The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 25, 1927 · Page 8
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 25, 1927
Page 8
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In Honor of Charles E. Courtney, IFormer Poach of Big . Ited Crew. Ithaca, IN. Y.,; March 25. (AP)— • "The 0|d~Man,'r _a 27-toot mabpg- any- coachingr-launc^, will replace " - the: vetftan "Cornel^'' when the ' Big. Red crews Cornell lUnlrers- Ity go on: Cayiiga I^ke UrTsprine • traijil'ng thte yeart •- The iieW craft i I niamed in honor • of ? Charles E. (ourtney, former " coach, known as the "Grand ; Old Man*' of Cornell rowing. She has a speclally-buil^ ['cockpit forward ot the engine, ^her« Co^ch "Jim" Wray, on a comfortably, uphdlstcr- _ edjseat away from the spray and engine noises,', i:an direct his crews. Her sped'-'ls morb than 20 miles an houW iher 'six-cylinder moior .enahjlng her to out-maneu- Tcr. the (fastest crew. ' The -eorriell." launched in 1908, ~ has seen the finish of mare Intei collegiate races at pbughk^psl*, I. on the rfudson, than has' th t 1, 'inrand Old Man" hlmseif. Joh \ Iloyte. oiie-tlme! coach and now <( boat builder for. Col-nell, ,pe<alli that- Coiirlney, remarked' hi •couldn't stand jhe excitement" of u fihlxh, and oftQn remained at the l)oatbouse while^is "dirt their muff." ; I • y. ^ 'Me had, just ||hat Horl M makeup,"; Hoyle said; his chisel Klicliig pungent cedar for a new shell for the .1927 Big lied crew. rYou know Iww It Is; He'd slood the i ((train alj through tlie coacliing I season. a.n4 lots of times he | wouldu^t'.go out in the'launch to . follow thb. crews' at Pough'kecpsle —said heooiildn't stpnd any more. Ifn'd Htayi In the boathpuse, a half mile- abovB, the finishitne. I don't rhinkjyou oovjld see who was ahead from itheiei" • ; . •Hoyle, who .ha& seen, with one exception; every rrace In which Cornell has taken part 'since 1899. remembers that -the keel of the "Cornell" wasfla'id in IflOT. She has' been sent down the canals to the'Hudson nnder her own power ^ a number of times because it was found that shippr^g ifyi rail "took .loo much life ouC-df her" through vibration and roiigh" handling. The old "Cornejl" is a 28-footer with ia four-iQylinder engine. Leaking seams anff nio 'tor trqnbles have Interfered .with * her ; -performance t-eceritl.v. . She will be recaulked. her motor will be overhauled, and she win go into jservlce with the racing Shells as an auxiliary to •:the Old Man." Giild Cage '\ T^m Is :Fai lilr/Affairf Wi «iliUa. ^Kan.. Mak J5. TCAP)-^ Thomas. Oklaj, - basketball t'eain,! which is competing in ,the national high school Igirl^ tonrna- mentlhere, is almost a family afr fait. I • : : i • .• I Two sets of Bisters arc on the first |team. I ._Ojfel iiuston ^ard guards. and Florence Edith . Fox- jftoue-n THE NEW COACHIlitG* l:AUNCH " aelow — COURTNEY in oUi *CO«Nbl.»;* Western Association, Miy Have Eight Clubs Topeka. Kans., March 25. (AP)— naseliall,^"boosters; in Joplin. .Mo., nud' Seminole, Okla., have offered Id ort;anize clubs 'for the We.stern Afisodatlftn', DaU; Oear,' ,president ftf the circulf said today. "Buf I doubt wheihey they will I M< a^lIe to come In." Oear" "added. "They must show us they mean .huslpcss. The only, way [h«y c;in do that, is'; to put up i2,^()0 (^UH I I aple<fl." i i Kntranco of Jn|>lln and Seminole would make the tiiSHOCiallnn an (•iKht'clul) ithruW. BANKERS WIN SHOOtr Trapshooter Seconds Are Deifeated 431 to > i 423. Theilola Stjte bankers .pulled ilhe nnexp^L-ted last night and defeat liWSNtlTESOF NEOSHO FALES «coshi» K JI II K Wilis Doiiliie Header Willi Striiwii. PIflf •Daddyl ' l>> llt>.'h .Sshool llFcId.fd ^d the sei-ond toim Trapshiwtors^'!! to 42.3 at the irni'orV I:i.sti night. Horville proved the bl;i<:!i hor-e on the Uanker.s tram n-ndj was coi- tiiiirally. hiltiiis bulls i-yes. wh le Harold Kflley-was t!:e biiu k .she •;) (it tbo Trapshoqter.'i. Xc.Nt Tiiursday th'- Tr:ivshoott.i]s' first !<-:iin "i .ll .shun! ajjaiiist tl fola doctors. ; . ^ In last nijrhfs mc>-t Bil ^ and I'ap 'Allen (innlified .ijs expert Sh'voly and Horvlllc n":'l't-i''l sharpshooters, while F. 0. ISciisop. .less Benson, Eventt Uiinl, rii Washburn and Art l!ri;?hbm' (nial fled as nuirksmtii. The scores: nnnKers F. O. Benson .-S4 Shively, SS .1. HeiisoH St; I.. llor,vinc' . - M K. 1 41 lid .SO Trapfhoiilrr,«i Waslibjtrn I Siiiiih U- Alltii , - I H.rlKliaiii -1 Kiilley - —For pntinpt rfsulir un« Ihh ClnsMlfled ^oIijinjiB. ^_Bari Player*' ThrerHobbfes '^"T T I I JO.ST jmajdr leaguo ball, players havia three . hobbies—golf, hunting land nshlng. { • Up urjtU recenl; year* golf vlM with baseball foil popular favdrl As a matter Jof • fact, the desire ; to play B«|" ; while In stiring 'itraining was greater than the •Jove for baseball- with some r-of the athletes. • "jVith 11 of the major'leaKufe clubs training in Florida, which , boasts many line R()lf courses, ik -was only natural tliat the players wofeld overdo it. t. Too much golf finally resiilted in most of the managers putting a banon the game^ permitting it to be played on Sunday only. The reason is* that Sunday baseball is not permitted in Florida. Toiling for six days of the week on the .diamond,' eithtr. in two practice sessions daily or an exhibition game, seems to fied'. the desire for competitive sport amt>»g the ball players. Fishing has become the popular Sunday sport with the diamond athletes in Florida. Not Pees? ^g«nt Litertture \ A SIDE from sunshine, .oranges. golf and many other material aisets, Florida also provides real flfbing. the Inland lakes offer the finest kind of bau fishing. Having a Sunday off myself recently,; since there was nojhaseball toVatih, I was Invited 10 try my J uck In the vlclnit)^ of Clermont, 'la. It was my first trid to that bill and lake'section of Fjorida ' .ftlnce I am not lii the real.estiiic bnalneM and! have; no:acreage tu -sell In ihaj seflloni I out'enthiHc over itj without', tejng accused of dolng-any prcss-sgenlln*^ If fhcre Is A preUIei' 'part ot I^lorldai I have yet to see It. and I hare l>eeh touring the state for a great many years, .If I-ever own a major league ball club, the folks 14 that' section woji't have t9 ' oSeij me- ^ny.JndttC«nieutitJM. havo mo lociito a camp thjcro; I'llI Just come o ;n my own'accijrd. I Kindly note, I said. If I over own a ball club Four Famous Fishermen rpo make this fish story pood. I • muistn't forget to tell you that the fish were biting so fast that afternoon that it kept two men busy baiting my hook to satisfy the appetite of the fish. , In this connection. I might add that I got many a nibble that I didn't land. Really I fed more fish than I actually'landed. During the same .afternoon X bumped into four otlier vpry distinguished anglers. ;;none other than Walter JphnsonT Babe Ruth. Stanley C<^veleskle knd Qoose ;Goslin. •; '' i , ; • i • '• : Being experienced-fishermen I learned it wasn't their first trip'to' that' section, it being an annnal custom for them to come up a couple^ of time^ during the spring training period. ' 'Walter Johnson 's leg Injury, which caused him to th. sent north, forced the cancellat onj oO a big celebration in His 1 onor by, the^ natives of Clermont tind;surround­ ing countrj'. i It really is remarkable how popular John.son is everywhere. Baseball has nc ^er produced any other player BO universally beloved. .-• . • ' Johnson's Injliry Big Handicap J OHNSOX'S Injury, by the way, may piny havoc with Washing'^ ton's pennant chances, also telid jlo spoil what. Walter believed would!bo '8 big year,* ^ The broken bone Is In the left ankle, the striding foot, antl it un- (Inubiedly will causo Jonnsou to favor Ihut member oven v^Mt it bus eri(tfvly]uiund<>d. If such is the case. It U rertnlii to 'minimize his eirciitlveiicsn. Manager Stanley Harris was bunk- iiif^ on him for from 15 to .25 games.' He was a Sure hot for the firs) figure. W thd Injury fs as- serious fas rtp^rted. .there Is rio telling wHcni he frill ie wU( be ii\ t«^o lits liatf a resi- |li he will nth of the f.Mrs. .WJ P. Heath.) .VROKHO PAIXS. Mar. 23.— .\frB. VVt <nlliiig is Improving at prcsejnt. A lelterl received from Mrs. Finney .states that she probably \Vlll "ip later In iomlng home this Hpring as H I IC^ has been ill so mtich •ills wintch i . • j Ii .i't>. (;ri >ss[ piirchnset ,if .ln<). .Mi -yers and has deuce built (therd whW .iccupr}-. The lo ^SiUre sd Woollard residence. .Win. Burton purchased the two iots south of-hi.? residence of .M Jucksoti. -Mr. Byfield has purchased the .Miliuriiaii residence south of toi .'U formeriy owned and occupied jy .Mrs. Lleuiance. Tlio pay, "Daddy"! 8'^'^?* '^t. Memorial hall; Monday) evenfnfe was' p.-ell rficeived.hy the audience. T le \Va.s made up of students irmii the different grades. In hi ;h sciionl .selected by the faculty. T le parts were well taken; an(^ mu<-h credit i.s due; Superintendent .TIu- ben. the coath. The music bb- tv.-een a<ts, under the leadership Civil War (Veteran \ . Deniek He's Guilty T.ea Veil worth. Ivjas.-. Mnr. 23. (Al ) 'Xol giiilty. your iioiior.; .Vot guilty of murder-i-a man has 'a r'gSl t<> orotect his ;home," deda'red iCufiia H, Pierce.. 86. civil : war veierail. when a.'ralgned todai^ on a churge at Hrst degree ^lurder. 1 Pierce shot and; killed I.incoir End.sley,' 6G, here .Saturday. Tht shooting: occifrred'-when KndskM demanded adniltianV:e \o I'iene'f home. Harry Kndsley, CiRdeu, IHuh maije ' af a ibeeting In - ^ola; Su^- 4ay of repr^ntatXVes f omj.lola, Humboldt, C)anut&|i^d Mor|n. Tjie leagiie Is the^suggeatfon' of J'aul Fegley, manager of tbejMbd <|rn Bfiglcom] >ariy at Huh boldt John ; Hall vrill maiage; (he ijlumboldt .(^ lb. Moody Ralston 111,manage ^^ Geofge Rhinehardt will mapage ute team. , } . N^mapagtr has been thelCta- selected^ fbr the, lea'm. hut J icki.OrJf- nn n 'lll represent lola at thei Suln- ciay'meeting to Ire held !°In ' the Kirk'Gas & Smelting cortpany offices here. ! , | . I A schedule will be drs fted" and arrangement^ made for o len^g of tlie league. _ Ganies will' 1 e played on Sunday.'jwlth : an opcasional j*ame on week days.- (Cuptlnued from Pag;]) troops reached the river bank at Hsia-Kwan ' fthe port 8<ctlpn' of Nanking), found the river trans- pi»rl inadequate, and b^a i an orgy of rioting, 'looting and burning. Oeneral Pail said he ho >edi the 8 <Mi of the slain man.! refused to!^"•'hking incident would leOlqul- slgn a,complaint against piurce.!dated peacefully ".?"'"'PJ?.'".^'i"^ attorney. Tesse A. Hall, county swore to the warrant, mtirtler.; Plor<;o"s charging against the foralgners. jPai identifietj th* Nationalist cdta- uf .Miss Ward. "Was well re All especially enjoyed the (oinposed by .Mr. Dollymewer •^iv«'n by Madeline Saferite.' The Congj-egational ladi .^i^rvo « lealirt the hpjne 'of Mrs. nderckl ' music aiid will }. .More Fri.iay March 2.5. ! ' | Till- ii.iskelball gai ]ie the last of the sea.son between jN'eosho Falls and Strawn i-esulteij in:victory f^r .Voosho: FalU- for both eaiiis. Tiie scnlii- wa .s l". U) 6 in fivor of tlie girls, and 20 to, 2r> in f; vor ot tlie li .-iv'i-. A' large iiiimhiT from Strawji were here and we ver.v. much it|- gretii-il tjje .st^vere storm they met on thfir hpnicwiird way. .The Rev. Mr. Todd jireacbed t |t tlie .Congregational church Sunflajy i);nriijng on the Kubjnct ot "Heiiv^" Welftlits." HJ H scripture readin'g wa.s till! story of the pijodlgnl «oii, I.ukc Ifi. JIu dwelt at; lengtii op I hi- i<oii who wii .H ntit tite prrudigttl :iiiit brought (f mesHiigo whlcji c iiiKi'd 1I(H licnrcrH Jo ponder ly, Thi 'iroadH being sti bad nindli li Jin|Mit^.KlbI(> for him to preach nt Veriiuu III the iifternooii. Hi' lii'iMic)ii>i| at the .Methodist Kpli^- rti|ial I'liiircli In llin'M'eiilng. (toojl jTiiwd .H greeted blni and felt Mvcil paid for lli^ time sp«nt. ; I 'H'd Jackson has been "out fish- Ing w<' uuderstniitl with good 'rt- HiiliM. It has be^n most, too col I for olherH lo,.venture out .Mr. Vail OrMrand In recovering inphily from his recent Illness and v; niuih interested in .garden mak;- } iiii; jnow If the weather will pei*-^ init. • J Mrs. Burnett has been entertaln- i in;; her friends with quilting thp last few days. / . in the nearfulure in order 10 have (-the license plates read.v for irlbutlon January 1, 192S. < .Mrs. Funk 's Phillips, who fs al Ian spent the weqk end here wltji her mother. Our little^ town daughter, ' Ml^ teacher at Dun is being visltcH by "would be school teachers at present as this is the. time loj* (heir annual ilight. • nespiie the bad weather a /ew; persons'mef^t the halt to discus ( matters concerning, the sprin f. election yWbkh will "occur soon. Quantities of eggs are itejUi: shipped from here. ' Most' of th v cratt'.i used are manufactured her at the egg factory, i Kansas and Oklahoma i Teams Still in Raci Wichita. Kan.. Mar. 25.; (APJ-f Kansas and Oklahoma will fight i out for I the national high school girls* basketball championship.'To nisht^ bteiul-flnals wllf see Law t«n. i(>kla.. clash with Caldwell Kuni..; while Thomatj, pkl^ inoft C'ockcrlll, Kans. wU Licence Tag Factpryj rians Discussed Today Topeka, Kans., Mai\*'2a. (AP)— for-establishing the factory ed by the 1II27 legislature for. th'e manufacture of the state's automobile license tags nt the state • reformatory at Hutchinson Plans proWi; were board Frizel tion. j.7o preliminary hearin'4 i.-; nlander in .\aiiking as CheW Chfen. sft foDAprll 7. ll|f i.s held in lioujone of the .Vatio:ilisls'<-"b g' four" of IStJ.diiO bond. , J K|.neral.s. ' \ ' Wfi complained that g^ngs of plii.ib' clotljes ninmen cronped up whe 'revcc:' the XationallRt armies appeareiW anjl said their iuppres- K !«n wa|5 one \A the niost*(JlfflcuIt pi-ohlems confronting the southerners.. ' • i i i I Pal did not fvisit the American consul general Clarence E. Gauss, in his official visit to the Consular officials today,! although h; called at the' Japanese and sovle consul ::tcs iscneijal on either sId; .of the Aiiievican. ! Ho sent his sjcretary to .Mr. Caiiss pleading that trhie was for anoljHer ap- (lisCHSsed today by the -state of administration witli IC. K. . supt., of the penal, institn- It was decided joimake an, inspeclion of avsimilar plant nou:.!*^h<"'t and asking In operation at the OkUhoma state j pji^ntnicnt. penitentiary. -Although the reformatory fac-i ConiDllcated LaAeTUSlire tory. will start with the = inanufac- | <^„W- Kwf A tureof the 1028 tags.^ It will be IS fepOKen by A^HCan necessary to begin its operation worthy. plays the other gnard; and her s|st«r, Irma, plajj^s forward; . LEONARDCLAIAS igxBeiu^h ^^fian Says He JCrbssed, Catalina -Channel. ' > I.bng Beach. Calif. (AP);-l-ciaMnlng Ito George Young's j swimining record Long''Beach, tod^y her%:15 hours an 111 enteiHiig the w iter Island.': -Young's time and 45 minutes. Leotiard. ,who Is accompanlejd by who checked his log bfi his progress. Leonard was.seiiied cramps andiBt- aiJoth March 25. [have fowered |caf$lina channel KylB Leonard of ijanded near minutes after I at Catalina was 1& hours 23 years old. was fof^ AMAtEOrHAT TOBRNEy .ON Only Tliree Have Change ^ Of Retaining Their / •: Cro\nis., Xmts, Iowa, Mar. 25. (AP)—Only three ^national amateur . wrestling chamtiions retained their crowns at the opiening of semi-final found CDmpetitlOn of the. National A. A. wresUftig tournament at Iowa State. College today. -. ; \\ Harold Boyvey, 126 pounds... of tVmes, Iowa. Allie Mdrrlson, 1S5 =9? I <<>uhd8 ;-L'nlyeT»fty :0f lyinolJa^iaB^; K Chafl (|8 Strack; heavyweight;.Oklflh-;^ rIfoma'.jA: and trl college, woa -thelr]^ .pr^lun&i'ai7 a&tcfaesi last' night rbut.- tbe threeotber titleholders' were not so Incky. - ( r • v '-••Thir .ty-tT?0: men competed id" the —v scmi -finalv matches this afternoon. ^\ FInalAfor'fim place wUI be held: tonight^ ;. Second and third nlacie winnersrwIU, be decided Sat^urday.^^ —Telephone yotir Classified Ads.^ •to 18.- ^ - 'U LET JONES . D-0 IT! Jqnes Electric Works ir observers tlm^fand mad& a t one time Ith severe wa.s struck in th^ head by d flbtiting timber. After landing this mpiping he] was taken Seaside jhospttal. Leonard accbmpllshijd the channel febt on bis third j4lle *pt. He was ^'participant In ithe Wrlgley marathon and ,lhade 'd second at- tetbption February 22. Assistant Coach at Ottawa U. Resig'ns Chicago. .Mari 2.';. (AP)— dis-lf!.] RIooah, son jof a West ' tribal chief, found setting pins in ,a college bowling ^ here, speaks aj language I i'r'jofcHsor Edw^ard Sapir. il'iijversity of tjbicago sa Ottawa, Kan.. March 2.".. (AP) — 'ilnonncement v.n.s tniide today of ilie res :gn.illon' of Harry Crockett : s assistant i-onih of Ottawa I'ni- erVity effective at llu-! of the IHUHeui sc^ior.l ytar..- fnnUi'tl (ianie here a year aKJ> from Ka!- porla Teacher*! Collete. - . , -q Instrument to iVfake Deaf "Hear'^ Invented i^barles African up ten alley which cjf the Is the says mo^l, complicated he evet" has kn'own or heard of. Facts concerhing the language, descrilied as fivie times more difficult ^ than Chinese, will be given to ifio central section qf fbe Aini -rican Anthropological' AssocI atiori, meeting here toda .v, |jjy Pro- fesHor Snpir' and Illoonb. "Lo^ "S^Mxi JYet J^ecbme a. Kansa^JLaw ! ^i'''/'' —I Topeka. Kans.. March! 25. (AP)— A bin passed by^tbe' legislature only to be "pigeonholed.": was' resurrected today by^. H. | Hdtfield. chief clerk of the House of Representatives, enrolled and sent to Oovernor Panlen. Will the legality of-the bill questioned because of .its ^elay beyond adjdnrnment of the legislature. Williani A. Smith, attorney general, prei^a,red to ask the "supreme ; court fo|r a declaratory Judgment to; determine the v.t- Ildity if the measure. Should It be signed 1 by Gov. Panlen. { The I bill, by Senatpp Van De .Mark.,'of ^ Concordia., 'Would allow corporations m. executing. mortgages io write in a claiise waiving the ISfmonths redemption period rennlrt^d on real estatel mortgages in Kansas. 1 Grain Dealers Miy • Meet at Dodge City — ^ ! i Tqpeica. Kans.. Mar. b. (AP) — The K^n -sas Grain Dealers associa- tii^n probably will hold Its 1928 convention in podge ;City.. C. .M. Oav^ of Siiblett'?. dec;lared toda.v. The association will elect officerj< late today. i '/ We find that.we are overstocked on a few iienls which we purchiased when we tooir oyer the Marr Autd Supply ^ JGb., We want to move these dai tojnake room for neW 'merchandise. ,We are planning to in& of tlie mbst complete lilies of auto accessorieis an^ parts in loia. W^ must have room and are ps^lnfT. ,^ THE PROFITS ON to YOU i 30x3 G<k)dyear Reliance Tubes Eadh ^-vc 29x4.40 Balloon Tire ami Tube Both for ^_--„__— —. Blowouti Patche.s and Bbot.s . Assorted .size.s, each {"ord Jacks Each -- — Marvel Auto Polish ;$1.00 size for _1—•_ Stevens Ford Valve Lifter.s Each •Goodyear Repaii^ Kift •fiOc value> each . -—Assortment Ford Radiator Hose Each Ford Fan Belts . .Each Nickel Plated Ford Hub Caps and Flanges, each Assortment Waldon-Wrenches'. Z^Cifl/* Eaph ;_L_,- DUC $1.35 $11.00 25c $1.00 75c 20c :35c : 10c 20c 15c lOi^ER CE.\T OFF 0.\ GOODYEAR TIRES & TUBES Phlhiilelplilii. .Mat inMlrniuenl Tliat 2.'.. <AIM-Au will enable „ the fl«Hr to "li"Jir"_by iiietiim' of vfbrii- ItoiiH ri 'i »'lvi'd throiigh iho fiiiKir tlpM llUH jui'.t been pcrfci'li 'il bv Hi. Robert II. ^Ja.ill of Smlih I'ollege. Dr. (iautl 1M director of vlliro Kingman l ^ust Proc <'ed ^ With Street Paving fop6kn, Ktins,. Mar. 25. lAP)— The cliy of Kliigmnn mus: proceed with the paving of sdno ot iiM MireetH ev9u; though th > Im- provi ment hnij been protest! d. the xuiirrcme court held In-an cplnloii made public today. The cour ruled ^tiic'illi* lulior.itory of Mio collet;)' in an action: tir ^iighl by th( statje Ht:d hn ^4 heeii worklim tor four against the City that thei pri ipose'd v.ctirsln c-ollitboratloii with llie nti-j street; Improvement was not sub il'inal research council. II« ix -jjj 'ct fb a referendum. plained'his iiivi-ntloii" to luemhiMs j ' ; of the l"''runkliii liiHtitulc here last , A mill at...AntiapoIls, .V. S.. oc- night asHertlug ibiit thn iiieilianism I capies the site jOf; the frstj fl^nr Is, a practical siu-ce.-s. j.inill liuilf in 'Canada, in 160.1 Armoyy Ball Season Opens With Ts^o Games The gradr» school njrmory ball league seaifon opened last night with \Vanlili)gton defeating McKln- .Icf.-. !i to 1 " on tin* Washington k{(ound)i. und'UncoIn winning & to 1 1 from Garfield on the Onrfleldl rroutiilH. urn and how e(ltclcut ho '\ er bjs^lour tey^S. 1 armjUl Is Appoint6dv To Lmployment Bureau Toiie|<a, Kans.. Jlar. 25, (AP)— "he publia service commission to- lay appointed BInier O. Harman s d rector of the state -free em- liloyriient bureau at Kansas City, ^unsas. Herman will succeed Jtaorlei) &II118, who resisoetL' Popular Priced er Wfe are again able to supply all the patterns shown in our \yall paper catalog. i •; , • . , ; ^ • ; •• y ' I • h , Thie demand exceeded our ekpect $tionJi and we have been out of|a few'oi the^e for the last several days—but are glad t:p saj we can ^p^ly you now4- / ; 'M Wall Paper per Oe do|:jble roll td aisjhigh as you care to go. makers of *^V4" J^M^ I>«Ppnt company is the fastest gi'owing concern iii the paint industry. {People recognize and appreciate tirue value; Come in and let us tell ypM what Du^nt product wilt do your job most ecol nomif^lly and {most permanently. i 'if You ^ill be int^reited in our close-out prices on Lowe Bros. Paint^too^ i j I Hardware and Implements Oyer Thirty Years in lola

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