Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 12, 1961 · Page 24
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 24

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 12, 1961
Page 24
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ALTON TELEOilAPH Alton News Even to Ttco-State \onth Meeting 10 Opm A tBrotrn Baptist n'l The Illinois and Mlsfmirl State Youth Fellowship meet Friday evening and day Saturday at the Street Baptist Church. The Rev. Malcomb Oonk, » noted youth speaker of the Wheaton Bible Church, will bt feature ot the Friday night First District Jmtlce G. M. Berry Started on Own M«vTe*t KrebkHsen YWW wRWBW!|r CM fratRBf if flit 886w» . VNMMMM omt Gimif Xym\"*ri«t# indtaiw C. lvy> & plonwi in • ft^ MkBUll $MU tltlilM \ um mug, "J Win ) resident ot ufltvwsfly of ulifMu »nwi he owfofstd the, drug. Stoddart then ww prwldteirt of un George M. Berry, the Third District's first Justice of the pe*cr tmoVr the new systwn, Is a native of Alton, and was the flrst attorney in many years. If not the first, to be elected Justice here \mder the old system. He Is a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Berry. His mother was the former Miss Dora Messenger, of pre-Revotutton Vermont de•scent. Members nnd descendants TO Sim SACRED SONGS The 40»vofoe glee club of the Moody Bible Institute 0f CMcago vrfli stag at 7:80 p.m. Saturday In the Brown Street Baptist Chnrrh as a phase of a state- BapUst youth eonferenee there. «esslon. starting 7:30. Saturday sessions start al 9 of thi> Mr-^wnser family have re- a.m. The morning will be dp-j .Mod f n upper Alton for a ewrttt- \oled to a workshop and panel jry. His father, a native of Mis- discussion on. "Building Youth j court. vvn s a Swift & Co. executive Programs." "Problems Thnti n t National Stockyards, ffl. attended Horace Mnnn graduated from He i Face Our Youth Today "."Youth: Brrrv K.I-'Vade ', CHICAGO (AP) - A federal .judge said he wwld announce today the results of a telephone conference with the fflrectt* d the National Cancer Institute concern- Ivy flhd suit against SttxMard for statemctits in tftfi book wrtcn, Ivy tiMiteiNtal, ruined Wi reputa- WASfflWON <*W - Moody Bible Institute Singers to Appear Here ! Evangelism", and "Youth ilattonship to the Local ; The church will be host atghurtleff Collw. and University the noon meal. The afternoon ' \vili be devoted to recreation in A concert of sacred songs is to be presented Saturday at 7:30 p.m. in the Brown Street Bnp- erally. it help too would be little with of the South nt Sewnnee, Tenn. He was graduated from the St. Louis the Milton School gymnasium.J university College of Law. It was A banquet will be held at 5:30 shortly after his graduation that at the church. Thc Men's Glee he entered the military service. jClub of Moody Bible Institute j first as a flying cadet In the Nathen as a soldier in the Air better to the child than too jwill sing at 7:30. |vy, Roger Miller, former member of the church, is a member of list Church by the tyervs G'ee home assignments man «»j tne G)ee CTub Club of the Moody Bible In*!'Himioh. although this \vould vary] tute of Chicago. '\vith the teacher and child. ; H» event is a feature of the Allowances were discussed ker Hill, will be investigation branch. After training in Texas, he was sent to GEORGE M. BERRT the CIB theater and served In India and China. He was In the Army four years. On his return to Alton, he began the practice of law. j. scientific teals to 'determine the value of Kfebtown, CttlttWW- sinl cancer dntg. Judge Julius H. Miner of U.9 District Court said If Dr. Kenneth Enflleott, director of the federa agency in Bethesda. Md., agree to run the tests. Miner may ea1 a recess in the trial of a $330.000 libel suit centered nround the ilrug. The tests, Miner said, might shorten a costly trial that otherwise could run as long as eight months. Both sides in the trial agreed Tuesday to Miner's proposal to submit Krebioze.n to scientific tests. The principals are Dr. Regan law Practice . . (George D. Stoddard Unlike most young attorneys, ^ Berry started "'for himself" ta. and In probate matters. He | Jhetok.t tton and Hoeled him. , Ivy satdTueiday he welcomed the pi'dfkised test of Ml QfUB the cancer institute. He 1 •ought tuch a test, he said, since 1961. Judge Miner said he considers the value of the drug the trial's main Issue. Ivy disagreed, claim Ing the statements In Stoddard's book are the main Issue. Miner told Ivy's lawyer the de cislon to'approve the tests by the national Institute would be "thi greatest possible restorer of pres tlge that (Ivy) can possibly win.' Ivy, a doctor of medldne, eon tends Stoddard, a doctor of phflo sophy, entered the Krebtozen con troversy as a layman, destroyw Ivy's reputation as a scientist and exposed him to contempt by hi colleagues. l| Stoddard, denying he directed stead of seeking employment with an estfthlished firm. Four years ago. he became H ! enlist volunteers from the Milton| c ., n didate for justice of the peace. conference at the Brown street hut this was pegged to the fam- ehurch of the General Assn. of<ily income. However, all agreed The Rev. Ralph Crotty of the, nrea foj . fhp anmm , ^^ dr)vp Berean Baptist Church of Bur-j A banf| made of vtHing musi song leader was the attorney in a damage! it because he felt H „„, suit in Citv Court a few years jand civic responsibility to presen which the jury returned} to ** puhllc the information h ago. m ^^^^U^fl^l prewnnnion (NlVM *nll fM Wf highway to (ration nit twwiw ffoRi ky-MhAMMbk* «*k Ketinicny to m. «Wr, Vance Hirtfte, D-lnt!,, i wsHtey he toon tWB Wtrwluctt trtfl,.which would atithorlft a sur 1ARD OF BEARING! Ill gift JOT • FREE Horat %EMONSTRATtON —and show you the Illicit In Hnarlni AMt his tomauvu m » entf m ftmngfhiW, tn, Thf fiJifiMi'«l>H«l ii » •!» «. tin- the largest verdict ever at all the sessions. In other news: Regular Baptists Youth, Friday; that it would depend on how the The church will hold its quar- and Saturday, according to Carl allowance is spent. Also thejterly business meeting tonight Delhi, publicity money should be accounted for.' at 7:30. The Rev. Gaylord Hohverda of spokesman. If the child spends a dollar for He said 300 youths from over;bubble gum he should be taught Hamilton, pastor, win speak on, "Paul's Steadfast Aim and Pur- the state are expected tend. to at- to say so. Other officers i pose. elected were:! Mission Circle No. 1 will meetj Chaperones at Monday's session were: Mrs. Haskell Rodgers, Mrs. Wilbur Johnson. Mrs. Russell Patterson. Mrs. George Stade, Mrs. James Turner, Mrs. Helen FuJ- lager, Joseph Landreth, Larry Price. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lintz. It was announced that more The 40-voice Institute siee Cecil Hausman. vice president;!at the church Thursday. 9 a.m.j fath< , rs a)lp j^^^ as chaperones. re . jhad gathered. and was one of five elected. The (corded in that court. ''• ™* *"* **«*"**»£ 3 ' haS **. of this of*, he has car-. He formerly was ^£$£^^'S£ committeeman. j^ stoddard former Miss ' i clans will play at the dance ses-i r ^ on, in addition to his private [ cr& \\ c precinct Ision of the center on April 24. practice. His justice court heard! .. . >M._^_ U ^* _i AitM.<MfllM«»* ft «*Meol^m ._ _* _IA—_«_.«„ ... u « MIS \> lit* ia ers. club is composed of students ( Mrs. Carl Bailey, secretary:' The morning will be devoted to from throughout the United;and Dudley Curry, treasurer. V.'hite Cross work and visitation. ( States, many ot whom are lt was announced that the; A sack lunch will be held at i studying to be pastors, mission-, sprng socia i , vil , ^ he j d on Mav j noon and the regular meeting, aries, Christian education work- 5 Room count uent , 0 tne class I"'" 1 sta * . JP'!"' i evangelists, and church of Mrs . Ruth Canl Mrs. Frank Pomdexter, pres-* in Oitcaeo tnev .. idem, will be in charge.,^ Mrs. 1 in A display of sooial studlcs i\V|»lam Brown, missionary to, hostess to the women of the t work was held in the g>'nuias-l French Equator i a i Africa and (Main Street Baptist Church at a I ,, _'jium. Refi-eshments were served' - ' - - - --' -*•--• mi J — "••>«-— i in musical events at Moody Bi- iby <he ,^.^,3^,, c . omm ittee. ble Institute. The music the group sings ranges from traditionaJ church hymns and gospel song arrangements to contemporary an- Millon Center Youth many cases ol attorneys who "wanted another lawyer to hear them." Four years ago he was appointed master-in-chancery of Alton City Court by Judge I. H. Streeper, and since then has heard some important cases. He will resign that position before taking office as justice of the the Betsey Marsh, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Marsh, the parents of two and Mrs. {They are daughters, Mary Jane and Dora Dianne. One-brother Is the Rev. ORDAINED FAMILY COLUMBUS, Ohio (W — The ministry is a family affair for Floyd and Dorothy Faust. Both husband and wife are ordained. Lawrence M. Berry, rector of' He has been minister of Broad St. John's Episcopal Church at j street Christian Church in Colum- Odessa, Tex. His other brother i bus since 1929. She is nondenomi- is Edward M. Berry of Alton, j national chaplain at Grant Hos- His sister is Mrs. E.N. Rousseau ipjtal. The couple has two grown Coffee Hour Set at ^ ace - „ of 555 E. nth st. i children. Won Big Verdict : He will be sworn in April 24 JfeJe ra ^T \vanl "Ads"''CLICk" Mrs Turner's Home ' He lias had a general law'as the Third District's first; _ l inrs. umer s nomc , ppactice _ chjefly ^ c , v|1 casps; juslk . e- Bea d Telegraph Want Ads Daily Mrs. William Turner will be = " .— ..— to JACK STANSIMRY Oill fir App«lntniMt OL 4*2821 •r OL 4-4214 Easy Tirmi— MoMtniy Diwn Model for model—feature fof feature—you won't ftnd • better hearing aid than /enlth-»nywhere. Zenith all- translator models Include iillm, trim eyeglass hearlnf aids, *lnconstilcuou« at-t he-ear be«rlrta ak», isonveAtlonat models and the wortd'» «r»t Hlgh-Md«llty Hour Ing Aid. There Is a Zenith for every type of electronically correctable hearing loss. FREE HOME DEMONSTRATION. NO OBLIGATION Fr«e on-tht-spot service cheek of all mokes You owe it to your Hearing to investigate Zenith "Living Sound" Hearihg Aids REESE DRUG STORE 74 E. 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Hymn of the Republic." and;'' 0 " Scho °'- 'Milton Youth Center registered "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" Byron Sutton. a sixth grader..for the summer excursion on the In other news: 1 The board of Christian educa- jtion will meet at the church j Thursday. 7:30 p.m., under direction of Mrs. Jesse Finch. Robert Martin, district arranged by Dick Anthony. Pinochle Club To Meet April 20 Thursday Pinochle club meet on April 20 at the Onizedj board chairman, officiated. In- club. it was announced today, j stalled were: Paul Russell, Winners at last week's session j president: John Gibson, vice were: Mrs. Ray Afoore. Mrs. j president; Mrs. Ha2el Hutchirv; Sherwood Lewis, Mrs. Ralph!son, secretary: and Mrs. LoyaL Johnson. j Scott, treasurer. , Hostess was Mrs. William! Gamer Jr. A handkerchief Tries to Push Dog r*- •**.«- !""•«*_ ~ Milton Mothers To Meet Thursday played a cornet solo. i Admiral. Registration will con- ; The open house featured dis-jtinue at the meeting this coming; Mothers Club will meet Thurs- plays of student work. i Monday.' day. 1:15 p.m.. at Milton School. Officers were installed at the i It was announced at the session! W. Raymond Rhine, school { business session which was held! Monda y "*&* ^ represents lives) district psychologist, will speak, following the open house. |of the Cancer Society will be pres- ! First grade mothers will be; at next Monday's meeting to' Back. Lands in Ditch Milton Precinct shower was given for Mrs. Grover Winfree in honor of her birthday. Mrs. James McFariand. 5001 Humbert Rd.. escaped injury when her car ran into a ditch f, U« U V » on HumDert M- near t ' le ^ e ' 1 ' Lasts nlgn Vote , ine Highway Tuesday night' The unofficial returns of last',when she tried to push back the; Tuesday's city-township election family dog who was cbmbingi show the heaviest vote was poll- ^m the rear to the front seat, ed in Pet. 38. formerly a part ! P° lice sa>d - : of Milton. " ! Mrs - McFariand was turning! This precintt waMhe only one on to Humbert from the Beltlino ; in the cit>- where the vote top- «' hen the accident happened., ped 500. The poll book listing She told officers she failed to; there shows 508 votes were reg- :stra 'g hten thc wheel in time istered. This was five per cent after she shoved the dog. of the total vote of 10,517. Pet. 38 includes an area bounded on the north by College avenue: on the west by Rodgers avenue and Milton road, on the south by Franor avenue; and on the east by the ; hold H missionary railroad right-of-way, the city; start in.: toda\ ant) limits, The s-oting place was the 'through Sunday. Matthew Gormley home on Eleven other chun-hes in the! Michigan avenue. . ureati-r St. Louis and Alton areas| Next highest vote in the city and the Evangelical Ministerial! was in Pet. 37, immediately 'Association are cooperating in the: south of Pet. 38, where 459 votes: venture. were polled. The voting place Each night at 7::ifi. excepting j was Mark Twain school. Saturday, a missionary will pre-1 One other east side precinct: sent A program on hih or her par- 1 had a high vote total. No. 37jticular field. On Saturday all the with polls at Smiley's Service,(churches will meet for a rally at' 3130 E. Broadway, polled 414. jthr First Baptist Church of Col-i Fourth highest in total votesiunsville. was Pet. 26 with polls at Cen-i Dr. Don Hillis. missionary and! tral School. I home secretary of the Evangelical Smelliest vote in the city, 91. i Alliance Mission, will be the prin-] was cast at Pet. 1 with polls inldpa! speaker. The Midwest Bi-! Masonic Temple at State and'hie fotegr- Choii will sing. NEW LIFE ^3.00 Faith Community in Missionary Meeting Faith Community Church will conference continuing THI MA WITH THE UH-Ufl A LOVELY FLORAL ARRANQEMENTI LIFE-LIFT PETALS FOR BEAUTIFUL SUPPORT... AND Third streets. Mu^l Know Child. Jefferson PTA Told Parents must learn to knowi their children early, a panel',' di&cUBsion featuring the pro-;' gram at the PTA meeting Thomas Jeflerspn School eluded Tuesday night. At tfee business session Pete PUcJlfi was elected president. ' 4 solid relationship between i and child should be buti* from the early years the said. should be done by being punishment, answering and not letting others (fae responsibility, and an- sorae of the problems ; »1il arise and preparing tor pao«Ut>ts also took up the of hom*»ork. Th* oon- At the regular evening services' many of the missionaries will be it. native garb when they present their program. At Faith Community the K-hfdiilr is: Tonight, thf FU-\. Samuel ({saio. ul China: rmi sdas. Mi** Ethel i>ng Kong: Fridav. the Rev. d Cook, of Japan; Sunday mom-' g, the fte\'. F.benezei- Vine, In donesia: and Sunday evening, the Rev. Duane P^nghulm. of Japan. The public is welcome. WE ARE SPECIALISTS IN WEDDINGS Us for Ettimatet '7-ewest Prices In Area" REXROAT FLOWER SHOP 2712 Godfrey HO 6-3719 Now life... to help your figure stay blouom young ... xirh th« excloiiy* Hft-l>f» p»tol>. 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