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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Monday, March 28, 1927
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4 VpLlU^ XXX. No. 13^^ TW(. Weekly. UcrtatqM •I'ttf Ifilii DiVlly Kegli BiiUbliiihrd ISfi*. JiOT, KnliibliKhml 1«97. lOlU KAN., MONDAY EyEN|NG^itfAR(?H |28, 19271 SuciLifimir to The loin liiiily ilpglxtcr. "the lohi Dairy ItecorU. nnd X>nlly Index. SIXPAG: MAN PREFERS TERM^JAIL Second of Alleged Fur Thyves Returns to ' l^ace Term in Jail for : Crime. coma bac fee was t..«nnar(l 4 »8iirreti (ler( sheriff's I he rheh JohnsuiJ iiected wi(| self to t within th<) I'reiulce s| Neillier Has at ihe rendtr. aci . paid his o ti> surrender. Accordiifff Johnson eating the] The toirture of knowing that C was want d fori a crime was worse* than; be'ini in jail, so I just had to Updersherift Ed Duns informed • yesterday by^ ohnson, who: voluntaril}*; d to members of Ihe^ llorce in connection witli; )f furs in lola. j is the secoi^d man. con-: |h the crime, to turn him-' ^ county, voluirtarily." last weeli.: ' i >tonday ! afternoon Cart irrendered to members of the she riff's foj-ce in cotinection Willi the lur theft. The meil. held^ in donneftion "with the theft \ jumped tilcjr bonds prior to the-trial. A third man. Prentices'! brother, a ready Is serVing Itijue in= conneclioi with the tliefi. i , both ju nped their bondii al the^ advice of' ilher persons, but rcKretc their actit ns. • Several Ktieka ago IJunfeie got iii; touch -AVlt I i»ren,tice and John^oit and they igreed to return.' Johii-J son said I e had -been living uuiler au assum< d name. ' ' ShofinjQhina ... i ALL SET iituationin .ess Te nse as Day Go^ By Trophies Have Arrived And Program Is Bteady For Entire Day's Activjltie^ in ' lola. pf the';nu'n was in Kan- time Ipey agreed to sur-c :ording to Uunfee. Each ivn eKiit'iiHOH back to luij, to' counly oflir-er.Sj iade li confession when' arrested, iind aided utticers iii li>stolen furs. NEW ANGLES IN ? • SALiNAKILUNG Blue S sdan ' Involved in' Murdei • and Robbery' of ; Colorado Bai^k. Salina, Cans., Mar. 28. (AP)—. A blue sei lan .wVenorted hy Sheriff^ . J»elson jto answer, somewhat, de -c| Hcrlptiofe (t the car used by the^ bandits w lo blew the sate of a Mlw Anna E.'.Wofielt. <lnu«rh |ir «f Colonel «nd Mrs. W. P. .Hof,Mt of .>ladi!<on .i )Vis., was s& twice tliniuirli tlie body In i> nip'ixr from .Xjinkinir. (.hiii^i, under (lilnese shell fire. MODEL pOME FUMURE DURINGWEEK Cor AjtManitoii, CIolo., hank more than a;| "^•eek ago, Brookville day morning, and later^ in the day -at a fiUingf• of town, as further sheriff .saiU today. At the GREE NEA whifti^w^s first seen lit west.of SaHna, Satur- station five itniles south lias ' di8api)e&red as far trace is coiicerned, the .same time, information roiuea fro; I Hays that a blue sedan in wh ch Were tJiiee men and ii woman, answering the description of th' .Manitou bniidlts, was si'i-n by n farmer near the tilace whei-e J<:d\-ard Sullivan, bus drlv- • r, WHS m ifdered near Ellis early - liiHl week, U. short time before tliiit iiiurder in >k • place. Kills coiility offlcInU ore work- liiK on It heory Die bandits may have klllx I the bus (Ji'iv<.M'. Home Will Be Ready, • Opening lo the Publilc Saturday — Will Open for Eight Days. So far as its hulldcrs arej concerned, the Register's .Home. B?au- tifyl is coniplete today. Mr. C. C. Lincoln, interior dlpcor- ator. has hung up the last strjip of wall paper, nailed the pit moulding in "place, polished | floors anil the .woodwoi'k i moved, out. The lawn has l] graded and planted by the Green, the heating p have beep covered with asbesic s— all of Uie final details have ijeen taken care of. Even as these finishing tou'ijhos Tvere-being put. on today, tjl; The program for tip All Rural School Day to be I\eld in lo a on next Friilay has been almost entirely completed. Also the trophies which are to l)e giveii are on di.spluy in the/window of the: Leffler jewelry store. The prfifram of the day,which will start at nine o'clock at tjie Lincoln school building is going io be fliled wiih'things which will Hold the interest ,of every,boy attendinf and which Will close about; 4 o'clock that aftvmoon. Many schools have already .signilied their iiitentifin of coming to tola on that day-. .\t 'J o 'flock the students gaUiiT at Lincoln school whei' -ocal agricultural hai rooms and shniis.; Here the ors will see the type of wotk by boys in these classes and also gel many useful hints who have the task of converiing th^ house into a completely ur- nished -Model Home haVe slatted has the ger ivas rn- Ihe his ith IS END TODAY State O »ens Plea Asking I Capi al Punishment ^ I or Widow. Pryon f kla.. Mar'. 28. (AP)— Arguing t le sacredness of hum.Tn •lite. W..V. Powell, county attorney of Mi yes county, opened the state's pl»a here today for the execution of Mrs. Anita Greer, charged « ith" mnrdering her husband, Leoi ard F. Greer, Spayinaw. Ok la., siK Powell's testimony nesses wli Schuh, re imprl^onir murder in Greer and Him. i Judge jrling goods merchant, argument was based on adduced through wit- o had testified as to Urh. Greet's friendship w.ith Ben ently sentenced to^ life lent on conviction* of connection with Greer's death. The state contends Mr.s. Schuh conspired to slay orrest Issues New Court Order .fudge Prank Forrest, of the District Court, this.morning issued the following order: ; "It is further ordered that the clerk, of this court shall not'give out any infrfrmiition orally lb any persons..inhuiri^g, cohcemlng the detail.s of any'tfrder. ruling, decision or judgment rendered" by the roiiit or judge thereof In,any matter pending, but said clerk may per- IjSiilt the party inquiring, to personally and in the presence of the ' clerk, examine and road : the orders, rulings, decisions or judgments and determine <theretrotri what the court or judge did in the premises. This rule, not to apply to attorneys wheii inqiliring concerning cases Itr . which' they are Interested; or io ' any person inqiilring of the clerk alMJUl the verdict of a-Jury whether fni: plaintiff oil defendant; and if th^ cause Istrletl in the court whether .the prder. decision or . judgment is for plaitlff or defendant, but in eith'ei;'case not the de- tuils of the verdict, order, decision pr judgment. TiiiB ord^ shall apply to tlie sheriit or bis jdepuMes." •Air'^.' i Jet,.;'; •';.»"!'i .-i;'-*',' their work. .Mr.A. H. Sleepeij ••ilready put. the linoleum on kitchen floor -jfnd is getting rjeariy tq start moving \p his furnUure tomorrow. .Mr. Carls<")n, mail; of the J. C. f'enney Conipanj', in the Home neaiiiiful ijiis nji) Ing measuring the windows for curtains ami ilrapes which company Is to supply along v.... the Minens. These linens, I icl- denfally. are all to be la mm red by the lola Luuiidry before ihey are disiilayed In tile lioino and A'ill j.huve I lint frcHh find beautiful ap- Un<iirnnc<> which llneiiH nevei acquire uiijll afhT lliey hnve Irst lieell InuiKlereil. . As tlio wci'k i)rr<iKri'xHcs, 'tir- NilMlilngM will be added )iy >li'' ix*- •hniH coMceriiM which «i'i> mt I Ing .dlNplayH In the IUHIM ! until it tvlil .present the ii|)|iennini;<« of a li ime !th^l Is iKtiially ' being llvci • lu .when li is first (i(ii'iiod f<ir pilillc inypertlon this - comlrig Kntiirlny, "Alkil 2. Kver'y roiini will be i'Jin- pletel}' furnished, the lieds wl be hiide. the closets will be tl led will clothes, the dinner table vill htf!Wt„the medicine cahlnut vill he]i Ifllled. hardware will be fund in the kitchen, there will even be foijjl in the Prigidalre. Everyljl Ing wjl be ready for he new) owi crs bfijhe home to move right In ind bfJEjin housekeeping. The home will be open' for r ub- fie inspection beginning this Sat- Uitday ^nd continuing for al|out eight da.v.**. ,.Make. .%i)ur plans Col visit it during this time. iRMLIMIIAllON PLAN REJECTED France, Japan, BelJlLm i Turn Down British! |: ' Proposal. jjOeneva, Switzerland, Mar.l 28. (API —A British proliosal to extend ajthy limitation to iraine<i re.stjrves Vuris^i rejected as impracticaJjlu to^^^y by. the delegates of Frince. .r^iian and Bolpiunl at the pretjara- tiiry conimissloii fi>r a disarmament .conference. , rLater Hugh Gibson. .Ameiican ((ele.gate. said the! t'niled SJates igi^vernnient believed conditions in different parts ofjtlte world were s|t> varied that successful lliliita- lion <vf land armatiieiits lay in 're- gjional agreemenisl rather iha i in to the eiiti.-c will |e the Its [visli- done will for helpful things.about the farm.. Immediately at 10:15 an assembly will he held at the Junior high scliool au'ditoriuin. where: iinterest- ing talks and di.seussionsi vital to every farm and country! boy will, be held. .\t 12 o'clock free lunch will be given to ull the yisitors by I ill- ilciniesi.c science classics of the .>i |(>niiir and junior higli schools. Al 1 or l:l.'i o'clock grain judging will start at Lincoln school'and liiissfbly if ihei-'e is a large enough crowil attending part if the track meet will be held at Klverside park. If the crowd Is not too extremely lai-ge the grain judging will be gone through with entirely before • the track meet is started and then^the track meet will be held with;the cu|i being awarded afterward jire »TwHnt>--two varieties of grain will I be judged and identified. The track I meet will have events including the da.slics, jdmp.s, sack and potato races, and a one-mile bicycle race. The trophy which is given by the lola t'hamher of t'ommerce is 'a .slaine of victory while on the upon a silver plate is a bronze relief of the cornucopia of agriculture showing that the cup was won in an agricultural contest. Tlie name of the school winning the cup will probably be placed:on the bottom. The cup is very valuable and well wor,th winning. Also a medal will be'given to the highest ranking individual after al\ points have been totaled. ' At present not all o'f the jschools have reported but It H hoped that they will report by Thursdiy nooii which is the last opportuiiity for entering. Tlie letters whitih were sent (Mil to invite the schools to at^enll extended the invitation to the eighth grade boys in the rural schools of Allen county. Pall of Anxiety in Wasliington Lifts SUghtiy Another Da 7 Pas^ Witjhbut Indiration Of Seriou^ Trouble Outlook, Whien the land een rola pes lo &e San l)i.ego to be embai-ked on the transport Hende^.son, wee being gathered from po.sts albni; the Atlantic coast, and^ the Henderson by radio today announced, she would enter San Diiego harbor April 3 ready to takej them, aboard for the trip across the Pacific; Three American destroyers joined Admiral Williams' forces at Shanghai today, and three cm, sers are enroute from! Honolulu' aiid should be available Ifor his use as- the necessity requireS '"wilhfn a few days. Onicials .here have expressed the hope that this force wpuM be sufr ficlent, but whether it; could cope with an extensive outbreaK against foreigners remains to be seen. In line with its policy (ft getting Americans out of the Chinese danger zone, the .state dep|art|ment has decided to close the rei^ote consulates at Changsha andl Cunking when evacuation - of American nationals at those polntsi lias .beeli completed. The consuls Jrlll retire to the coast and war ships at the two cities tlien can be withdrawn. Washingrtion, Aiirch 28. (AP)—The pall of.|anxiety which has hovered <ver Washington sincethe Chirie.«ie .situation became apute was lifted slightly, but pefceptibljl', today by word that anothi !r day. had passed \Yithout a seriius outbreak of anti-foreig i violence in that wa'jr-ridden coiiiptry. Admiral WllUanrs, (ommAnding^^- the concentration of American ships and marines at S >iangbai reported to the navy dep: rtment that he had retiirned lb Shipboard a landing force from he cruiser Pittsburgh, which MUB ritel^ed ashore, yestet-day wh >n it was learned that | the Chit cse would stage a demonstration i i the native city to.;demand retun to their hands of concessions ii the international settlement. The bluejackets Joinul the force of 1 .500 marines alrei dy ashore under t*ommand: of Bri ;udier General Sinedley D. Hutlfr, but. although the ^lemonstraluin occurred it was not foliowtvl by iny violence necessitating the use Af the additional force.- ' Secretary Wilbur received the ireport of j Admiral Williams with manifest gratilication and hurried to the I White House to inform iPresideTit Coolidge that the situation atjSbanghal was "easier" for the moi^ent at least. N'eveijtheless. facing a condition fraught] wltii the gravest danger to .American lives and property, the American government; went, forward With its plans of reinforcing the command of Admiral Williams to whotii has been intriisted the dif- flcutt pnd delicate task of throwing safeguards about those who have been endangered during the sweep of the Cantoiiese army,over a large part of China. The 1 ,.500 niarine.i! ordered to NO MISTRIAL IS RULING IN Amen^ent of Fjetitign Permitted—^Lejtter Is In^dmissabte as ; Evidence m Big ^il Detroit. Marcli 28. (AP)— ; Aaron SqpiiSo. ' Chi-ago jew, known Internationally as an organizer of farnier.M' cooperatives, took the stand late today in nis $1,010,000 libel suit against Henry ^ord, Detroit, .Mich.. Mar. 2S. (AJ^)— Amendment of Aaroni Sapiro's declaration in his $I.C f>0,000 suit against Henry Ford .w4» permitted and a mistrial denied in a ruling this afternoon by Fe leral Judge Fred M. Raymond. ' The judge also helif ble as evidence Sapirii's letter to Ford demanding a reiijiction of approximately l-II alleged libellous statements ;made In articles printed in the Ford-owned... Dearborn Independent. ' j " The court sustained: the Ford counsel's objection to (he entire .II typewritten pages of the fdirmal demand of Saprio for retrai-tlon and certfiin exhibits attached to ij, but held that parts of it might be admissible. . I i William Henry Gallagher, cotin- scl for Saprio. began wading Slain iniChina MEETPDAY Policy Committee Expect- jed to Call General Walkout in CentraljMines -^Effective April] 1. Kev. J. E. WilHaniK of Shatmee, Oiiitf, rice pre.sident of Nanking, InhersHy, China, was reported killed in flie ult ;iPk,oi' the .\)itiunnlis4 armies on foreigners »t Nanking. Auii^o^u^^iov.!^; ^«'$^-i^-i!![S:'::xSs' wlS^ d ^ni^: objeciiug al each step.' Fred 1... Black, busii ess' manager of tliei Dearborn Indi pendent, sat silently on the witness staml. That the declaration iacfually had •been received pr<!vioui<ly wa :i admitted by Ford codnsei. was asked by Minister MlacMurray of the state department, owing to their isolated situation. With Americaiis removed froiiji ilanger there will be no rea.son ti continue the consulates as :Ameri:;un commercial activities in jth< regions vfill cease titil the preisenlt disturbance is over. I I FOREIGNERS ARELEAVING '|BirAr ZONES Exodjis of Man y from i Area Held by Vation- atists Is Reported ToShangliai Today. Shanghai. March 281 (AP)—The roni various gjipnal agreements! iij-plan 'appHiablc; vfbrld. ' BYGH 4 Tra4k Meet To Be Staged %)n : A BYGH -I trace raeet-Js lieliig l^ldnned, with possipilltic^ ft a ijcholarship contesl, lleitgue debate t|tifi' ofheY contess.i it was an- ijoiinced today at 1- uijiboldt. iJ^ igtie rnnnbers planned to nieet Satu-day tjji' -plan; the, meet,' biit^ the md* ting |j»B postponed. ;V. idate for} the tr^ack meet will lie set this wei k. CONSOLIDATION PLANJeTODAY Thirteen Gas Distributitig Companies in Southeast Kansas in Plan. Topeka, Kan.. Mar. 28. (API- Plans for a consolidation of thirteen Doherly gas distributing companies operating in southeast K<m- sas have lieen laid before the j^ifb- llc service commission. Thp irnion Public Service Company, owner of the cqpital| slock of the companies which operate in territory, south of Kansas Cily, ha's made application to the commission for permission to acquire th4 physical assets, franchises and assets of the companies which ,it now controls as a "holding company"-. M. .1. Ilealy. attorney fbr the public service commission, said he 'had been informed the consolidation was sought as a means of decreasing book-keeping, exjienses. ' ,>'o information was glvien in the. applicatlbn as to the total capitalization of the companies or the value of their asisets. The companies included iti the proposed consolidation are: .The Anderson County Light & Heat Co.: the Baldwin Gas Co^the Edgerton Gas Co.: the Gardner Gas Co.: the .lohnson county Gas Co.; the Kansas Farmers Gas Co.: the Miami County Gas Co.; the Ottawa Gas and Electric Co.:. the Parsons Gas Co.; the Kichmond & Princeton Gas Co.: the Tri-Clty Gas Co.; the Weir Gas Co. and the Wells- vllle Gas Co. A date for a hearing on the application has not been set. C:; A. Clip's Brother Killed in Acciden^t Herbert A. Clift. of Chicago! 18 year.i old. brother of C. A.' Cllft. city editor, of the Register, was Instantly killed Saturday while working at a steel mill there, according to word received •'in lola. The you^h was crushed i beiween tw^i cars. Besides , his ' brother, he is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Clift. Chicagb: a grand,mother. Mrs. William iCoffey. St. .loseph, .Mo.; a sister, Myrtle Cllfi. Pittsburg, and an aunt,! Mrs. J. E. Hamilton, Pittsburg. Thte body will- be returned to Kansas Gity tomorrow. Funeral services! probably -will be beld there tomorrow. exodus, of foreigners arqas of China held b^- the Natlbn- allMs continued loijay. Reports from a score of points received Iiere today told .of foreigners porparing (oleave or departing for the coast ' At Nanking six Japanese are the only foreigners known to be re- inaining ashore. The only Americans and BritisherM remaining In thiil district are u few ofllcials tibbard wnrNhlps. ; Six Americans at Chinkiang have not embarked. They are Hiaying wltitln 200 yards of \ the United BtuteH destroyer Paul Jones. Two small lumber steamers brought . sovenly-oncj Americans from ' Nanking to Shanghai today. Many of them were sitltering from ptomaine poisoning cphtracted on board the destroyer .N'da. Eleven of the most serious cases were sent to a hospital. Another | steamer has come in I with: foreigners from Chinkiang. I , The'American destroyer Preble has returned from' al tour of the smaller ports along the lower Yangtse river where jit picked up fifteen men, fonrteen .1 women and eighteeti.children, all Amer^icans. Missionaries report tliat all Americans have been evacuatedj from Wusih and Changchow. Seven American missionaries at Kiangyin unable to r^cb a steamer, obtained a Chinese jui^k ion' board which they made a slow* voyage to Shanghai. j Twenty-five Americans from Nanchang journeyed [ to Kiukiang where they embarked for Shanghai. They report that only five Americans, all men, remain at Nanchaiig> Ten Americans arriving from Yangschow report that the Baptist mission there has been looted. All Americans are reported evacuated front the region of Swatow with the exception of six Catholic priests concentrated ^t that port.- CHANG SEES VIOLENCE IN PEKING SOON Northern War Loi^d Predicts Anti-For^igri Violence Similar to That At Nanldngi L4st Week. Peking, China, Mar. 2s| (AP)— Anti -foreign violence at bhan ^ai similar to the recent; outjbreakj at .Marshal Var lord, the Chi- the for- Americans, Laitded at Shanghai, Back on ^ip Washington, Mar. 28. (API—The force landed at Shanghai yesterday from the American jcruiser Pittsburgh, has been returned to the ship and quiet prerai^Ied in the city today. Admiral Williams, in charge of Anterican naval f<^rces in China, ^reported the troops were landed when a large native demonstration occurred at the west gate jof the native city yesterday, the Chinese demanding the return of the concessions and the international settlement. I Elvi& Goodwin Turned I To County i Officers Nanking- is forseen by Chang Tso-Lin, Northern Bolshevists are goadiogj nese to excesses against eigners, he declared tadi|y In .an interview with; the foreign correspondents. ; Ho had emphasized to the foreign diplomats the danger of mob movement and of yielding to violence h0 said. They bad tot heeded his warninRS andj ha I yielded graduiiUy to the Cantmcse at Hankow. Kiukiang aiid elsewhere. .Now that the Nanking: inc dent had occurred he' feared It would not be possible to halt (he ilisordcrs until the bolshevists I wei e repaid for the time and trouble they bad spent on propaganda. As for himself, he would- • not compromise with the bblshevlsta but wonid fight thenk to the end. He,reiterated he would d> his ixt- most to protect the.litres £nd property of foreignej-s In [the territory under bis control, taking personal responsibility inj this jresfect. He -agreed wijth the N itionalist (Southern) government legarding the necessity for revising the present treaties, but differed as to methods and would | bin self use diplomacy instead of vidence. Marshal Chang could not say whether the ' Peking go rernment would break off realtions with the soviet union, until he 1 ladi con- snlUd with the foreign diplbmatic body. ' , I i More Foreigners Into Shanghai ^et^lement THE WEATHfiR FOR KA>'S.1S: Clou ^r and some, what nnsetled tonight and Tnesday —warmer tonight. Weathef outlook for the week beginning Monday: :>;Orthern and Central Great Plains-j—Occasional periods of precipitation >'it;h variable temperature, but |njostly normal: probably a cool tieriod about Wednesday. ' . Temperature—Highe it yesterday ^7 at 3 p. m.; lowest last night .35 at 7 a.-m.; normal for today, -50; deficiency yesterday 4; excess since January 1, 218 degrees; this date last year—highest 4.1 :1 lowest S4.- Precipitation for the 24 hours ending at 7 a. ni. today. 0; total for this year to. date, 4.68; deficiency since January 1, .78 inches. Relative humidity at 12 noon yesterday, 41 per centj 7: a. m. today, 84 per cent ;^ barometer reduced to sea level. Sfl.:t8 inches. , Sun rises at Cil.T a.'nij. sets at 6:41 p. m. I Weather and HbadH K.lsewhere. All clear, except i Hutchinson," Wichita, icioudy;, Salin|a, Arkansas HENRYFORD AROUSES IRE Retailers Plan to Boycott Thfe Wholesaler's Dealing with Auto Manufacturer's Chain , Stores. City, parly cloudy, all roads gooil. SHANGHAI fill HAVEIRPBLE? Anti-Foreign Fedltng Is at High Pitch at Prseenti Detroit, Mar. 28. (AP)—Henry Ford's foray into the business of dispensing food and other household necessities has aroused 'the ire of retail_dealers -who are declared to be pressing a well organized boycott against . wholesalers dealing with the motor manufacturer. Fqrd's stores, originally organized for his workers and later thrown open to the public, are said to undersell retail establishments 10 to 40 per cent. Even nationally advertised articles such : as baking powder and patented medicines and cosmetics have been sold at the Ford stores considerably below the prevailing retail price. '-vV porterhouse steak that would retail in the neigbborr hood .meat shops at 4.5 cents has been sold at the Ford store "for cents. Bacon has been sold at 40 cents a pound against .15 cents in the averagie retail stores. Baking powder that normally sells fori from 25 to SOicents a can, sells at I IS cents.- During the winter months ga- U}Htws selling in the downtown district at J4 Were gold at the Ford i^toreit for 12.50. All sales are liiado on a cash and carry hasi.s. Indianapolis, Mar. (AP)— Upon the meeting of thei policy committee bf the United Mine Workers here; today depends tho extent of the suspension of operations in the' nation's unionized bl- tnmlnous coal mines Aj^ril 1. Contracts between the operators and, tAe miners expjre Ma,reh 31. The policy conimittee coiislsts of .representatives from each soft coal district aiid is empowered to . calll a genera'l walkout. It. alsor ma>* limit the suspension" to certain fields,. Today's Imeeting is a resumption of a wage discusslotr started at Miami, ^lorlda, last moiithrduring aii unsitccessful contract conference between mine of-^ ' ficlals and operators! Both mine owners:;and mine officials have little hope of averting . a walkout of the workers. In the.v ceutralcompetitive field which In- ; dudes Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and | western Pennsyl%-ania. Bituminous {.^ factions in these states have re- fu.^ed to recede from their pre- vous wage demands, ^which, on. th» operators pan, werei for a sliding- scale based' on' non-union compe- • litlon. " _ The miners were bound by thai Indianapolis convention in Jantt-J ary not to accept lower wages." - m VOTING TODAY City . Primary Elections Are Held in Many Cities Over th« State. Topeka, Kans.. Mar. 28. i(AP)—;>: Kansas cities of the first cla^s. heid primary elections today. Tha. elections- were non-partisan, thftjl voters seleetfng two siandidates for 'i, each "office. The tihaK elecUoa ' April .5. will determine wfaidb of: the two leading candidates in eachf of today's contests is to hold the- office. • . . t The cities Yielding primaries to- r day are Atchison, Coffeyvill^, Ft; : $eott, Hutchinson, Kansas City. ] Kansas, Leavenworth,- Parsons, ] Pitisbjirg, Topekai and Wiihita. ; - ' Shanghai, Mar. 28. of foreigners, .Americans] predom- (AP>—Scores 11, I Elvis doodwin, out on iiarole Is^ed in dUtrlct. court, was turned over, to county aiithbrltlfes by his father to whom he had been pa- i-oledl The parole had not been revoked this morning^ but Goodwin yraa. beins beld, penaios acUon. inating, continuled tojfloci: into the international settlement >f Shanghai today, fleeing frjom ^he storm bC anti-foreign agitation sweeping Ihe Vangtse v«lley. ! In some instances the refugees barel y escaped the-fury of mobs, bent upon destruction because of I Can onese reports . that 200,000 Chinese were killed when British jand American warships opened fire at Nanking Thursday;. Foreign | wititesses. to the bombardment e^timat^ the (Casualties, both dead and WJI undM, at from 40 to '100.; The refugees believe the attack on foreii iters was well planned^ indicaiing It was organized by the Cantonese Topeka People {Safe In Shanghai Today ''Washington, March 28. AP)-rAU uncertainty concerning tie s ^ety of' Mr. and Mrs. Griffing ind baby, of Topeka. Kansas. Americans in Nanking. China, was^set it rest today by the state departm nt. Their names are included] amoig a sup- plemenUI list of refugee: reported to bave arrived satefy at jSbaAgbal. SHA.VCHAI WILL—2 i. .i (By the Associated Press) Anti-foreign feeling has; reached a high pitch in ShJnghjai. last point of safety for tluj Aitiericans, Europeans and Japanese in Nationalist China. ! The Cantonese lead<jr there has warned his followers iliai an armed attack on the iiiternatlonal settlement would cause needless sacrificjp: . Refugees continue to pour into the city from various [)oiiit.s along the Yangtse. : A virti;ial state of war reigns along .the rjver, foreign gunboats and destroyers convoying mercliant ships and returning the fire of the Cantones<^. along the banks. .Marshal Chang Tso-Lin, Northern war chief,-foresees an outbreak in Shanghai similar to that at Nan­ king in which Americans, British­ ers and Japanese weri; shot. Bolshevists, he declares, are urging the Chinese to excess encouraged by the seeming weakness of the powers. The British cabinet sion today (.Monday) the situation. France has Ordered reinforcements from Tonkin, Ai^nam, to hold her concession in Shanghai. Japan does not look, for further trouble, but six mor^ of her «le- stroyers have arrived national port. The British foreign paid tribute in the Hbuse of Commons to the two Amtjrican sailors who, under Chinese the shelling by the ^ Nanking Which brought, safety to the beleaguered foreign refugees there last week. was in ses- to consider Two Marines Fired on In Nicaragua Today Wasliington, Maifch 28. (API- Two members of i^ii American marine patrol assigniid to the l^eon district in .N'iciiragiia, were iTrcd upon yesterday by fotir natives while making a survey of that city's outskirts. Admiral Latimer adviseil the navy department today. The marines returned the fire and the natives dropped their arms and ammunition and took to their heels. Admiral Latimer also advised the department that on Saturday last a marine corps airjilane |was fired on and struck while patrolling between Darioand Matagaipa. EXPLANATION OF Mount Vesuvms Has i ; Resumed Its Activity .Naples, Italy, .Mar. 2S. ^AP)— Mount VcHuvlus has resumed ac-. tlvity after u lull of a few days. Tho ; eruption, while spectacular^ does not tjireatcn to become dangerous, according to tho observa- tory'officials who nro permlttlngT—< tourists to visit tho crater.. Poultry Meeting to Be Held Wednesday Night Virtually all "detailsl have been worked out for the poultry m,eet- ing to be held W'edaesday night at the Chamber. j»f Comiperce rooms in Memorial hall, accbrding to R. B. Gwin, county agen . ' Gwin declarc!d todaj he believed poultry men in Allen county will and the meeting wortb while. at the inlcr- serretary RICH INDIAN IS MISSING TODAY > , \ r- ' \ '_ I Authorities Fear Kidnapj ing Plot in Yanishing of ; Millie N^harkey. IWuskogee, Okla., Mar. 28. (AP)-— Millie Neharkey, Creek Indian girl, whose |400,qou est^ate is tied up la litigation, has disappeared from her home here, authorities t^ay announced. A kidnaping plot is feareil. . ' ^ K was while the N'aharkey girl was in the custoday of alleged ktd- iiaper.s in 1022 that conveyance ia- , volvinK the rich -estate handed 1$' to!down to her through inheritanbb was made. The girl was takei tO; various points in Oklahoma and in Missouri and finally t^ a sumnler. camp on Roaring River in Missou-; ri, it was said. ^ I , ' f f Stories of mistreatment werai many when she was found. It was alleged she; executed thei coflveyances, on promise that she' would receive $25,000. It was also said-that slie received $2,000. but lliat "she was beat out of all but $40 of the $2,000" before she. was rescued by Tom Roaclu with whom she'has made.her home since she was returned. ' • V One or more oil companies have become involved in . litigation • declined today to comment-for tlie-growing out of purported convey- Uroseiit" on a story in - the New|ances said to have been made by York Times which said the Ameri-j the girl. Friends said that if she Formal Statement Be Given Out, Say's State Dept. ; Washington, Mar. 28. tAP)—Re­ curring and varied stories of the contetits of the "mystery notes " recently exchanged between the American and .YejTican; governments lias led the state depart^ ment to intimate that ,a formal statement on the situation might be made soon. j Unu.sual secrecy has surrounded the excliange and no aiithoritative explanation ever has been made. In intiinuting tliat a statement nii!;ht l)e issued. Secrietary Kellogg can note was sent for the purpose of 'satisfying President Cailes that cotpmunicatioiis purportiug to come from the American government were forgeries put into his hands by some agency desiring to bring about a break between' the United States and Mexico. Cummings Case Ruled; Out of Court Today After, presentation of evid^ce by the state. District Judge Frank R. Forrest ruled the case of the state against H. J. Cummings out of court because of lack of evidence. Cummings was charged with passing « worthies? cbeolc ^ made any conveyances it was done under duress and through fear.: It Is claimed-that! $14,000 was expended -in the alleged plot to obtain conveyances, of ^er property. Play Tickets on ^Sale jAt Merchantfs. Tuesday Tickets will go I on sale -at 4 o'clock Thursday, afternoon at ; Merchant's jewelry sitore for "Just Out of College," the junior college , play to be presented in the blg^ sichool auditorium at''8:15 o'clocic , "rhursday night under the direction>• of Mrs. A. E. Garrison. It'is said t to be one of the cleverest three act comedies. _ I .

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