Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 28, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 28, 1927
Page 4
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ICarrti and ilBasscUi. W«k i:M-4.f-..J'.i-ill5 0*nt»,. . .1 • MpnlJi .^r.J.jj:,70 (%&u ||(i^Ailiti>id«.eoptfWfBff>tlii mofe j rilkefc«^1*«*fc«; .tfitelibof hood. iHls co'SclaBiob.ia :tiiat tliie very utmoat jthat {ongbt eve^c to 9^ considered ii^ the dirtetion Tfie iRcKfeter ,c< rries l^riess i«poK by bpectatni ^ all TIPW8 dlsp^li^ ^ ewlltelf ^?o*^t or not otherwise ere liled. Jhl ^bis i<ai>er. clal Ulsiwtches her^l^ are|alfl> )reser \-ea ' OuUicte.AHen,County. ^tt«i^::i::c::::::i:i :::::niS aSfitte;....... ..........J.-t....I-Mte AmerlOMj'M?iBr^i|Pity':Wer« a i# »| llM^«ltt?«rttbli «tr -teeH«iiit7i%1rit, )/f(£o«otiflftPa^;''teiibH >ide ry \m^uxiM»'.imimyM^ do! _ of tbe ialaiids^ibl^ A ]tol<{.'G.^ afy. JUHaipe more pklitlcallr >c «4p^|;^ I"""""""" \ .\,. ^— xoa: ttlMi'iw erenttii ^'fWJHi^anb^ fnde United of FIB- Bible TM Joy, peace, lonK ncaiR, Koodnbas,<]ali forTdmy. Tho frullj Of. the iSplHf. Js Jpve, t- - Mil! PHILIPmBS lAOJtiN. In the Satardaj'Isiventsb'il'OBt of Martb IB tiiBre ^« m |i |rt ]cle by IDeiify i;. StinM}t£\ B «crk «rr of AV «r rpi' a «rnnb t| IM OMWnit of President "Taft, abdot thb >'«*hilip- liim- |(rabto9i trhl «W It ifil^tilit'-be « h4j)py thiftg ffttrall coti|herned if every: Amerlcah anf; every Filipino coirtd read. SiK' Stftfison his several weeks in't on acconfifof hi« iotmt flrAttlA cnce (because aa Sejiritai-jr ttf War it vas a part of his Idiiity to administer the/affairs oif the lalanda) he tb talk with,the moat int- portentySititSns 6f a ><B.iAt(|lHpelago and to; visit hll Iht 1 )>rii^:ipal ilaMs under circumatani^ 3 ; -aiost fa^Oiible to obtfcwW ile a ^nti- uicift of the peoj ^lVinfl t^matMe- their needs as well • as hearing tiieir desires. And| like every other AltaCHtaB bT &bint^ MM 6Si^icnc# iid ffUbllc attali^ M#^ive^yfft• it%d! tft« lBliit««i- Mi^ietfiUiiikB came nwa^ wlthitte' ^B«|ued':J«qnvlctlon that iFilipino independence would be the ^otA tmfejfflit abiia iiCp^' pen for tiie Fiilplfov- tft« m^elver dnd would'he unfortunate for 'the United States as w||ll. Mr. Stimson disc ^ises (ne feature of the Filipiaol iituatio 1 whlph- t)]e Fi^pino leadeja tbcftiBeiti^ ^ho are so insls^ehtly. dei landiftg independeBce coin|uetety|' =Itftet^.' Jini that is the imppssibilit r of the Islands ralsingr a sffiri^icieBt revenue to maintain themsoljves as an ifn- depcndent nation, ^t the prpRciit time the Jncome oti the In^ulir Rovernment is about..i37 uiilHon dollars a year. Under the nrotfc- tion of oufinrmy anblnavy th^ Flti- J inos'nro nlile to *||end IIIIH aum n local Rovernmentfand iiiiproyo- liienu without bclaii; (lut to any «<xpcnHr> for a nav^f or nliltary OMtubllMlilnK. If unitiie olhtr hanil t|ioy won* obllRod to .take oVer 'and liuilntaln the rortl (i <iii,tlonR wn have liiiltl llicri! and to N|pttort evon Iht* ttioNt-modest itiilllaijy; aiid oary ts* ii^illRhmAht thfir ei|ili-c( re*tn«e would lie consumed'by thfs ^c cxira r^pensc'K alone atad [hothlag; left for other-purposes'. _.i tfhla tilres ho consideration of th(| lixpense of establishing a diplomatic or consular -service or taking oHr the cost of tlio cOast survey of ihti islaiids anff- the quarantine servlciB which Is now lajrgoily tarried l^y thejtTiilted States. Mr. SUnison makes It dntlirely, clear that the. iPiiipino^ '8iA{4yl could not maintain''an independent Rovcrnmcat without incrcaainS' their taxation tb a djigr* . wMcn the capacity'of iht\ pielftplfe' trf iHf could liot possibly endure. . Mr.. Stimson does hot. : nhduly stress th6 inc ipacity of.tbe Ffll liinos for self- pii^ram^ht atid ^yet he calls at tent on the fact, that during the Wilson fAdlmtni(ltralic«, wlien the Isla ?ider4 iWfer6 diowld ^pactically to govern • themselves, deaths from smillpjoi lnd'f6a)sc(l from 700 in 1912 tb^.WO in Mli and that Asiatic cbc^er^ whtdi' had been«aImo6t extifiiatea in 1918 carried off ^3,000 people In"l§l$,^ He calls attention aiy ^ tfi^ 14^ tiiat >vhen they were given Hand the Filit >inp >^fMBded k n€- t 'tonal bank -and theij iabt«d It tky tbolisb investment!^ In various so- called goVeriiinent 'e ^t^rprtitfil asii liy enormous unsecutWhi^fili'ttBtll I'h «lx years thi? 1 )aidD ''lia(k'f£curfi^ ibases aggregating 3S million dolr Ihra while the. CBrriMcy of fliti Tvlands ; wljleh hiidi bin at' pk/ Ilrior to the WIlMn-AdhilnlBtrntion Had dropptHl tb 1 |S% l ]lo|ow par anil •ttlMerinji. I gentle- been;; spending he-Islands and ArehipJBlkgp ^raliifed to ttee ites as jCaJi ^da ai« oUferi immonWe ^tiia' afcj* iS'-i ngtiia [; mioi- iut rM kh 'liliigri il :JFt*iK't^ii)''Batitta r and r^&m s •l^fbffei «*ffi tfi»£ a<f«»^ «^fflftti ofay cap be glyen • tilfe ISla ids.' « -i*^^ i^solSeV tWifR?»' . a ii«dI<Sate* Ibly B««w8Wera ;*^n >'en . se ^ms to support GoWHtorl'PaMe I j* his .•elie a th* Wir rptoJed, b r Ifee Legifliature'MiowiBgt cities df '\ht fii%t!'^>lel»M"'dllMyttr ex- Itttpt 'tiew llbduttriM 'frtite -taxkt^ I per ^itfft flT* y**rs.-''1'h Mtfv ^raor t(mt<»iidedtb«t^lach leg i ilatlon wU MMHtthtMbfiH ei >tiriie|it its int «r|ia Tiftaidci t^ tjacvM veioed M «n 'that acdre. /Ka«Ma»<iwait« <.meW.- indtntrtc^ i^ntfUied ih«r fl»« «eir f{ UTSM^'HUtt wlth'aMieBgAge it Ifnti br jprwiuetfMi -ftl Mmtny ith their/ Burrd^iiaiti[t«, bitvlng ii» tm*a. tb Htw tiiat«riiiiB >1gbt niM Bmt atarliets.' Fdi'XtitaUUi Wfttfld'tob' a great «any liluioa dottaro 'better - oft iteh -yMi ^'jii ahdVf^autd'tifily sni^ iirt the InduBtHea^Wii^hfts!- One ta the iibinis th& RegMetr-baB had in Tiewj in i publishing doscriptione ot tW Industrie^ io<fated in and aixjut idia hks been to call the at- oi^itin of bur own people to out Jfmn. itidustries fei th« fattpe thai s^e w«l6 hiirtf fergdttfen It, or per ik »B-haV« fiet^ kn6«6. may b< 4mlBdyi tHM'^ey get rigb lerd 'ftt loliitbU ^a f«r«l»hich thej laye been isendlng to other towni tr to-other States. JTo get a nev fi«u8ti7|M « fine t^ipg for fh( idimmtiri ii^-'to^ehibke Ha ol( ;ivl.nil.1t|the ^<^o»e| cttmB ^al^ pat rdnage .may be'even better than t4 the tnirr^ney r^R^rrn friil Jar|f*il]i ' Under, the wise, honiest and In tollif Mi adnialitrstida of G«mr«r Vtao tmea tiroiigltl Vntjfi'lln qlMiil IX THE DAY'S JfEWSJ ;iVii8tralia, it is said, has nevet hAd A more . poptihir tlovemor oWrai fkaft Lord dfefehaHn ;-'wb^ hr^-to tkctika basif^o'tlHrOtlkB Am * DufibeBs of- Y6rt( durinr their staj Ifi «e C64inibBfife*UH. , 'A irftaj' srandsobVAT the' founder of one* o^ th^ irkrodli^ 'troB frdrks \iear OIBB BCw. he bome« of a fAmtly of malrltBbti^ ftiftt/; The'fodRjAV 6t Ihi Ironi works was a small farmer. liutih'lH eight Bonn all died mtllion- li ^eiBiand large land owners, while i^tfAt of their sins haye risen to itle's and other iflfltinctlonH. {Lord Uonehaven'B exploit of 'atartibg off •e^(JDtly'iitn a ipdiking tour w part >f'the rortmoftlh kith Is only one >r 'tha NtttrtllDg thlngM h6 has done Iilnc4r taking up < rricc. I^st year |io; cbvA^H. • gdO« ^portion of Aus- rilja in an aordplailti which ho jilNiteii himBBlf. Oficej when he bad rAMhbdMil landing Hb; Jiimpefl'up J tiiV immediately started off In anther plane; "tbc Indian .runners who per- forbictl what was thought by scoff- fng; readers to, be ia^redible feats in ,tbe.pates'<|f' FeBttlJh «rV 'C«ibp- S novels; may bave been the real B after all.! AnfhdW two Mex- tka^ aeehi particularly worse for WMr- Aad a 14ryear-oM girl _ file samfc trHyiB'tfafi.28^ miles In' 4 'HyoAra^'BG AMIIIKS: and- was so ( e^ that she. insisted on running aroiind-tfte stadiani q^aiffe^ mile t ack several 'tii^es (or full meas- inr«,> lA^fSlfer dlfjlhib iftirl, 16 years o d biirthe iiiothc ^r of sfeveral clfaUd- r m^tiUiib cnl «rc4liW r*cVi*ii'^all b il lb!b6« t1^, 6T; W B SS miles and tl en: dropp^ out because the pave- am'mk tio^ai hSf hbr bare f^et^ ^ liatia ararvAloini ttkcbine the hu- II a&^ixtdy'is ^hen "properly fed and trained! ; first coiitt^ lei by tho .State fdr pfintiog stamps to b« med on ;^ dkailbi'oif^ cigtfAftteft ha^etrlOetace a U ^l U M IbvtM Ify the new laar has be^n paid, was (Or 60 ull- ^1 r lifiiijpiC k "iSeiit' Aflfaip ^rfl^iyii ^M^ package of 'jjcl ^iirM {es^And ''a '^on^'^ent Btamp on •I Eh' paek of cigarttte iuiperB. The Mi tb|6Hiibiil «>Ulfcii !rf Mpedt'a 'falr- • ahiHuiii What Is time Withmta.G^r4en? Some of ttic 8^f-appolnted diplomatists of the country have from time to time in past days; deplored t'ho "spirit of imperialism" which ted our country: t6 maintain war ships in Chinese rivers. .It would bi' ititcresting tc know what they think aJ)out it now, in presence of the facli that but for Aoierican and British war ships in the Yai^se doubtless the whole American and British population it Nanking would have been slaughtered. ****** *.^>* 4-^ ^-l^** * SEAL ESTATE 3SAK8r$it8 * • laitaed Dally !<rM >dttf£< bt« * lolA Atklttiet CO. • • i . •- I •. - . ' . • Oil, of cours ,We have'Juijt i^cttirned from.the ml City. We went there for sev- rea &ohB ^ b'l£h wiil not be divulged, however, Itor the reason thrt those wh ch could be printed wouldn't be It tetestlng 4»ongh to publish^ and tl ose which would be intereating cnb{agii to publish could nbt N printed B In a rej reported charged 'b< with ctiUd of .guilty a{ penitentia PAttDON nt issn^ the Rebisttr It Maxwell HanMlton, ore the \ district ficsertion,! entered jji was sentenced io the for two years by iudge • • * b they COULD be published, but4-by the way, did Indians ran ;89 miles tn less 15 hours - last V^riday, from |Abtohlb to Amtfti. and didn't !thc from i (March 26, 1927) | ' Aloikzo Wray, single to Auby Jii- letta SkJBBer. lot S «I6c1t 4, TtXia- era. Aad.:la'lAHarpe,"920. ~ •.- ' •Abg^fifta'J. {Jaies, widow to Ruby Juliettk Skinner; lots 4. 6. 6, 7. 9 block 4. also lots 1. 2, 3. 4, 9, lOi 11, 1^ in block 5; also'loU 1. 2, 10; 11, IZitii block 6 air in Palmer's ThiM/AS4d. to LaHarpe. »1. 1 NdltTH LOGAN f *0k *r8. Fred bite.) Chafles Leonard spent Sunday afternoon with the Prlbbernow brothers. i Mrs. Lee Chicken ' has the measles,. Mr. and Mrs. Burrell Howell and daughters spent Sunday at Mr. Clements. K. H. C^ook end Harold Crpok spent Tliiirsday afternoon at the Van PoBsenjhome. ? i Howard, Raymond and Nelllo Strack called at Pred Dice's Siin- day morning. 1 MINB Kanoia Ayers IB having an attack of Ittmbagoj . Vivian and Ruth Btrack called on Mrni W. h. Moon and Mrs. Whttiman ffunday; afternoon.. .Mr.' iihd Mrs. MrNeif spent Monday evening Mr. And MN. Orth. ^ : i ' Misses Blanche and Llllle Bills spent Thursday erenlng at the Van Fosilen mRn^.-j Mr. aba Mrs.' Burrell Howell and family apfent fThursday evening at the-Stroh home. yoti |iear about the Scotchman who posttKl ii prite of W.OM to the first person, man or woman, who should swlttt iiiross the Atlantic [Ocean? • • .* • . And did you i lear the latest song by tiie doia'Dist fij^iiis'?' '•'tux Against Us!'' • • • • • Kansas City s' the place r wbet-c you spetra t^e' jirlce of a good ev- ening'a (CiiteH&ipmebt getting out to Mere""'yblirMrt'lives. ' The fire depaf-tment at joberjoch. Gei^nilny.' is'ji^poBied «^nilrbiy of w^omen. Well, they siionid'be adept at rolling up the old hose, anyway. Colored golf biilis to match the playcrA' costubies arc said to. be t^e rage .on the llijks this season, personally, we liave.pnoiigli to rngo Bl>out without ndding colored, golf bnllH to the list. j<raoK j ^onest : out was at I once naroled an rele^ed on probation. That was e triith but it wijs not all tbe-iru 1. J^e whole tr^th is that before releasing Hamilton oh parole; Jud ; Forrest ordered that he pay in 1 the jclerk of the court during tjie ext two jyears $500 (or the suppor of ithcl child (now roiir years old ^j .Ijbe defendant paid! \1B bt lis in caqh and e itered intb boiid i pay in the rem linder at the rati of \iid a month uiitll the entire : 00 yita paid, the stipu- kition bdui thai: sbpuld he iail id aby piymei . his parole,was tb be rtivOR^d am his! pealtentiary sen-^ tence woula beg)!n. Register rfepcjriers arc Instructed tn avoid anything sensatloial in reporting cdiirt praic^edlngs and to miii^ all txick ireporia aA bri^t as pd!i8lbI6. 1'lio Rijgfsttr regretfe that iii ttilB ^casetiSe tepo^ waA sd brisf as to 'dp Judge Fbr;;est an ^us- dce l»y noljj reporting the Retails df'tbis case ICdith 'Wharton, the dlNllngulsh- etl Amcrlcati novetiot, has completed her purchase of Chateau Ste; Claire at • Hmes, Prance, where she fta« beeti UVlagi for several years. The estate M k prlnce<- ly doihaib that dnife waa a convent" property. The largest' theiatre in the world is {h« Opera Hbiwe In-PArls. It covers three adrcle of ground. (JEKEVA (Mrs! Delia Leavilt) .Mar. 22.-;rb68e having m>asles Inst week a ;e a^i improving and a few .more ai j» Just ge tiqg, rc^y to en 'joy theih. tlckrge .'jllller forioije. Tiie bad feather Saturday jitbp- ped work on th« bridge, but! all handu Work |d tpday. I^slle Lei jvitt! called to' see, his mother SuiJilay eVeniug. ' i (it'orgo Mi cr df'ovp to lolu "i'tiiis- dny a(terno( i and did some Bbbp- plhg for De \tn L^avitt. ! Qeorg? Sherwood was a Jinsi- nosts visitor li Neosho Kails iVIoh- day. , • Tho Cross Current writer tblnks it was (unuy erboiiit that horse WAS diH^ralyi on' by a Colony erlnariah. ow It Wasn't s flinny for t le tfor^e, but stjii; living." Mrs. Lcav t has four hundred n nd 'seventy, ^ggs feUjiig. 0. P. Mil! er and' ftMk Boone,, did not get nbme SaCtiiinay higbtFJ on account cf.high wjaltr.. ' Walter Ml 3er Is helping Geo. .tippin with lis farm Vbrk. tll^t vet- lilt tie is I i^fliiiul(iB;.M>ci«tr girl who alligiitg that^Yhen < maiirled slie in « "highly nenrou^ and fex> cItMlJitate." In other wd« «M ' mi rfl&lt iWlion drunit Creole Garden Tegeiailes. . Tho Creole and salad jcostbinar tion garden Is a usefnl .^ani .for a small 'garden space. ICreoIe or SpaniSJi saucQ, for omelettes, fish:, and "bthiejc artlcleBi of foo I has be-:' come iK>puIar with other forms of southern .cooking and tie vegeta-: bles' n^ed ' for it ar^ tomatoes',! peppers and onions. ^The tomatoes; and peppers-are equally useful for salads .80 a garden of peppers and tomatoes , which will c ccupy a .small space will aeinre a x seful and :enlinary purpose, even Iii a small back yard. Add to this a few plants of okra \w gumbo and the south !rn menu will be well cared for. .\I1 these vegetables,are easily raised from seed. Plants of toibatoes and peppers are easily procured if sowing s^ early is neglected'bu the okfa seed shouldn't be planted 'hntil May 1 j or latier If the weather is not worm, i, A patch 10; feet square will provide a slipp y'of a nple pijoportions for the av6i|age family of these three vegetables hiahdy tc the back jdoor. In this space twenty toma- jtocs trained to single t tems on stakes, and a ddzen pepper and lokra plants can be read! y acdom- Iniodated. [ , Tomatoes Will !i|e the ijiain crop as they &r.e the chief concomitant of the Creole and Spanish sauces. JThey will also furnish a sufficicut •supplyi to be baten sliced! or In isalads' from mid-summer on. The fitvpcTB and Pkras will 1 oinc into baring later!and-produce until cut Itlown by froiris. As thesb vegetables need a liberal supply of moisture, the small space can be attended to with little trouble. (ikras m^y be started in the hotbed to secure early bearlnjs plants." ' A sjinny corner of the back yard will furnish an isxccllentl location for this useful little garden patcli. The bacfc fence-might bd uti.Iize<I upon which to train tomato vines provided it has full exposure .to thg sun. j , !^ An edging of parsley fof the bed will give aindlhcr useful ingredient for many dishes. This should be sown early as the seed^is slow/to germinate but the plants'arc| hai;dy and won't mind slight frosts. • Hate Volt a ReAl lalniif Many patches of vegetation arc. unduly flattered 'by belngj referred tJ4^^ lawns. They are7 in fact, we^ patches w}th 'some gra^s in tjiem and that largeiy jvild grasses 6t vreedy. character. A l^wn to be ^orthy of the nanie is.a garden for grass and the varieties | of grass grown in this garden ai^e- of the finest abd mpst carefully! selected Mnds. j [the lawn usually occupies more square feet in the ySrd oi- grounds than the vegetable and flqwer gardens combined yet It rately receives one-tenth the attention lavished upon the other two {gardens. Mowing lu a majority of cases Is the chief attention; England is fabied for its. fine'; lawnS. They i are no exclusive ppasesslpn. Any A^nerican can iiave as fine if he wants to and will give it the same attention the English grass grower gives his sward'. The centuries of (|^velQpm(;nt boasted for these famous^^ns, a're fittitlou^ «mbel- Ilshn^^nts. No lawii need|< a CQU- fury for its development. Two years Will :do it if the Job Is ilond right. The great majority of lawns have to go along with the weel^y mo.w- liig, an ucc^sloiial dressing of lime which very often Isn't nci^jded aiid doeB no good, and an annual re- scHdInx which Is very often done at the wrung time and wjiW, perhaps, It is not needed at ull^ u good rortfjUer. being much mu^ei CKB^U- tlui.' Crass can't-be made; to grow liixnrlantly by heavy seedlitg If it hasn't the food to suslaln lii. l/ntest the owner of a lliiwn Is prepared to give it as much attention UH he devotes to his,' flower and ivegetable gardens, he; might ipUch better devote the entire area to gardens for he has no psbt to expect a very su'cccssful or{ beautiful lawn. The best he wil(,!g<;t will be a covering of verdure |n'ith as niany we4ds in it as g:ra^s and there will be no chance for a vel- .vet^, springy carpet of green. The Drat element in producing a fiiic ^.wn is tborouglfe prebaratiou { of tlf^ soil, as thorough as it it were tip be, devoted to growing prize rests, peonies or asters, giving it good: spading, fine pulverizjlng, and liberal fertilliing. , [ Three Classes of Fcrtilltfers. . 5roi-e and more the appiidation of fertilizers to the garden becomes Itlie important! factor in'thjc 'isprlhg's garden plans. Carclessiyi u^cd roa- nurts olten will do little gdod, and in'some cases might even db harm: There are, in general, th'reelqlasaps of fertilizer, animal ipanule^ veg- cta]>]e, and mineral ferti|izerj), the last being confined to cobimerf^ial soil stimulants and jPlant fcjod. The refuse front' horses, cows, sheep, pigs and poultry, alnd the imported guano,,., tbgetheij with boiieSv form the first cla.stj. i The airframe gardene^;|n this, iitjt must depend chiefly, od piilyerUe^^heep mann're or shredded cow manure sold commercially together! jwith biwie meal. The scarcity o^t farm inaqure ^ucb as was commonly tieed ti^nly year^, aga.mak^s <tt inecessary tq p^pcur^.. the: cpmmerr daily prepai-ed,article. In general, the animal manuires are .soil bUitci- crs in that they •provide humus along with the fertilizing elsments. They sbonid always be used well rotted, as horse manure! heats when freish and cow manjire is much easiei- handled when Well jotted. . I • • Poultry manure Is often avallabU: bitt is >a: valuable, fijrtiltcer only when pt'opfmy used. It roust be well mixed.wUh soil or liypsao^ or land plaster before ,belig applied to the soil,; ds ifts too Btrdns, and hot fresh jfrom the poultry run. The commercial > sbfe ip, an4 row manures are cxcellen to be used i aij. a ton. dre^BJnn or to *o -tugML. Tlie^iiMM liekd /Incoribnttoit — IT!' They I are chliefly nitrogenous fertilizers. The bone products are a di(fer|:nt fypbeing i^lch in phos- pjiates and I me and being slow in their [operation, lasting two seasons. Veg'ctttbit) I manures' are those rotted leaves, grass refuse, us well as turned under— greeb! manniie*. Their tise Is to add htimiis and mellow the texture of the' soil, r I ' The! nitratejs, suiphateii, lltne and phost)|iates a,re thq miherai ma-, nures.| They are qhick acting fertilizers to supply elements lacking in the! soil and to stimdiate growth. The ainimal manures are best for the, siiiall. gaj-den if available. coroiipned of| and garden growl jig crrtps "Labor efliciency starte in the heart." says Jolm A. R<}»t h an article published in Indelxmtkiil Management. The Standard Oil Company (Indiana) I>t-iicvc3 that to be a profound obicr\'alion, t-conyniically' Bound. .' The ellicicncy achieved in:the ormnizatlon of the Standard Oil Comptiny (Inbiahaps' tluc result of Its reco)!nition of the hutaial:^ fdctm that ciUei- Intb burinctis. In liiis hii^ly complex moilerp world, cyery man, has his specialized.job wlio^uUith^leofaJcct i» the.. •erving of his fellownjtn. Th&t is the conception of the Stahdard Oil Company: (Indiana), Indiana) exist* to > th'cMMdte W«st. V . The StandardrOa serve the thirty inillion people .^..^w Supplying th<in. with petroleum products of the> higiiest quality ii port of that service. Twenty-nine thousand men land wftmcn avi cm-,' ployed m this vAst t^. Capitsl to chtry on this *ork of service "is fimiishcd by more than fifty' thousand stockhdlders. ' ! The tinje and energy of thousands of. people and the money of many thousands more, \^ly cwni bined and di^ect<;d, hayelma4e .it poi^le forlyou to get gasoline for :?6ut cai'-KW. any other prpduct of the Standard Cm C^dmpany (Indiana)—wherever; you may Mimen to be' in"'thc. Midc&e W^t. Tiiei • Standard Cm CWnpapy (lodiana) exists to serve you^; A spirit of service dominates the St^dard CKl Company (In^ana), not only in its attitude tow;ard the public, but iii the rtla^ships betweea fhS! dJERfxralp^ftsofttlieoi^^mr^ ^ ^ _ ] There is i fq^ing of. sympathy and^ fetewslnpl among the employees and the directorst>f the Stand-: ardC)ilC>»iRsmy (Indbha). "Th^ si^ - Oil Company (Incfiana) has not destroyed its per- Gonal, Htunan ^uaHties. i The executivies. in the Standard Oil 0^t»ny (Indiana) today, were once safiordihates.' As a. con' sequence th€y have an intimate, understanding'of , the prfoUems o^tpnting th^ inen arid woiri^fi who are Mowing th^Jeadership.! ' Mjmy tributes. ha*e been paffl \o' fhe"l^b» effi- ; d^icy Pf/the Standard Oil Oomnany (Indiana). , Thai efiiaeiuzy emanates fixilL fte hear^ A man who is.qMpged.ln.^wprk which, irappra. his Io>^lty and entnusasm^whoJtnows th&iQEiin- '. radesbip of other men engaged in^e same big tasfc —w.honas.tjie cbnfidep^tlma'.greiliofggnizytkn' ^ is bade of hun, mterested'iri his'welfare and "happi- "• nessVja ready to give the very best th^tiB-iri'him tohis^work. i« an c<fiirMi^happy,woirker.- > "The Standani(Cffl,Cbropsi6^l(lndiiuia} fcinait 'tm of29,000such,woAioB. s,* * - v ; Because of thta eflkiency, thkstandard OHCom- pany (Indiana) is able to jc^xrate at a- prafiC whidv provides reasonable tetqntt to4be stdckboldtts un their mvestmerrt^ i^^Sj"-^^^^' (Indiana) has concern tlie takftcare of themwlyea. flettcral Office:

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