Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 26, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 26, 1927
Page 6
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PWS NOTES /kurateK Ulrthdajr Willi Party.I K<>8idar SuBdariSenlces-at KothX'hnilvhes. u (Mt -s. A.^P..HoIten.) , ', C 'rAS «1TY. kans.. Mar. ^5 — : Clarence Xjore has eUroiJcd iu the fir«l graite in Gas ^bool^ J Mrs. Myres; of west bf Gas vls- iled the Gas school ThuraUay. Mrs. Sherman Dickerson attend-,! ^>dRock Creek club meeting Wednesday at the , borne of Mrs. Pink Copeniug, ,> Little 'Victor' Garl Perkins is en- tectaiaing the measles this week. •Mr. and Mrs. AJ. T. q)|indy;,left Friday morning fpr- Katisas City expecting.] to r-etnrn SaiiinJay. Preaching services at the M.- E. church ajt 9:45 ^Sunday moyning andfSuuday school at 11 ar)an:, Gp- •worih League services; under the -leadership of Mr.. EdwaM 'Ilussell at' 7|:00 o'clock Sundas evening. Sunday school ati.the;"-Church of Ood at 10; 00 o'clock Sunday, morning and preaching services at II. Bvening Services at 7 o'clock. Mrs; lid Crews euteriained Tliursday! evening in honorl of her mother, .Mrs. Surah Freeman's clghty-tliird birthday. The gucsts< word: .Mr. and Mrs. Uoy Crews' jtnrt little daughter, Jessie, Mr. and -Mrs. Lester Lewnian i )f lola.- Mrs. .Mora Livingston and duugh- tef, Marrlft Flo.. Mrs. Kdlih .loim- «on ami son (Hairf, .Mrs. Anna Btrrkcr. ".Miss Alice .Veil Lcwmnn and tJeorgc lA'wnian of LnHiirixC Mr*_ and Mrs. lid Crows and Donald "Rcod, iiiid the honor uuesi. Mrs. Sarah >"r<'enian. A (<('li(i(iu.< unchcon >na" rccf •Nirom (he gycst.>;. wa .s served .mil Ived litllo lokons •Cran.i- <:1 idVC HftRCH 26. ?1927. + • * **** * • -K* * •• I • - • <• REA1.BSTATK:XR«IiaViEB8 lasuea Daily iroinSOHicfl af4 <• lola ;Abstraet rGo< i < * ^ . 1 March 2^, 1927. Catherine J. Sorrells. widow, to V. K. .Miller. Lot 4. Block 4,_'<n Bnti- nell'.s Sub-Division, beiqgan addition to the City of .(ola. J. E. Wert and wl|t Lizilc S. to Fannie T. Canwbell. Lot [1 Blk. 2 and Lot 2 Illkfll' bothvin lEflwards jjdd. to LaHerpe. $1.00. In recent years Mx^ Mpritfrae Provinces have capplieti more, than thirty college presidedts to Canada and the Unitisl States*. BPTHEL ' * • (Marjoric Gibson) March 21.— Mrs. K. S. Hacoii visited Monday with her inojiier, .Mrs. I 'l-lcp, of^smore. . .MK Dpr-ringcr callril ,it tin- It.iy- ihond Cibson home one day last *eelL ^ L'liipn ; -3 nil (3 ..N ;nf! .1.1. n AndriiHs wont Thursday after SJj-.'and .Mr.s. ,1 I flninboldl Inst li^alng cgKs. Mrs. Atlanta Brooks and daugh- .t !r, Mrs. Pearl rLehrack. Betty Jean ••i nd Virginia L*e of Humboldt vi^ 'I ed Friday afternoon at E. 'L. C ihson's. Mrs. ""E. S. |)acon spent last 'hurray with Mrs. Chas. Bacdn. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Uhinchardi snd Lizzy Waggoner of llumixildt c ailed on Mrs. Agne.s. Zimmerman I riday afternoon. Verald B. Pptlock of Walion, an., accompanied by Ralph Hol- ijomb of Burns. Kan., came to E. .1 . Gibson's Sunday evening frtr a t -^ick load ofyTitiusehold; goods for J [r. Gibson's sori-in-law, ' Andrew r ulph of Newton,-Kan. ITliey start- p I back Monday morning. Willis Bacan Aipi-nt Suiurday n fihl at (i'has. Bacon's. Mrs in{'7. Gibson and Ituyniond HUI'.I ui 'fini Wllliums' one even- lllHl WOfk. M,r|«. Agnes Zlmnierniun timl Ifor- Ine ralli'd iiri .MrH. E. (llbhon Ki Idny iii'iernoil>n. ' Mrn, E. I,. (Illim.ii and MluJoiU- lied lit .MIH!-CIniH, KcndiTHon's d Mrs. (iiilleil ikf'Lii|liir |ii< IIIHI "dn<tMday-. icorKf .luckwiii visited iluyniotid liKoii StiiidHy. «rH. E. 1,. ClbMciiv, Miujorle, Xlln dlno and Virgil spent Tliiirisday erno'iii at .lohh /Imnmniiiiu'R. Vir. E, L. (ilbsuil billObert'd a L'f .Monday. I l])arnall Asks Courts To Overrule Findings! 2-1. —The !''ariilcr«' meeting at LallnriieTast 'rinirsdHyj' niphl. was well atleiidect and feoojl lalks were niadi'. .Mr. ,Uimes .loncs wfis in Lall.-irp*' .Mondayi nioniiii.n. -Mrs.' .Iii!;ii l,;|iilz' is (iiiitc |)oiirIy :il tlii.-! writing. Th'j' riiin wo hail I''rld;iy ir"gli« liiiil Saturilay was sure .i (IDVVII- pnur. '• Xiirth of bore tlicrc was i tiuito a hail-storni. Liltlo .James .Milton Irwin is (inite ^orly at this time. Mi3< Ruby Baker spent Tuesday evening at tjie home of her uncle jjiid aiinf, .Mi|.>and Mrs. Will .Morri- .'-oii.. ^' •,.Mr;3.' Jonef? called on Mrs. Spurgeon. Thursday morning. Tonj Norman's sale Monday was wftll attended and things sold well. Mr. ^Parish finished hauling his luinbej- ThutTjday. ».Minmc Jones received - a letter from Jlnth Harper saying her sis-, ,^ „ tor Iljbleu had been «pcrhted on I isltate OCIlOOl JtleadS for at^nenilicitis.' [ Mr. • Thomas and .Mr. IJurrison we're at Mr. Spurgeoft's saw piill Tiipsdsiy. j t . . .Mr.'u Ralph spent; Thursday fdroncon with; Mrs. Sturgeon. .Mr. (and .Mrs. Willie Ross's two iins have ven' bail ciilds. to hi'.ar Willi locus of lat'osi ('liliio.-<e civil war devclhpnicnis, appear'abdvo. At the IBII is a strll:iiiK view of a ctilumn of R.rltisli inl'antiy iiiaicliiuK aliiug Ibibbllng Wolls Road" to portions around Shanghai race track, a cor- pr of wbioli is shmvii. TJic race track will bo one of the ceiiK-rs of re- lsl;«liro ill INIM- foreign sellleinenls ai'c ailaclii-d. M the right i.s a |iic- irc of .\d:nii'al ('l;>rencc Williains, commander of ilio Aniorioaii naval >ivo at Shanghai, taken as^he left a conference; of higli naval olHciis of 10 alliili' i.owois on defense iiieasiiros. Tolephoto wires were iisod to ifiish tlio jiiolure.-? froii'i San Kraiicisco to tlio lU-gistorl ' • little W .i aro sorry Greerux WHS opontl^d on appon- irt reporti'd as ilioltlH, but glad III i;i-ttliiK along iilcci ^lr«. R.ilph I'arln hi l/tiio Elm Tim Goorgi' TlioliiaH 'rhiirMiltiy. i Ml'. Kaiita \va>« at tin' saw 'ni Wi'il'ii 'Miliiyi • Corriil UiMi |ier IIIIKKOII Woilnisdny. Hay KniilhH," linl|iltiit Mr. S|iiir- Ki 'oii iilHh''.Maw mill thin wooli. Goiii'ito Lord calli'd at tlio siiw mill fiir sohio lumber Wi-dni'sday. [ Itayiiiiind l.ant/. has been "out of schoql nil this week. was HliopiiliiK hday (ifteniiion. lIlisNI'll H^'liool school H For many. 'J-ontiirieti the trade of China-haS: be'i>n ii sovr nioiil monoiioly. hidij!ed. tlip fome deriveil in thin sVay has iii^)r( than (iiieo fignrod as: :i prinie tor in guiiraiiteeing Io:iiis niadi foreign nations. PIQTTA Topcka, Kans,. .Mar. 25. (API — lunsel for C. D. Darnali. Kansas Cfty, Kansas, water and light coni- issioner, filed today in .the su- epie court a motion to overrule tihdings of the court's comimls- pner. wbo had found Damall "iuilty of misconduct in office" and recommended •', Darnall's removal from office. "The hearing on riarnall's motion was set for April S,' Plan the 1928 Budgets iTopeka, Kans.. March 25. (APi ads of the state schools met toddy, will) the board of regents to diliriiss the educational .appropriations made by,the 1 !(27-legislature. >rk of making'theschool budgets ilio l!i28 fiscal yiar wus start- '.Mar. 23.—Mrs. II. 11. Koin'ii ••amc ifrom I'ar.sons Friday of last week nnii visitiKl till Sunday wiili bur jiaroirts. .Mr. and .Mrs. Herman Willn and with .Mrs. SopliJli Konon and family. Borift Friday. .March IS, 1»27. to .Mr. and .Mr;;. Henry Kipp. a 11!- poiiiid soil. .Mother and baby arc doing fine. Clara Druggemaii, trained nurse, but not working now, visited with iier uncle. Will Heimuun and family from Sunday until Tuesday oi this week. Mr. and Mrs. Jolm W. .Mc.Vclt are here visiting with .Mr. and .Mrs. Jcbn Collins and family, and other relatives and friends.' 'They arc Roving froA UosAIla to El l^rAdo. where Jack has bi^ promoted to H|infield Oil Driller Is Killed in Accident n 'lnflild, Kan!. Mnr. 2ri. (AIM- I'll iiiiiiM .1. Eiiiini -t, of Wliil !lfdil, r>6. an oil ilrllliT. wus killed yiHterday iii 'i r Ib 'lli-plsiliii', Kan., whon be Willi slrmk by fvllinK crown block iiml pulleys. lUK A Unique Colonial Home Embocfyi l( jicfi Irivo a bad hahit of creat- iiow wants iiistoud of satlsf.v- thi" old ones.' ngaGardge a belter position. .Mrs. Carl Specht and chlldri^ii and Miss Anna Siiecht spent Sunday afternoon witii .Mrs. A. W. Long, ' c Tommy Vot-lmark was (ailing went M toWn as iBsiial last Sunday ttt the home of MJ. uttd Mrs. .lat'ol) KreH-». / , MIHM Etnuia. KIpp vixitod with Mrs. Koncn and Mrs. C. P. KIpji •|ii«it Friday for dinner, and in the arterhoon .Mrs. Konon and .Mrs. <'. P. Klpp visited with the .lohiir P. KIpiij family. ' .MIM! Teresa Kresi. Mtitdont iiiiiHe (It St. .lohn's hospital, lola. was iiome on u'luo-day vacation, returning Sunday zoning to CDiitinui her work. .Alfred Heimuii, son of .Mr. and .Mrs.'Ed llelman. Is sick with a cold and threntenoU witli/ pnen- inonia. Mr. and .Mrs. Jacob Kre .«.H| wero shopping in lolu Inst Saturdnr. Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Dlebolt and family wor^* Sunday visitors at the home of Mr. and .Mrs. .Jacob A roprjt't from Frank Fols'uu i'' that ho is getting along nicely af t !K-' hospital in St. Ijm'xi. -.Mike Heffron was in ami lia 'l six o'l lix-k diniicf '.vitb tlie .Mas.ioth sisters last Tuo .Hday evening.. Mrs. L. .1, IJiliy ;:iid son. Kick- aid v|sitorl with, lier molbor. .Mrs. Sophia Koii'-'n. last Tuesday aflcr- ivoii. - .Mrs. t.'barlcs. Wi 'Ktrrnian iv .^iick Ibiit we all hope sir.- will bo able to " be out before very Ion;:. rii- ili- • I •• Well scleete«l and r properly- hung pictures givftany room that "lllomcnk*;" a'lmlejapherc. Bcautiiul art 'niiclUrjes for «very room in th^lhoilse'. Dependable -vfonkmeri. Good rSeryice. St^irtod; ' ^erehandise/ ; •Givoi us a call and -secure the best for your money , with^years of experience' added free. # 'E. Jnckson <;Rhonc tff2 • ^est • • , The ui^to-date home hais: the radio as important piece of furriiahing.' The modern household ihas a radio as a source • of entt^rtainmerit for the guests ;as a means ef SBthering the natio^i's news from day to da-y^ as an^ essential to education; fun for the kiddies pleasure^or the lovers of modern -or classical hiu- ' sic—a dinect wire to the stock-markets, concerts, •and world events. . Authorized T?. C. A, . /Dealer Ross Arbuckle's I'honc 56 222 .South St. C A house i.s alway.s a htyse—but a painted i.-! a home,-' Paint protects thfe and i.ts wootlwork— adds gi-eatly to the appearance and increases the value of the property. ESTIMATES CHEERFULLY GIVEN We arc sure that cajn satisfy you, both as totpcicc and workmanshi]). 20b SibuTH BUCKEYE Peacock feathers were ciiiisfaier- iil unlucky bccaus'- tlie suiier.sii- lious perceived • in the . radiating pattern a sr iiiblaiic'c to^llie .so- lallcii "Evil-Eye.'' IS IT A COLD; L fer 'bli u'h 'i trhi 11. Huntei' & Bros., Arifhts. New'York City.),; j ll'his !.<) a'lyplearCiiloniai home, k lirpWn as to roof, .cream Villas to sides, apple green! as ^o corner that covers the entrance In a new ^manner and from It one pasuses to'tho Hinnll hiall with its oolftnjal lAalrway. | The llvftig roitm Is very nice iu proporlloi^ luid gl-nerous^s to size, ids and red as to chimnev anij.j " li"" a DJnrgi?'open fireprlace at „_„ „,.„• * ? : one eiid and alllvlnK or sun porch ajte wans. ' i L | on the oa*er.:! Thedliilnji rooiri he sidewalls are ;wjde siding, and kltchln are logically and eon- roof i)f shlngje. and the chlm- venlently sarranged ispacei: liclag and KarBge::ji-alls are brick. ' ItombinhHbfl ot Itame and [•k'.is .oiie ^^i ^^t Is .tather uov^l planned ^r;;ailinece8sary{: equipr' uentl TJlere.Js a oiie carigarake i«ent: TJIere.J: attacbcijir Mo^jthls hob arigarase pref t foU nm tllei in Is dec Al the Xo. 'por ^ ci speif JKtCMO FLOOB PLAJI) rjiiffr '-T-. late. In the iH »cond story iJiere are bed rooms, all-of wlilch havt le light bath. A closet 1s ip.roWd«d acli rooiUand in additiojn.ihcif generous linen closet that \\> ssible from the hall: i ! nice feature bf this floor Is little balcoijy from bed room 1'which Is over the entrance h. _ • |impl,ete working .plans ahd irieaffons for this lionsp ma; |(ibtaitieii Jdr a 'uoiAiual;isu; Oiiralio, Nebr,—"La«t winter I c'ontrqcted a'severe cold" which affected me terribly and it seemed tint I coald act get iM of it. Fta- u idea it would-reUewe me it anf- thlng wotdd, and'so It/»d. I-todk three bottles and was relieved tX. all t^e I affects of my-very l»d coHL I think the 'Discovery' Is a woottoi^ ful tonic for snyboilyin |i debUit^ ed condition oniealtli.''-*"Mrs; H. J B. StjIUaoi. 2417 Dodge.^lSt^ { Flnlt VOT taibleta. >Atl drngglata. ^; The pooi'hoiises are full of people who believed nic st heartily in saving money forjold age and tire "rainy day." Jnhat's all they, had —juk a good iaea. When you get a good i^d —put it into acimi! I AND SAflSTT I • • i [ • •'• - ^ ' ! You i)ay $3.42 a month for 15 years and we will pay you Yon pay $5,00 a and \ve will pay you $6.00 a nionth for pay y«u $1.<)00. month for 138 month^ $1,000. 10 years and we wii $14.50 a month fo;r 5 years and we wil pay you^l,0J00. $25.50 for*;3 ^ears and we will pay yoi| $1,000.! Office in First N^tl^nal Baiiik _ - •• • ' Idla, Kansa4 Everybody Reads !1 ThatV? why Books are .such an cs.sential part of the home. "And because there arc books on practically every ' siibjecf a| well stocked library i.s almost indispensable to the person who,realizes'that advancement -lies Ajith J /knowledge and study. < " Here you will find work.s of well known authqr.s, modern fiction, technical and business book.s, and jolly books for the children. ~ In addition to the books of the house is the character of its social, .stationery. Crane's | Linen Lawn and Eat­ on's'Highland Linen beiir the mark of distinction and (Perfection. . , Hie Evans Store Water Many people's ejres water ti-eeiy evei-y^now and then from a cause theyjknow not what. It's EYESTRAIN./ If this is not checked in time it will be a.difficult matter to overcome. The wise thinjj to do is to have me give your eyes a thorough e.Kamination. so that an exact idea of their strength may be an-ived at and the proper glasses'made to correct the trouble before it becomes more acute; " JEWELER-OPTOMETR BE WISE IN •Mr Just insurance will not do — mereextrayagant claims are faulty-^select your insurance with care and feel confident (that in case,of a loss ydu wilrhe umply compen^ted. -^J Reigardless of what form of protection you tire in need of we can .'Jaitisfy yoU b^ond all dou|)t; Our methods, our sprvice and our willingness to assist you with your insurance problems will delight you. i ^ WE AKE FURNISHING ALL PROTECTION FOR THE rOLA DAILY l^ISTER'S "HOME BEAUTIFpt." TlieR.L.Th^psoii

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