Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on May 24, 1962 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 24, 1962
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Established In 1914 NATIONAL EDITORIAL IAS^JCQTI^N 1fc Old itm&i. A M I I I A M A.I I M II I 0 Subscription Rates In Fayettp and Adjoining Counties Outside Fayette and Adjoining Counties . $3.00 Per Year $3.50 Per Year The Leader Is published weekly in Fayette, Iowa, and distributed on Thursday morning. Entered at the Post Office at Fayette, Iowa as second class matter, under the Act of March 3, 1879. Maurice Stoneman, Owner and Publisher 'Take a look at your wife's purse if you want proof that money isn't everything." Editorial Comments - Poor Record To Copy Before anyone embarks on an important venture, it's only the part of wisdom to try to learn the experience of others who hav:> followed similar trails. That little truism goes for government, as well as an individual. It can be applied to proposals for government domination of medicine. England's socialized National Health Service pro vides our precedent here. And we can go to Knglish authorities to see what the results Ifave been. A documentary film prepared by the British Broadcasting Corporation said that soine patients "have been waiting as long as six years for surgery." A well known British journalist re|)orted that "the number of people mrdieally insured for p-ivate treatment has risen by more than 1,000 per cent. . . "because". . . . Socialist medicine is just not good enough." A dis tinguished Oxford professor found that the system has been ". . . progessively creating despondency and frustration among the doctors. . ." An AP release told of the complaints of patients at over-crowded waiting rooms, and of physicians' complaints of excessive work loads and underpayment. A British doctor now in this country wrote, # "The poor British taxpayer has been milked dry. The Health Service now costs more than five times the orginal estimate." The Chicago Tribune's London Bureau Chief said that British "hospitals have 500,000 on their waiting lists." , So it goes- and such a list could be continued almost indefinitely. The question for us is: Shall we emulate, in any wav, such a costly and disastrous failure? Homemakers Dateline by Dorothye E. Busching Fayette County HOMK ECONOMIST Have you noticed that so-called "new" appliance models appearing in market showrooms the first of every year are fading out of the picture? Today manufacturers are adopting a policy ot bringing out "new" items only when justified by engineering advances and are doing away with minor changes just for the sake of change. In the same line of thinking, new items which are introduced may come at any time during the year and not just on January 1st. D-E-B The stretch fabrics which have been so popular this year are constantly being improved and developed. For the consumer the best guarantee of satisfactory performance is to buy from a reliable retailer and manufacturer. When buying stretch garments, be sure seams hems and other construction features have the same elasticity as the fabric. Otherwise stitching will snap as the fabric "gives" and stretches. D-E-B The "old, dried up prune" isn't, so dried up any more. Improved processing and packaging methods make it possible to buy prunes in the store which contain up to 40 per cent of their original moisture. They also remain soft and can be eaten from the package. The new prunes will "plump up" when you cover them with water and let them stand in the refrigerator or they will cook in 10 - 20 .minutes. - ™ "IJ'vrY Tu"; To Another new prune product is ^ by the body? It is an ready-to-serve prunes packed in excel €nt source of tissue building sews. Buy quality needles of reliable make. They have sharp points -and smooth eyes. Inferior needles fray and break thread. It is essential to change your sewing machine needle often. They become dull with use and sometimes the bent or "burred." Stitching over pins carelessly is a cause of this. Remember it is important to use the right needle for the job you want it to do! D-E-B Where is the first aid supply kit in your home? Is it well stocked with gauze, bandage, dressings, adhesive tape, cotton, antiseptic, petroleum jelly, scissors, tweezers, flashlight, alcohol, aspirin, and other important items for every family to have near when needed? Why not take a few minutes today to check your first aid supplies and assemble a kit if jour family doesn't have one. This would be a good job for the children to help with! D-E-B Did you know that the meat you eat is 9C - 98 per cent digested Chattin' With Stoney This is rather a sad lime of the year, even thought it is sprint; and everyone should be happy. But the reason for sadness is that many of our friends will he departing for lar away places. Kaeh year at college gradual ion time many friendships that have bloomed for three or four years will undergo a change because the college students will be moving away — going out to make their niche in life. Of course, some of those friend ships will continue on for years to come, but the students always take with them a little part of their close friends in Fayette. In the fall, though, another new group of youngsters will arrive, and new friendships will begin. Things are always considerably quieter in the summer months with the students gone, and we all look forward to their return in the fall. There are nearly as many students in class at Upper Iowa in the summer time, but most of them commute, so do not add much to the liveliness in Fayette. Of course, this three months period gives the merchants time to realize the value of having 800 students living on campus, and they should be ready to welcome them back with open arms for the fall term. Creek Bottom. Comments Receives injuries Marvin Vandersee. .'i.'i year old farmer was hospitalized at West Union Thursday after falling from a farm machine while planting corn. Vandersee was working at the Michael Hennessey farm near Fayette when the accident happened. He suffered several fractured ribs, but his condition is not believed to be serious. SELL YOUR DON'T WANTS WITH LEADER WANT ADS In the words of one editorial, the Iowa Supreme Court has "opened Pandora's mystic box, a million pestiferous insects will fly over the land". This, in regard the recent ruling on casual and incidental sales being legally subject to Iowa retail sales tax. If Johnny .(ones sells his willow whistle to .Junior Johnson, he should collect and remit sales tax. If a farmer sells a pumpkin to a city family, to make a jack o lantern, he should collect and remit sales tax. We herewith express our feelings by asking the gV>od old rugged question, what the-hell is this country coming to? The D. M. Register has suggested that the next Iowa Legislature should do something about this confused situation. We most emphatically agree. They should legislate an Indiana type Adjusted Gross Income Tax, and end this retail sales tax tomfoolery, c-b-c Quaker Oats Company's "Aunt Jemima" and Borden's cow, "Elsie", have at least one thing in common. There have been several of both. The orginal Elsie was killed in a truck wreck back in 1041. We do not know how many "Elsies" there have been, since that time. The orginal "Aunt Jemima" was a slave cook for a • Louisiana plantation owner, famous for her tasty pancakes. Years after the Civil War the aged Aunt Jemima gave her recipe to the representatives of a Northern mill. The legend has been cleverly commercialized ever since. The Aunt Jemima at Fayette last Saturday- was one of the many representative Aunt Jemimas working at the present time,, each having an assigned territory. She is Mrs. David L. Walker of Springfield, Mass. ( her home town ), working out of Mason City, Iowa. The Chamber of Commerce "operation pancake" was quite a success, in our opinion. It could have been more so, in the town spirit behind the promotion, if certain non-cooperators had cooperated even a little. A townsman on diet to lose weight, could have dropped by and had a cup — By Reuben of coffee, if aloofness to such promotions was not a self-cherished strength of character. Making a ten gallon can of pan cake batter, and stirring it with a new hickory axe-handle, is quite a performance. We doubt that our own beloved Aunt Cynthia Jones, mother of thirteen, ever made quite that much batter at any one time. IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE WITH LEADER WANT ADS Vote For Robert F. SWEHLA For Fayette County SUPERVISOR term Beginning Jan 1, 1964 Capable — Experienced Qualified Your Vote Will Be Appreciated syrup or water in jars and cans. D-E-B New appliance models on the market in 19G2 feature some real advantages for the homemaker- consumer. First, fewer models are being offered in a single appliance line, but with basic differences between models. Second, design refinements emphasize better performance and easier servicing and cleaning. And third, former top-of- the line features are being put on models as far down the price line as possible. D-E-B Ever get a headache ... or feel dizzy when you ride in your car and the windows are closed? Let your service station man check your muffler and exhaust system. Carbon monoxide may be leaking into your car. It is never too soon to take safety precautions! D-E-B The choice of the right needle is important for the homeinaker that proteins, also helps us build resistance to infections. Adults should have at least 4 ozs. of meat or meat substitute each day! D-E-B "Parent—Youth" Dance on Friday A special "parent-youth" dance will be held Friday evening, May 25, at the Youth Center in the Legion hall. The dance will begin at 8 p. m., and continue until midnight. Music for the dance will be furnished by Jerry Dodd and his orchestra with danceable music for both the youngsters and the oldsters. All parents are invited to attend and spend an evening dancing with their youngsters. Or, if they prefer not to dance, just attend and see how the Youth Center is operated. Miss Patti Wells is supervisor of the local Center. CAN PREVENT HAIL LOSSES Protect your crop income with adequate hail insurance. And for extra safety and service, be sure to insure with Farmers Mutual Hail. Fire and lightning protection on crops in the field is included at no extra cost. More than 100 adjusters and 30 trained fieldmen assure prompt payments of claims. Call your agent or write today. Earl Schneider Insurance PEOPLES NATURAL Only a gas range gives you the speedy cooking that lets you sleep those luxurious extra minutes in the morning. You see, your gas range starts cooking faster because it needs no warm-up. The flame starts to work as soon as you turn the dial. Gas cooks faster because the flame fits itself to the bottom of the pan, so you cook with the whole surface. Gas cooks faster because you can select exactly the right heat, and change cooking temperatures in an instant. You don't have to "make-do" with just four or five temperatures. Yes, you can cook faster — and better — with gas. • // you live beyond the gas mains see your friendly LP dealer. the burner that cooks breakfast QUICKEST CLIFFORD HAYES, Mgr. Phone 266 Fayette, Iowa • XSTORES/ r SPORTING GOODS ^^SPECIALS MAY IS SPORTING GOODS MONTH AT COAST-TO-COAST STORES YOUR, CHOICE *9 H Coo»f-fo-Coo*f 7 Gallon VACUCEL JUG " Idool for plcnlci, flitting and camp. ,; J»B tflp« and trav* lngl Ktw« bov> ^ HWNJiat «r cold lonoarl. Molded —••»-«• »»out, lanltaiy whit* In- Two Burner , GASOLINE Manu,oe,u "" • CAMP U.t $15.95 STOVE Two bur A or, Inttont lighting. For complng, plcnlet, olc. y^'* Manufacturer 1 « GASOLINE rn LANTERN «-i.i $i7 .so Dependable In good or bad weather. Double mantle, lights Imtantly. Shak»*p*ar» Wondureagt SPIN CAST REEL Rawllnat "John Blanchard" „ FIELDER'S GLOVE Lightweight aluminum alley from*, with drag cd|Uitlng star. Include* 90yardtof8poundteit line. - Prefai elenal eryled glovo endorsed by Yankee, eli/goer John.Blanehordl Select feather "deep wolf" pock ot. Right or aft hand, COAST TO COAST STORES - - - In Oelwein PLUMBING CARPENTRY MASONRY HEATING WIRING NEW CONVENTIONAL. HOMES and All Type* Of REMODEUNG Gene Win. Singer GENERAL CONSTRUCTION Phone 247 Fayette, low* •Mi

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