The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 28, 1927 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 28, 1927
Page 5
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PAGE BYTATLOR This Ha!^ Clay Curtjs). rpliintarliyi disinherits .taimsejl aid gives up a life of ease qnd li xaty to; Imltiate the examDie of hi s ^ktheri-T.: Q. Cur-, tis, a self-ma i& 'man- jand' owner of the larges Uenartinent sipfc . In Colfax. Cfa ' departs with ohly hand luggage aiiil his music. He has been an ncdeht student ot music al) lii; life, and Jils on( ambition is loifbecbme a great composer". .. ] | | With only.S2J^J3hn his pocket, - : Ciay turns to tlVe Ipoorer section of the lown t J Iniht foi* a; ronni. While wander liii^ there he Is arrested by the 30i|n& of violin music. Seeing I'B I RU "Booin for Kent" tacked on! the house fr6m which the music is coming, he . makes a hasty decision and raps at the door. ] Tlie .door is ; >peHcd by Billy Wells, ia straight, boyish little figure, Iwho rQc^gnizCs Clay im- iiioiiialdyi ^ Shofworks in his fa- Iher'ir ilc^artmei t store and has s'!cn Clliy there:Son spvcrul ioicu- sions. , I After" rebuking her; for 'breakinjg off the music! i^ the middle of a bari|Clay further as- : tonlsbcs ibc g|rl by as|(i|ig to '•• engage tho room. She calls her mother and aft^r Ctay's partial explanation of tils actions,'he is taken ijato' the JWOUB ' housobold at ton dollar.<i «! week. Now Hit <>n With the Storj CHAPTER IV. The next - morning, al wiiat Hcomid an uneattfhly hour to Clay I :Curtis, there.wais a knock on hi<i door,land Billy's!^risp voice called .out: ! •'Seven-thirty, .Mr. Curtis' 'Timejto get'up. i^reakfast at eight. I'vp^ finished with,the "bathroom," "Flfaished withi ,the bathroom! What the devil?" iClay Curtis nung the covers Wide iiud_.lc_Bped^,ojit ..of ' bed! into an "icy'room. What was ' the, matter;with:!tl^e ^leam heat? v^Maybe the radiator was turned off : ^lut then he rjsmembered. The little. Wells cotta'ge had no lurnace. nrt radiatoi.s. A! tiny pot-'bellied coal heater, withlan open ir^n door Bhowing kiMiinfe anil paper laid lor a fire. Was ^vidently tile only means, of heating the ^en-foot ; squuVe box otaifoom. i As Clay looked about • him. he lost som.e't of the'fine courage that bad sent liim dramatically out of .his father's luxiitrious house. His muscles wer? cij'amped from his effort to dispose his long body comfortably in the short, narrow, hard-mattressed ^ bed. His legs were turning blue with cold. He yanked down the window, which habit had made him raise wide to the tilasts of winter, and shuffled about the room, shivering into his , dark blue silfe t|ressing gown and edgihg his icy fijet into his comfortable old browin leather slippers. kt and started out jroom wl ich Billy She .selxeil iif»on the 1 iMm into frairinentii. warllar jthan-nsnql to bullda Icltili- Jen tiro, sb that the reservoirl tank kitld^ched to the stove would be ifilled with hot water when ht jwas really for it. By the time he I bad his si lower md his shave, he was ' whif tling' lis' nostrils quivering with keen juiigur. 'He dressed hurried y, in he;'beautifully tailored Bond Street !UiC ot dark gray English t\|eeds. \H'he knotted his cravat of burnt }raiige and brown, he was lium- niQg a tune and dancing frooi one ooi to another to keep from Jrccz- ngs . • 1 ' When he stepped into the femall )o.x of a hail he almost bulnped nto Billy Wells. , ! I , 'klQOil morning, your m^lesly. Yon look like the l?rince of AN'," sh^ mocked him. "If you gol job- huiiting in those togs they'll'make ;roii at' least the fourth vice-jiresi- \eit of the First National ii-^aK Sleep well? don't need to )erjure .vour-sf^ll. Vou slept ijptten iiieceii ot the fibofogropli mi tore Groping in a suitcase, he brought bnsthat sway-back bed. . If yoi|i pay up bis shaving to find; the "ba , • AVolIs' iiad fitti!; led witl|. F'ani-y , sharing^ a bathin iUi two other peo pic—and those fleople women! .Then the srae 1 of frj'ling liam ••'^and strong coffe^ came to' his cold- pirichcd nostrllsi: Lord, but he was \ -.hungry! He alnjost fan t» the tiny liathroom at the [end of tftc narrow hall. To his grateful suriirise. the batiiroom was Ueliciousi.v warm, waves of heat eddying uj> visibly from a funny lierosene oil stove. Thcr.'! was a clean but 'Sklmp balh towel, a bliie-bo^rdered face towel and a wash cloUr, all hanging on a small rack m<|destly removed at • KoiiicIdlstanc'p from the large! rack conuifiing to.we]i for tjic lisc brjthc Wells women, as he thoughtj of them. ,;•_•! ' He looked with an" involuntary shudder of dis aste at the short tub, then disco cred a .detachable shower a,rrange nent for .which he thanked his luc cy stars. The water was comforiingiy hot," though it never occurr^ to him; to wonder liad,^]1>een hooted.' He ~ took hot water!ias a ;:-ifitter of course, would Save'beeni incredu- • lous if .Mrs. Wells hadjtold him that she had ba^itpget ui| ^in hour fOLA HID] cm P0I7IiX& I18o.0Wi • ' par the lolIowlBg --- F^ncy Eggs Ko. jS Eggs _ 8prliig8 ———i We wm eome Mfter J.F. lol FTJR & >\ OOL [pANY !^,E( pijOM ISO? _l8c Hens -J.Jl-— Ijae to 3ne ._.„_Tt8c to 190 Borie Hi4«fl -L .L-—WJH) Green HMes -4-| Tonng and OM , 6c [C«ck8 _i—...lie POBIIXT. :oi\r board very ipromptlj-. I' 1 try o buy you a new bed on .tli,e in- tatlment plajii. Hungry*/"' "Starved," he grtiined at i her. Hnm and eggs! Boy. howdy ;:Ham. without tlie and.'' JBilly kVeils corrected liim crisply, "ivhen ve: have ham we don't havj; the 'ggs. and when we have eg^s we lon't havej ham. Today you get la^. Saturday it's eggs, and Sun lay it's Vcjil <'ountry .saiisagj.- and go Kcady thout that made • iuck,whpat cakes !iacik to I'apa?' 'bin, ready to cat ham w ihcaiuK lint you caii't kid ni 1 hc'rc '•'in't coffee and home i loC rolls.!! I smell them." •'On yoijr ir|ghl," she lajighed vitji suddeni boyish cfiniradetiness, yt{u sot Ithe, dining room of the Veils' mahsioh.I To tho soujlh of IJaJ is tlie-kitchen, with M • V'^ls berseif in charge. The matu na^ an eara'cho; this morning and he ciief quit yesterday." '.'bo'ri't rub it in so- hard,' he irggctl. as he drew out her- •hair ii t !tbe lalde. "I. think you «tight 1 o fie sport enough to let me f irget or: a while that I've—well, Tve i ivcil a little softer than you layc. 1 got sitk of soft living and du eked iout'of it. And I'm not so'rry—yet." '•Sorry." Billy] Wells thrus out 1 bcacitifully kept, small nhite land. He. took it, held it far a noment. then turned it patti up- "atd as if marveling at Its' softies*. , "•Vpu're wondaiing about my i4ifd8," She withdrew the nve pber without embarrassment "You see. [ w^rk in tlie glove depar^e it of Jie' Curtis Store. My hand^ got noithere. Have to-keep 'em obk- ng, like this, or I'd lose my job. >r be put in the hardware d»»i:rt- meUt. When you're fitting g ore's m ^wpmen, your hands • are the nT^f prominent! part about you. I'fll.Tf mother. The brute's sta r^•ed. i'in} afraid he deceived you about notil^eing a big eater. He even H'aDtfd ham and tbis mornlDE Did .vou: ever bear of such an uhbi idled pasiilito for food?" "ftood morning. Mr. Curtis. Now, Hilly, iOon't kid tho poor bo . I idld'fflx>iil«i aojBgg— and .you -mo, ^^tao^ set tlie; platter wi b lU .1^ i curlltig. thin slices of red, liam and its two fried eggs upon tlie table. "Take mine away! Eat it yourself!" Billy cried, making motions iof mock horror. "Ypu want me to get fat? There are jiighly calories in air egg. to say nothing of the, four hundred calories in a slice of ham—" ; ; '•Oh. you and your calories!" Mrs. Wells trotted in with,the big blue coffee pot and a heaping plate oif hot rolls. "She's a sight, that f-'irl. .Mr. Curtis. Weighs a hundred and one pnund.s. and.trying to take off that poor little extra pound! When I was a girl we a^ tried to look like Lillian Russell, and now the flappers could be lined up to make a picket fence! Some of this ham gravy. Mr. Curtis, or do you prefer butter?" Her tone indicated that she ardently hoped he didn't prefer butter—at' sixty cents a pound. I "Ham gravy! I haven't sopped gravy with homemade rolls since I wi's n kid of five or 'six." t .\ little later Billy pushed back her coffee cup and ilookcd at the watch,on h'er wrist. '"Got to dash. Stora doesn't open till nine, but we slaves have to be there by clgbt forty-five to get the •ountcrs' rcad.v. What's your program, Mr. Curtis?-; "1 do wish you'd call me Clay," He rose as she did. ••This is going to bo my home, you, know, and I want to be treated like one of the family. Will you, .Mfs. Wells, and yoii, too'/" " 'Coi^rse we'll call you Clay. Ilandlcf arc always getting in the way.:' Wrfi. Wells c)iuckled happily. ''And Billy 's Billy to everyone tliat's met "her twice. , (Jirls these days don't know a thiilg about tllgnity, but I don't |know as I blame 'em." "All right. Clay.'f Billy conceded. "Now, what's the ;big idea for today? Got any plans?" . •'Nary, a plan,"- he confessed. "I'm ju.'«t going to look for work— office to office fanvass. I suppose.'! "Or factory to ' factory. Good thing ours is an industrial town. Do you think you could stand the gaff if it came to that?" Billy asked, with a level, appraising look at the extremely well-dressed young man. 'llMt comes tp that. I'll have to. I'm not going home." he told her firinly. "I^rd. I like this place!" Hd looked about him-^at the snug. liomeyUttle room, at Mrs. Wells sinpi |ig her third cup of coffee and tw|nkling at him with friendly eyes, ak Billy, amazingly independent and' undaunted by tjhe prospect of janotber day on ber small feet ia bis father's store. jfWelj, can you beat it?' Billy planted her lovely little white hands on! her boyish .i hips and griuued broadly at her mother, after' Clay liad jgone to his own room, "Funny 4hing is I think be really means it. But jiiit you wait till be finds out that 'talking the wear:'* ^s not half so much fun as running a relay race, or gadding about Europe. ' Ana he's too darn good-looking. I like rugged, ugly men m>'self—Heavens! What was tha^? ^8 th<| prodigal son smashing the mirror!" she cried, as the 89und of violently splintered glass came from the little bedroom across the hall. Althpugb she was- in danger of being lutei for work, Billy loitered In the dining room, talking over the atranger within their bouse with her mother, until the front door slammed upon the beginning of I Ills first quest for work. fFhen shp ran to discover what dani|igc tb^ rich man's son had done. ^ , On tiio thrtfsbold she stopped and |<ca |ipcd with surprise. For hp bad clumsily rmado up his bed. The blosscrt Idiot! His clothes had been unpacked, too. and were neati^' buitg in the shallow closet. She wondered what ho had broken— there were no bits of glass on the floor._ Then she peered into i the wastebasket, . and saw] there a smaahe(> picture frame of hammered silver, a handful of brokien gla^s, and a photograph torn into three ragged pieces. Her curiosity overcame her scruples. She fished put the^ pieces of heavy, sepja- tinted paper and fitted them together so that they revealed the features of a coyly'beautiful blond, gazing with wide-eyed innocence at a crystal ball delicately clapped between pointed-nailed fingers. "So." and Billy Wells glared at the mutilated picture, '•you're the Etbiopian in the lumber! And what a pretty Etbiopiatti you are! That for you!" And she seixed, with quite extraordinary violence, upon the tliree pieces of the photograph and tore them'into tiny frag- nients. , then ;marchec| • into" the kitchen u'nd th^e* them into the bed of hot ^ coals in the kitchen stov^. He sliouUln't piece that picture together—and—and moon over it! she told herself, with au anger and a flush on .her cheeks whith she herself' did' not in the understand. (Tp Be Continued) Mrs. EliJabe a siege af[ covering Mrs. ! M1 Klink an _ Lvillp Sudflay and spent afternoon callers.: in tiie B, C. Jai iet home were: Mr. and -Mrs. Jast a. Sherj-ill and Mr> ai»d Har y Sheltonv and family. fx Fults has:been having the measles, i^uf is r^- licely. S.: aicHenry an^ G. F. family drove |to Hiatt- ,villp Sunday and spent thO day with C. t. McHenry and family. March B7.—The scho< 1 i-pport for the tiiontb ending' March". 18; is as follows: Those.'perfect in attendance are. Glen Kaufman, Clara Sheltpn, Rowlanjl Klink. Dale Kaufman, Frapkliia- Barth, Howard Baker. George Remsberg, AUenc Klink, Leona jBaker,- Virgil Japhet. Cortney Kaufman. Those receiving spelling certificates are Leona Baker, Ruth Beaty, Allene Klink. Rowland Klink bnd Dean Overman. Honor roll, those averaging 90 or abov*. Clara Sbel- toii. Dean Overman. Rowland Klink. Howard Baker.{ Charles Japhet. Rosemary Sbplton, Ruth Beaty, Franklin Bdrtb. Virgil Japhet, Allene Klinki J^ona Bakr er and Geoj-gc Remsberg. (iTbesc names werej omitted! through cr- rbr from tho honor roll last jmo'nth Howard Baker, Charles and! Virgil Japhet. 11' I 0. W. Baker arrived -bpme Tuesday night from Florida. He spends each winter! there talcing cure of his fruit farm. j J ' Mrs. Belle Fults liras I called to Golden City. Mo..- thi^ week on account of the doath of hior daughter-in-law, Mrs. Earnest Fults,! and while she was away| Mijs. J; C. Overman cared for two of: the grandchildren and Roy. | ' Allene Klink spent Wednesday night with Leoqa Baker land help•ed her celebrate heij birthday. Mrs. Delia H^ss ind Blanche, visited sevcjral week in the R. E. Sillllvaa bpipe. Mr. and iMrs. G. F. iCUnlc and family and Mr. and Mrs. N. .YSams: motored, five miles east of Colony Sunday anid partook of a iMunteous (linner in the W. Williams home. . ' The M. 1. C. will: meet with Mrs. R. E. Sullivan' W;edne$day afternoon, April 6. ; Earnest Fults was here several days this week visiting !his mother Mrs. Belle Fults. J DEPENDABLE USED ^SSpecIaJ' Dodge . isnappy Buick roadster, tires; 1926 Hudsoni c >acb close-out ip a 1922!Bliick Ford touring, and a dan. Marr Anto Buick Dealers. -1926 ; a [real four; new ; a! real toi|r!ng. MaxWpIl se- $uppiy Co.i DEPENDABLE USED .CARS—192G Cheirrolet coach; 1923 Chevrolet coadh;:'l!Ssex coachi; ||Dodge road- sterj worth the money; 1922 F. B. jCheyrolet roadster, [rebuilt ,and refinisbed; 1923 Star, roadster; 192.1; Chevrolet roadfeter. rebuilt and refinisbed. B. Tl Barber Garage. 211 West street!. Phone 515. 1..J \ '• EMPLOYMENT WE P-<y =SAfiAJCr^4pa ^exp€i»ae« fox Plan ani'mi'B.mlai or ytpmi to travel California, Tlorli^'i-p^ any atate. ?<Nd'selling.' Opportiin- ity for local >ork. C »I1 Mr. an4 Mrs.rcantwell. [ ^qrUand Hotel, Room 44; Eh'dne 107. . •. HelPr-Hale and Feiwie M MAN \AilD 'WO.MAN-Tlntere]»ted In .iKep^ng cows and cbicfceiis and frijck. fanning *antedr: MeadqT^ia Farm. aW -mjIea :sonib of " ' i Depot, Humboldt. .MANf -WanU work of ^^uy. kind: Phone 1545 or Inquire at 207 S- \\^hington. FINANCIAL Money to"t.oaii--]ICortOTge» • 40 FARM LOAND-rQuielt service and reasonable r«tet. A. D. Bnw- ^brne.' 213 g. Washthgton. MONEY TO LOAN—Private and "eastern money to loan on farpviv and ' city property, Low rate. Tiernis ai^d payment to suit borrower. Stewart & Funk.' FARM AND CITY LOANS—Base rate!on farms, &%. city i%. Long or short time. R. M. Cunningham. LIVESTOCK Hones; CatUe. Tehleles 48 COWS— 3 good ones, 1 fresh. f2 Jersieys fresh soon. S. E; McGin- nfs. j420 North Elm. FORD ROADSTER—>few tires. Al condition, new paint; good up- bolsliery. starter, demountablcs. Ralph Jones, Geneva. I FORD TOURING—1923 standard touring, new paint, [good, rubber, upholstery good, Alj mechanical sbapd, good top. Terms. McCarthy J^otor Co., 212 Sl Washington. Phonie J93. " LATE ; DODGE—Bus excellent condition, ably pri9ed; no trade Marr. 227, iness coupe, very reason- Phonp Geo. OAKLAND — Dcalerij-PONTiAC '26. pontlac coupe, good as n^w; '24 Fordy-oadstor; '2i Ford coiifpe. good; 'a Ford coupis, cheap; "22 Hudson sedan, good shape; '21 Studdiaker 4-paas. | coupe, fine shape; '23 Dodge coupe; '18 Dodge touring, good. Some other very cheap cars. Cash, terms or trade. Hobart-^teele Motor | Co. HOLSTEIN COWS—two pure bred. 5 and 7 years did. one-giving over tbreQ gallons per day, one giving five 'gallons per day. both arc sound 'iind gentle. These , cd.w!s can pB -'bought worth the money, but iQust go soon. ! Inquire McCarthy .Motor Co.. 212 S. Washington, or phone 893.; ; daughter, days l^t VSfiU PARTS-^S'omej parts for all' cars, all parts for atome cars. lola Wrecking Co. i 1 ANNOUNCEMENTS Strayed. Lost FoiJBd \—Black, cor 10 POCKETBOOK—Blacic. containing •bills and,small cbangje. • Finder please leave at Register office. STRAYED—One tay Saturday evening mare from Butcher's barn. Phone 917. mule, J. C. HOUSEKEEPER JGodd, steady . woman for housework: Phone 1239J. • I AUCTIONS! Inctloni When old T. (J. Cnrfls learns, tbnt hl.s son Is livim; ut Blih*s hou>c there wnr between liim . and Billy: .Vnd—but read the ne.\t chapter.' Kidnapdd ^Tenhe^see ' Girl Is Brought Back ICIiatianooga, , Tenn., Mar. 28. (AP )—The city of Chattanooga today offenJd a reward of $500 for, trie capture, dead or alive, ot the kidnapers of tW9 year old Virginia Jo Frazier, daughter ot Acting Mayor anb Mrs. Fred B. Frazier. who was !stolen from her crib Wednesday night and returned to her parents la^t night after they had paid a ransom of (3,333.33. ^aHarpe4-H Club Is I Organized Saturday The Laliarpe Community 4-n club WB9 organiEpd afternoon with the foUqwiog i officers: Mildrcfd Treadway, president; Olive Day., secretary. The club has eleven charter members, Josephine Wcith and Mrs. Henderson Aytchell artf leaders for the club. PUBLIC AUCTION—Public auction every Saturday at 1:00 1 o'clock at Bishop's Sales Pavilioij. " lOA AUTOM Antomoblle Agencies A USED CAR—Is as Idpriendebie as the dealer who sells ?t —Dodge Sales and Service. |rbe best place to buy good, dcpend^bld nsed c^rs. At present we bays a complete line of both open and closed models, priced to sell.! Ellis Motor Co„ 214 North Washington. HUDSON-BfeSEX—Siles and Service. Bud iWhlte Motor Co.. J819 South WafehlngtoH. [ Phone 180; Antomoblles tor Sale '^1 CHEVR 6 LET —Four I dior sedan, . Al condition, good rubber.' In quire ;!17 N. Sycaronrp Pho. 381. DODGE TOimiNG4-l !^i5 model, gpdd tires, good pa|nt, 'mechanical .condition- first class Boye)r Mo-! tor Co., 212 S. Jpfferiso^ Pbgnc 23 DEPENDABLE USEb CARS—1926 ChoVro|;el coach; .1925 1 S/ar touring, perfect, condition: !BBSex coach; 19'^2 F. B. Chevrolet road? te'r, rPbiiot and refinibbed; 1923 Itar roadster; 1923 Chevrolet roadster, rebuilt and refinisbed; BoocI Dodge touring; Ford touring. J25.00. B. T. Barber (^fagc; 211 i West street. Phone FRECKLES AND MS FRIENDS BEft? STUAJ6 MB.'.' . OLD 86^5 AAJyWAy// 1^1 boA<^/ rr 1926 CHRYSLER "io"' SEDAN— J926 Chryslpr "58" i coach; 1925 Overland sedan; !1j92S Maxwell cltib coupe; 1526 Fprd roadster. We trade. Ross Arbupkle'a Garage. Chrarsler. Dealers. "Phone 56. Auto Aeeessorieg, tirty, PMtt 18 BUSINESS SERVICE cows—Three good, fresh milk cows and 6 nice s'hoats. weigl^ about 75 lbs. C. F. GentZ; 1% miles north on State street. FOUR MULES—4 and ^ years old, 3 broke and 1 halter broke, gentle. S. R. Roberts. Colony. Kans.. phope.30 -6. '+1 Furnitnre 'Store^. Jeperson;; •BgslnegsafaOjpiy usedi . A wiety to se{5ft .frontt Terms If. desired., Willlanisl TxM writer Co.. Room tO. oiver Globft ^p Ffm .tqol^aeiit ^.MERSON SULKY PLOW-flHTOrK^ walking plow. I^tb >6 -llnch. Vf^l-;\ tcr Strong. yoran.Kans. u ij Fuel, Vvti, feirtqiifff NICE PRAIRIE HAY—Baled, 8 ?Ct bale at barn. Lewis Powell, mOo-/ north and one east lion Wwltf. -'it. 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WANTED TO BUY—Used planq... .W?iverly School District No. 77- Pbone LaHarpe 744. 20 PIGGY; S0W8--Welght from 200 lbs.-to 360 lbs., will farrow from one to three weeks; three extra good work horses; 1 14-inch walking plo^y; 1 set work harness; two saddles; 10 extra, good, milk cows and ten will be fresh In from two to six weeks. WiU sell dn time or trade for other cattlp. J. C: B.utcber. 1 TWO ROOM APARTMENT—Fu>- nished. modern, ground floor.joutt side entriance. Phone JL396.| : ' Ponltry and S^pp^e^ 49 CORR TftANSFBR CO.—PalMng. storage, long diatinca bauUng. Reasonable rate's. \ IPbdne 140. .Frofesslotial Senrfeet ' 28 SURQER'T — Medldiie, X-ray. pr. p, LpnskL ^dhes:, otflef. 886; residence. llggW,' ' EMPLOYMENT HelpWanted-l^^enale 82 WOMA.N'—For, general; housework and cooking at 422! East street. Phone 1431W. " • Help •"tTanted-f^:iffale 33 F.\K.M HAND — Wanted, experienced, good wages fov right i^rty. IBOX 63. Humboldt. Ifans., ^R. 1. FLASHLIGHT .0 P 6 R!ATES WITH- out Batteries—The j Light That Never. Fails. Every flashlight *iser will want one. Only live salpsmep who wish to earn big money considered.! Demand already created—no competition. If •you can recognize i good proposition get busy and !make yourself $100 per ^ecjk. Motor Dynateo Light Corporation, ^31 Mfrs. |Jx;- cbange.Bldg.," Kansas City, Mo. , .MARRIED* MAk— Winted to work on farip. Se^: me it. once. F^ed Holmqnjst, Yates Cpgter. Kans. ;, PORTER WAMtfiD-UAt once * at Kelley Hotel. Call [in person RELIABLE FARM 1^AND=--Wanted immediately; ex'^rlenced ip milking; apply In perspii A. H. .KnofP- pel. Phone 53-?. Colony. ^Caus^. |50.00 ^VEEKLY-To represent'an "Eastern Mfg. Co." • A great invention that.has bejenlprj^laimed a fcaj trpasure fpr th^', hoipp. ThTc^ vital p.^Qp^ttles 'fpr ev^ry . home all • combined in dnfe handy and clever unit. Ladies or gei^ts.. lExperiepce nnnpoesskry. Not spid through the storey. I Fpr full pfir- ticulara address iPpxi 139, Icjl^, Kansas. BABY CHICKS—From Reds that .ire Reds. Ready now. '1425 N. Cottonwpdd.., Pbone -1362W. BABY CHICKS—From largest modern batcbpry in southeast Kansas, state accredited chicks for prices iiaid'i for ^raight run chicks. .Call 9il2Fll. lola.'Ttonsas. riABy. CHICKS—Why TIUJI others whei»»you can gpt State Accredited ifhicks for 512.00 per 100? Leghorns. $11.00 per lOQ.. Cpme and see what wej have in tihe chick feed line. Sdl Hot Oil grooders. any size }'ou vjant.- Custoid Hatching. 4c per egg. 220 West street. Sturdy Chick (Hatchery,', EGGS—.Single to hatch. 6c Ola: Stickler. Kansas. Comb Leghorn eggs jbove market. Mrs. Phone 615, Moran. EGG9.— WhitM- Wyandotte, from range flopk, production by 100.! Mr^. B east; 5i 9puthl (culled for type and state expert, $3 per uce Armacost, mile Ipla. Phone 998-21. GEESE EPCSJ ,and ihalf.past :HENS-r4% ddzen WJiiite Leghoi n Jefferson avi nue. HIGHEST tor ! cream. Our! truck , at your set- try. iBarker !—Two miles of Piqua.; north young English hens. -1201 North • Phone 979-32. MARKET- '-^Mees paid . iggs and ponltry. land chicken! coops are ice to pick, up poul; pduce Co> Fbo. 658. INCuiATOR}-|-2Q0 ' capacity witK featiipr brooder, a bargain; also S. C. yVbitc Minorca .eggs, $4-50 per I loo. , wdio Rosepberger, " nill .g8 •wrest. ^ yuth Ipla. QUALITY ELECTRIC HATCHERY, GM City. Kans. Custom hatching. 3'c per cgg.oi' 5c per chick. Baby chicks, ieavy. breed, |i2 per lOO; light breeds, $10.50 per 100. ms. W. J|EGHQBN CHICfCS^ For tomorrow. . . . and iQol^. at Hatchery. 22 Prices right. Come. ^hpm. Sturdy citick () West street. WANtEt) he^d cattle o MoranJ FUN STARTEDI —V oi&a?c3U! WANTED TO IBUV —All kinds cat- tl? Wd liqgtj. J.. C- Butcher. IpASTUHE^-^About 10 colts. Phone 18-18. Wapted—To Buy CJFIIFPONIER—TJsed wbitc rifiplo. l?honp 8. , , • V WANTED TO BUY--A Mammoth Bronze.turkey gobbler. Phonp:^'^- REAL ESTATE FOR ffSSlt Apartnenta and FlaU ^ '^4 m TWO ROOM APARTilENT-^Or'' sleeping roqpi. ground 1 flopr. 223^ South Siickeye atreet.J •] ,-l ! Farms and Land for Bent 7,9 ABbUT 80 ACRES—Cff firming and mow land, 5% iniles north-; west of lola." John Reuthey. 80 ACRES—Near Moran, some ipis- ture. rest in cultivation. .Inftuire C. C. McCarty & Son;. 301 Sauth street, i Phone 216. • i •<•'• •- • 1^ Homes for Bent 7.7 HOUSE^e room modem, 300 block on South Washington. Phone 79. HOUSE—Good 5 room, barn,'gar-, age. chicken 'house, one acre. : OCTS ground, some fruit, good location.'' V. C. Archer, Old Court House. THREE ROOM HOUSE—Electric lights, city water. locatfed at Spg South Chestnut See M. A. SchUcfc Suburban for Benti 80 HOUSE—Barn and 3 acres, chicken house.! lots of fruit. Van Hyning, Kelley Theatre. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE ^ !Bon9e8 for Salis 84 CO'TTAGE — Five rppm | modern, good condition, from owner. PhQne -10.33-1 -^504 AVest Madison."; HQUSE-^3i room.^ to be moved off lot. . Phone 605. HOUSE— 6 room mddorp, garage, 44 plose in, near Jefferson "school. John Reutbpr. ^ .MODERN HOUS^E—Fine locatiqn. ^ 6 rooms, closet^, bath, pantry, porches, garden. D. C. Catiop, Humboldt, Kans, J t REAL BARGAJ-VM'ive room mo|d- [er4 cottage, newly dctioratcd, east front. lot and half, garage. Dppl witli' ovvdor.. 410 South CUcstnul street. Phone 1264y. • ' To Excliaiige-Bcal KstAte 88 EQUITY-'fn '5 room cyilta^ge for stock and farm eqiiipineht. Jackson Realty Co., over - Brown 's Drug Store. FOR TRADIO—I have ,2 SO^aore tracts that 1 will traxlo tor lola residence at a fair-price:' Doq't'. want much mortgage., D. B. Wat-- sqp, Bronaon, K§n8. 1 ^ j GOOD EIGHTY —unimproved,- fx- ;| change equity, for small ti^wn' ¥ property. Arbuckle's Real Estate.^" B5CB 'looic jar TjH^^ HJii ISA Q»>& TMsKir $niN6 S«)t> AAV X'U,rPUNI9H V 1

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