Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 14, 1950 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 14, 1950
Page 12
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tAOlTWtLVt • ••••••••••••••••••••• Acliesait's Press Speech Historic Stresses Will to Resist Reds As Necessary By JAMBS MARLOW WASHINGTON, Jan. 14. <*> Secretary of State Acheson talked this week ftt a luncheon In the National Press Club. This was as "smooth a performance as has ever been witnessed at the National Press Club/' the Washington Post said a few hours later. It was also very somber In us Implications although this may have been lost sight of In the attention which was given to one port of his talk. This was when ho said the Rus- sinns are Rabbin* off parts ol China and that one day the Chinese people, getting wise to what has happened, will be furious at And'he repealed what President Truman had said earlier this That this government Isn't going to bail out Chiang Kai-shek's ruined regime In Formosa where hf's taken his last stand against the Communists who'vo overrun the rest of China. The next question In the minds of congressmen and others Is: Where, then, will the U. S. take n firm stand In Asia and tell the Communists: Beyond this point you can't pass? For them, Acflieson had no single or reassuring answer. He did say this county will stand fast In Japan and the Philippines. 6ut for the mainland of Asia, what he said In effect was this: The U. S. will Have to call Its •hots as It sees them. So no one can predict now what the U. S. will do In any given situation. Why not? Because, Acheson said, the U. S. can be effective In any country threatened by Communism only If: The people In that country want to resist Communism, have the will ta resist, and have loyalty to the government which the Communists wish to overthrow. And Acheson pointed out that Asiatic peoples are particularly susceptible to Communist penetration because of their economic conditions and for various other reasons. Said Acheson: "We can help only where we are wanted and only where the conditions of help are sensible and possible." In years gone western powers operated In Asia with a strong hand. That was when the Asiatics were docile, unorganized, and militarily defenseless. But Acheson recognizes a new day In Asia. He said: "What we see Is that day which Is dawning may go on to a glorious noon or It may darken and It may drizzle out. "But that decision lies within the countries of 'Asia and within the power of the Asian people. "It is not a decision which a friend or even an enemy from the outside can decide lor them." This press club talk of Acheson'* may be looked back upon as an historic expression of American policy in Asia. DonGehrmann, Fast Field in Star Mile Race ALTON EVENING TELEOKAMI IATURDAY, JANUARY 14. till By JOE IVE0 WASHINGTON, Jan. 14. <*>Wisconsin's bespectacled Don Gehrmann meets 'eight of the world'* best millers tonight In his first ma Jor test of the Indoor track sea son. The third running of the Wash Ington Evening Star game* alto brings Gehrmann back to the east /or the first time since the 1M9 Mlllroi* games In which he turned In the year's fastest Indoor mile— 4:09.5—to beat Willy Slykhuls of Sweden. "This II my year,** Gehrmann said last, night. "I hope to win as many as I can this season and as fast as I can. I'm In top shape now and I plan to start an Indoor string with the Star mile." Gehrmann expects his toughest competition to com* from Alt Holmberg of Sweden. Holmberg Is a newcomer among European distance stars. He warmed up for the Star games by win nlng the Sugar BowJ at New Or leans, Jan. 2, for the University of Tennessee where he Is a Ireihman exchange student. Other mile entrants Include blp George Wade of Yale who woh her* In 1949 In 4:1§,1: Browning Ross, Olympic steeplechaser from Vlllanova who copped the star mile two years .go In 4:13.7; John Towmey of the Illinois A.C.; Pre Andresen of Norway who now attends Alfred University; Joshua Tobey of Brown, Bob Palmer ol Maryland and .Ctrl Joyce of Georgetown. > Cornell's Charles Moors, Seton Hall's Charley Blade; former Vll- lanova ace George Gulda, George Rhoden of Morgan State aru Olympic star Herb MeKenley. wil meet In the 600 yard events. Gulda won this «ven last yeyr In IjlS.X Kentucky Trio Doing OK in NBA *^ I S5S55^Uuffc»7oogi trio ol Aj>» OMM»> Kalph B ** rdcl *J| c !Jf*W!?- — ?; Ji ¥ Mt4 .3 points la* '* ^iwWppe^W.. iMToiyny over i<M» Ntw York Corb Ark Nat Ga« A H 1-4 Cities Svc 73 7-8 El Bond A Sh 18 5-8 Ford M Can A 21 3-4 <alser Frazer ............ 47-8 Kingston Prod «... 31-8 Niag Hud Power 15 1-2 Intense Pressure Off Marker NEW YORK, Jan. 14, <*>—Radio-television and meat packing stocks took the fancy of buyers ortay In another surging market. The direction of prices generally ivas upward, but selling was still MRorous enoURh to limit gain* to u point, or less—mostly less. The intense pressvire that knock•d tho market off its feet latr Thursday and again yesterday at Imes, however, seemed to have pent Itself. Trading was fast, especially for a Saturday, although well below Friday, which was the biggest day since May, 1948. Turnover hit a rate of around 1,100,000 shares tor he two-hour session. The leadership offered the market by radio-television and meat jacking Issues was considered a .rifle on the weak side. Chrysler was one of the few veak spots, losing around a point at one time. Pushing ahead vigorously were Armour St. Co., Cudahy, Swift, In- .ernntlonal and Wilson. A favor- ible earnings statement issued by Armour helped to bolster this group. Higher were Emerson Radio (up icarly 2 points), Philco, Radio Corp., Zenith, and Magnavox. Railway obligations showed a tendency to improve in the bond market. Closing New York slocks: Abbott 51 Al Chem A Dye > 204 Allied Strs 33 3-8 Allis Ch 32 3-4 Am Can 106 Am Car & Fdy 27 1-8 Am Gas & Elec 50 7-8 Am Loco '•••• 157-8 Am Pow «• 15 1-4 Am Had 13 7-8 Am Smelt 54 1-2 Am Snuff 41 3-4 AT&T 146 7-8 Am Tobacco 74 7-8 Anaconda ... 29 3-4 Armco ... .....'. 273-4 Armour ... 81-2 A T A SF 101 1-2 Avco 6 1-8 Bald Loco ., 11 7-8 Bendlx 36 1-8 Beth Steel 31 1-4 Borden 48 1-4 Borg Warner 57 Brlggs 29 Case 391-2 Caterpll Trac .. Ches At) Chi A NW 12 1-2 Chi Rl A Pac 41 5-8 Chrysler 63 7-8 Comwealth Edl 297-8 Congoleum Nairn 27 3-8 Cons Edison 28 1-8 Cons Gas 44 Container 39 1-2 Cont Can 35 1-2 Corn Products ............ 683-4 Crane >.;.' 281-2 Curt Wright 8 1-4 Douglas 713-4 Du Pont 61 Eastman 46 1-8 El Auto Lite .....; 44 G E 41 1-2 G M 69 7-8 Gen Time 23 Goodrich 725-8 Goodyear t. 44 3-4 Ct Nor Ir Ore 12 7-8 Gt Northern pf 421-4 Greyhound H Homestake ... ...; 47 Houd Hersh 13 1-8 Hudson Mtr 14.1-2 C 36 3-8 Inland 39 Ins Con Corp 14 3-4 Int Harv ^273-4 IntHarvpf 180 Int Nick Can * 28 3-8 [TAT ... f t - • • 12 3-4 Jewel ... y 1-2 Johns Manv 47 1-4 Kennecott 52 7-8 Keystone SAW 17 3-8 Khnberiy Clark 24 1-2 Lib Glass ,.„„ LlbbyMcNAL T ™» Marshall Field 24 3-4 Mont Ward 55 7-8 Nnsh Kelv 17 l' a Nat Biscuit 38 5-8 Nat Cont J «j", Nat Dairy 3B 3 ' 8 Nntl Steel N Y C R R 12 1>2 Am Avla »• I 1 *' North Amer 18 7 Northern Pac I 8 Ohio Oil 271 Owens Glass " 4 J -» Packard * 1 Pan Am Air 9 7-8 Param Pic J^ J' 1 55 I- 15 7-« »-••• •::::::::::::::: «-!3 fttflDINTt Or fAtT ALTON AMI WOOD RIVIH AHIAS FREE DtUVtftY AND PICK-UP SERVICE FOfc WHITE WAY LAUNDRY ALTON'S Shirt LMinOy CALL ACt CLKAMSM - l-Tltl Dewey Kelley Chicago, St Louis Grain Quotations Cshlrmro Cash Offlln CHICAGO, Jan. 14, (JP) — WHEAT — No. 3 red 2.11'-4. CORN --- No. 1 yellow 1.32Vi; No. 3, 1.27-%-1.31 Vi; No. 4, 1.24 U- 1.26V',; No. 5, 1.19. OATS — No. 1 heavy mixed 76- 76Vi; No. 1 heavy white 77-78; No. 1 extra heavy white 78V, No. 1 white 76-76%; No. 3 medium heavy white 76; No. 4, 74U; No. 1 heavy sample red 80. BARLEY - Malting 1.20-1.60 nominal; feed 90-1.20 nominal. ChlcRRo Grain Future* Low Close High WHEAT— Mar. ... 2.1614 May ... 2.11 July ... 1.H2U Sep. ... 1.92V4 CORN- Mar. ... 1.30 1.29 U 1.27 'H 1.23 uly Sep. OATS— Vlar. ... May ... 69% Tuly ... 6234 Sep. ... 61V4 Dec RYE— May ... 1.42'.i Tuly ... 1.42 1 )* Sep. ... 1.42'A' SOYBEANS— Mar. ... 2.33!i May ...- 2.29'A July ...J2.25V* Nov. ...72.01 H 33 1-4 29 1-2 Penney Penn .. Phelps phllHp Mor Phillips ... • •••• Pure Otl ........ RCA Reo ... .......... Repub Stl Scott ... Sean Shell Oil Simmons Sinclair Socony Vac .. • •« South Pac ... 52 1-8 ...60 3-4 ...28 1-8 ... 13 7-8 ...10 5-8 ... 24 ... 66 3-4 ... 43 1-8 ...36 ...27 1-4 ... i!2 3-4 ... 16 3-8 ...51 3-8 ... 0 3-4 ... 22 1-8 ... 62 1-4 ... 43 3-8 ... 66 3-4 ...37 5-8 7-8 *;« 1-4 St Brands St Oil Cal St Oil Ind St Oil N J Sterling Studebaker ;.. '£* Swift g Texas Co «J »•• Tlmken Axle Trans America Un Carbide Un Pacific •«• Un Airlines Un Aircraft 26 3-8 U S Rubber ^ * U B Steel «» '•» 5 W U ......* 21 West Elec 30 3 Woolworth ,. 40 3-8 Wor PAMPrpf H M gonlte 5 Telegraph Want Ad» "CUCK" 1.15 H 2.15 >A 2.10 1.90% 1.91 VI 1.29',4 1.28 H 1.27H 1.22 % 1.15 2.15% -16 2.10% . 1.92V*- 1 /! 1.92 Vi 69% 62 H 1.29 VI 1.28% 1.27 V. 1.22 H- 1.15 73 69% 62 Vi 61 % 63 % 1.41 Vi 1.42 1.42 Vi 2.32 2.28% 2.24 V4 2.00% 1.42V* 1.42 '/i 2.32 U-Vi 2.29 2.24% 2.01 Doak Walker Named Nelson Trophy Winner BOSTON, Jan. 14. <&>— Doak Walker, Southern Methodist's; three-time All-Amerioan football star, will be awarded the Swede Nelson Trophy for outstanding sportsmanship during the 1949 season at the Gridiron Club's annual dinner today. Two years ago Walker was voted the Maxwell Trophy and last year he was he recipient of the Helsman Award for outstanding gridiron performances. Zanzibar now has 1U llrit phone book. NOTJCBS NOTICE Or SPECIAL ELECTION Community Consolidated School District Number 151, Madison County, Illinois. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on Saturday, the 38th day of January 1890, a special election will be held in and for Community Consolidated Schoo District Number 151, Madison County Illinois, for the purpose of submiltlni to the voters of said School District the following proposition: Shall' the Board of Education of Community Consolidated School i District Number 151, Madison County, Illinois, build a new school building on the present Beplor High School Site located et aaoo College Avenue, Alton. Illinois, to be used in teaching the manual arts? . < That for the purpose of said electlor said Community Consolidated School District Number 151. Madison County Illinois, has been divided Into eight election precincts, the boundaries of which and the polling place for each being as follows; Precinct No. 1—The Polling Place IRVING SCHOOL. 1030 State Street shall Include all that portion of Schoo! District No. 151 beginning at the center line ol Market Street from the Mississippi River north to the center ol Twentieth Street; ihenco west on Twentieth to the center of Belle Street thence north on Belle Street to the center of Madison Avenue; thence wos on Madison, to the center of State Street; thence northwest on State Street to the center at Haw ley Avenue thence west on Hawley through th< center of the north drive of Fairmount to the Mississippi River. Hence along the Mississippi River to the point of beginning. Precinct No. 2—The Polling 1'Ucr. McKINLEY SCHOOL, 121 W Klin, shall Include all that portion "( School District No. ISV beginning »l the Mississippi River and extending <-ast through the center at the north drive of Fairmount to the point where the corporation Una crosses llawlcy Avenue; thence east on Hawley to the center of State Street: thence southeast along the center of State Street to the center of Madison Avenue: thence east on Madison Avenue to the center of Uolle Street; theaca south on Belle to the renter of Twentieth Street; thence east to the center of the C. M. * O. Railroad, thence north on the O M, 4 O. Railroad to the center of St. Joseph Avenue; east on St. Joseph Avenue nnd east on the center of .Cardinal to the Wood. River Township line; theiu-e time TANK CCii FOOL BUILDINC-PUMF SERVICE Kleetrlc Keel Sewer Serviee DIAL 2-8042 Township line; thence south along the center of Rock Springs Drive line to the Center of Brown Street; thence | along 'Brown Street to the center oC , Pearl Street; thence west and north along Pearl Street lo the center of Liberty Street; thence north on Liberty to the center of Twelfth Street; thence west on Twelfth Strtet to th« center of Langdon Street. PrwHnct No. S—The Polling Puce, HUMBOLDT SCHOOL, flth and Central Avenues, shall Include all that portion of School District No. Ill beginning at the Mississippi Mlver thence north along the center of Langdon Street to the center of Sixth Street: thence east on Sixth Street to the center of Llbtrty Street; thence north on Liberty Street to the center of Pearl Street; thence east and south on Pearl Street to the center of Brown Street; thence east and north on Brown Street to H north and south line through the center of Rock Springs Drive, thence south on this Bock Springs Drive Una to the Mississippi River Hence along the Mississippi River to the point of beginning. Precinct - No. 6—The Polling Place, CLARA BARTON SCHOOL, 409 Main Street, shall Include all that portion of School District No. 1S1 beginning at the Mississippi River, thenoe north along a line extending through the center of Rock Springs Drive to the center of Washington Avenue; thence northeast on Washington Avenue to the center of Sanford Avenue; thence south and east on Santord Avenue to the center of Brookslde Avenue, thence south on Brookslde Avenue to the Mississippi Blver. Hence along the Mississippi River to the point of beginning. Precinct No. T—The Polling Place, HORACE MANN SCHOOL. 270i Edwards, shall include all that portion of School-District No. 151 beginning at the intersection of the center of Sanford Avenue and the center at Vista Avenue; thence north on Vista Avenue to the center of Hillcrest Avenue, northwest on Hillcrest Avenue to the center of Eastwood Avenue; thence north on Eastwood Avenue extended to the center of Spauldlng Avenue; along Spaulding to the center of Mayfield Street; thence east on Mayfield Street to the center of George Street; thence north on George Street to corporation limit; thence along the corporation line to the center of Rodgers Avenue; thence north along Rodgers Avenue to Illinois State Route 140; thence east on Illinois State Route 140 to the eastern boundary of the District; thence north on the eastern boundary to the northeastern corner of the District to the Wood River-Fosterburg Township line; thence wesi along the Wood River-Fosterburg Township line to the intersection of the Wood River Township line; thence south along the Wood River Township line and a line which extended would be the center of Rock Springs Drive and extended to the intersection of the center of Washington Avenue and a line extended through the center of Hock Springs Drive; thence northeast on Washington Avenue to the center of Sanford Avenue': thence south and east on Sanford Avenue to the center of Vista Avenue. V Precinct No. 8—The Polling Place. MILTON SCHOOL, 3323 Fernwood, shall include all that portion of School District No. 151 beginning at the Mississippi River; thence straight north to the center of Brookslde Avenue, continuing north on Brookside Avenue to the center of Sanford Avenue; thence on Sanford Avenue to the center of Vista Avenue; thence north on Vista Avenue to the center of Hillcrest Avenue; northwest on Hillcrest Avenue to the center of Eastwood Avenue; thence north on Eastwood extended to the center .of Spaulding Avenue and along Spauldlng to the center of Mayfield; thence east on Mayfield to the center of George Street; thence north on George Street to corporation limit, thence along the earporatlon line to Rodgers Avenue: thence north along the center of Dodgers Avenue to the center of Illinois State Route 140; thence east on Illinois State Route 140 to the Eastern boundary of District No. 151; thence south along the boundary line of the District to the Mississippi River: thence west along the River to where a southward extension of the center of Brookslde meets the Mississippi River, The polls of said election will be opened* at twelve o'clock Noon and will be closed at seven o'clock P. M. of said' day. Legal voters of the School District must vote at the polling place designated In the- election precinct within which they reside. By order of the Board of Education of Community Consolidated School District Number 191. Madison County, Illinois. Dated this llth day of January. 1950. C* J. 8CHLOBBM. President. Board of Education. Community Consolidated School District Number 181. Madison County, Illinois. H. EDWARD MEYER, Secretary. Board of Education, Community Consolidated School District Number 181, Madison County, Illinois, UABsl Or CssANlia JULES B1LDERBECK—We wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to all our relatives, friends and neighbors for their kindness and sympathy shown during our recent bereavement. We especially wish to (hunk the Rev. Freeman Privet! and the Rev. George Lamken. the pall bearecs, those who donated cars, sent c in els, or Nonil offerings and all those who assisted in any way. •The Bllderbeck Family. 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"LET'S LOOK AT THE R«C i OHDS '! i MISLEADING -STATEMENTS TO THE CONTRARY, THERE IS NO GRANITE QUARRIED OR CEMETERY MEMORIALS MANUFACTURED IN THE ALTON VICINITY. THE GRANITE INDUSTRY IS LOCATED PRINCIPALLY IN MINNESOTA, WISCONSIN. VER line to the north boundary of the School District; thence west along the northern boundary of the School District to the Mississippi River. rUnve along the Mississippi River to the point of beginning 1 . Precinct No ,1—The Palling I'lare, LINCOLN SCHOOL, 1021 Alton Street shall Include all that portion ol School District No. 191 beginning at the center 1'tie of Market Street Iraqi the Minis- slppi Klvrr north la the center at Twentieth Street, thence east on Twentieth Street to a point which would intersect the northern extension of the center of Langdon Street to the center of Twentieth thence south on the center of Langdon Street to the centet ol Twelfth Street; thence east on Twelfth Street to the center of Liberty Street: thence south oa Liberty Street lo the center of Sixth Street: thence west on Sixth Street to the center of Langdon Street! theace south on Langdon to the Mississippi River. Hence along the Mu- •luippl River to the point of be»in- Precinct No. 4-iThe Polling Place, WASHINGTON SCHOOL. Ills) Curdle, shall Include all that portion ol School District No. 191 beginning al the intersection of Langdon Blreel and Twelfth Street; thence north on the center ol Langdon • Street to a point whtrt an extension of the center 01 Langdon Intersect* the center ol Twentieth street: theaes) east to the center of th* G M. ft O. iillroad. thence north along the B, M. * O. Railroad to lh( venter oi -• - - -• on - DEALERS OBTAIN STOCK MONUMENTS AND MARKERS rROM THIS! i VARIOUS MANUFACTURING 1 SOURCES, Tilt DELANO GRANITE WORKS, 1 lite.. DEUANO. MINN., OWNBKS OF HVE QUARRItS ARE THE WORLD'S l.ARQKST MANUFACTURERS OK CBMKTERY MEMORIALS SELLING < DIRECT, DELANO MEMORIALS ARE MADK ONLY rROM FIRST QUALITY GRANITES AND ARE GUARANTEED ; EVERLASTING. THE UNDERSIGNED HAS BEEN A ! RESIDENT OF ALTON FOR FIKTY YEARS. AM A FULLY AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE OF THE DELANO GRANITE WORKS. Inc., AND HAVE SERVED THIS COMMUNITY COURTEOUSLY AND CONSCIENTIOUSLY FOR MANY YEARS. THE HUNDRBD8 OF HIGH QUALITY OUTSTANDING DELANO MEMORIAL. PLACED IN THIS VICINITY AND OUR MANY SATISFIED CUSTOMERS !• AN UND1S- PUTED TESTIMONIAL Or »A"~ DKAL1NG. WE INVITE HONEST COMPETITION, BUT WILL NOT BE FORCED TO INCREASE PRICES, OR DISCONTINUE OUR POLICY OF SELLING DIRECT, BY STATEMENTS OR INFERENCES THAT MAY BE. MADE BY AN\ SO- CALLED LOCAL. NEWLY ORGANISED CONCERNS, Signed: WM V. BLAKELY factory Distributor. DilANO GRANITE WORKS, INC. 3140 Hawthorne Blvd. AlMtt. Uk IN MEMORIAM IN LOVING MEMORY—Of Irene Wells, who passed away two years ago, Jan. Time ro'lls on, It will not stay: What grief we've felt sine* that lad day, ' With one so loving, kind and true, How hard It was to part with you. ' Sadly mUsed by • Elmer and Children. PEBSVNALP 7 WHb~"kiLLED EVA SMITH?—Please call. 1. G" FOR AVON PRODUCTS — Dial 3-8338 Mrs. cresswell. 413 Jefferson. aiM!IBTIBk—lODOBB WALTON CHAPTER—No. 1018, O. E. S. Stated meeting Monday, Jan. 16, 7:45 p. m. LOST—STRAYED—STOLEN LOST — Black, tan and white female fox hound. Will be Identified by three Initials In each .ear. Liberal reward. Leroy Gaffney. Medora, Phone »OK. LOST—Ladles brown billfold in vicinity of Wanda School. Money, drivers license and other valuable papers. Reward. 8-2767. 3304 Jackson. Alton. BLONDE—Part cocker, found at Fork- eyvllle Auto Sales. 3-3SOO. LOST—Beagle pup. in Mayfield-Brown street area. 3809 Mayfield. 3-5816^ LOST—2 keys on black leather "key holder in or between Kroger's and Degenhardt's drug »tpre. Dial 3-' 1-7817. LOST—Small black, brown and 'white beagle hound. 3-8600. 917 Mathen LOST—Scofleld Bible between • Brown Street Baptist Church and Upper Alton. Finder call 3-7291. Reward. MAN'S GRAYISH TAN TOPCOAT — Taken by mistake New Year's Eve; label has name Stevens, LaGrange. 4-8244. II NOTICI INCOME TAX SERVICE C. CLARK. 1504 E. BDWY. National Society of Daughters of American Revolution wish to secure these books for National Library In Washington. D. C. Anyone having any of these books call Mrs. Horace I. Ash. Telephone 3-3215. Schutt-Brown Genealogy and Allied Families. Lund Press. McGills, History, Heraldry and Tradition. Capt. A. McGlll, 1910. Eckel. History of the Eckel-Moser families, by Alexander Eckel. 10 p Servierville, Tenn.. 1920. Genealogy of the Ellis family from 1632-1920 and of the Coburn family from 1618-1911, prepared by Herbert W. Ellis and Albert S. Ellis, n. p., 1920. St, Clalr Co., 111., Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of St. Clalr County. A. S. Wllderman. ed, 2 vols. 1907, Cook County. Edited by Weston A. Goodspeed & Daniel D. Healy. 1 vols. Chicago. 1909. Southern Book Co., Baltimore, Md. The Averys of Groton, Genealogical tc Biographic*!. Homer DeLois Sweet, Syracuse, N. Y. The Rice-Taylor Printing Co., 1894. , Tuck Genealogy. Robert Tuck of Hampton, N. H. and His Descendants, 1838-1877. By Joseph Dow. 138 pp. Boston.'1877. Heacock. The Heacock family. Jonathan and Ann Heacock, who settled In Chester County, Pa., in 1711, and their descendants (by T. Reece Heacock) 3-28 p. (Lima, Pa.) 1869. Henshaw. Our family, a little account of It for my descendants, by Sarah Edwards (Henshaw.) 88 p. Oakland, Calif., 1884. j WE'RE HAPPY TO KNOW—We made you happy by recommending odorless Plna Foam. Buck's Paint Store, 699 East Broadway. HIGHEST PRICES PAID Sidney Arst I-S7M—O.M.*O. R.R. Vlattaet RAM AITON . NBLP WANTEI»-FCMAI,B AMBITIOUS " WOMEN — Who wear clothes well, tof represent nationally known Fashloii Frocks. Up to $23 weekly; get your own dresses as bonus. No canvassing, Investment or experience necessary. FASHION FROCKS, Dept. H62. Cincinnati. Ohio. BEST SELLER GREETING CARDS! — Earn more with popular new Assortments for year round occasions. Big values at fl pays you up to 100% profit. No experience needed. See samples on approval. BOULEVARD ART, 73 West Vanburen, Dept. 201, Chicago 5. 111. 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WANTED—Housekeeper. State full particulars. Write Box 810. care Telegraph. GRADUATE HOME ECONOMIST — To work In Alton. 111. Young woman who can live in the community to do group demonstrations on electrical and gas equipment; platform or teaching experience helpful. Must be able to drive car. In reply give age, height, weight, education and where obtained experience, and enclose recent snapshot if possible. Write Box 800, care Telegraph. MIDDLEAGED' LADY—To stay nights with middleaged lady who is partial invalid, in Alton- Write Box 780, care Telegraph. _^_____ II* —MALI * MEN, WOMEN—You can make $20.00 daily. Sell luminous name plates for front doors. Write Reeves Specialty Co., Attleboro, Mass., for sample and details. FIRST-CLASS COOK — White man or woman; must be experienced; homemade pies', first-clftss restaurant. Write Box 860, care Telegraph. ^ .*• SALESMEN DRIVER-AGENTS WANTED — Dem onslrate Crosley cars. All or spare time. Crosley Motors. Cincinnati, Ohio WANTED—Man with sales experience. Liberal commission and overwrite. Car essential. Write full qualifications to Box 830, care Telegraph. . VI SITUATIONS WANTED>— MAL.B WANTED—Ride from East Alton to Upper Alton. 8:30 - S P. m. Dial 4-6944 after 6 p. m. . PIANO'TONINO and REPAIRING am Forest Atra.. Alton. AUTO. STATE LICENSE CHAUFFEURS ORIV i CLAKK. 1504 E. Id' IVEM Etc aaria 4* atMtfras) f>ft»ve lot* u ••rteui 4* tae c«s»etar» ax> •vajjaftas. INCOME TAX RETURNS PROPERLY PREPARED BY A QUALIFIED ACCOUNTANT AND TAX CONSULTANT (Over !o Years Accounting and Tax Experience i • COMPLETE SERVICE • ALL FORMS FOR INDIVIDUALS •, FARMER* EAR! $. MANNS ACCOUNTANT •) TAX CONSULTANT OFFICE Ml. w Third at (Over Hollywood Shop* Phones: 2-M33 - 3-683t ALTON, ILL. j B." MU«P"H"V' Watchmaker - Jeweler At New Location—Jan. If. I960 KM) E. Broadway -_AI(on Jllinoii INCOME" TAX RET URNS IOOKKEENNG -SERVICE NOTARY PUILIC Call 2-94M || LOCAL INSTRUCTION PIANO INSTRUCTION— MW and Interesting way. 1311 State stroot. __ il MM> MANTKU-MAt.1 WORK - ur»t con- itructlon lobs starting Alaska, over- was, U.'B. For details writ* A-Ki, Box Tenn. •AVII __________ DRAW *•*— Against wvetiy minimum, only 10 gallon* roof conttng talet commission. Spatial rights fast repeat product. If over 39, reliable. tndu»lnou. . writ* JHB. Box_17*». Cleveland. Ohio YOUWCf MAN— Grocery or meat experience preferred, to train (or • manMar. Write full qualifications and eaper lence. ak>« STO. tare Tatograph. _ FURNITURE FINISHER - And drive* ExswrkaAcad and competent man. tec • OFFICE MANAGER - ACCOUNTANT — Wants job where some sweat stain on "white collar" might spell 9's. Resume and references on request. Box B2Q. care Telegraph HOME REPAIRS—Miscellaneous work electrical, plumbing, linoleum tile, guttering — any repair work in horn*. •Phone S-6VJ5. . (9 aiT WANTED— IRONINGS WANTED — In my home Dial 2-S953. P B X RECEPTIONIST—Typist, switchboard and office experience. 3 yean of college. Age 83. Dial 3-7859. EXPERIENCED—Colored woman wants day work. Call a-8350 after 8 p. m. BEAUTY OPERATOR—Wants work.'full or part time. Writ* 417 N Buchanan Edwardsville. « Hl>«INKs)» RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT—For sale, Tavern building on Oakwood, cheap 2-9101. RESTAURANT FOR SALE — Doing good business. Dial 4-3531. a)**«»a 4MD el»Al)T» Alton's oT(U'T?t.tT"Accfe4it*d laauty School >«MI «9> MBMBV g| CAUNPIBINO WASHINGS li IRONINGS WANTED — Phone 41S-W. Bethalto. __ _ WHITE LADY WANTS — " Washing)' an< Jronings._ Reliable work. Phon« i-6163 _ CURTAINS - Washed and stretched Called for and delivered. Dial 3-»JT3 CURTAINS - Washed and stretched Called for and delivered 2-7656. •IIS «NMO|IN«!aHtNf» ON REAL ESTATE Direct with the lender means quick eenrlee w ' th MMtita and lowest Interest rate*. Lang ef snart r AlKredlreet reduction monthly plan; shawtaf Balance ewtng after each payment. FRED C. WEBER AGENCY REALTOR «t4 B. BROADWAY PHON»l-f7« ICOME TAX SERVICE MARGARET L, PRUITT 222 North Pence EAST ALTON Dial 4-4888 34 DECORATING WHV WAIT?—Ger your d«o»rs>«Mone now before the spring; rush. There is no plastering Job too small or too large for us. Will we plaster your ee» ln «' Yes! Will we plaster your complete roomT Yesl Yesl Will we removsi your wallpaper,, paint your walls or hang wallpaper Yesl Do we guarantee our work? Yesl Will we decorate youi whole house and give you easy tennsj Yes! Why not phon« us today No obligation. Of course not Phone MAKE OLD FLOORS UKE our high speed under and edger 2-8U1. 1004 Phlnney .. . INTERIOR' PAINTING—Plastering and patch plastering. If you are tired ol old wallpaper, call us today <we will remove your wallpaper and with the latest style colors, we will remodern- Ize your home. Call today for • free estimate. 3-4030. . ... WALL & FLOOR TILI Baker Aluminum Awnua* Retail or install** Irast Estlmatat CROXTON BROS. TILE CO. 3-30e» ' 1405 Rodgers Aye 3-S3M ELECTRIC—RADIOS BREGENZER'S Hadlsj. Television Service at your home. Guaranteed. Dial 3-5022. IZSaJState^ RADIO & TELEVISION SERV. TOUR MEN TO SEHVICtllfOU SQUARE DEAL SHOP 720 E. BROADWAY - 3-9411 STOBAQg— «OVWa & * QUICK OF FUH MOVINC' FUHN1TUR1 ALSO lT KCFRlGEKATURlT STOVES, JBUNKB BOXES OR WHAT HAVfc *OUt CALL 3-7630 OI S-SMO PRES. BELCHER "SMITH BROS. MOVING ~ LOCAL - LONG DISTANCE DIAL 4-6561 U W Ferguson Wood River After » P M. Dial 4-2338 Used Furniture Bought end Bold ~H. A. NtVLIN MOVING: STORAGE AC5O8B THE STREE1 OB ACROSS THE CONTINENT LOCAL & LONG DISTANCE 1888 WASHINGTON AVE QlAi £ McCOY TRANSFER CO. ta raom ST ALTON ILL. i DIAL 3-88SS - 5-TTfll HORNSEY HOVING ft STOR AOF CO Local and umg Distance Moving PACKING CRATING SHIPPINGS rURNITURE REPAIRED BBF1N1BHBD NORTH AMERICAN VAN UNI* ISM S9J W Broadway. Alto* call 8-eoai After ft p m. a-arai 41 SLEEPING BOOM* ROOM—For gentleman; modern home, adjoining bath, hot water. 1500° Langdon. 3-8310. _ VERY CLEAN—And nice front room 7n private home, block from bus. 3-5725 SLEEPING ROOM — Single or double! 17 N. 6th street, Wood River. Phone 4-6525. , FRONT SLEEPING ROOM—224 Acton, Wood River. Call 4-4408. SLEEPING ROOMS—$5 per week "and up In all modern home. Stoker heat, hot water at all times. One block from bus. 900 Main. ,2-8653. ______ SLEEPING ROOM—For rent on Bluff street. Phone 2-2742. VENETIAN BLINDS Aluminum — Wood — Steel Old Minds Reflnlihed Dial 4-3922 ALTON VENETIAN BLIND CO. COS St. Lenli Are. E. Altaa, 01 •B3BB5g"*^™*'™'"^^^^^ = It FCBNISHED APARTMENTS 2 FURNISHED ROOMS — East Alton, Couple. Heat and lights, gas, hot water, refrigerator. 149 Old St. Xouls Road, East Alton. 2-ROOM FURNISHED APT. — Private bath and entrance, electric r*.trlt«r. a tor. S10 Wood River avenue. Wood River. 4-ROOM—Nicely" furnished api. Heat, lights »ndgas_furnac«.JD|aJ_3-<ra87. 3-ROOM FURNISHED HOUSE — For rent. Lights, gas and water furnished. 1712 Bozza. May be seen any ,tlme after 3 p m.,' Sunday. Rear entrance. 2-4779. 2 LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS— With sun porch, private entrance, pr|. vate bath. Utilities furnished. 208 1111- nols avenue, East Alton. ' ATTRACTIVE — One-room efficiency. Private entrance and bath: unit kitchen, on bus line. Dial SMSM- FOR RENT —'3 furnished baseman! rooms, partly modern. 334 George, East Alton. ROOMS Ac BATH—O'ff heati garage. lit Wood River. >10 week. Baby wanted. All private. 4-8512. ROXANA — 3 . furnished rooms. Haat, lights and water furnished. *12 week. TWO CLEAN—Comfortable, nicely furnished rooms. Refrigerator, washer utilities. See them Friday or Sunday 623 Whlttier. Wood River _ 3-ROOM FURNISHED APT"—Jus't Of» State street. Very nicely furnished, electric stove and refrigerator, private entrance and bath. Venetian blinds, heat and water furnished. Only refined persons need apply. Dial 3-8118 S" FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT — Lights, water, furnished. 81B St. Louis. East Alton. TWO CLEAN™^ All modern " basement rooms. Hartford. 130 month. Phont 4-7840. THREE FURNISHED ROOMS — Private bath and entrance, electric refriger ator. 1140 West 9th street. FOR RENT — Two room furnished act. Gas, light, heat and water. 3-8093. 3 ROOM FURNISHED - Basement apt., in new home. Electric stove and lea box, lights, heat and water furnished. $50 month. Call after 5:30 p.m. 455 TIP- ton. Wood River, 41 HOU8EI FOB .BENT 4-ROOM HOUSE—For rent Partly modern. Plat 2-7641. 2-ROOM HOUSE—Water furnished. Bowman. East Alton. Dial 4-5293. 4-ROOM MODERN HOUSE - WO pel month. $60 rug for »20. 2-4239. 6-BOOM MODERN - Close In. References required. *75 per month. Writs Box 840, care Telegraph. 7-ROOM MODERN—Located Upper Alton area. Stoker heat, good neighborhood. Dial 24730. 4-ROOM UNFURNISHED HOUSB —Foi rent. 2801 North street. 4-ROOM BASEMENT HOUSB — Foi rent. Dial 8-6881. 4* MIBMUHIP HOUSES FOR RENT— a-room furnished house IB Wood River. Adults only. Dial 4-9774 MODERN SLEEPING ROOM— For gcn- tleman on bus line. Phone 3-8474 L UPPER. ALTON— Sleeping room. Kitchen, Isryndry and phone privileges; 2 bus lines, one block from business dls- trict 3-705B. 2621 College. ___ _ MODERN ROOM— For one or two working 'people, near bath; living room and telephone privileges. Near downtown. Reasonable rent. 123 E. 5th __ WOOD RIVER— Gentleman. Stoker hot water. 416 Whltelaw. 4-5639. EAST ALTON - Quiet sleeping room. Girl or woman, in modern horn* adjoining bath. Dial 4-4M85. ATTRACTIVE ROOM— For 1 or B In nice nonie,Hl« _ U ROOM 4MB •OABSt __ ROOM It. BOARD— In private home for lady. Dial 2-5905. _ BOOMS CONTRACT CEMENT WORK — Of al kinds. Union work. Full estimates LYNN WOOD, 3003 Franor. 3-0283 J-1171 __ TREE SPECIALIST manning, lopping and removing. s»e haul away the Tirush Fully Insured and reliable We also have torn* sweat gum shade trees left. Free eetianale M C LOVE FURNISHED— Light housekeeping room Lights, water, gas heat. Adults. 103 Washington. 2-1740. __ ___ ONE 2-ROOM APT.— One 1-room apt. for light housekeeping. Toloahono available, en bus line; private entrance. 620 Belle. __ " 2 UNFURNISHED ROOMB — 439 Bait Broadway, Alton. . EAST ALTON—i large houaakeepln* room. Dial 4-64W. _ _ GUTTERING— Spouting, metal chimney cover*. Free estimates. WHITE'S TIN SHOP, >-14it4 TREK SPECIALIST Trim Top. Take Down and Haul Asm , Insured ED KRAJJT. Dial 4-B343 TO PROPERTY OWNERS - BCWOM oil termltai They are destructive to yew properly For fret Information call Contury 1 arm lie Control Paoao in 1019 Buskin Avr. Uwer*J*vulo III All worst guaranteed _ FLOOR SANDING — And reftnishing; also painting. Reasonable rates fro* estimate*. Dial 3-4»U or 3.3330. PAINTING' * DECoRAfwc~R«wi>vtng wallpaper and patch plastering No, money down with 36 moaths to pur il so desired. All work guarantee*! Free rsUmatat. John Ewing. 2-«7B6 WANTED Pa"p«r hoagfng. Goodwork at reasonable prices Phone Mafll OJ 8HHI Yager ttreet NTKfUOB PAINTING Removing" oi wallpaper: floor reflnlshusg Ar-AmmtMTB-yiAtS 4-ROOM—Unfurnished apt, near stores 1 and bus. North Alton. Private bath, stoker heat, electricity furinshed. Reasonable rent. M» Elfjen. _ _ 2-ROOM UNFURNISHED APT. — Modern; Venetian blinds, floors covered, utilities furnished. 817 Washington-, Alton. _ U-ftOOM ilNFUBNISHISCr APT.—Adults! WoodJUver. 4-9888 after 5:30. U-KOOM BASEMENT APT.-Ughto, gVs, heat, furnished. 4-78M. MODERN — 3-room unfurnished basement apt., newly decorated, been treated for dampness, ti|e door, private entrance. Has Hi own-automatic gas heater, heat water and light* furnished. Adults only. *4B per mouth Dial 4-3»46. — MB INTERIOR DECORATING - PlMUriag patch plutariof. ronovlaa. *aUMj*r Reference. Free estimates. Dial M»tj BUSINESS PLAl'EB STORE, 25 ft. X 60 ft—Occupied for 20 years by dry goods, clothing, variety, novelty and business location; built-up trade, ideal location for any kind of business. Nice show windows, automatic gas heat, brick building. Will be vacant in short time, investigate. Dial 4-5161, For information. J. D. Nutt. 312 Church street E. Alton. FOR RENT or SALE—Masonry building, 28x42 at 197 Goulding avenue, East Alton. Suitable for grocery, ote. Oil heat and water furnished. Twe apts. above now occupied. Dial 4-5984 •ANTED ru asm MANAGER — Of radio station WOKI wants desirable furnished apt. No. children. Call 3-5506. SHELL ENGINEER—Desires 4 or 5*roOW unfurnished house, or apt. 4-3116. WANTED TO RENT*—fl or 6-room home, unfurnished. Alton. Phone HJS8. BIISINCSS STATE- ST.. North Alton—Nice commercial building, first floor, store space second floor; 6-room apt., stoker, forced air heat. 50 ft. frontage, Quick sale to close an estate. Write Box 840. care Telegraph. BRICK at CONCRETE—Block building with concrete floor space of 3200 (q. ft., suitable for automobile repairing or industrial purposes, Box 830, egre Telegraph. . 4UIU 60 ACRE FARM — 6 room, all modern houu, located en all wMthtr road. Good outbuild- inu and pltnry of water, C. H. AUTEN AGENCY 3-1422 Drew-2-1296 TiMtkon— 3-5095 Hale-2-2246 5» Hoiisea far taU 4-ROOM UNFURNWiufD ™.. - Eaytggrguson. Wood Blver. 4-T18I, j~ROOMS-Heat, hoi water" stove and refrigerator furnished. Wood Biver. 4-aiw7 -T _ _•_„ __ i wo BOOM APT — V30.QO per snoaia. Two rooms partly furplshcd tti pel month. Lights, heat watei furnished P.- H. Fort ling. Hartford, III. 4t -•PABTalMf* t"ot 3-ilOOM TURNliBlDT COTTACSP Two adults, log B. Lorena. Wood River | FURNISHED ROOMS—1311 Hampton I FURNISHED ROOMS -Heft, lights water, refrigerator. XI13 VlewKnd. FOB RaWT-Mgefea awM6 trailer. Olal FOR aALE— New FHA approved beaMS) In Wood River or East Altaa M low aa 1390 down and 141 per meath. ThtM •r* real buys. Must k» sew to &•.»»• precUted. Phone Bdwan&vllU SUB. Ralph H. Lad*. Gtnergl Centratiy. FOR BALE by owner— Tlpton av«iue, Wood Rlvar. S rooms and gargj*. hardwood floors, CM hearV •utoautl* IM hot water hMtfr. storm taih, lawlai* ed. Venetian blinds. Dial FOR SALC-g rooms, Madlaoa WOO. Olal a- WOOD RIVER Lorena. • rooms, talk, full furnace: house newly palates) Md re« decorate. Imnvdlata poiaaulon. me*. Terms: HOOP cash. WO per month. Acton. 4 Urge rooms, bath fail menl. furnace, automatic water bM*T cr. House only 4 years old Hard»eos] floors. . Immediate postawioa. race •1100 cash and assume Ql loan Myrtle M4 per month. ALLEN - HESSENFLOW AGENCY II Wood Blvar *ve Dial 4-»3t Evenings: 4-544T or JiTt*l_ NEW 4-ROOM-A1I motera BMHL.PM £wa. balaac* ea ceaUati ^nWOI. Alb* stlMt IOU. rtMM Mtli.

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