The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 26, 1927 · Page 7
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 26, 1927
Page 7
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|.-, - • I..' LT'S Ati RI9HT "tb ^^^^ .-LAIrfjA HAMO O)^ noCKFRICES Considerable . W6ek -End Read justmeht of -Accounts Cause. New York, Mar, 3<r. (AP)—Con- dcrable . week-'ehd reaJf jusimcnt ' ojC speculative accounts imparted i regularity to the price moveniep^ i I today's brief stjssionof the stock narkct. but the I main trend con- l nitcd upward. BuyWe centered iirgBJy in issues; of conipatties V hose current earnings are large, ir in which .spe |cial developments )f Bome kind aro pending. Public utilitlfes' aJnuBcmentK and railroad cqtiipincntiR gave the bc»t ilcmonstratiuns of group Htrcngth. Motors were niUed. Steels held fairly sljeady. Oils >iere <luiet with the excop- lon of Lago. ylilchi crossed 3*0 to a ic»- Ijigli. nnd l^aa-AmeHcali Pe- rolputti, which wris In brisk dc; Hand on reports t|iiH It was ir- •anglng a huge ci^hsolhlation of jpouih Anicrlcan propertieH. 1 Till!, closing was Jrrcgular. Toal sak'ti apvroximut ^a 750.000 Ahiires;. V ' i C'Mcsiro Grain. • Cliii-ago. mt 26. (Al»)—Close: Wheat: • May |1.34% to %'c: July 11 .29% to %: Sept. $1 .27%. to Tl Corn: May ~m to .7'lc: July :76H t» %@%c: Sept. 80 to >»c. ' Oats: Mdy 43%" to "ic; July 44% t .0 %c: Sept: 43 %c. Rye: May Jl.Ol to M; July 99%c Sept. 9G%e. : • KunsHN Cllj' iiruJii. Kansas City, .M«r. 26. (AIM— WlioHl: receipts 76;cars: «Ac hlghirr: No. Z dark liard fl.:!S(M.34>/&: No. .1, »1.27 (frU4r No. 2 hard };i.2« it\M: No.'3. »1.27<fM;34: No. 2Tod ll.25Vi-Crl.27: No. 3. $l .a5 ^i/I.2(;. Corn unchanged No. 2 white,70 f<71Vic: No. 3. 63«/4(ff69c! No, 2 yellow •73®75«,ic: No. 3. IVJfdj 73.>4c; No. 2-mixed 69(g-72c; No. 3. 65@69Hc.- ' Oats. ',<!C higlier; No. 2 rwhite 4r .Vi(S'48c: No. 3. WkmwA Milo maizfe |1.I3<S>1.2X. Kafir. $1 .64 @1.16. Rye 93(W"4Vic. i r Barley 74® 76c. • Kansas City Close: Whwitj .May old. $1.27»i: May new. $i:26%; July »l.122\i. . • Corn. May 71%c; July 73c; l.Sept. 78c. Knnsa!( I C^ljr Lirestock. Kansas City. .Mar. 26. (U. S. Dept. of .Agriculture).—Hog.s, 1.200; no«1- inally steady; no shippers in; practical top $11.60 ou 180 to 190 pounds J10 .75i ^ll.50; packing sort'.-* $9.35#9.T."ij i • . Cattle. 200; c^ves; 25; for week: •fed steers and yearling steady to 2.JC lower; .medium- wieight steers showing most ;decline; she stock and bulls steady;! vealers $l ..'>0i5i 2 .00 lower; weighty calves 2.".c to 50c loyer: Blockers and feeders I'.ic lower; top for week: heavy steers ?12 .00; long yearlings $11.4'i; medium weight stepi-s $11.25; yearling heifers $10.25; closing veal top $10.."iO; bulk fed steers and yet ^rlings $8.75@ 10.75; stockers and feeders $7 .75(g9 .0.0.: ij'ieep none; ifor week: kiliing classes 25@50c higher: top:wo6|ed lani4)F $15.:{5: cithers mostly $li4.60 <[i>l.'>.25: choice 76 pound California spring lamb^ $17.3,i; top ' eWes $9.75; others $9.o6@9.56; top feeding lambs $14.50; others $i:!.60C''' 1 t.2o. ^ TKEASrRER OF OSAGE T<>W.\SHIP. To the Township Auditing Board at Osage Tdwnslilp, Ih Allen County, Kaqsas: ; ^ ...The' undersigned. Township Treasurer, makbs report to, you for a(!]Mstnicnt. and settlement for the year ending the last ^londay In Efcccmbcr, 1920, as ifoHows: ' Hecelptit. . ' Jan. 1—Baladcd ,...„_:$ Feb. 6~Fr(Jra Co. Trcua.. April 3—From Mliarcd State Bank (intereHt )-i. Junt- 2 to Jufy 31—Bdr- rowqd frbrti bank .-'-i. Aug. 13—Frtm Cb. Treus. Aug! 14—Tiitai pdil. taxes collected . — Nov. 10 and May 13—City" of Mildred (griiding)-'- bcc. 31—From .Mildred State Bank (InieMstJ . Dec. 31—Outstanding i-hcckti - --.i.;... •Mr. J. H. tr Jnlla of 71.75 4,392 .18 17.80 2,302.3? 5,G^2:8Q 16a !,00 175 .00 15.92 55.00 Total <..-... : $12,914.83 IMshunieiiicntN. January hlllH allowed arid paid ..j_$ 8»,43 February " bills allowed and paid .J 2;i70.66 March bills allowed and paid r- 1-346.571 April bills allowed and , paid ^. 212.52! ^lay bills allowed aijd paid - • — 946.57 June bills allowed and paid - — - 849.32 July bills allowed w n d paid , - —- 99l36j Augusd bills allowed and paid.:————3,780.19; September bills allowed / .and -paid 76 October bills allowed and •paid - November bills fallowed and paid .....l.—...-. 196.6] December bills allowed and paid 92.8S Williams and daiilfh- 514 North! dliestiitit v .ent to E^l>6Ma tod(ay to'spe&d tjie weWc-effli *lth Mjfs. yi. Cahle. .Mr.s. John .%loody Of 808^ Noi 'tll dn '^^tnut was a irfsuor in CHdntite t ^itfaj-. • ,' • Mrs. Oren Long, of iu So^lih ^Itti street, wBo Had teen quite r ,'is. r^tiOrted Iniii ^dViB^. .Miss thclma Floyd went to Pa*r iiuBka. Oklsj., today to visit licr sls- |e:. .Airs.Hazel Blley. I (Mr8 .Sv. H. Wadman!/ who has bteu here visiting her afistcr, Mrs. John, O'CJonnW of 423 North 01m afreet, returned tp*«y to her. hbmc in Independence, Kans. Mrs. (ieorge Orover of Mantiat- 811 came today on the hoott train o spend the week end -with her >on and wffe, .Mr. and Mrs. 0. M.- :!l-ovBr. j i Jlm^ Hunihi of Humboldt called at he ReglHter office today to renew lis Hiibsurlpiion to the Register (ot notHer year. | •flMj fiurley family mdred tortiiy rom South Cliciilnnt street to 601 Noftii street. . POCKETBOOK—Black: f contain 1 )ill8 ,aitd small. (ihaug«. FlnJde ' ItleasJ! iafc»c at Register offia^. '>M«h ai siicW I >«B»Taii. Mfcbael Donovan passed -awayi about 11:30 o'clock this mOming at iiis home hi Neosho Falls. The announcement of the funeral will be made In Monday's Register. • The Rev. J. H. Jacobs, pastor of the S^ond Baptist church, reports splendid results from the financial drfre at Fort Scott for the Mount Zion Baptist churcl^. Ruth^ the six-year-old daughter of Mf. and airs, /oc Wolfe, is rc^ dbvbrlng nicely from an illness With the measles.' . Miss DofOlhy MelIzS of 418 «outh First street Is spcMdlhg the week end with Mr. and Mrs, Oealty Uay Sdnth of town. AUCTIQNS. -AMUOBS 1936 iChrys- PUBLIC AUCf I0N4-Pii6llc auciaon every ^atijrday at 1:0(^ o'clock at Bishop's Sales Pavilioy. Oil|o Sutherland of the Shannon htafdwdre ntbl -le was in Colony this ttdrnitifi; oii business. Tommy Burtch of th^ T.. B. Shannon store was a business visitor in Neo^o FaHs yesterday. Mr.s. C. H. Tipple 61 Barllesvllle, [Okld.l Is visiting in thte TVotnc of Her daughter,' Mr.s.' James Fred- 'crlck^on of Bassett ' ' * Total - $12/501.23 Balance on hand January 1, 192- 613.6 Miss HafeeT Irwin wfeiil to ;Cha |n«tte :'on itre 'Ddoil train" todijf to risk this afternoon with her cousin. Miss Myrtle Kbeppiug. Mrs A. W. Andet^dn ijt ill at her home, 803 North Street Miss Orace Walters, a teacher In the junior higtf 'scliool at Junction tlty, Kans.. came'ddwn for V week en* visit *ith her sister. Miss Carrie Walters, arid her "brother, Arthur Walters and family. J do solemnly swear' that th within ahd Cbregoing account an voucheis therewith are, In iail re spects, a full and true account'of all the money rfejceived by me ib^ the year ending :the llist Mondfajf In D<?cember.'A. ID. 1926. and tor th^ full time for; which I should make such statement, jand :or the amount thereof ei-fpended, and the manne> in whichi they were exf {icndcd. So help'me God. i ! Signed. HOWARD HARDY, j Toilrnship Tr^asurei;. i Subscribed and; before me this —^ (lay of —i—,,1927. Signed, %»• ChlrafTu LIvcsiork. Chicago. Mar. 26, (United States Deiwrtmcnt of Agriculture)— llogs (i.OOO; top $12.25; sliippers 3,000; holdover 3,000; heavyweight $10.7.". OiilxM: medium weight $10,90tfp 12-, light $U.40rfjl 12.25; light light ni.Wdi-X'i.'ih; packlBf «owh $9.90 (^ilO.fiO; Diaughtor pigs; $11.85# 12.25; : j . Cattle 100; 4 «(!-(jp; extreme (op litjBvy steers $12.25; most hcaviPH $n .7B#13; best long ; yearlings $1'J.25; light yoarlings |12: year. ling hctrcrs $14; liberal run med* ium and weighty' fed hcifcfs $9.75 . 10.50; qiost light steers arriving In better ifiesh con((jlion; stock-' ors. and feeders unusually scafco; l )uik prices.: fed steers :$d.50@'12; stockers and feeders $8^9.25; fat cows $6.25@7.50;; heifers $8@9.75; vqal calves $9.B0@11.50. : She6p '6,000; fed western lambs. $,16.25; natives $15.50; fed clipped limbs $14.40; fat) ewes- .510; shearing lambs $14.75; b'ulk prices: fed western, lambs $15®t6; ^natjv^s $14.2o@l5.50: clipped lam-s $l3tf5 @14.2^; wooled culls. $11." 1. DECKER. Township 'Trustee. TBEASURKR OK OSAGE TOWNSMIh \ CEMKTBRV FUND. .Ian. 1, 1926—Balance $ :;40.4( Feb. «.--Froni Co. trcas.,. i652.2( Aug. 13—From Co. Trcas.. tJec."f .K)tH sold during Iho year 1920 Dec. 31—Int. .-from bank.. 37.611 7.3n Totdl^ "1ji^£ & ^VOOL lOhA HroE, COMPJ Get OUT pr POULTBTrAl . We win com« sfter.poaltrr. B.A.JQNES OB EGGS 8fl.OUo GRENNAJff^ MARKET We par the fbllowlBg priOMt Fancy Egg^ .^j..;:^-...— ..:«at Koi VIxi* Xo. g.Eggs ...JU- —....l«f , J— $l,30l.8f UlNhurxemfiilK. January bills allowed ^nd paid . J .-.J...-$ March bills allowed land paid . j^.....—i.-^- ^prll bills .allowed and ; paid _ — Mny m \H allowed and paid _ £ 1. i June bills allowed and paid July bills allowed and p41d; J— August bills allowed and p^fd _•..:_.:„_——— September bills allowed . and paid —_ OetoHer bills allowed and ' 'jdld. _ 2 : 4.01 25.61 * 306.31 i 195.2: . ' i 67.|: 52.0(j 116,0^ Mrsj Nancy Cloud of LaHarpe is reported quite 111. Mr.s. Norton of Wichita is k guest iii the home Of. her sister. Mrs. 'Efi Quinn at the 0alnn Hotel, 315 North Jefferson avenue. Tom Weber, who formerly' operated a barber shop. here, but who Is now living In Oklahoma, was In lola today on business and visiting, bis old friends. J j Merle Ball, who has been 8ufrer-< Ing from an injured knee, will nn-. dergo an operation at St. John's hbs {)irnr Monday. Afr. and Mrs. H. E. Bell-who have hoeh vtslfihg Itfrs. M. (J. Boll In Ottawa, returned home last evening. Misft .May liai^t and Mr. Steve Woodard, of Ottawa, arcj guests in the homo of Mn. and Mrs. B. I. Woodard, 403 South Elm street, for the week end. K. I. Woodard, who Is working at MailiKpn. KansBK, will spend the we^ end With his family here. C. F. Fllckinger of 501 South Firm «tr«!M, who has been unable to wo^k on account of an injured foot. Is reported {as improving, f Mr. and JTrs.i Charley Logan drove'to Oil Hiljl tljii* morning to tlSit fbeir daughter. . Miss Helen t>a|;'an. who Is teaching in the schools there. , .' G. R. Richardson has received w^ord from Dr... Levi J. Ncwsome. former practlUoher ,>bere, to the elfcct that he is thinking seriously liCsfic "Taylor has installed a curb 111Ung station lb front-of the Jones SlOtPi 42j North Jefferson avenue. Mr. tayldr wilt hahdlh Texaco e«8- oilne. Mr. and Mrs. John Moody, of 808 North Chestnut street will move to their new 612 Xorth Walnut street. . Mrs. B.. B. Arnold and daughter Margaret, of Sdh Jose. Calif., atf^ visiting Mrs. Amoltl'a mother, Mrs. Uillispic. of Rock Creek neighborhood. Mrs. A. D. Young, wito has bc^-n III for some! time Is reported better today. •. . ' Dr. and Mr^ C. Z. 'Montgomery left this morn&g for Topeka to visit his moth^. Mrs. Nettie .Mont- goinerv, of Oakland. Calif., who is tjifte With hereon, R. F. Morttgom- €fy and family. Dr. and' Mrs. Moatgomery w]ll i-etui-n to lola .^ndily eveninii^ They m<de the trip In th^ir cu*. MK b Ruth Horton. Register car-1 riei* In South sti^eet, who ban been' ^ttlte mtp t«e last week, is able to bacic' at hpr work again. Miss Hazel Cllne will leave Sun- dajrj moniinK fdr; Kansas City to viBlt.her mother. Mr.<*. S. Cllne. and will remain over tb attend a sorority party. CHEVROLBTr-Fon^ dbor sc<^n. Al condition.- good ^nhbcr. Iri- q^lfe 317 N. Sycamorel Pho, : 31. 11 DEPENDABLE USBp GARS— lfl26 Special Dodge rci'adster: a »eal snappy Buick roadatert four new tires; 19_2fi Hudson coAch; -a foal cIo8Q-on,t' in ji 193B Bun[;k tonrpng, Ford trfnring, and a Ma.Ywellj sedan. .Marr Aati> BuIck Dealers. ' ( i.f. Co., 1926 CHRYSLER ••70" SE 1928 Chrysler "58" coupe Chr.vsler ••58" coach; 1926 ,x.u»jo- Icr '-eo." coach; 1925 Essex 'coachr 1925 0\-erland sedan;1925. Maxwell club coupe; 1926'Fdi-d roadster. 'VVe trade. Ross Arbutkle's Garage. Chrysler Dealers. F'hb. 56. -inte Accessories, Tires, rarts Uj I.IVKBtOCK I'oMtrf «M S*p9li«tr 48 BA 6 Y cfllCFtS^Why "bny others when yiw can. get State Accreillt- e* chicks for $13.00 pc* 100? Leg- hornK. $11.00 per 100. Come and- fiee what we have In the chtek -flaed line.: Sol .Hot Oitf Brooder?, any size you want. CnHtom Hutching. 4c.per egg. 220 West atreet. Sturdy Chick liatclvcry, IXMJS—Pure bred Buff Rock, for hatching. 50c per scttlig. Kelloy Farm. Phone 962F3. PAGE aKVKIJr. M^HcilANDfSE i$M^;.m Go»ii* GAS RAiyOKS-Large irfae. prbor dvenl-all late1mprofen>«uxr> $38.50. Hennlnger'a Store.' Went' Mad^fog atreet. ^ ' -|r^ GOOD PtA.VO—Will exchange f*r-j Hv.',Kto<lc. W. n. wood. JUjnarwr,.-;/^ Ka)'isr..s. ' : ? ' ' . —U * liCCS — White JVyandotle. from i-ange flock, t^iilfediJor lylko and prcldnctlon by stale ekpert, $|; per lOd: Mrs. Bruce Armacost.' mile caa^. 4i south lola. Phone 95S-21. HIGHEST MARKET—Prices paid for cream, eggs and troulClT- Ou? truck a^d chicken'. Coin^s^dre 4t ydui BcHlce to tiici up' IWJUI- t*y. flfarkfer PiroducB Co. Pho. 6S8. HATCHING EGGS—This season, standard brod. Sunshine. S. C. R. I. Redp, 50c per setting., dark red. long back; bred 'to lay. Mrs. Dan Ricgi 4 miles west. 2 south of lola. INCUB.^TOR— 250 capacity , with feather brooder, a bargain; also S. C. White Minorca eggs. $4.50 per. 100. Sadfe. Rdfechberger. 3 miles west, 2 south lola. I USED PARTS^W^ carry a moift "complete: line of used partj), batteries, etc. lola Wrecking Co. Phone 782. BUSINESS SERVIC QUALITY ELECftWC HATCIJERY, Gas City, Kans. Custom hatching. 3c per egg, or 5c per chick.' Baby chicks, heavy breed. $12 per 100; light breeds. $lC.gOJ per 100. Wnnfi-d—f« fttey M '3, WANTED' t(J" BUYi^A^ammol^'^-f Bronze turkey gobbler. Phone 4341 WANTED TD nfY-Some larits hedge posts. Clyde Thompson. /! AVANTED TO DUV—fsed pianW- WaVcriy'Schoor DlstHct No. 771. Phnnq LaHarpe 744. I REAL fiSTATt FOR RENT ApartiBi»nf« and Flats > 74. two ROO.M APART.MENT— Puri nishct!. modern, ground f!f)or. outi side entrance. I'honesl:l96: TWO ROO.M APARt.ME.VT — Or .sleeping room. proMhd floor. 223 South Buckeye street. Farm .H and land for Rent 7t ABOUT 80 ACRES—Of farming and mow land, oVl- miles northwest of lola. John Renther. • Wanted—Livestock 50 40 ACRE F.\RM—Improved. Jack- sbn ReiaJty Co., over BrOwai's pmg Store. ' ; ^ i HoTlagv Trnekiagv SiteMg^. 2S CORR TRANSFER CO.^F^ckfngf. storage, long distance hanlin Reasoharttle ratea. Phone 140. PrefesslouBl SerrJees 28 DEPENDABLE USED GARS -J1926 Chevrolet coach; 1925 Chevo'lct coach! Easiex coach; Ciodge load- .Mter, worth';) 1922 :'. B. Chevrolet roadHtef.! rebuilt and reflnished: 1923 Stari' roaditor; 1923- Chevrolet roadster, reliqilt and reflnished. B. T. l^arber ^ Par­ age, 211 West street. jPhone. 515. FORD RdAI >S7 'ERi—New tircsj Al condition, new. |iaint,| gockl upholstery, . starterj • dcmouhl&l^les. Ralph Jones, Geiieva. FORD— 192^ fOrdo^ Sedan, original fliilah, good npholsteryi; lock at coring wheel, godd ittros^ good mechanical shape.. I A guaranteed Ford car. Easy terms.^ .McCa rthy .VTotor Co., 212 S. AVash. Pljo. 893. SURGERY—Mediane, X-i F. LenskL Phones: oftli realdence. 112 «W. fit. 886; EMPLOYMENT! Help WnBtei—FeBule JB COOK WANTED—At once' references required. .Apply 422 East street. Phone 1431W. Help Waafed—iTale P..VSTURE—Open April first, for cattle; popular price*. Not re- .sponsfblc for brfeeChy stock. J. J. Keefe.'N. Kentuiiky road ^lalf mile. WANTED TO BUY— All*kind3 cat- Ue and hogg, J. C. Butcher. WANTED TO PASTURE—About 10 bead cattle-or colts. Phone 18-lH, Moran. fiERcflANDlSE Artielea for gale 6J CIHINK WOOD— For sale. $2.50 \n UAbeir or. $3.25 delivered. A. J. SWlnford. Phone 518. SO .\CRE3—Near -Moran. some pasture, rest in cnltivatton. Inquire C. C. Mf-Carty & Son. 301 South street. Phone 216. , > : Honses-for Bent 77 HCAJ SE— 6 room modem. 300 block on South Wa.shington. Phone 79. HOUSE—Cood 5 room. hafh. garage, chicken house, one acr.e of ground, some fruit, good locatlonf. y. C. Archer. Old Court House. THREE ROOiW HOUSE—Electric i lights, city wiater, located at 608-i Sotith Chestni t. See M. A. SchlfcJf. ' Snburbnn forwent 81 BOY WANTi3D—At the Western Union office. Must be ovcfr fourteen years old.' .MARRIED MAN— Wanted tb work on farm. .See me at t^ncel Fred Holmqulst. Yates Center. Kans. PORTER WANTEDr-At . olice at Kelley Hotel. Call In person. ->lls9 Audrey Matney intends to spend 'the; week-end wliu her^hrolh- cr and \vife, Mr. and Mrs. Orel Matney, of Kahsas City. '" Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Horton's children. Bill and Frink, have just recovered from the measles. :At the request of the public the •;Dale f'aney Players'; remained over today to play at the Elite theatre instead of going to ^ort Scott as intended. ' '. Miss Ella Wink, art-tea(;her in the Cbaiiute schools, Is spending tlie week-eiid with her sister and hisband, Mr. and Mrs. Will King. I The Chamber* Of Commerce has irccclvod a'beautiful trophy: to be presented to the winning school In' the Rural st^hOOl Day events hero on' April 1. A gold medal has alH6 Men received to present to the one m&k'iitg (he Jifghest in- dlvljlual sctn^e In'lbe events. Miss Dolly Adams, accompanied by her sister, Miss Ldtle.:Adams, drove to Kmporlol yesterday to at- tefld a. nmi sehool counrencn which/wAs sponso/od by the, University of Kansaa. the Kansas State Teachers Colleges at .Pittsburg ant) Emporia. She reports an Into eating and instructive meeting, Miss Dora Adams, who is attending school at the K. S. T. C. at Emporia, accompanied them home for the webk end. The Mi.ller brothers of the 101 ranch near Ponca City are again planting the • largest vegetable garden in Oklahoma. SnppHes are furnished to the ranch employes and the rest soldi Painting of 350 GOOD USED CARS- CHEVROLET. 2 1924 TOURl: «GS. ESSEX, 1926 COACH, LIKE > BW. FORD, 1925 TUIJOR. FORD. 2 1925 Tourings, new ^ire^. FORD, 1922 TOURING. FORD, 193-i TON TRUCK. . BOYER MOTOR ! CO. 212 S. JBFf^RSON PHO^E 23 OAKLAND — Dealers — PONlTIAC '26 Pontlac jcoutie, good as new; •24 Ford" roadster; "2 *'^ord coupe good; '18- FOrd coupe, cheal* Hudson sedan, good 'shape; StUdebaker 4-pa8S. coupe,', shape; '22 Dbdgcj couple, good Dodge coupe. Some ,otHer cheap cars. Cash,'terms or Hobart-Steeie M(itOr C^. RELIABLE FAIUI HANbr-fWanted immedlitely; experieuclsd In milking; apply in person. A. H.lKnoep- l_pcl.' Phone 53-3. Colony. Kansas. GAROm AND FLOWER SEEDS— Jfoes, , rakes and forks. Bryson J'urnlturo Store, N. Jefferson. SINGLE BIT AXES^Speclal price Jthis week only, $1.65i Allen County Implement Co.; 207 S. Jeft. Bminess aad OSee-Eqalyment U TYPEWRITERS—New and slightly nsed. A variety to' select ffora. Terms if desired. "^'ilUams Typewriter Co., Room 10. over Globe. HOUSE—Barn and 3 acres, chicken house, lots;of fruif. Van liytilng. . Kelley Theatre. ( REAJi. ESTATE FOR SAttf HoBses fofr Sale 84 COtt AGE— Five- room modern, • good condition, from owner. Phone 1033. .104 Wesj Madison. HOUSE— 3 rooii^. to be moved off lot. Phone 60i5i. Farm JKqalpBieBt -llelii—Male and Female U MAN Aan WO.MAN—Interested in keeping : cows and chickens and tifUck farming wanted. I .Meadows Farm. 2V6 ,ml)es south of Katy Depot, Huriboldt. [ FljfANCIAL BnslBjgjs Opportunities 88 '22 '21 lihe "23 very ^rade. of returning to lola. He Is now in i bushels of potatoes has been com- BeliefonUine, Ohio. Tpleted. BUD WHITE MOTOR CO. HUDSO.V-ESSEX JDEALERSp-^ BUICK, 2 1920 ROADSTER^ CHEVROLET. 1924 ROADSTER. DURANT, 1923 TOURING. ESSEX. 2 J926'cOAC !jJBS. ESSEX, 1923;FCIUR TOURII^G. BSSjBX, 1923 F 6 UR (ioUPE FORD. 1»2« CO^PB. i ^ FORD. 1925 ROADSI^ER- FORD. 1923 COUPE, i FORD. 2 1924 TOURINGS. lIUDSrt.V, 1926 tSBDAN. lIUDSONi 1921 !srEBl)STfc;(l. HUD-SONI 1921 SEDAk LET US HELP YOU MAKE $200 to $400 a month. An old reliable institution capitalized at One million dollars, has-an Opening lo-^ cally for energetic man interested in building permanent, pk-ofltable business of his own. D^pt, 527. John Sexton Co., Box H.H. Chicago, EMERSON SULKY PLOW-^Oliver walking plow, both ^6-inch. Walter Strong. .Moran, ICans. ; Fnel, Feed, Fertilizers U LOOSE HAY—Alfalfa and timothy. Mrs. Ajina Weber, mile and mile north Carlyle. Phoiie 989-24. .'ft • - J: •' NICE RRLAIRIE HAY— Bdled, 35c bale at barn. Lewis Powell, mile north and one east Iron Works. HonsehoM Goods Meaey to Loaa—Mortgages To FARM LOANS rbadbiiable r^e^. i&tii^^,,iiz S. "ttrashingti <lalck service and A. If. Haw- XONBT TO LOAN—Prlvdto anrf eastern'money to loata-ok farms ^jtnd <!Uy prbperty. L6&' ratei Terms /and piyinent to Suit bo^ I rfHrer. StewArt ^ Puflk.j to suit OANS- FARM AND CITY LOAJ^S—Base rate on farmai 6%, city 6%. Long or short time; R. M. Cpnnlngham LivEjrrocK Houses, Catties. Vehklea <8 COWS^Thrce goo<l freih milfe cows and \ fl nii-e shoatf^. weight Shout ir, lbs. C. F. Ofntz, I'^A- mifes pofth on State stnct. FOUR MUIiBS-H and 5 jiears old. 3 broke'n|id 1 halter broke, jjsn- ; tie. • S. R. Roberts. Coloi^y. Kans., ,phonc 30 -6.' XFORD EWES —Coming ycarl- flgs, f 12.00 per head, Walter Stfoiig. Moi^an. kix, OAKLA .Sl>, 1926 Landau j^edan, like new. :STU6BBAKER,I 1924 iight conpe.'|. STUDBBAKER. 1923 Ispec ^l Roadster. We Sell on i Easy Terms 219 8. WASH. PHOKB 180 .Heiut _.—: 1 Springs ' -—..117e to 20f _- l«c t0 Mr Horse nides ul fSJM GreeB..JI^eS _.J __^_«c l^»DBg*Bd jMdJCIela lli J. Ft<3r«ikmib Pi^uce Co. Total . J ^...T.^. f 833.19 Balance on hand January 11 ----.•$478.^? I • I do, solehinly swear that tli within and fbre^olng accounts aii< • • '. vouchers therewith' are, in all re \ .; spects a full and; trUe account o| all the. money, received .by me fo: the. year ceding the fast Voinia lap December. A. Dl ^26, ajid fb the full time fiir which t R>iou":i make' such sttfieiriMti afid of nije np)Dnpjt e^li^n^, and th R:r :iner In-which they were eai >cndcd. So h'^lp me God. ' Signed, HOWARD HARDY Township Treasurei > I Sabscribed ini awo'rii ,Xo h&'m 4a7 Mils — day itf — ^ IWrJ WHITE ^OW—And nine tiigs. inquire 420 North Elm. ! 6 WHITE SHCATS-H. d. Tice, % south, 1% west-of Morai. Phone 160S> MorSHi . r . PnipTT aad SappII^; ^' 4i8 BABY CHICKS—From Reds that iife Reds. Ready how. I 1425- N. Cott««wood. Fhbhe 136|w. BGCWr-SIbgle Comb Leghorn eggs to batch, 6t above ma'i'Mei: Mts. Ola Stickler. Phohe Kli, Moran, Kansas. * BUFFET—Dining table, bed. library table, 9x12 Axminlster • rug. Universal electAlr cooker, music cabinet, .lames Lane. 218 South Cottonwood street. ; Phone 597. USED FURNIT'URE-HIgh «rade: oil stoves; cook stoves; pianos; phodographs. Easy paj-ineats Closing out Cook's Paints at tost. Curtis Bargain Store. Layarpe. HOUSE— 6 room tnodcm, garage^ close in, near Jefferson: schooU John Renther. i , ,• .MODERN HOUSE—Fine j localfoh, 6 rooms, closets, bath.- pintry, porches, garden. D. C. Cation, Humboldt, Kans. RI-1\L B.4LRGAiX—Five rooms mOd-' ern cottage, ^ekly decordted. eJast front, lot and half, garage. Deal with owner." 410 South Chestnut stjreet. Phone {1264W. ' YES. $8.00 PER MONTH—UnUl paid out buys a good 6 room house. See us at once. The Allen: County Investment " Co.. Kelley Hotel Bldg., Icila. Kans. To Exehasg^Real Estate 88 FOR TRADE—1 have 2 80-acre tracts that I will trade for lola ' residence at a fair price. Donl want much mortgage. D. E. Watson. Bronson. jKans. GOOD ErGHTYrr-Unimproved. ejf- charige equifyi for small fo^d property. Arbiickle's.Real Estate. CLASSIFIED l^S^LAY USED CAR Vi^lJBS : A Used Car Is as Dependable as ihe^ \.. . Dealer Who Sells It! We have on hand at proscnl the best assortment of used crtrs wo have ever Ijad that must be moved to make J ^hi for onr riew cars that are how coming in. • im MmSE TOI KJ.Vffi i rearrnlnr. I9S6 mmttte t^ttV, sme as new. ires tmt»\^VVOlt, nht condlllon, \9!» (tiAH^Str ikahSV »¥.mX M a hargain price. 11^ ESSEX ciO.M!M. silgWIjr niiei!. ~ IMS FUKU K 0 ADHT£R , la ieai T «lue< Two imtOiiU TOl'rilN'GS, Tiorth the mofl<t7. t «I»W Sei ^fctaftlfe W ^d Ford Trncks. (;i^eap. r • : Ten other good cheap Fonl tourings and i-okdsters Xbtil *t must move. «^ We.jtrade'^or-sell on easy termsl Dodg;c Biiotfiers Cars—Graham Brothers ELLIS MOTOR COMPANY Truclts 211 K. WasjhlBgtoB (Open Evenings^ aid Sundays) PboBe i0i I; 4i 1

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