Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 12, 1961 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 12, 1961
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

MC1C fUURTBSW ALTON I^ENINQ TEUDORAPM W1ZWBSDAY, APRIL IB, tttt <»•*)> Irtftiftg fF 11 TROPm DISPLAY CASE GIFEJV TO TFEST Principal Robert Harlotv accepts keys to the new trophy case Installed at West Junior as a gift from the student council. President Bev Terry handed over the keys, while Writer Ehlert, treasurer; Mary Anschuetz, secretary, and Gail Judy, vice-president, add their goodwill.—Staff Photo. Carrollton-Eldred Club Medora Will Will Biuld Boat Dock Bvland Heads School CARROLLTON - The committee of the C. and E. Sportsmen dub in chaige of the erecting of a boat dock on the east side of Board at Carrollton the Illinois river at Kampsville will meet with a representative Elect Four Trustees «:W-2 Yogi Bear 4 Hews: MM Ketof 5 News: John RotrM 9 N«MK Water 9am 6:10-4 Weather: Fontaine 5 Weather WKh Armand 6:18-4 CBS NWri: Cdwaf* S Jtamtey, BrMMey N*WI ft tmMe BaMWtball 6:90—2 Hong Kong: Promise to a dying newsman to return a smuggled statue to its rightful owner, Almost coetf Evans Me life to "The Jade Emprets." Richard Grey. Pat Crowtey. (repeat). 4 Malibu Run: Quest stars Scott Marlowe, Anne Helm. Alan Baxter and Jane Withers Join the divers tonight In a story about Juvenile toughs. 5 Wagon Train: A blind, would be immigrant Is rejected by earlier trains because of his affliction, tries to Join the wa gon train with his son in "The Saul Bevins Story." Rod Steiger. 9 Book House 11 Bold Journey 8:45—9 Sociology Course 7:00-11 Flight 7:30-2 Oeie and Harriet: While checking over some old ribbons and wrapping paper Harriet discovers an unwrapped Christmas present, which leads to series of complications in "The Pen and Pencil Set." 4 Danger Man: A blind girl is the only "witness" to her brother's murder is "Josetta." Julia ArnaD. ft Prteeb tg: 9 Heritages MUD «nit* 8:00-2 Hawaiian Eye: Crtaket, mistaken for an ntiteM, it ab* ducted in a laundry basket by fwtttie-huntlng henchman in "It Atn't Cricket." Peter Breck. 4 My Slater Eileen: Ruth't bow arranges for her to spend a weekend at a Vermont lodge in "Ruth's Holiday." 6 iHnk ffOpfe olNNrVt SlftfftfV P*tfl Page a«fl *«mw Damn, eonedtan PMI Harris, inputs for Hope special 9 Ch. 9 on the Line U Wrestling 8:15-9 UN Review 8:90-4 I've Got a Secret: Comedian Andy Griffith guest. 9 Origami: Paper Sculpture. 9:00-2 Naked City: Once reputable lawyer turns to crime in order to make good a check in "A Memory of Crying." 4 Circle Theatre: "Engineer of Death: The fflchmann Story," traces career of Nail mam-murderer Adolf Elch- mann whrme trial began yesterday In Israel, (ttepeat) 5 Peter Loves Mary: Peter is resentful when Wilma's Uncle Charlie makes a hit with Mary and the children. 9 Red Myth: The Khrushchev Era Gall Russell: "Wake oi The Red Wttrh" (IMS) fend Eatt Indies trade monarch and tee. captain endt in ton ot gold and woman they both love 9:30-» LockUp 9 frew Conference [0:0D-! IMrd Man; Whrt pw- tlon of medieval mfisterplece turn* up in an Irish fishing vil lage, Lime it asked to locate the reiiuUnim two ptecet in "The Widow Who Wwfi't" 459 Newt 10:10-45 Weather 10:15-4 Eye on St. Loute 5 Jack Paar: (Color) al- an Mowbray, Jean Kerr, Betty Johnson guests. 9 Favorite Reading 10:30-4 Movie: Gary Grant: Ginger Rogers, "Once Upon a Honeymoon" (1943) American reporter covers the Hitler conquests. 4 Movie: Paul Lukaa, Bette Davis, Geraldine Fitzgerald: "Watch on the Rhine" (1943) An anti-Nazi underground leader, vacationing In the U.S. is blackmailed. 10:55—11 News Roundup 11:00-11 Dial 999 12:00—5 News: You Asked 12:25-4 Movie: Rita Johnson, Tom Neal: "They All Came Out" U9381 Police and a hold-up gang all have their eyes on a man who i s the only one who knows the whereabouts of stol en money. 12:35—2 News: Comedy Time 11 Movie: John Wayne, i 1:35-4 News: Prayer DONNAS 100th SBOWi The •Donna Reed" episode on ABC-TV tomorrow evening II the ttOth When JMft "Welrt ft**)" WOT nd ftrti tni Saiuwhy tttw spot af "BijBtma" (which movw 9 Afflday fHpladHi Oftiah Snoti who will alternate with Tttepnone How on Friday) IB th* ww its- son the aerie* will have an «ddl. ttontt three lead partt add also feature "mme" gunt itan. Dale Robertson win sDH itar In teriet. TBACHBR OK OHALLBlfOti "Can a Machine Teach?" Is the subject of KMOX TVa "Challenge", Saturday, April IS at 3:90 p.m. Program guest* Kflffieth KomotW, Presl Thursday Daytime, April 13 episode for the comedy PATSY AWARDSt Big ev*ffl tor the Ameircnn Humane Asm Holly\vood Office W«8 the llth annual Patsy Award prefWttatton last month In which the top art' mail actors for I960 were recognized. Voted nation's top animal actor for '80 are King Cotton (me horse 'Don Juan' In Pepe) and Tramp (the dog, 'Spud' In ABC's series My Three Sons). In an upcoming 'Wagon Train' episode, viewers will see a team of exhausted horses sweating profusely. American Humane Assn. reports all is well—that soap was used to simulate sweat. AHA supervises animal action by agreement with TV networks. All three major nets and most independent producers consult with AHA. BENNY ON PAAR TONTOHT: Jack Paar, who retained to his late night NBC program last night after a couple weeks vacation, announced that .lark Benny will appear on his program tonight. GOODMAN ACE SIGNS FOR COMO: Writer Goodman Ace and his group have signed with Perry Como for another year. WELLS FARGO NEW LEADS: ^^^^M fc.^ ttfJRU Dy Went GMft MC tor 0re May 18 smtjiiij .,,. if^_^ jfc tifiMHii' tsfefesilltf UNsHI Emmy WTOwi ^r ilMiry rwwi/ vmn ottered ttie te»nton gtmt trprtthls mrrrnftfr OR tti MtrW 1W& Duv* toy Cetrtir for Pf In- ftMctton, ffew Y*rk (Sty; Noah Qrsy, ftiptjrtfttetttent of Uftdbetoih School District, St. Louts; Paul Andweeh, director, AarSo-Vlsim! Dcpartttwnt, St. Lottii County Schools; and Waiten Brown, A* sistant Superintendent, Fwgxwon- Florlssarrt R-2 district. RKffBWALSi "Lassl«" h a 8 been renewed tor eighth consecutive year. "Untouchables" ha* picked up enough new sponsors to continue this fall. "Lawman" renewed on ABC-tV for next season. ALL AROnro TOE TUBE: It's spring again and those perennial plans to reunite Blng Crosby with The Boys of TV have beaten the first robin to the post. And It'll happen this year too,— mebbe on ABC-TV— If the ever-conflictlng Crosby schedules don't snarl turn It down for a Sroidwiy Mu* LtttlflMttlV WAllON OBWBVA <*) ~^ttr ft ol wsorlattOT, ffit ffllteplfln irllinifll hai alffWO • Wfl autrwrmng tfN WOiefan Wofld Federation M efttbHlh t pow«s ful Christian radio OiBW in Ad- LWF Iwid^fliirttJ B ntw F.E. GILBERT ttttt*l«**«MMiaxi C sjniiiiisj^iisjvMrsjiiitfj w Dial OL44248 Promptness h Out Virtue of the Illinois Slate Conservation land 0 { Carrollton was re-elected! office Thursay. according to an- president of the board of direc- notmcement Monday at a meet- tors of Carrollton Community MEDORA _ The.^™,, village flection will br held Tuesday. Anril 18. at the Villagr Hall. CARROLLTON - Kenneth By- Thw is on| y one ticket in the — Peoples Part>'. Thomas Frueh. present mem- ° f the board, is running for ing of the club at the American Unit School District at an or-1 President of the board of trus- Legion hall in Eldred. ganization meeting Monday eve- tees. Elmer Well, incumbent, is running for re-election as village clerk, and Nelson Milner, presi- ganization meeting Monday eve- Members of the boat dock com-,rung at the school. Mrs. Alfred mittee are John Voiles. Henry Johnson was reappointed clerk of Cordes Jr., Herbert Hartman and the board and Francis Vaughn dent of the Board, is running for Arnold Hyde. Plans were also; retains his position as treasurer'treasurer. Delbert Gross, Harold made Monday evening for the an- o f the school district. JFricker and Lloyd Bowker, incum- nual fox chase, coon drag races. BnlkBn* \ H me i bents, are seeking re-election as dog show and friendly fox hunt. ^* ' e j village trustees. Melvin Bowman which will be held May 13 and CARROLLTON - Mr. arnd! jg runnin g.,{ or the two-year unex- 14 at the Greene County Fair- Mrs - William Shade, who recently. . d tem Qf ^ Bartow, as trus- grounds at Carrollton. Lunch will!bought a lot on Virginia avenue; te(? be served on the grounds at the from Mr. **«* M"- Francis «**-. A proposed bond issue for $2.000 4-H dub building. 5:45—J Prayer 5:30—4 Mews: Torn Brooks 6:00—4 Town 'n Country 5 Continental Classroom (Color) 6:30—1 P.S. 4. 7:00—4 Morning St. Louis 5 Dave Garroway 7:30—2 Science and Human Re sponsibiliry 8:00—2 Camera Two 4 News: Grimsby 8:15-2 Willie Wonderful 4 Capt. Kangaroo 8:30—2 Romper Room 9:00—4 December Bride 5 Say When 9 In School Programming 9:30—2 Jack LaLanne Show 4 Video Village 5 Play Your Hunch: (Col or) j 10:00—2 Topper { 4 Double Exposure I 5 Price is Right (Color) 10:30—2 News: Hayward 4 Surprise Package 5 Concentration MEDORA — Kemper Home! 10:35—2 Coffee Break i Bureau met Monday at Kemper 11:00—2 Morning Court . * ** . - - » _« » A* ** f* WfWtSW** W*«M »uvw». «n T— 1— — — bach have already begun the fof „ ^^ wiu also ^ pre . Plans are also under way for,construction of a new ranch type; the purchasing of land and theihouse on the location. Shade te af erecting of a club house but no member of the faculty of Carroll- n definite action has been taken as to" Community Unit High School. 1 Home Bureau Meets yet. The program Monday eve- Morland Trial Set ' ning consisted of the showing of a CARROLLTON — The case of At Kemper Hall film, "Fishing in Illinois." ; William Morland, charged with 4-H Committee to Meet aggravated assault and battery, CARROLLTON — Plans tor the has been set for trial before Judge j annual 4-H Club Achievement Byron Koch, on April 17 at 1 p.m. day and other 4-H Club events'Morland, has pleaded innocent to during the summer season will the charge. Burrjs MUford Ryan be made Friday afternoon at a ActoiUHatrators Appointed anA Mrs< Wilson MayeS) ^ i at . meeting of the county home eco- CARROLLTON - Administrat-, ter ^^g of ^ Medora Unit. nomics 4-H Club committee in ors were appointed in four es- \ wrf nresent: aj_ n i_ it n * _^L i wens yr^ociivii the Farm Bureau haU. Members tot es recently by Judge Byron; ^ May meeting vvill be at of the committee are Miss Helen Koch. Phillip E. Platto was ap-i Kemper Ha u at ^39 pm xv ith Pinkerton Mrs GloydI Hoesman,, bond of $500 in the estate of Julia| Mrs . Marino Vo yles'and Mrs. Roy Mrs. Curtis Twitchell. Mrs. Elmer;Ann Crane, l!ena Gibler andi Wa i ters as Hosfesses Battj'. Mrs. Robert Garner, Mrs. Mildred Sherwin, ghnng bond of! Rex Hallock and Mrs. C. L. Drake. $]o.OOO are administrtors in the 4 Love of Life 5 Truth or Consequences 11:30-2 Love That Bob 4 Search for Tomorrow 5 Could Be You (Color) 11:45-4 Guiding Light 11:55-5 NBC News: Scherer Noon—2 Camouflage 4 5 News: Weather 9 TV College 11 The Story 12:05—4 Burns and Allen 5 Charlotte Peters 12:30—2 Number Please 4 As the World Turns U Modern Almanac 1:00—2 About Faces 4 Face The Facts 5 Jan Murray: (Color) 11 Movie: "Wake of the Red Witch," See Wed. 9 p.m. Ch. 11. 1:15-9 News: Walter Ross 1:25-2 ABC News: Al Mann 1:30—2 Comedy Playhouse 4 House Party 5 Loretta Young 2:00—2 Day in Court 4 Millionaire 5 Young Dr. Malone 2:30-2 Seven Keys 4 Verdict 1s Yours 5 From These Roota 3:00—2 Queen for a Day 4 Brighter Day 5 Special For Women: Sylvia Sidney stars in "Change: of IJfe." Report .on the reevaluated attitudes toward the critical middle years which often constitute needless problem for women. U Ilka Chase 3:15—4 Secret Storm 3:30-2 Who Do You Tnwt 4 Edge of Night 11 Scope: Documentary 3:45—11 Cartoons 4:00—2 American Bandstand 4 SS Popeye 5 Susie U Capt. 11's Showboat 4:30—4 Movie: dark Gable, Hedy Lamarr: "Comrade X" (1940) Russian secret police try to trap man who is smuggling embarrassing stories to the free world. 5 Wranglers Club (First 15 min. color.) 5:00—2 Rocky and His Friends 9 Krickety-Krackety 5:30—2 News: Hayward 5 Whirlybirds . 9 Words and Music U Three Stooges 5:40—2 Weather: Hayward 5:45—2 Fun With Yo Yos Special; NEW NOROE REFRIGERATOR ' Freezer across top, door i shelves, porcelain $429 crlsper — — — • — DISCOUNT FURNITURE East Alton at GM&O Underpass Open Every Monday- Friday Till 9 P.M. The Telegraph's Daily Radio Chart $ GET YOUR BONUS BUCKS $ MONTICELLO PLAZA! Win Merchandise and Service Certificates! fittt Dial CL 4-5132 WILSHIRE MALL SHOPPING CENTER •AST ALTON Final Week End/ Week-End Painters ATTENTION! *Ptatt and Lambert PAINT • ALL KINDS • ALL COLORS Price! • Subject to Stock on Hand • 52nd Anniversary Sale Starts Thursday— g\^MBk* H^BWJBJHlMtt many pargaim WEDNESDAY Birthday Party Carrollton Notes estate of Grace A. Gibler. In the MEDORA. .— Peggy Sue Richey _. __.,__„ . v, „• „ j * j • , celebrated her third birthday Mon- CARROLLTON - Lawrence ; Nelbe Hedges estate and also ui! dav aftcrnoon at j he home of her Carmody of Los Angeles. Calif., j the Edgar Elliott estate Merle R-l^^ Mr . and Mrs . John Ritch . was a guest Saturday of his Mackey was appointed admims-; Jr Games were , ed> and ; brother-in-law and sister. Mr. and , trator, giving bond of $500 in refreshments were served i Mrs. Francis Hill, and his broth- each case. Presem were; Mrg ' John er and sister-in-law. Mr. and Hospital New» Ritchey, Sr.. and Mrs. Orv i I lei Mrs. Eugene Carmody. CARROLLTON - Samuel Eu- Cameron, grandmothers of the lit- Mr. and Mrs. Earl Mitchell gene Huff of Jerseyville and Gre- tiegirl; Mrs. Ruth Newby and son, i and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wayne gory Scoggins of Carrollton were Danny, Mrs. Betty Conroy, Ches-; of Hammond, Ind.. and Mr. and admitted to Boyd Memorial Hos- terfieid- Icressa and Vickey Spur- Mrs. Joseph Scott o( Snyder. Ind., pita i Monday. geon< 'rjonna Cameron. Marvin left Monday to return to their Mrs. Aiberta Baker of Kane Bailey. Cheryl Baze, Mrs. Don- Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. Ed, was dismissed from the hospital ajd j ac kson and son,' Danny, and Gehlhausen in Carrollton and Mr.; Monday and Miss Shirley Wint- Miss Sue Rhodes and JOn. Carl Steinacher in Jer-'ers of White Hall was dismissed . R< , y and Mfs ^^ Here TT«d Mrs. Louis Ostermann ^ ---------- -.--- ..... -.-- i MEfXlRA - The Revand Mrs. went to Springf,eld Tuesday to vis-;, The n °* e V[ , w "I IM ? *?** it their son, Eugene, who has been^" 1 s M ''"- v Islc , s j " 1881 when a ^ ond f>' j or . a patient in the hospital since i«»asignmen of blossoms was, friend* here. The Rev Davis is March 23 as the result of com- **"*>*** to London m 8 ™™n*>» tormer. pastor of the Metho-| plications which set in following hat box. Soon thr islands were dist Church , Mrs Colonel Heateyj surgery on .ha, date. Osterm.nn sendl "8 6;l l ° ns ° f flowcr " a y*™}"* Mrs ' A1)CP *™* 1 entertain-. is a sophomore at Notre Dame '" the mainland. ed for them at the Healey home University, in Indiana. wiuThis father, Geo^e Flatt. ^ ° nd: ' y , ev f "" B \ wi h Mr , a " d Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schripter and his brorher and sister-in-law. Mrs - Co ^ ncl " ml ?' 1 j r - a ", d ^ ni and family of Longford. Kan., will Mr. and Mrs. Ro> Klatt in Jer- ^"J^L^" f " d M [' . and . MrS " ! be weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. se>ville. his sister. Mrs. Thomas, T R JP" 0 ^ 8 ° { Chesterfield pre- 1 Claude Bishop. Brant in Carrollton. and his broth- isnent '. On ^f^ M ". and . *»";! Orson Flatt of Houston. Minn, ier and sister-in-law, Mr. and M«.: Da " 8 * e « fe ^ ed witl l » din ™ r JA. arrived Monday to spend a week; Frank Blatt in Eldred. 'S?^« • ^° m6 M. Mrs. Blame Thompson. | ••• Medora Notes MEDORA — Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Gourley, Alsey, visited here Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Roy \Vhited. The Hobby Club will meet Friday at 2 p.m. at the home of Mrs. T. B. Ruyle Jr. P. L. Chism returned to Val- do.sia, Git., Monday after a visit with his mother, Mrs. Selina Chism. 4 Injured a§ Tornado Wreck* Gaft Station DALLAS Tex. (AP>— A tornado ! flattened a gas station and in Jjured four persons near the north edge of Dallas late Tuesday. Violent winds caused a big canvas tent to collapse during a thunderstorm in Houston, but the 200 persons at a revival service inside escaped with scratches and bruises. At least three other twister funnels dipped over other points in central and south Texas. The tornado smashed the cross roads service station and trailer home of Aubrey Crawford, 46, just outside suburban Richardson. Rescuers found Crawford, his wife Yalta, and their nephew j Kenneth Crocker, 10 months, e# land bleeding in the ruing. N—News W—Weather S—Sports KSD (NBC) 950 KC WEW (MBS) 170 KC KMOX (CBS) 1180 KC KWK 1380 KC WOKZ 1570 KC P. f M 1JL! 6 :S S 7 .W .15 .M .41 i :3S "Ti 10 i « :S •a N: S; Law Music World Business: Walk N: W; Music Hllle N Music World Lorabardo; N Music; N; W N: S sign Off M. Strings World N E. Morgan N: Music Music •• N; Muilc Music •* Metronome •• *t N Memories M N: Memories Memories N: W: Dmvto B. Anthony S: N N: S N In Person B. Burnei S: N The World Pres. Kennedy >» i* N: Music Q. Music >T *» it it Q. Music N; Music 1* M N J. Buck •• *l N; Buck J. Buck N: Richard K. Richard N; Richard K. Richard N: Richard K. Richard S. Richard K. Richard N: Richard K. Richard N; Wilde D. Wilde N; Wilde p. Wilde • f M N; Wilde p. Wilde N; Wilde 0. Wilde .S; Wilde D. Wilde N; Wilde D. Wilde N; Watch N: Music s. Digest J. Palen Palen N Sign Oft ! i 1 "a louch of (he button and (lie show goes on ..." ARGUS "500" SLIDE PROJECTOR * t 3.3 lens Regular $74.95 '50.00 PHOTO-ART SHOP DOWNTOWN WOOD RIVER N. Watch THURSDAY another soda, Melvin? money for it!" HI lend you H. Gunther Rnedel N H. Guntber Roedel N Opener Music World N: Williams C. Williams w ; N: Butler Clockwatcher N: Club Coffee Club N: Club Coffee Club N: Day Bob Day N: Gunther H. Gunther Roedel N U. Viewpoint Music World N; W; Music Music; N: W N; W Rex Davis World N Clockwatcher N; Club Coffee Club N; Club Coffee Club N: Day S: Day N; Day Bob Day World N H. Gunther N: Qunther H. Quother Music World N: W; Music Music World Music: N Rex DavU Clockwatcher N; Club Coffee Club N; Club Coffee Club N Bob D«y N: Burke J. Burke Music World »• N: W: Music Music; N; W N; W clockwatcher Flair; Scott N; DavU G. Davis N: DavU G. DavU N: Musle Take Break Tell A UuU R. Benson N; Newtome G. Newsome Music World II <! N; W; Musle Music; N; W N: uodirev A. Godfrey N; DavU G. Davit N; DavU G. DavU N; B*nso» R. Benson N; Newsome G. Newsome Music world M II N; W; Music Music; N; W N; Party Houseparty G.Moor* Crosby Cloonev N: DavU G. DavU N; DavU G. DavU N; Time Cty Tjnw M Oainw use Pty ' house Wort* Music N. W; Music Music; M; W N Rex DavU N; DavU G. DavU N; DavU G. DavU N FarmMkt. Rev. Burcund Club Maya : Party houia Pto. Motto WprW N: W; Mitttc Music. N: W Pan In Stanfe Dugout inter. Cards-Breves iat MUw* N; Jonei J. Jon<w N; Jones J Joaaa B. Couuttl N; New* (j, Newaoou Music World N, W; Muale; Mualc *oilo »l •! •• It N: J N; J. JOOM N; JOOM N.MuAlC 8 Bensa* N: Uualc WurM __ f --* — Your Servtc* »* ** •I M HAYRIDES HORSEBACK RIDING Holiday Hills Ranch, Inc. Saddle Horses BROOK For Rent. •* O Homes liuuithl and sold. Visit O our Complete Saddle Shop. j£ Visitor* wet. u 39 LANE come. OPEN DAILY B Dial HO 3-0838 ALTON Offers you a complete shampoo set foi Shampoo of your choice — Pandruff, Creme. Oil or Plain. ALTON PLAZA—HO 5-1831 MONTICELLO PLAZA—HO 6-8114 WILSHIRE MALL—CL 4-9252 550 rill payday for 70* take 2 weeks to pay Pinonmle Wlndibltldi fir All Gin MM • DOOR 8U8S • VINTIUTORI • BACK LlftHTI W| CUT MIRRORS AND GLASS TOPS FOR All TYPES OF FURNITURf «v lawn fbMlat U- LVOM8LAS800. You're weloomo to our monoy 1 Try MMT favout Piy&y LOMU Or ywi wi pit cat*) fw »7 good purposv in toy imouot $25 to $800 Oar tmM «t fait, •« ptojski •• MMMMSV •aditinf, tod we am a«lp jmi ii • liiin> b lUrti iwi'it «|MMI to «v •eMfl AfTsoolates LOAN COMPANV AifQN> WOOOttVlii 41 LNf •>•>«., Cl

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