Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 26, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 26, 1927
Page 2
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•ok 1 0S5ET. lipUiHo I ipci' listen to me, ijay i li >• pool I is full of gilded willow . trees; . ; A a I wears an agate frog : with jb-eckled knees, • ' Aiail'bold6 a birch-wand iiKe a tapered spear • wWttlcd ; ivory. This {water clear i .. ,' | Wquld float the sky if it were not forthese llhlck-JWitghs of silk, "these frills and filigrees [oljtRg April has embroidered on the year, i^oibewhcrc a bird repeats an I obvious tiling, / living the courdge pf sincerity, ffouody'ever taught Jiiml liow to J"* since Kun-up he has |iot ee«s- ed to strike \ ; I ill-BlclghboM syllables utl tuned -^'lUJkei • ' • lificD to nic...listen to •j •! inc,.:. • 4 |-Cfr»ce Hflzard Cpnklliig In th • Forum. I' : ' BJ C^&l Xeetlil* , The ra!pial;coinmttt4e of tbe P. B. C. o^ tbe^Ffi^t Ih-esb] ^erlah church plan/iedvA (party wh ch Was held ^«t night ii^i tiig homi lof the bpqni^ fOr, Mr.jQ^orge jW.j Marsh, ilast street 'The j Evening : was pleaaantQr syent wfii games and Mrs. Mdtsh served refreshmeiits. Tl 08* at^the party weirc: . ro'sephlne Cohill, Mary McPher- so 1, .Margaret Jones. Opal Campbe I, Leiif Grace Swahson. HMen Cdrther, ,La?on Bornhouser, Beu- lai Ldnf<}rman, Ida l^elehrWilson, Oc lly DeM Derby. Ltoyd Parken- Inr, John' dtadler, HaVvey iSuther- lai d, James Christy, Robert Hems- be "g, > Noble ^Trbutt^lIne^ .Harris Fc ?Iey. Hobcrt Shields,, Charles He wat -a and I^tfbnard Sutherland., Ev lijm Tttliard's Home ^/L picnic supper, was held hist nif lit in ihe home of Mls |S Kvelyn Vciard, 413 North Second street. fTh ire Wait an avonlnf of games and mtiilc. Those at tlia supper were: Hilda' Shelby. Marcella Syiumes, ;<ila il Ponningcr, Kiith' Kolkncr (Vly Federallon of^ Tihen 's iCInbs i 'I 'he ne|xt meeting of. the Cjli' jloj-aliim of | Wonien'ii'.' Clubs, liach will he the afternoon of .. »ril 4. ivHl be bold Jn Library -h iv In (be absence of the presi- 'd it. vMn^r Charles F. Scott, the p^eetirig will be in charge of the Vie ^-president, Mrs. Geofge Vosse. _F irliher lannouricement will be "*«le as to the nature of the pro- g -dm. • ' • • - -ftpecial Sunday Pinner, noon (Id «yenh»g'. .'ifcr ,l75c Kcllcy Hotel, ;•,•«->'•. ; •. ifcklnley Tearhel -K^acsjlH plHner In Mona 3rrs. W. H, King, principal; n. Howard-r.«avitf. Miss Dpro- ! thy Mfellza, Miss Ethel Strhng, ' i iBB Florence Funk. Mrs. • Earl J bqre and Miss TlilSsa Armafost, c )tripOsing - the , McKinley school t eaehing staff, • were :ientertalned ' £ t .qinner. and the cineiba last itlghtiin Moran, with Miss Doro- i tiylMJ CuniiningB, who teaches at ," 1 IcI^nley "and lives jn Moran. as jl ostbss. Mr. and Mi|s. Comihrngs •jndjson, George; Coriimlngs, com- lleted the party, i \ I * • ] iknii] Sapper ait^ Pnrtr ; Miss Gladys Cortner was hpstess I Lst tnight; at a picnic .supper and I pj eyening of bingo and progres- ii»6 took Jn her home *t 219 North . I bttonwopd street. Those present IMargaret Shannon. Irene Mel- tm, j Eaie^lictb jHaiiklns,. Hazel Iroutwin^, Luella; McKaruin, Joan • J enderson, JJcth h'rlnnon, Marian- pi. IlhlBtbn, Mary: Fredcrlckson, Ihelma Rrjberts, jRowfinn Wpod- a'd.Xoiira Sherman, Cliarlen Suth- ie'land, Charles p-'uni^, Maurice f irgrove, Raymond Wagner, Clyde ; larbcr, Robert Trbut,- Rex Cun- li hf ham, David Shannon, Huxloy J itter. Robert Oafllnghouse, Rlrh- 'dl aarllnghousej Davo Maiscy, , Cireh Paul, Doln iFlsher and Paul \ Corlner. ' • '\' I •' ^ •> « \ * . .American tettltm JtoxlIlHry Xeetx . lAt the regular meeting yesterday 01 the members- of the American • I^gtep Aaxlliary in Memorial Hall, i"^'lth |tbb president. Mrs.'J. L. Hair, i 1 i;diarge, a series of beneflt parlies i/^ rere: planned^ Theie parties will I e inlcharge of the iways and means tomiillttee ofwhiclii Mrs. L. L. [ "i ^torthrnp is cbaimian and she lias ' \tffertjd her home in wh/ch to hold i'-t icm| The first party Will be given /fi^nlafter Easter and/will be fol- l»wed closely by others during the iiOBtii of"April. ;/ i 'rh<t atficniary is taking care of an «X-«ervice {man's family and bills trere alldWed in this Connection at 'titt meetiiig. There jwi^s a good attendance at "t He iheetittg. • i • I"-. • 1 listory eWss Gink Plnylet ; -An: entertaining playlet was giv- <ia in the fourth hour •• seventh I T(itd6 history class of Jiinlor high ,rdhool Friday. It was written by *i;eith(Roe and presented by: the Class members. .Hirvey IJaWson T'ajs the King tff Spain and Leo Mc- leihzte was-Qiiecn Isabel. NImrod 1 [aiikin.s played the iiart of Colum- fcns. Olln Hadley was the king's J filter and Alvin Lut« the court ad. irlsor. David Taylor ;actcd as the king's giiard. • , ' Tne play represnnficd the court Biene in which Colnnibiis obtained f 'om! (he qni'on money for the Ursl ct'pejiftlon to the new land. After tlie play Itay (Joodale gave ;. a reading "In li'J2," and Lieo Mc• Iciiile, aiill represenling thei queen t aye: (» reading on her vcridpn of ; (olnnjbufi's discoveries.. • • • l'elphrafiH< BWhilay wWh Party ? Mrs, K.. L. Ix!Chlen, of 80i South jtree.i gsve a party Inst night In i»r homo in oi'ichraflon Of the • hirtecndi birthday of birr daugh- (T, IXIUIHO IjechleUi A yeliow and white luncheon vas served by candlelight from Ittle yellow candles in white hold- rs at Giich plate. Indi>;ldttal cak«8 ; rcre Kcrk'eti' and tho mints yferb: lij cups of yellow roses. Mrs. L«1 hicn wi s assisted in serving by I la Born'liousor.. The honor gneat 1 eceiVed many gifts. The goests 1 ere: R^twrta] Ralston, Thelma t pblentzl Lenora Coblentz, Rebecc a Richard.son. Cleo Groves. Dorot ly Kratz. Lavon Bornhouser. • iOhn Brazee(| Dolphe ; Henrichs, leed; Maxson, Larry F^rra, .Wl- 1 8 Strode, Wayne' Osborri, Morr S'McKean, (frordon Col.dsmitb and 1'aroild Menzife. I €ilfl |»«l Hoi^f: at'Jnitior Hi|^ ' The regulB,^ chapel hour at jnnior . h; gh schoorLvesterday morning was gl reli to 'Mlefe Hertha Corbish, .reel ntly returned from the Pbliip- iil le Inlands where she taught in th t schools. Miss COnilBh wore a lUtlve woman's costfime and told 'miny interesting thlngaabont the J^lplnos. She; talked thirty mta- after Which she give the a ttnie tb ask-qiaestions. ^ Seine Stithi Karyl Duggan, Doro- lb} Blundell. Hilton Baker, William Su ton. Harold Menzie. pilly, But- trakn, Raljih i White, and Hbrdld Avprett. : j i • i DIi nor |il)ie Parff ajirs. C. jA. fteid, of 509 j East street, • entertained witli a dinner party last- night for her daughter, 'Adelaine.lieid, who was celebrating her lifteeitUt birUiday. . Aftet- din>-' ner Miss Adelaine took her gucst^ to the Kefley theatre. They «*ercr Mary Ellen Btadler. Be^iR Gi'iffin, Lucille W4gnef. Bessie Poits.Patil- ine Billbef; Maxino Flemingi and Esther Anderson.' " '. • * * . Rirlhdar Surprise Dinner A' birthday; surprise dinner was given yostjerday for Mrs.! H. M Jones. 61^ South Oak street, with the (ollowing guests present: Mr. and'Mrs. Walter Smith and daughter, Jnanita;»Mr. and Mrs. Harley Wj^nn and little son, Victor, and Mr. Ahi Mrs. Ed Old. . • . . i .i' « Past Clileft (iln» All-Bsy MMbig i , The meml^rs of tile Past Cfalefs Club of tbe'I^thian Si9Jers: met yesterday iail -day with Sirs. iVary Rreiermutn. =^22 Bast-Jackson aTe<- nuc, and pieced quilt blocks. A covered dil^lj dinner was served at noon. , The', president, Mrs.. M. Blanche V^pbd, was in charge of the busing meeting. Thejnex't' meeqhg will be with Mrs. Corai^Ianklns, April 22. Tire members pj'esint were: Mrs; Nom Burtnett, Mrs. Cora Hanklns. I^rs.'Ottle Swinford.'Mrs. EHlclla C^r, Mrsj Ardie . Kemp, Wood and Mrs. Mrs. M. Blanche JoHio i'ottor. * «J» Pythian HUten Meet The Pytdtan 8latar«t m^ lust, night-in tito Knight/i of 'Pythiaa hail and nfBdc plana ia attend.the distridt co^vantion which ,w,ill bo- held April % In Garncll. TWelVi morie'doleg|teR will go to the Uig to nssMt In putting on work'. j >r «maa*jt f^irlNtJd^ Tempennice VMon HoUs MeeUng The raeitftera of the Woman's Christian Tj >mperan«e Udion held a ^meeting ye^erday aftei'noon in the home of MCa. C. S. Bish( p, 302 North Syeamore atreet. ; The program on 'tUnion: Signal" Was In chaise of Mrs; J. F. Varner. Th^ song. 'Scarry Ofli" opened the ineeting and Mrs. a M. fbwler conducted ^tbe dbVAionals The foildwing, short taika were glveii: ''The Messepger^ Mrs. J. H. Sowerby; "Budget~l#tiem," Mrs] J. W. Brown: "Dtjea," llrs. Hirtaft Taylor. A Unjon Signal demonsiration was enacted ;by Mrs. D. B. MdCJarty, Mrs. F. a. La»y6r. Mrs. J. BJ Land, Mrs. Lena- SBrown, Mrs. Benlab Funk, Mrs. ^, C. ThaAios and Mrs. Sadie Brow^. An original song with worda JjjtJjfrs. J.jW. Browm, TEGE loLl DAlt 9 SATURDAY EVENING. MAR( H' 26. 1927. la]^ix)kenrieart--*' Filiti..Open, Monday For' Thrfee pa^ ^ >VJth thenewB that Douglas ii*air- hJinka'ilatest, screen offeririg,-tThe B)kckn?irate," will be the fedtiire attracUon at the Elltd '^^heatre starting Monday for S ttttys only, comes the added word' that this picture is entirely in color and ranks as one of the mos| elaborate ciiiema spectacles of the year. , Fairbanks! is as,' usual jthe ro- mi intic adventurer achieving no ini of thrills thrpagh hl» hazatd- (^118, always inimitable, atad U&- 4iently amusing "stunts." His ingenuity and athletic prowess are W{ factors in hisJatruggle towin 1^ captured damselfrotn a shinltiad qt blood-tblraly pirates.;.-This'sit- lii tion forms Ibe drama, <^r t|i|> iMny a> well' aa the backbone qt Abv stjry. \ • t—., Payne of with Mr. ^.s visiting his week. SILVER March l!4.—Mr. ai)d Sllrs. Everett M inkle and son, |Rlch|ird.- were dlmer guests Mpnday ai the,home ol ;virs. Martha Bell of lola. Miss Fern Clark. spcMi^ tie week erd with her sister, .\fr3. Harry Minson. . '• dr. and Mrs. Reuben, Rt,m8bcrg an i Mrs. Opal Butcher visited Mr. an I Mrs. E.. W. -Hagluud Sunday cvbning. dr. and Mr3 .--Fender spent Tues- dar in Colony with iipr 'mother an 1 sister. iir. ami Mrs. Beyt Bill of IQIH Ca led at the Everett Mahklo home on^ evening last week. van and Carl Grieve sjpont Mon- dajy evening with Rculieu Reraa- be "g's. : dr. and 3Irs.' Geoigcj AI Idred spent Sunday arid Mrs. Fender. , Mrs. C. C. Eastwood re atives ill Oklahoma I Mrs. Reuben Remsberii and Mrs. Oial Butcher called on f.Mrs. Duffey one afteraioon this M^eek. , Will G'Tieve, living . near Dia- m ind church, was opejrated on Si nday at St. John's^ hdjsjiital for ai pendicitis and is rKpojftcd to be g{ tting alongi nicely. [ Mr. Grieve? is a brother of Ben Griejye. Several men in tbl!| (|pmmunity w;re out Tuesday repajiring the t( lephone line that was; damaged b/ the recent storm. I ! The H. and N. club ;met with J : rs. Harry Mansob Thursday aft- etnoon. The time was f^pent so- cktlly and refreshments were served to the following: iMesdames iierman Braun, Ch irleyjiVrayT M. A Fender, Everett Mankie, R:; D. S:nith, ^. F Eastwood, B^h Grieve, Reuben Reipsberg, Opai j Butcher, t orgo Remsberg and tred Duf- '. 'I^hb next meeting will be with fl. Reuben Romsbcrgj April 7. Mr. and Mrs, Fred Duft^y, Hom- eri aiid Mildred spent Wednesday eteulng with Jl. D. Hmiih and famK: -. R. D. Smith is wor king at a Mowmlll north : of the Dickens bii>thcrs. j Mr.- and Mrs. Rveret Mankie fVlr. and liild children called on idra. Duffcy Thursday o 'lOning. IBIipJCENtER r. fi!.—Mr. .ana .Mr|. Garrett Tdische were Sunday^innbr gu'estsi of] Mr. and Mrs. Goo^e Witkerson. Mr. a^ Mrs. Mc.Mlllli(,of tha-"i» nute weft Tue^iay luppbr, gt|e8ts oB Mrs. ^ylor, Ricb^d and Margaret, li > . ; .Alice Mpreland .ppent jSaturday ai d Sundl^ with her graij|lparents, yi\r. and Mrs. Chasi Morel^d. Mr. ahd^ Mrs. I Georgid Cowan d^ove fb Parsons; Tuestl^y after- ni On to ta]Fe Jilts. \CowanJB mother llfve|am'oA is ^eiti|L a few d^ys wHh her sister, Mrs. Lee Wolfe. „. • " I .Mrs. Albert I'ieper and|j children was suhg. i Mrs. gaVe a reakling. W. A. Woodrulf Hsienn. 'Over i the ; Telc- Smt^ to Irflaa CofHfeh 'B talk :taft ^yii were- iSt*e» thelf jibonc," and {Mrs. BrbWn' reading. '.:Subscribe.",' During/^ social Hour Mrsi VAmcr ifeportedithte midyear meetid#. Of Mkreh 23 ind 24 at Ottawa. Refreshments were aervcd. Others present, vi-ere: Mrs. John Bums, Mrs. 'ti. A. Snyder, Mrs. C. K. WIIHamfifsMrs. Graco A". Decker. Dr. Lticy H«|Ui Mrs. J,^ W. Avery, .Mrs. S. E. RIISSCII , county presi- ijlent, /of Carlyle; and Mrs. (^rson ,-Glore, of Ch^nuto, a gurist. Videiln Claa*; Umm Ente.Ha!n Wniieni In'i c!^ebr«^Ing' the cloae of a membership tcontesi, tho loatng side entertaiped the winning side of the Fid«li0 class of the Methodist bhnrch-'Thnrsday nigh, in. the home 0/ Eyelyn Waym4n, 826 NoRth Byesmiore street. Tlit» ApUl fool Idea was I used In the games aiAd Mrs. Wayiaan. as- Hiiited by PMil Neff, scrkod re-^ freshmenU. Members at the par* ty w<^re: " i Margaret Jtones, Mary ilcPher- son, {Shtrtey Stover. Lorene Robinson. Kathr;|ry<U>x. pdcllle-Oe- mtts^y, Bylvia Daggan, Anna Aum- Alice Siolth, .LavonJQorphdusr er.- Kathleen tjCarter and .the claaa teacher, Mrs.'^H .'n^ Corr.f , It'oodmaii cme EUels Delates Mris. Alice Shelby. ViMrs. lA E. Brown and SCrs.* JoslW Potter'Have been! elected delegate^ to rep' sent the local Wo.otfouin Circle Vt tha Convention Aprq. 5 and .6 •; CoffeynUe.; >«rs. Myttlo Grovi add Mrs. I Idt^ls^Stewart, ^ate bt-' ficers, will attend from here.' . Snndaf D&UttP fisesfii Mr. and lft8 ...€«l Bedeabender win b« di|tne|-; giiests tomorrow of Mr8.|Elizabfflii IJjdiniB. ofjCarl^le. aid .Mrs'.i-J. fevers of JJumboldt S| ent one afternoon last iVeek wi Ih jXirs. J'rank Sievers. [' Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Ostrander aid Mary £:velyn visited Monday e ening with Mrs. Bariictt and [Lightning struck Mr. and Mrs. K mer Sievcrs's IIOUKC Friilay night, which cHUised considerable damage aiid excitemenL 'i , ! JMr. and. Mrs.. Giis Wolfe anff N ;va .attended a snrpriscJiparly at the .Mischler • home Thursday evening east of Humboldt. !! ; .Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Slaler and oIiIdren;and MrL :and Mh. Chas. ^Vllkerson, all of Humboldt, attond- er a liirfhday .supper at thb Geol^'e W ilki-rson iioiiif Friday [evenlbP. in honor of Mr.s. W Ikerson's bilhday. i j ' Mrs. Will Tasclin and ;ibiWrpH viiitcd Thurisilay aflernoon with M rs. Garrett Tasche. .J , .Mrs. .Mart Benson viBiJed Moilr di y • afl'crnooti with Mp. Will' B inson. - . . Ray Barnetil of rhanulc spent Wi-dnesday with his mot|icr.- .Mrs. \i. E. Barnctt4 it <;oi|i YUagHPoii*t dt^rlook It. Frojn Jas. K&rairds, Montgom- e Ti Ala., oomps Ibis lettbr Which ontains a valnftlo a^g|e8tion: feel like a |ne«r,inan since tak- iog Foley's Honey uid .Talr. ^^an n>w ai ^ep air niglift, soijeness lb caest and the baa coogh', entirely g6ne.! My whole tkmlfy .use Itpr for coughs, cotda and: croup, and it • always helps." Stops Uckling til root.nervous .hacking cough, pits a healing, soothing]<baUng 01 an InfliEimed throat, sold and rc commended eiwrywhere. Ask fi>r It—H. A : BrdWn ft Sofl. —NEA^ Kansajsj Ctty Btireai Westminster college for boys and William Woods cbUcge for gif a both are located at Fultoij, Mo. And every' boy stn4cnt at Wea- minster paid: court to Miss Doris Long, pictured abov^L prettiest < tho'William; Woods stud :.nt». But! over Westminster: i» mafttia <L sorrow has fallen. Tho other day Miss Long'and ReV. A. Cr Mi|- Ktnney, her home town '|>rcacben quietly slipped, away and weri» i married. --• r :^-=a--|=- ^-. SAVONBURG - (T. B. More.f March 21.—Vernon Hoiverton, second son of .Mr. and Mri|. L. Howerton liying seven milts west of Savonburg died Tuesday. He was an exemplary young pian l'."> yoars of age. He leavos l)e.sid<s his father and motlier, two brothers and one .sister. They liave the syinpatiiy of their miKhbors. ' I'rof. and .Mr.s. Carl Wiiisor have moved into .Mrs. Emma .loliuiidii'.s house. T. II. :\roro culled on MM sifter, .Mrs. WatiK. of'.Moran, Wednesday. , ('. 0. lluillnger, lula po.ttmaster. wife liiid brother ami ('liarlcHUrn- (leii, poHtninster til KlHniore were Savonbui;^ ciillerH Tiu>«<lay. % . Benton "Sfcire. iiiiil wife" and .Mr. .Moro'H-futh««r, were'In Irtla Wed- nesduy. ' F. K. Smith and A. WT Joiihin received a cur of flour and feed Thursday. ^- ^ Dr. l .A )ngncc'ker of KlsWire was a caller. In this nelgnboriood ;,Monday. .Rev. .Mr. and .Mrs.^ Mo.slaiidtr ,«ere In Pittsburg Thursday. Andrew Watson, of Elsmore, is spending a few; days with his nieces. Mrs. .Milt Watson and Mrs. Walt Heath. The doctor was called to Kim- bai Tuesday to see .Mr. Carnes'-s fathei/ A. AV. Butcher, who was quite sick with gall stones. i bitnary. mroe Daylong was Pendleton. Indiana, 3~and died at Kansas City, .Mo., March 13, 1!>27, aged 73 years. He w^s married to Miss Estei Whiten ire Seirtember 29, 1897 at ^Jlayton. ."VIo. To this union one son ' Lloyd Daylong was born. His wife dijjd in August. 1013 in Oklahoma, and ho' rsmc" to iola. Kansas in OcjtoNer, lliHi. and had made loja hi- home liiilil last November, whri he woiit to City, Mo., to ivc with liia son.,He was ffken to the. gcnernt hosidlal January 29. and remained there unfil his death, March 1.!. Reside.^ his son, he Icavps to mourn his loss James Daylong of Strawn,' Kans.. a brother, Robert Smith and Strawii Stnith of Saska- lore Sask., bis half brftthers, and Mrs Amnle I,. Jihicft. of lola, K.-itj- KiiR ftnjl Mrs. Iris VV:!!k<r Of Indj- uiianol|s, Indiuiiii. his half^istcrii.' Ill li|e lapl 7."> .•,'ear.s.|^rill.<,h f'oi- umb .1 has coiilrtbiiled, more flian |l,2r,.-,.(i'Ki .0iH) ut lli<- niliuTiil v\c !tlf|i tjl Ilje •worlil. Pleasant Valley Schod (Leona Stotler and ll^abel Calviij.) The milk drinking' contest lis getting [very interei^ing. lAt the present .time, the south side lis leading.'; Olive Paul completed a postler Wednesday. Charlie (.'olvin was lahsent- W«)d- nesday. , s Tlie fourth, fiftlij« and sixjlh gradbs are reviewinfil (the maps In their geographies. They dri.w i>ucl;^mu|\ and learn |the capiti Is of each state and country. On acwibnl of tlie i^in'the Sui- flny school imrty waajnll off un .11 the coming Friday. Ji .Mr. Harry Stotlerl Helped Frank Sioil(.r butcher TueMbX- .Mr. uiid .Mrs. WMter polylip went to town TuesdaV ufternopb. .MiiiK liaizer atteiideu the motji- cr's and daughter's ! banquet irMb tii-r mother and sifiter, Mrs. II. Balzer and Pearl Btlizer Monday evening. ' I LEANMA- Marih 21.—Mr. ami .Mrs.', B. C. Hrt'iner and childrei^ {spent Sunday with -Mr..and Mrs) Geo. Alforil. Mrs. Jess Craft. |<*f( SchardoD, Kuns.. is visiting at .the home |>f J. .1.. this week. ; i -Mr. and .Mrs. M. Reed, Mildred and Robert speAt Snnday n Cbanuite with Mrs I^pd's father, .f. W. Lefener. ' • Homer McCollough 'tad a wp9d sawing Monday. ; j The meinbers of t:he;R. JN. of A. K.ive their play | L(j;ifiZoba-Cow­ boy" at the Cottage'! Gfove schbbl house Wednesday cveQing. Th^y had a full house.' i ,if Gone QEPe ChoGoliitds We "have receivkj a good assoi'tmdnt. of Lowney'.s Chocolate.s in, at-^ tractive ~ EASTER WRAPPINGS ;50c™$2.25 Also Easter fandies for the; Kiddies : Make your select idns . ; Early.: WTI Deliver SHEEFCpNfi Barthelness Is IFeatulred i In K^ey Picture I / fifoiidayi j. "Th* White Black Sheep." Richard ^Bartbelmiesa'a laiiest Inspiration 'stfiTiDg feature.'c(>mlne>tb the KeUe^ Monday^nd Tuesday,lis a St»rjr of a bby Who, disgraced' and wrongly accused: joins the British alrmylncthe Near East and pere "provfes JUi true; worth and inci­ dentally'wins a gTeatilove. i, ' Riebard^ Barthelmfjsa enacts the rql^ o( fiobfrt Kincairn, scion of a fong lii ^e of ftritisK soldierSi aiid Palsy jRutB. MlllSr jjiortrays I the -role of Zelie, the G,eoek dancing girl, with whom ho falls in love iii A • picturesque cafe MI Palestine. ,1 1 • Obltiuiry-40. 1 W wilt.; Orlando Vrtlson* T Itt was i borii near KnoxtlUe. Tei i, March ^1. 1848 and died on % Rfch 23 ,1 102t, aged 7fi yetra and i daysr He grew> to manhood 9 Tennessee anf was married there. Three cHlldrea surrlTo thir'union: John Witt of Gtettdorf. i Calif.. Mra. Miiide Lashlay ar 4 Mrs.: BVa I48hley of Olrard. Hf ^a. After the death ot|]iis flrs^ wife he Was married to Misis Lemira C Rnsseli at<: Bronsonv' Kans.. in 1895 and to this unipn two| children: were Born: Rv^ll, who died at the age of one yrar, and Mrs. Edith Clark Of ^ichita. Kansl He leaves ten grandcbilt !ren, one sister si Pryor Creek, H Okla., | one ntece,. Mrs. Lizzie iiliiifermati, of lola. ^ i' • Mr. Witt, vnth his ]faitaily, {moved tp. lola where th( y hovb Wince resided. He waa converted When thiiOeen years old, has be4n a member of thA Saiyatioii Armjy for 21 y^rs. He aras a jdevdnt jman, sincere and conscie illous. Like bis ffaster he: went <about doing good and has been : patient suf- Ifer^r for four years. jThe funeral service was held at' 2 o'clock Thursday at the home, conducted by Ensign Mrs. Doitfildson, assisted by Capt. R. E. Tibbetts clf the local corps. ' | TWO Students (graduate From Chaplain's School Learenworth,;Kan8.,:ar. 25. 1 CAP) All students-^-aiid th«^r© are! only two—were graduated today by the chaplains school at Fort Leavenf worth; Chafliain J.J^M. O'-Veilll regular army, arho is stationed at Selridge Field, Mich., and phap- lafa H. E. Covell. reserves, who lives' la Brooklyn, N. V., beld "commencement" ' exercises by shaking hands wlth| Brigadier Geoeral Edward L. .King, cohi- mandant of the general service The chaplains school began this year. February 12. Enrollment always has been small) but^ this year's class was the sjiiallest:^ stpp^ A child's cough most bo relieved quickly. Mothers, for 54 jiearx, have reliedon Chamberlain's Coiigh Rea- Mfy. It ram^ai choUng pU «8!»>, •tMatheedugb. Ask your drog^ UoAex^-^witte for fi«e booklet •o "Gweel the Btek.** Cbaaberlain : AT THE PHONE ^ • I " M . -OR" 4 DAY A* THE WASH TUB Washing In many ^funics itt this city now nuuiis oiily a monute at llie jithone. ' : A minute at the p);^e will bring our reprcscntutiye --and an end to your washday worries. AVe take over your enUre bundle, wash everything, rinse and jlry it; iron the flat work; fluif the woolens, underwear and. stockings; starch the ^rhients which need It and IcaY? for you only the irOning of personal things whichj you love to .fuss with anyway. We'll, gladly explain more fully this saving.service we offer you. | • PHO.XK I'S tqpAY FOR I»ETA1L.S-Ifli2 -4 I JACK HJOXIE itt "ROUGH AND READY '1 You're l ^seen this jWeiiteni .sjar .before*—you rcraeiii- ' l»er hlf marTeleiiH horjiemaBKhtp ^hlsj ceurape—his Inrr'Aakinir. Bnt In ffth hen one he surpasse-s CTcn his ]Hi >lt tiiifmpliii. non 't miss It it' yon like your Wcxfeni dmmu serred up IlOtt Silver Streak, king,of dog: actors, Malcolm McGreKprj and Louise r f^rr^ine )n "Waters of Death," 3rd chapter. of 'The Silent Flyer" ALSO. COMEDy AND NEWS Wd've Got Him Back For You! il llSatnrday 1 to II KMlittS 7itb .^ci^ p. «.! toda^: 0tily-'Pic^lures and VajkifiTille | VlOLAlDANAin "BRED IN OLD KBNTUCHY^ The lure and i-qt^ancc of lie rac«-track yiyificd in a thrilliiv;. grlptijiuK pi([ture! I iAI smasbin; stdry, (hrobbibg | with action, Ituhhiing nitb hnmbtrf—Vipla Ihina at her sjjarklibg best: : Krazy KadKartoon Koineiiy^Dorothy PhiUipH in "Tiie Bar C Mystery^—Seithett Comedy, '*Paw th« Dumi^- M VAUMVILLE The Pani^ Players rrcHonling ringing, talkltg, comedy, danciag and blackface. .\ real act, booked t|)r 2 days, ire are hol^iog them over today. See tbi.s act. • " T .Hnlinee I to 4 II u lOe—M%it l«c aid Sue I J- for TUrei Dnya, ^. jP gii »> n. Doitgr was jn^ygr so fine^a jnoeephtg figure tJirongh thm true pitdti ${mry^viteaking his vengeance on the hoU ierom huceaneers of the seven 8€ias\ YThen^B tfiUany—bmkeU of it-^ and a tov-elsjiqry p^fitiftAmtke gitl her<• muide. Kweepis from ^drsiriag- niom I0 desert in a wMrJ of blaateir atiiml Myailc Orfnit—iTaKblBV »ght<«^ IreaeftnoM (ribe»|ieB^ pli >ts --]Hini «M«- liNrf -tb« inoNt /draaude Ivte >lury (>t«r Ulitacdf / ;._«r«h-. . PATSYIRUTH MIIXER i0DEV— I rotl MARRIED^ VENr -'-ANe "SAeHSuO^s'lI^ | ^1 y I MV ?(»Ay 1SJ» Trf , . MaMnee Me aad Ste't lOe 4i |td 90e 4 3f iilnythinff? Use the Ctas^ified Cbfoiniia}

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