Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on August 11, 1948 · Page 3
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 11, 1948
Page 3
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PNESDAT, AUGUST 11, IMS. e Buy - We Sell helled Corn • Ear Corn Soybeans • Oats e Deliver Truck Lots of Grain Noel Brockway WEST UNION, IOWA 18 South Vine Phone 263 NOTICE! EFICE CLOSED ' — FROM ~ Monday, Aug. 23 — TO — * aturday, Aug. 28 .F .W.Norden Optometrist tone 137 WAUKON, IOWA Remember When-? "Only Boat Ride This year" MCGREGOR Leaves from [McGregor Only 9 P.M. NTS., Aug. 12 ! Karl Barber and his Orchestra Will "THE, DIXIE TRIO" 'STEAMER! LAVALON lant Ads Get Results. Twenty-Five Years Ago. Interesting; Items From tlic Flics of the Postville Herald nt Thursday, August 16, 1!)23 , / "i- County AUornoy Elmer F. piep- er of Waukon was a Postvillc business caller on Wednesday. The boys with the autos are smiling quite broadly at present, the price of yas having dropped six and seven-tenths cents per gallon since last Sunday and is now retailing at something over sixteen cents. A card from Leo Beucher Sunday states that they and the Earl Abernethy family were at Port Francis, Canada, where Leo Sheehy showed them around the town. 3. O. and L. W. Casten ol this city made a deal yesterday whereby on Monday next they will come into possession of the Standard Oil filing station, succeeding H. Johansen, Harvey Jones and Hans Shegland in its management. The new firm will be known as the Casten Oil Co. and they will endeavor by every honorable means to merit a share of your patronage. George S. Tuttle, secretary of the Postville Independent School District, informs us that the local schools open on Monday, September 3. He states that there are prospects of the largest number of tuition pupils attending school here this coming year the school has ever had and urges those people j who will take students to room, or board to notify either him or| Louis L. Hill, president of the Commercial Club. The annual picnic of the active and honorary members of Postville Volunteer Fire Department will be held on S inday, August 19, at the Old Stone House. ing between the Crosby store and the Review office. George Flagman went to Albert Lea, Minnesota, Monday on business. Hogs are bringing $3.50 per cwt. on the local market this week. Surplus old corn is selling at 25 cents per bushel. William Kluss, Fred Eisfelder, Jim Parker and J. M. Thoma are absent from their business places this week, being on a fishing trip. Gottlieb and William Brandt left Wednesday for a four weeks trip to Qmaha and Aurora, Nebraska, and to St. Francis, Kansas, to visit relatives. Peace was declared between the United States and Spain on Friday, August 12. The war, which lasted 114 days, cost this country $150,000,000, or about $1,250,000 per day. A band of gypsies came into Postville last week to pick up a few shekels, but the authorities upon being apprised that a child in the band was ill with diphtheria, ordered them on their way. The little child died that same day when the band arrived at Gunder. Change Leases To Fit Weed Control Fifty Years Ago. Interesting Items From the Files of "The Graphic" published in Postville, August 19, 1898 John Schultz and his force have just completed a fine stone cross- Time To Spray THOSE THISTLES AGAIN! WE HAVE THE MATERIALS YOU WILL NEED. Postville Feed Mill Telephone No. 244 Postville, Iowa ILL-PURPOSE RANGE ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN CHURCH Frederick R. Ludwlg, Pastor Rhythm classes Wednesday afternoon, first and second grades at 1:30 o'clock, third and fourth grades at 2:15 o'clock, and fifth grade at 3:00 o'clock. The Ladies' Aid will meet Thursday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock in the assembly room. The confirmation class will meet Saturday morning at 9:00 o'clock in the assembly room. Junior choir rehearsal Saturday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock at the church. Church School service Sunday morning at 9:15. Adult Bible class Sunday morning at 9:15 o'clock in the assembly room. The service Sunday morning at 10:30 o'clock. The sermon subject, "The Unsearchable Riches Of Christ". Ephesians 3:8). St. Paul's is open daily for prayer and meditation. COMMUNITY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF POSTVILLE Rev. Eldon Seamans, Pastor Sunday, August 15 — Morning worship service will be held at the usual hour, 10:00 a. m. Rev. Harry Turner, member of the college staff, University of Dubuque, will be the guest minister. Sunday School will meet at 11:00. ST. BRIDGET'S CHURCH Francis J. Vallaster, Pastor 9:00 Week-day mass at 7 a. m. Sunday masses at 7:00 and o'clock a. m. Confessions will be heard every Saturday, from 2:30 to 5:30 and from 7:00 to 8:30. SPECIAL FEATURES Mj-Gas Cooking Top, non-tip grids, 10-inch unier centers. * Baffleless Oven with "Finger [>P Shift" * Automatic Top Lighting * Three {andard and one Giant Top Burners Radio "al Damper Controls—easily operated, always ft conveniently located on left-end panel /ast, Smokeless Broiler * Cast Iron Inner Instruction * All Porcelain Finish—including Ik inner main front—to prevent corrosion. NYBERG'S : ARM and HOME SUPPLY Postville, Iowa CLERMONT LUTHERAN PARISH A. O. Nesset, Pastor Sunday, August 15:—Highland services at 10:30 a. m. Wednesday, August 18: Clermont Mission Society, p. m. - West at 2:15 METERS Emmetsburg has installed new parking meters. The first man to "forget" to put a coin in the slot was Mayor R. W. Heise. New methods of controlling weeds on rented farms are bringing about revisions in landlord- tenant agreements. The traditional practice of the owner furnishing materials and the tenant supplying the labor to fight weeds is being modified in some farm leases, I. W. Arthur, agricultural economist at Iowa State Col lege, points out. If large patches of noxious weeds are present when a new tenant moves on a farm and custom spray ing is necessary to control them, many landlords now are paying for the custom work and materials the first year. The landlord has been furnishing all the materials and possibly some additional incentive for the tenant to get rid of small patches of weeds where only hand work is involved. However, if noxious weeds show up while the tenant is living on the farm, the customary arrangement is for the landlord to furnish the materials""and for the tenant to supply the labor to fight new weeds. This, Arthur says, is true with both share and cash leases. Some single-farm owners who rent the farm on a crop share basis have been purchasing half interest in spraying equipment and machinery. However, institutional owners and professional farm managers with a string of farms, hesitate to buy a share of the spraying equipment. One advantage for the tenant to own the spraying equipment is that he can do custom spraying and spray his own livestock. In-crop or pre-emergence, spraying presents a different problem than the conventional methods of controlling weeds. Controlling ordinary weeds by pre-emergence or in-crop spraying may be a substitution for one or more of the cultivations of corn, Arthur points out. While the practice is so new that no general custom has been established, Arthur thinks that with a crop share lease the landlord would be paying for part of the old job of cultivating corn if he furnished half of the pre-emergence spray material. However, he says that it is certainly worth a landlord's* efforts to control weeds. Therefore, he may chip in to some extent on pre- emergence spray materials if he thinks his weed problem is serious. progress of the child in school. A little correction now will prevent a lot of work and trouble later on. Parents should insist on maintaining the highest health standards in their families. This can be done through proper rest, proper diet, periodic physical check-ups and seeing to it that each child in the family has been vaccinated and immunized. " FUEL OIL TANKS SHOULD BE FILLED THIS SUMMER DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH URGES IMMUNIZATION Sounding a warning against the danger of an increase in communicable diseases when school starts, the Iowa State Department of Health urged parents of all school children to accept the responsibility of booster 'Shots if the child has had the benefit of prior vaccination and immunization, or complete immunization and vaccination before school begins. All children should have been immunized and vaccinated during the first year of life. Having your child immunized and vaccinated before starting him to school is as important as buying him new clothes and books and pencils. Every child has a right to the protection that is to be had through the vaccination and immunization that the family physician has to offer. Physical and dental defects can be discovered in time for the necessary corrective measures to be made before school starts if you take your child to your family physician' for a physical examination now. Deficiencies in eyesight and hearing often times retard the Renovating Bluegrass Pasture Is Important The failure of many spring legume seedings makes the job of improving the old bluegrass pastures even more important this year, says E. S. Dyas, agronomist at Iowa State College. Renovated bluegrass pastures can do much to carry livestock through next summer, particularly when other feed supplies run short. , Liming should be done now, says Dyas, both to correct soil acidity and to allow time for fall plowing. Applications made before plowing make it easier for lime trucks to get onto the fields. Plowing or disking prevents lime loss by washing this winter. Either shallow plowing or disking on the contour may be used to tear up the sod; Dyas says not to worry about hurting the grass—it will come back soon enough. Disking on the contour is sufficient where there are poor stands of grass or where fields are badly cut up with gullies. In addition to mixing the lime with the soil, it is a good start on seedbed preparation. When introducing bromegrass. Dyas recommends plowing late in the fall to retard the bluegrass un til the brome can get a better start. Mixtures of bromegrass and sweetclover or brome and alfalfa can be seeded to particular advantage in August, or early September in the southern part of the state. In this way they will provide full grazing next year. However, red and alsike clover cannot be seeded in late summer because of the lack of moisture. It may be warm weather now, but Iowa farmers should begin filling domestic fuel-oil tanks. This advice comes from Dale Hull, Iowa State 'extension agricultural engineer. Roads are much better now, ant* your oil man can fill the barrels more easily when the sun is shining than when the snow is falling next winter. More important is the fact that filling fuel tanks now helps oil supplies build up a backlog and avert heavy demands in early winter. As most people remember, critical situations developed last winter when too many wanted oil at one time. Hull recommends checking the fuel tanks when they are low to determine if any moisture has accumulated since they were last cleaned. Filling the tank completely full also prevents any possibility of the inside of the tank rusting. Home heating plants should be checked and any repairs that oil- burning furnaces or stoves might need should be ordered before the heating season begins, says Hull. Loose connections that cause leaks should be fixed now to prevent fire hazards later. LENSING'S "BETTER" USED CARS '47 Chcv. "FleetHne" Aero—Radio, heater, visor. 2-Tone Blue. '47 Chev. "Stylemastcr" 2-Door— Radio, heater. Beautiful maroon finish. '47 Chev. "Stylemastcr" Club Coupe , —Radio, heater, visor; like new. '46 Chev. "Stylemaster" 2-Door— Beautiful blue finish; really nice. '41 Chev. "Special Deluxe" 2-Door— Radio, heater, visor. Perfect! '41 Olds 76 Sedanette—A swell looker. 2-Tone Green and Tan. '41 Ford "Deluxe" Club Coupe. •40 Ford "Deluxe" V-8 Tudor—The cleanest '40 In the county. *38 Dodge Sedan—Very clean; low mileage; completely overhauled. '37 Chev. Tudor—Black. A-l. '37 Plymouth 2-Door. '36 Chevrolet 2-Door. '36 Ford 2-Door. '35 Ford Sedan—New motor. '30 Ford A Sedan—$90.00. '29 Chevrolet Sedan—$80.00. JEROME H. LENSIN6 FESTINA, IOWA I From The Airlanes of Radio To Thrill Your Dancing Feet— LES HARTMANN And The WMT Iowa Cornhuskers Saturday, Aug. 14 Guttenberg, Iowa tatiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiniHiiiiiiiiiiiHuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip 'Whom did I pay? *• A CHECKING ACCOUNT BRINGS ORDER TO YOUR FINANCES. check on the friendly Postville State Bank We Offer A Complete Banking Service Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. I We have purchased the Norris Blegen building now being used as the "76" Bottling Works and will be open for business at these new quarters on SEPTEMBER 1st For Service Now Call No. 149 We are located at the Commercial Hotel 1 now and may be contacted there until Sept. 1. 1 Let us handle your needs. We specialize in- Building Wiring, Farm Wiring, Electrical Maintenance and Repair of Appliances. , Postville Electric Charles "Curly" Sch'ulz Roger Fullerton Telephone 149 Postville, Iowa • (2omj2dJij2 ike Valued! (2omf2cJi& tke ftucea/..* —i££ urfuf MORE PEOPLE BUY CHEVROLET'S ANY OTHER GAR CoMPARE the values; compare the prices; and you'll choose Chevrolet! For to compare the values is to know that only Chevrolet brings you the Big- Car riding-smoothness of the original and outstanding Unitized Knee-Action Ride... the Big-Car performance and dependability of a world's champion Valve-in-Head engine ... the Big-Car beauty and luxury of the enviable Body by Fisher... the Big-Car safety of Fisher Unisteel Body-Construction and Positive-Action Hydraulic Brakes . . . plus many another major quality advantage still not available in any other motor car in its field. And to compare the prices is to know that Chevrolet prices are the lowest in the field ... and that Chevrolet value continues to be the highest in its field! That's why Chevrolet is America's No. 1 car; that's why it's the car for you! FtesriaRMtarSMMkwssI flKT la TMIs with Ikfftl fltST b TvttM iMrtyl HKT ia AlMtawd Saittyt You just can't best the tontine Unitized Knee-Action Gliding Ride (or real riding- smoothness—real travehuury —over any and all kinds of roads; and, remember, thii famous "Knee-Action" ride it eiclurive ' to Chevrolet and more expensive can. There'i nothing like Chevrolet'» worid'i champion Valve- in-Head engine for thrills end thrift. It hold* all record* for nulet served and owner* attuned. It embodiea that estra- sound, estra-dependable ValM-inJiui design, found ' r in costlier cars. You will be perfectly sure el your car's beauty-leadership when you own a car with the worM-famous Body by Fisher: and this nmt deniable of all car bodies—beautiful from every angle, inside and out—u available only on Chevrolet and higher-priced can:, You and your family will enjoy the triple safety protection of Fisher Unisteel Body-Con-1 struction. the Unitized Knee- j action Ride tod Positive-/ Action Hydraulic Brakes—f another comhinatian of tea-! tun* found only in Chevrolet j and hither-priced cars. _ - j CHEVROLET-wWflifr /^CHEVROLET fi -IS FIRST!' FALB MOTOR and IMPLEMENT Postville, Iowa

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