Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 11, 1963 · Page 4
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 4

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 11, 1963
Page 4
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CHE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 11, 1963 MT. VERNON REGISTER-NEWS 1U North Ninth Strut, Mt. Vernon, llllnoti (DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY) MT. VERNON NEWS ESTABLISHED 1871 MT. VERNON REGISTER ESTABLISHED 1882 CONSOLIDATED SEPTEMBER 28, 1920 EDWIN RACKAWAY Editor WM. C RACKAWAY Buiinen Manager ORIAN METCAIF - , , „.,., , . , „ , New. Editor JOHN RACKAWAY Sports Editor GUY HENRY : . City Editor ROBERT K. THOMPSON Advertising Manager IRENE PURCELL Society Editor JOHN McCLURE _™_ Circulation Manager MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Anoclated Press It exclusively entitled to us* for the publication of ell news credited to It or not other­ wise credited In this paper and tlso the local news published therein. Second Class Postage paid at Mt. Vernon, Illinois ad- SUBSCRIPTION RATE Subscriptions must be paid In vance By Mall, Jefferson County and adjoining counties, one year $ 7.00 6 months $4.25; 3 months $275; 1 month $ 1.00 By mall outside Jefferson and adjoining counties within 250 miles, one year, $10.00; 6 months $6.00; 3 months $4.00; per single month $1.50. Outside 250 miles, 1 year.... $11.00 6 months, $7.00; 3 months $4.50; one month $1.75. Delivered by carrier In efty per week . 30 Today In Washington WASHINGTON (API - In the news from Washington: GOLD WATER: Sr miters Rcn- erally are quick with a quote. But when they go on active military duty they sometimes catch the Pentagon mood — they avoid reporters. Take Sen. Bam- Goldwater, R-Ariz. A major general in the Air Force reserve, last Friday he began 15 days of active duty in the office of the deputy chief of staff for personnel. All that could be learned about him from thai office was that he has an office to himself, a blue flag with two stars like other Air Force generals, and "during his annual 15-day tour, he grants no interviews as a matter of policy." dends between Jan. 2 anr! 25 to insured veterans of World Wars I and II. Following President Johnson's announcement Sunday that the 196-1 insurance dividend would be paid early to stimulate the economy, the VA announced Tuesday it expected to complete payments by Jan. 25 — six days sooner than the record set in 1963. VA DIVIDENDS: The Voter-, ans Administration says it will j typo distribute $234 million in divi- 1 The WHEAT: The Commerce De- partcnt has issued a license for the sale of $3.2 million worth of U.S. wheat to Communist Eat Germany . In making the announcement Tuesday, the department did not give the number of bushels in the proposed shipments. Wheat sells on the world market for about $1.35 up to about 1.80 a bushel, depending on the wheat sale to the Soviet Union remains cloudy, mainly due to a dispute over the cost of shipping in American vessels. SPACE FUNDS: The House passed and sent to the Senate Tuesday a compromise $13,224,518,050 apropriation bill, which includes $5.1 billiin for the space agency and also finances more than a score of independent federal agencies. The bill's total is $1.4 billion less than the late President Kennedy had requested, 222 million more than the House originally voted and about $75 million less than the Senate originally agreed to. CONGRESSIONAL RECESS: Congress will take a Christmas recess from about Dec. 20 to Jan. 7, Republican Senate Leader Everett M. Dirksen said future of the proposed I Tuesday. People In The News EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. (AP)-Col. Charles Yeager, commandant of the aerospace pilot school here, escaped serious injury when he was forced to parachute from an experimental NF104 jet fighter plane Tuesday. The first man to fly faster than sound, Yeager ejected when his rocket-assisted plane went into a spin as he was coming back into the atmosphere from about 100,000 feet, an Air Force spokesman said. Yeager suffered face burns when the oxygen in his mask ignited. The plane was destroyed. Q— What Is meant by decld- There Is no element of Dies, uous trees? sm K in automation. It IS rn\AH A Thought For Today And bring the fatted calf and kill It, and let us cat and make merry.—Luke 15:23. o-o-o o-o-o o-o-o Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be— Abraham Lincoln. Editorial Hail To The Chief O NE GREAT AND HEARTENING FACT to emerge afresh in the painful days since November 22 is the marvelous character of the American presidency. The men who occupy this exalted office may change. But the presidency goes on, unshattered by an assassin"s bullet, unsullied by the slurs of its detractors, elevating its occupants to efforts neither they nor their appraisers imagined possible. Perhaps not many of us realize it is the oldest office of its kind on earth, though we are still among the younger nations. It has withstood civil war, two colossal world wars, wrenching panics and depressions, death by assassination and by illness. Nowhere else among the powerful countries of the globe does the chief executive of a free people stand out with such preeminence as does the American president. Sidney Hyman, a historian who specializes in the presidency, notes in the New York Times magazine that the Founding Fathers made a crucial choice when they determined that the president should "stand on a plane of his own in full view of the nation." Hyman adds: "It was meant that this one man, highly visible, with all eyes fixed on him, should himself view the nation as a great whole, and should seek to make his own impulses felt through j its parts as a source of unity in diversity, of order in progress, of continuity in change." The Constitution's framers made of this man ceremonial head of state, top officer of government, chief diplomat, commander-in-chief of the armed forces, principal legislator, to mention only his main duties. Small wonder, then, that the U.S. presidency is looked upon with awe by those who hold it and by those both within and beyond the nation who grasp its authority and prestige. Yet the very fact that the office rises so high above the plateau of ordinary power leads to serious misconceptions about it The notion exists In some places that a president is all- powerful, that he can sweep away obstacles with the wave of a wand, that therefore there is no problem he cannot master. This is the great reason the presidency—and the particular occupant at any time—serve inescapably as huge target for the disappointments, the frustrations, the anger that afflict any measurable portion of the American people in a given moment of history. The truth, naturally, is that the presidency is peculiarly limited In Its powers despitt its unique independence of other branches of government. Both Congress and the courts have countervailing power which must perforce be respected. The realities of competing politics are a further curb, as is the general mood of the nation. Political myths and legends are often as hard for a president to shatter as is the law itself which binds him. So, the very remarkable visibility of the American president makes him sometimes critically vulnerable But the resilience and durability of the office somehow invest it with the substance it needs to withstand assault—and remain as a great bulwark for Americans and all free men. Today In History By THE ASSOCIATED PUKSS Today is Wednesday, Dec. 11, i the 315th day of 1963. There WP\ 20 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history : On this date in 1872, Louisiana's fusion Legislature impeached and suspended Gov. Warmouth. He was succeeded by Pinckney Benton Stewart Pinchback — a Negro who had served one year as the state's lieutenant governor. On this date: In 1816, Indiana was admitted to the Union as the 19th state. In 1937, Italy served notice of its intention to withdraw from the League of Nations. In 1952, President Harry S. Truman challenged President elect Dwight D. Eisenhower and retired Gen. Douglas MacArthur to come up with a plan for immediately ending the Korean war. Ten years ago — Italy was partially paralyzed when government employes and other workers staged the most successful strike since World War II. Five years ago — Now York City's nine major newspapers suspended publication as the result of disputes with two labor unions. One year ago — The United State's announced that its Minuteman intercontinental ballistics missile was opcrationa. Named As Oswald Contact Digest Of The News National Mrs. Ruth Paine, tered the WASHINGTON (AP)- Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara says he has no plans to leave his cabinet post. Asked at a news conference Tuesday how long he hopes to remain as Pentagon chief. McNamara replied with a chuckle: "Well, I don't really think how long I hope to remain is as pertinent as how long the President will ask me to remain." Appointed by the late President Kennedy, McNamara said he will serve as long as President Johnson "believes I can effectively carry out his policies." who shel- NKW YORK (API - Mrs. Lee Harvey Oswald | ^ ina Khrushchev says the wom- Family. says the wife of the ac- 1 L , n of thc Tj n j te d States and the cused assassin was a great ad- !Sovjet u n j on should know more The New York •Tournul- Amoririin Dec. 8 identified (his picture as that of Vincent Theodore, 36, national chairman of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, and as the "New York mystery man whose correspondence with Lee Hnrvey Oswald has been impounded by the FBI." The late Lee Oswald Is the suspected assassin of President Kennedy. (AP Wircphoto) mirer of President Kennedy Launching day near for Saturn 1, which U.S. officials believe to be the world's most powerful space rocket. ! Iclen Kane, boop-boop-a-doop girl of the Twenties, has had tour cancer operations but keeps busy in New York writing a book on her career. InternntioiinJ Clashes are feared in the Bolivian mining area as peasant groups are reported on the march to defend President Victor Paz Estenssoro's government against thc leftist miners. The four Americaas and the 11 other hostages held by the Bolivian tin miners appear to be in good health. They sleep in a room IS by 12 feet and on the floor, without mattresses. Washington The Senate sends to President Johnson the $1.2-billion college construction aid bill. Its supporters hail the measure as the most important of its kind in a century. The Treasury expresses concern over a coin shortage which has grown steadily worse during the Christmas shopping season. about each other. , The wife of the Soviet premier peace," she said A—Deciduous means leaf- dropping, another word for hardwood. Coniferous means cone bearing, another word for softwood. ly becoming n real curse to this country that could bring us to a national catnstrophe. --George Menny, AFL-CIO president. BOWL QUEEN -Jeanne Heflnger, 20 -year-old University of Miami coed, was chosen Orange Bowl queen to preside over activities to be climaxed by the Jan. 1 football game. appeared briefly in a filmed documentary, "The Soviet Woman," televised Tuesday night by the American Broadcasting Co. "So that we may understand one another belter, we must meet more often and discuss the problems that are of mutual concern to us, and together seek the best ways to strengthen WORLD NEWS SEOUL, Korea (AP) — Investigators believe financial troubles were responsible for the suicide today of a retired South Korean army officer who set himself afire near the official resdience of President -elect Chung Hee Park. The prosecutor in charge of the investigation said the victim, Ll. Col. Kim Kt-hyun, 15. had recently suffered business failures and was jobless. indicated stabilization measures adopted In May would be reviewed. But the minister vowed that economic warfare against the neighboring Federation of Malaysia would continue as part of the Indonesian effort to wreck the young nation. vive la difference ANTAGE THE ONLY JEWELER'S QUALITY WATCH AT THIS LOW PRICE 17 JEWELS 21 Jewel], $15.93 from Every VANTAGE Point: Jewel* V Anti-Magnetic • Shock-Resistant V Lifetime Mainspring V A Stylo for Everyone tout CMOIT 14 «IWAVS OOOD At tin CHUT JIWIUI Billie Stull, Manager Paul Jarvit, Watchmaker West Side of Squara Dial 244-0624 HOROSCOPE FORECAST By CARROLL RIGHTER GENERAL TENDENCIES: | October 22) Application to creases through civic endeavor, One of your best days to seize j practical affairs brings far] too. Don't be so adamant, an opportunity now present to j more abundance at this time, j PISCES (February 20 to forge ahead far beyond your; Be practical, intelligent. Concurrent gains. But it's up to you j tacting right people, getting a for you could be wasting time j budget set up, is a good step. lazying about instead of uti izing the excellent aspects now in effect to achieve immensely desirable results. Tis feast or famine now. THURSDAY: ARIES: (March 21 to April KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia CAP) — Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia's prime minister, accused the Indonesian government today of committing armed aggression against his new Southeast Asian nation. He told Parliment his government has "irrefutable" proof that Indonesian army forces have been among terrorists who have made 48 armed incursions into the Malaysian states of Sabah (North Borneo) and Sarawak. ROME (AP) — Usually sunny Italy counted three dead today JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — after an onslaught of icy rains Foreign Minister Subandrio de- violent winds, clared today Indonesia cannot The storms lashed the Italian expect foreign aid tor its eco- west coast and the islands of nomic stabilization program. He Sicily and Sardinia Tuesday. MOSCOW fAP) - The Soviet 1 government is cracking down ! on a religious sect with rapt- ] ers in southern Russia, central! Asia and Siberia, claiming it is an underground, anti-Communist organization. A report in a central Asian newspaper indicated Soviet security authorities were seriously concerned with the extent of the sect's operation. The sect is known as the "True Orthodox Christian Wanderers.' Its total membership was not given. March 20) If you are more broad-minded, many - faceted, you find that others back your , ideas and projects now. Study SCORPIO (October 23 to | new data unknown ere this. Be I November 21) Since you are i interested in constructive for-; a person of great willpower and | e j gn affairs, etc. j ire unswerving once you have' IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY . . . there will be such i and resourcefulness 1 Vandalism At Negro's Home BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) A steel hall fired by a slingshot weilding passerby crashea through the front window of the expensive home of a Negro attorney active in desegregation activities here. Police said the ball apparent­ ly was fired by a person on on foot, and from across the street from the home of Arthur Shore. The home has been the target of racial bombings twice tliis year and both times was damaged extensively. No one was injured in Tuesday night's incident. made a decision, be sure of what it is you want today. Then full speed ahead. Eve- i intellect 19) Your intuition will show i ning's society can bring fine j here that it behooves you to what is expected of you bv as- j results, too. , Kive fine spiritual and ethical sociates and how best to fol- I e .- T __, n „._ fV . j training early, since once the low through on promises made j SAGITTARIUS (November ; mind is made up to do some- Then vou cement fine friend- ! — 10 December 21) Data you \ thing, nobody and nothing can ships Good will increases < desire can be had from true \ dissuade your enterprising son, TAimiTS fAnril ->f> to' Mnv I experts, but you have to make I or daughter. Save him, or her, ont ^ A tl ! il >' M11 ' business to get it. Curb from many unnecessary- heart- 20) Fme day for eo>acung ^, d fQ things; aches and pitfalls thereby, those with whom there has been , ge j( , j » > , a misunderstanding and recti- • • i ine aiam impel, i/iey uo fying matters. Communication is easier now. 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Editors Answer to Previous Puzzle ENDS TONIGHT ACROSS 1 Famous Baltimore editor 8 Correct manuscript 13 Dve base 14 Affray 15 Entrust 16 lroquoi3n Indians 17 Steamships lab.t 18 Receipt fab.) 10 Biblical judge 22 Builds 26 Prize given 28 Venture 29 Biblical weed 30 Accomplish 31 Biscuit 32 Head of Benjamin's tribe (Bib.) 33 Korm of "to be" 35 Candlenut trees 36 Elevate 38 famous New York editor 40Mr.Bevln 42 San Francisco baseball team 43 Black (Celtic) 44 King (Latin) 45 Chocolate source 48 Gambling places 62 Swiftly 53 Involve* 64 SslamandcM 55 Stabled DOWN 1Insane 2 Compass point 3 Pinch 4 End fi Smacked t> Placed apart 7 Snare 8 Turkish commander 9 Yosemite's river 10 Biblical judge 11 Born 12 Moines, Iowa 18 Legal point 19 Irony 20 More cognizant 21 Female name 23 Taxi driver 24 Duty avoider 25 Hearing, seeing, etc. 27 Laugh loudly 34 Itinerant 35 Off-center JETS E b A T E=| M£ t_ A T E= V £ T =1 •Mte A N E= R N N e TJ IAP o EE A l_ s t= E= R IME 5 T t_ e MOON CHILDREN (June 22 VO u show that you nre capable to July 21) Dull routine work anf i courteous. Prestige in- can easily be finished now so that you Ret into more revitalizing outlets. Seek advict comfort, from an understanding friend. Make future brighter. LEO (July 22 to August 21^ You are usually too hasty in < action and you must now plan < for the future carefully and i well. Problems then disappear. , Family ties give support when ! fully convinced of your earnest- | ness. VIRGO (August 22 to Sep-| tember 22) You have brilliance i of mind now and can get unpleasant situations cleared up quickly. Have talks with partners for best results. They add their weight to yours without hesitation. LIBRA (September 23 to California. (Distributed by McNaught Syndicate, Inc.) 37 Edit 38 Heat unit (abj 39 Nap 41 Boots 45 Tin 46 Monkey 47 Bird's call 48 Civil engineering degrees (abj 49 Nothing 50 Chemical suffix 51 Divinity degree tab.) 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