Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on August 4, 1948 · Page 7
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 7

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 4, 1948
Page 7
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EDNESDAY. AUGUST 4, 1948. THE POSTVILLE HERALD, POSTVILLE, IOWA PAGE SEVEN. AIT ADS tppPOBTUNITY KNOCKS IIEKE" ml Ad Bates—10 cents per line; mU m charge 30c per week if accompanies order; 'Otherwise minimum charge is 50c. ind ads, or those having in- jc<; come to this office, are 50c week minimum charge. iccial Announcements CRKAM, CAKE AND COF- Served Wednesday evening, 1S ( 4, during band concert at park by Club of the Hour. 40c. st Clermont Luther League is soring a h° mc tatent P lav ! er To Late," and ice cream on Sunday evening, August 80 P- m - at ^ e East clermont ri !h lawn. Admission 50 and (tits. 40c. Sale—Miscellaneous • Sale—New 1948 Harley Dav- Motorcycle. Lee Bowers, tille. , 40p. Sale—Baby bed, Mrs. Ken- Cook, Phone 143, Postville. 40p. g a le_white enamel coal or kitchen range; good condi- \ Harlan Schara, Postville. 40c. Sale—1946 Ford Pickup; 15,- fartual miles. Lorenz Lenth, 40p. : Sale—Ear corn. Also Mendo Oats. Clarence Green, Cas- 40p. Sale — Four 750x20 truck I will sell or trade for 825x20. Thornton, Postville. 40p. • Sale—Used four burner Es[gas stove. Keith Gregg, Pfast- 40c. 'mo BARGAIN — Will sell jtiful high grade spinet at big \ts if taken at once. To see in Postville, write Cedar bs Piano Company, 322 First |ue, N. E., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 41c. can supply you with spring [ ens for threshing dinners. County Hatchery, Postville. 40c. r Sale—15 dozen wire egg bas- 49c each. Meyer's Four- Itv Hatchery, Postville. tfc. nplete line of Quality Monu- and markers. Donald G. , Monona, Iowa.—tfc. i Sale—Course and fine gravel; Isand. We deliver. Harold lett, Phone 35R3, Clermont, tfc. ofessional Directory foseph B. Steele ATTORNEY-AT-LAW lice Over Abernethy's Store Telephone No. 240 Burling & Palas j mORNEYS-AT-LAW Ice Over Postville State Bank I T. OPSAHL CHIROPRACTOR I Oflice Over Alicrnethy'i lours: 10 to 12 and 1 to 5 . 'days, Wednesdays, Fridays | )UIS SCHUTTE ILLARD SCHUTTE fml Directors & Embalmers ! Flowers For All Occasions P.W. Kiesau, M.D. •M. F. Kiesau, M.D. « over Louis Schutte & Sons irs-Daily 9 to 12 and 1 to 5 «cept Friday afternoons. ! »- and Sat.—7 to 8:30 p. m. I R L. R. TAPPAN Optometrist 'Utte Professional Eye Care Phone 91 ELKADER, IOWA *• H. D. COLE dentist fMOverCltiiens SUte (W. Myers, M. D. OBIce Over Huebnet'a Telephone*: P» 1M-W Residence lifr* l .R. F. Schneider 1 • VETERINARIAN * Ko, 170 FoitvlUe, Io«» * ta IrU Theatre Bull****" For Sale—Real Estate For Sale—Two family, two story house, five acres of land and outbuildings. House is all modern. Ambrose Arnold, Ossian, Iowa. 40c. For Sale—Five room house and bath with built-in cupboards and new furnace. A bargain for quick sale. Phone 30-J, Postville. 40c. For Sale—Mnrlow Hlnman pure rubber inflation to fit Hinman milkers. Have on display Wilson cooler, Wilson deep freezers C ft. and up. Also have new used milkers. See them at the Reinhardt Case Implement, Postor see or call Lawrence phone. T-F-17, Postville.—tfc. gum milk from and Seii ville, Block, Freshman girl must find good home for room and board in Postville or on Postville bus route,in order to attend high school. Prefers place to work to cover part of expenses. Inquire Supt. K. T. Cook, Postville. 41 C Oats—Supplement your oats for growing pigs with Bolson's Hi-Test Mineral Protein Conditioner and supplement your oats for growing chicks with Bolson's 36 per cent Mineralized Concentrate. Both carry the extras in quality and are priced very reasonable. Farmers Store, Postville. 42c. For Sale—Modern farm, priced right; close to town on good road. Inquire at Citizens State Bank, Postville, for information. 40p. For Sale — Your choice of improved farms. Four of 80 acres, four of 90, four of 120, 10 of 160, five of 240, three of 320, ranging from $65.00 per acre and up, with reasonable terms. Located in South Minnesota and North Iowa. Leon Lipkie, 116 First Ave. West, Cresco, Iowa. 42c. For Sate—Several farms and city properties. J. T. Humphrey, Real Estate Broker, Postville.—tfc. For Sale—Livestock Erkel Cattle Company has on hand—160 choice Hereford steers, weight 450 to 500 pounds; 32 choice Hereford calves, weight 275 to 300 pounds; 20 cows with calves. New shipments arrive every Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Responsible parties can be financed. Erkel Cattle Company, Sumner, Iowa. 41c. Wanted Wanted—Job on farm by experienced man, married. Call Chick Hatchery, Leonard Sawvell, Hawkeye, Iowa. 40p. Wanted To Buy—Quart fruit jars and pint jars. Call 43-F-62, Postville. 40p. Wanted—Dish Washer. Cafe, Postville &. J. 40c. Wanted—Wool wanted by A. B. C. Rendering Works. Highest prices paid. Phone 202 Monona or call Mobile Service Station, Monona, Iowa. tfc. Lost and Found. Lost a Key?—Have one made while you wait, at Western Auto Associate Store, Postville.—ltfc. Miscellaneous Anyone in need of signs or banners for the fairs, should get then- orders in now. Jack LaVelle, Phone 357-J, Postville. -He OFFICIAL NOTICE BEFORE THE IOWA STATE COMMERCE COMMISSION TO THE CITIZENS OF ALLAMAKEE COUNTY: Notice is hereby given that Rock Island Motor Transit Company. Chicago, Illinois, has made application to the Iowa State Commerce Commission under authority of Chapter 325, the Code, 194fi, for a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity to operate as a motor carrier of freight between Cedar Rapids and Dccorah and intermediate points located on the Chicago, Rock Island, and Pacific Railroad Company line limited to the transoortation of freight on railroad billing and rates in Linn, Buchanan. Favette, Clayton. Allamakee, and Winneshiek, Counties, Iowa. The Commission fixed Thursday, September 9, 1948, nine (9:00) o'clock a. m. at the Office of the Linn County Auditor. Cedar Rapids, Iowa, as time and place for public hearing on this application. IOWA STATE COMMERCE COMMISSION B. M. Richardson, Chairman David B. Long, Commissioner Carl W. Reed, Commissioner ATTEST: Geo. L. McCaughan, Secretary Dated at Des Moines, Iowa, July 28 1948 'Docket No. H-4007 Published in the Postville Herald August 4 and August 11, 1948. NOTICE OF AMENDMENT OF ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on the 7th day of May. 1948, the stockholders of Postville Quality Foods, a corporation duly incorporated and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the State of Iowa with principal place of business in the Town of Postville, Allamakee County, Iowa, held a special meeting at the Memorial Hall, Postville, Iowa, all stockholders being present and representing all shares outstanding, and by unanimous vote it was duly resolved that the Articles of Incorporation of the said corporation be amended to increase the authorized common stock of the corporation from $100,000.00 to $200,000.00. Dated at Postville, Iowa, July 10, 1948. POSTVILLE QUALITY FOODS FRED W. GROTH, President DOROTHY GROTH. Secretary & Treasurer BURLING & PALAS P.O. Address: Postville, Iowa JOSEPH B. STEELE, P.O. Address: Postville, Iowa ATTORNEYS FOR CORPORATION Published In the Postville Herald July 14, 21, 28, and August 4, 1948. Notice — Highest market prices for your junk. Call Steve Szabo & Sons, Castalia, and give us your full name.—lOtfc. Leave your orders any time for Dressed Chickens for your Sunday dinner. Meyer's Four-County Hatchery, Postville.—27tfc. A VISIT TO OUR DISPLAY ROOM WILL BE A SOURCE OF SATISFACTION TO YOU. EXPERIENCE HAS PROVED THAT PICTURES AND TALK ARE OFTEN MISLEADING AND CAN CAUSE A LIFETIME OF REGRET —THIS IS DOUBLY TRUE WHEN SELECTING YOUR MEMORIAL. WE CARRY THE LARGEST STOCK WITHIN A RADIUS OF 100 MILES. SEE WHAT YOU BUY- SAVE MONEY—WE EMPLOY NO AGENTS. ROGGENSACK MONUMENT WORKS, WAUKON. tfc. For the latest in Decca, Victor and Columbia phonograph records see the Western Auto Associate Store, Postville.—26tfc. MOTORS—I do all kinds of motor repairing, rewinding and reconditioning. J. F. Hart, at the Electric Motor Shop, telephone 272, Postville, Iowa.—6tfc. Expert Refrigeration Service— On all domestic and commercial installations. For prompt service, call Postville Refrigeration Service, phone 342-J—tfc. LONG DISTANCE MOVING; also Power Wihch Service. Winneshiek Motor Terminal, A. M. Finck, Decorah, Iowa. Phone day or night No. 620—tfc. WHEN YOU HAVE CLEANING — REMEMBER GORDANIER CLEANERS, POSTVILLE. tfc. Cards of Thanks THANK YOU—We wish to extend our thanks to our many neighbors and friends for the floral offerings and many acts of kindness shown us during the time of our sorrow in the loss of our beloved wire and mother. Mrs. Alfred Buraas and daughters. 40c. THANK YOU— We wish to extend our deep appreciation to all our friends and kind neighbors for their generous assistance and sympathy at the time of our great sorrow. Mrs. Helen Faber and family. . 40p. THANK YOU—I wish to thank my relatives and friends for the cards, gifts and calls during my stay in the Postville hospital. They were all appreciated very much. Mrs. Elmer J. Radloff. 40c. ATTENTION LIGHTNING RODS being installed NOW by our men. Whether in need of a complete Job or a small repair job, call 263 Postville for free estimate and dates. Nyberg's Farm & Home Supply Postville, Iowa ffliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinniiiiiiiin DANCE RAINB O W GARDENS Waterville, Iowa Wed., August 11 Bennett - Greten YOUR FAVORITE MODERN BAND COMING—WED., AUG. 25: CHUCK HALL and his BAND iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiM Want Ads Get Results! MARKET $900 OF PORK ON ONLY 1 ACRE OF PASTURE! One Acre of Good Pasture Plus Profit-Proved Nutrena 40% Hog Nuggets and Corn Can Put 20 Hogs On Market This Fall You Can Save 40 Bushels of High-Priced Corn And Feed 600 Pounds Less Supplement FEEDERS PROVE SAVINGS! NUTRENA'S 40% HOG NUGGET PASTURE FEEDING PLAN is "tailor-made" for 1948 market conditions... 10% more pork is needed to meet the nation's meat demands. Nutrena 40% Hog Nuggets plus pasture and corn is the successor to old-fashioned, wasteful, expensive, feeding methods. Every acre of good pasture can save you at least 40 bushels of corn and 600 lbs. of supplement on the Nutrena pasture feeding plan. Nutrena 40% Hog Nuggets is a special pasture supplement that supplies only what grain and pasture lack... contains no alfalfa... a little goes a long way. Start feeding Nutrena now for fast gains from your grain and pasture at low cost. CORN + PASTURE JAMES FARRELL, NEWELL, IOWA, says, "I'm a firm believer in the Nutrena 40% Hog Nuggets reeding plan. I've fed single animal protein and single vegetable protein supplements as the only supplements with com and pasture in the past. Last year, by feeding 100 lbs. of Nutrena 40% per day to 200 hogs on pasture I saved about SO bushels of corn per week/ That amounted to a saving of more than $75 per week on com alone." Save a ton or more of grain!... Save J^ton or more of supplement! . . . Market 20 good hogs in early fall for $900.00 or more!... Do it with an acre of good pasture! . . . Do it by following Nutrena's profit-proved pasture feeding plan! SAVE Grain! SAVE Supplement! On Nutrena's pasture feeding plan your hogs eat all the rich green pasture they can hold. It's good hog feed! Pasture can save you up to 20% on grain and up to 50% on supplement as compared with dry lot feeding. How to Figure Savings Here's how you figure savings: 20 pigs in dry lot from weaning to market will need about 240 bushels of corn and 20 bags of supplement. Figuring conservatively, if pasture feeding saved only about 17% on grain yoaM save at least 40 bushels of corn. At a saving of only 30% on supplement you'd save 600 pounds or at least 6 bags. Limit Grain If Short Here's all you do: Pasture no more than 20 pigs per acre of good pasture. Limit grain if you have a short supply. Limited grain feeding will make hogs eat more pasture. Hand feed only yi lb. Nutrena 40% Hog Nuggets per head per day, from weaning to market. Follow this Nutrena Pasture feeding plan and get fast gains at low feed cost! GOOD HOG RAISERS KNOW that feeding corn alone is a slow and expensive way to raise pork. Corn and pasture is better, but hogs still lack the right kinds of protein and minerals. Only % pound Nutrena 40% Hog Nuggets per head per day provides many important additional elements hogs need. Stretch your grain ... get fast gains at low cost... make more pork from your pasture! Nutrena 40% Hog Nuggets outfeeds most ordinary protein supplements on pasture because it's made to especially fit pasture needs. It's all feed.. .no filler... it's highly digestible. L. D. "BUD" JOHNSON, CUSHING,IOWA, says, "I am sold on Nutrena 40% Hog Nuggets. There's 'nothing like it to put on cheap gains. It gets hogs off fast... they hit the early top market. Before changing to Nutrena I had fed animal protein supplement and at other times a single vegetable protein supplement. By feeding Nutrena 40% Hog Nuggets to my hogs on good alfalfa pasture I saved Vz of my grain. My hogs weighed 206 pounds at 5 months." FIGURE YOUR SAVINGS ON THIS SIMPLE, EASY PASTURE FADING PLAN If you have corn and pasture, your cash outlay for Nutrena 40% Hog Nuggets can be less than $2.00 per 100 lbs. of pork produced. Save a ton or more of corn and 600 lbs. supplement per acre of pasture. You need only 65 to 70 lbs. Nu­ trena 40% Hog Nuggets per pig from weaning to market at 225 lbs. ... If your hogs average around 100 pounds now, you heed only about 40 lbs. Nutrena 40% Hog Nuggets per head. If they average 150 lbs., you need only 25 pounds per head. HOG NUGGETS © IMS. Nirirma MMi, Inc.. Mlini«*Mllt, MlM. DivMm •! Cfgill, licwiiim —•»••.—— —. ——. n»<, in.— <p—.—w— > FARMERS STORE, Postville, Iowa ANDERSON PRODUCE, Waukon, Iowa BUCHEIT PRODUCE, Calmer, Iowa BAKEWELL PRODUCE, Clermont, Iowa UNION PRODUCE, Ossian, Iowa

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