Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on May 31, 1962 · Page 5
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 5

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, May 31, 1962
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He has taught at some of the most distinguished theological ichool* and highly respected universities in the country including the Jewish Theological Seminary of America < Conservative ) the Hebrew Union College ( Reformed ), the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary ( pres- bytcrinn ), Harva-d University, the .Johns Hopkins University and the University of Minnesota. In 1WO his g.eatest work, "From Stony Age to Christianity," was published. This book has appeared in numerous translations and revisions, including a widely popular Anchor paperback edition. Ho was president of the International Organization of Old Testament Studies in 1956-59. Last year he received a $10,000 award from the American Council of Lea-ned Societies for "outstanding contributions to the humanities." Published Mrs. Edward Crary of St. Olaf doesn't give up. During the past several years the young farm wife and mother has written about 50 songs. Until recently none of them had even been published. Now, she has just received an album containing her latest song, "Just a Country Girl". It is her first publication. Beryl Thompson Librarian 66.7,1 Demco Library Supplies books 8.73 Jean Karr & Co. books 67.58 Nathaniel Dame & Co. books 50.98 Doubleday & Co. books 15.75 Campbell & Hail Corp. books 56.22 Total $ 930.58 Sanitation Fayette County Leader printing $ 7.20 Earle's Standard Service gas - oil 12.26 Ed. Campbell Station gas - oil 45.08 Standard Oil Co. gear oil 11.64 Zabriskies Garage labor l.OO Arwell Inc. service 10.00 M. B. Corporation sheaves - 17.99 David McGee salary 100.00 Fayette Sand & Gravel pump service 200.00 Total $ 928.75 Sewtr Revenue Bonds State Bank of Fayette interest on bonds $1,125.00 Total $1,125.00 Road Use Tax Fayette Stone Co. rock $ 386.26 Bituminous Material Co. premix 48.02 OR. WIILLIAM F. ALBRIGHT Famed arc/iaeo/og/sf Is former Upper lowon When young William Fo.xwell Albright had run enough errands in the neighborhood to earn $5, he promptly purchased Roger's "History of Babylonian Asyria," and sat down to read. Those volumes, which lie read dozens of times, perhaps started Dr. Albright on the exciting scholarly career which now forms an immense background for his current series of "Biblical Personalities" lectures at the State University of Iowa, where he is a visiting professor. Dr. Albright's own story is every bit as fascinating as the vibrant. realistic accounts he gives of Moses, Job, and Abraham in the setting of their times. A student of Hebrew by the time he was 16, Dr. Albright's early years spent in Chile where his father was a Methodist missionary. Later he received formal education at Upper Iowa university, Fayette, and then for 17 years he explored the land and ancient tombs of Palestine in search of Old Testament history. Now 71, Dr. Albright the archaeologist, linguist, and the theologian-has gained unmatched eminence for his contributions to the study of the Bible and ancient Near Eastern civilization. His first languages were English and Spanish, but he also taught himself German, French and Semitic languages. "I began studying Hebrew at age 16," Dr. Albright said, and added with a smile, "but my pronunciation was very bad because I never found anyone to speak the language with me." Albright received what he calls a "liberal education with holes in it." Obviously amused with the irony, Dr. Albright remembers his education in the late 1890's under various British headmasters who, because Albright was very nearsighted, thought him a moron, but after classes young Albright would hurry to his father's library where he spent hours reading encyclopedias, works on theology, ccr- vantes and Shakespeare. His first taste of regular, formal education was at Upper Iowa university, after his pearents moved to Iowa. He enrolled at 17. After graduation in 1912, Dr. Albright wrote an "exceedingly bad article full of new ideas" for a German periodical. But the article, together with his own academic merit, won him his first fellowship to the Johns Hopkins university, where he received his doctorate in Semitic languages in 1916. For* 17 years-1919 to 193C~Dr. Albright went on archaeological research diggings as a staff member of the American School of Oriental Research in Jerusalem. About 1922 on a British expedition in Palestine he began trying to reconstruct the chronology of Palestine through its pottery. Working upwards of 12 hours a day under a blazing sun, Albright sought to assign dates to various periods in Old Testament history and to reconstruct ancient Near Eastern civilization and culture. As a geologist studies plant and animal fossils to establish geological periods and sequences, Al- b 'i(!lit studied changes in decoration, form ;iml composition ( or IV "|nsl/' used to make pottery ) from out 1 period to another. The paste is highly significant to an archaeologist. "The paste of the Middle age, for example, can be confused with no other," he said. Known by his contempories for a fantastic 1 memory and eye for form, Albright used similar techniques to date manscripts discovered in the caves and tomb complexes. By comparing the changes in the forms of letters on a newly found manuscript with one of a known period, the well- t••aincd archaelogist can date the new manuscript. "Ancient scribes had to write legibly and elegantly to be employed in manuscript writing." Albright said, "and the book hand of a given period is fairly constant." By checking each of the 22 Hebrew characters against a dated manuscript, he can tell with much precision the date of newly discovered scrolls. It was by this method that Albright assigned the date 100 B. C. to the Isaiah scroll, which was among the recently found Dead Sea Scrolls. After the group of papyrus scrolls were found by a goat herder in caves around the Dead Sea, Albright was one of the first scholars consulted to determine their antiquity and value. One of Professor Albright's more exciting diggings in 1926 when he was excavating in "no man's land" in southern Jerusalem in a Bronze Age tombtunnel complex. Arab bandits under the guise of honest workers entered the maze looking for treasure and threatened to cut the throats of the ex- plo-ing pnrty. But the bandits left the party unharmed, Albright said, when they discovered that the lambs contained "poor peasants just like themselves." Dr.. Albright's genius and his vast storehouse of Biblical and archaeological facts do not alone account for his popularity among students and listeners to his series of lectures on Bibical personalities being broadcast by University radio station WSUI. It is also Professor Albrigh's ability to make history vibrantly alive through his own insights into the nature of man and man's relationship to religion, culture and the artifacts of his time. Dr. Albright's many achievements, awards and publications are to numerous to list in detail. Legal Notice Regular Meeting May 7. 1M2 Meeting called to order by Mayor Pro-Tern Addy. 7:30 o'clock Roll call Councilmen present. Addy, Smith, Bowen, Gallaher and Hennig. Minutes of regular meeting April 2, and special meeting April 19, read and approved Rills examined as follows. General Interstate Power Co. service $ Fayelte Agency insurance Anthony & Hofmeyer legal service State Bank of Fayette insurance Fayette Co. Telephone Co. phone rent & tolls Fayette County Leader printing Iowa Oil Co. fuel oil A. E. Wood salary Total Street Earle's Standard Service gas-oil $ Ed. Campbell Station gas-oil DX Sunray Oil Co. oil Zabriskies Garage labor : Standard Motors parts Fayette County culvert bands Melvin Holtzman salary Alfred Ash salary National Chemsearch Corp., paint Total Public Safety Fayette County Leader printing $ Ed Campbell Station gas-oil Iowa Oil Co. fuel Zabriskies Garage labor Huebner Motors service Alfred Ash salary $ Lloyd Holtzman salary Municipal Enterprise Grandview Cemetery Ass'n, part of tax budget I Imogene Sheeley Ass't Librarian Interstate Power Co. service Peoples Natural Gas. fuel Total $ 405.17 Utilities Interstate Power Co. service $ 184.25 Vandersee Plumbing parts & labor 2.20 Gene Singer parts & labor 3.66 Rockwell Mfg. Co. meter parts 109.85 Worthington Corporation meters 156.54 Total $ 456.50 Sewer Rental Interstate Power Co. service $ 175.42 David McGee salary 198.90 19.47 3.60 Total $ 374.22 Debt Service State Bank of Fayetti- interest on bonds $ 928.75 Total $ 434.28 Recreation Fayette Youth Center part of tax budget $ 250.00 Total $ 250.00 Grand Total $6,337.83 Moved by Bowen and seconded by Gallaher that the bills be approved, all voting aye, nay none, carried. Motion by Gallaher that we purchase mower repair parts for A. C. street tractor from Crawford Implement Co., seconded by Smith, all voting aye, nay none carried. Motion by Smith to grant Beer permit to Mullins Tavern and Chase's I. G. A., seconded by Bowen. all voting aye, nay none, carried. Motion by Hennig seconded by Gallaher to approve all cigarette licenses, all voting aye, nay none, carried. Rex McCoy of Young Plumbing and Heating meet with council in regard to street, sewer and water to proposed housing development in the uhplated timber acreage of the U. I. U. west of relocated highway 150 south side West Clark Street. No action taken. Delegation to citizens of West Clark Street, with Dr. Linge as spokeman meet with council with problem pretaining to street repairing, widening and drainage; and also reducing the grade on hilt on west Clark by Hershel Hendrix property. This will be included in street program for further study. Motion by Smith that we accept Asphalt Material Co. Maquoketa Iowa, street improvement bid of 15.9 cents per sq. yd. and to cntor into contract with them for work to start about July 1. 1962; seconded by Hennig; all councilmen voting aye, nay none, carried. Motion by Hennig to issue building permit to Fayette Co. Mutunl Telephone Co.. seconded by Gal! aher; all voting aye, nay none, carried. Motion by Smith that we employ Bill Prochaska and Becky Maxson as directors or instructors of boys and girls summer playground and recreation at salary of $2(X).00 each for season, with budget of $100.00 for supplies and materials, seconded by Bowen; all voting aye, nay none, carried. Motion by Addy that we purchase I. H. C. tractor with equipment of the Miller and Sage Implement Co. West Union, for the bid price $3,850.00 seconded by Bowcn; roll call Smith aye, Hennig aye, Gallaher aye, Bowen* aye, Addy aye, nay none carried. Moved by Smith, seconded by Addy to adjourn; all voting aye nay none; carried. A. E. \Vood Clerk Introducing Rqrr.crd Gcodell of Oelweln Republican Candidate For County Supervisor 1963 Term Efficient Operation of The County's Business DEDICATED TO SERVE EVERY CITIZEN Your Vote Will Be Appreciated LUCY'S GARDEN OF EAT'IN WE WILL SERVE UNTIL 1:30 MEMORIAL DAY Open Our Usual Hours Sunday Starting Sunday June 2, We Will Not Serve Sunday Supper During Summer Months PREVENT HAIL LOSSES Protect your crop income with adequate hail insurance. And for extra safely and service, be sure to insure with Farmers Mutual Hail. Fire and lightning protection on crops in the field is included at no extra cost. More than 100 adjusters and 30 trained ficldmen assure promp' payments of claims. Call your agent or write today. Earl Schneider Insurance 2323 GRAND ES MOINE5, IOWA 537.66 21.60 65.15 10.00 1.85 7.50 160.12 256.12 600.00 29.06 6.07 29.46 VOTE FOR Bob Swehla Summer League Schedule — BOWL AT 8:00 P.M. — MONDAYS—Three-Man Men's Team* TUESDAYS—Mixed Couples, 2 couples per team WEDNESDAYS—Women's League THURSDAYS—Junior Boys' League, 4 to a team FRIDAYS—Junior Girls' League, 4 to a team — BEGINNERS WELCOME — LILAC LANES Phone 780 West On Highway 11 West Union, lew« ELECT FRANK W. LESS Democratic Candidate for CONGRESS 2nd District * CONSCJEPWI0US * UNBIASED * EXPERIENCE (Paid Political Advertisement) For Your FAYETTE COUNTY SUPERVISOR ( 1964 Term ) REPUBLICAN BACKGROUND 1. Life-long active Republican 2. Property owner and taxpayer 3. OVER 20 years experience in soil conservation, rcfft$ Building and maintenance. 4. Active chujrck member 5. World WAT 11 Veteran - Among first invading It*|y. Holder of purple Heart and 5 Battle star* MY PLEDGETOYOU 1. Economy in the County Government. His background will insure YOU economical operations. 2. Efficiency - to maintain economy 3. Tax Savings - As a taxpayer Bob will work to keep taxes in line 4. MONEY SAVINGS through competitive bidding on large equipment purchases 5. WILL SERVE his full term if elected ALIFIED BY EXPERIENCE Robert F. "Bob" Be Sure To Yptir -JJiijrarti County Supervisor 1 , Jpne 4th

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