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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 1

Postville, Iowa
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Saturday, August 13, 1892
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IWT SATURDAY W. ». BTJRDIOK. : 91.00 Per Tear, Strictly la Adranoe. Tkt Ittt Jittrthing Mtdhim to rrnrh th4 f*w tnrth-t*tUrn counlin om— ImikwMt Orut Lawlar and Tll.lon s W. N. Bunmcic Editor and Proprietor. INDEPENDENCE OUR POLITICAL CREED; THE GOLDEN RULE OUR MORAL GUIDE. TEIIMH: $1.50, IF PAID IN ADVANNCR VOL. XX. POSTVILLE, IOWA, SATURDAY, AUGUST 13, 1892. NUMBER 21. ADVERTISING RA.T.B3: 1 TTWfk .... t irftrfci ... 8 wMk< .,. 1 montf! .. 3 nvmtut. S month*.. 4 montlis,. 1 y«*r — 1 IB. t In. * In. 11 M II SO |9 on 1 w 3 Vt a » no 8 no B I'l s no 1 75i t IS > TO «ro 9 0" 4 00 « an li r. » so 8 0i» ir. on 10 oo IS 00 111 Oo 7 JO 9 m 11 78 ie oo to m so Ml valrj ad. s oe| IS OH It IP 17 00 «• 00 «S on «1 00 * 00 no 00 " II w ]( 00 10 00 • OS as oo no ot to oo Hinlii,,*** not arc*«,l(nx IWr llrifa, $ft. 1,©. fi\\ ndviMll .'inrnU at Ir-ical raua Adrarttaa- llirnt* lnii-rlr.l wltli no KrsNiiDc Mm* will b» puUhlml nut Imilt-rrl nut nnt 1 "harfrad for ao- eonllivljr All bills p ,y»lil quartarr/. "TIIK (JI.OUKirs JlAIU'll." Bov. T. DoWittTnlmnRO Tolls of tho Cliurcli's Triumphant Progross. 1U Victory !« Not Yet Viilly Won. lt<it It« Cunqiiprlnir H"*t* Know Nn Hull In Tlli'lr .Mur.-h Tou-nr.l the Mill, nl.iin. The following discourse on "The <51o- rloiiH March" of the Cliiircli of Christ is selected for perusal by Rev. T. DoWitt Tnl mage's great A merlon n congregation thlo week. It is based on the text: Fair OB tho moon, clenr ns the sun, nnd t'-rrl- W« an an army with banners.—- Kolomon's SOUK. Tl.10. Tho fragrance of the spikenard, the finish of jewels, tho fruitfulnoss of orchards, the luxiirianee of gardens, the beauty of Heshbon fish pools, the dew of tho night, and the splendor of the morning—nil contribute to the Wellness of Solomon 's style when he eomes to speak of the glory of tho church. In contrast with his culogium of the church, look at the denunciatory things that are said in our day in re- gurd to it. If one stockholder become a cheat, does that destroy the whole company? If one soldier be a coward, does that condemn the whole army? And yet there are many in this day so unphllosophle, so illogical, so dishonest and HO unfair as to denounce the entire church of t'md because there arc- here and there bad men belonging to it. There are those who say that the church of (iod is not up to the spirit ol the day in which we live; but I have to tell you that, notwithstanding all the swift wheels, and the flying shiitlh and the lightning communirations. the world hns never yet been able to keep up with the church. As high as (Tod is above man. so high is the church of God—higher than all human institu tions. From her lamp the best discov erics of the world have been lighted. The best of our inventors have believed In the Christian religion---the. Fultnns, the Morses, the Whiineys. the l'errys nnil the Livingstones. She has owned the best of the telescopes and f.eyden Jars, and while infidelity and atheism have gone blindfolded aim me; the most startling discoveries that were about to be developed, the earth and the air and the sea have made quick and niugiiifl cent responses to Christina philosophers. The world will not. be up to the church of Christ until the day when all merchandise has become honest merchandise, and all governments have become free governments, and nil nations evnngelized nations, and the last, deaf ear of spiritual death shall be broken open by the million-voiced shout of nations horn in a day. The church that Nebuchadnezzar tried to Irani in the furnace, and Darius to tear to pieces with the Hons, and Lord Claverhmiso to cut with the sword, has gone on, wading 1 the Hoods and enduring the fire, until the deepest barbarism, and the fiercest cruelties, and the blackest superstitious have been competed to look to the east, crying: "Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the moon, clear as the sun, and terrible as un army with banners?" Yet there are people who nrenshamed to belong to the church of Christ, and if you ask them whether they are in such associations they say: "Yes, I sometimes attend the church;" instead of realizing tho fact that there is no honor compared with the honor of be ing a member of the church of Clod, I look back with joy to tho most honored moment of my life when, in the old country meeting house, the minister of Christ unnounced ray name us a follower of tho Lord. You who uro floating about in the world seeking for better associations, why do you not join yourself to some of the churches? An old sea captain was riding in the cars toward Philadelphia, and a young man sat down beside him. He said; "Young man, where are you going?" "I am going to Philadelphia to live," replied the young man. "Have you letters of introduction?" asked tho old captain. "Yes," said the young mau, and he pulled some of them out. "Well," said tho old sea captain, "haven't you a church certificate?" "Oh, yes," replied the young man; "I didn't suppose you would want to look at that." "Yes," said the sea captain, "I want to look at thut. As soon as you get to Philadelphia present it to some Christian church. 1 urn an old sailor, and I have beon up and down in the world, and it's my rule as soon as I get into port to fasten my ship fore and aft to the wharf, although ifc may cost a little wharfage, rather thnn have my ship out in the stream floating hither and thither with the tide." O, men and women, by tho tides of frivolity and worldlluess swept this way and swept that way, seeking for associations and for satisfactions for tho immortal soul, come into tho ehureh of Jesus Christ. Lush fust to her. She Is a pillar and tho ground of truth. I propose to speak of tho threefold glory of the church, as it is described in the text: First, "Fair as the inoou," God, who has determined that everything shall be beautiful In its season, has not left night without charm. The moon rules the night. The stars are only set. as gems in her tiara. Sometimes before tho sun has gone down the moon mounts her throne, but it is after nightfall that she sways her undisputed scepter over island and continent, river and sea. Under her shining the plainest maple leaves become shivering silver, the lakes from shore to shore look like shining mirrors, and the ocean under her glance with great tides comes up panting upon tho beach, mingling, ns it wore, foam and fire. Under tho witchery of tho moon, the • awful steeps lose their ruggudness, and tho ohasins their terror. Tho poor man blesses God for throwing so cheap a light through tho broken window-pane . of his cabiu, and to tho sick it seems like :»light from the other shore that bounds this great deep ot human pain ; and woe. If the sun be like a song, full . and loud and poured forth from brazen • Instruments that till Heaven and earth - with harmony, the moon is plaintive «tnd sad, standing beneath the throne of a Saviour's nscenslon, and pours that light on palace and dungeon, on squalid heathenism and elaborate skepticism, on widow's tears and martyr's robo of flame, on weeping penitence and loud-mouthed scorn. She is tho only institution to-day that gives any light to our world. Into her portal the poor come and get sympathy of a once pillowlcss Christ, the bereaved come and see the bottle in which God saves all our tears, and tho captives come, and on the sharp corners of her altars dash oft their chains and the thirsty come and put their cup under the "Rock of Ages," which pours forth from its smitten side living water, sparkling water, crystallino water, from under the throne of God and the Lamb, ltlessed tho bell that calls hor worshippers to prayer. Messed the water in which her members arc baptized, lilossed tho wiue that glows in her sacramental cups. ltlessed tho songs on which her dovotlons travel up and the angels of God travel down. As the moon goes through tho midst of the ronring storm-clouds unflushcd and unharmed, and comes out calm nnd beautiful on the other side, so tho church of God has gone through all tho storms of this world's persecution and come out uninjured, no worse for tho fact that Robespierre cursed it and Voltaire caricatured it, and Tom Puino sneered at it, and all tho forces of darkness have bombarded it. Not like some baneful comet shooting across the city, scattering terror and dismay among the nations, but above tho low howling night of tho world's wretchedness tho Cl»istiim church hns made her mild way, "fair as tho moon " I take a step further in my subject— "Clear as the sun." Altera season of storm or fog, how you are thrilled when the sun comes out at noonday! The mists travel up hill above hill, mountain abovo mountain, until they are sky lost. Tho forests arc full of chirp and buzz and song; honey-makers on the log, bird's beak pounding the bark; the chatter of the squirrel on tho rail, the call of a hawk out of tho clear sky, make you thankful for tho sunshine which makes all tho world so busy and so glad. Tho sumo sun which in the morning kindled conflagrations among the castles of cloud, stoops down to paint tho lily white, and the buttercup yellow, and tho for-got-me not blue, What can resist tho sun? Light for voyager on tho deep; light for shepherds guarding tho flocks afield; light for the poor who have no lamps to burn; light for tho downcast and the weary; light for aching eyes and burn ing bruin and consuming captive; light for the smooth brow of childhood and the dim vision of tho octogenarian; light for queen's coronet and sewing I gill's needle. "Let there be light." I "Now," says my text, "Who is she that lookoth forth clear as the sun?" Our answer is, tho Church. You havo been going along a road before daybreak, and on one side you thought you saw a lion, and on the other side you thought you saw a goblin of the darkness, but when the sun came out you found wore harmless apparitions. And it is tho great mission of the church of Jesus Christ to come forth "clear as the sun," to illumine all earthly darkness, to explain, as far as possible, all mystery, and to make the world radiant in its brightness; and that which you thought was an aroused lion is found out to bo a slumbering lamb; and the sepulehercd gates of your dead turn out to bo tho opening gates of Heaven; and that which you supposed was a flaming sword to keep you out of Paradise is an angel of light to beckon you in The lamps on her altars will cast their glow on your darkest pathway and cheer you until, far beyond tho need of lantern or light-house, you are safely anchored within the veil. O, sun of the church! shine on until there is no sorrow to soothe, no tears to wipe away, no shackles to break, no moro souls to be redeemed. Ten thousand hands of sin have attempted to extinguish tho lamps on her altars, but they are quenchless; and to silence her pulpits, but the thunder would leap and the lighning would iliunc. The church of God will come to full meridian, and in that day all tho mountains of tho world will be sacred mountains touched with tho glory of Calvary, and all streams will How by tho mount of God like cool Siloam, and all lakes bo radiant with Gospel memories like Gennesarot, and all island of tho sea be crowned with apocalyptic visions like Patmos, and all cities bo sacred as Jerusalem, and all gardens luxuriant as Paradise, with God walking in tho cool of the day. Then tho chorals of grace will drown out all the anthems of earth. Then the throne of Christ will overtop all earthly authority. Then tho crown of Jesus will outllume all other coronets. Sin destroyed. Death dead. Hell defeated. Tho ehureh triumphant. All the dark­ nesses of sin, all the darknesses of trou- blo, all the darknesses of earthly misery, hieing themselves to their dens. "Clear as the sun! Clear as the sun!" Further, "Terrible as an army with banners." I take one moro step in this subject and say that if you wore placed for tho defense of a feeble town, and a great army were seen coming over the hills with flying ensigns, then you would be ahlo to get somo idea of the terror that will strike the hearts of the enemies of God when tho church at luBt marches on like "an array with banners." You know thcro is nothing that excites a soldier's enthusiasm so much an an old flag. Many a man almost doad, catching u glimpse of the national ensign, has sprung to his feet and started again into battle. Now, my friends, I don't want you to think of tho church of Jesus Christ as a defeated institution, us tho victim of infidel sarcasm, something to be kicked uud ouffed and trampled on through all ages of tho world. It is "ah army with banners." It has an inscription and colors such »s never stirred the hearts of any soldiery. We have our banner of recruit, raid on it is in scribed: "Who Is on tho Lord's side?" Our banner of defiance, and on It is in scribed: "The guta of holl shall .lot i .. . . flesh and blood, but with principalities and powers nnd spiritual wickedness in high places: hut if God bo for us, who can bo against as? Come on, yo troops of the Lord! Fall into line! Close up tho ranks! On through burning sands and over frozen mountain tops, until tho whole earth surrenders to God. He made it; Ho redeemed it; lie shall have it They shall not be trampled with hoofs; they Bhall not be cut with sabers; they shall not bo crushed with wheels; thoy shall not be cloven with battle-axes, but tho marching nnd tho onset nnd tho victory will be none tho less decisive for that. With Christ to lead us, and Heaven to look down upon us, and angels to guard us, nnd martyr spirits to bend from tholr thrones, nnd the voice of Qod to bid us forward into tho combat, our enemies shall fly like chaff in tho whirlwind, nnd all tho towers of Heaven ring becauso tho day is ours. I divldo this army with banners into two wings—tho American wing nnd the European wing. The American wing will march on across tho wilds of tho west, over tho tablelands, and come to tho ocean, no moro stopped by the. Pacific than tho Israelites were stopped by tho Red sea, marching on until tho remaining wallB of China will fall before this army with banners, and cold Siberia will bo turned to the warm heart of Christ, nnd over lofty Himalayan peaks shall go this army with banners until it halts at Palestine. Tho F.uropeau wing will march out to meet it, and Spanish superstition shall be overcome, aud French infidelity shall bo conquored; and over the Alps, with moro than Hannibal's courage, shall march that army with banners, nnd up through the snows of Russia, vaster in multitude than tho hosts that followed Napolcan into tho conflict And Hungary and Poland, by tho blood of their patriots and by tho blood of Christ, shall at last bo free. And crossing into Asia, the law shall again bo proclaimed on Sinai, and Christ In tho person of His ministers, will again preach on Olivet, and pray in Gethsemane, and exhibit His lovo on Calvary. And then tho army will halt in front of tho other wing, the twain having conquered all the earth for God. History tells us that one day the armies of Xerxes shouted all at once, and the vociferation was so mighty that the birds flying through the air dropped as though they were dead. Oh, what a shout of triumph when all the armies of earth and all tho armies of Heaven shall celebrate the victory of our King—all at once and all together: "Hallelujah! for the Lord God omnipo, tent reiguoth. Hallelujah! for tho kingdoms of this world havo become tho kingdoms of our Lord Jesus Christ, When tho Prussian army came back from their war thoy were received in 180(5 at the gates of Berlin, and a choir stood above the gates, and as tho first regiment advanced aud came to tho gates the choir, in music, asked them what right they had to enter there. And then tho first regiment, in song replied, telling over the stories of their conflicts and their victories. Then they marched in, and all tho city was full of gladness and triumph. Hut, oh, tho greater joy when the army with ban ners shall come up to the gates of our King! It will be choir to choir, music to music, hosanna to hosannu, hallelujah to hallelujah. Lift up your heads, yu evorlasting gates, and let them come in. Then will bo spread tho bnnquets of eternal victory, and the unfallon ones of Heaven will sit at it, and all the ransomed of earth will conic in and celebruto tho jubilee with unfading garlands on their brow telling of earthly conquests. All the walls of that celestial mansion will be. u-glittcr with shields won in victorious battle, and adorned with tho banners of God that were curried in front of tho host. Harp shall tell to harp tho heroism in which tho conquerors won their palm, and tho church that day will ait queeu at the banquet. Her wan derlngs over, hor victories gained. Christ shall riBO up to introduce hor to all the nations of Heavon, and as she pulls aside her veil and looks up into the face of her Lord the King, Christ shall exclaim: "This is she that looketh forth as tho morning, fair as tho moon, clear as tho sun and terrible as an army with banners." 1 ijBNMRAb NOT MS tho At Bin Daniel Wilson, president of I'oionto university, died Suuduy. JAY (ji>uia> wants to sell the yacht Ian a, and tiu« named it* bis lnwent figure J2U0.00O. HKV. I'liANK '['. IXG.\M.B, of Spring- tieli M>i., brother ot exSeiiator J inn 1. Insulin, died Friday. Tin-: last weekly statement of the Now York bulks tdiowa a reserve ilecreiH.. o( er »,!);i'J,860. The tanks hold $1S,798,4'5 in i xciss of the 111 per cent rule. Ex UNITKU STATBS SKNATOH VAH WycK WIIN iKjiuiiiuted lor uovornor by ttie lenple's partj convention at Kearney, peopu Neb. TIIK president has approved the net Authorizing tho appointment of receivers for national banks. COI.ONKI. S. A. WUITKKIEI.O, secind nhMxiiiiit post ruiietor general, will resign and go f > t'liioigo. I me work of closing up wiuo roouie in S:. I'.iiil makes program. Several nilonn lieenn .8 have been revoked. IT is proposed by the Canadians to submit the canal toll disagreement with the United Stnleii to arbitration. KINAI. luratigcmentK have beon made for running a wall paper trust,. The capital represented amounts to $20,000,000. A 1.1. llii; (Jarrngic ofliciain who were arretted on the charge of murder have been rclea;-eU under bonds of $10,000 each. .IOIIN KnurrsciiNiTT, who had been for thirty jeors Cicruuiu consul at New Orleans, died in that «:ity Wednesday, aged SO years. WOIIK was begun at the Carncgio mills at l)uqiii8nt>, Monday morning, many of the strikers being eager applicants for places. Au. but one of the Wisconsin Central mines on the Gogebic sange closed down bi.'iause of the HomcBtoad Btrilie, diBCiu- plojiug 2 000 men. DKNVKII is rapidly filling up with the knighls. It is estimated that there will he 10,000 vbtiors to tlib city during thr conclave. 1'iiioMiKii AIIIIOTT. of Canada, fairtid it his desk in the privy council chamber Wednesday. Tno doctors say that bo must refrain from oilicial work for some time. HiciiAitn TKNIWOKCK, a well known horseman was found dciui in bed Monday, at his home, "Heruiituge," near Sun Mateo. A. BAUTON HKPIIUHN, who has just been appointed by tho president couip- trollr of the currency to succeed E. S. l.icey, retired, is (lie present examiner of n itional li inks in New York city RKV. THKODOKK l.AMY, C. S. tt., superior ot the Kedninptorist uouBe, C!fand Q ipids, Mich., diid Friday morning on the Illinois Cential train aa it was ntering the depot in New Orleans. Siiii'MKNTs of wutcriucloiH from S.intli California this year am luutod to HbO car loads, aguiiiht 1,160 carloads hut season The price this year avi raged $75 it lo.ul, whereas tie price in lb91 was but $30 a load. TIIK Swiss government has received great dauiage to fruit. 'I wo Indian* were killed by lightning. SUNDAY night at Cetsi in Abruzzi, during a fete in honor of a patroi, saint ol that locality, while the fireworkH were being set oil, a bnnb burst killing R ; X i> r- soi.H and severely injuring twenty. PllI.NCK Cl.OVIS lillNAPAHTK has won his suit far the annulment of his niar- ri.ii;o to the woman known as Madam R iHnlii: U 'imp irle. This uiakihis m ir riime with his present wife, Ltura S 'o'.t. legal. IN his nppoiiti'in to Arclihitlinp Ireland, Archbishop Curigin appears to hnv ant igoniz.'d the pope, being charged wi li treating the pontiff with di: rc-pcut. ASTHONOMKIIS at Vienna discor••re.i what appears to bo a large snow field i x lending 30 degrees from he south pole ol M.irs, and three dark groups tikcn to l» continents. The north pole and tin i quator were compleb ly obscured. '"'JRJUKNK Woi.K, tho newspaper correi- p indent in German e «' A'rien, t"legn,p'i to the Tagebhitt that Dr. 8iui.iiii.ui, tn. econd in command of Emin Pasha's ex pedition, is ill at itauauioyo and that ti­ ls lying at the point of death. A PAHIS dispatch says thopaliio have i-covered that tho anarchists have i-sued 10.000 placards calling for revenge on juil^isand jurors who have convio ci. .uarcliists. KMPKHOII W 11,1.1 A» biulo farewell to the queen S.nurday and subsequentl* hnnquettf d the members of the royal oubuhold on board tho kaisir Ail lor. I'ho royal yncht sailed on her return voyage Sunday, f.'HIMi-, A wiDKfl'ltKAB conspiracy to deir.uui banks bits been discovtied in Cbicugo. IN Pennsylvania an escaped murderer shots two ( Dicers and killed himself. NKAU Scrnnton, Pa., Arthur Lang wn- tnbbed to death by Anthony Kelly and Thomas Welch. A MAN who had murdered seven people was killed in Mitsotiri while resisting arrest. DANIKI. FIIANCK, an incorrigible eight year-old boy, broke, j til at Burlington, N J., Tuesday, for tho second tiuio. Ex-PitivAE lams perfers charges ot assault against three ot the military olhv.ers at Homestead, WOOD was electrocuted at Deuuiniors N. Y., Tuesday. Death was reported to ha painless and iustantunious. JOHN FOSDICK, «ge.d 22 years, of Sagi niiw, Mich., murdered his wife, Cora, aged 18 years, Tuesday, and then took his own life HF.iNiucn liAUKit, one of tho anarch sts charged wilh being an aecBsoiy to the shooting of Mr. Frick, aai released on $5,000 bail Wednesday. MAI<8H.AL Slieolian of St Paul, uia'us another attempt to evict tho family of A. D T.Austin near Albert L ;a, but finds tho house barracaded by armed men and postponed operations. C. UANNIOAN was bound over to tin grand jury in $300 for stealing two packieoB of silk from Luke & Morton'; store in Mirdcen, S. D. OPPICICH Thomas Filzgerald, of I he New Orleans police force was killed in attempting to iirrcut ono of n gang of toughs wl oiifcsted St. Mvry's market AT ColuinbiH. Ohio, because Mary Kl'.lHJKKD HY I'OWI'F.RLY. "'lie MuiOer \Vi,rkin:,ii Ilrel iri-i. (lie Tariff rails no Mf-tir., In the HotiirsttMiU Trmil)!.-. Grand Master Workman Powciprly, in tho K '.ighlH of Labor Journal, sizes up tho dniiiour itic cry over tho Ilomesteiil alfair lo a nicety In view of the ilenw gogic stattMiieiits in Grover Clovel mil's priiniini.'iniueiito of tins week, Mr. l'mvderly 'H criticism comes pat. Mr. I'owilerly commences with a caustic ro foresee to tbunoeraiie hypocrisy: "Pariism papers (ire eiineavoring to inalte political u ,pital out of the terrible scenes winch took place at Homes,end the other day. I he democratic papers lire vulieiuonl in the denunciation of the republican parly for enacting a taritr la.v under which protection was nlToril od o manufiicturorH. 'I bore is no lovo for workmen in the hearts of these editors; a desire to servo party interests alone actuates them." Tho leader ol organized labor disposes of tho democratic hn'i-bub over Homestead and tho McK uley bill, in one Bontenco: "Tho MoKinloy bill redneeil the duly on tho arlicl s manufactured at Homestead, and tho demoer lie papers in lis Horting that the trouble at that point is duo to tho MoKinloy bill, are but con (looming tho very tiling that they llieun selves advocate and on which thoy base their claim to po .ver- u reduction of tho tarilT." Mr. Pouderly then devoted a short, chapter to democratic i> sincerity on tl.o subject of l'inckerlonisiii: Tho I'iiikerlons existed before the Mill bill was introduced in con, ress, and that institution cunlinieH to llotir- isli now that the MoKinloy bill is in force. Whotlier tl.o taritr wont up or down, disputes between employer ami employed would continue. * * * If our democrats who lire so oagor to make political capital out of (his ililliculiy lend mo their ears, I »vill whisper to them that Representative Watson t Georgia, has had a measure beforo congress for the past four or live moullic which tiiiuH at the abolition of the Pinkertons us a f ctor in t o industrial lifo| of tho United States. Tho democratic party bus n s.veoping majority in congress; it has a full knowledge of the nets of the Pinkoi tons on previous occasions 1 have presented ovidouco oi ougb to congress to prove that that tho Pinkertons are an onomy to Ameri can liberty. That deiuocrnlio in jorily has u knowledge of the existeuco of Watson's hill, and it has up to tho present time olillied ami dallied with it and bus no idea of passing it " If lion. Gruver Clovoh nil unci tho deinounttio party want tho views of Mr l'owderly and organized labor on the Bubjeul of labor protection, lot thoin ro read the tallowing Bontenco from the petition ot tho Amalgamated Association of Iron and Stool Workers, sent to congress in protest against tho passage of tho Mills bill: '• n respectful hearing to the ond that we may bo allowed, through tho medium of proto tion against f •reign competition, to maintain decent living wiigeB." I his is tho protection whioli Grovor Cleveland dismissed with the uiaup ported denunciatory phrase— "demou- Blrntory falsity." lers in tho vicinity of Pittsburgh are no moro skilled t-an others in tho eastern part of tho state. As regards the change in tno fiscal your which the Carnegie company proposes, I. anno: see ho.v Hint en i client tho strikers. I do not, believe that that part of Pennsylvania, whero coal is so cheap, the necessity of tho workers ever become sulliciently pressing to make them contract against their interest. In the matter of the I'inkertons, the facts are Hint the«e men woio private cit, zoos, hired as watchmen lo guard the Homestead steel works, as one hires n watch man to g.inril one's factory at, night. If the strihorH tired on the men lirst, f'-oy put themselves outside tho pale of law True, it would bo difficult to identify those men, and beyond ibis, it probable that it would be ihllicult to oitain a jury that would convict them." \s to t o outcome of t ho strike, Mr Huston ex ressod himself ns cont'ob-nl that in tho end tho strikers would b compellod to yield, although it may be mom lis beforo the works can be put in operation again. "I believe tho pro-enl trouble will subside without any special roRiiltB, in tho Bniuo way \ hat t he Knights of Labor troubloB blew over several years ago. TARIVF VICTUUKS. Every tool that the mechanlo uses was to be increased in price by the Mo- Kinley bill, the free traders said. The law has been in force two years, and the price of hammers, chisels, gaigeB, saws, squares, etc., remains the same, or a trifle lower, while manufacturers quote augurs and bits 10 pprcenl lower, the Iron Age being an authority, T Ait IFF ricTunna. =^ i be 1 Milll,' i'lCTUKKS. tioni the United ' tatis an apology for the Smith, widow, refused to marry James Cnii'ron, the i I or pliot her through the head, killing he-r iu>(antly. I SKVKIIAI. pool rooms in New York, were swii.dljd bj ^.no trappers. The s'jarpers worked Ihc rooms in a ver.\ sLiil- feil manner and arc said to have secured in the neighborhood of $5,000. A UABKKU highwayman attempted to held up a cable train in Kansas Ci.y. 1\> lice Sergeant Parker, one of tho passen gers, opened fire on tho bandit. The latter retum.-d the fire, wounding tho otlicer seriously, and then eacaped. PATHICK DOWD, of Dunkirk, N. Y., shot George H.iss through tho heart in a (I in niton row at H.uvaiuui, '.Sunday, and il.i.'u, realizing tlrj gravity of bis crime, tired four bullets into his own body, d\ inu soon afterwards. IN Montgomery county, Gil., while .„..„.,„„,.. Daisy Johnson was seated on th' ground liiivo gr-ne i i him is left in trust for his at a picnic Winnie Davis walkod up to her hildien, Tim (stale hud fallen away iu mid threw the contents of a bottlo of vitrei in the fewjmrs from severul milliom to in her face. Jealously over the uUent, ons $oT>0,000. e f a young imui led to the net. Mis.- TIIK United States government has nu J" 1 "'" 0 " »» <litfigured for life, thoriz >d the Danish Kovernment to proceed Cuius KVANS nnd John and Charles criminally iigainst Henry li. Ryder, COIIBUI douiag, ot Visalni, Cal., are under arrest tit CoponhuyBii, who Uat been engaged in charged with the commission ot the irnuds B lid to iimount to 200,000 kroncrs, Southern i'ucilio railway rohhorv ot arrest, by mistake, of Dr. Albert Georg, an attache of tho Swiss legation at Washington. Tno arrest was upon com plaint o' a woman who had missed h portmonic and thought Dr. Gcorg luul stolen it. THOUBIJU is imminent in the Coal crock mining district in Tennessee, where the riotB occurred laat winter. Additional soldiers have been sent to tho spot to help preserve order. TIIK Mexican charge d'uffiira Monday morning showed tiie secretary of state a telegram from tho president of Mexico stilting that it wiix rumored tho G izi evi'lu'ioni ,is we e rem g,iii'ziug in Webl. nut}, Ti X'.s. Ii.e war department at once c rdoied all investigation Tun will of the Into Cyrus W. Field be queiiths nothing to Edward M. Field, his son. The sluiie of I he estato that would Take tho Straight Line. "The Ilible is so striot and old- fashioned," said a young man to a gray- haired merchant who was advising him to study the word of God if he would learn how to live. "There are plenty of hooks wrltton nowadays that are moral enough in their teaching, aud do not bind one down as the Hible does. Tho merchant turned to his desk and took out two rulers, one of which was Blightly bent. With each of these he ruled a line and silently chanded both to the young man. "Well, what do yoti mean?" asked the latter. "One lino is not straight aud true, is it?" was the answer. "When you mark out your path in life, do not take a orooked ruler."—St. Louis Republic. | or iioarly"$54.000. N grceiuont, between Iho officials of I tho Chicago, Burlington & Quiucy and representatives of tho employes of the | road, by the terms of whiah a substantia! j general raise iu the wages of employes was granted, weut into effect Monday. The postmaster general has adopted tho designs for a new serieB of postage | atamps to bo lBBued :-in cemuienoration of iho discovery of Americi. The issue will include till values nod will bear designs of I a historical character, each representing I BOUIO incident iu tho life of Coluuibus Tuu America bur in siciation bus hud Istruc' <>ff ut the Philadelphia mint two gold medals, eneh containing $100 worth I of pure uohl, which will bo iirosentod to I David Dudley Field >md Sir Roundel Palinor Eurl, of the English bur, for ills I anguished services in tho advunoeuieut of | of the Bcieuco of jurisprudence. TIIK president bus determined upon tho men who will represent this country at th" international monetary conference. August 4. John Sontug and Evans were caught alter a long chuse, and when Diputy Sheriff Witty had been shot in I neck. V1RE8 AND OA SUA l.Tl Bill BNHY MCCARTHY, 15 years of ago, was drowned Sunday while trying tonwim tho Missouri river xt Pluttsmouth, Nob. TIIK Nat oniil oil mills and machinery at Paris. Texas, wn* burned Wednesday. Loss, $250,000, AT New York, Tarrant, * Co,, im p'liters of drugs, lost $10,000 by a lire in llioir store rooms Tim 4 year-old child of Joseph Hiiies was Kicked aud killed by n horse iiisfather wis unhitching at WubuBh, Iml., Tue« day. TUK powder magazine at Verona, Pu., exploded, Wednesday. Albert Moss, aged 28 year* is known lo be killed, ADVIOKB from lljo recently burned city of Iron River state, tbnt forest firei BLACK BII.K AW> CHINA SILK OOWML Wlnui the McKinley bill became a law we were told that the women would bent the republican party in 189:3 because silk and other goods bought by them would be so high. Two years have gone by, anil American silk of the best quality can be bought for the same price it could be iu 1800, while Obiua silk is Hold at retail for less than tb* wholesale priue of 1890. TAKIPF l'HJTUItUS. Everyone remembers that the free traders said in 1890 that the tariff would make tin cans BO high that canned goods would largely increase in price. The Milan Canning tin. of Milan III., say: We purchased 2-50.001) two- pound cans for 25 cents per 1,(100 less than last season and 2011,111K 1 three-pound cans for 15 cents less per 1,000, thus saving $1,000 The tree traders lied usual. T.l III I I : I :;i:s. oil the naa free When the tnv.ii . i..!.eed raised by the MeKnih-y bill, traders 'said that. Iu u;-' s aud bums Would Im left iiiipainled because linseed Oil would been high. The 1 )eim Lin Beed Od (/'«. say under dnte of May 1802: " We an-now selling linseed oil Ut 40 cents per gallon, as iigainst 62 cents before the Vi Kinley bill went in force." The tm i: : ..i una wrong tuual. He Has I'rnlmhlv |(.iri-.>lr.-ii It develops that Mr. Stevenson, the deniocrctiu vico president ciiudiiinto. president of tho MoLeuu County Coal coin puny, of Hloominglon, III., urn] that o.ipacity ho lias proveu ono of the strongest enoiniei of the orgiinizod labor Illinois has ever had. In 1888 there was only two strikes in Illinois, I bo ili'st which was by the minors in S evensou employ for tho cause, as stated in the nnnuiil report of the democratic stat inspector for tho Blooniiiigtoa disn-iot "The com puny having discharged a few of thoir employos for taking n tending pert in funning a union, as n body, caiue out on n strike to havo tiiose \vi o bad beon thus discharged reinstated." Mr Stevenson is engaged just now in deal ing out insinuations against the Carnegie company in toe hope of catching labor votes, whoa ho has done four years before exactly \vh it the Carnegie, company has declared it-intention to do. Adhii is evidently forgetful of the rouord' A IIDMDUKD und fifty persons buried be- _ oeutu an avalanche in Switzerland, bun- | iind nlllioupn the list iB not' officially" an- 1 threatened the few remaining houses that nounccd. It is said to include Sanator ' " " Jones of Nevada, H. W. Cannon of Now York, FranciB A. Walker of MiiBsachu .-cits, i x-Senntor Hill of C dorado, uud Sen iter Carlisle, unds of liv.B lobt in tho eruption of Mount Ktnif, cholera ravuging an increasing urea in Russia and ten thousand human Loinga destroyed by the volcanic outbreak in (he Malay Archipelago nuke a July calamity record which put* our meroury in tho shudo. A dispatch from Singapore says that the eulttin of Johore, ono of the most pros ceruuu states in the east, situated in the western part uf the Muluy pediusulu, is causing to he crepuml for the world's Columbian eiporltiou u model Muluy tillage, in which tho tradea and industries peculur to Iho Malaya will bo carried on by nutives. It 1B highly probable, the dispatch adds, that tho .Hultun himself will vibit Cliicugo duiiiig the exposition, wero loft in tho suburbs of tho city. "IN a railroad collision near Edwurds- ville, Mo.. Monday night, two poisons wore killed, ono tramp fatally injured, nnd sevoriil ptisseugera badly shaken up. GUKAT forest, fives Bwept over the hilla on the north side of the American river nor 8acrcenieuto, Oal., destroying timber and pauture. Several thousand aorea IT is reported that a syndicate has been havo been burned over E'01,I.0W1K(I diflmmsir.n in formed in Paris to puau the Panama canal to completion, Two QASISU of dynamite were Btoled Monday whilo in transit from Marseilles to St. Etienno. DIIATII is announced of Adiren Do 1 l'nn ei»8tbonnd flyer on tho Like S'torc, road was wrecked Jridny night at Harbor Crjok, Pa. Engineer Uurkuer, Fireuitm Welch, and two paBaougcra, whoBO nnuiea ore unknown, wore killod. A OAVK IN ooourred nt n day bank a f the Fish IIOUBB on the Delaware shore near Courcelle, the French drtunutio author, in (jamden, N. J, on Thursday. Several his eighty-sixth your. ON ounday, a six story block on Mitchell street, Glasgow, was burned, aud several surrounding blocks were hudly damaged. LORD, $800,000. OiiouciiApf a unlet form is spreading in niou were buried in the debris, and una of t, cm, John Ho is, has been taken nut dni'l, EXPLOSION of a carboy ot naphtha in tho Jayno obamiont worka at Frankford near Philadelphia, serioudy burned live Tibriz, Persia, the cffiolalucooSntB repmt W'°™, o , wliorn W. C. Dent and luouma log twent} deaths daily. Tno Americans Keaol>, will probably die, [njunnj^r^rj^ ol Every man that buys an axe, said the free traders, will tlnd that It costs blr* D'ore because of the McKinley bill; but first quality axes that cost $8 per dozen in Apiil, 1890, coat only $7 in April, 1892; while Hecond quality, that cost 91 50 in April 1890, cost only fli now l'l'ices quoted from iron Age. WAGES TOO HIGH. A l'onilsylvHtilu Iron Mtln'B Hlatemeut of lilt. lloiiittBtewl Trouble, HO-TON, Aug. 2,—A. G Hr.ston, vioo president, of the Lukens Iron nnd Steel Compnnv of Philadelphia,With workB at Contosviilo, Pa , is visiting relatives in dun bridge Speaking of the Uome- sfeiid strike, Mr. llustou said ton re porior: "As regards the merits of the ouse, 1 nm In Dympothy with the Curnegio com puny. In the western purl ot PoniiByl vnniit, in fiict in the whole of Pennsylvania west of the Allegheny, the svagcB of the workers iu iron nnd steel mills have been excessively high, and such labor In Pittsburgh nnd vicinity com mands higher wages than in any place east of it. The reason for thiB is that the Amalgamated Association Is strong or in tho vveBtern purt ot Pennsylvania than nay where else, An example ot tho extraordinary wages paid these skilled workmen is that of Morehead Bros. & Go , of Pittsburgh About a year ugo their roller had made over $10,000 in one yeiu-j TAUIVV riCTUUES. The free traders said In 1800, when the tariff on silk plush goods was Increased by the MoKlnley bill, that plush goods would go up and no woman oould afford to wear a plush oloak. Since that the price of plush goods has gone down and plush oioaks were never cheaper than they will be this rail. At the same time several pluah faotorles hare been started In this country, and Amer- loan plush making Is flow an ej&a>> was a prominent Walworth count'' fl'iekinuster. who has long kept, large Hooks uf sheep. N'nturiilly bo turned the iliViiKsion to v.ool and, turning to Col X cbolas Smith, who has given considerable intention to th 0 subject of tho of the tariff upon tho sheep inilusi ry, ho ask. d: "If the tiirilf is to the sheep and wool industry, how do you nccoti t for tho prowiili-g low prices of wool in this ennniry the present year?" "iho explanation in regard to tho presii'it lo.v prices in wool," said Col. (Smith, "is not hart! to make, and is a poin'. v. hicb al , especiilly you farmers and producers of wool, ought to thoroughly understand. Iho world's product of wool in 1.-01 was more than lnO.OOtl.000 pounds more than it. was in Is!) 1 , v. hich was lar greater than the increase in demand nnd consumption, and as a matter of course, prices wont down. "Any one can fie>e by studying the ipJOBtioi that the protection given the wool growers lias boon of special value tothem. All of the don 1 ,t, or unrest, or whatever you may call it, as touching tho wool duty in tho McKinley law, is found I,nidi g niou who are acquainted with the facts " "Ho.v did this overproduction affect prices in this country as compared uiili freo tride F.ngliiiid'/" was the ncxt-iiues- I iJi; asked I'l'.K'l.s IN AMKUU'A AND IXIlOl'li. I lial. is gelling rn-ht al the key-note f the ,|iiesl ion," said (.'ol. Smith, and to get at. an explicit understanding of it. it inly necessary to take into account the. comparative prices of wool ill IbiB ml other countries to sue whether the Inly is of any hoi edit to the American inner. 'I he United Stales is not the •tily county whom low prices of wool vo pu-vailed for the p si two years, lie supply of wool in all foreign Connies has been much greater than the demand during the past year. Iho dif- erenco between supply and demand WIIB 0 groat thai, in England the price of wool declined fully 2o per cent , while the ileclino in Ibis country has beon from 10 to 12 per cent. As an illustration of ibis fact, take tho comparative prices of competing wools in this country and England, for that will toll tho whole story. Here n short time ago, on iho very due Hint Ohio XX lino clothing wool was selling in our markets for 31 cents a pound, tho corresponding grade of foreign wool was soiling in London for 18 cents; while.the best Mun'ana XX was fetching 01 cents in Pbiladel- phi', tho comparative grade of foreign wool will sell for 37 cents in Engl,old." What would havo boon tho result if wool had been on tho freo list?" naked the sheep raiser I'INI-; wool. woi:i.u HUIN TIIK I.NDUSTUV. " I his is a good point for consideration, replied Col Smith. ".Supposo wool had been on tho froo list or the duty bad been so low its to slimulnto importations, it is easy to sco what tho result would have boon. Importations would havo boon so extensive nnd so much f reign w H 1 w uld havoc me int,direct c inputilion with the American pr duct HH t have practically ruined tho American \v ' 1 market and or tight disaster to Iho w i, 1 gr-wors Kvory wool gr ,wor in (hoc untry w, uld h „vo been c tnpeiled lo soli bis product at a price orrosp tiding with tho prico if the sumo grade in Fur, po Such a c nd'ni n of things w uh! havo simply paralyzed tho wj,.l industry . t the United St, <toR. '.JuJtieo. Butoinnii it Co , who uro the best authorities in this country on wool, havo recently issued a b tier in which the fuel is given Unit from 18G7 to 1800 the average piece of wool w B51 pur cent, higher in Iho United States than in I ho markets of Europe. It doesn't require a very wise mini to seo Unit if there was no protection duty on wool Iho industry would lo quioMy wiped out in this country, for the American furm- era cannot success oily compete with tho wool groivors of foreign countries, (itii their vast are is of cheap lands und inexpensive labor." "Are there any proofs that, tho vaiia- ions in the turill" or duty on wool during that time had any special inlluoi oo upon theshoep industry in this country V WHAT TIIK DUTY ON WOOL HAS HONK: "There uro some, and thoy are pretty emphatic," said Co . Smith. " I hoy show very plainly how so.sitive is the sheep industry of tho country to the touch of a duty on wool. In 1871 tho total num 1 or of Bheop in the United S ates was :U,8"il,(XXJ, and under tho influence ot iho protective duty of 1807 tho number inei'ouaed to 50,000,000 in 1881. In 1883 you will rem mi bo, the duty on wool was reiluced somewhat, and th ugh the reduction was but little, yet it is apparent that tin) industry foil it koenly.for y IBS!) tho number of sheep in the United States fell oil to •12,509,000 or at tho rate of 2,000,000 a year, and that too, during a period of rapid inurease in pop- ul ition, development and consumption in this country. Uudor the MolCinley law the duty was increased and ut the beginning of the pr sontyear the number of sheep in the ooun'.ry hnd increased over 1,500,000 " "I am greatly obligod to you for the information you havo given mo," said the 'armor The whole mutter is clear in my mind now, und I .vould like to know where to got, the necessary printed ami relieble information to enlighten my neighbors upon tho sumo questions " "It tho funnels or liny others want to read something interesting us u ro- m .itioo and as roll iblo ns Ihodospol, up • on the question of wool and duty," said Col. Smith, "thoy Bhouhl got und study UripreBoulntivo Burrow's speech on tho nool question delivered iu tho IIOUBB in April 1 et. It iB well worth studying and bus not boon answered by any free trader " Stewail lattiib wltli l'cna. Out. the neck and breast of spring lamb in small pieces; place ibom in a stow nun and ildii water enough to cover. Stir .lowly, removing tho scum aa it rises. When nearly done, add a quart of shelled urvun peas, with more water if necessary. When the peas are done, Benson to tuato m ith pepper and aa:t and a littlo Hour and butter together. Lot tho giavey boil up and il is ready to serve. linked l'oliltuua wltli I'UIII|II1UK«. Pare and wash the poiatoei-; iniiko somo good pnstu into balls iibnut the. BIUUO siie as the p italoos, and place them alternately with tho potatoes in a pie dish, previously buttoied; add a lit'!) onion, finely nhopi'od, and aullioient water to about half llll the dish; seiia.m wi;h pepper and Bait, which should he mixed with tho wuter; cover with a flat, d'n-h and bakothein. Friftlllful •id Nothing L«t» Am th* ravtgta In physical »t«mln» otnwd t>J Juoiuoii ul the klil»j»)» aud bladder. Otwutlum, of

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