Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 15, 1959 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1959
Page 7
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Junior Editors Quiz on FOOD QUESTION: Where did the eggplant get It* namt? ANSWER: The earliest explorers of South America found a large purple vegetable growing on bushes In the tropical area* of the continent. Since it was shaped like an egg they called it an •ggplant. For a long time, the egglant was thought to be poisonous. It has only been in the past 100 years that it has grown popular as a food. It is particularly popular among peopla who ara dieting because it contains few calories. Eggplants now are grown in many warm lands. In some tarn* perate countries where the warm season is short they ara cultivated in greenhouses. It takes nearly four months for an eggplant crop to ripen. FOR YOU TO DO: The next time your mother goes shopping for groceries, ask her to get you an eggplant. Study it. Try to make a drawing of it with your colored crayons. (Linda Sue Henton of Moberly, Mo., wins $10 for this quastion. Send your question on a postcard to Violet Moore Higgln*, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this newspaper. If duplicate quastion* ara received, Mrs. Higgins will select the winner.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner 'Nonsense! Women aren't all bad drivers! My wife can drive anything on four wheels or two legs!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith T.M. «»c- u.ft. Pit cm (ft 1949 by NEA B»rrtc«, liu. "I have a friend who learned to speak Chineie and she hasn't lost an argument with her husband since!" SWEETIE PIE ly Nodint Seltier <T% - T.V, Mfc. H.I. Ut. M. • 1M» *y MIA *«rvtH. Int. "Hay, mUter, wherVd you «•» that eraty Halloween mask?" TIZZY By Kate Osann r X / / 0 1M» by NfA tiiviM. Inc. T.M. Rif. UA Ptt 0«. "Of course I'm sure if* true what they're saying about herl After all, I'm her best friend!" Truck Farm ACKOfiS l*ottucb 15 Commotioa 16 Instrument 17 Nickname IB Modify aOYufoelarcity 31 Conjunetkia IINourifhed ISlCeadmin MCutnave USwieceeatett MCUqu* MVUvmitr i71Uiated 10 Expend 41Cnek 62 Surinam toed 84 Hindu weight 88 Pardon 60 Foolish 6t Violin maker 63'Feign ifnorane* 64 Ice pinnacle 65 Unbound heir DOWN tTrein a Hawaiian ileo • Deed 6Heartenraff f Rabble • CoaiMkttaB 44XeU 46 Still 40Fu» to Verity UKldn*.(ttmb. form) W Dowries 10 Provided 22 Angler's fly 24 Tunisian paah* as Attractive) 26 Ranked 27 Heap 26IriahmlM 30 Ruffed lemur ilLamb » Slender 15 Dutch vermilion 18 Prohtbltionirt 40Hoetlllty 43 Putrefactive 45 Truncheons 47 Palm Illy 40Mtcawi SO Greek commune 81 Tentmaker 68 Early Briton 86 Inventor 86Subti0t 87 Tennis points 89 Greenland Eiklmo 61 Chemical suffix BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Oate Creshert BY EDGAR MARTIN 6UT 6U« WAY IY J. R. WILLIAMS 6UR H06H.I serf WHSMXTBUPSW so uowv) AWC> ... THAT THI5 W/A* vV^fiBfet. WA*HPAY/ WHY M«THE*5 6ET 6IUV SO Y3O CAM «?£At>!L.V RECALLS THE K5 MUSIC CRITICS Of VIENNA BUGS BUNNY Cover-Up P U0SYS LQRIST HMM-.THERE'S [ WHEW!)\(UXX* LIKE THANK \> HE TORE VOU.OL' K.YER PANTS, ELMER! NO TAILOR SHOP NEAR, BUT STEP INSIPE i SCOTTJ HOW CANJ (SET HOME LIKE THIS? TH 1 FLOWERS ; As Illustrated PRISCILLA'S POP I GUESS THAT'S. WHAT THEY MEAN BY INFLATION WHEN THEY'RE BLOWN UP THEY COST IO CENTS! I WONDER WHY.'? LOOK/ JENNY LU.' BALLOONS. TWO EACH/ BY AL VERMtlt ALLEY OOP Outnumbered BY V. T. HAMLIM BY DICK CAVALLI THESE INVADERS, AS FAR >. WHOEVER THE/ THEV DIDNTMISS A TRICK, DIP AS WE KNOW, \ ARE, MUST BE WE'RE THE 1 PRfeTTV ONLY FREE I TOUGH MCOV1ANS ^ THOSE DIRTY LOWDOWN SO'N'SOS/ Aiming High MORTY MEEKLE THE DEAR MAN BUNTS? THE CEILING'S IN-THE LIV/NS ROOM, DININ5 ROOM, AND- BOTH BEDROOM6 ROR ME 1DR4.V. FOR DINNER. I'LL BE WITH VOU A* WHAT* THE AUTTSR BY MERRILL BLOSSI1 Firsthand Report FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS TWtS fSMTEXACTL/ TWc SEASOJ ib WMICX CUTIE CAMPY WTTMTOU/ BY WILSON SCRUG6S Cold Welcome THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE THEKXIOWIUS A M??. MARTIU TO 6Kl KAU.V VQU ; A<JK.Mi;VS. VOU'W <SOIWS AWAiY KX A M5UTH/ MK.MAKTIM. IW«H 1WJBW < KUOWOFS3MC SOMBOME AS WOMDCKRJL AS SbU ) OWB / TO HELP' HERS?: CAPTAIN EASY Scotland Yard Move* In BY LESLH tURNIt , KBBP IT WAV TAKE ION4ER THAU P6MNK..T THEW5 NOTUWfl VES, WrVE MET. 5UH, BUT I 7 HMW^lSEf. ITS 5COTIAND \ TO W0RKV A90UT. VARC> TO *» VWl I PIPWT ; ?AM'. TVB JU*T PI5C05*I(5N AT PR. Wft'O LIKf TO I CANT HEtP . TAKE LOfWl / 8UHKJ 1 . TNtf CA4| MUCH.IMA5K1 ^Jalit I* WTWMH.V 5eeiOU5i -y LIARWBC* KNOW WHERE YOU'D K0HA.TCH* WAfr Wl* J IT* All ABOUT'

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