Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 26, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 26, 1927
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MEET to BE Uniform Rank,; Woodmein Of World, from Kansasf '] Oklaifidma and'. !' Missouri to ' Be Here. The annua) encampment of the Uniiform RJank, Woodmen bf the World, for Kansas, Ok-, iafjoma and Missouri will be held in lola this year August \ to 6 incl'usivjl, Tlml IN I III* lni«rt<Hili)iC oiiil ^riil- Ifyinr uunoiinc'itmi'iii iliui tuiiut llilH lilornliiK by l<*ii><r froiM CIUIKIO Miinl«V<i.of K«ii(<M»* Cdy. Mo, Hmii-' MajiMKor. I«» <'. A. Dorni'y, Hfi-n- wtr 'y <»^(h«» ('liMiiihcr of <'«»ii»i.'n»<, Mr. iKirNcy liiiM lii'i<ti In lorrcNiHind* •mfi* wHInMr. Atnhl<ivi> iinil <iiii('r hiRh iiiiiidhK iirrii<4iiiii iir DH' W. O.. W, for wv«'rnl iriontliM. .(ir (•<inr?n liavl;tK UM> conlltil i »i -«i|"'ni<l"n pf III." lociiIJoilKi) of (In- W. (». \V„ • imd a iniitlfT of Kr<-iit HHIIH: faction .thai ilic forcgoiiiK nii- nouncixtneni cun now hi- dcrinltoly inadf!. . « Thp Uniform Itiink of Iho Woml- ^nien of the World IH. a Htrlctly ..niUit^ry orf (anizatlon Whose mi -m- herH are paid for their atlcndilncp at Ihe.sie annual encanii^nicntK so a largp attendance Is assured. Mr. Doraey is of the oplnioi? that there will bff hetU-eeii 400 and SOO men here. The Alleii County Fair Asso- (.-iution has tendered the enoanip- ^ment the' use qt their grounds at ^Riverside Park, where camp will be DKlde and the annual maneuvers ; conducted. The men who make' wp the Uniform Rank of the three atate.s •• named iftay have eytry assurance that' they will- be very welcome in lola and, that fvervlhing possible will le done to promote the success flf the encampinent. •tHE WEATHER FOK • KAXSAsTj (louily and >oniP>vliat unseftJe^ tontoht and Snndby: iriirmer fonigbt and in ••ast portion Snnda r. For lola and VlcI^Ily: rnsetlled and wiirmer ^weiilher tonight ind , ' ! Temperature—Hipheat yestcn ay, fii.' at, 1 p. m.; lowest last ni(ht. .".2. at 7 a. m.; normal for today. 49: deficiency yesterday. 1: excess BIIICO .lanuary 1st,: .127 depre'.^; t^is date last, year, highest. 17: lowest, 22. I Precipitation for the 24 thonrs eiiillng at 7 a. m.ftoday. .00;.' tolal f6r this year to date, 4.6S; di^fi; VIcncy since January 1st. ..'ifi Inch', i R«>!atlve humidity at 12 wkin yer.terday, 41 peV cent: 7 a. m. today, 70 per cent: barometer re. il'iced tojHfU level, ;t(l.2 .'"i Inclies. i Sun rises, 6; 10 a. hi.; sun HOIS, «• 39 p. m. . lUiftdH and W«"^tlMT KISPWIIPM'. • Air clear, except JWlliia. partly • rifiudy, f'offeyvine, PlltHburK. Ar- kHiiNiiH ('liy, cloudy, utIniailH aru Rood. " • .\ PRESBYTERIANS INBlGtAMPAIGN Initial Steps Taken in Nation-Wide Pension Fund Drive. 1 iA» the Kelley Hotel last Bvening .Hie following ministers and lay- nien of Nebsho Presbytery took' dinner together and later ^pent ihe evening In • discussion ak the home of Mr. Charles P. Scott: T. -B. Shanuoti. H. G. jftatHis, C. A.- Dors?ey, A. R. Sleeper. Cbarle i R Scotl. lola; Rev. A. B. Millei, • D. D., R. Y. Kennedy. CoffeyrlUe:. F. M. Connett, W. G. Hagman, Pittsburg; Rev. tt. B. Parisoe, t. D., Fort Scott; A. M. Ew|ng. Cherryvale; Rev. J. J. Depree, Paola; Dr. B. E. Yarnell o^ \ New Yor \ Citv and Dr. R. E. Krossey otErlt. Pa; '~\. • With-the exception!of the tw > last named who' arfe ihere as th > ^ field representatives of the na- ^.tional^ committee, the gentlema i present it this meeting constltiit ed the ^executive comiiiittee €f Neosho Presbytery, aidd Ihe pui- p.ise of thei meeting wah to iniliat j a campaign by wljich ii is expected to rais^ within the Presbyter^ ; a-^^um of I something like (50,00) art A. contribntion to tbe Fiftee i . Mliljloh • Dollar Pension Funfl which the (Prfesbyterlan Church I . .<;. A. is nnder^kibg 'to raise fo r the j benefit of its «gcd and dlJr. ablejd ministers, and missionarle •'. At tbe nyeeting last evening plan s were 1 made lor another' meetin ; Jo belheld in lola on next Frjdair eveiitoK at which it^ ig expected! - (CdaUaUed on Page 8, KUmber 1 PdrdmEnds Drama mhee *('nndy I»nl»ney, u-taxlcnli drijcr, I** sliown here recelrlng a tiirdon .Mm (•overiior KlehN «f Kenhicky *fler scrvlnjr two year.s of !u Hie Jsentence for Ihe *tnnirder' of llnry VIckery of Harjan, Ky. !^ary turned up ihe ollior day, jillif and well. .Haria JackNon (inset) f(<H«tii]e<l Hi liiiluiey's trial that she saw him i-liib .Var)' to deathl Po* •lice are lufP'^tlffutiim' Ihe Identity of :i womaiiN findy found 1 near ilnrlaii aflor .Uary VIckery diSniMtenrcd. A mericanvt^i(;er In Datu Mil Trial IVi^jor Malonc Is Said to Have Fostered R«belli<)n of Datu Tahil by GiVing Him 'BOO Rounds! Of Amjmu^ition. ^ : Jolo. Mand of .Siihi, lAFak-h 2fa". (AP)—Testimony lihat an Ajnerican ollicer of the Philippine constaljularyi Major Dorr H-; Malone, .fostered the recent rebellion of Datu Tahii, high Iforo dignitary and husban<l bf Princess Taharata Kiriim, by giving the Moi-o chief 600 rjOundsof ammunition and several rifles and urging him to defy the government, was brought irtito Tahii's trial for sedition here to^ay., ' i rProvincinl Giivcnior ("iirl Moore.*:*-. J^-— •—\ ori the witness slaiid. pnxliicoil ! an affidavit signcil by Taliil iiiipliiifat- "init llalono, wlm wa.s :u-i-ii.-:cil » lU^vinK proiMi;«^(l .-issistiiiK'e KI Ta bif If thi* laiji'i- gill into Oillli-al y. The afflilavil U'iui swni n ID II1"| )ro ix JuHtlci- of pence, hiif Uifn Uofii rfl'MTiMl ill by Tallil.i 'Iiivi.-rnor .Mnorf'I'-siitifd iliat ilie In'iulilc back,of llii- ri-licllldn O(IK- in/lled ill n liMnI bi'twii-ri Tjiliil ami l)i|tii I'ddln over wlio hlir»iilci jliavi' llljs lll (>Hl pOVM|- 111 III" 1'ill Hi 111 ili^' tl'U'l. <lf Wllilll I'ltllill is |Ul-liil|l |l |l. .\t)iilliiT rucliir T.iliil illvmi'- ill^ .I'liiii'cH.n iKiii'iiiiii, I'lldln'n •IIIIIKII'''!'. I" '<ilil '!l' I" l.lilii' I'rllpc 'HM. '('itdai/iiii (I 'l till idiiiHi will' 'I III .M^IlllltiliHNliiii v.liii It llif .Miirim iiiiiii lillt U III' follow; iiljiiuH WlJ 'Cll. ' • i • a 'rIllCCKM 'I 'linlllltll, \||I"I'(CI1II liciilcd lili'ii' III III • Jillll.iii Iff .Sill llj ^ired in, till' IIIIIKJIIK WIII-U vli(iti'(l --TaliirH for illciilliiim, tin t>y< {irevi'iitinK till' rniisialiiiliir.v frr-m:altiickliiK ilniii. Injury to tji lirhu'cSN woiilil lilivi-; atmi'ii'il enjire Moin irlbi-. Tahil anil the itriiucss csciij ml from file fort l>»t lalir \v<r»' l:tii int-o custiHly. Tahil ,was cliarj :ed wiih sedition and tho princess is be^ig belli in, HCiiii-conlincnicnl. MODEL HO COMPliETION FEES ARE LOW Such Dteclaration of. ^ V. iY. Morgin,'Chairman I pf Regents' B(^rd. i i topeka, Kahs., March .:2»;. (^P) —/tahsas sJt'iito school li!e.<. while inM-eiasert approxiinutel>-^ .=>0 ^er ccfft.yesterday by tlje state boird. of.iegents. will be lower than charged-by othor .state si-lipols of Ih^ DJlddlewest, W. Y. Morgan, of Hi^tciilnsoii; chairman of jlie board deiilared today. I The fee.'; increase apbroved liy the regents and the he|ds of the stiite scJiools will ibe effective next fa^l. 1 The University of K.onsas ajid th^ Kansas Stale Agricultural .college fee for resident students was' im^rcased froin .$1S' to $2.^> a seniis- te^ and the non-jresldent'fees fri m $22.50 to J«7 a Beniester. The staiei teiCchers collages resident fcjcs wwo incrfiaaed from $11.50 to »I8 a )<emcfitL-r nndi thn non'-residciit from $20,50 |<o $33 a aemesti>r. "Hoinc Bcautrful'^ i6 fk Ofiened to the Piililic For First Tinfe \ Saturday, I I April 2. ' Xfii-r nioulhH "f plonn|.ngl and iiiiiniruction under Ihe dlrijctljjn of 1,. (). .Norihnip and other ijieitibcrH of the Home Hetiutlful Imai'd of trustees the Register's i "Hdme lleaullfiil" is rapidly ftearlng pe stage where only the ; "finishing touches" are needed ,tp inakel it ready for its fjrst shojivinij Saturday. April 2. , i Today the last of the electric fixtures were put In place hy .lones Klectric works; the final strip of wall i|iaper was bung by C. C. I^incoln and cleaning'up was started. ^ ; Monday; the furnishiitgs will be moved in and the structure which up to 4J0W has been only a house will take on those characteristics whick will make it a "Home Beau\lful." The furnishing^' will delight alj visitors. The new, the wanted, the comfortable will be found here in abundance. Visiting the Register's •'Home neaullful" will be a! liberal educft- tion. Mere will be| explained the variou.s steps necessai^r Jtor the construction of a hoine, (h4 proper inaterials. the seyeral builder's units, and how to harmonize the furnishings. The information given there will he of great value to ihoae planning to build. A'young couple will be in attendance acting a>^ host andhoft- esg and will escort | vtsitdra through. Each deUil fully, explained. All questlona r wlil be| aosfered Jnt»lUp«Ujr. ! , TEA ROOM IS SEHINGFOR Eddie Diggins, Boxer, Is Deadf-LIpyd Hamilton,' - Filin Comedian, Is Held by Police in Fight. Hollywood. " Oilif., .March 2« —Kddle Dlgxlns. !9, well known light weight. IKIXC was Htabbeit death early today In what iwllce Raid waa a rrcn-for-nlt light (n ;a Hollywooil tea rnom.-^ .Sine inqn and women, Including IJoyd liam- ilion, motion plclure comndlnn wore held for dUHNtionlng. When Ihe poilcn arrived ut lljn lfn room, Ihey found DlgglnM lying on the door, a kiilfii wnuiid thru IIIM heart. TublfN lufd chnlnt In Iht^ ten room were;overturned. ; ChurleM Meetian, 24, of liev 'priy tilllH, who Hold he wnM a brothiir of a. O; .Meehnn, Jr., a depurtmeist of Justice agi^ntt was held on auji- pic.lnn of murder. His wife ali^o was held for questioning. \ .Meehan, the police said they learned, attempted lo start a fl^ light with a man known as "Bll|t Jones." and DIgglns requested tke men to "make, up." As the boxpr stepped between tbe two men tiie lights went out. ' il Jones, who said he was a friend of DIggins. told a'different version of the alTalr.. He said the flgbt started In:a side room, when two men whom he could not identify, .appeared from the main dining room and one of them slapped Di^ gins' face. i. j Meeban's story to tbe effect that DIggins had insulted one of tbe women present and that he, Meehan, bad "bugged Kiih! through' a window." police declared however, that no liroken Windbws were found. Lloyd Hamilton, one of the first to reach DIgglns' side, was giving the dying- man lirst aid when the police arrived. He was taken jto headquarters, where he, Jones and Joe Santinelli, chef at'the tea room will be asked to give written statements of the-affair. ~ CASTEEL HELD INOHAWANOW Man Will Returned to Allen County for Grand Larceny.' I Wdnt^ for failure to appear in the May term bt court in 1925 on 'a; grand larceny charge, Russell Casteel has been arrested In Ottawa and will be retnt;ned to Allen county tomorrow by niemberM of the Hhorlffa force. (.'aHteel Is alleged to Ijave taken a niucklnaw valued at $20 and a rIfiK valiiiul ut $40 fronij the home of Kdlih llnidford. Di'cetnber SJ, If»2l. William McKeever to Address Topics Club The Mireaker at Current Topics next Monday evening will be Dr. Wm. A. .McKeever, of Topeka, and his subject will be "Exploring the subconscious irtlnd." Dr. McKeever Is an acknowledged authority In this branch of psychology about which so little is generally Iciiown and his talk will doubtless be iot the most absorbing interest. The meeting will be the Portland hotel and the largest audience of the Current Topics season is expected. Reservations should be made not later than noon jof next Monday by i calling .'phone 286. Flier^, rturt ii^ Crash, to |Jc|inOtiiers ' l^anan a. Mar. 26 (AP) Lieutem nts Leona rt£^ D. Weddington \ and Ennis C. Whit)ehead of the U. Si .army good will flight took off from France Field this mominn fnr Maracpy, Venezuela. ' They .arc enrou e to join the other gooiibill fliers, who It ft Cahennd todaij for Paramaribo, Dutch Guinea. 'JUSTpUTO COIK BEJ.C.P Announcement Biinishes Curiosity Over Pickles On Display in lola; MaixH 31 I^ Date. T^Jere have been many, hnestions concerning the pickles pasted over town. After invest! gallon itj has lieen found to be an t dvertlse- meni for the! junior colli ge play. •Just Out of jCollege." * "This play 1^^^ tbree-a |Ct comedy hnhhllnv InVMr <c <rt. i, 'jWst'Grabbling iover wiuiiite. .Tl.i^ performance is to be given ne^t Tbursdny- night. March t le ."list. 8:15 p. nh in; the' senicr high auditorium under the dire:tion of Mrs. A. E. Garrison. The 8«enery !is unusual but; very attractive. There are prttty fe«- tival girls, eUborate boothis. and a 'great 'dedl 6t action.^ It is safd to lie one of the best'pit ys presented here. | ^ lola will remember man r of'the cast by theirj .splendid lerforn^- auces In the Jpast. .'Wilson Stroup win appear In "Just Out of Oo^ lege." He tqpk the part of Sam la the ^pl ,ay "Penrod". last apring. Y6u will' laugh at him when h» appears as a jProfessor wjho tells everyone to I>e "tranquil and remember what jMahMla 'saysL" W)ien his own affairs get entai |gled he does a great ideal of worrying. Rex Cunnin'gham will Ibe re^ membered as | the father in "Penrod." He appears lU' thb same type of a character In-"Just Out of College." i • Another well known yoiihg man In the ploy Is Richard klarling- houae. He will makf a'.'^lt." He appears an a young man "Oiist Out of College." He knows evnrything worth while, lit slangy and a regular pest. ! ]\ The oamt>s of the oiilliro rjist will appear la^or, ' The play IHI a scream, scenery is being made, are bein'g planned, even the ushers will appear in dalntjy costumes. You (ian't afford the play. It M\\ be presented at the popular price of twe^y-'flve and thirty.rflvej cents. Special, cbstuihoif Registi*ation Books For Elation Registration boo]ts clotjed last night at 10 o'clock, wtth rjegistra- tion unusually' light for tbe city election Tuesday. April S. The light regjstratijon, it is bellered. is because of the fact that only one race i: is contested—that between Ai Hecox and O. W. Holbies for finance cdmmlssioiier. Ilosed Pupils of Californfa Schools Have ^emliar Theorie^ Aboiit Naming Greatest Men of-World : 1 • Berkeley. Calif.. Mar. 2S. (AP)— Prof. L. A. Willlanis, of the school of education of the University of CJilifomia. in announcing that'by a test of more than 3,000 school children be had determined that tl|ey have no conventional ideas for judging/ greatness, puljl|ic some amiising detafls. | Among the 3,000, t(ie following number of were given an equal vottc for greatnea?; , Sberlock Hqlmes; Andrew Jackson.' Charles Chaplin. Mdbammled, Buffalp Bill. Benito Mussolihi. Ro- ald.Amundsen and PrisOSnt Cqol- id|;e. : I I it And alobs with tb nq ran Ko«««. NicoUllLeniD, Lo ilM May Al- oott, Corot. Gslileo and a eri«. ... • , Professor Williams asl :ed thei children to give their' reasons for' believing in tbe greatness.of their heroes. Some tof the answers: in ew otb- bil sta- the Rockefeller-rLeader tidns. , JWoodroW Wilson ^ Sigiled contract for tfcle. World Wajr." . Lincoln—Because be was simple. Coolidge—Sees that the pfpple do right by prohibition. Jefferson—L^i^der of frep: love. Galileo—Made.his pupils tbe tbennomettr. August Volliier. chief ol of Berkeley, ind Alexanc| Great, received Uhe same of votes as tbo greatest invent police eij tha nijmber it tbe POSSIBILITIES IN 1,500 MORE MARINES TO AREA Infantry Man ^e Given Orders to Join Big Ameiican Fighting Force in ChincHc War Zone. — I' Wji .shlriKttin, Mnrj,'20 (Aii). F'Iftecn hundred more Ameri- cHii murine .H were ijirdered -to China today, an<l junlil the situation improve.s Ithere is a prospect that infantry units of" the Anieriean irmy also will join the e.xdeditionary forces in the Chin^.se trouble zo'ne. The marines will be gathered from along the Atlantic seaboard, will cross the- continont by- train, and will sail from San Dieg.o,' Cal., a^» soon, as they canl be concentrated there. April :| has been tentatively fixed as the day of em- l>.-irkation. The transplort Hender­ son'has been ordered ^rom Corin- tu.|Nicaragua, to San D ego, to take the nt W coniiuiiti^itt across the Pa- kific^ • . .j .... Reinforcement of the 6xpedition- ao" force was decidetl upon today after Admiral Williams, the American naval' commander t,at ^ Shanghai,-had requested it ir| an urgent message received at 3'O'clock this morning. Qespite ncwsj dispatches saying the last of the Americans in Nanking had be^n bro ^giht safely out. the admiral sad that continuing disorders aniong tlije iindiscip- Ilped Cantonese troops in the Vang- tsj river section.;liiaue ithe outlook increasingly precarious.! Admiral Williams specifically asked for 1.500 more marines, but ranking officials | bf the state, war and navy departments serlouslyj considered whether thb available marine contingents .would be suf- llcient. It is likely \h^t the army units at Hawaii .nind thei Philippines will be hejd in readiness to go to China Jf they are need|;d. •Kherc already are ^bout 4.500 American marines add bluejackels- In Adn}iral Williams' i:ommand in China and •Chinese wa ers. About 1.600 more bluejackets arc aboard three cruisers due In the Chinese zone on April 3. from Hoiiolulur aiid six ttdilitloiiiil ileH ^roycrs cur- ryjlng oyer 6()0 ni4>n wllli.arrlvf! Noitn Ihii'ri'nfi4*r. 'riie 1.500 ifturliies ord- fmd nch >HK ilw I 'ac .itlir fmliiy Will bring the lutal foici- iibiive S.iioo men. ,1 Of ihese, upwards.of fi .oon would be uvullubic fur liiiulliig piirllcH In anf emergency. ! JuHt .how niiiny ajrendy are ashore Is unknown to the nnvjr department, biit the nuinbur Is somewhere in excess iif l.uOOl! The message tliat ciiiii 'ij early thLi morning from j^dniiraCi Williams aroused great concern iti Wasbing- t<rti. • ; i I >. When the naVal spcrctary told Mr. Cboljdge of the appeal, from Admiral William>, the] president readily gave his assent to the jilans of reinforcement jworke.d out in the early morning cqnfereni -es. MESSAGE FROM H'MUIPYNOW Amerit^n Minister Urges Remoisal of {All Amencan^. Washiiigton, Mar. 26. (AP)— Withdrawal of iU AnJericans in Chinese Nationalist tei)ritory has been i^rged by Minister MacMurray. at Peking, who japtitied the state department today that! his action was based ion (be ''demonstrated iitability or unwAiingncss" of the Cantonese forces; to protect American lives. i Under date of March 25. the minister said hd had instructed all American cpnsuts in th|e Nationalist territory to Americans leave Under date ofj attempt to have immediately; March! 26. Consul General-. Gauss repbrtedj the situar tion ia''ShanjBha,i as "v'ery tense." : "The" greatest! precaiitions a;r« being'takentlQiluss salidl. (CoaUnued'on Page 8, Number 2) .-k i. . -1 Officii In Chin^ (Jrives . A warning London, A^ar. 26. (A?) Reuter's_ Shangiiai cor- rcHporideiit quotes "a particularly well informed ^ligli official" an dedurihg: * '•We are onlu at Ihe begimiinn of the trnnhlr- in China. The real thittg is only wojy beginning." SHANGHAI IS U.S. CITIZENS One Dead and Four JHurt Is Report Covering the Difficblties in (Nanking with i Cantonese. . (By the Associated All the surviving Americans at Nanking are safe on board the warships, . The known casualties . are placed at one dead and four injured. Fifteen hundred more American marines were ordered to China iodjay (Satiirday) Bringing, the I total number available to SjOOO. There is prospect that inifantry units of the American army will join thfem unless thb situation improves.' Pr^ident Coolidge knd other officials, in "Wash- lington are anxiously scanning dispatches frorii the I^^r East. Talen of heroism in the face of almost certain death came through today with the arrival ot Shanghai of the first; refug4 >es to-leave .Nanking after Thursday's stirring evcniH. . ; Th«« Chlnpse slego of Socony liill, where a tittio bund of refugoeit ninilf their luHt stand. Was broken by a shell from nn Ameflran war shlii. This was the start of a 20- mlniile bqmbardmunt under covef of which llw Americans gained the ships. It came in answer tn a sii^nal given .under firu by an iinnaiiicd, American sailor from the roof of the Standard oil building. The refugees fervently declare: "The navy saved us. Without it every foreigner' would have been murdered." The ^ast of the Americans to reach tne warships came. from Nanking university. They'were allow^ed to leave oi^y after the American j, and Biji'tish commanders had threatened another bombardment. : It was near the university that Dr. E. Williams, the only American known to have | lost his life, was shot by uniformed Cantonese lootiers. Dispatches ^repe'Jrtedly declare that American, wqmen were treated witli utmost brutality by the Cantonese. There is no indi'cation that they;were .lubje'pted to more than severe beatings except in the case of Miss Anna E. Moffet, who Was shot twice. She iS| expected .to recover. ' ' Japanese: women were not so fortunate. A Japanese major and a police officer we^e cut down ia vain attempts to protect women of their nationality from oatrages. Ph)tection Offered in Shanghai by Chen Shankhai; March 26. (AP)—A wireless message ' from Hankow says that £ugene Clien. the Cantonese foreign minister, has mad^ urgent representations, to the Na- ticmallst military authorities re- gardin{^ th« sltuatfoh at Nanking, argitiK the iutinost -be done tw'pro- tect'torelfnen, rem^Uili^ there. CAN^THALT Such Is Assertion By General Chang' Kai-Shek on His J 'l A-r ri va I in Shanghai. j i Sh/inghai, C^ina, Mar. J2^.j (AP)—The foreign .poweHfl cannot send enough war ships' to China to .suppt-e -sH the^ap-; pirations of the Chinese peo-| pie, says a statemcentj issu^-'j in the name of General Chans/^, Kai-Shek, the Cantonese com* mander in chief, who arrived in Shanghai today. • ' Tht; statemenC^ which, was issued throii!gh General Pa.i ; Tsung-fisl.; Cantonese commander in Shanghai, says Chang has no intention of ns>. ing force to solve tlie prdblem'lot the status of the Shiangfiai International settlement. ;This probleiDL must be settled "in the proper time and place" by diplomatic means.) Chang declared tiere -was nci danger to foreign lives-and projf&it ty froni the Nationalist army In Shanghai. This "was proved, }» said, by the fact that his troops lathe five days since their occupatioii.* of the city had'restored order and" disarmed the lawless element. . p NEWSREPORTER ESCAPES A British Corres^ndeni Tells of Escape at X Nanking^ ~ Shanghai. March 26. (AP)—A British newspaper man. ttie Renter correspondent, at Nankin& had ;a _ thrilling escape from death-at tbai>i hands of the Cantonese durlns j (.Thursday's antl-forelgn outbrea1c-''i , He reached Sochoiry hlll-wherei oilier foreigners were congregated.i and then decided to jiAke a' dash{ |j for the British cruiser Emeh^ld On' whli;h hlH wife had previously tak*; en refuge. , ^ i : Scrambling down over the wall, ho was seized by a party of Can* • toncHo. They were inarching blm;, Off to the uxmielon ground wtaftki; the.llrHt Mhell of the Anglo-Ameri- 4 can boinlmVdiii^ent crushed on tbe;^ billHlde. ' '•• Bscuplng In the general confus*. loti, the correspondent took refuge with Chinese frlejiilM. cut, off his iniistache with a pen knife, 1 painted hbj face a ad hands yellow t; and dressed In Chinese gClotbea Thus disguised he encountered a naval party and reached the fim- erald safely. ^ • > ; Family of kansas Man { Is Safe in Shanghai New. York. Mar. 26. (AP)— j The family of Mr. Bargoyna 1 Griff ing. Topeka, Kansas,, has !« arrived safely in Shanghai rom Naftjcing, accordiliK to advices received by the Presbly-^ terian board of foreign. mis? ' . sions. No mention is made of ' Mr. Griffing in th& disimtches. .1 Topeka. Kans., Mkr. 26. (At)—^' Burgoyne Griffing .is ihe prbfea-* i sor of physics at Uhe Inter-de* hominational coliegie ^'at Nanking;: He has been in China, five years,, having gone there shortly aft^ graduation from Washbomi 'qOI'.^r lege of Topeka. " f . Dr. J. E. WiUiams^ Shot in Cold Blooff Shanghai Mar. .26. (AP)—Dr. Ji[ ,4 E. Williams, of Shawnee. Ohioil who was killed dnrins the Nank-^ ing disorders was shot Dy CbineSAi. soldiers ini cold bloisd; on^a s^eef ' near Nanking university, of wlilcl^r. he was vice-president .His wlfo^ who had elected' to remain;with ~ him despite ehtreatiei that 8h»i> leave the city, and other Anierl« > cans looked- on. ; • Dr. Williams's daugkter and son. Miss Faith and Richard, bave ar^" rived in Shanghai <Mi'tbe ^t4amei^'" Kungwo. They bad been ^ ated before tbelr fatheri

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