Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on August 11, 1948 · Page 8
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 8

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 11, 1948
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THE POSTVILLE HERALD, POSTVILLE, IOWA WEDNESDAY, AUGUST u 1 See It by C. W. D. This week's question is not what has happened to the swimming pool but rather how broad was the statement which placed the deficiency in the paving assessment at $25,000 in explaining why work had not commenced on the pool. In accounting for this amount, all was looped under ii:e general heading of paving assessment which presents only a part of the indebtedness. The $25,000 is actually made up of several factors. Approximately $12,500 is paving and the remaining $12,500 comes under various headings including storm sewer installation, Memorial Hall, hospital, etc. There is no change in the overall figure of the indebtedness which is holding back construction of the approved pool, however. The pool is still a hope which may take several years to be filled. In the meantime some means could be provided for transporting children to neighboring localities where pools are available. • • • * Friends of Wallace say he has a sense of humor, but we wonder. The true comic would have prefaced that acceptance speech with: "Well. boys, you talked me into it.'* In my rounds Monday. I ventured into the school house thinking of finding a quiet and deserted spot Clean and Wax Floors Standing, Up! The wonderful, back-saving Bruce Doozit is here! Used with famous wax-rich Bruce Floor Cleaner, the Doozit whisks away dirt and dullness ... leaves wood floors and linoleum spotlessly clean, lustrously beautiful Doozit Complete with one pad Extra pads ... 19c Bruce Floor Cleaner, Qf. 68c Go/. $1.95 SJ.89 J. L Gregg & Sons Lumber Co. "The Place To Buy When You Want To Build" Telephone 241 Postville, Iowa Heat Destroys Quality Eggs Pick Up Your Eggs Often and Help Preserve Quality Eggs Cool your eggs in wire baskets by setting the baskets on boards or on the concrete floor of your basement. PRICES: 46c -39c - 30c Hansen & Matson Co. Telephone No. 251 Postville, Iowa with a musty air which usually accompanies buildings that haven't been occupied for some time. Instead I skidded across a newly varnished hall floor, found that painters had invaded the place and were adding a brighter touch to halls and rooms, and found preparations entering final stages for the opening of school August 30. From the looks of things Monday, the building will be ready for the students when the summer vacation time comes to a close. • • • » » • One report states that the total tax bill of the United States is now $57 million or $1,610 for each family of four. This is $400 for every man, woman and child in the nation. The federal share is $45 billion or 78 per cent of the total, while all state and local taxes amount to but $12 bil lion. FAIR Allamakee County WAUKON, IOWA 5 AUGUST 16, 17,18 and 19 j 23 CIRCUS ACTS HOME TALENT WMT RADIO STARS THURSDAY EVENING BASEBALL GAME EACH DAY COLORED HOUSE OF DAVID vs. ALLAMAKEE COUNTY ALL-STARS THURSDAY AT 3:00 P. M. 4-H BABY BEEF SALE THURSDAY at 1:00 o'clock P. M. No Harm To Wildlife When DDT Used Right DDT may be used for insect control around farm ponds, streams, trees and underbrush without fear of injuring fish or wildlife if it is applied in recommended insect dosages. Applied in large enough quanti ties, DDT will kill wild animals birds and fish, warns Iowa State College extension wildlife specialist Robert Moorman. However, Iowans need not fear using the chemical on insects as long as they apply correct dosages in approved treatments. Birds and mammals are unaffected by as much as two pounds of DDT per acre, according to federal and state coljege studies made during the past three years. Frogs, toads and other amphibians can withstand as much as one pound of DDT per acre of water surface ex cept in ponds less than five inches deep. Fish and other acquatics are most easily killed by DDT, according to Moorman. Common Iowa game and pan fish, such as bass, bluegills and croppies are affected by from 0.2 to one pound of DDT per acre, The general limit of fish tolerance is about 0.2 pound actual DDT per water surface acre. Emulsion form DDT is somewhat more harmful to fish than either oil solution or dust because it spreads through water at all depths. However, during the 1947 Iowa fly control campaign a 0.2 pound emulsion, sprayed by airplane, had no harmful effect on goldfish in outdoor pools, fish in small streams, or bees, although some bees appeared temporarily irritated and angered, Moorman said. Care should be taken to avoid ac cidental double application, or ex cessive spray drift. Cities and towns planning a fly and mosquito control program should make sure not more than 0.2 pound of DDT per acre is applied over stream and pond areas. The old adage that "if a little does good, a lot will do even better," does not apply in us ing DDT, Moorman says. HURT . Harold Ostland of Struble was cutting weeds with a tractor grass mower last week, when the river bank crumpled under the machine. As he jumped clear, he stuck his hand into the mower blade, nearly severing his right wrist. He freed himself with some difficulty, walked a quarter of a mile to get aid, Sodium fluoride is very effective in worming pigs, says Dr. K. W Stouder of Iowa State College. Use it in the dry form—one part by weight of technical grade to each 99 parts of dry feed. "No use, Oscar. The old pump's gone dry. Come over to my bouse and we'll have a drink of WATER'S PASTEURIZED MILK. It puts the get-up-and-go In you." For Pure Pasteuriied Milk, Cream, Chocolate Drink and Cottage Cheese, CaU 237 -J. Left To Write By Bob Klauer.* Opinions expressed In this column are those of the writer and do not necessarily conform to the editorial policy of this newspaper. All In The Same Boat The recent disclosures by Elizabeth T. Bentley, at Congressional hearings, that she had served as a Soviet '• spy and had obtained important secrets from high government officials, which were passed on to Russia, is just another bit of evidence of some of the things that have been going on in Washington during the 16 years the Democratic party has been in power. Long before Miss Bentley's revelations there was plenty of evidence that there were leaks in Washington and that Russia and other foreign powers were getting in formation from sources close 'to our national government. Perhaps Miss Bentley did color her story to some extent, but some of it at least must be true. Congressman Mundt, of the House un-American activities committee, reported his committee had gathered considerable evidence which checked in many details with Miss Bentley's story. With all that smoke there must be some fire. Miss ' Bentley's admissions are further proof of the type of men who have held important posts under the Democratic administration. On numerous occasions in the past evidence has been unearthed proving that many of , these high officials were Communistic in their beliefs if not members of the Communist party. Others were shown to be utterly imcompetent and should never have their jobs. But they were put there by the Democratic party. Only a few are gone but a majority of them are still on the public payroll in Washington and they will continue to stay there as long as the Democrats are in power. Only a change in administration will get them out. As, stated previously these men were given these important posts in our government by the Democratic party. That's the party of President Truman. He is running on that ticket with the label of that party. That's the party of every candidate on the Democratic ticket from the president on down to the most minor township office. Its the party of the Democratic candidate for senator from Iowa, of the Democratic candidate for governor, of every Democratic congressional candidate and every Democratic candidate for state, county and township office. All of these candidates, it must be assumed, subscribe to the policies of the Democratic party or they wouldn't be running on that ticket They are all working for the election of that party and for the reelection of President Truman. And by doing that every candidate on that ticket is placing his stamp of approval on the sort of things which have been going on in the national capital. There is only one way the Democratic candidate for U. S. Senator from Iowa, the Democratic candidate for governor of Iowa and the Democratic candidates for any other offices, can convince the people of their sincerity and their opposition to retaining th,e sort of men now holding responsible positions and that is to publicly repudiate the party which is responsible. And we all know they won't do that. Finance Drive Nears Close The drive for finances which has been underway throughout the state under the direction of the Republican Finance Committee of Iowa is nearing completion and all of the counties, particularly those which started their campaigns early have turned in their quotas. This drive the committee emphasizes will be the only solicita­ tion and the money which is being raised will go to the national, state and the local campaign funds. The Danger Of War David Lawrence, writing in the United States News says, "The danger of war with Russia is not that the Russians may suddenly bring on an 'incident' and provoke war. It is rather that the Truman administration, through incompetence and mismanagement, may make war inevitable." And Mr. Lawrence adds. "No people anywhere wants war." More Payrollors Reports from Washington state that an average of 50u workers a day have been added to the federal payroll since January 1st. No doubt they are all qualified to vote and Harry Truman expects all of them and their friends and relatives to vote for him. Milk Cow Numbers In Iowa Still Declining Demand for milk and milk products should continue high for some time—particularly when there are fewer cattle being milked in Io'wa today than at any time since 1930. Milk cow numbers have been declining since the middle of 1944, according to Floyd Arnold, Iowa State College extension dairyman. The number on farms last January 1 was 2.6 million less than at the first of 1945. Iowa's dairy cattle numbers have dropped from the 1943 peak of 1.544,000 to the present number of 1,270.000—a decline of nearly 18 percent. Continuation of the decline will depend on how farmers size up the profit outlook for dairying, compared with other kinds of farming, says Arnold. He lists three reasons for this current decline in dairy cattle. First, high prices are being paid for dairy animals for slaughter. Second, feed prices are high relative to dairy-product prices. Third, other kinds of farming offer competitive incomes. Culling of dairy cows has improved the average milk capacity of the cows left, says Arnold. Milk per cow on June 1 was the highest on record for any date, but total milk produced the first five months of this year was two billion pounds less than in the same period a year ago. This is due mainly to the fewer numbers of cows. The amount of young stock now on farms would be ample to halt the decline in numbers, according to Arnold. Also, feed production prospects indicate a more favorable situation for dairying later in the year. Wax Gives Protection On Walls and Woodwork A coat of wax is protection for more than just the furniture in your home, says Nora Workman, Iowa State College home furnishings specialist. On varnished woodwork and on the tile walls in the bathroom it helps resist marks and mars. On window sills, it guards against mars and makes cleaning easier. It protects the area around light switches and cupboard handles where finger marks are a problem. Parchment lamp shades are often easier to clean if they are waxed. And so are the dust pan and waste baskets, baby's high-chair, clothes baskets and linen closet shelves. On the tops and bottoms of drawers, wax helps prevent sticking. On the painted surface of your washer it guards against rust. Waxed, leather gods are less likely to scuff and mildew. Leather luggage, shoe soles, book covers and cushions may all be waxed. Wax your table tops regularly. Before waxing the first time, clean with suds of tepid water and mild soap. Don't get the wood too wet. Be sure the surface is thoroughly dry before you start waxing. For applying wax follow the directions on the container. Provide shade in hog pasture. YOUR PULLETS Soon Be Laying START THEM OUT RIGHT WITH SWIFT'S 20% EGG MASH Available in Mash and Pellet form. We alto have SWIFT'S 43% SWINE CONCENTRATE PELLETS < —at — $6.25 HANSEN & MATSON CO. Telephone No. 251 Postville, Iowa nnim FOR SUE! The well-improved one hundred seventy-three acre (more or less) Wilhelmina Gass Estate Farm] adjoining the Town of Postville, IoVa,| on the south. * — Contact — JOSEPH B. STEELE, Referee — or — Burling & Palas, Law Office JOSEPH B. STEELE, Referee] Postville, Iowa Select Your RUG NOW I See our large selection of RUGS I We offer a wide variety of patterns | in stock on all 9 x 12 sizes. 1 All Wool 9 x 12 Rugs as low as | $57.00 I Louis Schutte & Sons I Largest Furniture Stock In Northeastern Protection Is Best - BEFORE TROUBLE STRIKES, RATHER THAN AFTER. Rent a Safety Deposit Box today, before you suffer loss of your valuables through fire, theft, or plain careless­ ness. Citizens State Bank POSTVILLE, IOWA

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