Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 14, 1950 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 14, 1950
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PAGE EIGHT ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, JANUARY 14, 1ISO ON, WIMPY/' WHY PIP JSM T^^^i® JlplBACK illih I ? T—? VA BETTER )/^THANKS, ' SEC A -<A GUVNOR/ POCTOK... I'UL TAKE VA T'ONE/ 00 yOU THINK 1 LET TH' COCTO* /OUTATHIS CAN HttP /CRHre.i vou PON'T NEED WHAT'S AIUN' VA, SVUVESTER? BUT SINCE I CAAAE BACK FRO/V\ A TRIP »N MV CAR I CAN'T STOP SHAKING/ LEAM=THE LAND OP THE I THKTI5 A, DEAL' I HAD NO INTENTICJN OF 5TAYINCV' (AGREI AGREED ._„ PVEST f BUT THEN THOSE C»l> YOJESELF I AMAZONS WIU OWE OF THAT \POWN ON ME UKE A K?iDlCUU?U5\ 5WAKM Of SEES/ DISGUISE.' y t YOU'LL «> I SAT Ye ^TY£.-A? OUR BOARDING HOUSE - WITH MAJOR HOPPLE TH6 MA3OR. ? AIN'T -THE 6OV V«(HO GAME US THAT NEVJ ASOUTIA AS SERENE AMD UNAS FRIENDLY If RUFFLED AS tf INE IM A ' PVT«Or4 M Vou" LOOTS PRVlrJG ^ AROUMD? -«TO 6CM2C UP PtTCr* ABOUT C«lr4-OP LET A IK£ HIM. IN A COMEDY TEAM-*HE'S ; STILL PAGING* > OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS /THIS HAS TO BE PRETTY TIC-HT SO IT . WOM'T LEAK, '. AW 1'P FEEL MUCH BETTEE \f THIS. BA£KIT LAUNPRV CAN'T YOU HOLP TOMC.UE.' NOW .YOU'LL HAVE HIM TRYING. TO PROVE HE CAM STAMP HEROES ARE MADE-MOT RORM ARE NW OLD EYES I NOPE! THATS r ME? / BUKWYCOKELY WITH HIM ' MOWS BUKINV PALS) / THESE YOU SH6S A SMART LITTLE GOLD- ALL GOT TO SAY IS SHE'S A DARN ^MEV Wiett MOkKVPfcD, THE PUP tAM MOt TM'.TNIN* 1 MAvK WEN CMUtlEp Off roa.MAV &TIU »M»TA U«IN\£»AK IMS SPOT MMgRC TMEV MERE w rup WITH arar—irfeku as. PICK*D on... t M, iM»y. n* NpTMOUNP Mfti! IT'ft NOT MUCM Of A IT'6 All WE'VE- CJPTl D6SC8«6 PUP, , PiTBOL CARS WATCH FOt IT, T<?0! TMf IAN 0E,MID i THE U05t.,.»im M ikRLV HOURS l*T{R, WHILE PROWL CAR* IN VAiM P>OK ROVS OR. THUB PUPPV... RUM UPSTAIRS AND SET ME MV Tonight'$ Radio Program me VewiraB* radn> made up from orodrarm oro»tdefl weakly b.» the ttatteni tl ccnutX be reiponiitale tor change* mad* IP oroarami »»nce malltnt UN rHB UIALI USD. »Mi RAUk e88 WKW 7i*j KFUO M8i KMOX, I188i Wit. IfM; KWK. IM8> WOKS irMl t» » Mlg. l>» H M KSD— Newi P -D RCIume KXOK— Melodiei. Newa. KFUO— House of My Go*. WIL— Jack Bennett Show. KWK— Orchestra P M. KSD— Religion in the newi. KFUO— Parade of Biulnaji. KMOX- World Newi H M KSU Nrwt KXOK- Harr» Wmmei KFUO— House of My God. KMOX— "More Out of Life' KWK— QuUdown P M KSD- MUSK KXOK— Can't Happen to Vou. KMOX— Larr.v LCKUI WU, Sportf fcxtr* P M KSD- News Sportf KXOK— Voice of the Army. KFUO (FMi -Concert KMOX— Young Love. WIL— New* KWrk — Ncw» I'Ce CavHnauRIt P. M. KSD— Souvenirs of Song. KXOK -New* WtL— Kay Start KWK -Gii Newsome e'lnt five P M KSD— Ricnard Diamond KXOK— Chandu, Magician. KMOX-- VauRhan Monroe WIL— Cavalcade ol Music. P. M. WIL— Sparklers KWK— Music for Tomorrow H M KSU stm rneatet KXOK— Superman KFUO i FMi Newi KMOX Uen» Auir> WIL— 20th Cent. Serenade*. K WK - Twent.\ Wuestiont P M KXOK Melodiei to *•» KFUO (FM)— Sporta. 7:30 P M KSD-Truth or Conaa quencei. KXOK— Orchestra. KFUO (FMl -Family WonAlB KMOX -Philip Marlowe WIL— News. Jack Bennett. KWK— Take a Number 7:45 P. M. KFUO (FMl— Waihlngton Reports. «:OU I' .M KSU Vuui Hit Parade •> KXOK— Band Show. KFUO iFMi -Concert KMOX— Ganfibusvers KWK— Comedy of Errors. B:3U H w KSU uennit Day KXOK— Hollywood Bv Line KFUO iFM> New* • KMOX— Broadway is My Beat. KWK— Can Vbu Top 1DU> 8:45 P. M. KFUO (FMl— Melo Pattern. »:OU P M KSU— Juuy Canova. KXOK— Ben Oeaoa KFUO (FMi— Bleuing KMOX--8ln« It Again WIL— Harlem Rhythm. KWK— Meet Voui Match. 0:15 P. M. WIL— Sport*. •:30 P. M. KSD— Grand Ol» Oprr KXOK— Orche»Ua KVUO iKMi -Newi WIL— Flyer* vs. Providence. KWK— Hollywood Quiz. tf:45 i- vi ivi'dii i ,-.u vtcco uible KWK— Orchestra. 10:00 i . , K.MJ i\t-w« KXOK— Franca Laux. KFUO (FMi Muau at the Maitert KMOX World New* KWK— Sports, News. 10:15 P M KXOK— New.s KMOX— Hugo Malan. KWK -Orchestra. 10:30 P. M. KSD— P-D Resume; Lombardo. KXOK— Dick Jurgens. KMiO (I 1 Mi -New? KMOX— Old Fkshmnt-a Barn Dance KWK— Shoppen Special. 10:45 P. M. KXOK— Orcheitre. KFUO (FM)— Abide with Me. WIL— Hawaiian Serenade. 11:00 P. M. KSD— News. Orcb. KXOK— We»» Urcneitra KFUO iFMi Com-ori Favorite* WIL— Dawn Patroi KWK— Bobby Hackett. 11:15 P M. KSD— Orchestra U:JD i' M KSD !Vew» Muilc KMOX MlUK' .k.;.« u, i irciu ; ira WIL New.- Dawn Patrol KWK— Orchestra. t3:W i ul Ktiit -Newa KXOK— News Dance MUklc KMOX— Frollct KWK-Varietei 8IINIIA* 8:00 A. M. WEW— New* Musicale KFUO— Call, Farm It Home Jr. KMOX— Newi. Serenade 8:30 A. M. KMOX— Hits of Yeiterday. 0:45 A. M. KFUO— Hilitei of Week'* News. 7:00 A M KSD— New* Organwt KXOK— New*. Melodic* WEW— Newt. Melodic*. KTUO— Momma Medltatloa KMOX— New* KWK— Symphonic Concert. t:t» A M KXOK -Met Church re*> KrUO— Hymm foi Home KMOX-Chariot Wheel* WOKZ— News rime and leap 7:30 A. M. KSD— Presbyterian Hou> KXOK -Welodit. wfcW Aalt> »in* Nrwk KFUO— «ympnoi» KMOX Country Journal 7:45 A M KWK-Chrt«t Science frog «:OU A U KB1> New* KXOK— Revival Houi WKW-Ave Maria Houi KFUO— s s ol tne Al* KMOX- world New*. WIL— Newi Salvation Arm* Prog KWK- Newi WOKZ— New* MeMtf> 8:19 A. M, KSD— Jewiih Rellg. Prog. KMOX oruanlm WU SenaMea tt «BM kWH-Keiiatou* NeMrtg* 8:30 A M KSD^-Bacl> Aria WEW— Southland Boy*. KFUO -Pilu Lutheran Church. •f 1L- New* Meuuoo'iiar '•dare tioij ot WK— KWK— Proteitani Service WOKit UMpei i aoemevw 8:45 A M KSD Cameo* ol MuWt WEW— Oman Uuiic K.MOX-Tnnm Choi< <:ut A M KJU> ProtMteni MMI KXOfc -Meuag* at 'ire*! WEW— Mass, College Church KMOX— Church of the Air. WIL Uuiunim «erciwden KWK ChiMrer • 4tnr» Hma WOKZ— Newi and Muaic. 8:la A M WOK<6 Aninaiieejeri •:30 A M KSD- Nut I Pulpit KXOK •Southarnatrea KFUO Organ KMOX— Bible Qul». WIL-Chapcl in the Sky KWK-St L Rabbinical Aun 8:45 A. M. WOKZ— Pipe, of Melody. IU:UU A M KSU Krnw Lei KXOK Voice ol Prop WEW New* Concert Miniature* KFUU- Bible *n«Ml% KMOX— People'i Plallorm. WIL Mac* " Oa* KWK-Ne»> WUKft-Cvaaaeuc*. iiwviae \ A M KSD SereMde WKW Houi ol Si rre*ea> KMOX -Howard K Smith KWK-Davld Rotw IO:3U A M IUU> New* iuini MWUNI IS PUN LM|UM Now Organising Call Mn. BTUM 4-44M after 4 IOWUNN 4-7IM KXOK- Mew of r«u WEW--Ask Fr Lord KTUO—Plane. Panoramaa KMOX-Sait Lake labcraMM WIL—Evangelistic Crusade. KVVK ix W Kpvu-wuik -iiand. iO:4ft A M KSD—Bob HouMor Shew WEW—Music for Romance. Kf-'i fi '•' Ifirim • iitnpim »:hurcH 11:00 A. M. KSD—Silver Strtnii. KXOK—Newi. WEW—News. Piano Moodl. KMOX-Invitation to uearnlM WIL-Quartet KWK—College Choir WOKZ—Concert Hour Newi. 11:15 A. M. KXOK—Frank and Erneit WEW Can* Couversatlo«» WI1—Third Baptlit Church 11:30 A. M KSD-Eternal Llfht. KXOK—Canary Pet Shop WEW—Letters to Puoilc. KMOX-People* Hlalform KWK-Lutheran Hem WOKZ Firs! BapHsl Church 11:45 A M WEW-Vnlre of the Army KXOK-Strings. 2:00 Noon KSD—America United. KXOK New. WEW Neopnlitan Serenade KFUO—Psalms. KMOX Newa WfL—Fo Footllght Favorite* KWK—Newi. WOKZ—New. 12:19 P M KXOK—Encore fheatei KMOX—Bob Burnei. Sporta. KWK—Quiz Club. WOKZ-Upton CloM 13:30 f M. KBD- -New. KXOK—aamm*'i orcnattn WEW — Grandpappy Jonei KFUO—Land of the Free. KMOX—Main Street Music Mall. WIL -New* Pavorltet KWK—Errand ot Merc) WOKZ—HlKtiwa.v n Heaven 2.-.J P M KSD- Carnival nf Waltzes KFUO—Miracles of Science. KMOX—World Affairs. KWK Hollywood Uood Newa WOKZ Speak Up America 1:00 P M. KSD—NBC Theater. KJCUK Uown Memory i,ano WEW—Cavalcade of Music KFUU— Music Appreciation i.uur KMOX—Sammy Kaye. WIL>—Music in Modern Mood. KWK—HI School Review WOKZ—Brown St. Bap. Church. 1:30 P M KXOK—Mr President WEW—Sacred Heart Program. KMOX—Galen Drake. WIL—Curt Masse> KWK—Wayne King WOKZ—So Proudly We Hail. 1:45 P. M. KMOX—Family Quiz. 2:00 P M KSD—One Man's Family KXOK-Changinn World WEW—News Ivorv and Ebony. KFUO—News KMOX—N V Pnilnarmonie WIL—Dancing Party KWK-Hardy Family WOKZ—News. Cavalcade oi Music »:!» P M KXOK—News WEW—Songs of Our I'lmea. Kit'O—Recital »:3U P M KSD—Quiz Kids KXOK—Baptist Hour WEW—St. L. U. Serial. KFUO—Lutheran Hour. KWK—Juvenile jury WOKZ—Music in 3 /4 Time. 2:43 P. M. WEW—Headlinei in Chemistry. KFUO—Land ot the Free. WOKZ—Cote Glee Club. 1:00 f M KBD—New* KXOK Lutheran Hour*. WEW—News. Master's Moment*. KFUO—News, Music. KWK—Hopalong Cassldy. WOKZ—Salon Serenade 3:1A H M KSU Men Benmn Meiod.T KFUO—Whai Is Christianity! 3:30 P M. KSD -American Forum KXOK—Voices that Live. KFUO—Salon Serenade. KMOX—At the Chase KWK—Martin Kane WOKZ—Meet the Band. 4:00 P. M. Richard Diamond. KXOK—Think Fast. WEW—Proudly We Hail. KMOX—Earn Your Vacation. KWK—The Shadow WOKZ—Guen Star 4:19 P. M. WEW-Treasury Gueit Star WOKZ—News and Sport*. 4:30 H M KSD Harvest •» Star* KXOK—Greatest Stor\ WEW—Treasury Guest Star. b'l''lill tf-Mi- KMOX—Strike It Hicn KWK Iru* Oetectivt nv»ler» WOKZ—Sunset Serenade 4:43 P. M. WEW Popular Melody i:W' H M KSU New* KXOK Drew Pearton KFUO—News. KMOX -Family Hour. WIL—Tommy Dorsey KWK—Ro* Roger* 3:18 P M. KSD—Serenade. KXOK-D Cardinal Newa KFUO—Safety Serenade. 9:30 P M KSD—Hollywood Calling KXOK—Music with the Girl* KFUO—Devotional Hour. KMOX-Our MKi Brook*. WIL—News. Joe Relchman. KWK- Nick Carter 5:45 P. M. WIL—Trio. 6:00 P. M. KXOK—Tropicana. KFUO (FMl—Concert KMOX— Jatk Benin WIL—Legion Program KWK—The Falcon. 8:15 P M. KXOK—News WIL (excursion.- in Science «:3U P M KSD P Harru & A rave KXOK—Mr. Malone KMOX -Amob ana Andy WIL—News C Molina Hollywood KWK—Lombardoland. Newi. 8:45 P M WIL Sparklers, 7:0(1 P. M. KSD—Sam Spade. K.XUK atop Ui» Muato KFUO 'FM'-News KMOX Charhr McCarthy WIL—Gene Krupa. KWK—Chicago Cheater 1:15 P M KFUO irMi-Sporti. 7:30 P M KSD— 1'heatei uulid KFUO iFMi -Lutheran Hour KMOX-Bed SkvMon WIL Kredd* Martin 7:45 P. M. WIL—Sparklers «:ou H M KXOK *aaei Wlnchell KFUO iFMi Cuuctn Hall KMOX Corlla* Archei WIL—Claude Thornhiu KWK -Comedv Pia.vhouaa •-.ID t> M KkuK uwelt* cerMMia g:3U P M KSD familial Muuc KXOK Chance ot KFUU iFM< Newi KMOX Horace Heldt WIL Tex aenekc 1:45 P U KFUO irM< -MeM** PatUrm U:OU f M KSD - lake it ei L*wv*> It KXOK -Jimmy Fioidler KFUO (Fill -BlaietM KMOX—Contented Hour WIL-rrankle Carle KWK-M o M theater GUARANTEED WATCH REPAIRING SCHOENBORN ENJOY ELM DAIRY HUMUbl Nl/l D Mil K vi. Denver. 1:30 P. M KBD-Bet> Creel*. KXOK -Muale lot America KTtlU irtt) *»»w» KMOX— Stan Daughertjr. •:43 P. M. KMOX— Clyde A. Lewie, VFW KFUO (FMl— Open Bib* 0«0 P M KSD-IMm KXOK-NAIt Snow. KFUO >rM> Matter'* MlMM KMOft -Ne«» KWK— Newt. >, 0:1» P M KSD- CMftMtt KXUK-flewa KMOX— Music KWK— 4 Congressmen. 0:av H M KXOK Beautiful KFUO .fMi Newt KMOX— Crime Report. WIL— New* i"leii>«ie» KWK— Shopper's Special. 0:45 P. M. KSD— Daniel LeWlmer* KFUO <FM> ADM* witr. Me WIL— Newi, Melodiei 11:00 P M K8D New*. Ml Smtt* KXOK— Newi. Veipen KFUO iFM> Concert xnvonum KMOX— Newt. Orchestra KWK— Newi. Veterans. 1:30 P M KSD Newt Muslt KMOX- All HUM IliOU M KSD New. KXOK-Ne»» KMOX— Newi. Music. MONifA* •:W A M RSD—NMW KXOK I * C Newi. WEW -New. Muileal ClMfc. Manet* KFUO— New Year'* Music. KMOX— Farm Tilks. Marketa. KWK— Charley Ackerson. 8:1S A. M. KSD— Hymns KXOK— Charley Stookey MMMU NebOt Newi WMtMT KMOX-Sunrli* Senile Weather •:30 A M KSD— Melodiei KFUO— Farm and Horn* Journal WEW— News Marketi Muitcal Clock 0:4b A M KSD Weathet Naw» WEW Urandoaop* lenee KFUO— Newi f:oo \ M KSD Am Ureter KFUU— Meditation KMOX World Newi. WIU Breakta>i Club KWK -Bin* Craebv 1:15 A M KSD Time and rempot KFUO— Hymns for the Home. KMOX— Ozark Variettea. KWK— News WOKZ— Chuck Wagon. 7:30 A M KXOK— Newt WKW News Melodic WIL— Newa BreaMait Club ooatd KWK-Ed Wilson WOKZ— Al Riehl Show Newi f:4* A M K8D~Newa KXOK— Harmony Time. WEW-aecred Heart ProtMam. KFUO— II Thou ae Naw KMOX-New. Rax Devil 8:00 A M KSD Time and Tempo*. KXOK— Newi WEW— Newi KFUO— News. Salute. KMOX— Clock Watcher. 8:19 A M KXOK Breakfast Club WEW -At Vout Service 8:30 A M KSD Newi WEW -Grandoapov lonaa KFUO— Newi WIL— News. Ted Weemi. 8:43 A. M. KSD— Clevelandaire*. KFUO-Varietlai KMOX— New* WIL— David and Lucille WOKZ— Weitern Roundup. 9:00 A M KSD- Welcome Traveler* KXOK— True ftee* B Crocker WEW— Newi. Soc. Sec't. KFUO— Errand o» Mere* KMOX— Quiz. • WIL — SunihlM Serenader* KWK-Banditaod Revue WOKZ— News. Roundup. 9:11 A M WEW -Mother', riealtl) Class KFUO— Puolic Health KMOX Arthur Uodtrey WOKZ— Chape) of the Air. •:30 A M KSD Marriage roi Two WEW -Ask Father Lord KFUO— Beside Still Waters. WIL News Rat Manning WOKZ— Just for You. »:4S A M KSD Dorothy Din KXOK- Victor Undlanr WEW— Market*. KFUO— Tbamt* ot tte Agea- KTUU-Muate of Urn Heater* KWK— Nawa. Baaditaaa Revue WOKZr Platter Parade 10:15 A. M. KSD— Next Gairoway. W:*) A M KSD— Jack Berct> «Oow KXOK— Quick ai a Flaih. (U'UO tiorneinaker'i Chat KMOX—Urand Slam > WIL— News WOKZ— Girl About Town 10:43 A. M KSD— David Harum. WEW Slc-ir .inn (Jrr net KFUO— Serenade. WIL Itt i B •Show WOKZ— To Be Announced. KXOK— Ladies Be Seated. WEW -Shunnei < Bullrtm KFUO— News. KMOX- Wand.* Warren Newt. WOKZ-Louise 11:15 A. M. KSD— Mel Torma. KFUO— Newi. KMOX— Aunt Jenny. KWK -Kate Smith WOKZ— Four Knighti. 11:30 A M KSU Run.' uavid Shew KXOK— Forest Park Luncheon WEW— Just for' Women. KFUO— Musicai Memoir* KMOX— Helen Trent. WIL -NeWi M I M KWK-Recali II and Win Neva. WOKZ- Musirai entree* 11:45 A. M. KSD— March of Dimes. KFUO— Melody Lane. KMOX— Our Gal Sunday. la.un Noon KRU Nawi KXOK Howdy Neignoor* WEW— Newi. KPlJM Uevutionai Mutle KMOX -New* WOKZ— News and Marketi. 12:15 P. M. KSD— Jack Holt WKW Grandpanp* nines KFtio- RepoM witD cbrtit KMOX Ma forRiii* WOKZ— Saddle Rhythm. RCA VICTOR'S Urn 10-inch ScrMii Priced at only ' $.99.95 USD-TV PUOGRAM CHANNEL S Saturday P. M 9:43 6:00 8:15 6:30 8:45 7:00 7:30 7:45 8:00 8:30 •:00 Test Pattern, Transcribed Music and Newt Tape. Newi and Viewi. Buckeye Four, The Nature of Thing*; Dr. Roy Marthall. (NBCl American Magic, To Be Announced, Chicago Jan. '(NBC) ' Stud'. Place. (NBCi Cd Wynn Show. (CBS) Bob Ingham'i Iporti View. to 11:00 Wreitlfcg at Chicago's Harl«old Garden*. (Dumont) t UOMTUOTE IUJA vurroR UNE BILL'S radio shop II Ban r«nugon Ava. WOOD MVBR, ILUNOtf DM 44141 UNCLE SAM'S MAIL BOX— This unique mail post is located n front of the Ed Baker residence, on Route 108. about 100 yards east of the Illinois river landing across from Kampsville. Orgin of the figure is unknown, for no- Dody was at home when the Telegraph's roving photographer snapped this shot. With the possible exception of the covered wagon mail box at Mozier, it is ths most unusual mail receptacle in the greater Alton area. — Staff photo 12:30 P. M. —KSD—News.- KMOX-Young Dr Malone. WIL -News Weather M J B. WOKZ—Barsain Counter. 12:45 P. M. KSD—What'* New In Stores? KFnci on tne reran Front KMOX—Big Sister. KWK Ui crane WOKZ—Waltz Time. 1:00 P. M. KSD—Double or Nothing. tUKOK-New* WEW-Man Aoout 1'own KFUU- Music Appreciation KMOX—Second ' Mrs. Burton. WIL—Tello-Teit KWK—Ladies Fair. WOKZ—Record Shoo. 1:18 P M KXOK—Meet n?e Menjoui WEW—National Guard. KMOX—Perry Mason. 1:30 P. M. KSD—Today'* Children, KXOK—Bride and Groom. WEW—Markets. KMOX—Nora Drake. WI1. Newi, Melody I.4UM. KWK—Queen for a Day. WOKZ—Record Club. 1:45 P. M. KSD—Light of the World. WEW—Dental Health KMOX—Brighter Day WOKZ—It's the Tops. 2:00 P. M. KSD—Life Can Be Beautiful. KXOK—Pick a Date. WEW-Shopper'* Bulletin KFUU—Magazine KMOX—Nona from Nowhere. KWK—Lionel Barrymore. WOKZ—News. Whirligig. 3:15 P. M. KSD—Road of Life. KFUO—Muiical Relaxation. KMOX—Hilltop House. KWK—Hollywood U. S. A. 2:30 P. M. KSD—Pepper Young. KXOK—Hannibal Cobb. WEW-St L U Serle* KFUO—Newi KMOX—House Party. C. Adama. WIL New.. Melodies KWK—Ed Wilson. WOKZ Jt's me topic 2:45 P. M. KSD—Right to Happlneu. WEW—Sacred Heart Program. KKUU Tone Pictures- WOKZ—Whirligig 3:00 P. M. KSD—Backstage Wile. KXOK—Carter Family. WEW—Moments with Masters. KK 1 ' > Bf l">lf Siudv KMOX—Linda'* Firit Love. WIL—Showtime. KWi> Newt fc<i Wilson Show. WOKZ—News, Varieties. 3:15 P. M. KSD—Stella Dallas. KXOK—Bing Crosby. KMOX—Guiding Light. KWK—Ed Wilson. WOKZ—Gospel Revival Hour. 3:30 P. M. KSD—Lorenzo Jones. KXOK—Song and Dance. KFUO—Your Home. KMOX—Editor's Daughter. KWK Ed Wilson WIL—News. Dorsey, WOKZ—Personality Time. C4i •> >^ v, no. Urowa. WEW-St. L. News and Vlewa. KFUO—Your Children KMOX—Hearts In Harmony. YOUNG AMERICANS! THE FIGHT IS FOR YOU* MMDS. CQfl COMDQf iOCfCH Father ROBERT L GANNON, pottprsildiw* of Fordhom Univorsiiy, i«lbon"AiMr- •COM* SptQK Uprkowyov to in MrftS.rp.WeV. LISTEN, LEARN AND HOOT -coups* for on* of .W 1004 print that it twooping r * * * rat unm AND WOKZ - U70 SUNDAY AT 12:45 P. M ttougbt to you o« a public •civic* by; •XALt TOOL DIV. HUBBARD 4 CO. EAST ALTON, ILL.

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