Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on May 24, 1962 · Page 4
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 4

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 24, 1962
Page 4
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LOCALS Mr. and Mrs. Charley Bailey and family of Fulton, Mo., came Thursday night for a week-end visit in the parental Frank Miller home. Dinner guests at the Miller home Sunday in their honor were the Arlie Stufflebeam family of Waterloo; Mrs. Lillian Trout, Hawkeye; Billy Johnson and Mrs. Maggie Johnson, Sumner; the Dick Miller and James Miller families and Mrs. Mary Miller all of Fayette. — •— Dora Tann visited her brothers, George and Bill Tann and families in Waterloo Sunday. —•— A number of Fayette residents were at Fort Atkinson Sunday afternoon to attend the dedication services for the repaired and remodeled Indian forts there. —m— Mrs. Park Cowles spent Saturday with her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Stanley Cowles, West Union and to gether withother friends and relatives they visited in the Ted Askelsen hoine assisting Mrs. Ask elsen in celebrating her birthday. —•— Shirley and Gerald Miner spent Sunday with Rollyn and Mardene Schroeder in Randalin. —• — Mrs. Elsie Shepard visited a few days last week in Die homes of her sons, Robert and Howard Shep' ard in Cedar Rapids. —• — Sunday evening Mrs. Mildred Miner, Shirley and Gerald and Mrs. Amelia Voelker spent in the Duane Miner home in Sumner in observance of their first wedding anniversary. —• — Mr. and Mrs. Keith Knos of Liberal, Kansas, visited his mother, Mrs. Chris Knos last last week. —•— Mr. and Mrs. Walker Briggs accompanied by Mrs. E. Stephenson and Roland of Manchester and Mr. and Mrs. Otto Popenhagen picniced at Tunnell City, Wis., Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Briggs and family, Mrs. Agnes Dickinson and Mr. and Mrs. Walker Briggs took picnic supper to the home of the Sidney Topes near West Union Wednesday as a surprise courtesy for the birthdays of Mrs. Tope and son, Steven. — m — Spending Sunday at a family gathering at the Frank Shoemaker home in Cedar Rapids were Mr. and Mrs. Marion Reese and also their son, David of Rochells, 111. The Reeses also made the acquaintance of their new grandson in the William Schrfever home. —•— Tuesday evening guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Max Miller were, Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Year- ous, Mr. and Mrs. Herb Brown. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Miller, Vcrdn ami Edgar Miller in honor of Max Millers birthday. Verda Miller showed slides of her recent trips to Flordin. — Mrs. Elsie Sliepard spent Sunday with other relatives at the George Grannimnn home in Orlwein at a dinner as a courtesy to Wanda Granneman's graduation from the Oelwein high school. — m — Mr. and Mrs. Harold Homewood, Carolyn and David were Sunday afternoon visitors in Guttenburg. — •— Mr. and Mrs. Hans Olson. Hazlc- ton. were dinner guests Sunday at the J. K. Olson home. His two sisters* Mrs. Signe Svellaixl and Mrs. Wilhemine Simonson, of Oslo. Norway, who have been visiting relatives in this area since March went home with the Olsons and plan to leave from there Thursday morning to visit a few days with friends in New Jersey before sailing from New York on June 1. for their Norway home. — • — Spending Sunday evening at the Don Vandersee home in celebration of his birthday were the Harold Vandersee family of Oelwein and Laverne Vandersee family of Fay ette. —• — Mr. and Mrs. William Liston, of Kansas City, Mo., were weekend visitors in the Harry Corkery home. —• — A few friends of Miss Alice Hastings spent Saturday afternoon, May 19, with her at the home of her brother, John Hastings, where she is residing, to assist her in celebrating her 90 birthday. She received cards and rememberances and enjoyed the occasion. —•— Mrs. David Olson, Stevens Point, Wis., and Mrs. T. Husberg, Eau Claire, Wise, were Thursday afternoon and Friday visitors in the Mrs. Hazel Rasmussen home com­ ing especially to attend the high school commencement exercises Thursday evening. Mrs. Olson's sister, Jean Ann Cowles was a member of the class. Johnny Tripp. 1.0 year old grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Tripp and a member of this year's high school graduating class has enlisted In the Navy. — e — Mr. and Mrs. Don Thomas, of Sioux Falls. S. !).. Raymond Thomas and family, of Manchester and the L. A. Hansen family of Waterloo were Mothers Day week-end guests of Mrs. Mary Thomas and the Lawrence Thomas family. — Mr. and Mrs. .lack Kilty. Worth. III., were here to attend the wedding of his sister, Kathryn Riley and I.t. Richard Barnes, at the Holy Name Catholic church in West Union Saturday morning. They were week end guests in the parental George Reed and John Riley Sr., homes. A family dinner in their honor was held at the Reed home Sunday. • - Tlie Don Smith family had Sunday dinner with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Stickler in Fayette in observance of Mrs. Smith's birthday. — • — Dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Maurer we v Mr. and Mrs. Vaylord Maurer and two sons of Waterloo. — • — Patricia Chase, of Minneapolis, Minn., s|>ent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alva Chase. — •— Bessie Schneider is at her work again at the Farm Bureau office after being at home a few days with a leg injury. Mrs. Willie Lnngerman took care of Miss Schneider's work at the office during her absence. New cars licensed New cars licensed this month in the Fayette county treasurers office were; Dr. James or Marjorie Roling, Oelwein, Ford; William or Mable Stone, Oelwein, Mercury; Walter, Belschner, Hawkeye, Plymouth; Leo Reisner. Oelwein, Chevrolet; Glen or Shirley Grimley, Oelwein, Rambler; Clair or Summer League Schedule — BOWL AT 8:00 P.M. — MONDAYS—Three-Man Men's Teams TUESDAYS—Mixed Couples, 2 couples per team WEDNESDAYS—Women's League THURSDAYS—Junior Boys' League, 4 to a team FRIDAYS—Junior Girls' League, 4 to a team — BEGINNERS WELCOME — Phone 780 LILAC LANES West On Highway 18 West Union, Iowa KEEPING COOL! Your electric air conditioner dehumidlfies; circulates the air, exhausts room air or brings in fresh air; filters with bactericidal filter. Guards against pollen, dust and airborne Impurities ., .gives true comfort Order NOW to beat the sunuwrfeflrt. PVMMIHI by INTtMTATaPQWeR COMPANY In M fofntt of ToMetfoMe Living See Your ELECTRIC Delores ZimmSFfflSn. Oelwein, Rambler; Marvin Kendall. wein, Buick; Robert or Krma Wilson, Elgin, Chevrolet; I.yle or Bess Gunderson, Clermont. Ford; O.-a McBride, Oelwein. Rambler. Rev. Thomas Schwinn. Oelwein, Ford; Daryl or Allene Ileiserman, Oelwein, Ford; Zettn White. Wadena; Dale Dyke, West Union. Com et: Leo Layton, West Union. Chevrolet; Ralph Kneeland. Clemnnt, Chevrolet; Delmar or Helen Malm quist, West Union, Ford; .John Riley, Donnan, Chevrolet; Kenneth or Lucille Wardell, Oelwein Chevrolet; Robert Diet/, Wadena, Fnleon; Marvin Stella, Oelwein. Chevrolet; Garry or Betty Davidson, Oelwein, Chevrolet; Fay or Betty Wheeler, Oelwein, Mercury; Raymond or Jeanne Murphy, West Union, Rambler; John Mihm, St. Lucas. Chevrolet; Glenn or Ruth Nicholson, Maynard, Chevrolet; Clair Harrington, Oelwein, Mercury; John Cat liu, Oelwein, Rambler; 1-eslie Yearous, Oelwein Chevrolet; Paul or Rosalia Bruner, Oelwein, Corvair. Virgil or Helen Valvoda, Oelwein, Chevrolet; John Fall) and Sons, Elgin, Buick; Ralph Hawkins, Waucoma, Chevrolet; Dorothy or Robert Scott, West Union, Chev­ rolet; Donald McComb, Fayette, Ford; Samuel Wood, Oelwein, Rambler; Ruth Egeland, West Union, Ford; Wilbur Ford Sales, West Union, Ford; Ingerbrect Jerdee, Clermont, Buick; Harry Pape, West Union, Ford; Lorene or Marian Behrens, Arlington, Chevrolet. Dennis or Eleanor Moore, Oelwein, Mercury; Lloyd and or Nancy Phillips, West Union, Pontiae; Knief Rambler Sales, Oelwein. Rambler; Wardell Chevrolet Co., Oelwein, Chevrolet Ernest Schmidt, Arlington. Ford; Wardell Chevrolet Co., Oelwein, Chevrolet; Sam Schneider, Elgin, Falcon; Nelson Converse, Sumner, Rambler; John Lueder, Jr., West Union, Plymouth; Ordell Kjosa, Clernr'nt, Ford; Victor or Jessie Vaugh, Oelwein, Buick; Wayne Opperman, Sumner, Ford; Peter Jessen, Jr., Stanley, Mercury; Ida Epperson, Sumner, Ford; Robert Larson. Oelwein, Wards Camp trailer. Trucks were licensed to Albert Frey, West Union, Chevrolet; Albert Frey, West Union, Ford; Hugh, Lynch, Waucoma, Ford; Carl Oldenburg, Sr., Hawkeye, International; Lorenz Schellhorn, Oran. Ford; Peoples Natural Gas, West Union, Chevrolet. 10 civil cases filed Ten civil cases have been filed this month in the office of the Fayette county clerk of court. State Bank of Lawler vs Joe Kriener and Julia Kricner, foreclosure of chattel, $3,060.39, interest and costs. J. J. Levin vs Reubin Blake, replevin, $50. per day and costs. Luella A. Stolka vs John J. Stolka, separate maintenace, $300 per month and costs. Sinclair Refining Co., vs James R. McKnight and Jean McKnight, account, $205.37, interest and costs. Joan G. Johnson vs Ronald K. Johnson, Divorce. Kawanee Machinery and Conveyer Company vs Harry L. Frieden and Joseph A. Langerman, promissory note, $587.23, $10.40 and $305.25, interest and costs. Waterloo Surgical and Medical Group vs. Elmer Knoedler and Velda M. Knoedler, account, $60, interest and costs. N. L. Hicks vs. Paul A. Weishapl and Monica Weishapl, attachment, $3,116.17, interest and costs. Carroll Manson vs. John Hoehne, oral contract, $1,500, interest and costs. State Bank, of Lawler vs. John Pennington and L. Delores Pennington, promissory note, $371.79, interest and costs. Vote For William H. "Bill" KEG Repubican For Fayette County SUPERVISOR Term Beginning Jan. 1, 1964 _ 2,000 PAIRS % j r~.-rsSSB=£&£ f GLOV-ETTS TO BE GIVEN AWAY' // 1,000 PAIRS^FREE% V# 1,OTO"PAIRS FREE t! JSuborbdnites A ° FAMOUS FOR^ • | IUWII.SOPT WALKING S £2SSL"25. ^ MOST COMFORTABLE SHOES J kL OUR FEET HAVE EVER KNOWN • ^"omnitnJeJl'^ alliliu We are participating in the sensational gift ol 1,000 pairs of Glov EUs and 1,000 pairs of Glov-Ett Suburbanites by their manufacturers. and are going to give away a pair of each at oui store. All adults are eligible to win. Come In and Register Today! MAURERS SHOES AND CLOTHING Have You Seen and Heard Argued the Two "Over 65" Health Care Programs? THE PRESIDENT wants fe<,eraJ » compulsory control of the health care of the aged. YOUR DOCTOR want8 to maintain family physician control of the health care of the aged. THE PRESIDENT wants to create a tax-supported, political bureau which would ultimately select the hospitals and doctors "qualified to care'for the elderly; and economically restrict the med\ ^ icines, laboratory tests, and surgical procedures allowed. YOUR DOCTOR want * to maintain the right of the elderly to select their own doctor and hospital; and also their right to change doctors or hospitals, if they so desire. He wants to maintain his right of selecting the medicines and laboratory tests -his training and experience tell him are indicated; and his right of advising the surgical procedures that this same training and experience tell him are needed. THE PRESIDENT want * very to S«n the Political prestige that passage of his federal medical legislation would give him. He has allowed the White House to be used as headquarters for the professional lobbying for this legislation — an unprecedented breach in political morals. His Secretary of Health has used public tax monies to publish a book promoting this partisan legislation — an illegal act. YOUR DOCTOR wants very rnuch to maintain the highest level of medical care that exists. He is well acquainted with what hap• pens to overall medical care when it becomes a political function — as has happened in England, Japan, France, Italy, etc. He is deeply ashamed of the many malicious attacks, either fostered or condoned by the President, that have been made against our basic American economic precepts, attempting to destroy our people's belief in the justice of our free enterprise system and replace it with the belief that the fed^ , eral government can care for us better, collectively, than we can care for ourselves, individually. THE PRESIDENT cannot personally know the elderly people who are ill; or aid in their care. He can only be aware of them as a statistic. YOUR DOCTOR c * oea P er8 ° na ^y know the elderly people who are ill. He takes care of them. They are important human beings to him. THE PRESIDENT cannot 8ee you personally to discuss the medical care of the aged with you. You are not that important to him individually. YOUR DOCTOR ^ m $ ^ happily see you personally to discuss this ojrilimy other problem. You are tiiat important to him in' dividualjy. • THE PRESIDENT "w*^** yovur av^pport to increct&e power. •YOUR DOCTOR w **i u yow • u PP or t 4 ° enable him to continue to practice medicine free frotm political control. Y Q U ^ as an Araerjcan, nnve the political right and responsibility to inform,your representatives in Congress on which side of this issue you stand. Do not fail to exercise this right «i[ti J v v The Fayette County Medical

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