ciuantities. Our Briok and Tile are manufactured of the Best White Clay, and are Burnt So Hard there is practically NO BREAKAGE in shipping. Drop us a postal card stating number of feet and size of tile we.nted. We will then give you price for same delivered at your station- Yours Truly, HOSSFELD & DIBBLE. NOW We Want to" Tell Tou About our repairing department. We have engaged the services of a finished workman in addition to

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