The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 9, 1954 · Page 35
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 35

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 9, 1954
Page 35
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Ohio State was seventh in the! : Big Ten Basketball race but first in total points scored. The Buck-} eyes scored 1,087 points. REAL TILE Sanitary Durable Beauifiil - . Economical Salina Tile & Mantel Co. Roy B. Burkholder. Prop. 117 South Santa Fo Dial 3822 Salina Second In AA, Clay Center First In A aUAKANTEED AUTO REPAIR SERVICE • Motor Work • Body and F«nd»r Work • Auto Repairing • Tiros and Batteries f*r All MlltM of Cm .») TfiKki. : REE ESTIMATj 95 tan; 3, Junction City, 3:40.9, Mile relay — l, HlRBlaml (Whit- , MANHAJtTAN -^ Topeka's Trojans rolled up points to sweep easily to its 16th regional track and field title in the lafet 17 years here Friday. Salina's Mustangs, with 39 points, finished second. Salina won what was expected lo be a close battle for second place. The Mustangs were six points better than Manhattan's Indians, who finished third. Highland Park of Topeka finished fourth with 28% points. Junction City was fifth with 24 and St. Joseph's of Hays collected five. Clay Collects 39 j In the.Class A field Clay Center took first with 39 points. Holton , ney, Flott, Welch* r, WyatO; 2, Topeka; 3, Salina; 4, Manhattan; 5, Junction City. 3:34.1. Class A High jump — 1. Post. Marion, 5 feet )OU : Inches; 2, "Long,' Hfawatha. 5 .feet 9 '4 Inches; 3, (tie} KencUtU. Holion; X«fc- rnan, .Abilene; N. Boldrfdge,-' Ef/fngham; ' ' Maryjrvtlle, 5 feet PORCELAIHIZE <Slv« Grwlw Bwuty Needf U» Cor* D«of»r'i Nome and Addrta was second with 36^, Concordia 28":, Marysville 2?&,~ Marion 23, Wamego 20 3-4, Chapman- 16i£, Ab ilene 15, Seaman 10, Hiawatha s&, Effingham V&, Council Grove 7 and Lincoln 1. Horton won the Class B^ meet with 35& points. Culley Wins Garold Culley of Salina tossed Ihe javelin 165 feet, 1% inches to take that event. Gary Baer, who won the 100 and 220 last week in the CKL meet, captured third in the 100 and seer ond in the 220. Schmidt, of St. Joseph's of Hays won the mile to -p r 6 v.i'd e (school's five points. his The summaries: ~ Cluis AA Phone 5431 239 N. Santa Fe 5 LAWN TOOLS IN 1 1. MOWER Exclusive lift-action blade gives a nmooLb, even cut , . , grooras your lawn velvet-smooth. Blada ahorp- ens with ordinary hand file. Leaf Mulcher attachment available at slight ettra cost, ' 2. RAKE "Cyclone Blower" principle prevents windrow* ing . . , mulch w dispersed for even fertilization,,. you get greener, healthier gras* while your Foley does all your lawn r&klng! 3.7ft)MMlNO SHEARS "Full Circle" trimming really cut* close to trees, shrubs or fences. One-piece, steel blade reaches even closer than the wheels can reach! 4* HAND SICKLE Blade, housing and engine combine to givo you extra-smooth power for fast, easy mowing through tall, tough, tangled grass,.. a job that used to be a badt- atKuning hand gickle chore! 5» SCYTHE OR SICKLE BAR With a Foley you've got plenty of reserve power to cut through even tallest weeds..»to "open up'* area* that haven't been mowed in years! High hurdles — l. Cielanti. Topeka: 2 i Skinner, Topeka.; .3. Mollnarl, Junction 1 "' ?; 4. Conrow, Sfanhattan; 5. Hamilton, Highland ?ark. :15.0. 100-yard dash — 1. Wyatt. Hlenland Pnrk; 2. P. Arrinfiton; Junction city; o. Bacr. Salina: -I. Casson. Tottpka; 3. ti. Arrfnston, Junction City. :10.3. Shot put — 1. McCoy, Topcha. 47 feet 11% Inches; 2. Sersen, WEWand Park 2fi feet 6-*i Inches; 3. Drevets, Salina 44 feet 2& inches. Javeiln —. 1. Culley, Salina. 165 feet 1^ Inches; 2. Gettler. Topeka, 155 feet B'i Inclws; 3. WiMs. Salina. 149 feet II Inches; 4. Doebele. Manhattan; HO feet 10 Inches; 5. Erwln, Topeka. 139 feet S'-e Inches. • High .lump — 3. Ballard, Manhattan. 5 feet 3*; Inches; 2. (tie). Douglas. Manhattan. Hichanlsnn, Manhattan. Hamil- inches. Discus — 1. Rosenow, Clay Center 138 feet; > Williams. Marlon. '' J37. feet inches; 3. Knbance. Holton. 136 feet Inches: i. Deeter, Holton. 134 feet J.m ; triclie*; 5. Rfechers, Clay Center, 133 feet 7tt : -fncne*. Broad Jump' — . 1, Harrison, Clay Center, HQ feet 7*i Inches ; 2, Richardson, Marysvilte, £0"feet 3'A inches; 3. Vinson. Abilene. J3 feet 3 Inches; 4. Johnson,' Abilene. 19 feet IK Indies; 5. t ridge, Efllngham, 19 feet 1 inch. — 1. Grosse, Concordia, Bold-: inchest. << rfet Pairings Set For Northview Women's Tourney Pairings have been announced for the 3-day women's golf tournament at Norfchview Country Club. • The tournament opens Wednesday. AVomen are flighted in 9 and 18 hole matches. Prizes will be given for the winner' in each flight. The tournament will be decided by match play. The pairings are as follows — Virginia . Boyle vs Leona Nus- 4B jbaum; Mary Alice Brown vs Lila iOU-Incites*,'•*, I>exow, Chapman 44 reel 2 inches; 5, Lehman, Abilene, 43 feet 4 inches. Ktgh Tiur(Vle«< — i. Moser. Holton: 2, r,>.. Conconlja';, 2, Miller. Concordla; 4,,Shepard. Clay Center; 5, Marrs. Chap- 100-yard jdash -^- 1, Bruce, Holton; 2, Gftuby. Marysville: 3, Douctas, Seaman: 4. .Trench. Seaman; 5, TUteian, Ciay Mile run — 1. Burgess, Wamego; 2, Chaffee, Clay Center; 3, Cormaclc. Abilene; 4. Johnson, Concordfa; 5. BlftUne, 4:41.8. relay — 1, Marion (Richards, Lets. Khrlfch, Druse!: 2. JfaryavMe; 3. Clay CeBtcr; A. Seaman; 5. Hiawatha, Low hurdles — j.. TWman. Clay Center; 2. Closer, Holton: 3, Milter, Concor- " • \. Grosse. Concorflia: 5. Hildeftrand, Seaman. :20.5. \ 4-lD-yard dash — J, Boldridge. . Atch- ton, 7?i Inches. Park, T-ong. Tonetea. 5 feet Con- Center; 4. Rosenow, Clay Center; 5, Martinitr. Chapman. :32.B. * Pole \-ault — l t (tte) Hanson, Concor- r>ia. and Johnson. Abilene. 11 30-9: .3 Clinkenbeard, HoUon, >lcCollum, cordfa; Meyer, Hiawatha; Mnentiale, Mjirysi'fUp.r Bohner, Wamcgo; Chamberland. Chapman: Clennan, Chapman; Sunderman, Hfawatna; 10, Gerbotn. Council WilS °" Evelyn Clark vs Dusty Maus will make up the 18-htile flight, The first flight of 9-holers are as follows— Mildred Neidigh vs Hattie Buell; Lila Willey vs Bernice Barneck: Fay Foran vs Juanita Stith; Goldie Bailey vs Erma Kitch. - The second flight of 9-holers will be— Dona Nicol vs Ethel Wissing; Dot Godbey. vs Eleanor Fender; Helen Wilson vs Claudine Adams; Alice Jlae Johnson vs Georgia Pearce. ' ' The third flight of 9-holers- Fan Fare *•.-.• — •" ~-.-ti — *, utiiui i-i*,^, .^11.1.11- n,i ,-,,-_ • [son; 2. Bruce, Holton: 3. Ellis. Clay RVUl Graham VS Lucille Hubbs; Mildred Boyle vs Eloise French; Irene Huston vs Gayle Lyon; and Marylois Bach vs Hose Tolle. The ladies will play Wednesday . and Friday, and the final matches will 7 IBYKR ) 3 5KONP J \VEt»NT,W«ST YOU 6ETT1N'HURT Sunday, May 9, 1954 • Page 19—The Salina Journal Pairings Set For 4-Bali Tourney Pairings have been announced for the women's 4-ball golf tournament at Salina Country Club. Play starts Monday. 'The pairings: .... . Flljht Mrs, Howard Dunham and Mrs, .Bruce Roberts vs. Mrs. Hap Bremen and Mrs. Carry Hopper: Mrs. Lee Marshall and Mrs. Harry Lucas • v«. Mrs. : Berber! Glover and MM. Bob Frederick; Mrs; Grover Simpson and . Mrs, • U s. Nelson Jr., vs. Mrs. HaroW Brown and Mrs. Mel Jarrb; -Mrs, A. B. Michie and Mrs, Dorman Drake vs. Mrs. Olho Schmidt Mrs. Art DUIlrujtiam: Mrs. B. K. Sraoot and Mrs. LaHuo Koyce vs. Mrs. Dean Tllton and . .Mr«. Hurley Little: Mrs. C. A. Romelser.and Mrs. BUI Ryjn vs. Mrs. K. Joe Anderson and Mrs. , Franklin Adams; Mrs, Verla Ncsbltt and Mrs. Lon Cox vs. Mrs. John Carlln' andl Mrs. Eroet Stewart: Mrs. Everett Stev-' enson and Mrs. Wayne Ditlley -vs. Bye. . First Plight , - i!rs. pj>lr.ft Proven and Mrs. Charles Sioecher v«, Mrs. Jack • Kennedy ana Mrs. Dan G inn; Mrs. Don Anderson and Mrs. Philip Frederick va. Mrs. Herman! Moore -. and Mrs. Merle Kitterhous Mrs, Bar! CrC-Bi and Mrs. ' L. R. Alll-j son vs. Mrs. Andrew Rueb and Mrs. John Harper; Mm. F. J. Kastner ami Mrs. H. B, Butcher vs. Mrs. Kelly Slaughter • and Mrs. Hugh. Carlln; Mrs. J. H. Parkess and lira. Geroge Cole vs. Mrs. Larry Gutsch and Mrs. Jack- Lyons; Mrs. R. K. Cheney and Holen Carlln vs. " Mrs. L. A. iaybourn and Mrs. Harold Kinsley; Mrs. CYrmen John-! on : and Mrs; Leonard Wood vs. Mrs.! John Haase and Mrs. Hnl Goodlad:! Mrs. Glenn Mason and Mrs.. Ted Gwln vs '. Bye. .... • . ! DOW//n<7 ~ . y* SSO-yard run Grove; 2, WHson. YVamcpo; 3. Burgess. \Vamepo; 4. Jev-'eu, MatUra; 5. NeUon, Wameeo. 2:03.9. Javelin — 1. Shanlt, Chapman. 170-3^; 2. Lexow, Chapman, 161-7; 3. Desch. Marysville. ISOU; 4, Long. Hiawatha. HS-4%; 5. Warhurst: Chapman. 145-9«. j Medley relay — l, WamoEO (Rischer. Edkart, Lemon, Haas);. 2, Concordla.; 3, be played Saturday. . Manor:; 4. Clay Center; 5. Lincoln. 3:38.3 220-yard dash —1, Gauby, Marysvllle; ^ rn , - t . « r . ! 2 - Bruce. Holton; 3. Tillmpn, Clay Cen- Wile run — 1. Schm.dt. St. Joseph; 2.) ur; 4. Johnson. Council Grove; 5, fcisch- Lincoln. Topeka; 3, Rilcy. SilinR.; 4. 1 er Wamego '22 3 Youngdofr, Tqpeka; 5. Trcseniba, High- Jlile relay - t,' Marys\"ille (Richard_ , 'son, Keefovoc. Tryon, Gauby Park <WhIt-j lon; 3> clay Center; 4. Scam: -• To P^a;j mego . 3:37. land park.' 4:i0.5. relay — t. H ncy. Welcher. F!oU v C of E Golfers Win KCAC Title EMPORIA (^-College, of Emporia golfers won 'the individual and two-man championships in "J the Kansas Conference golf tourna- 3. Juncliofc City; 4, Salina: 5, iavr hurdles — 1, Clelancf, Topeka; 2, Klnncr. TopeVa: .1. Watts. Salina: 4. Adfcins. HiRhland t*arlt. 120.S. 440-y.ird dash — 1, Casson. Topeka:. 2. Dcvine. Topcha; 3. Cassetty. Junction j •t. S^hncWeT, Topcfea', 5, TMxson, Manhattan. :52.7. rt. run ~ i, Brady. Topeka: 2. Topeka: 3. Plnney. Salina. 2:- ns.s. Broad jump — t, Baltari?. Manhattan, 21-0: 2. Bruce, Topeka. "n.7: 3, Coleman. Topeka, 20-1^; 4. Culley, 8alina,| 20-1: 5. Rfchardson.Manhattan. 19.S. poie,vault — i. Bryant. Tonckn, 1.1-6; j League track and field meet. 'tin), Apchurch. Topeka and Blum, f speka, 11-4; 4, Barnes. Manhattan, 11:} Steinfort, Junction City. 10-6. Wucus J. Hughes, Topeka, 139-3'.',; 2, Beaty, Topeka. 136-S: 3. Lonp, Manhat-. tan, 132%: •!. Bersen, HlEWand Park, ton 28, Windom 25 and Galva 11 MS-S'.i; Koberls, Highland Park. 1H.B. ;„_ !0-yard dash — 3. Casson. Topeka;.—"-'• 2. n«<r. saima: 3, p. Arrineton. jimc-, Fj ve new league records were established in the 880 run, mile Marquelle Wins McPherson County LINDSBORG — Marquette high school ran off with top honors in the annual McPherson' County Marquette scored 65 2-5 points. jRoxbury was second with 44, fol- with 36 1-5, Wal- R^crcotlon Dillons (2) — Huehcs 45S, Hoftman «2, Kellcy 4tO, Maaon 356. Barklcy Mil. — Total 2075. Cfiiol Pontiac U) — Plnkharri •172. Evert 363, Allison 361. Wlther»voon •m, Stewart -IOS. — Total 21S3. . Al'a Food Store (1> — Curry -167, SSsson 503. Howard 415. Walters 41S, H. Lamer 506. — Total 23S8. York Cleaners (2) — Wood 432, Fllinatrlck 355, Lciker 457, Burt 503, Stone 420. — Total 2427. Optimist Club (0) — Andrcen 436, Larson 509, PliilHps 396, Maag 417, Johnson Total 2201. School Specialty Sup Ply (3) — Heald 540, ScMssler 482. Davis 413. .McDowell 465, Beadleston 44L — Total M89. . - Saltna Journal (1) — 0. Wood 462. D. Lamer 483, Ottley 3SI. Cole 44,1, Levin 532. — Total ;«6. Mac's Drugs (2> — Drum 444. Hebert 516. Mima 464, Dauber 550. Powell. 526. — Total 2330. Individual high 10-Datincr and H. Lamor. 214; Individual high 30 ~ Lamer, "S6; team high 10—Mac'j Dru B s, 635; leara hlRll 30— Mac's Drugs, 2&30. NlKht Ou'l» J.euifsift Indoor Recreation (I) — ilerrlck 422, Oliver 421, Anderson 415. Keller -l&i, Llndblom 405. — Total 21.47. .Hock clinlk Coop i2i — Jensen IS9, M. N'ordboe 476, Cutting 426. Taylor 378, K. Kordhoo 44U. — Tolal 220D. Adams Ins. (21 — HOM.sRr Kipp Defeats | Solomon, 2-1 I KIPP — Kipp nosed out Solomon! 2-1 in a baseball ; game Friday.) Both teams collected, three hits.j Solomon will play 'Woodbine at! Woodbine Monday. . Move Promptly and Carefully Relax and let us take the responsibility. AH size shipments handled. We have trucks leaving next week for California, Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New York, Kentucky and Texas.., FIREPROOF BONDED WAREHOUSE Free Estimates — Reasonable Rates Richardson Transfer and Storage MS XoHb Fifth Phon. George Kaufman Co. Insurance Agents SAFETY ENGINEERING RISK SURVEYS PROMPT ADJUSTMENTS 108 East Iron Ave. Solomon— 1 Sljnibbla Geske Lamer Richards Brown Wlck'sh'm Wlllln. p [Klpp-2 . OS Reese T OiJohnpon 0 I)' HanKB 0 OlKoRler 0 PfSwanson. V IjBreer 0 OjCooley 0 i\ Reltf 3 3 P 3 I R H 0 I) 1 0 •1 I I) 1 0 0 u i 0 1 V I) 0 0 28 1 3i Totals Heller I ment Friday. The individual championship went lo Lloyd Stevens for the third time in four years. Stevens had a ' l l\^^ 3 \ 54-hoIe SCOre Of 235. Bill Eddy Of r.» w «M 3 " s'l«at> «M, Bvert 42S, Jenten Baker was second with 253, Par for 54 holes on the Emporia Country Club course is 222 Stevens and Chuck Thompson K £n" StiTa, 5 had a score of 501 for top honors 3SI - F ™irick ^si, in the two-man competition with Eddy and Kon Day of Baker second at 514 Baker had the overall low of 30 Couples in Northview Golf Thirty couples played in the; Divorce Scotch Foursome at 1 Norlliview Country Club Friday! night. Prizes were awarded to Mr.i and Mrs. Andy Nusbaum and Mr.i and Mrs. Wayne Bender. i We Pay Highest Prices For it Scrap Iron •£ Metal -£ Rags ic Junk Tractors & Automobiles WeSell • Used Angle and Flat Iron • Pipe » I Beams • Clothes Line Posts (Slight, additional charge for installation) Basement Supports Made to Order Salina Iron and Metal Co. 31.3'N. 5th Phone 9021 . . , . , lion Clly; 4. L. Arlington, Junction City, •,:i5. ' Modley relay — 1. Topeka Laiiterhactc. Uiwson. Pate); 2. Mtmhat- WhlitAre1PILES T DANGERS? run, shot put, pole vault a«<l high jump. First place winners were: RSO-ya'-d tun—R. Tolle, Roxbury. Time 2:00.1 (new record). Mlie run—Frantz, Walton. Time 4:51.3 (new record). Shot — Atkinson. Marquette. Distance 45 Jeet, Vt Inch fnpw record). Pole vault — Jacobson. Marrfiiette. Height 30 feet. 6!i Inches <nev? record 1 !. Prevent Or Correct Them.' Piles f ,,"' s 3 J Se»~ (new"'rclorlvi"' ' He ' f *" 5 — fistula and other rectal and I Von-yarrt rtish-Brackcr, Canton. Time colon clisortlers can alwavs behn. tlangerOUS — if negk-Cteti: Bull S^-yanl Telay-Mnrquate. Time 1 :r,9.4 Free Book plains; Telia Good Way Tf> Help , •113, Humpert 4SO. — Total 2204. Board v>f Trarit iO> — Waelclln S73. Wright 35'^. Klley 3-S2. Lorertr, 383. Kauff- ronn 401, ~» Total 1S9I, Knyal Crown <n> —Roeaser 3TJ, Bowies BH. Snmms 4S-1, Kestlffr 43R, BllOlti 538. — Total 2350. Conn, Mutual <1> — Smith 397, Grelner 425, Swart?. •126. — 1'aln.l 2010. Halmra Club (2) — HoimhrMVter 416.. RoberU? 377, K!rid 375, Anlcicli 334, Fc.ilSBOn 517. — Total 2021. Individual hlRh 10—Heller, 204; fndi- ^•(dual hiRh 3t>~-BitotU. 538; toain hiRli 10 i—Adams Insurance, fifi4; learn high 30— A( * am3 Insurance, 2431. Jtecrpatlon Lencun (Final Standing) proper care is so easy to get, and can save this free so much trouble. Let book explain; address Thornton & Minor Hospital. Suite 57S, 911 E. ~' jCily B, Mo. 56.7. dash—Decker. Roxbury. Time 1.075 in the four-man team cpni-jn i. ^, j. petition. No'championship ;s|DOW!ing JianOingS awarded in this class. Baker's Don Kukuk won the tennis title by beating Ted Potter, also of Baker, 8-6, 1-6, 7-5. Kukuk had beaten Gib Dyck of Bethany and Potter defeated Herb Benson of Bethany earlier in the day. CZ 57'i M'j •a relay — y. Time 3:53.2. j Discus — Terry. Marnuette, Distance 118 feet. lOH inches. ] Tt , -• ~- ' 220-ynrcl dash—L. Atkinson,.aiarauetw, Llndwood, Kansas Timc 2 4.«. i Javelin—Miller, Rosbury. Dlst»nc» 131 ONLY $9550 We Sei-rlco All Makes of POWER MOWERS Pick-Up and Delirciy Scrrice STOREY-HAKRIS TFBE CO. 222 J>". Sanln Fe Phon« STSfi Art and Leo's Food Market 211 W. Ash Phone 286T STORE HOUKS: Mon. — Sat. Open 'Til 10:00 P.M. Snnday: 9:00-12:00. 4:00-8:00 McPherson And Cof E In Finals MCPHEKSQN «i —"McPherson. defeated Bethel 5-0 Friday and wjll meet College of Emporia in| the finals oLthe Kansas Confer- 1 ence baseball tournament. Date and site for the champion: not ,, y-Mar q u«, 5 . Time SM.1 Bronrt jump— Brown. Windom. Distance j lEge Of Emporia WOn its Semi-final 19 feet 3!4 inches. New Prep Mark Is Made SUNNYVALE, Calif. Wi - Don IBowden, a 17-year-old senior from I Lincoln High School at San Jose | bettered the national prep half mile record Friday night by run- game over Bethany last Monday. AVft FootJ Storo Chief Pnntlac ......... School Specialty Supply SrtllnTi Jmirnal SOli S-J '-a Optimial Club 4S 57 Dillons U 61 York Cleaners 39 6S Booster J>nffu« Ken Bakers fi6 3ft F. E, Jones Tirfl .,..,.,, 62 43 Feltcn Truck Line 55 44 Elmore Dalry SI H T»3U Wyatt Mfc- Co 4fi yt Salina Supply -IS - r 'T SuUivan Johnson 4S 1 ,i 5t>',g 3. \V. Bell Tclepnon? .... 41 S-l Mltjor U'nsiiG (Final EtandingB) :CooKs pBlntd S7 4R Kainbo Tavern 5BU -1SU Paramount Bar' » 55't' -19H Farraera Nat'l Bnnlt .... M 31 Graves' .Truck Ltnw ...» M 53 Lowes Sport Sltop 51H 5.T.4 HoipointPtS .."....,....,.. SO S3 St<t Oil C« -tS'.i SIM Season Hlffh Record* Individual High Ten—Chinn. 2GB Individual liigh Thtrty—Hprnandcz. 677 Team High Ten—HotpoJntpr.i, J027 Team, lilgh TUlrty—Lowe's Sport Shop If You Would Like to Have a FREE CHICKEN DINNER Consisting of a frozen fryer, 1 pkg;. of French fries, peas, orange juice and dessert. Just Send In This Coupon. 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Find Out, Why Hundreds of Families \nw Enjoy (lie Pood Plan as Presented by HOME SUPPLY Open Until «:<lft V, M. — Phone 7-1221 Offer Limited Open Until f) p.m. Phone 7-4221 Sanfee Hopes For 'Privilege Of Meeting Roger Bannister jning the distance in 1:53.2, By Skipper Patrick LAWRENCE, Kan. w - Wcs Santee of Kansas, hopes for with his Kansas teammates in the Big Seven Conference meet at Boulder, Colo., that day. the "privilege" of meeting thei Santee holds the American rec- BAMBOO SHADES 2.30 2.95 3.70 "A Home Owned Store" 6x6 8x6 10x6 4.4O 5.75 7.15 1.31 South Santa Fe Phon« 3971 Keep out the Sun • Let in the Air This is the ideal shade for summer, practical yet inexpensive. ,. , conqueror. of the 4-minute mile, ord of 4:02.4, set at Compton, The old record was 1:53.9, set by( Eng , and . s Rogcr Bannister, soon. Calif., in June, 1953. He owns the Lang Stanley of Jefferson High Bannister ran the mile in 3:59.41 four fastest miles by an Ameri- School. Los Angeles, in 1950. at Oxford, .England, Thursday. can. Landy has done the mile in The lean, unorthodox loper from 4:02. a ranch near. Ashland,. Kan., in-J Bannister said Friday he "would sists he's reads' for 'a.meeting with he more.' interested in Bannister and John Landy .of Australia, and,.as a .matter of. fact, any and all comers. Saniee To Service The difficulty, .however, is get- • the chance to'meet, Bannister." ting the world's three fastestj Santee suggested the only date ( milers together at the same place j open on his calendar before the on the same day. Santee,.a Kansas! Marines grab him.will be about more.' interested in healing Santee alone than in achieving a faster time for the mile." Welcome Chance Santee said that he'd "welcome University senior, is scheduled to report 'for officers training in the the time of the Compton, Calif., i Relays June 4. , : Marines at Quanlico, Va., about "You can bet that if a meeting June 13. | with Bannister is arranged I'll be Bannister- says he can't com-j there," Santee declared. "I sure. pete in the Coliseum Relays at would like to meet him. And if by i Los Ange!t-s May 22 because .it some amazing coincidence some-j wouid mean a last minute up-j body like Landy could be brought! heaval of his training and study in, that would make it all the bet-' plans. And Santee will be running) ter." •. ' Free Brochure Reveals How New Invention Helps Stimulate Circulaion ADAMSVIIAE, Pa. (SPBCTAU A. sensational new scientific Invention hirlpa .ttlmtjlnro circulation..It !x * boon and A bleMtng to peopln who' flutter trmn faUjnift and norvmiit tfhalon dltft to ovcrexertton. U also hfilpa o>crea«ei rtornness of milsclw and Joinl* rMulllng from futlRUft and flvcrexcrclsii. ThlJi new -Invention 'helps even {(msf. who havft Blvtn up hop* of ever Reman: relief irom Ihrir mlstrJrft rtur to poor circulation. It 13 onft of the newf>nl mrthoflii for utimulntlng clrcui»llon. M«\**. thouBjinds or pcopic every monih hall the hlensed rdlcl they can at lant laic and ean« ihouft KOft. MK&Ing mu«- clen and relieve joint and muscle due to ovtrexcrllon. This Invention is an exclusive, patented devlcft that ^Ive* ttoothlni;, genlle masnage action., H Is ffl«y and pleasant to use . , ,' ftive* (f.ilck comfortinK re- llff. There l» nothlns like |U To ficqvialnt newspaper readers with ihlit n'onderfiil new wa/ to Humiliate circulation. ' a fsarlnnttnff IKioklet with fiomplpta facts wit; ns sent free upon rcnMKsi, No cost or oiiilBaMon. aend your rcqucst on a. post card to: enjoy, thanlis to this n-markahle ncwl Eoulpment Co., 1617 E. Central, Wlch- advance. U also h«lpN ntlmu-1 Itn, KantinA flJWi AT>V. OPEN THURSDAY EVENINGS

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