The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 28, 1927 · Page 2
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 28, 1927
Page 2
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' sciPEBibMn*." ;, The black water U >wer thrusts up. . From ll &e'nildBi lol! the black youhs- . i : elms "; j, ••' i' : ' Like a sHout- out pfi silence St |nilag ;the s ^-j^! • The envious.trees: j ' ; Stretch tiptoe, ^tcivlng , llaward that unattainable helRht. ^Surely," they think, "if is only a tree 1 ' Wlhtry-black, and cudously shap- • ed.: . .-.fv) •; . With indifferent i superiority i Thb .w;ater tawer overtops. them. Standing UDinpvqd while thdy tremble land khake to the wind. ,But April is coming . , . \ ^Nora B. Cunntnghaih in the iStratfor«|[ Magaiine.^' -] \ . [^ — — • ^'Aiiiarriage of interest to lola ; frleaids ia that pL Miss Anna Regina 'Davis and''ftfr.iGIe^ Davis Hobart, both formerly! of lola. vfhich took . vl^ce Jast nii^t i,t $:30 o 'clock, ' Sunday. March 27. ;in Denver. ColO'. The bride jcame ; to I61a when three' years bf age and received most of rier schoofing here. For aeversil years she was an employe of th0 J. p. Kirk pas:& Smelting Company. For the last year she has resided in Denver- Mi-iiHobart Is thie son of Mayor 'Harmon and Mrs. BOlmrt and has ' lired lola all of bis jlife iiiitil of J^e ye^rs. ^t^er paduatpgrfrpm tfie iDla high school abS the. Uni- •tferslty of Kansas, he took the position of salesman for ^hc National Qarbon^ Company, traveling for the 4tBirici|' office at Denver. Mr. and Mrs. Kobarf will con- ^nt^e their .residence In Denver. f —Mm. EIIzabeiK Pallerson. a .bmatir exitert of t^eColnnlHl Hy- gieole Co. of CliIrteA. Is demon, ytratlog the nieritH.of Pr. Tamers Tjjllet Articles 'ait the toilet govds . mnSutment In JtamKiiy'.s' this week. : <f \<f ! 'Jnnlor Moment.s Stosiral C'liib ' i The regular meeting of ihc Junior Moments Musical club will lake plaice tomorrow afternoon at -liao o 'clock in Library hall. Mi[!s Margaret Roberts, assistant \ i{o Mr > Lloyd iBrbwn, sponsor. Will bo in cbargia'df the meeting. ' <• • • I Satiird ^:r Dinner GneNtx. • Jti^VAlite Hehdrlcka.'MisH IluUi Russell, Mrs. Florence K.-Bcldirtg aa .d Harper Beldihg were Saturday eyeping dinner, guests of Mr and Ml*i.MT» B: Nordgren. B19 South strceL' - .'• 1 , . <> * « Entertain Sun^ny Dinner Gae!>tK Mr. and Mrs. B. R Griggs, and daughter. Frankly L^e Griggs, ep- tl&rtalned at Sunday dinner in their aipartment at 113% West Madison Ayentte, Mr, and Mrs. B. J. Ad- vng and'Miss Normsi Hoke. Other gupsts of' the day w^re: Messrs. Francis Tannehill an^ Grider Reqd. of Coffeyvilje, members of the Bakar University Glee 1 Cliib whiclj gave a concert in Io ]a last night, and Miss ;Ad^ Ruth I^anspn. The Criggs family and Mn. Reed were former friends while residing in Missouri. '. , \ ' * * *' Siindaj ^Jnest!) ^jHfrJ 'anflAlrte. Wes Parker, of 112 South Ohio street, had as: Sunday guests, her brothers and sisters and fiamHies; and her mother, j Mrs. SiclliUBter. " i Iforthwest Divliiloh M;eets | 'TheinemlieriS "of the Northwest Division; of th^ Ladies' Aid sbciety of th€! yirst Christian church held an all-day;ineeting Thursday in the home of Mrs. • Elmer Hoke,' \ .^02 North street. A-picnic dinner was served at noon and the work?bf the day ^was: Quilting and f making article! jftorl^^a bazaar, Aprit t. -Twen- ty-fo^r women "were ipresen'tJ / . .« * 4j • HeUiodbit Ohnn!li Services The MefJiodist church was filled lastj Aiglit: Cor tiie concert of the jBakfer/•university, men's- glee club. An Exceptionally well balanced pro- Kram 'was presented • by the glee jcliil), .assisted by- Lowell : Douglas. eUor; • Don Holler, baritone:' Miss (txtrna Bailey, violin: Grider Reed. >aritbne. and Miss Elliabcth Wheel- ir, ri?8der. ' . Attcndanro was good at yestcr- loy ' morning's'jHcrvico. "Joy in : Icaypri."'was dlscuswd by th«» Rov. <!; 1. SColdRmith. Ah anthem, "Come l«nl"oM.Me.i' was ronrtcred with Mlsn (!l8ra Brbi'ii oingihg the solo part. Ilonorlng I Robert Donald Yaughn indlMr.i. Ralph'Vaughn, COS r orth .ieffersrtn ay^nlic, honoried t leir 2-yeaf-o|d son; Robert Donald Yjaughn with a'dinner yester- in celebration of his second ))li'thflay.The guests.were: T«rj!and .Mrs. 3, W. -Dille. grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Dlllc, •iin 'clc'aiid aunt:>Ir. arid Mrs. Warr in Vjauphri, of Yates Center, uncle ^nd aunt: NaHine'Clbsc. cousin .atld Thelma Upperman.' of Yates' < ehter. and Sirs. E. E. AVllklps. great: aunt. . " li ; I li^t j Chrteflan Chqreii; Services ' " Th ^ro was an atteild^nce of 347 It the Bible school'|of the .First CliriBtlan chiirch j^tcrday. The sibject of the morningi^ermon by w pastor.' the R^vJ J. E. {Reynolds ; .1 j »8 "jTheSanctincatlon <>jt Christ.;'; Both Senior and Intermediate :K. hristSan Endeavor; societies held ill tereking. me»tiripB. '1516 eoplor jneeUaJf'-Was led 'Tiy MlBs Mary :G n^BJ-Ai debate was held on the q lestlpn "Resolved, That CaplUl- iPtBlsbment Ought to ^Abolish}e^-" jITie afffrmatlve -was .repre- fiin |ea by! Lujther Barnard' and ~S |d|Wet^< iRi^gsl 'tb ^i oesaUve by "* "icJBf Anderson and Bert Fryer. liBbJec't p!f thei lev ^nlng sermoil AfiBejarchlnglqupatlon." The ^rgp^I^t pqi - was that Epbcotfal Senrlees r At St " Tlwothy'8 Epiiscop .1 churchr^the fiofy. conimtiBloii wis cel^r^fied yesterday -<5»oml?»K t y thi»!T939P, the .BCT.vTlibihMijBeii HlH .iJwfiXJhanBte'and . 'Iola^= who giv»- a -vpreparatory talk in wfilc \ he'stre^stdl'^rwiiaUoiTer he Miti untb'ybji, do ib" j = "^irciviabs to tlie.serYice an infai t WM bowsed.' Tfaer^ vii)' be no ser tcl) ^eidai night on lacconi t of he" rector h>ldi|ig a tbree -^ar mlB lion "KtX. 'PltU burg: > Service ft) r the chiidt-en^wlllbe -aa Bsiial, Fr- diiy aft^don it 4:30. The Wc- a aaJciety 1 riir meet In tlie vestiry Ssata Tluiisday afternob i at 3,;30..;.vi- • I ' • The Bapilst Tea ij^e ^li^f|iifttlfer"ojt chief interest at the Bapftflt Temple thts, week ti the anui||i1: busit^ees^ meeting of th ; ehurch which will ttUce place oi, Wediiesdsy evening. 'Reports fron i eterj^dep^rtment wiirbe received and officers elejeted fbr thelcomini y^aiv' 'The bualnesa' meeting Wil be preceded by: a supper at 6:3( jJlmJantf followed by la fine must cal'end iiterary program. Ever] member.'^ the church Is'expectec to he'present t • • o| <• ; Entertain iwith Birthday Dinner ' Ih honor of the Wrthday of Mrs R; B. Sullivan, Mr. and^MrsJ N. 1. Crowell were host and hostess at a dinner yeiiterday in thcli;-; home southeast of Ipla. Others present were: '. 1 ' Mr'. R. B ; Sijllivan. Mr. i W. Sullivan, jyiigs Helen Ray. Mrs. Delia He'ss. Miss Blanche Hess, Mr. and Mrs. H^enry Hcsb, Miss Mary Hess.l Mr. James<: Hess, Mr. Leo Rcnncrj and Mr. Wjllard Crowell. f> * Suntrise Pirty for •• Mm Osboni :\' surprlM party was given Saturday nighC for Miss Lena Osborn in her | home at 521 South Th rd street.; I Hei^: ^ister. Mrs. Lawrci cc Rtitlcdgjs. wUs assisted by Jijiss F.rancea .McFail in serving refreshments'; j Thrf "guests were: Rctlia! 'WOTt. Annabcll Hcrshoy Albert Hcrsbey. AValter. Funston Lloy.l !We4l, William Murphy Thomas;Ha^, Louis Walker, Mar-] gucritc Waikcr, Allyne Jeffcrs, .Mildred; Davis, Chester Falls Frances .Mcfnil, Clinton Chambers! and Forrest jRpnner. t'clebrnl^M filrt^d^y iillli Dinner Mrs. B. it;- Robertson of; 61.1. South Walniit street gave a dinner yesterday in honor of the fifteenth birthday jof Uer daughter, "Terressa Robertson. ' , < The dinuet table' was Cantered with a larg|9 white birthdi y cake on whlcli were fifteen pirk candles. Mrs. Robertson was assisted i;i serving by Mrs. J. M. Ketterman. The guests were: Neva MaddJiU. Anita. .GUfUlan, Lavon-Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Ketterjnan and Mrs! L. M. Robertson. PreHbjterlan :Church t There was a good Increase in the attendance at Sunday school yesterday at the First , Presbyterian church. The special from the Junior Christian Endeavor was given by ^ai^ara Seay and from' the seniors a', hymn. After the devotional perlpd a cast of; young l>eople from the three divisions of the Christian;'Endeavor under the direction of ;Miss Pearl Johnson gave a missipnary play and pageant th^t was fuUrOf instruction a:nd inspiration to > all who were present • At the'morning service the choir under the leadership of A. E. Garrison, sang /'Remepiber Now thy Qreator" by Adams. In the evening Miss; Esther Schaffer sang- a solo "Prayer" by Lleni-ance. The' theme of the sermon by the Rev. H. G. Mathls, D. D.. In the morning whs 'Treachery or Lethargy: Whlchlr* The text was-"And He came and found them asleep again, for tlijelr eyes were heavy." The evening theme was "What shall I do to jbe saved?" • « « EpiI»-ort1i Leagye l^onored A't the':Epw'orth t«aguo meeting Sunda^ afternoon at Trinity Methodist, Enlscbpal church at a special sessioik called to meet with C. R. Hoyt, ^resident of the spiritual de,- partm<nt of tlje Ejworth League of the Episcopal area. Trinity league received spoci&l honors. Kk cxpprpf from a letter of March If says: "I have been in coiiimunlration and liiive had ii coiifrrcnce or'two witli niiiine Kirkpatrick, our gon? era! Bpworth League secretary; Chlragb. In regard to sonie experiments to be ptit on by one nr two. Epworth League chapters within the bounds of the KansaB: cnnfer- kjqqe. and I. have always felt the Epworth League chapter of Trihity Methodist'Eplpcopal church pf {ola was the most spiritual group of ybqng people I have ever run across, arid I would like Iherefrire OFIHDMBAJVT Jlegili I'avInffMstliUtreelu Cob. creie from Amqsi'la I'en raL The KflMsellV.JKbie-1^ Salt Eake. (Francis-Culver) / HU.MBOLDT, Mar. 27.—Mrs. Fred Stewart rpf .Salt Lake" City 'i arrived here last; visll her pirents. Dr.'and Mm. E. R. ttussell. The purpose bfjJier- visit u to- h( Ip Xir. and uMrs.i Russell in their pi epi^ra- tlon for iiibving to Sblt Lakj (Sty. They int^njd to leave kbout i prU 5. The Dr.>j|pd Mrs. Kusscll 'have been residiints. of riumboldt for Discovery in 'the 'Potomac river rieai- the capita! bf the body of Mrs. Giadyi W. Hucit served merely to deepen .^e mystSiry of' her disap- peara ICC from Wasiifngtou tliree ibonths before. P Jlice j pfBcers are here'seen bringing tlte body udhorC. Although then was no indication of the. cause of deaths Dr. K$ute M; Houck, Mrs. Ho ick 's husband, was ordered held in Albany,- Orpgon. Whence he had go le to recover from a nervous breakdown^ Previgusly Dr. Houck had .tated that he last saw his wife when sjie walked ut Jof their house iu tlie middle of the night ' : ' ; • .... FROM MY Uttwuicl Well Ik ilrliled In and Shot T «Klny— Tliornfon, \lgUt Operator at Santa J!'^^, to LcLiinii. (.M1-.S. W. E. Pay ton) COLONY, Miir. ;26. -Hniiiiiifl Inis drilled in another well on Itlio Uob- bins 'farm norlhwest of town and shoot!* it today. It is a good one. TIjp Walter Fc>s test on the It M. O'Harra was dry to the first break. Koiir wi-e.s|l|>i-s from Okhihnniu llnivct-sity dined in Colony Monday, i They werr walkini: to Lincoln. Ncbr.. wiiert! .thi^y liav^- soi'iif malrlips. ono of them brink the Soonor State college champion. ' SprinK la bore, .lohn Kortf and llill I'.iyton tr.-nled pocket jknivcs ifiRlit 'nscen this wepl^. Harry ilazlett. who hail it lot of drilliiiK lined-IIP here, until oil wiis cut the third lime, dofidcd tn years and ted by tl)^ Thog« Who retWne^ ar^: .Mr., a ^a Sirs. B. m Mc&pley^ Qf Kanaas City, JMo^ Mr.MMd^tMi^a. George S cKlnley. Jr.. «f. ftnp^ria. ap* fejrace fipbef; «* Kfnaas City. Ao. • : . The girls of the fresh ncn. sophomore and Junior basket tali teams (ktertalited the eicis of) bs. senior team ,a£7a;'picnlc supper I it t high school tudldingFifday night. ' <nie<BYG^ ^'lieaive. cbmposed of flie «n^l]ngtbbj' ^Yates i- Center. Garnett and Htnntml^t h igli school • oaii- se teams; ^feVirig flalbhed t leir basket tlvitles. ! , -- • • ft.;-.- . •" Miad Edna Beisden-asststant:state 4-H cinb leader is id-I^ have 'cKargc ~of a cQonlyT' . dab- Bluing In thi Chamber .CviRtQi'^rco -nxuBs Uenunial Ii: tonight to assist In oatUotpg club- wljvirtes l« AllfP SoSjr"'- thls 'year.'-'^.^ >- . M Years of SmmA ball- seasoB, are p|anBjng new a< The rat is common in practlcsdly every parti of the world.-!) ! 'I I _ i The earliest record!of tattooing Isliii tl^e Bodk:of LevlticBsSxixi 38. ising in Tola 1 lo ijccscnl to Ihoni the plan'.-is given liy .Mr. Kirkpjitrk'k at as early a date .-is poSHible." Tlii:i IK a try-oiit of plans'and toplc.-< for the .Methodist young ))ei)- ple of'tlie world for'nrxt year. The Gospel of l .,iik<' is to be th«! tc-it of the <-»iiirsf of topics aiid studies wifli; the aim to try out the al liVi^ of, e.-it!i young per.son. tluv pi>.<!.siliility of living the Christ life and K\iallcing in iii-s steps. Afjcir a consncra^'lon inuolinK t 'le youiJgi people one by one accepted thf clialienge until it became unan- imou'.'^ • , Onl:' one oiher diaplor in the Kanr^;:s conference has bur:i .so houoved. ship his Tig] to .Wayside bnd clean out somelolj his old wells. S. T--Tjiorntbh, who has long liccii a Sa'ntk Fc operator here, bid In an agent's job at LeLoup and has inov^il there. An extra is on the job her4 Mrs. J; : HJ Mosing went tq Kansas ,City Tl|ursday for a reunion visitWitit her mother and two sisters, one of whom is leaving soon to mnko hcit home in .California The Kensjnpton -club met Wednesday afternoon at the -home of .Miss Maude JFrancls and enjoyed very pleasant meeting. The hostess served-a! two course lunch and the invited guests were Mrs. Thos. Lbiy;s(reth and Mr.s. J. l.^Hender-, Mon. The cliib will meet .next at" the country I home of Mrs. George • Mr. and A^is. Fred Reibc were,] <-alIrd to li |iic .Mound Wednesday rve to be with their little daughter 'who i.s sta>inR with bet* grand- nicthor. Thi? child iiad l)een sick with nvoaslei. anil contraVted 'nose bleed which I nearly proved -fatja^j before It coi|ld be checked. .I . W. K. I'aylon made a business trip to fJarnptl Friday afternoon. IV)n Smltlii and Herman Scott who are woijklng for a contractor on nilllinc WjOrk {it Wichita, expect to IcjivtJ'tlu' first of April for Canaila. wherp they" will ha've work for the Hiiniiner. •Mri*. Kd Ba iKh. has K:in- .sas City fhiif week, visiting her friend, Mrs. Clara .N'oland. Mrs. HallH'. wbo recently purchased the ojil .1. H. Skourup residence, lias ^^xten.sive reniodpllng n|ipration iin<l<^rT Wiiy. She will add two new I rooms, new sills and floors bolide ; ru-arranglng the interior antt rc](jecpr:itlng li. Slio ox- nects to ibe! ready to occupy the property by JShe first of June. Usp Register Wants for, results. ^Itheir removal is f-egret- | r many ^friends. Work pjkparatory to pavi >g has been beguli on,_ Northji Ninth street, pnd is prt^ pressing sii^-Iftly. Concrete paVejnent *ill beppt In on Ninth Strict f -oiii Amos street to Central avjsnuc. IThe work will be finished In abc ut '.a month. Saturday,'was: the last daf for application' for cl y offices to be received. ]A n imper |. of applicii- tions hav(^l been turned in tor all the offices except! ibayor. Carl Drake was. the only 'appiic.a it for the officejijof ina^or up to Satur- Louise; Fdssman. pres- di( [ not apjily Herself for renoniinati3ri .il The, city election will take place on Tuesday. April 5. !) ' ; Miss ^liiry 3. Chahiberlaiin of this city, iticcompanied by Iltr. A. R.'Chamberlain o)t Tnlsa. amved here yestetdayl Miss''Chamberlain has been visiting jthe A.i R. ffham- berlaiii faiiilly in Tulsa for several iweeks. /! ' ' j; M Several r)f the relatives of the ?orge McKlnley famil- ' whoj were here for tl/c funeral of Mr. McKinly l.ast weiek, retijlrned to tfieir honies thd Jatter jiJartlof the |H,'cek. day. Mis^ ent mayoij Don't waiit until'il^e l^st minute toj get thai; n^w Easter Frocki Tliis wfeek we of r fer too beautiJfel nfew mod' els at ftcices within the reach of s^. FORO Our (Plete and speciar^rices prevail. loats- Select your Coat thiis week at Thk; Leader while selections are most! com- 'f^ —F0RiM ^SSE3—FOR WOMEN Easter Coats in youthful new stvles that are sp.Smart for tl flattering to the woman. In dressiand sport irjo 'dfels, plaiii trimmed, they are fashion correct in every de^fl, for everyl occasion, the spring dUy may.bring forth. - teea, h^ would take iio ^enulpe ij^leastirei i9 serving Hitn^ The Smart ^tyles Black and tvliitc coats,6 spurts cnaln, \ dr cssl coats, rrmitic ilrimmedh coats, coatii umkbows, coat."! with .shirrinl tiers, plcala and tiick- i»ffs. e miss arid so or rijchly fur Coats for Stouts Wc feature a special line of Coats that are made far stouts and tal| %yoin- cii. Sizes .39 to 49 with 4S-in. Skiri^ In These Fabrics Fahcii vlaUU stylisl terial^ twflls. silk md satin. In aU ^:olors. "La Wc fl rial m the s- ahd M I4«/2 ttt Rf*'^*; EffclusJve creatidns with finest of linings and material up to $3 these garments jui^t: received! NeV6r ShjfWhTiefore.' ' "Vivette" Silk Liijgerie Sofnethingr •_ and Jmpprtcd^l and iiiyc4ds in maniiish ma- lcasf{!fi, silks, lorcKecn, poi- rn, c/tjffmccn. n c w\ spnng Jy Smar ilurc la spe- of Ccf^tsfor lort wopanl ss in' tazesr 39. 75r Mi\ny'ojE Mo'niiiifir" I i • ^?},f^?Went and charming lc6l|ect;iQn. of IJaster Frocks. You Will §nd m ^nj^ copies of higher Ipriced models of "Flat Crepe, Cantpn Crepe ^nd Crepe Elizabeth: ^'^ ' Offers a wid^ range of Dress and Sport mo(teIsrj Uhiis^ featuring all of: the newest slyles . aiid sjp |Tng 'coIi?rs iii smartly tailored gkr^ nienti ,•" /•' ' • ' ' • —in the newest attractive styles and in shades to match your ^gaster c<?sjtur^^^^ |C^;^ser's Si)3t an^ W^livic Glpves priced iriym^ UBto i $2.75, Pernn^s Ki^ - '1 \ • if 4i;i(^in,^Uofthe Gc^j^^ in 15tof itne newest shades' at $1.95. newest Sppng shades to m^tch ttiis^ster cos^- W ^ ^ Ilfew Spring Shade3 pnced>t «i.5p to Sen-ice Wei^^ili p«ced as loW'as Sl.OO 'r4 4 t' 5Sf .1

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