Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 12, 1961 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 12, 1961
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

ALTON EVENING SAXON By Ken ftald »nd Jerry BranfleM •y MHB ALLEY OOP V, T. Hamlln THE STORY OF MARTHA WAVNE By Wilson Scruggs M4DI RIVETS By George Slxta Buov»»«\o? COOKS, nun/ arr IOUT sam-a fnu airr I HAVt A RrrHWW <DMM6 Uf , SOON, TOO. VOU CAM MAKE IT UP 1O ME/00 *X) I X If A Hwoue PBxeai MOM MM/ *X) DOtfT BVffM MAVC TO 80TH6T WITH A MAMONO KIN«/AWIOO»tf L6TM6 PftgSBNT SBST PRlEt . .Pi: •-_•••''•;•• CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner THEM HE *AY MMg KKStt> T* THE WESH UiRMW BWlA^WA MAA \ 1^*" ** IIWI wK^fl»» 11 WHA5KA WA5\ «« ^u* rooj, pBQjyyjy ,^03 wue QUICK ACTION SAVEP MY LlfE, fA5Y! IM IOSW ANXWi» TO REWOT 1MY RESEWTMSOT OVER. WEVE GOT HIM M7U HAW WMI& HOU4S1 AMD TK MONEY! TOWEL MT* METAL «. KEfSMENJ* PICKET WAS THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith ^M 5 ,* iTiT. f• Tfc O»rf» «JA~ A<tr» SCT^CT, Ut. . ' ' ' , MASATIME. IFVOUTAKBAO^ ^ VANTAGE OF INTBOOUCTORY tM> SUBSCRIBE t W6— Knit THE BERRYS By Carl Orubert ,N«. PORTLY YES.SIR...OKAY MR, -rG'BYE PETER/VOU SHOULDNT TALKABOirr VOURBOSS THAT WAY/ , IN A LOWER TAX BBACKET, HE COU.O BE CALLED JUST ' FLAW OBNOXIOL6/1 ^ Use up odds and ends of knitting worsted for these ea«y-to- knit strips--variety is fun! Knitting an afghan—excellent pick-up work. One strip is background color. The afghan it reversible. Pattern 552: directions; color schemes. Send 85 cent* (coins) for this pattern—add 10 cent* for «*ch pattern for first-class mailing. Send to Laura Wheeler, caw of Alton Telegraph, Off, Needlecreft Dept., P.O. Box l«l, Old Chei*«a Station, New Vork 11. N. V. Print plainly Pattern Number, Name and Address. JUST OFF THE PRESS! Send now for our exciting, new 1961 Noediocraft Catalog. Over 125 designs to crochet, knit, tew, embroider, quilt, weave—fashions, home furnishings, toys, gifts, bazaar hits. Plus free-instructions for six smart veil caps. Hurry, send 25 cents now! Terrific Trio PRINTED PATTERN 4851 10-18 HENRY By Carl Anderson OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLE NOT TUKTL6,CtYOe,»UTA 10S5 IN A .ANOTU& A BILLET CMAMP/OM RAQMG ^7* AMD A ' AT THAT/— MAR-ROMPHU HALF A —TMTUNINS HIM UP V4ITH A ME6T/ pDUNJO . A-r^Cil*- *-**«"S*—rt/ < u Ikirs*- Ov.r~^t^9r>_ < / ^nC ATTMEFAlRefiOUMOS 0EFOR& *-ANO AMD^ATlOMAUST CHINA .'HE'S OFFEI? UE'5 HAD OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams MOT *16" I \ LESSON TO MB- Y PONTUKETD A FEK THAT NEW N 66EIW TH 1 6PreCT / W»CTCH M»8RV/ I IBOUCHTOKtl,! OF A WEAK WILL \ LESSEE, WHAT / WO, CAWT 6O- POWER.' I MAY HAVE I WOULPMAKS A MOM6V IN TH' 8AMK. I 6OOP SPWMft eOMEPAVAN'I ( PDeV»»--*OH,TH > POMT VWAMT TO ee \ PISH ARE A FATHEAD... so m 6OMKJASTAVAW LET THIS SOAK N A WHILE.' ALL MV SPARE HENBIBTTA JUST" TOLD ME TWAT SHB HAS PICMD M3U TO OB MBA MUSBAMO! KITCHBM . SBTV * oo OOWM FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blos.ser DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney - -,- / / V7^ v //, '' / / ••» UWir Pl«MU« < ' HnfiTOm l»y« /l Hey, CARD ~ BAZOO— l "toU'RE ROJNINQ FBOW. M3UR ONF-A>10-ONLyS/, • Junior Editors Quiz on— MEDICINE THEII2, BOVUN6 US A HAND, FRECKLES / True Life Adventures UNWIUJNG MOTHKK PBNGU1N HAS 1»A)U&P TO FROM TM* SHORT RIBS By Frank O'Neo) . — .. ._. —_ _„__— M0UNA0TM.UUNK9K QUESTION: What it quinint made from? • • • ANfWBS) Qulnln* it t v«ry bitttr m«dldn»r It It chiefly nlwbit M • remedy for roiurU. Although it doM not our* the dlwate, It reduce* fever. Quinine alio «M be taken to ' relieve pain in influenza, headache and the common cold, but today other medicines are more commonly uaed. In 1944 two American chemiiW made tyntneUc quinine from •ubatancet derived from coal tar and petroleum. Before that, all quinine vat made from the bark of a tree native to South Amtriot. th» elnchona tree. t • • FOB YOU TO Ml in if you can find what after medicine* •Ad footto oome from South American plant*. * * • (Janice Trwwick of Port Wentworth. Oa., vina 110 for thtf queetioa. Malt your queation en a poet eard to Violet Moor* Hlggina, AF Newafeaturea, in care of this newapaper. If *4>llcate QjUMttooa are received. M?a. Hiudos wU] aeleot th« wiwer.) ^^^ CXne skirt is arrow-slim, one a whirl of fluid pleats- both go beautifully with the boxy jacket that's favored above all for summer. Choose cotton, linen. Printed Pattern 4851: Misses' i Si/.es JO. 12, 14. 16, 18. 'Size 16 jacket 2'* yanis*35-ineh; slim skirt IV: full skirt ,'i s k yards. Send 50 cents In coins for thi* pattern—add 10 cents for each pattern for flr«t-cluHs mailing. 8cn<l to Anne Aduim, care of Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern Dcpt., H3 \V. 17th St., New York II, N. V. Print plainly Name, .\dilrenK, Size, Style Number. Announcing the biggest fashion show o{ spring-summer, 19151 • pages, pages, pages of patterns in our ntw Color Catalog -just out! Hurry, send 36 cents now! Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily Why does a Mow work aJI his We to become fa- moui. and then wear dark gliunef so no one will know him? _ ®NEA« '• ....... -"" M im ..... ..... ..i..,.,.-.., -,. ijimp oonrfuuov IN cousws LARAMIE, Wyo. (9) - You needed a scowcwd to tell the cooetes at one University of Wy> oming basketball twin bill thii In the preliminary, Coach Bill Stwnnigan's St. Stephens high, school team, an Indian missi'MJ hoel at RivertOB, Wyo., playw) Unjv«r»ity Pref of Larumie. IB the feature. Coach pill Stratt- nigan's Wyo«jifl« Cowboys playad Orayoo. The two Str*fuu«aa« are i

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