Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 13, 1950 · Page 21
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 21

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 13, 1950
Page 21
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FRIDAY, JANUARY II, 1950 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PA01 TWIHTf• Shipman Legion Groups Meet Hold Oyster Supper at Masonic Hall SHIPMAN, Jan. 13. <Speclal)- The American Legion and lu Aux Ulary held their annual oyster sup* per for members and their tern* Diet at Masonic hall, Wednesday evening. Separate business sessions followed. Miss Bertha Fleker. Carlin- Vllle, director of the Auxiliary of the twenty-tint district, and Mr*. Venah Boring, put director, Dtn- by Horning, and Mrs. Flora Set* hausln, Carlinvllle, were guests. Others present were Mrs. L, F. Oaspard, Mr, and Mn. C. R. Shiietz,' Mr .and Mn. J. J, Laffey, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Kahl, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Prcssier, Louis Math- It, J. O. Archer, Merlin Archer. Miss Fay Durr, Mr. and Mrs, Floyd Darr, and Mrs. Lloyd Glllesplt, Mr. and Mn. Junior Main and sons, Miss Elsie Lynch, Mn. Myrtle Lynch, Mr. and Mn. Delbert Lister, and Mr. and Mn. H. O. Still. Potluck Supper SHIPMAN.—A family night potluck supper for members of the Plainvlew Methodist Church was held Tuesday evening at the town hall in Plainview. Worship service was conducted by the Rev. E. W. Dickey and the Rev. Dickey also showed Bible motion pictures. A minstrel was presented by Mrs. Dickey and Mrs. O. L. Wadsworth. 'Present were the Rev. and Mrs. Dickey and daughters, Mr. and Mrs, J. J. Sauerwein and grandson, Mr. and Mn. Ralph Wheeler and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wood, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Simjnermaker, Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Wadsworth, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Rhoads and Louis Mathts. -- Modern Woodman Oyster Supper SHIPMAN. — TJie Plainview Modern Woodman ' Lodge entertained members and 1 their families at an oyster and baked ham susk S er Monday evening at the town all. '•" Present were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Atkin, Carlinville, Mr. and Mrs. William Witt and son, Mrs. Sadie O'Donnell and son, John, Mr. and Mrs. £ G. Rhoads and son, Henry, Stephen Ahrling, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Meyers, Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Hurry, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Sauerwein and grandson, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wood, Garth Rodger*, Mr. and Mrs. Truman Rodgers and children, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wheeler and daughter. WSCS Meets at Piaia SHIPMAN.—The Woman's So, ciety of Christian Service of the Piasa Methodist Church met at the home of Mrs. Russell Howard Wednesday afternoon. Fourteen members were present. . Mrs. Colonel Healy was devotional leader and Mrs. James Nimerick presented the lesson. Mn. Ralph Waggoner gave a report on the message of Dr. M. D. Ross, returned missionary from Bidar district, India, and the Society voted to finance the education of a grade school student, H. Benjamin, an Indian. A social hour followed and refreshments were served by Mn. Russell Howard, Mn. Colonel Healy, and Mrs. Wopdrow. Watson. Mrs. Erschel Matthews will be hostess in February. Attend Morris Funeral Rites SHIPMAN. — Attending funeral rites for Mrs. Charlotte Morris at Warner funeral home, Medora, Wednesday afternoon, were A. M. Scott and daughter, Mr. and Mn. Albert' Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Holland Scott and children, Mrs. Earl Dey and daughter, Mrs. L. F. Bosomworth and .daughter, Mr. and Mn. Lynn Simmermaker, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Edsall, Mr. and Mn. Charles Modlin, Harry Simmermaker, Clarence Bullman, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Belton, Mr. and Mrs. Orlie Bouillon, Mrs. W. E. Meredith, Mrs. P. E. Craig, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Darr, Mr. and Mn. Floyd Darr, Mrs. William Stone, Mrs. W. S. Reno, and Mrs. Stella Lowis. The following nephews served as pallbearers: William Morris, Alton; Orlie Bouillon, Piasa, Albert Scott, Rolland Scott, Harry Sim* mermaker, and Clarence Bullman, Shipman. * 52 Feared Dead Continued From Face I. tion in Scotland. The plane was to have picked up divers (or the Chatham operation. Ebbing Tide Aids Survivors The submarine lay in silt about 42 feet below the surface at low tide. The ebbing tide had sided the divers in reaching the craft, which had gone down in water M feet deep. The vice admiral's announcement said: "With great regret I must announce that it is (eared there has been a heavy loss of dockyard life in the disaster which sank his majesty's submarine Truculent late yesterday evening." Of the TO aboard, 58 were sailors and 18 were dockmen sailing as part of the crew in a test cruise after refitting. The admiralty said the six bodies found today were discovered In barrow deep, about 10 miles northeast of where the sub went down. They were picked up by the rescue vessel Zest. Apparently the bodies had been swept toward the open sea by the outgoing tide this morning. Guided by the sub's yellow buoys, possibly released accident* ally, the divers in unwieldy equipment and swift-moving frogmen In web-footed rubber suits crawled over the sunken craft laboriously tapping out messages In Morse code. Messages Bring No Bispsase But a naval officer at the scene said repeated messages like this had brought no response. • Word from the salvage vessels said the divers found at least (our of the Truculent's seven compart' ments flooded. "It Is possible," a naval officer said, "the last three compartments are unaffected. A diver Is making a fresh descent to examine the deck and superstructure to SH whether or not the hatches are open. "If they wo open there can be even leaj possibility of anyone on board being left alive." The admiralty spokesman said some of those saved bobbed to UM surfeico In their sell-rescue opnajr* Unttodt Pried At Ban St. Lonift NATIONAL"STOCKYAW», m., Jan. IS, i* - (USDA*—HOO»7900! trading active; barrows and g^itt fully 99, instances W higher than average Thursday; sows about steady; bulk good and choice 180-240 pounds 15.75-16.50; top 16.50, mainly for 180-210 pounds and tew 820 pounds; most 250-300 pounds 14.26-15.50; 140-170 pounds 14.8S-U.OO; few 16.25; 100* 130 pound pigs 12.35-14.25; good and choice sows 400 pounds down 12.50-13.28; few 13.50; heavier sows 11.00-12.29; stags 8.50-10.50. CATTLE — 700; calves 500; not enough steers to warrant mention; odd lots mostly common and mad* lum heifers and mixed yearlings about steady at 17.50-24.00; few good 25.00 and better, these generally steady; cows weak to 90 lower In dull cleanup trade; common and medium beef cows 15.0016.50; canners and cutters 12.5014.75; some light shells 12.00; bulls 50 lower; medium and good 18.5020.25; cutter and common 15.5018.00; good and choice vealers 3,00 lower at 25.00-39.00; common and medium 18.00-29.00. SHEEP — 400; slaughter lambs slow; few opening sales 39 or more lower;.several lots good and choice under 100 pounds 23.00; some held higher; part deck medium and good 21.50; double deck good and choice 102-pound lambs with No. 1 pelts 21.50; odd head ewes 10.50 down. Chicago, St. Louis Grain Quotations Chicago Cash Grain CHICAGO, Jan. 13, <*•> — WHEAT—None. CORN — No. 3 yellow 1.26K- 28',i; No. 4, 1.24-30U. OATS — No. 1 mixed 76; No. 1 white 7614. BARLEY — Nominal: Malting 1.20-60; feed 90-1.20. SOYBEANS—None. Ckicate Grain Futurse High WHEAT— Mar. ... 2.15H May ... 210H July ... 1.91V* Sep. ... 1.91 H CORN— Mar. ... 1.29tt May ... 1.28% July ... 1.27% Sep. ... 1.22% Dec. ... 1.15'/4 OATS— Mar. ... 73 May ... 69H July ... 62% Sep. ... 61% Dec RYE— May ... 1.42 July ... 1.42 Sep. ... 1.42% SOYBEANS— Mar. ... 2.31% May ... 2.28% July ... 2.24H Nov. ... 2.00% Low Close 2.13 H 2.08% 1.89% 1.90 H 1.28% 1.27% 1.26V* 1.21V* 1.14 72% 68% 61 Ti 61 2.15%-H 2.10%-% 1.40 1.40% 1.40% 2.29V* 2.26 2.22 V* 1.98% 1.91% 1.29% 1.28%-% 1.27%-% 1.22H j 1.14% 73 69% 62% 61% 63% 1.42 1.42 1.4S 2.31%-% 2.28-23 V* 2.24V* 2.00% St. Louis Cash Grain ST. LOUIS, Jan. 13, UP) — WHEAT — Receipts 2 cars, sold 1, No. 2 red winter 2.20. CORN — Receipts 98 cars, sold 4. No. 2 yellow 1.32%, No. 3 yellow 1.31%. OATS — Receipts 22 cars, sold 1, No. 4 red 77. Produce Prices v At St. Louis ST. LOUIS, 'Jan. 13, (*» — Produce and live poultry: PRODUCE — Eggs, current receipts 27%-28%, unclassified 24-26. POULTRY — Commercial fryers, broilers and roasters, whites 21-22, grays 21-22, crosses 20-21, reds 1921. Other prices unchanged. atus, which Includes a lifebelt and portable oxygen supply. 8onM-«hoot to Surface At least a few others aboard shot to the surface but were not found, he said. Any not yet picked up by now almost certainly have died from the shock of the icy water. The admiralty will try to lift the sunken ship. No one could say exactly when the attempt will be made. An admiralty spokesman said, it would be a three to four day operation, depending on how badly the hull is damaged, the currents and the position in the mud. At noon today, 17 hours after the Truculent settled in the silt of the Thams estuary 54 feet below the surface, an admiralty spokesman announced: "At the 1 moment no indication has reached us of answers to signals by tapping or other means, by anyone who might be Inside the submarine." The Truculent, which itself sent 20 Japanese ships the bottom during World War H, met disaster last night. The 643-ton Swedish tanker Dlvina, from Stockholm, was coming In 55 miles due east of London. The Truculent, bound for Sheerness dockyards, had been out since yesterday morning on a trial run. row Rams Torpedo Compartment The prow of the Dlvina, equip* ped to break through lee, rammed the ship's torpedo compartment and the underaea craft, which had been running on the surface, sank within a minute. ThU morning one of the 50 lifeboats seeking traces of life In the hulk radioed: "Believe survivors still on board sub." But the admiralty said It had nothing to bear this out. The Truculent was found about six miles west of the point where she went down. Apparently she had been swept along by the tide. The skipper of the 643-ton tanker Dlvina, whose Ice-breaker prow tore Into the torpedo compartment of the sub as It ran oa thf^gurface In the channel, said the craft sank within a minute after the crash. Truculent OB Trial RUB . The Truculent, which survived Japanese depth charges In the Pacific war, WM on a tftt) run altar Closing New York Stock Quotation Abbott so i»a At Chem A Dye 200 1-2 Allied Strs 33 1-4 Allls Ch 32 1-2 Am Can , 108 1-2 Atn Car A Fdy 27 1>8 Am Gas A Elec 51 14 Am Loco IS t«8 Am Pow 15 1-8 Am Rad 13 t-8 Atn Smelt 54 1-4 Am Snuff 40 1-2 AT * T 14« 5-8 Am Tobacco 74 Am Zinc 63*4 Anacohda « 20 Armco , 27 S-4 Armour 7 7*t A T A S F .'. 102 Avco * Bald Loco 11 1-2 Bendlx 37 1-4 Beth Steel 37 7-8 Borden 48.3-8 Borg Warner 57 3-8 Brlggs 28 5-8 Case 39 1-8 Caterpll Trac 33 3-8 Ches * O 39 1-2 Chi * N W 12 5-8 Chi RI A Pac 413-8 Chrysler 64 7-8 Comweatth Edls 30 1-8 Congoleum-Nairn 27 1-4 Cons Edison 28 1-2 Cons Gas 44 Container 39 3-4 Cont Can 35 1-2 Cont Steel 14 3-4 Corn Prod 69 Corn Prod pf 184 1-2 Crane 27 1-2 Curt Wright 81-8 Douglas 71 1-2 Du Pont 61 Eastman 46 1-2 Eaton 30 El Auto-Lite 44 G E 42 Gen Foods 48 G M 70 Gen Time 23 Goodrich 71 1-2 Goodyear 45 1-2 Gl Nor Ir Ore 12 3-4 Gt Northern pf 42 5-8 Greyhound 11 1-8 Homestake 46 Houd Hersh 13 1-8 Hudson Mtr 14 1-2 1C 36 3-4 Inland 38 3-4 Ins Con Corp 14 1-2 Int Harv 27 1-2 Int Harv Pf 180 1-2 Int Nick Can 283-8 I T A T 12 1-2 Jewel 571-2 Johns Manv 47 Kennecott 52 5-8 Keystone SAW 17 3-8 Kimberly-Clark 24 1-4 Lib-Glass 63 1-2 Libby, McN A L 71-3 Marshall Field 24 3-4 Montg Ward 56 1-4 Nash Kelv 17 1-2 Nat Biscuit 38 Nat Con 7 7-8 Nat Dairy 39 3-8 Natl Steel 89 N Y C RR 12 5-8 No Am Avla 11 1-4 North Amer 19 1-8 Northern Pae 181*4 Ohio Oil 27 5-8 Owens Glass 64 1-4 Packard 45-8 Pan Am Air 9 3-8 Param Pic 19 5-8 Penney ' 55 1-4 Penn 16 7-8 Pepsi 93-8 Phelps 48 7-8 Phillip Mor 51 7-8 Phillips 60 1-4 Pure Oil 283-8 RCA 13 5-8 Reo 10 7-8 Repub Stl 24 Scott 67 1-4 Sears 42 3-4 Shell Oil 35 1-2 Simmons 27 3-4 Sinclair 23 Socony-Vac 16 3-8 South Pac 52 Spiegel 9 7-8 St Brand 22 St Oil Cal 62 1*4 St Oil Ind 43 3-4 St Oil NJ 67 1-4 Sterling 37 1-2 Studebaker 27 Swift 34 5-8 Texas Co 61 1-8 Tlmken Axle 16 Trans America 15 1-2 Un Carbide 43 1-4 Un Pacific 851-4 Un Air Line 14 1-2 Un Aircraft 26 1-4 U S Rubber 40 3-4 U S Stl 26 7-8 W U 21 West Elec 31 1-4 Woolworth 49 Wor PAM Pr pf 17 3-8 Zonlte 4 3-4 Money for mortgage loans is reported so plentiful in New Zealand that private capitalists say it it difficult to find borrowers. bring refitted. She lay today in the narrow channel leading to one of the world's busiest ports. She was located 10 hours after she sank, six miles west of where she went down. Apparently she had been swept westward by the strong morning tide. She was roughly 50 miles east of London. The commander of the submarine, U. C, P. Bowers, wa» among those picked up in the water shortly after the crash. He and at least live others were believed to have been standing on deck when the two vetsels collided. The British admiralty began rescue operations almost -mine* dlaUly. For 10 hours no one knew exactly where the sub toy. Then powerful aeareUlfhU picked up the marker buoy attached to the submarine by a cable. It was the first Indication that some of the submerged and trapped crew might be alive. The buoy could have been released by someone In* tide the sub. The heavy mists lifted as dawn approached and divert went down at first light. All manner of res* ou* craft, Including special ships equipped to raise the hulk from thV muddy bottom, were at the •cane of the operations. Search aircraft circled overhead looking for more possible survivors on the water's surface. ftav York Curb Ark Nat Gas A V..7. ...... 11 Carnation ... . ........... 63 1-4 Cities Svc ................ 75 El Bond * Sh ............ 18 3-4 Ford M Can A ... ........ 21 5-8 Hecta Mln ....... . ....... 11 1-8 Kaiser Fraser .. ........... 43-4 Kingston Prod ... ......... 3 1*8 Mag Mud Power... ...... 15 l-a Kbtl sjkjsU lcTor DAY CiUt« of Miry A. Mulcahy. Deceased. Nouea tt harak* eiven to all pertona that Monday, ftbrvary S, isso. it the claim Mis ja UM estate ot Mary A. Mttteahy. tfectawd. pending in Oia Probate Court of Madison County, 1111- noli, and that clilmi may b* filed against the Mid eiUM on or before Mid data without Isauance of lummom. OUS MOORE, Administrator with OU HADWAV * SUDra8 n A*«e?Myt, Jerseyvllle. Illinois, NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice Is hereby given to all persons that First Monday in March. IBM, is the Claim Date In the estate of Bruce Robert Carter, Daceaaed. pending in the Probate Court of Madison County, lilt- note, and that claims may be Iliad •gainst the aald estate on or before aald date without Issuance of summons. Dated this 0th •"- -' Anil: tatCUttl " JOSEPH HEALEY. Probate Clerk. HAROLD Q. TALLEY, Attorney. Jan. 13, 20. »7. NOTICE OF SPECIAL ELECTION Community Consolidated School District Number 151, Madison County, Illinois. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on Saturday, the 28th day of January, 1950. a special election will b* held In and for Community Consolidated School DUtrlct Number 181, Madison County, Illinois, for the purpose of submitting to the voters Ot Mid School DUtrlct the following proposition: Shall the Board of Education of Community Consolidated School District Number 131. Madison County, Illinois, build a new school building on the present SoBlor Hljh School Site located •t MOO Collet* Avenue, Alton. Illinois, to be used in teaching the manual arts? That for the purpose of said election Mid Community Consolidated School DUtrlct Number 151, Madison County, Illinois, has , been divided Into eight election precincts, the boundaries of which and the polling place for each Mini M followa: shall Include all that portion of School District No. 151 beginning at the center lino M Market Street from the Mississippi River north to the center of Twentieth Street; thence west on Twentieth to the center of Belle Street; thence north on Belle Street to the center of Madison Avenue; thence west on Madison to the center of State Street; thence northwest on State Street to the center of Hawley Avenue; thence wast on Hawley through the center of the north drive of Fairmount to the Mississippi River. Hence along the Mississippi River to the point of beginning. Precinct No. a— The Polling Place, McKINLEY SCHOOL. 121 W. Elm, shall include all that portion of School District No. 1S1 beginning at the Mississippi River and extending east through the center of the north drive of Fairmount to the point where the corporation line crosses Hawley Avenue; thence east on Hawley to the center of State Street: thence southeast along the center of State Street to the center of Madison Avenue; thence eait on Madison Avenue to the center of Belle Street; thence south on Belle to the center of Twentieth Street; thence east to the center of the Q. M. <V O. Railroad. thence north on the G, M. It O. Railroad to the center of St. Joseph Avenue; east on St. Joseph Avenue and east on the center of Cardinal to the Wood River Township line; thence north along the Wood River Township line to the north boundary of the School District; thence west along the northern boundary of the School District to the Mississippi River. Hence along the Mississippi River to the point of beginning. Precinct No. 3— The Polling Place, LINCOLN SCHOOL. 1021 Alton Street, shall include all that portion of School District No. 131 beginning at the center line of Market Street from the Missis- slppl River north to the center of Twentieth Street, thence east on Twentieth Street to • point which would intersect the northern extension of the center of Langdon Street to the center of Twentieth thence south on the center of Idtngdon Street to the center of Twelfth Street; thence east on Twelfth Street to the center of Liberty Street; thence south on Liberty Street to the center of Sixth Street; thence west on Sixth Street to the center of Langdon Street; thence south on Langdon to the Mississippi River. Hence along: the Mississippi River to the point of beginning. Precinct No. 4— The Polling Place, WASHINGTON SCHOOL. 1716 Curdle, shall include all that portion of School District No. 151 beginning at the inter- -ectlon of Langdon Street and Twelfth Street; thence north on the center of Langdon Street to a point where an extension of the center of Langdon intersects the center of Twelfth Street; thence eait to the center of the G. M. It O. Railroad, thence north along the C. M. * O. Railroad to the center of St JOMph Avenue; thence east on St. Joseph Avenue and east on the center ot Cardinal Street to the Wood River Township line; thence south along the center ot Rock Sprints Drive line to the center of Brown Street; thence along Brown Street to the center of Pearl Street; thence west and north •lone Pearl Street to the canter of Liberty Street; thence north on Liberty to the center of Twelfth Street; thence west on Twelfth Street to the center of Langdon Street. Precinct No. 5— The Polling Place, HUMBOLDT SCHOOL, 0th and Central Avenues, shall include all that portion oi School District No, 111 beginning at the Mlseisalppi Hlver thence north along the center of Langdon Street to the center of, Sixth Street; thence east on Sixth Street to the center of Liberty Street; thence north on Liberty Street to the center of Pearl Street; thence Mat end south on Pearl Street to the center of Brown Street; thence east and north on Brown Street to a north and south Una through the center of Rock Springs Drive, thence south on this Rock Spring! Drive line to the Mississippi Rivar. Hence along the Mississippi River to the point of beginning. Precinct No. 6— The Polling Place, CLARA BARTON SCHOOL, 408 Main Street, shall include all that portion of School District No. 151 beginning at the MlMiafippI River, thence north •long • line extending through the center of Rock Springs Drive to the center of Washington Avenue; thence north- Mat on Washington Avenue to the center of Sanford Avenua; thence south and oact on Sanford Avenue to the center of Brookslde Avenue, thence aouth on Brookaida Avenue to the Mississippi River. Hence along the Mississippi River to the point of be- Precinct No. 7—The Polling Place, HORACE MANN SCHOOL. 8708 Edwards, shall Include all that portion of School District No. 161 beginning at ttte Intersection of the center of Ian- lord Avenue end the center of Vista Avenue: thence north on Viste Avenue to the center of Hlllcrast Avenue, northwest on Hillerest Avenue to the center of Kaatwoad Avenue; thence north on Baitweod Avenue extended to the center of Spaulding Avenue; along Spaulding to Ute center of Mayflald iurect; thence eatt on Mayfletd 8tree» to the center at George Street; thence north M Oemrse Street to corporation limit; theace along the corporation line to the center of Rodjers Avenue; thence north alons Roofare Avenue to Illinois Slate Route 140; thence eeat on Illinois State Route 140 to the eastern boundary a the District; thence north on the eastern boundary to the northea-iern corner of the DUtrlct to the Wood River-Fostarburg Township line; thence west along the Wood Rlver-Foaterours Tewiuaii line to the Intersection of the Wood River Towiuhio Una; thence couth •tens the Woei River Township line •as) a UM whteh extended would be the center of Rock Ssrljujs Drive end Mteadt* to the InterMetlM of the center of WaahlMton Avenue and a Une extended through the center of luck Spring* Drive; thence northeast on Washington Avenue to the center of laniard Avenue; thence touth end •ail on Sanford Avenua to the center •J Viita Avenue. Precinct No. S—The Polling Piece, MILTON SCHOOL, MM Fernwood, shall IMI OLDSMOIILE 4.QR. SEDAN A CfaMt Care fMO RAY MOTOR CO. Vitaed River OLDSMOBILE Dealer WWTELAW AVE. AT KDWARDSVttLfc RD. DIAL 4-lllt trlet No. 131 beginning *t the MleettelBpi Rivtr; thence straight north to the center of Brookilde Avenue, continuing/ north on BroohMde Avenue to the cen- v ter of Sanford Avenue; thence on Sanford Avenue to the center of Vista Avenue; thence north on Vista Avenue to the center ot Hillerest Avenue; northwest on Hillerest Avenue to the center of Eastwood Avenue: thencp north on Eastwood extended to the center of Spauldlng Avenue and along Spauldlng to the center of Mayfleld: thence east on Maytleld to the center of George Street; thence north on George Street to corporation limit, thence along the corporation line to Rodgen Avenue; thencif north along the center of Rodger? Avenue to the center of Illinois State Route 140; thence east on Illinois State Route 140 to the Eastern boundary of District No. 151; thence south along the boundary line of the District to the Mississippi River; thence west along the River to where a southward extension of the center of Brookslde meets the Mississippi River. The polls of said election will be opened at twelve o'clock NOon and Will be closed at seven o'clock P. M. of said day. Legal voters of the School District must vote at the polltn* place designated In the election precinct within which they reside. By order of. the Board of Education of Community Consolidated School District Number 151, Madison County, Illinois. Dated this llth day of January, 19SO. C. J. SCI1LOSSER. President, Board of Education. Community Consolidated School District Number 181. Madison County, Illinois. H, EDWARD MEYER, Secretary, Board of Education, Community Consolidated School District Number 151, Madison County, Illinois. MONUMENTS)—«BM. LOTS MONUMENTS FACTS AS A FAMOUS SALESMAN ONCE SAID "LET'S LOOK AT THE RECORDS"! i MISLEADING STATEMENTS TO THE CONTRARY, THERE IS NO GRANITE QUARRIED OR CEMETERY MEMORIALS MANUFACTURED IN THE ALTON VICINITY. THE GRANITB INDUSTRY IS LOCATED PRINCIPALLY IN MINNESOTA, WISCONSIN, VERMONT. AND 'GEORGIA, AND LOCAL DEALERS OBTAIN STOCK MONUMENTS AND MARKERS FROM THESE VARIOUS MANUFACTURING THE DELANO GRANITE WORKS, Inc.. DELANO. MINN., OWNERS OF FIVE QUARRIES, ARE THE WORLD'S LARGEST MANUFACTURERS OF CEMETERY MEMORIALS, SELLING DIRECT. DELANO MEMORIALS ARE MADE ONLY FROM FIRST QUALITY GRANITES .AND ARE GUARANTEED EVERLASTING. THE UNDERSIGNED HAS BEEN A RESIDENT OF ALTON FOR FIFTY YEARS. AM A FULLY AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE OF THE DELANO GRANITE WORKS, Inc., AND HAVE SERVED THIS COMMUNITY COURTEOUSLY AND CONSCIENTIOUSLY FOR MANY YEARS. THE HUNDREDS OF HIGH QUALITY OUTSTANDING DELANO MEMORIALS PLACED IN THIS VICINITY AND OUR MANY SATISFIED CUSTOMERS IS AN UNDISPUTED TESTIMONIAL OF FAIR DEALING. WE INVITE .HONEST COMPETITION, BUT WILL NOT BE FORCED TO INCREASE PRICES. OR DISCONTINUE OUR POLICY OF SELLING DIRECT. BY STATEMENTS OR INFERENCES THAT MAY BE MADE BY ANY SO- CALLED LOCAL, NEWLY ORGANIZED CONCERNS. Signed: WM. V. BLAKELY Factory Distributor. DELANO GRANITE WORKS, INC. 3240 Hawthorne Blvd. Alton, III. Phone: 2-2352 SAVE — BUY DIRECT MONUMENTS — MARKERS ALTON MEMORIAL SALES 810 Main St. Alton, 111. .Phone 2-8421 Established to nerve Alton and community as AUTHORIZED DEALERS From our modern display room featuring all leading granites. Quality - Service - Satisfaction At prices which are competitive Order now for spring delivery from local firm NOT representing any outside interests. 1 PKBSONAii» ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS — Alton phone 1-7229 or 2-4198, or P. O. Box 197. FOR AVON PRODUCTS — Dial 3-6338 Mrs. Cresswell. 413 Jefferaon. SOCIAL RUMMAGE SALE—Sponsored by Godfrey Congregational Church, Friday, Jan 13. 1 to S p. m. Saturday. 9:30 a. m. 824 E. 3rd street. FRANKLIN CHAPTER—No. «, R. A. M. Friday, Jan. 13 7:30 p. m. Mark Master. Gregory Flynn, H, P. It LOST—BTBAVED—STOLIM LOST—a keys on black leather key holder In or between Kroger's and Degenhardt's drug store. Plal 3-7S17. LOST—Small black, brown and white beagle hound. 3-8600. 517 Mather, LOST—Bird dog, vicinity 904 Washington; brown and white spotted, chain around neck. Anyone knowing his whereabouts call 3-S3SS. LOST—Scofleld Bible between Brown Street Baptist Church and Upper Alton. Finder call 3-1291. Reward. MAN'S GRAYISH TAN TOPCOAT — Taken by mistake New Year's Eve: label has name Stevens, LaGrange. 4-8244. LOST—Female black and ten dog. wearing red collar. Answers to name of "Dixie." Rewerd. 3-8283. II MOW* WANTED-Rlde from East Altorflo Upper Alton. 8:30 - 9 p. m. Dial 4-0»44 . HABFrYA~*~M[OOBsT PIANO TUNING and BEPAIBIMU S03 Forest Ave.. Alton. Dial a-TSSS STATE LICENSE AUTO._CHAUiy«JBII. jWJJfMSl «U ras of uvt INCOME TA) RETURNS PROPERLY PREPARED BY A QUALIFIED ACCOUNTANT AND TAX CONSULTANT (Over 20 Years Accounting and • COMrLtfE^SERVICE • ALL FORMS EARt $. IvUrJNS ACCOUNTANT f TAX CONgULtANl 301 W. Third St. (Over Hollywood Shop) Phones: Z-M3I - 3-gSJS ALTON, ILL. J E. MURPHY Watchmaker • Jeweler At New Location—Jan. 16, 1990 630 E. Broadway — Alton. Illinois . YOU'LL SEE — Beautiful color tones after cleaning rugs with odorless Fine Foam. Buck's Paint Store, 6S5 lest Broadway. "INCOME TAX RETURNS IOOKKEEPING SERVICE NOTARY PUILIC Cell »-»4SS II LOCAL INS'fBJttOTIOM PIANO INiTRUCTION-For adults. A new end Interesting way. 1318 Slat* street. II MAMtt.a-.eUt> MAN WA.NTIO—To work In auto PfrU store; must have typing end selUng _._..,.. -..._._, — . , experience. Writ* So* T«0, cat* Tele- include ell that •ertiooiol MMS! DU. frtfh. IMS MERCURY 14,<MH> Actual Mlleate, Feather Gray. $1210 'Phone Bethatto 1ITWI •RM> MANTtll-MAL* FURNITURE FINISHER — And driver. Experienced and competent men, for a furniture store. State experience and ?nl«r.v wanted. Our employes know of this «d. Write Box 790, care Telegraph WANTED — Aggressive "salesman lo handle life Insurance debit for well- established company. Guaranteed salary and commission. Age limits. 2449. Mutt have car. Apply 230-31 Piasa Bldg.. 6-S p. in.. Thursday and Friday evening, 8-12 Sat. morning. U BBM- WANTF.n-KEMALl MI DOLE AGED WhlTE WOMAN — For general housework. Stay nights. Three adults. Dial 3-8148. WANTED—Housekeeper. State full particulars. Write Box 810. care Tele- grnph. GRADUATE HOME ECONOMIST — TO work In Alton, 111, Young woman who can live In the community to do group demonstrations on electrical and gas equipment: platform or teaching experience helpful. Must be able to drive car. In reply give age. height, weight, education and where obtained experience, and enclose recent snapshot 1C possible. Write Box AOO, care Telegraph. MIDULEAGED LADY—To stay night! with mlddleagcd lady who i> partial Invalid. In Alton. Write Box 780, care Telegraph. WOULD YOU LIKE TO SELL — Make good money yet attend to household duties? That s what I do. My company needs women. 30. 50, on same basis. Write me about this grand opportunity.^ Mrs. Lcla Rosenburg, 2230 Cleveland. Granite City, III. WE HAVE OPENINGS NOW—For Capable ambitious women, in South Roxana and Ro.xana. At least 20 hours weekly and car. Write Avon. «1» East 6th, Alton. SALESMEN WANTED—Man with sales experience. Liberal commission and overwrite. Car essential. Write full qualifications to Box 830. care Telegraph. 21 SITUATIONS WANTED— MALI OFFICE MANAGER - ACCOUNTANT — Wants job where some sweat stain on "white collar" might spell t's. Resume and references on request. Box 880, care Telegraph. WANTED — By experienced man, work of any kind. Truck driving or pipe fitting. S-S597. WANTED—Miscellaneous Jobs or work of any hind. Call a-8674. _ WANTED — Farm work on (here crop basis. Write Vernon Davit, Dow. 111. HOME REPAIRS—Miscellaneous work. electrical, plumbing, linoleum tile, guttering — any repair work in home. Phone 2-0175. tl HIT WANTED—FEMALB P B X RECEPTIONIST—Typist, switchboard and office experience. 3 yews of college. Age 23. Dial 3-7859, EXPERIENCED—Colored woman wants day work. Call 2-8350 after 5 p. m. BEAUTY OPERATOR—Wants work, full or part time. Write 417 N Buchanan, Edwardsvillc. YOUNG WOMAN. 25—Would like typing or office work of any kind. Some college and office experience. Phone 2-6003. DAY WORK WANTED — S days per week. References. Dial 2-8165. OPfOHTIINITISe ALTON REALTY CO, REALTORS 613 E. BROADWAY Small restaurant on E. Broadway. Good income for someone who knows the business. Low rent. $2500 for contents. Can be bought on terms. Phone 8-8233 RESTAURANT FOR SALE — Doing good business. Dial 4-3531. BACH'S CONFECTIONARY—And pool hall for sale. Batchtown. HI. Altoa's tauty School s-eiii. «oi jomv DBE8SMAKING—TAILOKUfO SEWING WANTED—In my home. You lurnlsh pattern. 2-8880. III LAVNDIBINO WASHINGS & IRONINGS WANTED — Phone 415-W. Bethalto. WASHINGS and IRONINGS WANTED— Dial 3-7091. WASHINGS AND IRONINGS — Wanted. Dial 3-7001. WHITE LADY WANTS — Washing! and ironings. Reliable work. Phone a-SlSS. CURTAINS — Washed and stretched. Called for and delivered. Dial 34373. CURTAINS — Washed and stretched. Called for and delivered. 8-7656, BUS 4NNOIJNWMBNTS UMBRELLAS REPAIRED 102 E. Bdwy.—2-7614. RUDY'S GIFT SHOP TREE SPECIALIST Trimming, topping and removing: we haul away the brush Fully insured and reliable. Wa also have some sweet gum shade trees left. Free estimate M C. LOVE 4-7832 GUTTERING—Spouting, metal chimney covert. Free estimate*. WHITE'S TIN SHOP. 8-1484. TREE SPECIALIST " Trim Top. Take Down and Haul AtW insured. KRAUT. Dial 4-8343 miU xvnni' * , «w*e»a • • M s»s TO PROPERTY OWNERS - Bowaia Oi termites. They are destructive to your property For free Information call Century Termite Control. Phone 182. 1019 Ruakln Ave.. Edwacdsvllla III All worfc guaranteed ^ SLIP COVERS—Tailored to fit. (uaran- teed' workmanship; draperies, custom made. Phone 2-1306. PAINTING 4c DECORATING—Removins wallpaper and patch plastering- No. money down with 36 months to pay If so desired. All work guaranteed. Fro* estimates. John Ewlnt. 8-S7»». WANTED-Paper hanflnr Good work at reasonable prices. Phone 3-34W or S616 Yager street. INTERIOR PAINTING — Removing or cleaning wallpaper: floor reflnlsnlng. Special prices now. 3-8384 __ WHY WAITT—Get your decorating dona now before the spring rush. There Is no plastering lob too small oi too large for us. Will we plaster your celling'/ Veal Will we plaster your complete room? Vail Yes! Will we remove youi wallpaper, paint your walls or hang wallpaper Yes! Do wa guarantee out work? Yesi Will we decoraU your whole house and give you easy tarou? Yes! Why not phone ut today No ob- llgation. Of course not. Phone X-4TU INTERIOR DECORATING - ~Pla»U~rmg. patch plastering, removing wallpaper Reference. .Free estimates JUIal »:|12? DIAL 3-2141 '- Vot free estimate on floor sanding and Inside pajnunj M rOR RBNT- WALLPAPEH STEAMER Dial S-II41. 1004 Phlnney FLOOR BANDING And also Minting. Reasonable ralM trot estimates Dial 8-MH or S-SSIO MAKE OLD FLOORS LIKE MCW our high speed sander and etlgoi MTERton "MINTJNO-^Plasterlna sag patch plastering-. U you are Urad <tt old wallpaper, call us today we will remove your wallpaper •"«' *'"' ut* latswt atyla colors, we will (amodarsv 5, your home. CaU today for a Iraa aatimaja. a-eoso, WAU & r-LOOR TILT hen*. 1—Riding cultivator, *W RMIng disc. 1—WssfwijM* MM frame, i-flamw. 1-Mse. -Hay rake. 1—l-fterso a4ei 2-fforse plow, i—1-Hets* mitue SALt Due to III heaHh t will sail al Public Auction MI my located one and one-half miles north ot Godfrey oft *ottt* III i o'clock, Saturday, Jan. 14, the following described If and farm machinery: i—Black horse. l—Vyear-ekt Jersey-Guernsey heifer, giving S-gal. milk. Will freshen In July. I—Yearling black bull. I—Year* ling kelfer. •—Chester White skoats, vaccinated. It—Laying valor. Lunch will be served by the ladies of the Congregational ChuriK ' TERMS! CASH. ANNIE OULSON, Owner. LLOYD E. DEHNER, Not Responsible for Accidents. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ It4« OLDSMOBILI 4-DOOLt DELUXI. Radio, heater, hydramatic, seat cover*. Very clean* low mUeagOi RAY MOTOR CO. ^ Wood River OLDSMOBILE Dealer _^ tt'HITELAW AVE. AT EDU'ARDSVILLE RD. DIAL Mill 720 E. BROADWAY - 3-9411 FOft QUICK MOVING' Or rURNITURB RstfRlOERATORS, STOVES. ' BOXES OH WHAT HAVkj CALL .V783<1 or 2-SSW CALL 3-7830 or » __. PRES. BELCHER TRUNKB. TOUT SMITH BROS. MOVING'" LOCAL — LONG DISTANCK DIAL 4-6561 IB W. Ferguson. Wood River After 5 P. M. Dial 4-2325 Used Furniture Bought and 8oK_ ~ H. A. NEVLIN MOVING, STORAGE ACROSS TBB STRRBT OR ACROSS THE CONTINENT LOCAL 6 LONG DISTANCE teas WASHINGTON AVE DIAL McCoy TRANSFER co. 123 FRONT ST ALTON. ILL. DIAL S4SSB - 9-7W1 BORNBEY HOV1NO Ik STORAO* O& Leeal end Long DistanceMovlng PACXDfa CRATING SHIPPING rtnutrruRB REPAIRED REFINISHBD NORTH AMERICAN* VAN UNES IB*. 80S W Broadway, Alton s-eosi. After b p.m.-. 2-am. 41 aLSBPINU BOOM* MODERN SLEEPING ROOM—For gentleman on bus line. Phone 3-6474. UPPER ALTON—Sleeping room. Kitchen, laundry and phone privileges; 2 bus lines, one block from business dls- trlct. 3-7058. 3621 College. _ LARGE—Comfortable sleeping loom. Twin or double bed. On bus lino. 728 Washington. CaU 3-7680. MODERN ROOM—For one or two work- Ing people, near bath; living room and telephone privileges. Near downtown. Reasonable rent. 123 E. 5th. WOOD RIVER—Gentleman. Stoker, hot water. 416 Whltelaw. 4-5639. CLEAN, QUIET 'ROOM—On bus"'stop. Ladles only. 836 Washington. 2-6568 INCOME TAX SERVlCt « A.M. tot P.M. -.";;* E. C. BROEHL Formerly witk Internal Revigio SOI BROADWAY AMD HBNftf Phone S-80M ALTON, ILL. 47 HOUSES roB BBNT 4-HOOM MODERN HOUSE — H month. $60 rug for S20. 2-4159, 6-ROOM MODERN — Close la. sWaT- ences required. ITS per mentis. 'Write Box 940. care Telegraph. aousaa 4-ROOM—All modern home Us River. $08 per month. Harry V. hill Agency. Dial 3-9604. . . WAMTBP TO BSJIT MANAGER — Of radio station wants desirable furnished apt. No children. Call 3-5508. ENGINEER & WIFE—Desire'completely furnished 3-room or. larger ept. or house; prefer Edwardsville or Wood River area. CaU 4-7301, extenatM 53, Mr. Bruner. week, daya before S ex m. SHELL ENGINEER—Desires 4 or sVnom unfurnished house or apt. 4-aiSS. CHEMICAL ENGINEER — Kmnloreg Shell Oil wants approximately I e house, unfurnished. Day, cell 4>4S21; evenings, Hotel Stratford, " WANTED—By young couple month* old daughter, two funstahed rooms and private beth. in AHon. Box 102. Jeneyvllle. -.*? 3-ROOM — Unfurnished apt Modern, Working couple. Cell a-T6M after 7:00 P. m. VETERAN, WIFE — And 4 year old child want to rent 4 room house. References. Dial 4-2140. WANTED TO RENT—5 or 6-room house, unfurnished. Alton. Phone 2-iaSS. BUSINESS PBpPBBTV STATE ST., North Alton—Nice Commercial building, first floor, itore space second floor; 6-room apt, etok- er, forced *lr heat, so ft frontage. Quick sale to close an estate. Write Box 840. care. Telegraph. . i_ SLEEPING ROOM — For 1 or 2. Gat heat, continuous hot water, garage available. Write Box 750, care Tele- EAST ALTON — •Quiet sleeping room. I Girl or woman. In modern home ad- ; joining bath. Dial 4-6686. j SLEEPING ROOM — And garage for rent. 129 Acton. W. R. 4-4798. BKICK & CONCRETE—Block bulldlnl with concrete floor space of 3SOO soj. ft, suitable for automobile repairing or Industrial purposes. Box SSO, care Telegraph. • • BUSINESS BUILDING — For aala. 1100 and 1110 X. Bdwy. Good Income. Six living rooms up stairs. Can bo Men dally from 11-8 p.m. 3-0738. PABMtt AND LAMB FOR GENTLEMAN— In new home. Private oath. Dial 3-2386 after 6 p. m. ATTRACTIVE ROOM— For 1 or 2 in nice home. 1916 Brown. 2-75S3. • 42 BOOM AND BOABP ROOM & BOARD—For old age pensioners. 603 State. 4S BOHSEKEEMNO BOOMS FURNISHED—Light housekeeping room Lights, water, gas heat. Adult*. 703 Washington. 2-1740. ONE 2-ROOM APT—One 1-rooniTapt. tor light housekeeping. Telephone available, on bus line; private entrance, H20 Belle. 2 UNFURNISHED ROOMS — 439 East Broadway, Alton. 2 FURNISHED — Light housekeeping rooms; private bath and entrance, electric refrigerator. 510 Wood River avenue. WopdHlyer. EAST ALTON—i large housekeeping room. Dial 4-66B5. APABTMEN 1 3-ROOM BASEMENT APT.—Lights, gas, heat, furnished. 4-7862. ___ 60 ACRE FARM — 6 room, all modern house, located on all weather road. Good outbuild- infs and plenty of water. C. H. AUTEN AGENCY 3-8422 Draw— 2-1296 Tu*ken— 3-5095 ' Hale— 2-2246 40 ACRES—90 acres tillable. f40om house with electric lights, telephone and plenty of water under root of back porch; we have plenty of elude and located on new Stete Aid road- Price $3500. c. R. Anderson. Eldred, III., Rt. No. 1. '.••• Houses (or 8aU 69 ^ FOR' SALE—New FHA approved hamee In Wood River or Eeat Alton allow as $350 down and S49 per mentis. Tbeee are real buys. Must be seen to be appreciated. Phone Edwardaville SIM. Ralph H. Ladd. General Contraetgf. MODERN — 3-room unfurnished basement apt., newly decorated, been treated for dampness, tile floor, private entrance. Has Its own automatic ga> heater, heat, water and lights furnished. Adults only. S45 per month. Dial 4-3046. 4-ROOM UNFURNISHED APT. — MB East Ferguson. Wood River. 4-7261. 3 ROOMS-^Heat, hot water, stove and refrigerator furnished. Wood River. 4-2157. 516A W1NKLER—1 large room. Lights and water. 3 UNFURNISHED ROOMS—All modern. Private bath, private entrance. 2-7987. 2122 Rockwell. 3 MODERN—Unfurnished rooms for rent. 601 Washington. 5 LARGE - ROOM UNFURNISHED APT. —In Godfrey. Large yard, heat end water furnished. f75 month. 8-S587 TWO ROOM APT. - »30.po per month. Two rooms partly furnished S49 per month. Lights, heat, water furnUhed. G. H. Forstlng, Hartford, 111. 46 FUBNISHSB APABTMBNTS FURNISHED APT.—In Wood River. » large rooms and bath, food location; steam heat. 4-6231. ATTRACTIVE — One-room efficiency. Private entrance and bath; unit kitchen. on bus line. Dial 2-1986. FOR RENT — 3 furnished basement rooms, partly modern. 334 George, Bait Alton. 2 BOOMS & BATH—Oil heat, garage. In Wood River. »10 week. Baby wanted. All private. 4-8512. ROXANA — 3 furnished rooms. Heat, lights and water furnished. 112 week- 4-7801 W-JOUJ. „__»- .. TWO CLEAN—Comfortable, nicely furnished room«. Refrigerator, washer, utilities. See them Friday or Sunday. BM Whlttler, Wood River. ,-ROOM FURNISHED APT.—Just Off Slate street. Very nicely furnUhed, electric stove end refrigerator, private entrance and bath, Venetian blinds, heat and water furnished. Only refined persons need apply. Dial 3-61 IS. ^'FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT — Light*, water, furnished. 810 St. Louis, East Alton. _ TWO CLEAN — Ail modern basement rooms. Hartford. *30 month. Phone 4-1840. _ ! FURNISHED" H'OOMS — East Alton couple; heat and lights, gea, hot we- ter. refrigerator. 4-B142. THREE FURNISHED ROOMS — Prlvete bath and entrance, electric refrlger- ator. 1140 WestJjMh_jlreet. _ FURNISHED APT. —Adults only 56* Wood River evenue. Wood River. 2 ROOM APT. — Girl's preferred 900 Basil Fifth. FOR RENT - 'TWO7bbm "fufnlihod apt. Gas. light, heat end water. 8-SOM.. j ROOM FURNISHED - Basement apt, in new home. Electric stove end lee box, light*, heat and water furnUhed. •so month. Call after 830 0 m. 4M Tinton, Wood River. MODERN a ROOMS—Prlvete beth. private entrance, gea heat. AduiU. an C< 6tb. ... BUSJHKSS riACSB STORE, 95 ft. * «0 ft.-Occupled (or 20 years by dry goods, clothing, variety, novelty end butineu location; built-up trade, ideal location for any kind of business. Nice show window*, automatic gas nest, brick building, Will be vecenl in short time- tavea. tig»t«. Dial 4-5141. For infonnation. J. O. Nutt. an Church street «. Alton. FOR HINT or Ing. 91x43 et W test Alton, amiable Oil heat end weter apis, above now BREGENIIII'S »«lio. Talev ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS — New 4-fOom brick house. Hardwood floor*, tnlald in kitchen and bath, wired: tor itove. insulated, full basement, bet air furnace. Lot 80x800. S3000 down, balance as rent. S43 per month. Dial 4-3083 FOR SALE—Basement bouao. 3 room* and bath. ItxlS aarag*. conker lot. Oth and South Market atroota. Hartford. Cash or terms. Dial 4-3703. MADISON AVE. — 6 rooms, 1 bedrooms, 1 bedroom in knotty pine. Oil heat. Immediate possession $11,500 LANCDON ST. - 6 rooms, '/i bath down. Stoker heat. < Excellent condition . — $13,600 HUMBERT ST.-4 roomi, 2 bedrooms, stoker boat, now roof. Wirod for stove. On bus lino. Prico $5900 POHLMAN, TINCLEY AGENCY REALTOR 2356 State Street 3-6912 Evaning—Mrs. H. H. Hewitt 3-8733 " Harold Cordei, 2-6232 Homer Crenzeback. 2-47M FOR SALE by ow Wood River. 5 rooma Tl»ton sarasW/u- wood* floors, gas boat, automaMjgaa hot water haaur. storm saab, tMlUat- ed. Venetian blinds. Dial 1 Tltt. ' UPPER ALTON — NEW ROOM ALL MODERN. WINDOWS, OIL HEAT. RACE AND BREEZEWA PRICE C. H. AUTEN AC DIAL 3-1422 HALE— 2-2246 DREW—2.129* TUETKEN-3-5095 TlVt WOOD nrvcn Lorena. S rooms, bath, fu furnace; house newly ~~' decorated. ImmedlaU Terms: 'liooo'caslv SSO par'meisttv Acton. 4 large rooma. Cut, nil! mant. furnace, automatic) water; cr. Houaa only 4 years ol* " floors. Immediate sisoo cash and assuma OI lean l«4 per month. ALLEN - HESSENPLOW U Wood Hlver Ava. Evenings: 4-S44T or IAST COTTAGE HILLS 5-Hoom Modern l-Otory " floors, cabinet* 1» kitaHen, ell largo lot eoMiitlng of V» asm. law. some fruit trees, large space, garag* This bought with SMM daw* IAST TftlNTSCN HLPWISCM \ '.

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