The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 26, 1927 · Page 8
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
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Saturday, March 26, 1927
Page 8
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Oklahomia ai td Kaii^s; to Reprtisented in \ Natioiiiil Girls 1 Gage,'-dumey Baitle. i Wichita. Kans, The girls' basketball team of C OC I N^rill. Kans.. were Mar. 26i (AP)— H -esiing here toda}' after three-4islr I ^'struggle? in many dayft,^ for |heir .iinai^ effoitt tonight when |tij>y meet Lawto^, ei<la., in 'the fin _ tournament. fThey lhave mej —J (Continued trom Fi«e -1) lis of the national and defeated S.df the (^irtjnge^t tejims in the'tourna­ ment^ Buhl. Idjho. Ple ^aiitJ Hlfl, Mb., pnd last nil ht they snatchelrl ^ vJ <-tof -y rrom-Tloma«, Okla., 27 26 ii|ter the mpBt bitterly fought sort hf a battle. JLaivton same I the right to me^t C(>ckerill in tlie /inals by dlKpbsiitg of Caldwell. Kafjsas. 37 to 17.. TKe mpnstrated Us sn- second half when Ift points hefofe I^wtjon team d perlority In thd t'hry. rolled up' C'^rt -ji 'en sco'redj. J . Injuries inay of the game latfect the oiitcome •tonight. Pauiijje ' Itoychi. star -gu ai=d! of the Cockenll tr>am.*, was suflering from a knee injury today, tie resitlt of a collision wHth Irma Koxworthy, Thomas i'imping tenter .Foxwor.thy twi.'{t- 'cd her elbow aid although it gai-e fli .<T cousiderab e :pain she flniish^d last night's gaue.. , . 5 t:oiM;h Harr • BowlUs. of the Copkerill team \vas unable to say. this morning iwhether Roycht would play in tohij^t's game. \ ^ "fhe Lawjoil ft liujlt a'round Ruth ; dt^ms,: forward, who Is a deadly! s lot, especially frrfm under the bpa -d. . . > Thomas ahc Caldwell jtrill plhy in a preliminiry game to decide third and fpurjth placoa, «' that'ministers and'laymen to : le number of 100 or 125 'will be pi (sent. Mr. Shannon is ih'e chairmitt! for this presbytery land it.Is li- deV his direction that the w i :is being • done with. !the. assista i * of the t «^b flrild men of the genetal campaign) Dr. Yaroell' jand [ r. Kressey.' ; ' I • v' The [National Committee wh ih has chaike of this nation^w le humanitarian effort ! is headed i 1 ly Will H. Hays as cialrman and; J ir, '^rew Mellon Bcofetary. of lie Treasury. ; ;tcpftsiirier. Alrei t y about teii' milllohji dollars of tl e desired ' fifteen millions has b<«n raised and It is etpected that ijle remainder of the fiknid willbe siil- s'crlbed during the months ,< f April and May. | . Up to this time ^he Prcsbyteriifi a church has'depended < upon. th!e voluntary contributions of i member^ to what, is knovt 'n; as t . "Relief jand Sustaptatlon KjinjT' for support for its aged,and disabled ministers and mis ^ibharl |, These, contributions hatural have ]been uncertain anti inad' quate and the present plan: hi been ,deviled with the expectatio that It will enable the cliujrf! whtniit gets into full operattonTt retire its ag^d siervauts upon pet- slons. that will range from ^CJOJO to 1 (2,000 annually. ;At the meeting of the-mlnist^ijs ahd ln >Tnen to be held In lola ne: Prlda 'y evening.. April 1, a spea ef of national prominence' will present aiid the entire plan togei er with the details of the me: ods it is hoped to be worked will be ably presented. ABOOIALARV Troop Captain Explains Soiinding of Fiife Alajrin Here, many Freshmen jSell the Most lligh jSchooI Annuals As th^ re.sfilt of.a last minjike rushing in of votes. Jack OiHflffn and La von- Anderson, ciandldates. wiU hayof LawtonnG Is Cbaihed by Woman FIS Quintet Wichita; Ka as.,: -MarJ, 26. <AP)>teams tompeting in 301 girls' basketbSU li ere: are 1 coached by Most of the 1 the highl sch{ tournament men. But the llawton, Okla., te^ which will play OockeriJI, Kani.. for. the niatio lal d ampioniiblp n>. ijlght is coacl ed ; by a wonmn. Mfte Hopkii )K. .Mi s Hopkins, ''>^'ho formerly a member! of the famous Outhrle, Okla . Redj Birds team. 4s as small as tjie smallest player gn her squad. 1<'B(>!< play nJnre calmly and with less display )r" emotion than aiiy (ithi't- <ro:'ch in the touruument^ . ' Of the four teams thp 'ipmj -fiuals the th(i only one . woman, i freshni^n Uieir lii:- tures in the high scbool anntiM as :klng and <[ueen of the Lamp. "totals at" t o'clock yesterdWy, when the flnsjl checkup was mat e, were: jfreshnlen. 76; sen iocs.' C7 sophomores, 5 .'i; and juniors 36. The frd^hmj^n turned in 30 sal^s of iannuals the lli.'^f few minu^is and jumited ahcafl of the senioiis; rnilll that time the seniors we^e running, first with the freshn^ejn and sophomores 'tied for secon"' The annual tontest has been giving-on for two weeks. Stinrise 4-H Club Has > Election of Ofiiceik "I have been a^ked a tim48,"'said Captain A. .E, liSlbson, "why the fire i^departmeiJt t was asked to sound tie alarm when the men of Trojop A. were, called 'out,' The reason I ijs't'hat I thought that would be the quickest way ^o get the l»bys together. -"A good many of them do'not have; telephones in their hoipes. and a good many of thein probably wereinbt. at home at 10:10 when the call: waa' spnt out. I thought by having the ffre alarm sbunded. the men would naturally inquire the teason,! and It seems to have' worked very well as we were able to get! hiorje than forty of them] together b^ the tinie we were ready (p start; I might say that I aiii working noW._fjn a signal that can be- sounded from .the Are department in caste another call should come which all the men will understand and public announcement of which will bo maile In advajnc*.". •. , 4 An interesting feature of-the sit- tiation growing out of the sounding Numher2 ^ • '1 • !. (Cpntlnuedi from Page 1> Combined'Mion of ^ ' Three Natioris Soon - Shanghai. Mar. 126. (Af|)-Cpin- blned actioii by the 'United Stitbs. Great Britain and Japan in connj»<:- tibnjwi^b the aoti-jforeign excesses atiNa!nking and wi^ha view to pi^er renting repetition of th^ trbuhleii^ fofeshaidowed In dispatches from Pdcingj^jwhich.state that|the diplomats of these powers are con- .ferring regarding (remedial measures.: , • Sljicnff Si|JBck Affei- i Prisoner in AAiericans As]{ for • ; Destroyer at Chefoo i Peking. Mar.' |26. • ;fAP)—The American cbnsuj at Chefoo. on the Shantung peninsula, has requested the disiratch, of aj destroyer there, following Clashes between the police and Shantungese (.\'o; them) troops. Theft iwitk Ian Ojf . SherUr/H.- ft.- Smock morning! and If expecte< tonight i from l>VIchiU Hosner, one o(ithe two n||en here, in connection with gation of the robbery Knight'a home February Holinanjs held in-Jailh nectipn with the rObbei INSURANCE IN left' this Lincoln Nationalj District Meetiiig Hotel Kelley. return Paul wanted llnvesti- J. S. Bud in con- N Holds at ' A district meeting ofi enlployes Finger Nails Enter Into $25,000 Case Los Angeles, Mar.. 26. (AD— Wh5ther Lieutenant (lerard De Mervenux. • swordsman, war aviator. cha\iffenr. can use his finger of the fire* alanfa on this occasion j nails for weapons was a moot TheSnnVise 4-H Club inot la night iind elected the following u; fleers:' Erling Cation, preaiden L.a\'alle Jordati. secretary. Bvaiis Mynatt Is leader of the club: Despite the fact that last year wis the first year for the club; which he Watches .her pi^- has twelve mfmbers. it ebtered fqi r !>_ . . •-•^'classes at the fair and won fqi r firiit prizes. Of the twelve raeiii- bers. eight ar.> doing llvestoi work;'two,', sheep work, and two, baby Ijee*. ' that playjcd Jn Lawton squad coache <r by ^a Bank HepDrts Asked hi Cover iment ahd StaiBe Washlngtoij. Mar. 26. fAP)—A national banl call for condition Af banks at the close; of busines^ oil W'-dnesday, )|Iarch 23, has been Is-, sueit Million Dollar Libel Case 1 idjourned Today Detroit, .Miqh.. . Mar. 26 (AP) Trial of tlie car millionaire stood adjon(n{ed Monday. $1,000,000 libel.siiltj !)f Aaron Sapirb against Henry ;For«l. her^ manufacturer today uiHll Topeka. ki ns.. Mar. 26. \KP}—A state bank c II fof ;a statement-bf business i ^is of Mjflrch ,2.1 wab! issued today b the, banking depar^- .mpiit. f ' • i • Princess .Juliana ijeir' to lie throne of the Netherlands, receiw- ly created a precedent among e young women of European royal y by being enrolled as a student!pi l^yden University. Memo/ies Great Shortstoj) sik of jtj e, greatest shortstopti A the gai le ever produced jwa4 Bobby Wall ice.JStarring at a tlm*^ when Ha<is Wagner waa^thelfaig -noise, iWaOace :had to plai( |;runner--up td, i the Pirate itari; However,• Wagner in hlr'I 'Palmiest d ay; was . never better field 'X thah Bobbyt In th more than 20 ye'aw that I have •pent in thj majors I have never^ seen an-inf elder who could touchy .a baseruuner with the unierrinj^ accarao' oi Wallace. An^ tin e the ball arrived : at' Wallace's station the slightest,; fraction of a second ahead of the baierunnei. it waf a uft bet.that^ he would le touched out. Wallace is <thtf )>nly inflelder in the Amer canj Ltsague'a history who found noi gtxat difficulty In touching t le great Ty Cobb.i' He wmild go I p a itidt Cobb, get the bi 11 in the path of' the runner, en i practically make him | touch-him lelf out. Cobb very frankly admits that he tri|?d every sltde in his cata- legue r to confuse Wallace but never suet eeded tb any great extent. : - wholesome respect for hli \ and lii a pinth worked on blm u'ltb thef utmost care. I Therefore I Iknow 'Wallace Is a| good judge of pitching, and his comment on the Reds'; stiff inter-, ested'm.fe. : ; Wallace Likes Donahue B OBBY Is a great • ladnplrer of , Pete Donohue. generally regarded as one of the best. rlght4 banders in the game. . I' "There is one of the greatest pitchers I have ever seen In action." said.Wallace as he pointed to Donohue warming prept^ratory to working three innings against the St. Lopls Browns. "I have played with and against a lot of crack twirlers but I never saw a; more polished performer than Donohue. They tell me, hi wak tliat way from the start. ' ^'He is just about perfection when you consider cvcrx. phase, o the ol Thinks l^dsV Chances Good . 1 >0BBy VALLAC E is now act^ Ing a i coach ^ and sront for Manager ack Hendricks of the), Cincinnati Reids.' I recently bumped 1 ito htm; at the Reds' , training CJ mp ai Qrlaado, Fla. Wallace anything but talkative. likes the pennant chances of the,Ee«is. He iisrkeen tor the C nclnttair.pitching'staff end feels i Tit Is glten proiier sup: port the c ub will ^erta^ly be up in the rac<. | . • ; While iVallace war r. never a great batt r, belhit the ball.hard and w-aa 1, a jinx hitter. , In other w irds Wallace was one of those iplaj ers «(hol had a pretty -'-^ood eye b it always seemed io hit the:ball t Irecily-ia the path of 'tomi^-Helb r. 1 '•- -pespita tlilt,^..$acher«^ lud « the- pitching! game. Mo has stuff, perfect! control, a worl jpoise. a keeii mind aud the ideal temperanientl " the type of pitbher: who Inspires the rest of a ball club, by his abilit) and deportment. 1 "With his free, eissy delivery' he should bi able to pitch for many yeiir^. As long as he is In forth Clijcinitatl has the start on a good p tchi ig staff." Oi?be Tiiied I 'mpiring X^ROM ithe~ I laying end of the f- ganieiour iouversatlqu driftbd to umpiring. | I : After Walli ce bad taken a whirl .at managing and was througtiT as \» player, he t ibught he iwould like 3to tr>-umplringi. President John^n was'onb too williiig to give ;hira the opportunity, l^e detailed W'to break hjlni in. After aboui ^ year of umpiring, at which he lid very good work, fiobby dec^ei 1 to give it up.^me- biie asked Riii i what trOiibl^ him ^ott l>< shifted from, playep^ ,4o umpire.! He replied: | Forgettinr that I was the bat- ler instead of the umpirei ~ I gttless t wjis rather severe oti the'pitch­ ers. They all tpid mel li ma^e iliipm spUt th I put* Jor strtkM.'' .r- . - « i "J was created in the telephone! exchange office. Ordinarily, but two girls are on duty 'at the switch boards aft<er ten o'clock.* When the whistles began to blow scores of calls came in course these tWp operators were deluged. Six otl\er operators being unUb.e to get replies from central figured out whjit was the matter hnd volnnteeredsfojr duty remaining at their switch-' boards until aftpr midnight. It wak a tine illustration of the .spii'it'of service which the Bell Telephone . Company inspires tn its employes. Lathram Burglary. Wearing I^ on Today Preliminary hearing (pr Leonard Lathram. high scliool jfinitor. will be held late this afternoon. Lathram i.s charged with robbery of the high school safe last week. He denies participating in the robbery. 'I 'lif .safe was riflc-d and $30 taken. question today in the fencing mas ter's $2&.00O.suU against J. Stuart Blackton, film director, for an alleged horsewhipping, pe Marveaitx, who, charges he all at once and of | wis given a Isound thrashing by Blnckton. is himself accused ; of halving choked the director's wife anid scratching her neck and lirms lintil they held. '•. The finger naijs entered the case yesterday when I )e Merveaux paraded before the juf .v box. holding his hands in view of the men ahd women who are -hearing the details of the wliippiilg. which he' says caused him- to io ^e his fol- lowiiig among the film stars of Hollywood. He extended siubl)y fingers^ • ' ! trapshoot To, Be Held i Sunday Afternoon Hsre ; A trapshoot will be held by jlola trapshootcrs on the Izaak Wa ton pun clwb liange at 2 o'clock J>iin- 'llay afternoon. Ross .Arbuckle un- nbuiu-ed today. , . Veteran Insurance Man Dies at Ottawa Today. bifaw.i. Kans.. .Mar. 26. (AP)— Carrlm' Porter. ."iS. engaged In tlie insurance business here for more than 30 years died this morning after a brief illlness. He had beetj .secretary of the Frapklin .Mutual Insurance Company here since its organization in r.i06 and Was ac| live in the state organization or tnutual insut'ance oificials.' le served several terms as secrettry of the county fair. He is suryi\1ed by the widow and one son, Cliar T. Porter. M )i5tery |in Shooting * (^i Cahey Laundryman. Independence, Kans.. Mar. 26. (AP)—Charles Osborne. Cluney. Kansas, laundryman. was shot through the right hip. from behind, by an unidentified gunman at 12:15 o'clock this morning. He will recover. Osborne s.iys he does not know the person who shot him. An of the sljooting told officers ,at Caney tliat he heard Osborne say: "Bill, you hadn't ought ,to have*' Two srtspects 4re now In custody at Bartiesviile, Okla- i'homa. i I of; the Lincoln I National L fe' In surance <;ompaiiy was hjeld at the Hotel Klelley last night In h( nor of P. R.<Schwelchi resident minager of the home office, located ajt Kansas City. , U C\ 0. Wilkerson, distinct vLsor. acted as toastmiuter. C. D. Thompson of Prie reminiscent talk on the' set meeting at Da;vepport.: cently. while Mr. Schw4ich "of "Life Insurance As a Nei the principal address of the| ing. . Floyd Kelley. manalger Tola district, rendered sfeveral vocal liumbers. at-'companiqd by Miss Florence Hobart. : Those present were:j,Mir. Mrs. CO. Wilkerson, Kansas City; Mr. and .Mrs. .Mitchell. | CI anute; Mr: and Mrs. Floyd Johnson. Humboldt; .Mr. and Mrs. JSmt s Mil- hami .Miss Florence Hobait, Will King. lola; J. W. Batbt. Chanute; C. D. .Jhompsoh. Erie; James Le Valley, St. Paiil Floyd Kelley. lOla; and P. R. Scliweich, Kansas Cit.v. ' super- gave, a tionjal lo^a, re- spoke M." in meet- of the Representative Asks Job Created bj)^ Him ^'x 'cwton. Kans., Mar. 26. (AP)— J. C. .Mack, representat v( from Harvey county .today forms lly announced his candidacy for the ai*- pointnient of highway i]irector, under the new road law. Mack is author of the bill, the p i'ncipal features of wlUch were ^^nacted into the pre.seht law.' , The lappointnient will jjejin the hands of the highway commission Of six members to b^ named by lh^ governor, iwo of wliom have already been appointed. iTlJey are Dick Cray of Wichita and John (Jardner of Marlon. | es Harold liarper,Paroled .By (pov. Benv^. Paulen. Topeka, Kans., Maf.'26. (AP)|— fiovernor Paulen partiled today 59 inmates of the statd reformatory at Hutchinson. The list of paroles was said by Judge A. S. Fouilis, pardon attorney, to have been t le hirjgest ever granted reformatory inmates by Governor.'Pauien. The reformatory population his reached a new high marki with a total of 916 inmates today, mo re" than double the number two years ago. I jjlndians Are Resting After Long Journey AiistiiK- Tex.. Mar. 26. (AP)-^Six Tarahumara Indians rested hOre today following the' completion yesterday of two long distance j-aces upon which attention of the nation was centered.' Thomas 5ia- flro. 38 and Josje Torres. 24. covered the R2.4 ihilfs. frAm San Antonio to Austin in H hours and- r>.i minutes. The third man I runner did not finish. Lola (*uza- rare. It. finished iho 2.SVj mile women* course in 4 hours and; .".6 minutes. Neither timn ^vas ii record. ' SUNDAY PossibiUty That tieGre^ Evangelist May [Be in lola Next Sprang. 'BXaj SjiBdJir, ' tb r great. 'cTMigellgt, bas been {iTlted to . come t« lola next jK». ii% and : may accept the lBTltatla[& At a. recent meeting-i f the lola MItilaterlal Association it was voted to extend a nnanimt us Invitation on. the part of the Protestant churches 0/ lola to W; A. Sunday, the great evangelist, to come to lola and hold a Union eirangelistif meeting. ] _ The, invitation was extende^d through Dr. J. H. Sowerty, secretary of the Association, who work- l-ed with Mr. Sunday; some years ago In a great meeting ^n Canton, Illlnojs. where- Dr. Sofverby at that time held a pastorate. Mr. Sunday who is iiow inj^ Tampa, Florida, promptly repll(id in a most cordial letter, und^r date of March 23, expressing his pleasure at renewing acquaintance with ^Ir. Sowerby, thanking the Jiirnisterial Association of lola for Its inW- ta,tIon, and askiiig some [questions oa to the church membership, whethef all the churches ,would join in the meeting, the population of'the farming country round labout lola and ptber questions of like naturei He stated that all his time during 1927 already . is "r ~F j^iiibr Coilege Men ' Ini Crack Rifle SqUa Charlie Newman, proprietor; oC the Portland Barbar sbop. has ifsk-- ed the Register to Inform the sport-j ing public that he has brgattized a rifle team, composed of young men' frbm pie junior college, arici that the team can:defeat anything packing a rifle: He extends a challenge tp the 1 whole wide world. M. W. A. Pe ^ce Team; . "-Initiates I Fifteen •The. Wla . Mod< im. • ,WoodmeoJ;6£ Ainet-Ica drill! team. went to .t'ales Center last, nightl and initiated fifteen member^t' fo^ the :Tates gen-. .Modern il( team.i n!ght[an^ er^' for th ter; lodge.. ; "^h^ tola qwartet .foK-JIL nished several / ninsicai nnmbei's.^\ Refreshment^ were seifved at; the cios^ o' ' '•' of the ^meeting. taken, but .asked how he period a new Curtis Florida Authorities Into Double Murder • • • i Miami, Fla., Mar. 26. (AP)—the authorities invpsligating the hatbh- et murder of Mrs. Anna Never,. 42, and a man at firs.t believed- to be her husband. Edward Nevers. were confronted today with' the task of establishing positive Identification of the man's body found In - the same room with tthe mutilated body of Mrs. .Vevers. .; - j The bodies were found last night and the double murder is believed to have.been committed ten diiys ago. Identification was dlffictill because of the condition of tht bodies. Mrs. Greer Tells of Finding Flamiqg Bojdy • ^ ! . Pryor. Okla.. Mar. 26. (API- Mrs. Leonard F. Greer, widow Of a Spavinaw. Okla.. %pOrting goods merchant, with whose murder pKo is charged, told from the stand here today of finding jier husband's body on his burning bed ind of persistent ottentlons of Ben $chMh. ; Schuh recently was sentenced to lite Im]iri>«onnient on conviction of (Ireer's m{trdnr, the state alleging he co|ispired with Mrs. Oreer to remove hsir huslwrid;.so they could marry. ) PRAIRIE'CHAraL J (L IX Mattocks) Mr.rch 22.—There was no ^unday Scliool Sunday at th^Cliapel on acciiuDi of (he stormy day. ^Alrs. Lola .Muttocks ha.s .\l\^-al<'r-Kfnt radio. • M IS . it. I... Kobb artd Mrs. Itobb visited the school Fridjsy afternoon. Mr. Col LnRue narrowly cd a serious ^runaway ^hiirsday. His horses he' was driving to a became scared at some men working on the road audi turned backward on the disc, cutting one horse (inito a hit ami bryisibg Col up quite badly. ' ' Oeorge Bacon and famil> ai^d t.,eslie Bacon and family spent last Sunday at Mr. and yifa. B'U Bacon's to help Mrs. Ben Badoi celebrate her birthday. |l ; Mr. and, Mrs. J'. A. Matto'cks and Clara and Pershing LaRue'l Ivisitfd Sunday afternoon, at the LJ,|lt). Mattocks home. of six weeks from Febriiary 20 to April 3, 1928 iwould, suit the churches here. . ' Of course the letter from Mr. Sunday, cordial las it is, does not bind him-in ^ny way. Biit it indicates that without 4oubt he is giving tlie lola Invitation careful consideratidn, and holds,'out meet interesting pos^bilities. Whatever may be thought - of Billy Sunday personally—and it ought to be said- that those who personally iknow, him admire him mdst wJirmly both as a man and as an evangelist-— there is ho question tl)at if shoiild consent to come to lola his meeting here would be jthe greatest ever witnessed in this part of Kansas. I" Eldorado and Wirifield In DeMoIa^ Tonifnament Wlnfield. Kan.'. .March k. (API- Eldorado will clash witii Wihtield here tonight in the finals of the first annual Kansas De Mohiy tournament. The Eldorado team won its way to the finals by defeating Arkansas City. 32 to 14, while Winfield won over Wichita .5$ to'32. Paden. Ramsey .and Zimmerman showed form for 'Eldorddo jin the game with Arkansas City. Gofortb and Green led the Winfield team in scoring In the victory oyer Wichita. Arkansas City will nleet Wioli- ita in^ the consolation teinight. VIo'et is the. flower oif Moham- mt'ddnlsm and violet is tlie niouVh- ins color of its followers. , ^XK¥. TOE DREAM OF YOIJR O^VN HOME COME TRUE No matter how ypii figure ,it, there is only one un- failiriK road to the liife worthwhile—thrpuigh a happy family with'the kiddies properly reared and a credit to their parentage. i . ' , ' • ••-.-^ You, a.s a proud parent owe it to your children to provide,-such a place. You can make K your very own i^y a .small .tlown paymetit—and the i^nainder in ea'sy term.s, . • , I .v,. JOHN REUTOER • • • • ' W- \ " Wishard Buildingi. ; 1^ Beauty and Service Yeans ago,tiii.s was a combination rarely thought of. But no.TO bathroom and kitchen fixtures h^ve been-developed ^o the point where they are pleasant to look at , as well as efficient. ' : ' We carry a complete line of plumbing fixtures. Before building,:or if you intend to replace the old ones, drop in at our di.splay rooms. You'll find our'price.J5 and costs foi- installations very moderate. , | lOLA PLUMBING GO. R. A. Sutton, Prop. Phone 1175 TT -.1 Bantamweight Title to 1 Go to Activ i ChampliOn Chicago. : Mar. fe6. (AP)—The world's baittamwelght champ(ph- ship will go. back (o an aqtive defender tonight' when two' Jiids^s and a referee decide between' Biid T.iyIor of Terre Iliiufe. Ind.. land Tony Canzoneri of New York.' i ALPHABET Wichita Barber Dies ij Of Own Bullet Wounds * Wichita. Knn.. .Mar. 26. (Ani~ Joe Wllbanks. formerly a bar'hor of TulSa. Okla., dle<l here tbday-v the result of a self inflicted bnllpf wound. Despondent over mariini troubles with his wife who Is en»'- ployed in a cofe here, Wllbanks shothlmsclf Thursday. | MatUcCoOWSbop . .TASMPWaiT MM . ; . . MtAMJl PR09ABLY;«l^b.N MIC STRING OF HC^ RUHi BBfOND tH£ Woo fjlj &D^ THI8.YBAR/. COMINE BACK A defunct used car cap be cfieaply do<xtored up so that it will just|about carry, the purchaser away. The trouble is, he stays away. You can't make customers, by making enemies. "W ;e prefer to make 'and keep firiends.* %-Ton Chassis f. o.ib. Detroit; ELLIS MOrOR GO. S14 S. iWasbinglon . TelephoiwMl IA USED CAR IS ONLY AS •EPENaABLJ& AS THE OEAteR WHO SEtliS IT Think of a Graliam Brothers Truck abi?67ol , I Quality, pov^er, speed, ruggedness, fine appearai](ce, low operating co4t —dependability for dayin and day" cut performance! Improved Dodge Brothers engine! OiJy great mass production enables Qraham Brothers to build so good truck at- so low a price. Qraham BtothersTruda are M/^m 1, T 1^ iand 2>Ton capaddes. They meet 91 % • ofaU haulihg requirements. Thityaxescid hy Dodge iBrothers Dealers Everyviiete, MOTOR COMFi^ysfi^

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