Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 12, 1961 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 12, 1961
Page 12
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PACft TWELVE ALTON EVIWENQ TELEGRAPH ENGINEERS TAKE SOVNDINGS A highway engineer doesnt ahrays damped In the river below Eteah, work on dry land. Sometimes, as above, soundings were made every five feet his work takes him out in the river. Af- out from shore stakes to determine the ter the toe-dike was birilt of rocK_J£P^ —. -^1 d ' k J p :^^"—! lot ?: Trucker Fined In JP Court At East Alton Pay Boost Approved for Dfet 14 High Teachers WQOfi JUVfiR — MemtMRi School District 14 Bwrd Tuesday night ed a 1100 across the raise to all teachers anfl extended the tor the hinest p*M en &wn 12 to If j*n« effective tor the 1991-82 school year. The mteans starting teacher* wtth a bachelor of art degree wHljnew earn $4,600 as contrasted with the top of the pay scale of 17,300 tor a teacher with a masters degree, additional hours of college vork and 14 yean ^ftrvuHi. All brackets in the fay male will be boosted the WOO amount which in the case of teachers now at a stage of the pay scale to receive a 1200 boost, will eoff> sequently be raised $300. New teachers shall be placed on the salary schedule with full credit for six yenn •w A^^A ^^^^ ttlMBt dftft^^Mtt A^A am OTWWIH mcuu tor experMMEV of four years to a nflwliinwn of eight yuan. Hie schedule have ntajrtmums established for work of MM than « masters degree. These ate not retroactive and wlU affect only ttftctan wnpteyed in the Alton was teW out to 1M7, and incorporated hi 1811, the year 1111- itots become a state. Cab Srmiters to ROXANA - 'fHte Cub •n of titt MM wttl <MV« round table dtocusston p.m. Thofsttay at « at 7:80 Central School: Pftck 44 will be heat and the theme will Be "Indian*." All den mothers and committee- nten nave been urged to attend* allows KANSAS eft* <ffi) - The national Methodist Theological Seminary, opened here in 1999, already has outgrown its prewnt quarters, and .thus plans to move next year, to new and bigger quarters adjacent to the University of Kansas. Mrs. Woolpert to Speak District WSCS Meeting Set Friday at Wood River WOOD RIVER-Mrs. D. Guy Woolpert secretary of promo-! Won of the North Central Reg-! ton. will be principal speaker at I the 21st annual meeting of the! East St. Louis District of the; Woman's Society of Christian' Service Friday. ROXANA - Cub Pack 25 met EAST ALTON - Floyd T Agee, 33. 310 Mill St., Alton, was fined $15 and costs t Tuesday at J9:50 a.m. by Jus'trce of the | Peace John Hanks for destruction of state property, after a protruding auto body on the truck he was driving struck and knocked over a light standard at the intersection of West St. Louis avenue and Milton road. Agee's truck was headed east The all-day meeting will be j Monday evening at the Communi- held at the First Methodist'*>' building. George Arnold, cub- Church with registration sched- master, presided, and films on| uledforSam archery were shown by Morris; 00 vv - St - ^^ avenue. The ™~ vi' v^ia* Tr^iKnM TschanW This was followed by, truck was carrying a load of Mrs. Nicholas Egelhoff., archm - bv Maurice Ex- •"•"Tied °ut automobile bodies. Walshville. district president. | a talK on arcner > D . v ^aunce t,x __ _— * 4**»* ._ . ^ . will preside at the morning bus- ton I Federal ownership comprises iness session. Worship will be JA skit on rockets was presented j almost 770 million acres , n the led by the Rev. Edwin Grant. | by Den 3 ' under . *e leadership | United StateSi or more than onc . pastor of the host church. Thej° vj 5 ' 7V a address of welcome will be giv- ^ '"PP"" 1 - . u ^.Eet- third of the country's land area. Refreshments were society president. Highlighting the program will ers are Mrs. Dorothy Smith and Mrs. Mary Thorns. Bird houses were exhibited by the boys of all be a presentation by the Woodj dens and wiD be put in trees at River High School Choral Group under the direction of Miss Mildred Smith. St. Louis Chorus to Sing at Roxana Park. The following received Community service patches: Mark Kerr, Dave Howard, Bob Tschannon, Denny Arnold, Brad Exton, Randy ' Rader, David Daniels, Don Brueg- badge silver arrow; Wayne Harrelson. lion badge: Ricky Purdy, Mike Hammer and Jim Zipprich, wolf badge, and Goerge Arnold, one-year pin. Kindergarten Registration ROXANA — The annual kindergarten registration lor the Roxana Community Unit schools district No. 1 will be held during the week of April 24 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 ROXANA - The 25-voiee Wash-, geman. Warren Wiegand and Kev-; p.m. at the Central, Rosewood, in Pitt- South Roxana and the Burbank Den Mothers Betty Zipprich and; sc hopls. Parents may register their ington University Women's chorus.) Freda McVey were given three-1 children at the 'various grade directed by Peter D. Tkach, will'year pins. ! school offices, present a concert on Thursday at • The following awards were giv-1 Children eligible to enter Jtinder- 10:30 a.m. at the Roxana High'en: Gary Poling, one gold and onejgarten must be five years old on school auditorium. The concert;silver arrow; Randy Rader, three or before Dec. 1, 1961. It will be will be under auspices of the student council. silver arrows; David Fitzgerald, | necessary^ .for parents to show a one silver arrow; Mark Kerr, lion'birth certificate to verify age. A fifitimt of btauty, captured in rings priced with aboul-to> be-married budged in mind. Choice of U Karat white Of yellow gold. AS LITTLE AS 6 Radiant Diamonds I* U bnrt whl* IASY CKEDIT TERMS DoKlInf Diamondj 't W«ddin 9 Rings to Match Any S«t from »24»* Woiuen'» WATCHES Two friendly Stores SLIM a W««k DEMONSTRATION HEARING AIDS HhOB« Mr*. Bdwardf HO I-4S28 Thrifty Drat Sttrt JJS Bell* St.. Downtown MAYTAG Waihtn and Dryirt New and Uied Machlnw • Lowiil Priwi in Town • Easy Terms Liberal Trade-In 313 Belle DOWN* TOWN ALTON IGA... the American Way HIND QUARTER BEEF SALE! BROOKS' CATSUP 12-ox. Botrie 2-29 1 Sirloin Steak IGA Tabl«Rit»... lh«y'r« ml Hnglwt... Swiss Round Steak Lb. 69 PURE CANE, With $2.50 Purchase or More SUGAR 39 IGA American, Pimento Swiss SLICED CHEESE 80i. Pkg. IGA FROZEN FOOD VALUES SIMPLE SIMON Banana, Chocolate, Cocoanut, Lemon U-Ox. Pfcgs. SIMPLE siiwon Banana, wnocorarv, wvc CREAM PIES 2 MINUTE MAID—Grapefruit, Blend or 6-oz. Can PINEAPPLE JUICE... 6 $1.00 MINUTE MAID—13'/a-ox. Cans GRAPEFRUIT SECTIONS 2 49c MINUTE MAID—6-01. Cant ORANGE JUICE 2 55c^,' S3* Fancy IGA SPINACH 2e J 2,27« Fever's INSTANT COFFEE ---Congratulations! Here ore the Winners o/ Stereo Sets: £'1.19 At Charlie's IGA Market, So. Roxana t Dean L. Reeves At itahl'f IGA Market, Fostorburci Robert Bradshaw, R, 1, Alton At Eiler'i IQA Market, Bethalto; Person Holding Lueky Number _ 7U943 At 6th St. Super IQA Market, Wood River i John Oeerlni, 124 5th St., W. R, EILER'S IGA Market ill I. Fttlrie MtlJlti STAHL'S IQA Merket CAMPBELL IGA Market It4 WKDNSSPAY, AJPML 13, n Bucks AT MONTICELLO PtAZA! LOOK ton m IIOEI in m PIBTIOIPITHJ JTOMII to • tmky Winner t**t OOLDIE MILLER ' HIM AM THII Wnri WINNING MUMIIM! II you h*W « winning Bonus Buck bring If to tht Godfrif St«t« &>«* 3 p,m. Tu«d«y, April II, to cklrn your $40,00 merehandlie and Mt«to lowofiotA 0f4flt741A F4f«f4494A U0t3S1i10A XI Ml 4*14* AiotfilttJ *4t12S04IC T9SS39241A Him AMI THI NEW "SONUS BUCKS" LISTING OIT 'IM AT MONTICILLO PLAZA . . . SAVI 'I POR110 MtttSI P91091933A RB448983JA *ft26898SRC V2S3«1121A W00Q1085SA A418059S8J T51548874A A88983270J +0101481 tC B33204«mi X191511MA W81H647B9A U88446958A A4H14BS4J W81480909 A U8B378398A V3B948870I AS40I2860A Q«469fll42A +70fl8l«37C A796311IOJ Art9J28919.1 Z4t2347281 F288746Z7A B55741590A 1>2»82488SA F74110811A +808048138 V8871188SA ¥701848941 Y88889818I N38828878A .I82384798A B88900«46A A08211089J U098BS098A S233090BBJ XS818I617I tJU084626A S44981232A QJ838S731A P78Z57848A Q98870187A r/0185512SB A08282S81J Y97818S171 X49478048A RO#Bt0084A T982814S8A R27070028A W81882921A >llrt908987A W00801878A X95028B081 Z41486!J5« U1MM0A JM1W8781A F4923B188A A48BMS49J X59400980A IT80884B44A Q2948707H1 7872091831 08878888*4 L94888861A Q68729*17I SIRLOIN TIP or . _ BONELESS RUM P ROAST.... 89c BONELESS STEW MEAT . . 79c BETTER - LEANER SEA PASS—l-Lb. PkB. GROUND BEEF . . > 49c SKINNED WHITINfi . 3Be T-BONE COASTAL BRAND— 10-OZ. Pk«. STEAKS ' 99c BREADED SHRIMP . . 39c PURNELL PRIDE U.S. GRADE A BIRDSEYE—IZ-oz. Phg. CHICKEN BREASTS 2;:, 98c FILET REGALE . . . 49c EGGS Grade "A" Large 89 ARMOUR STAR SLICED BACON . ,'459c SAVE AN EXTRA lOc OX THE BACON by using the coupon In a package of Armour Star Skinless Wieners! ARMOUR STAB 1-Lb. Pltg. Skinless Wieners . . 49c "DOUBLE THE FACE VALUE OF LEVER BROTHERS COUPONS THIS WEEK AT IGA! . . . ISA will allow you double the value of your Lever Brothers coupons if you redeem them for the Lever products this week at your IGA Food Store. Offer good only April 13, 14 and 15." LUX LIQUID ALL ACTIVE LIFEBUOY 3 lac *-ib., 49-oz. f ° i3-o/. 12-oi. 37 C 22-oz. 63 32-04. ... I inuin . T5 C *'' S 2 18 ALL LIQUID QI. "* «ai. * Size 32 c J Bath 3? c HANDY ANoy 39 C Qt. 69 C DUNCAN MINES or PILLSBURY—White, Yellow, Devil's Food CAKE MIXES . . . . IGA GRAPEFRUIT . CAMPBELL'S PORK & BEANS SUNSET INN SIFTED PEAS . SAFE FOR NYLONS CLOROX BLEACH .2 . 2 39° 21o 3 Cons 39 C • • • Half Gallon 27" Coast Whole Sweet Pickles IGA Fruit Cocktail . IGA,Blue Lake Cut Green Beans . IGA Qt. •—• Duncan Hines Barbecue Sauce . 2-49c 80S Can* . 2-45C 303 Can* 18 Oi. Bottle 29' IGA Carrots & Peas . . 2 - 35c Potato Chips Ballard Ct»n»> Biscuits 3 *- 29c Full Lb. Box IGA Table Fresh Food FRESH, TINDIR GREEN BEANS 2«-29 e Dtllcloui cooked with ham^bone and ntw potatots i Flavorful Tiny New Red POTATOES .... 5 29c Fre«b CaUfornia~-8eleoi tender green »pear» ASPARAGUS .... 19c l*r»e CrUp PMC*! CELERY 2 25c Fainou* Florida Indian Blver—l*r»e teedtew red meat GRAPEFRUIT . . . 6 49c CHARUE'S IQA Mirket lift liMlilr lit dtllM 6th SI IGA Mirket I U, Iti $t, ^V vW ViJaWr We (Ui»rv« ike Rt«M To Cl«it

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