Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 16, 1959 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 16, 1959
Page 6
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Junior Edifors Quiz on CORAL QUESTION: How is « coral island formed? ANSWER: Most of the tropical seas of the world are inhabited by small soft-bodied animals called coral polyps. They have the ability to extract the calcium from the sea water and build limestone houses around their bodies. Billions of these tiny coral polyps live together in great colonies. When the polyps dies its limestone house remains and another polyps builds his own house on top of it. Gradually, over many years, a great mass of coral rises from the bottom of the sea. When the coral reaches the surface of the water it becomes a reef. Soon, sand and powdered seaweed fill the cracks in the coral and the reef becomes an island. Sometimes the islands grow to tremendous sire like those in the Great Barrier Reef off Australia which is 1,250 miles long. FOR YOU TO DO: You can build a coral-like island in a pan of water, using small stones to represent the coral. Pile the stones in the water until they reach the surface. Then pour dirt between the stones and pack it down solid. Your island of stones is built on the same principle as the coral island. (Marlene Waits of Alton, III., wins $10 for this question. Send your question on a postcard to Violet Moore Higgins, AP News- features, in care of this newspaper. If duplicate questions are received, Mrs. Higgins will select the winner;) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner •, B 1SS» fcr HEX EOTict, b^. "My Henry's crazy about dancing, too—especially when he can get a seat close to the stage!" SIDE GLANCES By Golbraith "I told you, young man, I couldn't GET a driver^ license. If you have an eye chart handy, I can prove itl" SWEETIE PIE By Nodine Seller "These are the ones he reads—my old comic books!" TIZZY By Kate Osann (B 1555 by NBA Smite, Ino T.M. R««. U.S. Pit, Off. "Maybe I'm getting amnesia. I've forgotten who my steady is this week!" I Places and People ACROSS 37 Soap making 1 Mr. Franklin „„ S^ 01 * 4 Steak 39 Follower* Sftultdccay I?™.. . - 41 Individual 42 Bay window 45 Alleged 40 Inn keepers 51 Biblical character 52 Candid 53 Allot 54 Nickname 55 Dregs 56 Experts Answer to Previous Puzzle 13. Writer Gardner 14 Repetition 15 Ventilate 16 Scare mongers 18 Ebbed 2ft Double quartet 21 Verbal suffix 22 Italian city 24 Elapse 26 Norwegian city 27 Health resort 30 Bone basis 32 Declaims 31 Thwarts growth 35 Steep alone 36 Musical syllables 8 "Baby Snooks" 9 Confused 10 Diminutive —t —— suffix 57 High explosive 11 Try 17 Cars 10 German city ™, 23 Blackthorns 2 City in 24 Station .Pennsylvania 25 City in Italy 3 Self admirer 26 Beginning 4 British writer 27 Declaration 5 Heraldic band'28 French lather 48 Exertion 6 Swords 20 Vipers 50 Electrical unit 7 Indian weight 31 Pronoun (ab.) 33 Grapelike •(prefix) 38 Sport 40 Blood vessels 41 Fertile spots 42 Old Greek coin 43 Lariat 44 Arrow,poison 46 Apollo's mother 47 Enthusiastic ardor BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES He's Her Man BY EDGAR MARTIN OUT CUR WAV 6Y J. R. WILLIAMS BOARDING HOUSE . . - with . , . MAJOR HOOPLI Y YEH.WE'D WOULPLEAPAKIORMALI AIN'T t BETTER | LIFE, THIS WORUP J EWOLKSH \6ITOUTA WOULPBEABETTER < FERTHES6 ) HERE- PLACE PERTH 1 REST J MOPERW \5HES <30T _ OF US TO LIVE IW-- < GALS--THEYI A FLAT >/ IF VOU .JITTERBU6S V OWE MAM PLEASE GIVE \ VV< I'M A WATCHMAN. MOT \ WEEP A BUTLER, MESSEMSER \ FIVE BR AWP VALET.' WOW POW'T f\ SIX/ ASK ME TO COME OVER AMP WASH TH' WEEK'S IM ROOM FOUR--AMP THAWKSA LOT.' TIRE OUT THERE-- LCTHERSIT A COUPLE THE LATE RISER C40IET/ LET ME: FEEL THAT MOL3RMRJL. / x BELIEVE t>o you i».ib MEAN BUGS BUNNY All Wet CUT TH 1 NOISE, j I'LL SURPRISE PETUNIA W-WITH A SEl?ENAPEi ER YA'LL WAKE , CICERO i I'M £ 0A0YSITTIN' >v WITH'IM WHILST PETUNIA'S SONEJ Try, Try Again BY AL VERMEER PRISCILLA'S POP TAKE THE OTHER NIGHT.'/ WE -SPENT *320 ON A MOVIE.., AND NOW WE CAN HARDLY RECALL WHAT THE PICTURE WAS WE'RE IN LUCK POP/ IT'S STILL PLAYING/ WE FRITTER AWAY A LOT OF MONEY IN THIS FAMILY ALLEY OOP Straw Man BY V. T. HAMLIN HOWS A BETTER WAY OF COME ALONG BACK ELIMINATING THOSE GUYS \ WHERE WE'RE NOT THAN BY A WHOLESALE / SO APT TO BE SEEN ^ BUST1N 1 OF SKULLS? V AND I'LL LAY IT OUT FORVOU ANpsorrwAs THAT SEVERAL CAYS LATER THE INVAPERS OF MOO WERE TREATED TO A STRANGE SIGHT MORTY MEEKLE Solicitious BY DICK CAVALLI -SAY, IGNTTHISTHE \ DAY YOU BRING HOME I YOURREPORTCARD? • J <*.-^ WHV WOULDN'T 1 WJjf «3HETOLD SHE GIVE IT K%[ ME SHE TO VOU? J%%\ REMEMBERS yOUFROA\ A RT.A. MEETINQ... AND 6HE <3AYS VOU LOOkED LIKE YOU ALREADY HAVE ENOUGH TO WORRY ABOUT. THE TEACHER WOULDN'T GIVE IT TOME. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Password BY MERRILL BLOSSER y»ss *? WU-'^TKS* H A ^|H THE euvs WANT HER.TCJ FINANCE PATES THEM' C'MOM/ ITS TWIRP SEASON/ I'LL CREEP AROUND PACK DOOR. AND SAY THE" SECRET BMSS- WORD/ THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Depressed BY WILSON SCRUGGS MK5. WUYS, YOU DON'T LOOK AT ALL WELL. TMC MATTER? I WASWONDERIMG/DOYOUIOJOW WHO (X3ULD HELP THE WOMAW I'M WR^[M6 FOR FOR A' WHILE"? ' PASSED AWAY--I KWOW. MOTH IMS SEEMS A6WE5/ ITS 5O <5POD TO ) MY BKOTHEK OVEK SEE YOU. HOW HAVE YOUy/THERE IS GETTING BEEN? AKE YOU STILL WOKKIW6? Alibi Checks CAPTAIN EASY BY LESLIE TURNER YOUK STORY JIBE* WITH THE OWE VC7UK COSHAM FKIENP5 SAVE U5 ON THE PHONE 1 . BUT WB MU$T CHECK PTHBR WITNESSES TH 1 LA5f X CHECKIM6 HER ALI5I ONE IN ENQLAWP TO \ ROUTINE,PAM1 A GIRL HER COUNTRY! WAS WV0UIEP...15AW HER THEY 5HOULP 8E OUT / HANP THE PAPER. TO THE LOOKING FOR A5PV1 / COURIER- HMM! THAT 6ABB YOU MISTOOK FOR PENNV... HOW WAS SHE PRESSED? . WORE A BLUE TAW AWP RAIWCOAT MOT LIKE .. ! I WAS GOINC3 TOLUNCHiftKlP- REMEW6EKED A. COUPLE O 1 •VHINOS-EK- NOTHINGiPAM 1 . NOTHING AT ALL I

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