The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 26, 1927 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 26, 1927
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

OJ9Z7 a: ^^TYicQlJti lOLA DAILY REGI isTER; SATURDAYJ EVgNINC. 'MARCH 192T. This Has Happened Clay Curtis, after a nying trift to New-.York. where lie thrown down liy Ciairej •uti actress, 'returns toi in Colfax ahcj annoont father, T. Q. Cturtis, th Jt he in^ ten<U to earn: his ow i living; thereby .giving :the *ie tp Claire"* jeer thai lie 'coulU'ii't gel a ,job if they were beiiig-Kiveu ChrlBtmaS presents. . •The father o'ffers hiih the as^ .siHtant munagej-shi)) of hiit ^lam^ niofh ileDartmeiit store. but| CIJI!^ refuses, Whe» Clay leaves hiil till her t<» pack.for his deparlure, tile clil inan is 'loHt tn lnucly reV-^ M-rie. l^e recaps a- rei:isirk ;('la'y 'once nunle that T, Q. ishauld'liav^. Gi daughter Inj^iead of a HOII'; lliut money jJiDeHi ^'l nuke girlft soft,' as ii dotS'boys. V. Q. w'on-; ders if the son •wa.'i righr. ; - • Cluy lakes with hiui only aifew; (lothes, ffinH|<'. and'tools lor w\rii- iiiK musie. and the change, left trimj his New Vork trip. $21.1:!. neallzing he illiinoi ufforif a lio-. rd. lie lurus l<» llie poorer .s ;'c-' Hon or the city. While wau< er-: ir .g there in the cold and «lljrk: of a .January niglit. he "is arre.sted by the souiid of violin music- Seeing a sisn "Room for — With or Wiihbut .Mealsj. tack ^-d; on llie hou -^e.'he makes la (|uick> d '-<ision and raps at I he door., which is opcntd by a ^irl. • "Siwr <;« (In: With! the! Story ' CHAHTEU 11.. Hilly Wells ;was notj. an easil(' fin.stered young womaii biit sh(j confes.sed to Iier njolhej- later tlia? i^hc hutl'almost'<lropi)ed her violin when she haw who was callii;g at elevi<n o'l.'loc.k of lliai bitterly <-old night, with two heavy''.'siiitcase| dragging at his arms. ; "l ihought thyt either be wai crazy or 1 wa.^.•^'.she laughed. 'AiuJ be didn't say a'Word'at'first, just ."tailed first at-me aud tiien at the vi<din. Then be frowned at hieik! with those Wg Idack eyes of bii*!-fjent': prelim-red.- I'm a gent staring at me out of a face that s- ^y,„^. ,„ too pale for a man, and bes^an ff{. jf „-,..^ going i «„t tomorrow .-.cold me. 1 lidnt linow wbe.lier: t,,^, . to slap him oil sliut the (loor in hlif u<my-h\nixu-,\. cajijialisls. A luce, or drai^ lum in ou. of tn^, j„„.i i„ j, ,.„, nioRle:-. H«», went .itraJgbt td^^thp i )iano, struck' a note, then another and another: his head cockeil side- Wiysi listeninic lnteritl:f. j V I {"Needs> tuning; but no^ jnich a hlid box." he said aloud,; as he itwnng llnto the tilting, icollicking. i<c<luctiVe mazurka that Bill3r Wells had been pJaj^ng on her v{olIn when he had Stopped b«dre'^lher house. Hi.=j faicewas uplnteil when Billy and her inother camp Into the room. HteppinJI: softly, botii of them. "This is my mother. Mfr Curtis. I've fripd to iqonvlnce taeijj.^t you ma.* ' Did jroii oVvr read TlMJibia,' Mr. C^irtis—lir Marie' C« reiur» •Vo, Vm sorry. l! tWni; Tlielina' nourishjsd liefore^niy Ui le." 'Clay, sinUed at ber entirelj »lttaonl pa- trpuage; l^'bat a fiinny, round lit- 'tle dumpling! she was! J le wanted to bitch' thV .pianoj ben .-h nearer and lay bl« bead on her soft, wide lap. . . i . "There ain't any] Mr[ Wells." Mrs. Wells ekplaine I con ;elentiotis- ly. "I iruesa the ess i aid about him the better. There's | Just Billy a nice quiet tady|that wouldn't want to be borrowji g-the electric iron all thej time <f wsshln? her laundry in libe ba:throoBi "l iiever wash my ._ .— bathroom." Clay tpl I h«r gravely. "And/I'm a nice «iiiet.| homeless boy—quiet, that Is. ejxc burst into niusic a^| I now, jeixcejtti when I (fid Just I'm sure |l havei jt." 'le smiled. lay \ :as that, I "Wv^X, fti" all the nerve!" Billy <'rle«l angrily,; do yon know it isn't already rent eili or tliat we don't prefer a lady roonier?" i ."Ail t!ie furnished room ad coid an<l givtj him a |de<e Of my mind." What Clay'<;Hriis said was: •JOu shouldn't do "tlial—break iff- it s j-.iH.t what'I'm Jookiiig for. liut no! naiidy. i lieaii in piict not •• say that jieail, into job jni i .-^ure Neat bnl in the middle (if a bar of inusl.-..; ^y,.,^,""'"''"'^ • old Iiiiu looli.sli," severely.? JJilly '•-Alnd 1 yihg vlolin.VV" :.iiiti ' V'tu yiniUH-d a HlrluK." I iiHr 'il her, reai'liiiiK fur tin •'Villi idioiildi't .-^ii.ic ilrirt cliciip, .And I'luipiii would ii II(H Kraye'lf I c liiifw ynii we liiu III do lil>< r.-»Voili<' iiiu/.ii till lluHllliiiti llijflle' lilio Mil-' mry. 'ruriicil out liy the ilioi (li-fiil 1 .01 'd, >;ii'l. yliit cm U'liy dou 'l y<|u gel ii r«'.il v ||f .Mei'iiii .'d vt'iy iiiiKry alum 111- IliruKi the iifi'fiuliliK iiisl ' Into lier bauds.; "1 ;.'<it ..llii.'i ill the music mciil of your lather's store- ciiit discoiinl ta emidoyes- a^id I'm dasn iinky to: have aiiy kin' fiildk-. if it 's any <ir your hii V loo I tot ile- cak- Migbt as well go about cruucliing"! . , flowers under yyjir f.-M or smasl.-j' >"» .,• • ing bui.ljles Ifor'^^Iho: fun of the'^''' ike-a cbeap ^Isecr: cker. ,. r ; V -iU iloll'tMlo It ill all well. •Did .voudrcp ln,;^l Ibii- lime of M-'^e .onslanl• Kidders ami niglfl jiistlo .biiwl me .M.I ijor „.„-^«jse. .act. rs. liulsbil.K a IMcce ofJluiiKU ."• ItillyJ -V"'"" '•'•'I'l f '^'V M'ni railicr oil my licad si'i', I've lald'li the big pi gill JiiNl luciily-iiiii- ill ililticen. I liiiH Ml il|i' worlil nil III •(• I ry- Uii (III KlM- Maiidw piMj-: iolill'?' il. ,as UlUCIll illllV 111!' (lllllllH I IllOllghl •tti"'l\ tti i. iH -i-is iiry fur il I l ^rlp III .sow Voili. • jliil I <lo 'ii roi.ip. I ciini 111 foil! Ill iiotel. ami I'm .xeiloiis alioiit 4o wiirR lomorriiw. f \\'li<ii I 1 you (. ayliii; I knew- thai I'd ^jiii tlif iiall s.-lt«-e II vouil II icpart-i''i"''"-i -' •'" «illi".ul V per 'iliinii; liiH iinislc. and I could any .-oil ol iiiiiiii if I could lou play .siiiiielimes in tlie liiiii. ^ .,..•,!' •'I w'linlilii't lii'tlu-r you—Jii What do you. want benv anyway ..,„„„ „.iiU Hie door, Tl..- icy wind was. winixping ijj^, ,„.:.,..:;!, you fi.und I was .1- of ai <iness Iiiii f skirt about a pair iif i-> •'•d ed. silk-cfad knees, and she ., .in III" tile door. ' , ,*"()b. 1 say. wail a minule!" he b-Sg'.'d. "You've got a sign on—"KurnisbiHi room, w'"' or wilUout meals." 1 -.vaut il wilh meals, jileasi". Aud these are inelty heavV-and 1 sieni <o| , " , notice (hat it's a li.lle ,-hillv ou. i ^^'V- >'';'' ""^l.rsland luus, i you couldn I jilay as >••••• -i" 1 yb'i take me in'.'" ;T'-f<;fil" into the ifir.; u|> till' pai-ltii- loa mtin. 1 '—pia-riiij i-Ilo. violin, flute -; wviti" m':isic. .Vol ve:y great l y-i. "lift that's'the reason iiii*-(>. Had v.anteil me to vo tfie ^iii:.-. jainl I wanii'd iiiiis'.-. <;<Ki(l I never dre^ ill he ipilUiig my life story the pale iiesH Igbl. Ililge. Ilarh :«nil lasi yiiig need Ml a [iiliii; leiji-d Heep nil- •ery- italid hear eve- t sit IIMMI. iler- 1)1 ay ml i iiisic cut into [vriK? and flaunting cheapness. II<? conld think what lie pleased. | But she need not have -tt-orried aboiil Clay Curtis..He .scarc«^ly saw til'! gaudily 'papered walls with tlieir ' clutter of" cheaply framed cnlored prints of i fanioiiR I paintings, iir the mussed, cretonne covered davenport that becamt a bed for line.xpeclfed "comiiany. ' His eyes found tlie only objects in the ri'om thai .interested him—: piano atiil an opcn-slielf: cabinet of sheet are leally serious in wa^tlig our p „if ' w spare room. Xot that I believe it .^ii^'"'" ^.vselff she fdded. her little Up- "'i 7^^^^^ tnted Lse w?lggllng dlMlalnfully. ^^^Sff,,' hL .r ^„ "M.v.ibut ynu can plairl" Mrs. i"' if 'Ll Wells settled her short, pfump bo<ly ...„' ^ , "«.«.! J*. Into an'old-roHhloned roclilng chair. ^^''*" ».i Started to "Im real gfajJ to meet Vou. I 've heard jmy dajighter speak of you Often—" < \ • \ , i , ".Mother, that 's' not true;" Billy cried sharply! the red of vexation titaining even 'the tiny amber freckles avross her impudent nose. "Mr. Curtis' isn't at the store often enough ;for him to excite much coniment." J Her mother smiled brightly, entirely unabashed, her blue eyes, paler than her daughter's, twinkling- upon the visitor. ' "'.My goodness. I've got to have some way tb ppett a conversation, ain't I?" she I asked reasonably. '•Now: .Mr. Cur- (lis. we're just common fblks. BtH}- and ine. and we live plain'. I think you said—with meals?" , "Oh. yes.",Clay answered, drag, I giiig the piano bench forward so that he sat almost at her kuee.s. '•Yoii see, I can't afford to take meals herd and there, and I'm sure I'd hate cheap restaurants. 1 like home cooking, what little of it I've had. But 1 don't want to deceive yo!!. Mrs.—.Mrs.—" he hesitatei), reminded that he hadn't the faintest idea what the truculent little violinist br her mother was named. ; "Good grief. Billy! Vou haven't an ounce of manner! I'm .Mrs. Wells. Mr. Ci'rtis. And this Is my I daughter. Billy. Her name's rlght- Iv Tlielma. but ever since she was a little mite it's made her fighting mad to be called thoitght it was a real' sweet name. 1 read it in J book—a book called 'TbeU The Gift of Candy Speaks If you are one of those bashful men that •fun't .'^a.v the things that are in your heart, send her a box of Sifers' Chocolates, and jshe will understand. ' • ' You will find Sifers' candy wherever ^ood candy is sold. \ Manufactured by Sifers Cindy Co. you do. parlor wh tiiiiiglil. He grinned at iier. boy- i>hlv. he steppei hilii tlie ball. lorciug the door wide against her indignantly re ,,. , ,.. mil i'li|inth- 'ho'l-le. guanl.'d.-but -Well, of all the nerve! Bill.N , releniing far lasier than •'^''^ w'antid Iiliii to siisjiecl'. .,M -,1001" iniii nil! parmr ^^ll door wide i^;^,, ,,„„|„.,. . ,;,„v.s selling bre '•-•^"•""""^'Itri-'lcit .-heu." He:- v.,i,-e was eried angrily, helplessly, ashi bis suitcases down .ipon the worn, fravcil l)it Of carpet and .stood over I;ei. -still- smiling confidently, as If be kiiew- that iiutbing lie 'serioil.s- Iv wanted could ever' be denied bira. , i . ; VMi-must tliiiik I'm crazy," li,!s black eyes glowfd" upon • ber. wrirm i and friendly and coa.\inK. "Hut ;he i truth is that I've just disiiibiiit<-d • 1 myself.: I gather that you know; I who I am. Krajikly. I wjsli pni, ^didii't. ;1 w-i.-^h I could rn,rgel ' it i myself ami mali,e everybody (-(Ise j loiKel Miat .I'm 'I'. (J. Ciirtis's sou. -•H'ou cee.-I'm out on niy owji n6w. Had didn't throw me out: 1 threw myself out. It's a long story, i nd I I'm sure you M-ani to ;:el back ijlid finish that broken bar of miisic. I'll llike the room, thanks, if yiii'll jiir-l ihcw me where, it is." . "\\;itliout even sveiiig lij.' How le 1 ! 4 <l in -till .-he she iShe Iri't him in the without apology for its "pal PHONE --65- med this '. «ir Will llor." rder , W 'HE .N' YOrR LIGHTS Gf , lovr on ycnn PLUMBING •» • GOES BAD llf r Electric anil i *^*P*Plumbingt:(i TIIK ItADIO STORE i—the plaster in your homo this Spring! when consitiering your remodeling. Pool J plaster is dangerous. J "Have it done by tljoselhat have unlimited experience in this l^ne ^of work. 0* course that means-!; >' A THOROUGH LUBRICATION EVERY 500 MIIJES: WILL ADD YEARS TO THE • i, LIFE OF YOUR CAR Do It With Peerless Oils PEERLESSOIL&REFININGCO; An-lilr >Vapdyi. .MiinnRi Aorth Side Square SERVICE SATISFACTION Roy Peridnai iJRiCK ACONCRETE WORK I I • (Estimales on Request) ^liiWest Street Isle!. Now, Mr. 'pu T as saying , Jo deceive me? like you got your mm ine oeiier. ineres jusi i• --r- and me. andl we'd tieen laoWng fori Is that too high*" she a^ed anx- head." haveyjuut t^rcnty-ou'c dollars' anil thirteen cents, hut I expect, to so to "^Srk tomorrow, br the next day. -I'tn goingt to do what Broad- wnyt calls 'walking the weary' till i;iaiid aometning. no {matter If it's digging ditches." l|'reckon I'm willing to take a cbai^ce.,if the room siiltMiyou. Xow, let's see—room with jnieals.—" she calciilKt^ slowly, her lips moving soundlessly. "L don't see hardly how I| could coihe out even i^nless I charged, yoa ten dollars a ,week. iousJy.: "If yoh're. a big eater— not thai you look l|ke it—" •Tefi tjollani a week!" Clay Curtis' stared at her incredulously for a mooient. then thrlist a hand into his packet. ."I'll pay a week in advance, right n'owl j And I'Jl try not t|v be a big eater!" j (To BeCoijtlnued) Jthlr TVells ge^ ianinry; with taeriJeU; In the Pfxt chapter. 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