Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 12, 1961 · Page 19
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 19

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 12, 1961
Page 19
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WEDNESDAY, APML12,1961 ALTON UVBNING TELEGRAPH BethaltoPTA Meets Thursday MftRALTO — A raprarentftttva of (MiQwrn ffliTWrt University, CMbondale, hem die special edu- cfttion ueiwuvwsni in the suitiftiBr csmpprofram tor handicapped , wflt sjprak at a of the PTA fltowday at 7:30 p.m. at file Oymnaitum, it was an> Load PTA president Don Har» rli hai invited rciMwls of school dlitriet 8 including Bethalto, Cot ttffe Hllli, Forest Homes and Mwdowbwok to attend the Bethalto meeting, Manageress Cubs Bow in First Game CHICAGO — The managertetti Chicago Cubs opened their 1961 baseball season at Cincinnati Tuesday and cam* up winless — and nearly hitless. Jimmy O'TOote, Chicago-born Redlegs hurler, held his hometown club to four hits as he registered a 7-1 triumph before 21,713 fans in Crosley Field. Vedle Hlmsl, club pilot under the Cubs' rotating head coach system, yanked starter Glen Hob* HONIF IMPROVEMENT ffl!LSBIi '25 TO '800 FAST FRIENDLY SERVICE! STOP IN OR PHONE L. G. "SKIP" ROPER ... HO 2-9795 -S TATE FINANCE CO. ,2408 STATE ST. PHONE HO 2-9795 Mi wHfi one oot lit tfii fifth after tad yMldetf 11 hitt, including !Wo home runs. Hobble wai charged with all flw Cincinnati artd the MSB. The only bright light in flu Chicago debut was Andre Rodg ers' solo homer in the flilrd Inning that temporarily knotted the score at one-all, ftodgers, acquired from the Milwaukee Braves two weeks ago hi a four slayer deal, cleared the center Field wall his first itm« up. Richie Ashburn, Don Zimmer and Ron Santo collected the other Chicago hits, all singles. O'Toole, who faced only 30 men and retired the last 10 Cubs in a raw, was ably supported by a 14- hit Cincinnati attack. Frank Robinson opened the Red- legs scoring with a towering homer in the first. After Rodgers homed had tied the score. Wally Post slammed a three-run homer In the bottom of the third to break up the ball game. Cincinnati added three more runs In the fifth on a single by Vada Plnson, an intentional pass to Post, a double by ex-White Sox Gnee Freese and successive singles by Gordon Coleman ant Ed Bailey. The Cubs are idle today while the White Sox, opening day win ners over the Washington Sena tors Monday, return to action tonight. Bill Pierce has drawn the White Sox starting assignment and will face Washington's Ben Daniels. Player Leads Golf Winners OtlNBMW, Ma. (AP) — Gary layw, a young South African who amued <ne golfing world by winning the Masters at Augusta, da., Monday, is riding a financial crest which may threaten Arnold Palmer's existing record. Player's $30,000 for winning the Masters brings his official earnings (his year to $44,185.33. This s more nan Player made on the Digged tournament trail for the combined years 1957-00. However, Palmer, of Ligonier, Pa., is still threatening. His tie for second in the Masters brought his total earnings up to $31,725.00 Palmer broke the record last year by taking home more than (80,000. Official figures released by the Professional Golfers Association headquarters showed Player has competed in 13 tournaments, won three and placed in the upper five brackets (including his three wins) eight times. Public Lecture Slated by NAACP A public lecture sponsored by the Alton branch of the Nattona Assn. for the Advancement of Col ored People is slated at Steelwork era' Abel Hall, Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m. Hie educational committee o the NAACP announced the speak er is to be Leo Bohannon, execu tive director of the Urban League of St. Louis. Caracas, Venezuela, is a mod ern city of 1,200,000 people. Outdoors with Humid Brand This is the third of a series of reminiscing close to 90 years ago about the river at Alton by James V. Boehm, 212 Logan St., Jethalto. Boehm has been a river enthusiast all his life and re* calls many interesting stories. Well Known Brato When I take a little boat ride now and go into some of the harbors up the river, 1 can't help but think of the fine boats that were anchored at Webb's dock. The La- feba, Virginia, Mallard, Nina, Loiter the Fourth and Filth. The lafeba was later named Super X. There was many others in the smaller class. Mayo Bros, from Minnesota used to stop here on its way South. It had 28 in the crew. Alton Slough across the river harbored all the U.S. work boats along with their quarter boats including the big 71. The U.S. Engineers had their office boat at the foot of Plasa 3 .F. Boehm street for the summer months while they had their crews at work on the dikes in this district. They didn't seem to do too much good as a very large sand bar formed in the river Jusl down from the water works. It kept them busy keeping the wat- er intake open. Another sandbar formed off Eagles Nest Island and the steam ers had a hard time in low water getting through. These bars were the best for swimming if you knew where the step offs were. It was bad In that respect on aceounl of the dangerous current and whirlpools. Boat Inspections In low water the current would hit an obstruction In the bottom and create the swirling motion These were called whirlpools About this time the governmen became pretty strict on motorboa inspections. An inspector from the federa building of St. Louis made frequent trips to Alton. He was a federal game warden and motor boat inspector. If you didn't have the right equipment you receivet a notice from St. Louis and you paid a fine. This didn't help mot orboating one bit. Shortly after that, World War I came along and the governmen took a lot of the large boats fo Coast Guard service. If you want ed to take a boat ride you stayet away from the bridge. There wa guards on the bridge and if yo went under it you could look u into the business end of a 30.0 and a scared kid behind it you can't tell a tire by its price tag! Do you know what those $10, $11, $1? nylon tires are really worth? The beat way for you to find oat what a tire hi really worth? Use it But then it may be too fete. How can you find out before you buy? The price tag won't tell you. There are so-called "bargain" tires, "obeapie" tires, "diacount" tires and other tires you're never heard of. Moat of them have one thing in common. They do a lot of shouting •bout price. But there's a big difference in what goes into them, as compared to a Goodyear tire. We took nine "bargain" nylon cord tires priced at $10, $11, $12 or more to the lab for analysis and matched them to our $12.88 8-T Nylon All-Weather. What a difference! Tbt Qoodycar tire had a 28.2% ttroitatr tire body than the average rating of the rest. And the tread strength rating of our 8-T Nylon All-Weather was also actually greater than the average of the others. Price tags never tell the foil story! Get a genuine Goodyear tira, A Turnpike-Proved tire. It costs no more than "bargain" tires. 3-T Nylon AII-We>ather $ (.70 x IS Meek tube-type, pits* tu and any old tire off your car. NO NONsT DOm *Mk yew *W tfc*. Ny a* MMta a* $L» * •** IT Goodyear nation-wide guarantee t ROAD HAZARD GUARANTEE—AD Mw Goodywff automobib tiro «• •uaranteed by written certificate against normal Road Hazard*--!.*, blowout*, fcbric brtato, cuts—«xc«pt repairable puncture*. Qua/ante* limited to original fat numbs* of monthi tptciflod. MB GrUARAOTIB~Ai1 Ooodpsr tiro ar* fuanotswd again* any workmanihip and malorial without ttmit at to few or mik*§«. er, any Good}** tirs dealer (in sH 90 ftatee, thtr* are over 60,000 •rthem) will repair your Hr* without charge, or make an allowance toward •» purchase of a new tire, bsjsd on the original tread o*ptfar«roairiing and the MOM PAWPUMRelON «OOOV«ASJTIIW»THs%H ON ANVOTHCN KINM Detroit Hopes to Even Hockey Series Tonight fcy JOK ftOOfflfl* fOM spww DETROIT (AP) - Detroit's banged-up Red Wings, claiming hey are every bit as hungry as he Chicago Black Hawks, aim to square the Stanley Cup champion hip playoffs on their home Ice onight. Trailing the rugged Black Hawks two-to-one In the best-of- even, all-United States series, ho Red Wings are looking for- vard to the faster ice at Olympla Neither team has been able to in away from home in the play >ffs. The Black Hawks hope to break up this home ice domina Ion and put an end to Ihe series n Chicago Friday. Detroit Coach Sid Abel, troubled because of injuries, was complain ng about the slowness of the ice n Chicago Stadium Monday when the Hawks hammered out a 3-1 •Ictory. Abel called it the worst ice he has ever seen and answered Chi cago Coach Rudy Pilous" remarks >f the Hawks being hungry. "They're not any hungrier than ve are. They just grabbed contro of the game in Chicago. We cer .ainly didn't want them to contro the game but they did." Abel said one reason the Hawks took charge was due to the los. of defenseman Marcel Pronovos who suffered a foot Injury befor Detroit's 3*1 victory at Olympla Saturday night. In addition to Pronovost, War en Godfrey and goalie Terry Sawchuk have been Injured in the series. Godfrey suffered a bruised knee Monday night and it is doubtful he will be ready tonight Sawchuk injured his left shoul der In the series opener In Chi cago last week but is ready to play. Bids Accepted on Snlu Cage Court The City Park Commission Tuesday afternoon accepted the low bid of $1,525 from the Marcal Asphalt Paving Co. for the construction of a basketball court in Salu Park, said Samuel E. Sanner, architect for the commission. Sanner said only two bids were submitted. The second bid from R & R Construction Co. was for $1,580. The asphalt court, when constructed, will be 50 by 80 feet. The Marcal Co. will start construction of the court as soon as weather permits. The Park Commission plans a "grand opening" of Salu Park May 6. POLL 1YEAR GUARANTEED ON ALL REPAIR WORK GflTCIVS DEPT STOKE Gattly lulldlrtfl W. 3rd St., Alton Read Telegraph Want Ads Dtfly Caught In Whirlpool One of the guards decided t take a swim on the Missouri en of the bridge. When he dove in h never came up. He dived into on of those whirlpools I mentione< His body was never recoverei After the war things were different. The old bunch had thinned I out. They are still In France or up yonder. You didn't have free use of the islands any more: Prohibition had come and there were stills on most of them. It didn't pay to stop and look around unless you were well known. The small boats that used to carry fish were carrying sugar. It took some time for the government to stop this. Some they never stopped. When prohibition came into effect August Miller ran a bar on Broadway, he had a sign in the window, "The first of July will be the last of August." A large part of the Eagle packet line was destroyed at Cairo in the ice one winter never to be replaced. This line was greatly missed in Alton. j One morning a beautiful cruis-' er came into the Alton harbor. It! jwas owned by a Chicago gang| (leader with him aboard. The) boat stayed until he was told to leave. The same boat lies in the sand at the foot of Henry street. When the water is down you can! still see part of it. The boat was I bought up North and brought! here. A bad storm sunk it. BfiWJiNG ,.00l» » • I |M« •> WELLS TIRE COMPANY 833 E. irowiwty, Alton - HO 2-9284 or HO 2-9285 Alton Store and Service Department Open Fri. Till 9 P.M. WELLS-SCHMIDT TIRE CO. tOt K. ftriuMn, Wwd Rhftr - CU 4-3828 WELLS-MORRIS CO. ACME LANES Westerner A League Elledge 200, 201, 202 (60S), Tittle 203, Laws 243, Arbuthnot 201, Henesey 206, Maples 200, Jackson 214, Bazzell 207, Bermes 220, GUlham 203. Akers 207. B League Cox 235, Kohler 200. Acme Tuesday Ladles Pratt 172, MoGee 166, Koch 166, Jennings 166, Sheff 160. 8:45 Tuesday Merchants Phillips 220, 213. BOWL INN Bowlette League High games: Farmer 189, 189 (517), Bazzell 181, Bennett 173. j Sinclair j High games: Snyder 215,: Hirsch 221, Luening 200, Fielder | 215, 201, E. Smith 204, 203, 217 j (624). M.P.M. "B" High games: Jockisch 201, Schneider 203. NIte Owls High games: Dillinger 202, Dabbs 175, Blevins 179, Guthrie 187, 188 (508), Harrison 170, 1871 189 (546), Tackett 178, Gentry; 183, Chessen 182, Be Edwards 175. BOWL HAVEN Tuettday Commercial High game: Tuttle 203, Netz- hammer 231, Vanata 202, Landre 211, Lawson 266, Long 203, Colman 216. Pletown Ladles High game: L. Leady 209, 191 (574), L. Luly 176, 192 (512), McDane] 175, 199 (511), Moore: 199, Peters 172, Leimback 184, i McLain 170, Recher 180, Stot-| ler 187, Beckman 177, Crews j 171, Coleman 177, E. Leedy 179, j Burress 172. Lockhaven Ladle* High game: De Cicco 184 (510), Heitz 167 (414), Kovic 150, Nave 154, Prout 153, Coloman 151 (426), P. O'Neill 164! (447), Knowles 153 (435), Bass-j ford 158 (443), Hutchinson 156 (418). 8:43 Tuesday Handicap High game: R. Mellinthin 203, J. Leady 235 (612), E. Whetzel 213. Tuesday Kfetro High game: J. Muehleman 207, P. Gibbons 209. Senior Merchant* High game: Clark 214, Maul 207, Jackson 202, Greene 246, 201 (646), Fry 245, Tyree 203, Eldon Smith 208, A. Bloemker 222. Rod Thorn led West Virginia in scoring and rebounding with 18.5 points and 12.5 rebounds per game. He exceeded such former sophomores as Jerry West in both departments and Rod Hundley in rebounds. AUTOSTOMS CASH or Qu.cfc CREDIT FolM-PlYI Full WIDTH! Full Tread DEPTH I- Sam* as tor Origin* Car rfrtsf CORDOVAN ^Premium NYLON Voor Old TIRES or* worth $$$$ TRADE NOW! • Strong! Durable!— Because they're built with 100% DuPent Nylon Cords—the best there Is In tire construction! Cooler running—softer ride and "extra" safety. • Greater Safety— Because they're built with Dual Laminated 1 Inner/inert* to prevent air seepage and guard against blowouts as well as puncture*. • Good Traction— Because there are 450 * "Ride Srabi/iiers" ... built-in every tire to keep the tread "open" which provides excellent steering and traction. MOUNTED FREE rib CORDOYAfTll Voyager < Brand Newl Economy Special— guaranteed 15 Month*! Reliable, Safel Excellent Mr* for ordinary road use. 6.70-15 ««**»// 6.70-15 Blockwall Tube Type 7.70-75 15* 1 7.60-75 179 Blackwall Tubelest 7.50-74 159 8,00-74 IS? 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Side Diicharg* SHOCK ABSORBERS] far WRD—1949-58 Front or Rear and 1959 Rear For CHEV—1949-54 Front or Rear and 1955-57 Rear... •erPLYM-1939-54 Front or Roar and 1955-60 Rear IfACH Chev—Front '55-57, Reor '58-60... PerJ—Front Only for 1959 MW •lymeulh—Frenl Only, !9«-ftO ... ~ CH.v.ol.t, Front 1958-60 4-Plqyer BADMINTON SET 4 Nylon Strung rackets, o net, 2 , , shuttlecocks, metal . polei and stakes. ] r Book of rules in- l eluded. U $5-49 Vatuel •HrtHMssWalWiil^iBUUQHQG SHOW USORIII r SPRINGS Jokes out the sag from the «gr rear , Stops "bottomina" over rood bumps— , increases carrying load up to 750 IbsT teoewi Car'* Baseball Junior Fielder 1 ! , Deep pocket, well padded- All leather. Fingers are laced. It'i junior league 'die size, Full Slzt FitUar'f Gtot . Professional style* All _ . '•other bKJutJlM Uninas. §1 I laced finaet V« *W * Of luxe FltMtr't Glw* Futt site, fveryttog k* lik*s In g boU glo«*. UMb Ito J & R AUTO STORES Cuuloi totfe* Oe«k M M* <*)»

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