Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 10, 1963 · Page 13
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 13

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 10, 1963
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1963 fHE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS 13 Hollywood Today •EVEN* LIFE IS NEW MrW 'KKN KICK BV EKSKINE .IOHNSON Hollywood ('orrospiiiidin! NcWM|inpcr KntiM-pritm Assn. BAY CITY, Trans — Hollywood's "wild ono" hns Rone voRfilnrinn lo capture a morn "oven" disposition. "I menu it's Rront, mnn," says Slrvc McQueen. Obviously, it also leaves n fellow hungry all the lime. For Steve is wolfing down n huge slice ot pumpkin pie a couple of hours before dinner on a movie location here. "I was always very high or very low," Steve explains about Ills new henllh food kick. "Now I've evened off. It's easier now for me lo face responsibilities. Man, I'm braver and cooler than Dick Tracy." I.ONO A1TKR THE PIE hat! disappeared, the wiry, matled- haircd Steve was still talkiiiR mostly about bis role in his latest movie, ''The Traveling Lady," The "lady" IN Leo Keltlick, and Steve keep* her traveling because of his wild ways. In the film he Is n born loser, with the story sturtlnj; as he Is paroled from prison and ending with him back in prison. There's a chip on his shoulder and fate keeps knocking it off. That's his cue to come out swinging. "There's a lot of me in the character, yeah," Steve admits. "Until I became an actor I was pretty much a loser, too. But acting shaped me up." He likes the role, he tells you, "because it is an acting pari for n change. That's why I'm happy I've evened off and can face responsibility. I want to be a good actor. My personality has carried me along so far, but now I'm interested in becoming a GOOD actor." He had driven cross-country from Hollywood to Texas in bis hiidi-powered Imported sporls car. "I've evened off In that department, too," he declared. "It look me four days. Man, I took my time." HE LIKES TO RECALL his television series (Wanted, Dead or Alive), which launched his movie enreer. "I don't think about the show exactly, but about what a producer said to me. He said: " 'McQueen, you're a lot of trouble, but I'm behind you.' "I don't want no more trouble, though. I've had enough trouble." Acting In big lime movtcii only since 1959, • Steve McQueen Just moved his ever- growing family Into a 1260,000 Spanish stylo mansion In Beverly Hills. "Three acres, a high wall, TWO kitchens and how many rooms I don't know exactly," he said. "It'll take us 30 years to furnish the place IF we hurry. Yes, sir, old Josh has come a long way. But I said to myself about all that money for a big home, "Why not, kid? You're not a big dresser like most of them big stars'." WITH THAT HE FLIPPED his memory book to the time I attended a birthday party his wife gave him in Mexico during filming of "The Magnificent Seven." Everyone, in the cast was there. "Man, wns I swinging," Steve howled. ''Remember those, firecrackers I tossed into that fellow's room? He went right through the door. And remember Ihnt boulevard stop sign I liberated from a street corner and had in the buck seat of the car on the way home? "I returned the sign, but the police wanted me, too. Well, that's what I mean, man. "I don't want no more trouble. "I'm glad I've evened off." DRAWS MOSCOW TOURISTS -A line of buses parks outside the Kremlin, now a Moscow tourist attraction where Russians go and come without a check. Three decades ago few would be brave enough to approach the gates of the impressive structure. Watching TV Strict adherence to individual wishes. allows the family to select the cost and type of funeral service they prefer PULLEY GUTZLER 1314 Main St.. Phon' °42-3348 Budget Terms If Desired. Tonight 6:00-Riflem«n 2, Csrloom 3, News 4-5-6-! 2, Economics 8, Thrca Stoogio» 11. 6:15-News 4-5-6-12, Rocky and His Friends 11. 6:30—Combat 2-3, Eye on Si. Louis 4, Mr. Novak 5-6, What's New 8, Amos and Andy 11. 7:00-Rcd Skelton 4-12, On Hearing Music 8, People Are Funny 11. 7:30-McHale 'i Navy 2-3, Operation Challenge 5-6, 8old Journey 8, Best of Groucho 11. 8:00—Greatest Show on Earth 2-3, Petticoat Junction 4-12, Richard Boone 5-6, What In the World 8, Special: McDonnell Special 11. 8:30-Jack Benny 4-12, Eye on the World 8. 9:00—News Special—The Soviet Women 2-3, Garry Moore 4-12, Andy Williams 5-6, Movie: When You're In Love 11. 10:00-News 2-3-4-5-6-12. 10-.15-Steve Allen 2, Tonight Show 5, Dragnet 6, Weather 12. 10:20- Roaring 20's 3, Movie: Because of Him 12. 10:25—Eye-line 4. 10:30—Movie: Treasure of Sierra Madre 4. 10:45—Tonight Show 6 U-.OO-Movie: Time to Kill 11. ll:20-Panic 3. ll:45-Peter Gunn 2. 11:55—News 12. 12:00—News 3, Tonight In St. Louis 5. 12:15-News 2. 12:20-Mahalia Jackson 2. 12:30-News 5-11. 12:40-Newsreel 11. 12:45—Movie: Unmarried 4. 2:00—News 4. 9:00—King and Odie 2, Jack LaLanne 3, News 4-12, Say When 5-6. 9:15—Romper Room 2. 9:25-New« 5-6. 9:30—Trail West 2, I love Lucy 4-12, Word of Word 5-6. 10:00-Price Is Right 2-3, The McCoys 4-12, Concentration 5-6. I0:30-Seven Keys 2-3, Pete and Gladys 4-12, Missing Links 5-6. 11:00—Tenn. Ernie Ford 2-3, Love of Life 4-12, Your First Impression 5-6. ll:25-News 4-12. 11:30—Father Knows Best 2-3, Search For Tomorrow 4-12, Truth or Consequences 5-6. ll:45-Guiding Light 4-12. 11:55—Day Report 5-6. Farm News By ICIIARD P Associated Press POWKRS Staff Writer WASHINGTON (AP)-Cotton farmers vote today on wheter marketing quotas and the resulting price support operations will be continued for the 1964 upland and extra-long staple cotton crops. Approval far above the required two-thirds of the cotton producers voting in the referendum is anticipated. Marketing quotas never have been defeated since the program was be- un in 19:19. Television Review By CYNTHIA IX )WRY AP Television-Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP)-"To Tell the Truth," CBS's Monday night i guessing game is a pleasant, i well - placed, early evening pro- 1 gram. At our house, we watch it with our after - dinner coffee, finding it amusing lo guess with the panel which contestant is the real skin diver, bear wrestler or whatever. Monday night's show was about par for the series, which will soon start its eighth season on the network. Tom Poston, Peggy Cass, Orson Bean and Kitty Carlisle were bright and good-humored, if not always too shrewd in their attempts to spot the real inventor of the wobble board, the real Japanese flower arranger and the real designer of Thanksgiving Day parade balloons. The show had been taped Nov. 20 for broadcast the following Monday, but that was the day of President Kennedy's funeral, and it underwent some minor surgery. A light - hearted exchange between Poston and a cohtestant who said her name was Casa- blancas revolved about its translation as "white house." Producer Gil Fates thought it would be in better taste to remove the reference. CBS will pre-empt the Jackie LONG TIME BETWEEN TRAINS—Mayor Debruyne of the French coastal town of Sangatte, near Calais, stands beside a monument marking the place where a tunnel under the English Channel was started in the 1890s. As English and French engineers and government officials move ahead with plans for the "Chunnel," a railway-auto tunnel under the channel, the mayor hopes that in his lifetime he may witness the coming into reality of this old dream. Gleason show of Saturday, Jan. 4 —for an hour-long special tribute to the entertainer for his 35 years in show business. The program, "The Many Worlds of Jackie Gleason" will have producer Otto Preminger as host and Art Carney as a special guest. There will be taped and filmed highlights from his career. Jack Benny and Bing Crosby will take over Friday night's NBC Bob Hope comedy special while the comedian recuperates from treatment for dition. Crosby will the first edition of wood Palace" Jan. an eye con- also present "The Holly- 4, replace- Afternoor 12:00- 5:205:30- 6:006:30- 7:00- WEDNESDAY PROGRAM Morning News 4. Sunrise Semester 4. Town and Country 4. P.S. Four 4, Focus 5, Sunrise Semester 12. The Morning Scene 4, Today 5-6, Breakfast Show 12. 7:25-News 5. 7:30-Today 5-6. 7:40—World of Mr. Zoom 4. 7:45—Mahalia Jackson 2. 7:50—Farm Report 2. 7:55-News 2. 8:00—Capt. Kangaroo 4-12. 8:15-Medical Profile 2. 8:25-News 5-6. 8:30—Tree House Time 2, Today 5-6. ENJOY CLEAR COLOR SHARP PICTURES wrfh+he PHILCO. TUNER GAUNT'S HAVE 4 PHILCO FACTORY TRAINED COLOR TV TECHNICIANS AND CAN ASSURE YOU PROMPT, EFFICIENT SERVICE ON YOUR COLOR TV. GAUNT'S Southern Illinois' Leading Appliance Dealer 32nd and Broadway Dial 244-0860 General Hospital 2-3, News 4-5-6-11-12. 12:05—My little Margie 4, Charlotte Peters 5. 12:15—Pastor Speaks 6, Modern Almanac 11, Farm Picture 12. 12:30—Divorce Court 2, Religious 3, As The World Turns 4-12, Romper Room 6, Cartoons 11. I:00-Educational 3, Password 4-12, People Will Talk 5-6, Double Feaure 11. 1:25-News 5-6. 1:30—Day in Court 2-3, House Party 4-12, The Doctors 5-6. 1:54—News—Lisa Howard 2-3. 2:00-Queen For A Day 2-3, To Tell The Truth 4-12, Loretta Young 5-6. 2:15-Double Feature 11. 2:25-News 4-12. 2:30-Who Do You Trust 2-3, Edge of Night 4-12, You Don't Say 5-6. 3:00—Trailmaster 2-3, Secret Storm 4-12, Match Game 5-6. 3:25-News 5-6. 3:30-S.S. Popeye 4, Make Room For Daddy 5-6. 3:45—Brave Stallion 12. 4:00—Adventures in Paradise 2, The Hour 3, Movie 4, Corky the Clown 5, Best of Groucho 6, Film 8, Capt. Il 'i Showboat 11. 4:15—Bozo's Cartoc is 12. 4:30—Maverick 5, Popeye, Dance Party 6, Industry on Parade 8. 4:45—Friendly Giant 8, Rocky and His Friends 12. 5;00-City Camera and Weather 2, Mickey Mouse 3-11, Amos and Andy, Ann Sothern 6, What's New 8. 5:15-News 2, Yogi Bear 12. 5:30—Zane Grey Theater 2, Clutch Cargo 3, News 4, Huntley and Brinkley 5-6, Encore 8. 5:45-News 3-12. 5:50-Weather 12. Evening 6:00-Rifleman 2, Cartoons 3, News 4-5-6-12, Biology 8, Three Stooges 11. 6:15-News 4-5-6-12, Rocky and His Friends 11. 6:30-Ozzie and Harriet 2-3, News—The Harlem Temper 4-12, The Virginian 5-6, What's New 8, Amos and Andy 11. 7:00-Patty Duke Show 2-3, Meet John T. Wllllngham 8, People Are Funny 11. 7:30-Prlc8 Is Right 2-3, Glynis 4-12, Bold Journey 8, Best of Groucho 11. 8:00—Ben Casey 2-3, The Baverly Hillbillies 4-12, Espionage 5-6, Tha Light Show 8, Speed Spectacular 11. 8:30-Dlck Van Dyk« 4-12, Th» Music Show 8, Treasure 11. 9:00— Channing 2-3, Danny Kay« Show 4-12, The Eleventh Hour 5-6, Movie: Violent Playground 11. 10:00-New» 2-3-4-5-6-12. 10:15-Steve Allen 2, Tonight Show 5, Biography 6, Weather 12. 10:20—Maverick 3, Movie: Chicago Confidential* 1). 10:25-Eye-line 4. 10:30—Movie: Reaching For the Sun 4. 10:45—Tonight Show 6. tUOO-Movie: Island In the Sky 11. U:20-Blue Angels S. ll:40-News 12. 11:45-Peter Gunn 2. 12:00-News 3, Tonight In St. Louis 5. 12:10—Movie: Coronado 4. 12:15-News 2. 12:20—Mahalia Jackson 2. 12:30-News 5-11. 12:40-Newsreel 11. 1:35—News 4. WASHINGTON (API - U.S. farm exports are likely to advance to $6 billion for the year ending June 30, up sharply from the 5.1 billion total for each of the past two years. The Agriculture Department said the outlook is particularly favorable for exports of wheat, cotton, soybeans, dairy products and vegetable oils. Exports of wheat are likely to total a record 1 billion bushels in response to an exceptionally strong demand in Western Europe and the Soviet Union, where wheat harvests have been poor. Exports of soybeans will continue to benefit from the substantial increase in demand for oils and protein meal in West- em Europe and Japan. ment for the "Jerry Lewis Show." There will be a different master of ceremonies each week thereafter. Recommended tonight: "Big Mitch," NBC, 9-10 (EST) - The Richard Boone repertory company in an original comedy by the late Clifford Odels; "Greatest Show on Earth," ABC, 9-10— Lucille Ball in her first tele­ vision dramatic role, playing a circus horse trainer; "The Soviet Woman," special, ABC, 10-11 —documentary on life and attitudes of women in the Soviet Union today. 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