Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 9, 1972 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 9, 1972
Page 2
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Alton EvefHttg Telegraph Saturday, Sept. 9, 1972 women Milter County Judge C.R. "RtJdy** Burgess was confronted Friday morning by an all-woman volunteer road repair crew. The women, all residents of the Rondo community, east of Texarkana, Ark. claimed that the Judge was neglecting the road, leaving it full of ruts and chug holes. (AP Wire- photo) Proxmire says he has evidence of civilian killing in Cambodia By PKOGY SIMPSON WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. William Proxmire says four Air Force sergeants have written him accusing the military of covering up an accidental bombing of civilian buildings and a school bus in Cambodia. At least two Air Force generals and other lower- echelon military officials in Vietnam were involved in the alleged cover-up, said an aide to the Wisconsin Democrat. The aide said Friday night that Proxmire was convinced that the sergeants' account was accurate, but would withhold their names to protect them from possible retaliation by their superiors. Pentagon officials could not be reached for comment early today. The Pentagon branded P r o x m i r e ' s .reports "unsubstantiated, uninvest : ga t r r l allegations." A statement released by the Defense Department said Proxmire had not "considere I it appropriate" to provide the department with copies of the let tors. "Clearly the senator 1.-: more interested in allegations to gain personal publicity by making a summary judgment about the a ccuracy of the allegations and not in ?>n orderly investigation t!;at would seek the facts," the Pentagon statement said The Pentagon said such an attitude "casts unfounded a-i.r. unnecessary aspersions on <ul of our U.S. Air Force per- sonnel serving their nation 'n Indochina." This is the story the sergeants told: On last March fl or 10, Air Force bombers flew from Saigon to bomb military targets near the Minot Airfield in the Parrot's Beak section of Cambodia. One crew missed on the first overflight and upon returning hit civilian targets accidentally. The four men did not say if dvilans were killed or hurt in the bombings. Justice Department finishes probe of Watergate, indictments due soon Is Alton's sewage plant too small for area plans? By L. ALLEN KLOPE Telegraph Staff Writer The City of Alton has received no reports of inconsistencies regarding plans for its secondary sewage treatment plant, but Wood River Township officials have been told otherwise by federal officials. Wood River Township Supervisor Rodger Elble, who ig filing for a 90 per cent grant to construct sewer lines in Cottage Hills and Forest Homes that will connect to Alton's treatment plant, was told the plant was undersized. At the same time Elble said the assertion the plant is undersized could have some affect on getting the 90 per cent grant, because there might not be proper treatment of sewage at the Alton plant. Elble said he had been talking with Victor Warren of the program management division fo the Department of 'Housing and Urban Development. The Telegraph contacted Warren, who said he was passing on information to Elble that was given HUD by the Environmental Protection Agency. "We (HUD) are involved only in the sewer lines, while EPA is concerned directly with the sewage plants," Warren told the Telegraph. "Since I have sporadic contact with EPA, I was told that the Alton plant might not be able to handle the capacity necessary to add the Forest Homes and Cottage Hills areas, and that the only way this could be done is to have the plant upgraded," Warren said. He said that before HUD can act on Wood River Township's 90 per cent grant, his office must have a letter of certification from EPA that it will accept the necessary capacity, Warren said. "At this point we don't have this certification," Warren said. Alton Mayor Paul Lenz was asked about the capacity of the plant, and the matter of certification and he said he Driver stopped twice, spends night in jail A St. Louis man, who was stopped for speeding, but only cautioned by police to "keep it down," zoomed away from police after the warning and was stopped again several blocks away. This time police noticed other violations and the man spent the night in the Al'/>:i jail. Wardell Williams, of 4549 Durant St., was halted in the 500 block of E. Broadway after he was observed speeding and warned of speed limits in Alton. After a check of his operator's permit, police told him he could go, but to watch his speed. Williams stomped on his accelerator and spun his tires when leaving. He was halted again by police in the 1500 block of E. Broadway. This time police looked into the car and spotted a partly consumed bottle of wine cm the front seat. A closer check of his operator's permit revealed that one license had been If you fall to receive your Telegraph by 5:30 p.m. phone 465-6641 before 6 p.m. and your copy will be delivered. Alton Evening Telegraph PubUfbed Daily by Alton Telegrapfl Printing Company PAUL S. COUSLEY Pre*ident, Genera) Manager. STEPHEN A. COUSLEV editor * Assistant to ine Publisher RICHARD A. COUSLEY. Wet President and Clasf.fied Mgr. HENRY H. McADAME - - - - - General stapled to another license, one with a different birth date and one was expired. Williams was charged with excessive acceleration and illegal transportation of alcohol beverages. He was lodged in the Alton jail and a message sent to St. Louis to investigate the dual driver's license. Burglars hit Goodrich .« Four portable television sets, valued at a total of $600, were taken from the B. F. Goodrich Store at 100 E. Edwardsville li d . , Wood River, late Friday nigh! or early this morning. Patrolman Don Lee discovered the burglar.' when he found a window broken out of the back door at a:3i) a.m. The store mi-'nagi-r \vas called and found ihe only missing items to be the sets. No money was takt-n i.-om the cash drawer and no tlesks were disturbed. Police theorized the burglar stayed near the floor t > lake advantage of v,:ndow displays which iiid him from view from the heavily-traveled road. All the sets were taken iroin the shelf nearest the floor. Ogilvie signs hill MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS (Tto AMOClated Pre*» U exclusively KkUtled to the u»e of publication of ill newt tlUpatchei credited in tnu 404 to tie local news pub_J price: By carrier. 60c 1260 per calendar month; s vear. $a uo sis la IiiJ0aU sad Mi**ourl. '"M tix month* In not accepted in _,.„_ ••**» w*j *• vi**w»w *•• curler delivery U gftSSStW* 18-year olds SPRINGFIELD - Gov. Richard B. Ogilvie Thursday signed legislation increasing privileges and responsibilities of 18 year olds. One measure reduced t h e effective age of the minimum wage act from 19 to 18. A setond measure amends the c-hild labor act for males to make the cutoff age 18 instead of 21. The third bill signed imo law Thursday permits person 18 to be issued drivers licenses and permits without parental consent. is sure there is some misunderstanding between the two federal agencies in Chicago, since the Alton plant is operating at about one-third capacity, and will be able to handle sewage from both Forest Homes and Cottage Hills, and the Bethalto area, which alsn plans to hook onto the Alton treatment plant. "I think the confusion comes from the fact we now have primary treatment only, and must have secondary treatment by December, 1973, which we fully plan to have," Mayor Lenz said. '•'I plan to submit our final plans on the secondary treatment plant next week in Springfield, and have invited Bethalto Mayor Erwin Plegge to join me, since his grant application is also involved," Mayor Lenz said. Mayor Lenz said at no lime has any federal agency indicated there might be some problems with the Alton treatment plant, as on the contrary, the City of Alton has received nothing but favorable reports about its sewer projects. "We have never been told o f any inconsistencies," Mayor Lenz said, "but you can be assured I will check this matter out next week when our final plans are filed." WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department ha.s finished its investigation of the Watergate case without implicating any present officials of either, t h e White House or President Nixon's re-election campaign committee. The Washington Post reported today. The newspaper said sources close to the investigation also said that a federal grand jury is expected within 10 days to hand down indictments that will be confined to suspects actively involved in the break- in. The Miami Herald said today it has learned that Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D- Mass., is prepared to hold open hearings of his Senate Judiciary subcommittee on the break-in if he believes the Nixon administration is stalling civil court action on the Watergate case. The Herald's Washington bureau reported that Kennedy was keeping in close touch with the progress of the investigations and with former Democratic National Chairman Lawrence F. O'Brien, who is directing Sen. George McGovern's presidential campaign Kennedy is said to feel that his entry into the case while court cases are pending would be improper and viewed as "a purely political event" by the public, the Herald said. But if the court cases are temporarily submerged, the Herald said, Kennedy is inclined to call his Judiciary -A. LOW INTEREST AND LOW. LOW CLOSING COSTS! 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The case goes back to June 17. when five men—including two with close ties to the Committee for the He- Election of President Nixon- were arrested inside the Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate Hotel complex in Washington. Police seized eavesdropping and photographic equipment. Democrats, including presidential candidate George McGovcrn. have brought up the case in their campaign to put Nixon out of the White House, but Republicans have denied any responsibility for the break-in and apparent bugging attempt. The Post reported federal sources said that throughout the inquiry investigators and prosecutors had strict intruc- tions from Jutice Department officials and FBI Director I,. Patrick Gray not to consider possible violations of campaign fund reporting laws. On a subsequent reconnaissance flight, photographs were taken of the civilian damage. The four sergeants were involved in developing the pictures, plotting the intelligence missions and interpreting them. They had first-hand knowledge of the occurrences, they wrote Proxmire, and said the flight mission was altered on the books to show that it didn't happen. Next, the pictures of the bombed civilian sites were locked in a closet rather than being forwarded to higher officials, the sergeants said. Finally, at least two generals from the 7th Air Force in Saigon looked at enlargements of the pictures, o r d e r e cl the photographs locked up again, and did not report the incident, the men wrote Proxmire. The aide said Proxmire considered the alleged cover- up "a usurpation by the military of the civilian right to know. Probably the President, the chief of staff and the secretary of State never knew of this. It, is comparable to what happened in the case of Gen. .lohn Lavclle." 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