The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 9, 1954 · Page 41
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 41

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 9, 1954
Page 41
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Section four District & Farm News—Classified Ads Page 25 The Salina Journal Mr. and Mrs. Gearl Beck, Gypsum, pushes luib.v taiiuK*. ot her own oil downtown shopping sister Shirley, Plenty Of Teaching Jobs Open, But Few Hays Seekers HAYS — More than 10 times asljbring in primary education are many teaching positions are a\ai;-ip*2flning to teach. Miss Artraan JUST UKK MAMA - Ann, 3, daughter of jable through the placement serv-:^ il is Possible several of these May 9,1954 ,. „„,..„ c., 4 „„ ,, .have obtained positions without !,ce of Ft. Hays State College lhan| using ^ ^ p!acemalt serv . iice. there are seniors graduating. and 300 in other states. Largest single vacancy is in the primary grades. Only four of the 'ive students who have been ma- Rings In The Past Dickinson To Get Extra Wheat Bins ABILENE — PMA officials re- ; ported 195 steel bins, capable of providing storage space for 533,750i bushels, of wheat, will be erected County within the in Dickinson next 30 days. The bins will be set up to handle 1 Only 50 of the 122 prospective teachers plan to accept positions Supreme Court Okays Bostwick Contract TOPEKA (#>)—The Kansas Supreme Court Saturday mine whether a formula used in in the field of education. Figures One of two students majoring inj ap p rove d a contract between Kansas-Bostwick Irrigation intermediate education has saidj Di t j fc N There are 226 jobs and the federal government and said it compiled by Ethel Artman, assis>pcn in this class. j hopes its decision will end litigation in the'case, .ant director of extension andj One of the hardest-hit subjects at; "T llis contract was c * eculedt ~j~~ I^i,,.;" lhc . co ,, tr ^cT~ placement service, show 1787jthe high school'lever is coaching.jApril 20, 1951," the high court said;^, co(|rt upi,^ a decision caching posts available in Kansas There are 109 positions open and!in an opinion by Justice William-',,. n - n ..ui:* rmmtv nutrirt'Cm none of the eight men majoring in A. Smith. computing assessments is "manifestly disproportionate, and if not, to approve the schedule of proposed assessments." The irrigation district, covering ... 0 r ...._ - - acres of land in Republic. the Republic County District'Court. Jewell and Cloud counties, had But the Supreme Cour 1 reversed!brought the action for approval of COURTLAND— While Mrs. Anna Osborne planted beans iu her garden here, she noticed a -half .circle of gold in the loose top soil. Mrs. Osborne had uncovered a wedding ring believed to have be- onged to the late Mrs. William Campbell. Mrs. Elizabeth Yerian, another. physical education plans to teach., "Litigation has prevented, con-;the lower court's judgment per-ithe contract. It was resisted by Eight schools have openings foristruction of this (irrigation) sys-; m itting withdrawal of a request!Charles Mfzer, Elmer Anderson men physical education leachers. ( tem for three years. The case isj or a delermination of a schedule J and Howard Barber on behalf of becoming a public nuisance. It is'' 0 f assessments to meet the cost themselves and other landowners hoped this chapter will put an end O f constructing the irrigation sys-j similarly situated in the district, to it." - ''tern. They contended the contract could not be approved without an- Scholarship leadership Goes !o Smith Center .SMITH CENTER — For the fourth year Smith Center students competing in the annual Sunflower To Study Formula Central League scholarship Water for irrigation would come, from the Harlan Dam on the Re-j The Supreme Court directed thejproval of an accompanying sched- publican River in Nebraska. ' (trial court to .proceed to deter-iule of assessments. Swindler V/'cfimizes Area TOPEKA W—A man who'is al-icharges of obtaining money under .safely. M r nhpll'c "A Mil i """ r con " leged to have swindled dozens of'false pretenses, Rifhter said, | Although there is no such organ- l"h Th ' , , ] f ~ Ule ]tests took top honors. jij quor retailers in several Kansas, Liquor dealers at Emporia, Abi-jization, Richler said, De Elliott in •in 0 had Been lost at least -5 years j The tesVs weve administered i towns through a phony campaignllcne. Dodge City, Beioit. Minneap-'niany instances succeeded in get- ago. Mrs. Lampbeil gave up hopesj here to s ( u dents from six schools.|against drunken drivers is in, Cawker City and Arkansas'ting "credentials" from law en- of finding it and replaced it withjp 0 j nis won were . g m j ( |, center, j tody of the Kansas Bureau of In-itily were reported to have been'forcement officers then'proceeded a8: Osborne, 9fi*i; Downs, 93V 2 investigation, 'victims of the fraud. . ' lio solicit "funds, from liquor deal- Phillipsburg. 86'i: Lebanon, 79Vi,j Lou Richter, KB1'director, saidj In Phony Claim lers. ' • and Mankato, 50. ; IFred De Elliott, 63, Bonner Dale.] Richler said De Elliott would go! A..V, Lundgre'n, executive dircc- Listed below arcsub je c ts.lArk., was arrested . near ..Hotiinlo & town and introduce" himself I lor of the Kansas Retail Liquor names of the students as they fin-i Springs, Ark., and returned to j to the sheriff.or some other lavvj Dealers Association, said he knows Ellis Man Admits Two Burlaries ELLIS— A 23-year-old Ellis man, officers said, admitted entering Wiesener's store here and taking $210 from a cash register. They said he also confessed to ished, and their schools. i Kansas English IX ~ Susan Steiner, Lebanon:! tion. after lie waived extradi- ities. Under this plan/the govern- allotment Ellis Farmers Overplanf Wheat HAYS — Ellis Counly farmers overplanted their' IDS'! wheat crop acres, reported Breaking into the same store Feb. 5, 1953, and taking $105. He is being held in the county, jail at Hays. Ellis police and county aulhori- \ m ' .ies said the man told them he re- paiVicia moved the lid from a window well and pried boards from the window. Then he took a pair of pliers "'^'. and loosened nuts holding bars in|;[;^; place, removed the bars and! crawled into the basement beer tavern. "•••'' Finding nothing in (he tavern, he broke a" lock, on a door leading to the store upstairs. There he took $210 from the cash register. He said he left the store the same way. Throws a Parly The man was arrested by Ellis Avis BotlEf English X — Elaine Seever, .Smith :r Center; Owen Carper. Lebanon; Irmagard FeMmann; Smith Center'. Sblrlay Brlggs. Mfinkato: Jftan Sr.l Enplish XT — Deanna Heaton, Smith C'-'ntcr; Nlltl Stambach, Osborne;. Pii'k I Mankato: Anne Jlsytlcw. Lab-!™" Virginia Burton, Phitllpsburc. ! Isti XII ~- Pat Harden. Lebanon:! C*M. Manlcato: Jran. Mu-kpv.|fc enforcement officer as ' a repre-jof liquor, dealers who lost al least tentative Of the Police .Chiefs and|$350 to the swindle and added Elliott is scheduled to be sent j Sheriffs Safety Council, a national much more probably was lost and Dodge City for prosecution on'organization interested in traffic never reported. i, District Deaths e I/»c!\c. Lebanon. ut*s XI—Todd Hampton; Susy. PWIIInshuns: ABILENE — Funeral service r Mrs. Zune Bushey will be at here. "Rural Progress Days" Will Be Celebrated At Mankato MANKATO—Bandsmen from five T3u«n»:i Monday, at 2 pm. The Rev. C. Wil-j cities and riders from more than Case. Msnltato: Virginia. Burton. Phillips.! !,«>hcr. Mnhvam. Us Schnelle will officiate and bur- iial wili be in Abilene Cemetery. is scheduled at 3:30 pm. with the show slated to slarl: at 7:30 pm. m -oiam ,. „ , ^M-rnn ,.- „ , „. St. t^l^T'Si.ISSi SMITH CENTLR ~ *• *-. Uth i* an - J»n SSM , .Phn-jrop, 79. died at his home here. mentloan would be extended untilj Fide , is Befo " fli cQun{ ' riculture Police Chief Charles Nelson, who March 31,.1955, and ...the femer| s t abi , ization a „ d con ^ rvation lives next door to the store. Nel- would be-.paid.44 cents per bushel additional for storiiig the wheat. Contract for erecting the bins was let at the state level ; to committee chairman. son found tracks leading between wheat now stored on farms iniBrummel Construction Company, 1157,. Dickinson County under govern-!Garnctt. The 195 bins were pur-j 763 ' acre s were *pY an t e 'd About 25 percent of the county's! the two buildings. The suspect had 1100 farms, are overplanted. Thej 110 mone y on him anc! Nelson, re- for this year's crop was leased nim for lack of evidence, acres. Approximately 167,- He was arrested later in Jennings, where he reportedly "spent ment loan. The Commodity Creditichased by the Commodity Credit; Farmers who "are overplantedj mone - v fr° c 'y-" A big .party was Corporation's loans on this wheallCorporation in a transaction made'| can s tj]j qualify for price supportsi' ie '^ ' n liox > e officers .said. Jen- nt T ~ St'iun SIclnT. .Mrtrlcli. Osborne: Lc«l bure: Wi'ma Lt-iinr'nr ,..i Funeral will be in Smith R dozen saddle clubs will partici-j Riders from Hadriam. North- pate in a 4-day "Rural Progress [branch. Beioit, Glen Elder, Jewell, Days" program opening here Mon- Osbonie, Phillips County, Kensing- j day. ton, Jewell Couniy, Belleville, Con- 12:30 pm parade Tuesday willjcordia, Simpson, and Glasco will DO*. Center Monday at 2:30 smith , , . . , ire. jLathrop is survived pm. by Mr. feature floats', saddle horses,J take part. "Plane eenmo'rv — Larr Pown«: Lvdift Reyerleln, Konnnh Vow. Mnnknto: ni.'.n? Gray. LKb.ttion: Own earner. Tjcoanon. So'lil Rfomftrv — ,Tn»n^s Bhhon. f-nillh Center: Kolancl Rothpnbercer. Osborne; Osbornr-: Adoioll B^verleln. Phllllp-bTtr^. dordia; Mrs. Fred Murphy, Winner, S. D., and Mrs. Charles Coop- clowns, old cxlubition cars, and! The annual meeting of the Jew- high school bands from Ionia, Caw- ell-Mitchell Cooperative Electric '"|kcr City. Jewell, Randall, Leban-jCo.. will open at 2 pm Tuesday. NORTON — Mrs. Ike Burgas, SO, pioneer Norton . County resident, on, Kensington, and Mankato. • : After Ihe meeting a barbecue A horse show, sponsored by Ihe will be hefd. Two cooks from Ken- Junior Chamber of Commerce, Uinglon \v\U prepare the food and will be held Thursday. It will be!several Kensington residents have operated under Kansas Western at her home in Chuia Vista.Horsc Association rules, A parade ings. volunteered to help with the serv- loin. .p«.i'ii««bnr- P smith neuter: Shirley hi--. »<• r 0 r jor-nrt. -I- Mub«— nn.jCalif. The late Or. and Mrs. Bur- Miller, Pnllllps- >s came to Morton Cnunly « p a | c i e y DeVeJOpS '. Burgas practiced !5"iim r<.ntnr: jiinf POIC, pwiiitu-jmedicine here several years ago. 'n. Plillllpsburg. thrtp- _ . . " . for twm , Survivors include .two daughters, N'-hofr, n.,,.^ .Bcrnice Kuhichek, and Mrs. way lie nfiinral .qol-nf 1 " .— lirrv fowns; "\fprrll! Bishop. RmHb tin Bro' New City Park OAKLEY"— Work is progressing Smobn'Youth 3rd In Judging SMOLAN - , Einar L. Johnson, borne: John KoMn. Lrrmnnn, Up tor ((r*t. „„,„„ „„,,,,„-„,... T,,,, n . mvn . nmrnn California. '' """' expired April 30, but the govern-jal Washington, ..D. C. They ment has 60 days, in which to ac-jscheduled to be delivered in the], cept the crop. When delivered to! county late next week. the storage bins, it becomes government's property. the destroying their age. Befort said wheat which hasi man returned acre . nings Marshal Fay Holmes noti- jfied Ellis police and when the home policeman 'W">- s Amnrlrn ith ,r-"fr. n« t«r lou :69, nj!, B Ncme died at Lommumly Wlirn storage space becomes 'their .grain as determined available, farmers will be notified, i questionnaire and, where PM'A officials said. They will be would be no danger from flooding. . Placement of the bins was based i been totally eroded by winds canj Martin Schoenlhaler was on where farmers wanted to bring; be subtracted from the number ol! for him - waiting by a acr es seeded last fall, with approv thcrejai O f (h c ^SC. r-hi,r..W!l. m:l"lni>,,,r-- PllVlii.l l,fb;amo. lie for rrnirlh, r. 1na tini(|oo ^-. lll-V B^-vT. M "hll Helri''t:hrl, Pmlth Center; Downs, Mfeencr, Hospital, 87 Authorities said he was once| D "™ M7l ";,'i"; r , ... sentenced to the stale reformatory!""*'""• " |a »" hh ' p ' Ola Uland, and one son, Ben, alii on this city's new park. Lanclscsp json :of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer L. ing operations have been under-J Johnson. Smolan, ranked Ihird in way for sonic lime: the area easlin group of 11 students who spent, of the swimming pool has been lev-1 two days judging at the livestock cled .and curbs and fiutters Ijiicljmarket in -St. .Jiiseph. Mo. .„ , | around the drive. Dirt has beenj Jl. was a workoul for next year's wSrul'i LENORA - Krmi Masdcn. 87,! fillod '" a l. lhc swimming pool!meat judging team. ' pioneer resident of ..the Lenoraj-y™ lo Provide a gentle slope inj The- students graded cattle and ""ro'clelComniuwty, died al St. Peters-] 11 "- Parkmg area. Recently Boy|hogs on the hoof, and carcasses t>o-*n !; b u rg) Flil The funeral and buriali Scouts &cl ° m 18 ln!CS ' |and studied the operations of a were held there. I Grass wi " ' 3e Panted on the!livestock market. List Bin Sites Price supports for the 1954 crop! for Srand larceny, but sentence j smith'c Kvill be announced July 15 by the Points where bins will be creel-(federal government, Befort said. Jed and the available slorage are! '.listed below: |1 n<; J. r\..i Talmage, 43 bins, 146.250 bush.|"~ U3 - 1 wul els; Abilene, six. bins, 19,500 bush-i FLORENCE, S. C. ffi — When els; Chapman. 18 bins, 58,500 bush-lTornmy Scott,'16, found and re- bushels turned a wallet containing was suspended and he was paroled. In 1949 he was sentenced toj'- thc same inslitution for from onejj,' jto live years for nurglary. Sweet News given three or four days in which to move Ihe crop to bins where government-employed workmen will receive il. All storage filling 'operations inj the county will be supervised by Merle Hill,. Enterprise. 'Officials said they hoped to get three crews ~; p^; 1 "^ ^"^ organized to receive wheat at the Navarrei 30 bins _ ms ' Woodbine, 24 bins, 78,000 bush- he lost his own wallet containing!Anita had a pound box of choco- ^"^, ra Not Mandatory j c i s . Carlton, M bins,'97,500 bush-lthree dollars. He recovered noth-ilates and a W-year-old B o s t on|s-'«'i-i<r,ni They added that it is not man- c i s; Dillon, 24 bins, 78.000 bushds.jing. (bulldog, Boots. The dog recovered. ' r ^', dalory for farmers to turn their ! wheat over lo Ihe government even though the present loan has expired. Instead, they may reseat the wheat in their farm storage faeil- . turce-" Son of Mr. and Mrs forTrT 1 ' Pl "' Masden, he was born in Henry! anrbmr.: phfiiins-jCounty, la.. March II, 1867. Hc| i Norton County with hisj when he was a child and Grass will be area east of Ihe Joseph i. . ... ,, later this month. Falls SAN his reward svas one dollar.'Later!rapher FRANCISCO Bob Phillips — Photog- and wife swimming pooi! other schools represented were j Missouri University, Iowa Stale 'College and Nebraska University. Johnson is a sophomore in the school of agriculture. ..... Oshorne: Kent Connt- H^incr. .1 — Ann Grrpory. f, Mi-iU Snow. I "nimi Hayj, Lrbnnon. tin !or first. Kronorr-1p« — Knb^rt KrUnn Torld H.impton, Tlow flf H'trst Jonn Survivors include a niece, Mrs. i Frank Rabis, Norton. Ill At Home CnnninKham. I — OAKLEY—Rural resident Leon-i' ard Swart escaped with bruises i Mrs - Ross Wilson, 512 W. South, and a cracked rib when he was;' 5 '" a t her home. She is improv- HP for 5-rond. i W1NONA—The funeral was held | struck by a one-way pulled by ajing slowly. n>v. Phiiiip«imrir:!hcre for-Wilson N. Knapp, The tractor. Swart fell in front of the! Mr. Wilson, who has been sick 'Hays Honorary Frat Initiates HAYS—Initiation services were held on Ihe Fort Hays State College campus for the first group of students honored by selection to Phi Kappa Phi, national honorary scholastic fraternity, which was established at the college in January. Graduate students initialed are! .lames W. Franks, Hays'; Roberll L. Huar, Hays; John T. Miller, Hays; Arlin E. Mills. Ellis; Patricia M. Taylor, Hays, and An dreas M. Kaz'amias, from the island of Cyprus. Seniors src Larry Ball, Hanston; Paul Blomquist, Wiiithrop,, Mass.; LaFaun Foreman, Fairbury, Neb.; Mary Lee Fox, Rozel: William D. ' Hoffman, Kanopolis; Martha Ann Pate, Elkhart; Chris Royce Rasmussen, Oberlin; David Riegel, Hays; Donald Rorabaugh, Smith Center, and Jacqueline Schmutz, Hays. Sponsor Show At Miltonvale MILTONVALE — Student and religious councils 'of Miltonvale College will sponsor the film, "Oil-' lown.USA." . Its star is Billy Graham, evangelist. . | The show will he at 7:30 pm Thursday in the Miltonvale College, 1 Sym and auditorium. I Ann Cocheriwir. O.-bornn: kato; r»n Andrtwi. P.olatid Tlothcnherscr, ObornP: T)l:i«e Orcy. Lebanon; Marianne Vtrlmpt. ; Doviw; P.oger Sink. Lrtannn, tie for 'Ir5t and fourth. Shorthand 1 — Shirty Miller. Phllllps- Ha'^^r^hniiplb:^:^"™ Sn'- K^ymond Schweitzer. Osr Klndler, l>ehnnon: Jii'ly Nlltl stambicb, ohortift. Typing n ~- HOPR I-ockfj. Lebanon; Ann GrecoTy. Oshornn; JOM\ Haya. t."h- nnon; Alvln Brln, rvi>ornc; Plxls Wlcul, Smith Center. oods - Dorothy Mlnsnr. Downs; San-, McKuMen, oibornp; sharcn Burppsa. Spanish Smith Cpntcr: Rn Ixirpnft Lfhminn, nz notion. «^itti - Artyc<* Rmith C(""". MoKown. Phil- ' Frit-jRev. W. E. Dunlap officiated and burial was in Winona cemetery. Mr. Knapp was born in Rll.oy j County Feb. 26, 1889. in He spent SpelllnK IX itid X' — ChiirlM Alilrir.b. iflhnrn"; Slie^rt!! "iibr., Ptlll!lp«bnrB; )ana Harsyi.tll. Osborne." 1 ? joe*Draie." rwniMhuri:: .io|Winona where he entered the gcn- [mosl of his life in Western •. Kansas. I In 1918 he moved his'family to plow and one section passed overi'°r several weeks, is now improv- his body. iing and able to be up. Mrs. Wil- He was treated at Logan Countyjson's sister, Mrs. Vina Mock, is Hospital and released. A heavy;here from Winfield to help care leather jacket he was wearing was [for them, credited with saving him further injury. from! Mrs. Wilson is manager of Bernard's. j oral merchandising business which i ho and the family operated until i 1941. i i He accepted an appointment j i with the Kansas Commission i of Revenue and Taxation as field in 1939, a position.;, he held Head Of The Class virfiniij until shortly before his death. Downs; ciothmc •— wicronea. Downs: osh, o>i»tn(!i Bob' w«sn»r, Center- Dnn Clmtumsn, Do ns. dra* - i-5 — ~ » v "> " n ^ Schwellrnr. Osbornc; Lnrry Myhoff. Downs: fiary Reid, Smith Center. ARriculture — Bernard H«nke. Onborne: Ccrald Css(X!.-s. smith Center; Totld Hampton. Downs: Dale Stuart. Lebanon; Jerry Akcns, Downs. Stuart, Lebanon ; JerlV Akens, Downs. Getting Set for Winter Some one is expecting these cool nights to continue. Mrs. Emma • Brizendine, loSVi N. Santa Fe, told police three blankets were stolen from her home Friday morning. Salinan Candidate At Kansas U 10th, LUCAS-Mrs. P- W. Bradley- 77. died Friday night at, Wichita. The funeral will be held here Monday. Survivors include two daughters, Mrs.' Francis Kessler, L i n c o l.n, and Mrs. Elwood Jones, Wichita; seven sons, Charles, A r r i b a, Colo.; Richard, San Antonio, Tex.; Krank, Noble, III.; Oral, Ftaglor, Colo.; Homer. Glendale, Calif.; Ray, Claremont, Calif., and Bruce, Cleveland. Don Remark, 1412 S. running for the position of engineering physics representative on Three Teenagers Die In Crash YUKON, Okla. dB-Thrcc Oklahoma teen age youths were killed and another injured in a collision Friday night a half mile west of Yukon on U, S. 66. Victims were Jerald Loyd Durham, 19, El Reno; Roy Eman-| tiel Rogers, 19, Clinton; and George Hodnett, 18, of El Reno. Rogers' twin brother, Ray, also was in- is ; jiircd. His condition was fair. The car rammed into the rear, of a "SI'ltl.VGTIME IX I'AItH" i« ilicnir of Awarln high school's junlor-xenlor liniir,!iol and I'ninr a I ,S,-iIin;i Knoni of tamer Hold Kriday niRlil. .\iliiiirinsr flowers arc (lefl In Hghl) Janlca Moronnirk, ISonnln Rowland, Marvin Vim and Mnxlnv. Sfillfck, Miss MrCormirk anil Rowland arr jnnioi 1 .'), Hie other two senloix, (Dioto by.Mr*. Enoch Olson) semi-trailer truck, troopers the Kansas University Engineer- j said. The crash 'sheared the top ing Student Council. There arc 46 1 off the automobile and all four f candidates for 16 positions on the council. joulhs were pinned in Ihe wreckage. AS VAMWlCTOItUiVS of (hfllr cla.sses will hn {from lefl, lop row) Buildv Wayne SfrCllnlocK, S|III|IMIM niriil high .scliool, sun of OiilsMcClinfock; Kaj' ll»r(, Randall nival lilgh .school, itnujrliler of Jlr. .nnd Mrgr.fJnhn Harl, Uiindnll. Itiidom row, from left — Hi-Inn SterllnR, Canton lilfii school,'ilniighlcr of,Mr, and i\lri, Philip Slerlinfc, Canlnh; Mrs. Donald Slniiip. Klnvln high school, daughter "f >lr. »nd Mrs. C. W. Hand, Kirwin.

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