Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 28, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 28, 1927
Page 3
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C. ;L>. Isaacs LaHarpe- and J, W. Dlcklnspn .ol IBityard were visitors-at the Raster office Saturday; Mr.- DicklilBdv renewed his subscription to the andtber yep. Register for -Dr. A. B. T^adelli^Bteopatb. .New Globe Bldg. )?hone jl^l. \ William T. Smiley, forpier tilty ediior at the ReglBter office, and Ills diukbter, Miss'lola Smiley, of Katisaj City visited over, thf week end with their' daughter and' sister .Mrs. 1^ O. McNeil luillflfclly., M'qu lienn— 6 eenl«—A Uwd Oinu N. Steele, "wlio lives out on nniitf three, was In lolc Saturdaji i>» fbuslncss. slopped In at _ttn Ueglster office, to ihavft tliol Regis ter conUnucd for another year. I -For Painting and Decdrtitfng. phdne 786W. C. W. Robiniion, 215 .Vojlh First, street. , . , yXra. kai;i WeeWyl of Chlillcothe, ifo'.. Is vi*ltlng heH mothe'r. Mrs. C. L. Afoore and family of 60.3 South Jefferson avenue. , • —Norfa fs sold hy The ^illltams Trpenrlter Co. evciushely. i»ho.48.'i. Jack Babcock' of LaHarpe was business caller at the Register office Saturday. John W. Lantz of LaHarpe was lola Saturday .on business. He called at the Regi.ster \o renew his subscription to the Old Home Paper. Fnrnltnre Specials.! —l.*t us shoy." you some vrUues Living Room, Diding Room ami Bedroom Suites. HenningerV Furniture Store! I Ima Jean Newcomer pp. 411 North' First street is recovering very nicely from a siege: of the mea.slest - -Mrs. Alma Perkins of Fort Scott who ,has been visiting her son. Hoy Perkins and family, returned home Saturday "night. •••••••*»,*»•»•••»« . ; ! • . • F. L. LEAVEM, % Jt. * Special attention givrii! Diseases of Coton and Rectum. Electro-Therapy and Physiotherapy. Office lola;State Bank Bldg. phones-^H7 and 705. Lorraine "Wiley olj 704 East Lin coin street, who HaH been quit, ill for the past two weeks. Is reported as Improvlnii', Fred Sleeper of Khnsns Cliy Is ftfTc for a visit-with his sidtrrH .<flHs Charlotte Sleeper, Mi's. Ave .^iartln and Mrs. Frank Arnold uiid with other .relailveis and friends, —See "Jui»t .Out of (•oIIcki'.' Thursday, Senior UiKh, March .11 "W. "W. Peck, who has^iolt leases near AVichlta, spent Sttnday hero with Mrs. Peck, 40.9 East Jackson avenue.- Mrs. James Sinlth and: son of 401 "North Third Street/spent the day with their mother and pr--1- mother, .Mrs: Jfaryi Burchelt of La­ Harpe. —Snappy Spring Hats in all colors. No rent, no salaries, you get the saving. Also tloJA'ers and chil-. dren's hats, Edwards Millinery. Lyi© Lindsay returned today to his .home in Goffeyville.j Kaiisas after spending the week end with friends. Miss (Grace iKhvIng, a student at the C6Uege of Empofia, visited over the week end with her parents; Mr. and ilrs. R. AJ Ewing of 501 East street. She returned to Emporia this afternoon. Mfss Alberta ^Thoromian, • who teaches in the Chanute schools, spent tHe week end with her parents, Supt And Mr«; A. M. Thoro- tnan. j —For Sale: 3 coal and ^ood, 6- hole ranges with high clOsei Reservoirs. Schell Gas Stove Co. The W. P. Kennedy family have come back from: Blaitkwell, Oklahoma to agafn mak« their home on their farm. They have been with their son In niack>^ell. Wm. Vean—'tt ^niH —A Good Ctgar Mr. and Mrs. Tom 0. Webber, who have been living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs, J. W. Lamay, .108 West Madison': avenue.- They went to Moran yesterday afternoon where they yiU visit befo^re leaving- for eastern Colorado ^to make their home.; —See "Just Oflt of College.' Thursday. Senior High, March .11. Mr. and Mrs. George Haney -and daughter. Miss Opal Haney and Mrs. Jane Crisp spent Sunday with Mr. and -Mrs. H. W. .Moore and family at Parker, Kansas. j —Xorta Is sold by The Williams Tyi^ewrlter Co. e.\-clu.>ihely. Pho. 485. [A.rden Finley drove to Kansas Ci^y yesterday on {business and wjll return home this afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Rice and children, Voris and Shirley, and Mi-, and Mrs. L." M. Wood and Mr. B. T. Rice motored:to Independence, Kansas, yesterday to celebrate the ninth birthday anniversary* of Voris Rice with her grandmother. Mrs. B. T. Rice. Kettle and Harry, children oC Srant Goodale of 121 South phip itreet, vare reported ill of the nt^mps. They are pnpils at Mc- Clhley school. , ' Ifm. Penn—4cenL <4 --i Goodj Cigar Mrs. Ruth Northcntt of mirth of ola spent Friday with her^'sister. Mrs. Carl McFann of 120! South phlo street . ;i • —Don't miss "Just Out of C?ol- ege," March 31. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Grim moved last week to the property at 321 ^outh First street. Mrs. JobNi Scoville of Colony visited with friends in lola yesterday. -Lister-oil or Le Mur Permanent Waving. .\'orth Side Barber Shop. Phohe 637. F. L. Hughes, of the Hughes Grocery, wusia bustnes.s. Kansas City today. The Eastern Unit of Women's F.iria Bureau will nieei tomonow with Mrs, J.;B. Cramer, Ko-.ite .1, to Hludy iiutrltion. Wm. Penn—.*» t»nU—A Good Cfgar .Mrs. H. C. Webber of near Carlyle visited Saturday with Mr. and .Mrs. J. p. .Meyers, of T14 South Washington avenue. THE lOIA DAILY REGISTER. MONDAY artey Parker of FdurUi strict «^eiil Stillwell, K^ns. 317 North Sunday in 1—ibr. Moitgoraery. ^hirogracfor. lola'-Laundr f ^Idg. P^one 138. Claude Mt rple of Baxter Springs. Kana., spcjiit Sunday with his uncle and ^unt at 602 North Kentucky street. ^m. Pean^ cents—A Good Cigar Mrs.K. ^. Kraus is reported ill at her. home, S07 North Sycamore street. i Wtord momlngj the: death Cline. at of her i I brother. Price la :hosiiltal i in Wichita for Palls, Texs s.. Mr|jLanyon left Wifbita Falls'Satuirday night u jon receipt of nro^d Of| hipi serious Illness. The: fiineraj services for Mr. Cliiie will be i held in Pittsburg, the time tb: bei announced later. Burial will |be,made in Pittsburft father and —iO. L. Cox, M. D., Specialist, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. "Orandmii" Robertson. 6i.5 South !• Walnut; .who was quite 111 yester-. day, is rep6rt«id better todayi Mr. and jMr$. C. R. Flake. 401 West CHmpbi'll; street, are expected home today fi^om Colorado where they >vent for'.Mr. Flake's health. They slopped ,brr-ln Kansas City for a few duyHJ visit with relatives. pemetery - beside mother^ L. C. Lett and family, who 1 ave recently! s^ld their home at- 319 South ^y'aInut, are moving tcday, to propertir on -Vorth Washim toil avenue. Hobart;an^daughter of . spent: guimay in .Ihe home of Mt. Harihon i Hobart, 316 C. K. Coy. 421 S. W —Vortn titr cleaning type Ijltewi-llersj no eijiuH. on Mr. and Mrs.; E. L. I>Clilen of |S02 South stretjt yesterday troiii Iwith friends in returned ' home a week jend visik bttawa.. —Try It oiice—you wju have no [other. .Van Hoozer's Bread. A. F. Grant was unablq to attend to his duties atj the lola Wholesjale today because of ah iniury to piis fhjger. One of his fidgers was caught under a sack of sdlt which ^felvin,^ son Of- Mr., and Mrs. B. / A. Jones, is ill of the miimps. •&i-^To the public in general, to understand that tke lola Big Broom Factory is still riknning.. ?02 North Walnut.; , I i . Announcements have been re; celved here of the arrival of a : ddnghter, born last week to Mr. and «^Mrs. Paul, Ragle' of; Turlock, California. Mrs. Ragle isja daughter of Mr. and Mrs. LFrank Baker of 108 iSouth Qhio. Mr: I.Ragle is a son of-Mr. anil Mrs. Jaciob Ragle of 27 South Ohio. | Dorothy Gordon,' daughter of Mr. and "Mrd. A. D. -Gordon, underwent a tonsillectoijjy -pperatlon Saturday at St.. John's |iospitaL • . H Light Spring Clothes and • Spring Coats will freshen by • being thoroughly cleaned. *' i • - Abieson Cleaners • Phone 105 - Sam Pyles of Bayard stopped in at the Register office this morning to renew his sub6in>iplion for another yeiir. ''-| . ^Vm. Eenn—6 eents^A Cjobd CJgar ^.Mr. and .Mrs. ri. T. Evknt returned last night froii[) a ten-n-ieeks vacation, trip, most Of wjii^ was . spent, with Mr. Bvans'^^feterS' in Los Angeles, add from ^lich th^jf derived great benefit to • th'feit' health as well: as mfic^ijipleasifre. They, called,on a great mftny formerly of loia people, among them" Mr. and Mrs. George Lawyer, at Pasadena, the Ewarts itl PomOna. Mrs. Dee Arnold Eddy and her sister. Mrs. Peart Arnold. Hunter, at Alhambra. and Mr. Beijt Richards and family, at Glendalei This was the first trip Mr. and M^lra.-^rans have made to I Calitomia Wm. Penn—5 cents—A Good Cigar Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Webster and daiighter. Miss Mary Webster and ,Miss Vivian Suffron motored to Pittsburg yesterday to visit Mr. and Mrs. Loren Webster and faih- lly. _ . : . • —German Millet ideal chick and chicken feed. Krupp Coal & Junk Cortipaiiy. Phone S.ll. • Mr. and Mrs. L, B. Brown of ihe Brown Taxi Service returned yes-, terday from a several days motor trip throiigh the Ozarks. . They visited 'with Mr. Brown's mother, .Mrs. Charles Brown In Springfield and. with other relatives in that part of the state. Wm. Penn—Ji cents—A Good CIgnr ;• Mr. 'and :Mr«. Wendell O. Len- liart and son. Billy Burt, motored from Kaiistis City Saturday and Hirent the week end with his mother, Mrs. W. Q< Lenhart and with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. BUrt Fetherlin. -Mr. and Mrs. Lenhiirl purchased a new Chrysler' Car while here * •MIhs Pearl McDonald, of Chanute visited over the week end with her sister ond nephew, Mrs. G .I K. Pendarvis and Gordon Pendarvis, returning home last, evening. fell, mashing lit quite badly. Mr. and Mrs. William krause of 102 North Sycamore street motored to Nevada. .Mo., Saturday to visit friends oier the week end. —Don't miss (int. of Col- legp." .March .111 j - Mr. and, Mr.i. Alex winner of 20 South Tennessee street are visiting in Vernon. Kansas! with Mrs. Winner's parents. Mr.j and Mrs. Sypes. Claribel Etdwins, who has been ill of toiisilitis; is reported better. —German Millet ideal chick and chicken feed. Krupp Coal & Jun Company. Phone 3.51. —Get tickets Tiiesday at 3Ier- chanl's for "Just Out of College." Mr. ?nd Mrs. Raymond Scott, who have been visiting Mr. Taj- lor's parents. Mr. and Mrs. William Scott northea'st of lola. left Satur- daj^ for their home in Borger, Te:<a8. Wm. Penn—5 cents—A Good CIgnr . Wayne i Osborne oT .215 South Sycamore street visited his sister, Mrs. Marion Manion and family in Humboldt Saturday. • —Get tickets Tuesday at Merchant's for "Just Out of College." Charles Herring of the Salem district visited Sunday with his cousin, Triiman .Meyers, 714 South Washington avenue. Earle O. Fetherlin, who Is dulll- Ing In the <iil fields near CroHs Plains, Tc.tlas, arrived Saturday night for a 'ylsit w^lth his family at 421 South Buckeye street plr. and .>|rR. .lohu Olberdirig and dnughter PittJ- and .Mr. and .Mrs. .1. A. Morri on and daughter. Mary K.. drove t Coffeyville yesterday. They .stopi ed in Chantite on the way home and spent the evening, with Mr. aid -Mrs. Rex Ayers and j family. Ttey report everything !quiet in C<ffeyvi)Ie, and all dam- 'age repairel. Wnu Penn--5 cents—A Good Cigar The Chr >-Bler roadster, belonging to Hoscoe dendeuball uf f^hanute, which was jo badly wrecked about three weeks hgo when it crashed ii<to a culveri south of lola, was tukeuj to Chanute Sanirday afternoon by the "trouble car" of the Hudson-Essex garage, Charles Dyer and Van Nelson, both of Chanute, were occupants of the caf; wlien wrecked. .Mr. Nelson waf< uninjured 1 ut .Air.^ wiH be confined to the hospital/for some "1 South •\Va^ington -ForFiiler Brushes pho.' i^24J. ulnnt, lola. Itbe his Ka». .Miss f.:v«1can Harcflerode 'and brother.: sH-lor Hiarilerode, H^ent Sund;iy In Slorun >ith relative) i Cecil IVhIte, aigei« 24 yeats, son of Mr. arid Mrs. H. H. Whttd-of 616 North Washington ^venue. passed away Saturday nightat 11:30 p''clock at the .Graxe hosbltal in Kansas City, Mo;. Wherg' he underwent an operation foi' appe idlbiti? a^ week ago. Mr. White was A salesman for the Supen|aaid Aliiminuin Company with •• .headquarters in Muskogee. Oklahoma and was in Kansas. City attending-a salesmen's c6hventltln when he was taken III. 1—J_ J, . • . .1 - • The body, accompaiiled by h er and mother, will PAGE THREE C|| be takeii to St. Joseph. Mo., for buriaL .Mrs. his (mother, was called, to Cltyj a week ago and Mr! Wlilte left White. Kansas for there Saturday- mbrning funeral will be held In St. tomorrow afternoon. is fath- The [Joseph Charld I^Ot) buHlne}<.>< vik'tor in .Mrs. iRajf ilaiiuli'pl'. ye.sterrhijy ij in Knisas th«ir pireij .Mr. axid y ofipittsburg whs a lola Sutiirdji y.-.' ittle i-ned fternoiiii to their home Busenbnrk and, j Jean, retii ifity after a visit ts and grandpar >m .1. H Gear. iwith nts. tinin yet on! account of a ifrictured —Norfa tor dennlnfr type ()|tewrI(erM ii.-is no ci|unl. on Miss'Jeanne Taylor land Miss Fprn Van(;amii returned: home fr6m Chiinutc last eveuing ^here they vL-dted friends over the; week end. —Dr. G. S. Lumbeth. Surgeon. Office phone 2.56; Res. phone Cl'iJ Mrs. Martha Uucker and daiigh­ ter, Mrs. LnVaughu Kinzle of Kansas City, I motored don-n Saturday afternoon unil visited over the week end With .Mrs. Rucker's sister, Mrs. George Abbott and fam- _ .! —Mist like Angel hip. The Car was to Iiave been dismantled for the but was sold and the new owner plans to rebiiild it ' ; —We wish to thank our friends and nelghtiors for. their and Ryrapatjhy during th* sickness and death of our husban 1 and father. Also for the «ervkes of-the Salvation ArmK cars, singers and beautiful floiiil offeriugH.—.Mrs. l^-nora (Witt, .Mrs. Edith Clark. .Mr. and .Airs. G. S. I^ashlcy. .Mr. and .Mrs; Edgar Lashley. Dr. J. U Parkhursi, Allen County's representative at the leuisla- turcj. was in lola for the YlrKt lime today since his return from Topeku and- paid the Register a welcome visit. Although this was Dr. I'ark- hurst's first leglHlutive experience, he inndo a }.'ood impression upon those with whom he was ussociat- ed and mmie a fli?e record as a practical, level-headed representative. - t Claude n |)e left: today for Bar- t^lesville, Oklahoma where he jwill engage In jhe painting and patoer- ing business. His family will join him thefe lis sooii as school dlos- Bennett i Llvinj^ton returned home Satiiriday evening from P tts- burg, Kaiisas where he visited his uncle ^nd a!unt, ^^r. andJMrs. Ross Reed, last relatives L- V. M Calif., in-law I.«wm!l |i* M 1^3 luui, .,M. aiiu kVlia, nusa weeJc. :|jHe also vi.<4irfed Columbus, Kansas' loran of T;os Angfles. re visiting his brother- i|ter LeWman and Mrs. li of! Lewman's Cafe. Miss .fesste May Dalgarrio ^vhs a week rtnid gtaest of .Miss Ruth Reck, who i -M attending Kansas University at|ence. She also vi.-jited in Kansas pty. Byronj S jinn went to Chl^igo this altf rn )on after a visit with' his, parental. Mr. land- MKs. T. Shinn. JByrbn is a chemist of bacteriology at the,Armour PacftiVig Company iii' Chicago. C. E. Paljle. of ni6 South Walnut street cam^f home!Friday from the road to >isU his fj^mlly. Mr. Salge is a shoe |alesmai^ with territory iu several fjtates. Kanard ^tanfor^l. of Colony! and Clayton Wtiodin motored to 'Chanute yesterday to Ivisa friehdsj. Mrs. C. R Cumtning.'*, Mrs, Chits. P. Scott, Miss-Julia :IrwJn, iMIss Georgia i Gitltton. Wayne Archer, Ralph. Voorhees and I.awren <'e Gray arrive I hom^ Saturday Evening from Pittsbui ^g where they at tended the' I'rpshylerlnl of • the I'resbyterlak 'church which I was held there Ijlast week. Miss Jufin Irwiri wiis elected vice-president 'of the . Presbjjterian Young Pecjp es League WlilHi wak organize.* at the meetlnii Leiill|v Eisenbran (|t of Mrs. J, Br^er of Jetmor*, Kansas,, who has been viaiting relatives In Kansas City, wlUjarrlvei on the 5:C3 Santa Fe tonight for visit with her rslsjer, Mrs." A. Attbach and fanilly of 22U North Walnut street. I' Miss Gladys Grosdidler iif Cen- tervlUe. Kansas, who has been a guest, since Saturday, after^on of her cousin, Mrs. L. R; Varner ohd fomlly of 615 South Washington avenue, left this mornliig for Douglas, Kansas where sh^ has a position. Mrs. Edna Woodin; of Tulsa Okla., wa^ operated up<|n this morning at St. , John's hospital. Mrs: Woodin ils a sister of Mrs. Harry Stephebson. ! Jjlr. and Mr.s. Glen Cloud Calle<l | yesterday on his grandbother, I Mrs. Cloud of LaHarpe, who is quite sick. Sir. and Mrs. C. A. Anderson, Mrs. Coppock ad Mi*' and Mts. Ray Hill and fatiiily of west ofj Piqua, were Sunday visitors of Mr. and yUti. j; P. Southard on South Kentucky Bti]eet. . r tCREASEyonte com probta• this weaaoa by'i^nwiog more corn-from less acreage. • AnewKedcoratreataMntliMmade big incraHea in yield powible. -This •maiing treatment prevents seedliag blight, root rot and other diteotcs that literally atesl the remilta of your bard' work ia hot fieldik , ,, Three years of practical use iwve demqastxated the value ol this treat- meat^ Agricultural workers, seed com growers, and farmers throughout the Com Belt haVe, in comparative: tests, obtained iactcoses in yieU of bom 5 to IS bushels. '^inoieases oom yselil StdlSboshdsperacvB' Bayer seed treatment oancii;ia two forms: BAYER DUST for Duitt treat- meat and USPULUN for Soak treatment. Most growers prefer the Dust treatment because it is quidcer'rand saves the trout^ of drying the seed; Both are equally effective.' Increases Your Profits BAYER DUST or USP ,ULbN pay their small cost many times over became they: . • • . Permit earlier plondaf. Prevent soil jdecay. Increase germination,. Fkcvent seffl)ing blight, cooc and stalkrot. J -"i mrim, HOME fresi AVOID DIZZY SPALLS Never well. Always tired and fogged out. Beauty tossed away bjf n^lect., To be beautiful and to keep jputh the systen^ must be free from poisonous • of constipaUon which often Food Cake. Emily Dowl of 104 South Ohio street, is ill of the measles.. P'a<ie Mrs. Ruth Glldden of 102 Sout Tennessee street, has traded her property fOr the Keyser half mile east of lola.. B. A. Jones, hide and wool de&l- *r, at 111 South Ohio street ^as In Moran Thursday of last week buying up hides. Dallj MATniEES :8:0<^ p. m. Van Hoozer's Bread, 2 for 15c. Mr.s. Eleanor Han.son Miller was ii^uch. relieved this morning to learn'through press dist>atches that heV cousin, .Miss Catharine Boeye, w'as anitjng the American missionaries w^io had escaped without harm from Nanking, Chinal , Mrs. Boeye, the mother of Miss'Cathar ^ ine, is a sister of Rev. perry .0. Hanson. I and she and h^r husband, who Is a Methodist mioister, have visited ita lola and have many acquaintances here who Will be gla'd to 'know that their daughter, for the time being at le^st, is safe. Rev. and Mrs. Hanson, parents of Mrs. Miller, are in a section ofi the couiitry that thus far has been' but little di.sturbed by yie civil war in China. [In case the, Cantonese' continue thwr drive to the North, however, <he Hansoni doubtless would be obliged to lea\|e as their mission station is on the main line of the railroad the armies doubtless would: follow. causes dizzy spdls. For 20 y^ars. Dr. F. M. Edwards gave his patients, in place of calomel, a contpoundjof vegetable ingredittlts mixed with olive oil, naming them pr. Edwards' Olive Tablets. Known by their olive color. They free the system of poisons that ravage health; enofgy, beauty. 1 ; You need never have sallow oom- plenon, dull eyes, coated tongM throb- Ding iieadaches—cll signs t^iat your bo are dogged, liver is torpid. Take Dr. BawardsMJUve Tablets nighUy. They act smoothly and;without griping. .. How much hgtteriyoulifeeland looklEverywherewisemea arid women MaKesPdoi^SeaTGoodV RedacetfaeamountoryoJm-coBV This treatment ibsoresgennjaatiea"^ Increosa «be yield. : , and sturdr growth never befo ^poMi- - And bring greater profit \ ble firom I Mr seed. Even sdectcd seed is behefitrii by the treatment bfiicauae, of the pcotectian tt is ^ven against the injuxioMS and costly attada of Ter^ l>yU.S.'Def)C of Agric Exten«ve tests by the U. S, Depart- 'ment of Agricaltiu« show that the BA'YER DUST tietttmeat t>f nearly disease-free Dent cant gave an increase of 8.5 bushels per acre; of Dip- lodia infected seed; bushels; and of Oibben^ infec^ seed, 28.9 busb- Costs but a FewCentsfierAcre You need no special equipmait for this new seed treatment. No tiresonie .orlengtbyprocediireisinvolved. Two ihuthris 6t»eed can be treated in less than threej minutes. And the cost ii len than 5c per acre. ; -i One potmd of either treats six bushek 'of seed com Bvprr Doa: 4 o*. SOc;^ 1 lb. $1.75t 5 ib«. tsjoa U^miou 2 ox. 50ci 1 nw 02.7 ftwetlieyalaeofthistreatw^ciit. to your o«m satisfaction jbefim the planting beason. Tod^. get a SOc tin ofrBAYER DUST or USPULUMr; from your dealer. Sdect 50 kerjads of com at random fr ]om your seed cocnJ Treat 25 aeeda:and plant them in a agar box or Bower pet. PIa&t<25 untreated seeds in a vmilor con- toiner.j Then I watch them gRwr. The na^tm wilt amasa yott^ Who know the value of good h^lth take Tablets.'All drug- Dr. Edwards'dive gists, 15c 30c and 60c Bfipt1)DsT<"nMDN • : ii Soak.TreaMient. TONIGHT AND TUESDAY I He tost Hfs Head I to t^s Salome with a sottl! I RI4HARD -|J BUCK 5HEEP .Salnrday 1 to U KIGHT8 7:00-9:00 p. m. THE LITTLE HOUSE WITH THE BIG SHOWS. enjoyed it very their home. (He itare* tiiem ^nd 'they I'ch indeed. Also «btd< to "THE BLa I pirate*' , Doug teas never so five—a sweeping figure through thid true }pirite'story—wreaking] his *vengeance on the boisterous buccaneers of the seven sias. There% villanij—buckets,of it— and a love ftorij asj leautifid dsthe girl her- . self. The most wonder ful color film ereir niade. Aesop's Fables—^Topics of! the Day-^Fox (^medy 'fnie Motoi Boat Demoif iMatihees 10c -2 »c;'Nights 10c-4dc I In perfumed bazaars pf the danced for the desert , sheiksJ Irient -r -she -But her heart danced only for the niyat4piou .s white . niian with a scar on hi? Soul-^nd hate of women in his eyes! , DICK 'S MOST ROMANfe I^O I I E! ALSO GO.MEDY AND N EWS.!: WEDXESDAV AND THIKSDAY Buddy Rogers of Olathe, an| Tris Gray ijf Wichita in I You have thetn here-~budding trtiste \— each one on the threshold o/ jfb^ep-f-i a a ztp, to-the-minute. comedy-rbmancel ^Tnaidens in gorgeous cosiumes, gariingand d nei-ve-tingling ici-i The crradpatips of Panlmonnl*.* farooDR Seh \,j I siory by Byron,Xo: Bhiktehing Mingl tohog- qat race.' I of A,ctlng In a siJed -Onyx Pointex Hosiery" Sj'/iijSoocU DRYCOODS^OMEN'S WEAR-MILLINERY •OLA KANSAS Northmp Bldg, formerly occupied hy James Richardson lOLA'S POPULAR STORE "Humiqing Bird : Hosiery**: NEW- FOR YOUR OLD ONES Charity gets the old ones! Here is the way to get a new Coat, Dress, i or Hat for your old ofte. This Week Only! $1.00 Allowed for your old Hat on any new Hat selected at f 3.95 to $5.00.: $2 .00 Allowed for your old Hat on any new , Hat selected at $5.50 to $12.50. $2 .00- Allowed for your ol4 Dress on any Silk press selected at $12.75. $5 ,00 Allowed for your old Dress on any Dress selected for $19.75 up. . $2 .00 Allowed for your old Coat on any Coat selected from $12.50 to $15.00. $5 .00 Allowed for your, old Coat on any Goat selected from $19.75 up. . NOTE—JThere are no strings to this offer. Just bring any old Coat, Dress or Hat that you please and we will allow you the above mentioned amounts to^'pply on your new purchase. ; , .! ^ WE AVILL GIVE THE OLI> GARMENT TO-THE WELFARE'ASSOCIATION^ FOR i r CHARITABLE DISTRIBUTION. SENEKER'S SENEKER'S

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