Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 12, 1961 · Page 15
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 15

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 12, 1961
Page 15
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WIDNEBDAY, APRIL 18,1901 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Swtet 4j!tron«uf Hew Turned Momentous Page in Hiitwy PMM Botmte Wrttoc (AP)-tn an twe- •Wit, taring and thrilling ride, • wvtot aitrerarat has Jutt turned • moftwirtmu page in human ki^A^^fe* UIBUA/f Fw, nyi Moscow, he has rwHtsd tin ancient human dream of vaulting into qnce and safely hofiw again, ahead, but closer now, lies flw goals (A leaping to the moon or Mars, or beyond, In the space ocean of so many tantalising mysteries. Human exploration of space may well reap untold and surprising new benefits for all people. Or space could become, perhaps, Just an extended arena for the political-military testings of men since history began. The Soviet Union is drat, apparently as the result of a careful No Nagging Backache Meansa Good Night's Sleep .NMKtaf backache, hMdMh«. or muiou •r MMM and Mini way come on will •»er-«x»rtlon, emotional upieta or da) to day itreti and (train. And folkt whc ".^•M drtnk unwliely iomettmei mffei mild bladder Irritation...with th»t rent- ItM. uncomfortable feeling. If you are miserable and worn out be. MUM of theac dlteomfort*. Doan'a Ptlli often help by thtlr pain relieving action, by their nothing effect to eaie bladder Itrf. taUon, and by their mild dloteUe action through the kldneyi-tending to Increaie the output of the 1R mile* of kidney tube*. So If nagging backache make* you feel aragged-out, mUerable, with reitleii, •leepleu nlghu, don't wait, try Doan't Pill*, let the lame happy relief mlllloni have enjoyed for over 60 yeari. Atk for •aw. large, economy tixe and tare Money. fiet Doan'i Plllt today I flve-year-plan or so calculated to seize this prize, tt is another triumph In ttipld- fire reachings which have iklmnted much of ths glory of firsts In the young space age. This li the first by a doughty pioneer. But space beckons many riions Russian, American ami other space astronauts, to till a fertile new Held which now lies open. The world will read with Interest Maj. Yuri Gagarin's eyewitness account of what he felt, what he may have seen of the earth rolling beneath him, or perhaps stars In diamond brilliance In the blackness of space. Upon his experience depends. partly, the question how soon other men go up, and how far. Is space perhaps too hazardous— are there dangers which had not been foreseen? The Soviets gave clear notice of PRESCRIPTION Lowest PoMlbie Prleei. Double Basic Stamps Aik Your Doctor to Call to. We Deliver. 10 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS Five Convenient Location*. Prompt, Accurate Service. PreiHCft, Purest Stock* their push for manned flight back in November 19M, wfth Sputnik 11. ft owned ftp fl* Aft L«ika, She perWhetl, with no attempt made to recover her. But this was the first testing whether a living body could withstand the unknowns of crushing, Increased weight of rocket takeoff, and the weightlessness of floating in space. And whether life truly could be supported against the hazards of radiation and streaking meteors. To these cnjestions, Lfllka answered "yes." Some space experts think the Soviet Union had started a good two years earlier In preparing the way for man Into space, and other exploits. All give her unquestionably the advantage of tremendously powerful booster rockets to lift heavy, and roomy, satellites, t Some say the Soviet Union was quicker to realize the potential and then comment, space—of rockets the Germans in for war—and developed by World War II. Others credit the Soviets' rapid advances also to faster develop^ ment of excellent guidance sys. terns, and to concentration upon a few main goals. The first three Sputniks circled near the earth—testing the problems of near-earth space. Then, abruptly, the Soviets shot for the moon, hitting it, photographing Its backside, sending a rocket into orbit around the sun. Then, starting last year, came the launching of huge five-ton and seven-ton spacecraft around the earth. These carried dogs and other life, preparatory to man. A hitch developed, apparently, last December when a mistake caused the spacecraft to go amiss and burn up in the atmosphere. Soviet Radio Telh Story Of Spaceman LONDON (AP) - Moscow television presented a picture of the Soviet Union's first space today, describing him as a with "a good, honest smile." The portrait of Maj. Yuri Gagarin was shown came this broadcast repeated by Moscow radio: 'For those who did not see this picture we should like to give a description of this splendid man. "On the screen appears the mage of a man aged about 25-28 with a kind, Russian face, eyes set well apart, fine bushy brows and high forehead. "He wears a flying helmet, a [1ght overall suit. He smiles a good, honest smile. And is there any need to add that this man who has been the first to dare to ly to space, to reach for the stars, to look down on our earth, s a man of a very great and very real character. This is evident in his smile, in the intelligent, fine eyes.' Gagarin was 27 Just a month ago. He is married to Valentine Ga- garina, 26, who also has a scientific background. She was graduated from medical school at Oren- burg. They have two daughters, Yel- 'tia, 2, and Galya, just a month old. The cosmonaut has an ideal Soviet background: his father, loiner, his mother a housewife. Gagarin was born March 9, 1934, in the Gzhatsk district ol the Smolensk area. As a child of Candidates Turn Out For County Seat Meet HOW TO BE A HOSTESS Miss Judy Thompson, hostess for Ozark Airlines, talks before group of students and some parents at annual Careers Night at Alton High School, Tuesday. Miss Thompson's field was one of the most popular.—Staff Photo. Auto Hits Pole At Intersection A 22-year-old Moline man who was unfamiliar with the Alton streets struck a utility pole north of the intersection of 5th and Piasa streets Tuesday night University Board Plan Endorsed by Committee SPRINGFIELD, 111. fAP) — Sen. Everett R. Peters' plan to centralize control of the six state after he failed to turn left onto | unjversmes WM endorsed „„. 5th street and the wheels of his |allimous)y by |hc Injnojs Spnate car apparently lodged in rail- (Expcutjve committee Tusday. road tracks. Two other plans are pending in the universities. She said the higher education commission bill gave the coordi nating commission veto over bud get requests of individual institu tions. She said Kerner's bill woulc require the coordinating commis EDWARDSV1LLE - More han 150 persons attended an open meeting for candidates lot city offices Tuesday night tn Circuit Courtroom No, 1 of the sponsored by the local League of Women Voters. Only one candidate was unto attend: Stanley Kyro, the office of mayor. Present were the 13 aldermanlc candidates, the two men seeking the office of police magistrate, the three candidates for city clerk, the unopposed candi date for city treasurer and the other four mayoral candidates, Each candidate was given a period of time to state his views on questions pertaining to the office he seeks, followed by question and answer period. Edwardsvllle High School Principal Thomas Butler acted as moderator.' Only minor clashes occurred between members of the audl- nce and certain of the candidates during the question period, as when one spectator asked Raymond O. Rogers, the Ed- .vardsville Citizens for Quod Government mayorality candidate, how he could publicly announce a stand against council- manager government and still be backed by the ECGG, which sponsored and lost a city manager election here, Rogers' answer was that re- drew laughter ffoffi flee. EDWAR&9V1LL1C -. Hw« area residents wetf «?»JU«d ruesday to St. Joseph's HoUntal, Highland, and one patient was discharged. Admitted were: Mrs, Kneeht, Hanser, Rt. 4; Miss Amelia 620 North Buchanan; Mrs. Hill. Thomas Thelma Bangert, 5 Oak Hornsberger, tsher- wood street, was discharged. Dentists of Area to At Lockhaven The man told police he was tne i eg j s i a t u re, but the committee j s j on to comment on budgets to the just starting school, he and his try j ng t o get off of the tracks ; dic j not act on tnem amily experienced the Nazi invasion and fled into the hinter- ands. At the end of the war the family returned to Gzhatsk to a collective farm. Gagarin resumed his schooling and in 1951 was graduated with distinction from a vocational school in Lyubertsy, outside Moscow. He qualified as a moulder. Simultaneously, he attended eve- vvhen the accident occurred. He: Onp is the recommendation of 1 governor while Peters' bill woulc was uninjured. i the Illinois Commission on Higher working youta '• college at Saratov on the Volga. Again he was graduated with honors, in 1955. At Saratov, Gagarin took training in aviation and after graduation attended an air school at Orenburg. ROOFING REPAIRS or NEW ROOFS Add Beauty and Fire Protection with the new. patented . . . JOHNS-MANYILLE SHINGLES . . . THAT CAN'T BLOW OFF Careful application by trained, insured workmen. Save Money ... Let an Expert do it. FREE ESTIMATES NO DOWN PAYMENT—LOW MONTHLY TERMS GERSMAN & CO. Certified Johns-McrnviJJe Home Improvement Contractor 2643 E. Broadway HO 5-6711 St. Joseph. His district embraces the University of Illinois Urbana campus. The commission was set up two years ago to study how state higher education may expand without needless competition between the six schools for state money. In 1959, $139 millions was appropriated to the six universities. Peters' plan would set up a 15- < man commission to develop a statewide scheme for developing the universities and to recommend budgets for each university. The plan also calls for a council on higher education. Its members could include the presidents of the University of Illinois, Southern, Northern, Western and Eastern Illinois, and Illinois Normal universities. Individual universities could add courses or research without com- i mission approval but otherwise | could not expand without first receiving commission recommendations. Miss Dawn Clark, legal aide to Gov. Otto Kerner, testified that Kerner's bill makes mandatory the commission development of a statewide master plan and its submission to the legislature. She said only the bills by Kerner and the higher education commission had mandatory requirements that the coordinating commission approve any expansion by REVOLUTIONARY! Sun Crest A NEW CONCEPT IN CANOPY CONSTRUCTION! 440 E. BROADWAY HO 5-7754 Abo Available at Following Locations CLARKSON BROS. CONOCO ILM ft AUY KIN'S TIXACO ttU I, UOABWAY AL'S TEXACO STATI i MkMAI TUCKIR'I TIXACO MAIM A iHAMiOCK-UiT AjTQM 0 ft T TEXACO SERVICE COUIftl i MAIN ALTON TEXACO SERVICE 449 I. IIOADWAY MELVILLE SERVICE IT. 100—OODHIY iERTELS SALES * SERVICE petuv, m. Members of District Dental the Madison Society, their suits of the election were so close that "the plan probably wouldn't have worked, because wives and dental assistants, will attend the annual spring meet- Ing at Lockhaven Country Club Thursday. An all-day session Is planned. Thomas H. Lawrence, Kansas City, Mo., of Lawrence-Lelter and Co., management consultants, will present a 6-hour seminar concerning "Motivation and Patient Relations." He will stress the basic demands of personal relations in professional work and how to predict human attitude and behavior. It was explained that this is the first time a program exploring human relations be- one half of your citizens would jtween patient and dentist has A Suncrest Car Port For Your Home Costs Surprisingly Little And You Can Take up to 5 Years to Pay! Completely clean and modern in appearance — Suncrest is designed and engineered by one of America's oldest aluminum canopy manufacturers. Suncrest has been laboratory tested to give years and years of care-free protection and enjoyment. Compare Suncrest with any other canopy. LIT US GIVE YOU AN ESTIMATE TOPAY ... NO OBLIGATION Manufactured In Alton By ... I*AMPRFI I TENT AND WflflrDllLL AWNING CO. Alton's Awning KUnufieturer for 36 Yoart 100 CENTRAL AVI. ALTON NO S-SSS5 — Ifeve 1 Gtl ffafIt SfanjM a* AMAZING BUILT- IN STRENGTH SIMPLIFIES CONSTRUCTION Eliminates complex under, ftructure, thui laving on cost* of material* and labor of fabrication. permit the coordinating commis sion to comment if it wished. U. S. Rocket Waits First Astronaut CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) —The Redstone rocket which the United States had hoped would boost the first man into space stands on a launching pad here. The Soviet Union beat its firing date by at least two weeks. "So close, yet so Jar," commented a technician who is help? ing groom the Redstone to send one of America's astronauts on, a short suborbital flight, hopefully late this month or early in May. "If we hadn't had those troubles last fall and on the chimp and Little Joe shots this year, we might have made it," the technician said. "But you have to give the Russian scientists credit. They've accomplished a remarkable breakthrough." Project Mercury officials had hoped to achieve a manned Redstone flight last December or January. A series of launch mishaps necessitated additional launchings to qualify the system. On Nov. 8, a space capsule failed to separate from a Little Joe rocket fired from Wallops Island, Va., in a test of the escape system. Two weeks later, a Redstone fizzled because of a faulty connection which caused the escape tower to fire, leaving the rocket and capsule on the pad. This test had to be repeated before Ham, the space chimpanzee, was sent up on a short trip Jan. 31. An engine thrust regulator stuck on the chimp shot, creating excessive thrust which lofted the chimp, Ham. higher and farther than intended. Another Redstone was fired to prove out corrections made in the regulator, again delaying the manned trip. Another setback occurred March 18 when a repeat of the Little Joe escape test fizzled. Another try is set for aboul April 20 and must succeed before the Redstone now on the pad hurls aloft an astronaut. Wanda WSCS lo Meet Thursday SOUTHROXANA-The Women's Society of Christian Service of the Wanda Methodist (Church will meet at 7:30 p.m. j Thursday at the church. Host- jesses will be Mrs. Dolly South- lard and Mrs. Mary Ash and the j program will be conducted by I Miss Hattie Ufen. Monday evening Wanda, South Roxana and Hartford WSCS had a Bible study at the South Roxana church, conducted by Mrs. Victor Herman. Methodist Notes SOUTH ROXANA — The prayer meeting of the Wanda and South Roxana Methodist Church will be at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at South Roxana. The cottage prayer meeting will be at 9:45 a.m. Thursday at Wanda. The Young People's Bible Study will be at 6:45 p.m. and the official board will meet at 7:30 p.m. at South Roxana. Saturday at 7:30 p.m. the men's prayer fellowship will meet at South Roxana. be harpooning city manager government, like they are in Alton." Rogers' answer that he had not read the city ordinance on duties of the mayor's office jdrew the reply that "that seems a very poor excuse since you are running for mayor..." This got a reprimand from Butler, who told specators to confine themselves to the questions and if they have any judgments to make, to make them at the polls." When Mayor Straube answered at one point tl\at he would run meeting according to Robert's Rules of Order, "but there are times when you have to consult your attorney," been attempted by any Illinois Dental Society outside Chicago, and consequently is drawing state-wide attention. A short business meeting will be followed by a social hour and buffet. Several officers of the Illinois State Dental Society are expected to attend. The Madison District Dental Society consists of Madison, Greene, Bond, Macoupin and Jersey Counties. There are 120 active members.- : MUM. M. COOMt AVl • MTOH Opens at 7:00 — Starts at 7:45 HELD OVER TONITE Thru SAT. Children under 16 not admitted unless accompanied by parents. Shown Tonite at 8:00 NO RULES...when the Misfits play! Gable Monroe ;Clifl IlhelmaRitteri SBlMfcb PLUS SECOND HIT TWO CARTOONS FREE Children under 12 Playground Open Daily 6:30. Start 7 p.m. Adults 50c—Kiddies 25e Matinee Sat. and Sun. STARTING TONIGHT Shown at 8:50 p.m. Abbott & Gostello Marjorie Main "THE WISHFUL WIDOW OF WAGON GAP" Shown at 7:20 p.m. Short Subjects 7 p.m. HURRY! LAST 2 navs open *••»> start 7 Tonite & Thurs. [ RAND WALT PiSNIY'S PLUS Showings, 7:35 and 9:35 Walt Disney's "MYSTERIES OF THE DEEP" STARTS FRIDAY! .H Whvdidtbt mwttrs trust Mm? PRIEST PRINCESS THEATRE — STARTS FRIDAY Elisabeth Taylor i Charlton Hetton "ELEPHANT WALK THE NAKED JUNGLE" Pedestrian deaths account (or more than hall of all motor vehicle accident faUUUee among children up to H BEL*AIR MIO [ AMI«ICA\ OIIVMNtl APR I TONITE Thru TUES. ELIZABETH TAYLOR WHENCE HARVEY .EDDIE FISHER TONIGHT! Formerly Alt-Wood p I, Nominated For "ACADEMY AWARD" Best Actre«« DM omars BUTTERFIE 5 DIN* M6RHIU. — 8ND IUU HIT — BARBARA EDEN FORRC8T Kl N rU44U* HIT *

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