Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 10, 1963 · Page 11
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 11

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 10, 1963
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

-TUESDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1963 THOSE LOOSE ARMS CONTROL LAWS They'll Make It Harder To Pull The Trigger THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS 1 L' w By Tom Nolan Newspaper Enterprise Assn. ASHINGTON — Private SHOOTING BARGAINS FOR BARGAIN HUNTERS and government press vre is at work to control arms traffic in the United States, a nation where a pistol can often be bought with the ease of o tube of toothpaste. The death of President Kennedy by mail order rifle bullet and the murder In turn of his accused nssnssln by a night club operator's pistol have {implied the cull for congressional passage of federal small arms control legislation. The private sector of the country, too, seems determined to make it tougher for citizens to simply walk into a store and pick up n family-sized arsenal.' Sears Roebuck & Co. leads the list, of mall order houses which are pulling gun ads from their catalogues. Sen. Thomas Dodd, D- f'oii., has n bill to tighten existing firearms laws languish-, ing in the Senate Commerce Committee tor almost four months. He has now received assurances from more than a. do/en senntors, Including Majority Leader Mike Mansfield, b-Mont.. that every effort, will | he made to enact the bill "as quickly as possible." According to J. Edgar Hoover, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, "the easy accessibility of firearms," has contributed significantly to the nation's crime problem. Last, year there were 3,920 murders by firearms in the United States. A fact realized by few people is that In many cities an adult —even though he may be a criminal, drug addict, alcoholic or mentally ill—can buy a gun over the counter in sporting goods stores or pawnshops, no questions asked. ISven more shocking is the mail order business. Any child with $5 who can scrawl his name and falsify his age on a form can obtain a gun. Anyone with a criminal record can acquire a gun by using an assumed name and R false address or box number and put. ting his cash on the line. Tills is the way Lee Harvey Oswald got the $12.78 Italian rifle with which he allegedly sent a bullet crashing Into the President's brain. This ''38 model" Carcano rifle has deluged the United States to the dismay of domestic sporting arms manufacturers, who concede that the weapon Is extremely accurate and reliable despite its shoddy external appearance. The Federal Firearms Act of .1938 is considered Inadequate. It controls Interstate and foreign movement of all types of guns, even prohibits the ship ment of any firearm to a convicted criminal. It is enforced by Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Division, Internal Revenue Service. But the law is easy to get around. A New Jersey newsman proved this when he guid eded his three-year-old daugh' ter through the steps of legally purchasing a Thompson submachine gun. Dodd prophetically put his finger on the problem when he introduced his bill. "To perpetuate the present loopholes In the Federal Firearms Act Is to doom individuals to a senseless death from a gun wielded by fingers responding to the whims and impulses of a dlS' ordered mind." Mail order houses get the weapons In wholesale lots from distributors who purchase them by the thousands as surplus from foreign governments. A rifle can he dipped in acid to clean It, a new stock added and the weapon sold by mail at one-third the price of one pro duccd in this country. Since weapons cannot be Col. 304* U.S. HIGH NUMBER SPRINGF1ELDS! Tlis Incomparable. Oflalnnl U.S. .Sprlnptlrlil—oil lilgli sprint number* -St »n extremely tttrncUTC intra-. Alt Niitfunal Ililm AsMirinUon ral-rf " VetT Good or hotter condition. UP midy for uiinllnit eeason or jour fMortti r »n»e with thta depemlabto. ull -tlmr- favorite. , • himUnir Ammunition nrtly S3,00 tw 30 nts. 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At the same time, the action underscores Johnson's apparent determination to hold down on defense spending, to keep it next year close to or below this year's level of between $30 billion and 551 billion. Death conies by express from mail order sources. shipped through the mails, express agencies are used for legal delivery. The Senate Investigating subcommittee heard testimony on how one Los Angeles dealer would truck a filled gun order io T»hoemx, Ariz., where he wrapped ft and sent it back to California purchasers via Railway Express, 'Die dealer license to trade In guns, required under 1 h e Federal Firearms Act, costs only .fl. Some mail order firms have srepped up business by urging buyers to become dealers and "go into business." U has been estimated that of the 60,000 dealer licenses issued a year, 45,000 are not to bona fide dealers. The traffic in guns today has become so overwhelming and uncontrolled thai some dealers could sell you a war," as Dodd puts it. One mail order firm estimated that sales of one type gun, the Webley revolver -a small, easily concealed weapon—are in the millions annually. Dodd's bill, which he admits, "is not the entire solution to our fireai-ms problem," would: —Provide for the marking of interstate commerce and delivery by common carrier of mall order handguns to juveniles. —Increase the Federal Fire' arms Act dealer's license fee from $1 to 510. —Require that an applicant for such a license be 21. years or over (there is presently no age limitation). —Provide for the marlng of packages containing guns being shipped In interstate commerce to include number and type of weapon. — Provide that a mall order purchaser enclose a sworn affidavit with his order to establish his true age, address and criminal record. With the enactment of the bill, express company employes would know when packages contain guns and could make sure that the persons receiving them were 18 years or older. Colt, Remington and Winchester —• gun manufacturers with main offices in Dodd's native state, Connecticut have supported his bill after suggesting only technical changes. And the National Rifle Association, which represents over a half million shoot er-sportsmen, agrees that "steps must be taken to curtail the traffic of mall order guns into unauthorized hands" Only seven states — Hawaii, Missouri, Massachusetts. Mich igan, New Jersey, New York and North Carolina—now require a permit to purchase a gun. These seven plus the District of Columbia also require a waiting period between pur chase and delivery. Only 21 states plus D.C., require dealers to obtain licenses to sell handguns at retail. Only New York requires a license to possess a fireanu And only in South Carolina is it against the law to sell a handgun. Texas has no firearm reg illation whatsoever. FBI Director Hoover points out that, in the seven states requiring purchase p c r m i I a, 42 per cent of I he total number of murders in those stales last year were attributed to fire- anus. For the other states, this average was 58 per cent. Those dealers wh osell mail order guns apparently have no moral scruples. A Los Angeles dealer, when told by Senate investigators thai a 16 -year-old Virginia Imy had accidentally killed a 1'1 -year-old companion with a gun purchased from his firm, shrugged! "I didn't break the law, did I? If they've got. the money, 1 sell the gun. I'm not responsible for what, they do with it." I»y WILLIAM A. AKHOHAST AsiiH'lntrd I'rvHS Staff Writer WASHINGTON (APi - A drive to force a House vole on j civil rights legislation early next j year inched ahead today alter! a whirlwind start Monday. i H was in the form o[ a petition to wrest control of the bill from feet-dragging Rules Committee and line it up for four days of debate and a showdown vote on the House floor, probably about Jan. 27. To be successful, the petition must have the signatures of 218 House members. Not until then will the names be made public. Only while the House is silling can the signatures be affixed. The petition was filed Monday by Chairman Emanuel Celler, D-N.Y., whose Judiciary Committee approved the civil rights bill last Oct. 2!) but hasn't been able to budge it out of the rules Committee. Chairman Howard W. Smith, D-Va., has announced that the rules group would si art hearings sometime in January. Celler said 11ml wasn't definite enough. He suspected that Smith, a veleran fore of rights measures, might prt the hearings indefinitely. A rash of enthusiasm dueeil .11."» signers in the hour or the House session day as Democratic liberals a handful of Republicans up with pens in hand. Then iness fell off and by the ei the day 1.11. signatures wer the petition. civil ilotig |iro- fust Mon- nnd lined bus- id ol e on to cancel the Dyna-Soar manned space glider project deals a double blow to the Air Force's mil, tary-in-spare ambitions. | It seemingly dooms what the 'Air Force lagged as a crili- •cal series of experiments leading to eventual manned space warships. i But its broader implications i could be nioiv ominous to the J Air Force. ; Johnson Jong has been regard; ed as a believer in a strong military role in space and Air Force 'advocates thought they had rea- NOTICE THE JEFFERSON COUNTY ABSTRACT CO. 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McBride will make their homo In Dix at their home they are building north of town. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Freeman silent the Thanksgiving holiday* in Wisconsin with their son, Bob Freeman. Mrs. Russell Stroup, Mrs. Ross Partridge, Miss Grett* Osborn and Mrs. Polly Hawley shopped in St. Louis one day recently. Mr. and Mrs. Art Whitlock Lady Nearly Choked While Lying In Bed One lady said she used to be afraid to go to bed. Stomach Kus would rise up Into her throat »U«r she laid down and would •leurly choke her. Had to prop twnell up on pillows to breathe. Recently this lady got SYS- rONE und now Hays ga» Is tone; clears out stomach gas fast; also stomach feels fine. S .VN -Tone contains Iron and vituxnlns to build energy sud quiet upsot nerves. Costs only n few cents a day. So don't •Ifo on suffering, (jet S.VH-Tone. —All Drug Stores In Mt. Vernon '*noT nearby towns. ' ' of Texico and Mr. and Mrs Grant Teacup of S. Dakota were supper guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Long. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Whitlock and children of Kansas City spent, the holidays here with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Eller of Contralto. Mr. and Mrs. Boh Eller and children Toni and Todd of Mt. Vernon spent ThanksRlvhiK with Mr. and Mrs. Arley Tlnsley. Mrs. Mabel Riley and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Riley and sons visited in St. Louis recently with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Simmons. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Stanart and family of Dale, III., Mr. and Mrs. Orvielle McKay of Fairfield, and Mrs. Florence McKay and daughter of Bonnie were guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. McKay. Bill McKay has returned to his school at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind., after spending a few days here with h's grandpai-ents, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. McKay. .. . Ruby Tlnsley, Cor. Icy Condition Causes Wreck On South Tenth One non-injury accident was reported to Mt. Vernon police Monday. A car driven by Lloyd G. Ragan, 1808 south Ninth street and a truck driven by Noble L. 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