Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 8, 1972 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 8, 1972
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

Alton Evening Telegraph Friday, September 8,1972 CAMPUS CLATTER By Larry Lewis t SLEPT THROUSH JHE WHOLE THING MOOSE By Bob Weber BLIP THERE'S A BEAR IN HIS TENT,... NONSENSE.' THERE A,RE NO BEARS IN THIS RM?T OP THE CODMTRY/ THE WIZARD OF ID CHESTER WAS RISHT/.THAT'S Parker and Hart e>Nt=>. f&FA } . J\\&£AOH. J A SMIDGENS By Bob Cordray ...AND IF I'M ELECTED. I'LL GIVE YOU FULL EMPLOYMENT, STOP INFLATION, AND LOWER TAXES! 9-8 / OH, BROTHER! WHAT A PHONY! YOU CAN TELL BY I HI5 FACE HE'S LYINGl IF HI5 LIP5 ARE I MOVING, HE'S LYIN6! TIGER By Bud Blake THE FAMILY By iMr. and Mrs. George Smith <q JEFF COBB T COMICS:".THIS "5 A. SKETCH OF ...HONEY, AFTER A GRANNY CUR ALL THOSE MILES, ) NEW HCUSE- PON'T READ THE S K=EP=^ ON COMICS TO ME / THE FRONT NOW i r'^ PAGE' By Peter Hoffman ^m^ ta/.tfi ....THEN CALL EDlc!...TELL HER TO SEND THE OLD GAL BACK \\HERE SHE ^ HEKE...5HE € MlSS'.NS FROM A NURSINS HOME: ...MOTHER, I CAN'T HEAR WORD V SAVING CAME FROM I SHORT RIBS By Frank O'Neal WE fOKSOT TO ©ARNISH IT WITH A gAT WING ' USUALAfSALOONj PLEASE. QU1NCV Bv Ted Shearer I JUS 1 TOOK 'EM OFF GRAVITY PIP THE REST.' i- todays FUNNY Todoy's FUNNY *ill pay $1.00 for each original "funny" used. Send gags to: Today's FUNNY, 1200 WBJ» Third St., Cleveland, Ohio 44113. Xdl Wty By A. LEOKUM WHAT MAKES A RAINBOW? Win The New Book of Knowledge (20 volumes), Send for questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. Include Zip Code. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: JAMIE THORNE, 8, Virginia Beach, Va. We think of sunlight as being "white" light. But actually it is a mixture of all the colors. When sunlight strikes the beveled edge of a mirror, or the edge of a glass prism — or even the surface of a soap bubble — we can see that this is true. Because what happens then is, the whito light is broken up into different wave lengths. These wave lengths are seen by our eyes as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. They form a band of parallel stripes, each color grading into the next to it. This band is called a spectrum. And that's what a rainbow is - a huge curved spectrum. It is caused by the breaking up and dispersing of sunlight. Raindrops act as the prisms which do it. The sunlight enters the raindrop and is broken up. The colors are then reflected back in a circle of colored bands. We don't see the lower half of the circle because the horizon cuts it off. We can only see a rainbow under certain conditions. There must be a shower when rain is falling and the sun shining at the same time, but on opposite sides of the observer. Also, the sun, the eye of the observer, and the center of the arc must all be in a straight line. If the sun is more than 42 degrees above the horizon, no rainbow is visible. That's why rainbows can be seen only in the early morning or late afternoon. * * * FUN TIME The Chuckle BoxSally: That Jimmy Brown makes me tired. Mary: No wonder. You keep running after him all the time. * * V Mom (hearing a crash): More dishes, Jimmy? Jimmy: No, Mom. Less dishes. V * ¥ THE PUZZLE BOX Answer to yesterday's Cross Word Puzzle. ACROSS. 1. Arab. 5. Bone. 6. Edna. 7. Lean DOWN 1. Abel. 2. Rode. 3. Anna. 4. Bean Win The New Book of Knowledge Yearbook. Send your riddles. jokes, to:"Riddles, Jokes; Tell Me Why!" Give Zip Code. Telegraph Want Ads Work AMANDA PANDA By Marcia Course WHAT GOES 'QUACK"? WHAT GOES "COCKLE DOOOtE DOO"? DAVID CRANE By Winslow Mortimer THIMK THESE 6HEER5 ARE GREAT, JACKIE, ANP CONGRATULATIONS KNOW WE'RE 60IN6 TO HAVE A LOT TO CHEEK FOR. KERRY DRAKE By Alfred Andriola NOT WITH "FLYER* THE PICTURE. AVON/ WE KNOW THERE'S 3 MILLION IN JEWELS FROM HOTEL AND SOLD COAST HOMES STASHED IN HIS APARTMENT.. .. BUT OUR PLAN CALLS FOR ' SPLIT-SECONP TIMIN6..ANP WE GOTTA KNOW WHERE IN THE SUITE THE 'ICE* IS/ VOOR JOB IS TO HNP THAT OUT ..FROM "THE KIP"/ THEN WETAKE OVER.. WTTH "RYER" OOIN6 HIS ACT/ "CUE BALL* CONTINUES "THE CALYPSO KID'S'STUFF MIGHT AS WELL BE ON THE MOON.' By Georce Sixta YOU'LL. JUST HAVE I T' TAKE A'-PASS THIS TIME... THIS FRUIT OUICE IS FOR PEOPLE ONLY WIJVTHROP By Dick Cavalli I HAVE TO KEEP HIM IN THERE.., HE EATS THE BLSGa THAT FAU- IN. By Carl Anderson True Life Adventures WEL-U, BALPY-J WHAT DID YA •*LEARN IN SCHOOL TODAY L.LJM1KOUS By Sidney Oman LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE Your Horoscope TESRUROS TINOGWgNH Here are the names of three articles of clothing. To find out what they are, rearrange the letters in each word. See tomorrow's paper for the answer. -6 'avis -L 'aavHs -9 'awoa •? OV9 'E '»V3 'S '^3dVdSMiN 'I — UMOQ 'I3>i3oji '8 S«dN3dSnS -9 'S3SSV10 > '31033N 'l~"Q-^V : Sd3MSNV FORECAST FOR SATURDAY Nine of 10 persons know under which sign of the zodiac they were born. Astrology continues to grow in popularity, appealing to young and old. rich and poor, to the high and the mighty and the low and the lonely. I feel that this is all to the good and I am Interested in your opinion, please! ARIES (March 21 - April 19): Lie low. Don't press. One close to you may be upset In financial area. Go slow. If you are patient, complete story will be told. Display maturity, not .smugness. Be knowledgeable, not know-it-all. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Stress versatility. Show off sense of humor. Conditions not as serious us you might imagine. One who complains about service is temporarily misguided. Know it and respond accordingly Don't panic! GEMINI (May lil-June 20): Affairs of heart dominate, and could feature typical "lovers' quarrel." Don't take others or yourself too seriously. What appears definite is subject to change, especially where young persons are involved. CANCER (June 21 • July 22): Changes affecting basic pattern and security could pose threat. Realise some revisions are beneficial and respond accordingly. You may be hanging on to losing proposition. Let go in lime! LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Adjustment in domestic area Is upcoming. Taurus and Libra are likely to be in picture. Strive for greater harmony. Check price of luxury item, special gift. Relatives make known their feelings. Be receptive, not weak. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Money situation is flexible. Check accounts, take inventory. Find out what's coming in. going out. Be aware where financial picture is concerned. See situation in light of reality. Eschew wishful thinking LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): May now be necessary to do some demolishing in order to revise and rebuild. Architectural plans could be In picture. Consult one who is experienced. Take nothing for granted. Personal contacts, queries pay dividends. SCORPIO (Oct. 23- Study . versatile. One who hSs earned your respect now * ''"^sr K-' r 'Y- e ,1° PISCES (l-eb. 19- Statements, accounts - March ->n\- biu « pu«ie. You will co'mpre. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you are natural huinanitari an, know much about law "due'" lion and medicine You Van rna.i/e feeling, m^iru Telegraph Want Ads CLICK!

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