The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on August 20, 1892 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 20, 1892
Page 2
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The Postville Weekly ltcvicw. PO'STVIIi'&fl, SAT'DAY, Afffl, 20. ONLY TWO CANDIDATES. W. N. BUBDICK, Editor. Enteral al the postojjicc at 1'ortvUk IIK twond-cla.isi matter. National Republican Ticket. For President, BENJAMIN HARRISON, of Iililiniin. For Vice-l'resident, WIUTELAW RK1D, of New York. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTORS- FOIl KI.ECTOUS AT LA1UU - .. A. B. Cummitigs of Polk. Milton Ucmley .of Iown. DISTRICT ELECTORS- First W. M. Walker, of VnnlSurcn. ttocoml (Jims. Lesvis, of Johnson. Third C. K. Albrook, of Hardin. Kourth II. P. Hancock, of Fayette Fifth Mum's* Stone, of Mill-shall. Sixth 15. V. Carroll, of Davis. Seventh ..K. It. Hayes, of Marion. Eighth. ... L. C. Meoheii, of Appanoose. Ninth. ..John Linett, of Pottawattamie. Tonth V J. A. Cliiii'uh, of (irucii. Klevcnth .K. U. Chassell, of Plymouth. STATE TICKET. For Secretarv of Stain, W. M. McFARLAND, of Kinmetl county. For Attorney Cenoral, JOHN Y. STONK, of Mills county. For Treasurer of State, HYKON A. HKKSON, of Marshall county. For Auditor of State, c. MCCARTHY. of Story county. For Railroad Commissioner, «. W. PKltlCINS, of Fremont county. CONGRESSIONAL CONVENTION POSTPONED. NO CALAMITY IN THIS. Chairman Hlythc, ot tho fourth district republican committee, has issued tho following notice: "The republican cons-ontion for the nomination of a representative in congress for the fourth district lias been postponed by action of tho congressional committee, und will be held at Now Hampton, Iowa, Aug. 2-1. 181)2. Commilteo.nen aro requested to gis-o one uotico of this change, both to the public and to delegates to the convention if such delegates have been chosen. J.vs. K. H LYTUC, Chtun. of Congressional Committee. TUB belter vomit convention has been held in Dos Moines tliie weeK. THE democratic state convention sva« held in Davenport on Thursday. Ai llioy have no hopu of carrying the state this year their candidates were not very numorous nor the interest very great. PROBABLY UPDEORAET. A careful looking ovor of tho district indicates the probable nomination of Hon. Thomas UpdogralVut Now Hampton uoxt wook by acclamation, no other naroo beiug likely to bo priMontod to tho convention. It is quite evident that Mr. Upilegraff has a majority of the delegations, and if so it would ho folly to present any other namo. All any of us want is tha strongest man, and then we want to elect him, and svo aro going to do it too. Mr. lUitlor will need to gird on hit full armor for he will have no walk-away this timo. This is a ro- publicau year and don't you forget it. Protection and reciprocity are going to sweep the country !iko a cyolono. "TUB Liverpool, England, Courier says: 'Tha democratic party in tho ttatos may rest assured that if English sympathy could carry the eloctiou of Grover Cleveland in November the white house would bo Uioirs. Wo shall svatch the devolopmout of the strugglB with tha keouost interest, and even if tho triumph bo not attained all at once there is, indeed, reason for congratulation that ono of the groat American parties has uiado freo trade, pure and simplo, tho grunt battle cry of llio future.' " There is, there can bo no possible doubt about the position of Euglaiul as to the political parties in tho United States. And why ij it trua? There can bo but cue answer, and he who runs may road it. oven in tho above lines. It is beeauso tliu democratic parly stands for freo trade "pure and and simple." And it is not because froe trade svill help this country, but beauso it will help England. With freo trade England will supply the great bulk of the manufactured goods consumed iu this country, and at a good profit. Th» question with us is do svo svaut England to roup tho bono- tits, or the United StaloBP Wliau you settle this question you will know how to vote in Novombor. WL- l_LJ.ij.JI. UJJWIUWJJ TnB whole statutes anil common sense on tho subject of rights between capital and labor, employer and employe, is concisely statod iu the following front the New York Sun, ,v democratic paper: 1. "Any person eun hire ov be hired by auy other person who is capable of coimeut. 2. Any svorkraan or association of Workmen can leave work for any reason or no reason at any time, unless he is bound by a eoutraot. 3. Any employer cun put on such workman or workmen us he chooses at any lime, unless he is bound by a cou­ traot. 4. A non-union man is just as good in Hie cvo of tint law an if lm. uuua. There arc some very ludicrous things in politics. Here we in the north are charging, and correctly too, that Weaver and his people's party arc running solely in tho interest of Cleveland. Having no hope of the eleelion of their ticket l hoy hope located] hero and there a northwestern stale and thus throw the election into tho house, when of c jursc Cleveland ami not Weaver, will be elected. And now comes that great democratic luminary, the Louisyillo Coui'ior-Joiiriial, and pleads with the voters of the south by all they hold dear in life, not to dare to vole for Weaver, because such a vote in tho south is a full vote for Harrison! On "the facu of the returns" this would seem strange, but it svould bo just as true iu the south as its converse svould be in tho north svorc tho flections conducted as fairly there as here, lint liro. Watterson forgets to state in his editorial that if Weaver should carry a southern stato his vote svould be counted for Cleveland nnd no damago would be done to the democracy, any moi'o than svould bo tho case should a southern state cast a majority of its yol« for Uari'i.'on. No southern state will be counted for any but the democratic party, hosvever it may vote, so long as tho odious "force bill" is kept oil'the statute books. Othcrsvise sve admit thoro svould be dangor to the democracy if Weaver should git any considerable voto in the south. Hut iu tho north it is different. Here wo have a "force bill" iu the enforcement of "hu election lass's, so that should Weaver carry a single slate or a half dozen states iu tho north it or thoy will bo returned for him, svhich in effect svill be just llio same as if these votes svulo cast for Cleveland. And honce it is svo have inlinitely more respect for the sorehead or mugwump svho casts his s-ote for Cleveland direct than for him svho casts his S 'otc for the stool pigeons. Weaver or Hidsvell. There aro only Isvo presidential possibilities—Harrison and Cleveland Hosvover tho south may voto it is a certainty that it svill bo counted solidly for Cleveland. With only these Iwo candidates in the field it is almost us certain that Harrison would bo easily elected, and we have no doubt but he svill be anyway. Hut should the north divide up botsveen tho three candidates, oach getting a part of tho electoral votes, thon Cleveland's election would bo assured in the house of representatives. This is what wo want to impress- on every voter svithin tho radius of our Hold that the tight is botsvoon Harrison and Cleveland. There is no room for side issues or side candidates this year, Tho only question for tko votor to decide is whethor ho favors Harrison in preference to Clovcland, or vice versa, nnd then vole for the ono of theso two candidates that he prefers. Wo expect tho democrats in the main to vote for Cleveland and tho republicans to voto as solidly for Harrison. It is the outside or floating vote, tho independent and tho neutral, that svill decide tho coming election. If thoy throw away their votes on Weas-er and Bidwcll or cilhor of them, hi suilicicut quantities to carry any states thoro is a possibility of the election of Cleveland, Other- sviso thoro is absolutely nono, and nobody knows Ibis bettor than tho democrats. Hauce it is that the republicans of tho northwest have a duty to perform in this campaign greater than has ever before dovolvod upon them. If thoy hold the fort, as they havo dono heretofore, another great victory svill bo achieved iu Novombor. We find tho following iu Calamity Wellev's paper, and leaded up as an editorial too, though svo don' I believe it is original svith that paper. There is too much common sense anil truth in it to warrant ttic conclusion that it was the work of any calamity shrieker. If llio credit of the condition as sla'.ed had been given, where it belongs, to the republican party, which has been responsible fir all the legislation for the past tliiriy-ono yours, it svould be a good republican article. With this correction wo cordially endorse it: "Tho United States makes a pretty good contrast svith the rest of the svorld at Hi is moment. While in India they are starving; while in Ku'ssia they are forbidden to export rye; while Germany has opened its doors to the American hog; svhile Franco is short some 100,000,000 of bushels of wheat; svhilo throughout Europe great distress prevails because of the destroyed crops; svhilo in Ireland thoy are culling svlicat for fodder; two states iu our republic send uotico to the svorld that they can load with their wheat a train 250 miles long; and conservative estimates say that the farmers in llio United States svill receive this year 8100,000,000 more than they received las', year for their crops. Belosv the wheat boll sttetches llio cotton belt, svhich is to keep all tho looms of Europe spinning and weaving; behind the wheat and cotton the mineral kingdom in tho United States will this year produce more in value from below the soil than svill be produced from the soil. Of this mineral output close upon 8100,000,000 will be in gold and silver. Surely in such a land there should be nothing liKo hard times, iu such a land no laborer should go for ono hour without employment if lie wants svork; and compared svith such land as ours, the rasl of the svorld makes but a sorry shosv. If, of old, to be called a Komau citizen svas greater than to be called a king, what ought it to be in theso. modem days to be a citizen of the United States? Every growler on our shore ought to be picked up and made to live six months in Europe or Asia that he might henceforth forever appreciate what it is to bo a of this republic." U.' -Jll- L . J 1 Wi-: havo neglected to extend our sympathy to liro. L. K. Smith, of the Crdsco Timet, in his Into groat bcroave- nicmt, tho loss of of his svifo. Sums thrno years ago his lirst wife died and a little more a your ago he married tho tislor of his former -wife, and she has followod to tho silent city of tho dead. "IT is statod that gold has boon found in dead men's ashes. Thoro svill be far more found in dead man's teeth, llottor svork tho latter lirst.' Ex. We have obsorvod that still more lias been found in dead men's shoos, and yet it has no 1 ; been found prolitablo to wait for them. —ff there is anything in llio cricket sign sve shall havo no killing frost before the last of September. Their lirst "song" svas heard last Sunday evening, and it is said by believers Ir. signs and wonders that it is just six sveeks from tho lime they aro lirst heard until the lirst heavy frost. With good sveathor in tho mean lime that ought to let the corn out. — John ViuiVelzcr and family and our Art started on Tuesday on ah overland trip svest for health, recreation and business, to be gone two or three sveeks. They took six horses svith them svhich thoy svill try to dispose of. They look a tent and all the paraphernalia for camping out. J. 15. Hart has stocked the south side meat market and svill run it in Van's absence STILL ANOTHER TRANSLATION. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. - T. G. Hyde, down at the Union creamery, has boon nursing a felon for the past ten days and has teen working everyday, svhich has boon pretty hard on him. — W. J. Hanks, ono of Postville's representative young men, svas the guest of his friend, Jesvoler Albert, on Wednesday. Tho young men attended a svatchmaking school at Aurora, 111. Lausing Mirror. Another translation of tho bible is soon to bi given to the svorld under the supervision of Prof. Hanpt of tho Johns Hopkins colirgo and other eminent biblical scholars, including Prof. Ilriggs, of Union Theological college. From omparativo texts svo soo that thoro will bo considerable ohaiigo from any vorsion nosv extant, and whether it svill be more correct or not is the question. Tho only danger of these numerous 1 revisions is that thoy may cause the pooplo to lose roverenoo and res- 1 poot for all versions. There is a kind of superstition growing out of anything that is old that evon civilization and enlightenment oauuot outgrow, and sve don't believe that any new revision of the biblo svill ever be gonorally accepted by the religious svorld, although it is probable that any of the later revisions aro more correct than tho ono iu general use. Aflor all tho labor that svas spent ou tho last revision It has already practically gone out of use, ana it is seldom luuutioucd any more. Somehow tho impression seems to prevail that the translation of tho old King James vorsion svoro inspired and conseqututly could not have made any mistakes, while less confidence is placed in the later translations. And yet no one can deny but the present ago is more competent to translate the book Drill any ago that lias preceded it. It is peculiar that oveiy irodorn translation seems to modify to soino exlcul the wrath and viiidicliveuoss, as some term it, of the Creator, ami tone down, to some extent, the judgments of the older versions. If llio svorld can eomo to believe mat a mors lenient view of the future condition of men is In harmony with tho original word, a yraiit Insi^*"" will-. i^a^^——- ^ - List of Letters remaining uncalled for in tho postollice at Postyille, Iowa, Aug. 13. 18D2. Parties calling for any of thom svill pleaso say "Advertised:" Miss Nora Dundee, Jno. C. Hide, 11. N. Sagaard, Burton Spraguo. .IAS. PjiHKV, P. M —Thoso threshers who aro using steam augines should bo caroful not to violato tho lasv. It thoy run thoir engines ovor tho public highways thoy mi'st send a man ahead to assist in the passing of toams and tho ongino must bo stopped while tho (cuius pass, and the svliistlo must not bo sounded svhilo ou any public highsvay'. —In sending complimontnries to the Clayton Co. Fair Secretary Krugelsays "Onrgrounds are now enlarged from ten to twenty acres—doubled in size Wo nosv havo tho bos', fair grounds in norlhoastorn lowu. The half mile track is ncariug completion and some fast horses aro oxpected. Wo have room for all nosv, it will not bo too crosvdad. Plenty of fresh cool svator The officers ara at svork very hard to mako tho fair of '92 oxotd all previous fairs. — Do you wish to save your cabbage from ,being destroyed by svorms? A lady says: "Early in the morning svhen the dew svas on the, plants, sho sifted a little Hour over them. Twice during the year was all she found necessary. The moths that lay the egg in the plants svould lly around over the plants, but svould not light on tliem, .mil she hail no trouble from worms and raised line cabbngo. She used a common hand sifter, and turned the crank just enough to let a Utile Hour sift over eauh of tho plants. It is a simple, inexpensive remedy and Worth trying.- Ex. —Bo sure and lake in Lansing under , the auspices of the Epworth Longue. Short Time Subscribers. As usual at this time of year sve make a campaign or short time rate for nosv subscribers. This year sve make tlic short time nesv subscriber into losv- er than ever before. Iu order to introduce the paper svhero it is not now known sve svill furnish it from tho day of subscription to Jan. 1st, 1H'j;t, for 50 cts., cash in advance. Anybody can afford to send a copy to a friend al Ihis vale — Here is a form of swindling that is being worked upon many lcisvn farmers. It is beiug exposeil by the press, and should be heeded and shunned, as svell as all other irresponsible deals. These sharpers go about among llio farmers selling them goods and taking their contract notes. They use a double fountain pen, one end of svhich contains ink svhich fades entirely in a fesv days and svith svhich the contract is written. The. farmer signs with die other end svith indellible ink. When tho contract has faded the sharper svritos a new one svith the same ink as the .signature, to suit himself, and sells it to a bank and the farmer has it.—Manning Monitor. A complete and full stock of Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings and Building Paper, yellow pine Flooring and Ceiling oak, ash and maple Flooring. All parties intending to do any "building the coming season will consult their own interest by obtaining figures from me. Particular attention to filling bills- Best of grades only handled. —Will Ilolahau had a narrow escape ou Wednesday svhile assisting in starting a nosv thresher which ho had sold. The bagging auger became clogged and the belt llcsv oil'. He reached his hand into the augur to clear it, when somebody on the other side of the machine ran on the belt, suddenly starting the anger. Un removed his hand its quiuk as ii Hash, but the end of a linger was caught and mashed. Had it struck his hand higher up lio svould havo uo right hand today. A close call. Independence Rncos. August 22 lo September 3, 1892. For these races the Iturliiiglon, Cedar Hap- ids & Northern Kailway svill make a rate of Ono Faro for the round trip from all stations on its lino. Tickets on sale Aug. 20 to Sept. 3, inclusive, good to return until and inoluding Sept. 0. 18M2. A special train svill leave Cedar Rapids every day during the races, at D:15 a. m., connecting with all trains from the north, south, oast and svest. A special train svill also leave Decorah every day at 7:.'!0 a. m. Returning, both tiains will leave daily after tho races arc over. For further information call on or address any agent of this company. Yours truly, J. E IUNNEUAN , G. T. & P. A. Jttouonn. For the lirst time in ovor a year svo visited Monona a short time on Tuesday evening, and it svas tho most enjoyable soiison svo havo experienced in a long time. We fell into tho hands of such friends as ¥. M. Orr, F. L. Well man & Son, Col. Otis, G. E. Eaton, tho Nortons, etc. Monona is reveling in a veritable boom sure, and ness btisiuess buildings aro springing up on every hand. Eaton's nosv double store, •10x00, tsvo stories high, svith basement, is a dandy, and svhen fully completed svill cost about S3,500. Tho nosv bank building is up and svhen complotod sv.U bo a credit to Monona, or any other tosvn iu fact. Tsvo or throe oth- or business buildings aro under way, all, except Eaton's being brick. Monona may svoll bo proud of tho advancement sho is making. If the pooplo only svould incorporate now and fix up their streets, crossings and svalks they svould have ono of tho most beautiful towns in this section. Hut they svill hardly do- il yut from ioar of taxation to pay Harvest Excursions. On Aug. 30 and Sept. 27, the Hur- lington, Cedar Hapids & Northern Kail- way svill sell Ilaryest Exclusion tickets to all points cu its line in northwestern loiva, southern Minnesota and South Dakota, at » ralo of One Fare for round trip. Tickets limited to tsventy (20) days from date of sale. On same dates it svill also soli to points on other lines in northwestern Iowa. Minuusola, North and South Dakota, Montana east of Garrison, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, (except points on So. Pac and A. & P. Hys.,) Idaho, on and cast of the Union P:ie. line lo Silver Hosv, southwestern Missouri; ivlso to K IUIMIS City and Si Joseph. To points in Tounessee, Alabama and Mississippi. Louisiana (except Mobile and Nesv Orleans'), Arkansas, Indian Territory, Oklahoma and Texas. For further information call ou or address any agent of this company, or Yours truly, J. E. HAN'NEOAX , G. T. & P. A. CLEARING SALE OF FOR THIRTY BAYS ONLY. 4*1 P. m -i. ni. Ou and atter Sunday, Nov. IHDJ trains on the C. M. it St. P. lly. will leave Postville as follows. CSOlNC. EAST. Passengers. No. 2 No. 4 (night.) Freights. No. 10 Chicago Stock . . No. C Way No. 12 Milwaukee Slock liOlNO SVEST. Passengers. No. 1 night No. 3 Freights. . 1 1 :0.'. •1:U> a. m p. in :.i;> p. tr 12.10 a. m. 10:2.1a. ni. No. 7 Way Freight.,. No. !) Time Freight . . No. 1 1 Time Fivitvht. 11:0.1 il. m l ; :1.1 ]>. m .!•-:!.-, p. m All Freight trains mentioned. e\crj,;. No. 12. carry passengers svhen provi ( |,-,| svith proper traiisporiation. No. {> liotsvivn N. McGregor and Mason ("itv. M. E. TAI.COTT , Agi-nt." B. C. R. & IT. R. E. I WILL GIVE A REDUCTION OF 20 PEE CEJTT OU WALL PAPEE And 10 Per Cent on All Grades of Carpet. A splendid opportunity to get a nice Carpet at Wholesale price. Come and get First Choice. Yours Truly, WALTER CHRISS. BR. J. S.GREEN, 1'IIYSICIAN & SUltGEON, Office and Residence Southwest par of town. All calls promptly attended F.J. BECKER, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND 8UKUEOS. Office ami r."iiil«ncu Clirisa' Now l-urmtmc Emi-orimn, l'osivillu' Iowa. J. SHEPHERD M.D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, U. B. I'UNSIU"! KXAM1XKU. Ollloi" at I-„BII 1. IIU:U on (irium Illl-TOt, lii.ClilllI llOUBO l-.ilht „( Huy i* Mi-.S'nit'n Uili-ilwu: u. — Mr. and Mrs. D. N. Turusr surprised and dolighlod thoir hosts of frionds bora by appearing to thorn on Tuesday evening, "in tho llosh," for a short visit svhioh in its brevity only amounted to a call. Thoir reception bore musl huva satisfied thorn that they luft fiiomls in Postville Unit svoro sin- cure and true, and that svheiiovev llioy can make it convenient to eomo hero thoy svill lind tho doors of all our people opon to receive thoni and svarm hearts and bands rondy to svcloome them. Weather and Crops. 1) ES MOINES , Aug. 10, 1892.— The svaather of tho past sveok, svith tompor- ntiire and sunshino slightly abovo normal, 1ms 'boou alt that the most exacting farmer oould desiro in rapidly pushing tho corn and bringing it up to it) usual advancement for tho season. With lato frosts llio corn crop sooiuu to be [assured, but tho total output will full materially below tha average Tho rainfall has boon somewhat local iu iti clnvvno.Uv, nnd yet enough lias fallen for nil growing crops, except In Ducatnr ami Wayno comities, where O. M. & St. P. Excursions. To llosvard Co. Vair, at Oresco, Aug. 23d to Stitli, gooi' to return Aug. L>7th. Ono and ono third faro for round trip. To Kustoin Iowa Agricultural Association Fair, at Davenport. Tickets sold Sept. 5th to 9th inclusive, good lo return Sept. 12th. Ono and ono third faro for round trip. To losva Stato Fair, at Dos Moines. Tickets sold Aug. 25th lo Sept. 2nd inclusive, good to return Sept. 5ih. Ono losvost short lino laro for round trip. To Inlor Stato Fair, at I^aCrosse. Tickets sold Aug. 29th to Sept. 3rd inclusive. Ono faro for round trip. Good lo return Sept. 5lh. To Minneapolis) Exposition. Tickets sold Aug. 30th and on all Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays during continuance of Kxposition to Sept. 2-llh. Hetnrii coupons good until tho Monday following dato of sale. Ono and ono third faru for tho round trip. Also Sept. 3rd to 10th iuulusivo tickets svill bo sold for ono faro for round trip, good to return Sopt. 12th. Tho stale fair occurs Sept. oth to lOlh. Clour Lako Excursion Tickets. Tho C. M. & St. P. K. II. svill sell oxcursion tickets from Juno 2otls to Sept. UOth. inclusive, to Clear Lake Park, for onu and one third faro for llio round trip, good to roturn L 30 days from date of salu. 25 cents added for admission coupon. For tho National Encampment, Grand Army of tho Hopnblio, to bo held al Washington, D. O , Sopt. HOth, tiokots will bo sold al faro ono way for tho round t.i'lj? lo Chicago, to svhioh svill bo added $IGM for faro from Chicago to Washington and return, over a oholoo of seven routes:, return uoupovs good to Oct. 10th. For Knights of Pythias Ktioonuimont, DR. MABRY, PIIVSICI.W i- si:u< IKON. Ollieo over Waters it Nicolay's Hardware Store. Iiesidence at Pari; Hotel. Calls svill receive prompt attention day and night. Wm. SHEPHERD, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Iiiflurunco Afjont unit Collector, Authorized to imictlco hi all t ho. (Miuvtfi of tho atuto. OlHoti ovui ljlon'n atoro, bviolt block. POSTVILLE - - IOWA. The Old Reliable Meat Market, JOHN B. HART, Propriotor. Opposito - Postville - State - Bank. Nono but tho best meats purchased. Everything iu tirst-clast shape. Courteous treatment to all. Prices alwajs the losvesl. Are the Best and Cheapest Ranges Made in the World. For over a quarter of a century sve have manufactured and sold litem diivcl to the consumer in almost every cntinly in the United States, from the Atlantic to tlic Pacific, from the (iulf to the Lakes, you svill find in the homes of the best people THE FAMOUS HOME COMFORT ! ! ! Our Mangos are sold only from wagons owned by the company and our men are paid salaries, and we_ pay all expenses and make good all contracts, licmcuihcr, notes when given are not sold or transferred, but arc made p:r. able at your own dvv without interest or expeuso. Home ('omforl Mangos are made of the best cold rollnvl steel, svith iron tops, doors and door frames. The lire box is m:ule of the best new east iron, the lines arc all lined svith abestros (imlesti uci iMe), and tho the never comes in eiinlact svith any part of the sH-cl u.sed in its constr and sell more lluugos every year than all olhuy Pang States combined. Wo have now nearly ,Sno,0:)0 family si /e linnges iu it niorcliaiils, lawyers, physicians, fanner- and evi 'vybody el-', cooking apparatus in the world. 1!<-I.i,v we publish a i' Head them and lie convinced that Respectful!,, tiinonials onimond we have. L huiiibii" •able gray ruction. \\\. companies in the United I hey aro :-:.ld lo who wants the host iv of many thousand tes- ueli men would not roc- WROUGHT IRON" RANGE CO. -.•-PHOTOGRAPHER.-:- And Dealer in Picture Framos. Postville - Iowa L. STROEBEL & SON, ritoriuiCToiiH oi' Postville Boot and Shoe Store. (AT AllMSTllONll .1 IIOLTliU'B 01,0 UTANIl.) Havo a full lino of Hoots, Shoes, Slip- peis, Rubbers and everything kept in a No. I general shoo store. Custom svork and repairing noisily and promptly dono. lOvory oair warranted. Wo keep no shoddy. OHOIOE LINE OF DOMESTIC "IMPORTED JUST RECEIVED! Uood All Wool Suits for $20. Uomiino Clay Worsted, $20 and up. Fine Worstud and Chinchilla, Overcoats from 9li to $20. Kvorytliiug svarranted O. K. Call early and leave your order. D. A. . I KIIA.1.1), Merchant Tailor. BLACKSMITH & WAGON SHOP. Oei'sliom II. Hill, M. ])., Iowa Hospital for the Insane, Independence, losvi, Juno (i, 18111, says: "I am pleased lo say that the ranee put into this iustitul'.ou in duly, 18SH, jjives satisfaction and continues to do nood work. We do not, use it particularly for hak- iiifr, but for general cooki our purpose very svell." _ M rou-rbi Iron Umie-e ('„.. St. l,,,uis (..(•iitlcmeii The Hume Comfort Kaue-e svhieh sou s„|,i lls .,!„„„ V| ,. u . _ surpasses all our expe.-taliot'is. (>7,,- j cooks anil over, luuh ' j department a re' lull" ! ""sides i!ie general svhich • lh" culinary praise for ii. _ cu.ikin:;-, i oasliiiji- i- ii:ie\ee|leil, (lie C. 10. Cummins, Superintendent of Hardin County Poor Kami. June UO, IB'Jl, says: '"I havo been usinj; a Home 1 Comlorf Kango for over two years manufactured by tho Wrou-riit Iron Utilise Co., of St. Louis, Mo. It jrives entire satisfaction iu every particular, and I can hoarlily recommend it to anyone in need of a cooking npp.iraic -i as a perfect baker and durable tun^o." Sisters of St. Mary's Hospital, Klreat- or, 111., Juno 7, 'lS'.ll, say: "Willi pleasure I can state that the ranee bought of you September, lii.SH, has been in stonily service for three years and has proved most satisfactory, and I svould recommend it to all svho wish a muge, as it is first-class for hakiii;;', bulling and cooking-." , Jefferson City, Mo., Mas' 17, INSII. Wrought Iron Usiiigo Co., St. l .ouis. Gentlemen— 1 used one of your ranees in my residence in fit. l.ouis for several years previous to my removing' to Jefferson City, and soon after becoming located hero procured one for I he house iu 1 nosv reside. .So far ns my information extends, both ranges have given good satisfaction, llespecifully, • 1). 11. FitAsms, dov." j Mivyov'sOMco, St. Louis, .la-i, I, 1R'.I2. j Wrought Iron Range Co., City, (ioullo- I moil —Already the range has given us [ (,roHl. comfort, and lean hardly explain svhy wo havo been without such a com- | fori so long. Yours truly, Kinv. A. NOONAS , Mayor. ] it answers ! and baUin | »P<"""-ial improvements oi tiis,k-.-"i-onnVl ,. i chimney, the wanning oven " which utilize tin en!' 1 il :.!!' 01n . .' s| " Vl " ,i "^' tllu k'lcl'ion. i otherwise lost heat and pre- save u.s cent, in fuel, steam carvi'i'r salisl'netiim. keeper in il,, Home Comfort II more than twenty per labor ami limn, ' 'p| u , tahlrs also nive general » isliiii" every ' hoiise- coiiiilr.v would buy a i'e remain, i ours trulv, Ai .K.viA:-, l!iii )iiii:i ,'s in-'8 T. 1.! U;IS. lly llro. Aloysius Sellv.-.s. lolcilo, Iowa, September l,-,ih s\ rought Iron Stove Co. (; I pur.'hascil one years „^,,. ,, „„„ ,„.,,„ ,, , |un( ||( . (| lS'.ll. nih -111011 — of your ranges live It has been in cou and sliow-s no signs whatever of giving away. There, is not a warped or cracked piece iu il. Kesp'l, I.. Ii. ttl .lNS, Pres. Toledo Bank. Wrought Iron Range Co., ;jt. Louis, (iciitlemi'ii -We the undersigned citizens of Marshall county, each purchased of yi.-ur salesman a "Homo Comfort" wrought iron range and are pleased to say that '.hey give entire satisfaction in every parlicular. Our notes given for same were by y»iur co'leeto presented at mir home aecord- icg ui agreement: j. K. Kdwards, Marshalltosvu; J. 11. Hanser, Jr., Liscomb; K. Lindley, Lis- coutb; 11. CI. NelV, Liscomb; Joe (lliul- l'ellv, Liscomb; Alison Coulber, Conrad llriive; M. Y. II. Dwinnell, Albion; J. W. Dieksou, Albion; J. II. Dickson, Albion; Cleo. 11. Moore, Bromley; mul thirteen others. Granito Cemetery Work, Iron Fences, Curbing &C. Those inlending to purehaso Motiu- iiUinlal svork for future delivery svill Hud it to thuir advanlago I iexamine M. V. Kidder's Clranito Work in Ccmele ries, as lie is doing lirst-clns.s svork at as iosv prices as can bo procured in tliu oouutry. If ho has not called upon you dvop him a card at Deoorali and ho svill be pleased lo visit you svith Design K| ami wimples of all kinds of Clranito, tit llio Ltsvest possiblo prices. M v. KTrmww K&''; Y HAVING AU0 APBlVlttS [IME OF TRAIN'S. ii;:ciiii .sit IIIVIMOX. Time Table in ell'eet May 2 !i. l.s;-> Passenger going North... . r i:'Jo, p y; ' " South .',:<l',l. Freight. " North, . . .».!.',, P. "»l South, (Loo, A J. V.. Pr.unv A CHUi'iCH DIRECTORY., -la-r, N\ I.. limi,,;-, ,,„,. tel. rix -iii-l.iiie. cvor.T Suii'lay u'. 1C :i M. uii.l 7 U10 I'M. Si'M-nlli Si ),(„,! in-ii..-eli-l. !v iittji- ire i-nini: Bevvici-. V. P. c. I',. u-,,-, every Sunday o veil in;; n t <: : l'>. i'r.,\, i- M , , - - iie; SVvvtiic-sitiiy uvioiee-i. .Ml'.TIIODIS'J'.-lieV. E. ,t. biu.v I, I'nsti*. t vnaebiiic sia-\-irr-i <^-t'i-y Sulnlnv ut lU.'^.S una 7 :*i 1'. Jr. StUilmtU K.-H...1 imai.ii!- lltuly llfUr liieniili;; fiuvie'. '1 li-- l'.pvoKh l.cuiaie <;vi ly Snieta>- uveaiu;: :tt i: :,'0 e'ul..l.. Vmy«.r liieeliu^ ev,-vy Wviluv^.U-y n--ui'.v;n; 7 :U0 d'cluek. Yoe IUK riuui-..tly iiivitt.l. POSTVILLE LODGES. .NOBLE LuDGE IVo 51. A. <>. f. II'. The Loyal Ancient Order of United Workmen meets the Sect -ml am! Fourth -Saturday evenings iu each month, in the Masonic Hall over the liriek l'ttig tore. J. W. SHKKUV , M. \V. ' WM . Sm-.i-tii'.ui', Recorder. BROTHERLY/HOVE LOEGF. A'.-.-, -joi, A. :. ti- - i. .i/. Ri'gular meetings on TUCMI.-IV evening on ov before the full of the iiinon. A II brethren in good i-landing ai'v cr- '.lialls' invited io attend. V.. 1). STILLS , W. M. WM . MdTT, Sec 'y. Sl'AXIONIilKY. Don't forg 'j", v/hon you want plain or tancy !3c -a .t;cnory,',h;it the Reviow oHiee its 1-Lo place to got it cheap. J. A.HAVIRLAND, Veterinary Surgscn, 1'iis'i'vii.i.i-'.. ii.isv.s. Oilice lirst door of the Coninier- cial House, (ireen St., I'oslville. hova. A line set of surgical i listi uixeiits. All nciessary uiedicines kepi on hand Thirteen years successful practice Calls promptly answered Po ^siville Tray Line P. J. BETJCHEE. Prop. Having purchiisi'd the origina. I'osf- ville Dniy Line I am pvcpiifvd lo ilo-.dl kinds of ilra\ing promptly, ciiiefullv and satisfactorily, (looit teams, good drays and careful drivers j Isvsiys ni lh'- service of the public", at fair prices. All kin ps of light or hca vy h an ling, into « n or country promptly dene. ^1 ,000.00 Offered for any Machine that Will }ka Mraafc

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